A white womans adventures in Africa

Part 1 - prologue

Zoe always dreamed of black cocks, not just any black cock but long African Zulu cock, she could think of nothing better than letting one of those smelly cocks slide down her throat as far as it could go and hold it there until her eyes started to water, and then doing it again and again.

She would go to her local supermarket and find the biggest cucumber in the shop, pay for it quickly and run back to the car, first she would put a black condom on it, then ram it in her mouth, feeling her lips stretch around it and f***e it as far down her throat as it would go. She’d keep going until she started to gag and gasp for air. Now she was getting horny. She would then slowly slide it up her asshole and sit in the car park imaging it was a rock hard African pole. When it was completely jammed in her asshole she'd drive home go into the kitchen lift her skirt up squat and release the cucumber from her asshole, cumming loudly while watching the cucumber fly out of her ass, bounce and slide along the kitchen floor. She would then stare at her gaping asshole bent over in front of the mirror only wishing it had been a smelly Zulu cock up there instead.

To be continued........

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2 years ago
haha ...... liked it!
2 years ago
Ohhh. You MUST continue with this story. Don't hold back as im sure your fertile imagination has many delicious scenarios in mind. Looking forward to reading new chapters.