One of my tranny fantasies

I wish I could meet a good man who had his own home and lived alone with a job good enough that he'd never have to worry. He likes girls like me and wants someone who can spend the occasional weekend. I'd have my own room there with satin sheets and girly decor . A dresser with all my jewellery and wigs and make up as well as a huge wardrobe full of girly outfits for any occasion.

I turn up and let myself in with my key and immediately shower . Shave and perfume myself ready for my transformation. I sit at my dresser applying heavy slutty make up with chunky earrings and necklace and already my cock is throbbing with excitement and my previously inserted buttplug has me almost squealing with girly pleasure.

I put on my long dark red wig and see karmen before me in the mirror, slutty , seductive and alluring. I can't hel myself but light an all white 120 and watch myself in the mirror as I smoke the way I will for my man all weekend . Snapping and nose exhaling the way he loves it. I can almost cum just from this alone and I haven't even begun to dress yet.

I slip on my black thigh high nylons with a lace top and a pvc suspender basque accentuating my small tranny boobs . God I feel so happy. Next are my metal cock and ball ring and swe through black panties that cover my plugged arse and look great. I put on my long red false nails to match my painted toes and lips and slip on long see thru nylon gloves and loads of chunky bracelets for my wrists and upper arm. O finosh thos off with patent spike heeled ankle boots and a long flowing see through robe . My slutty pyjamas i call this oufit and I get on the sofa infront of the tv and enjoy a glass of wine and a cigarette and await my man.

When he comes in he looks at me approvingly as I stand and wrap myself aroind him kissing him deeply and feeling hia hardon pressing into my own pantied cock. We stay like this for several minutes with him ahowering me with kisses and grabbing my ass whilst I tell him how much I've missed him. We then move over to the sofa and I undress him and light a 120 for him . Smoking seductively while we kiss and I stroke his lovely big thick straight cock. In between kisses I smoke for him and tell him how much I've missed having his cock in my hand amongst other places. He knows what I mean and tells me I'm his naughty dirty wife which turns me on so much. I slide down onto my knees and worship at the altar that os his erect cock savouring the taste and the smell of it as I give him the best smokey blowjob I can , dragging my lips up his cock as I nose exhale. Basically making love to his glorious cock with my hot smokey mouth.

I know he can't last long when I do this and I love looking into his eyes and moaning my girliest moans of pleasure while watching hos look of bliss you only get from a man when he has a hot tranny sucking his cock . That makes me so horny and my panties are soaking with precum as my engorged cock twitches with girly pride

He can't take anymore and stands me up ramming his tongue into my willing mouth as he strips of my robe and pulls me up wrapping my legs around him and heading for the bedroom.

He lowers me onto the bed and I reaxh over for a 120 and light up as he flips me onto all fours and gently removes my plug before pushing his lips onto my rosebud ass and kissing me gently roght on my girly hole . I quiver and squeal with delight as he gives me the most sensual . Slow . Deep And thorough rimming while I smoke and moan and wriggle my hungry girly bottom for him

Before I can stop my head spinning from the ecstasy of having my man toungeing my hot asshole he flips me on to my back which is our favourite position and kisses me deeply . Our juices mingling in our mouths as hos big cockhead prods at my girly entrance. We've had a lot of practice and when I feel his cock prodding my tight bum I give a little push while he pushes forward and the next thing there's a little pop and the sudden fullfillment of having his entire length buried in my tight asshole. It feels so good. Hes all the way inside me . My legs around his back with my heels in the air and were kissing as I squeeze his cock with my ass. He starts to work in and out slowly letting me feel evey inch . Pausing and tensing his cock at full depth . Ooh that makes me such a horny bitch and I tell him I want . I need. His cum inside me . He makes love to me like a gentle but expert lover befor pumping me full of his hot seed as we look into eaxh others eyes .

It feels so good lying in his arms with a 120 as we share gentle kisses and I feel his cum inside me filling me with happiness. I remove my spiked heels and cuddle in . Finishing my 120 and falling asl**p being told how sexy I am and what a great fuck I am and I slowly fall asl**p with a big smile on my face dreaming of what's in store tomorrow


1st story . Sorry if its not good x

100% (9/0)
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1 year ago
Very sexy story x
1 year ago
I think you should write it and soon . My perpetually stiff girly cock doesn't take care of itself x
1 year ago
NO need to apologise for typos...always trickuy getting it right when both hands are busy on different things...but great story!

Love to write how day two turns kut...might be less love and more kinky action, starting with packet of 120s for breakfast...
1 year ago
Hot story Karmen, very sexy & so erotic!
1 year ago
No, it's a good story and written well.
1 year ago
Very nice!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Sorry for the typos . I wrote this on my phone
1 year ago
"get a good job with more pay and you're ok"