sissy for mum and friends p2

When I finally summed up the courage to go back downstairs my auntie had left. My mum apologized to me for her bad mood the night before and told me that she could find me something old of hers to wear to the fancy dress party. She told me very casually and gave no hint of the plan that my auntie and her had come up with earlier. The rest of the week however my Auntie spent alot of time at our house and there was plenty of whispering and giggling going on. My initial arousal at the thought of my girly makeover had now changed to one of fear. I liked the idea of the makeover but not of leaving the house dressed as a women. It was one thing wearing a dress as a laugh to a fancy dress party, but quite another wearing make up and lingerie and having my nails painted. I was also having some serious regrets about what had happened at Ricks Mums house. Its not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was worried about people finding out about it. I wasn’t the coolest k** at school but I was captain of the football team, and I was generally good at most sports. I was also into surfing and was quite popular with the girls. I had had a few girlfriends and had lost my virginity a few years before to Ricks s**ter one d***ken night. I had always had a few confused thoughts about some of my male friends but I thought these would pass. I didn’t want to be gay and I tried to convince myself I didn’t want a repeat of what had happened with Ali.
The week leading up to the party I had decided I would tell my Mum the party was cancelled and tell the lads that I was ill on the day. I thought this would get me out of both situations. I had also decided to leave my Mums panties alone so that maybe after a while she would think she was mistaken about me messing around with them or at least that I had grown out of it. I had spent so much time thinking about my problem I completely forgot that I was supposed to babysit my cousins at my Aunties house until my mum shouted upstairs for me to get my arse over there. I ran down the road and apologized for being late. She was cool about it. She was off out for the night with her friends. She looked and smelt good. She wasn’t the most stunning of women but she was slim and had a cracking arse and legs and that night she was showing both off well in a tight mini skirt. She told me that my Uncle would be back from work at 11 which would be before her night out finished and he would pay me for babysitting. She turned to go out the door and I checked out her arse in her tight skirt and could just make out the line of a thong through it. She suddenly turned and I was completely caught looking at her arse. She had a little smile to herself. "oh do me a favour, when your uncle gets back remind him to put his work close in the washing machine with the rest of the dirty washing and put the load on, he always forgets" I said I would and she left. The next 2 hours was spent playing games with my cousins and then about 9 they went off to bed. I wandered into the kitchen to get a drink. As I stood there the washing machine caught my eye, full with dirty washing. Suddenly I realised what an opportunity this could be. If there was any of my Aunties panties in there not only would I not have to worry about leaving them as I found them but I could also spunk into them because no one would check them, there would just be more dirty washing put on top of them and then the evidence washed away. I quickly knelt down and opened the machine door. Straight away I could see panties. I pulled out a silky red pair with black lace trim and then a pair of white silk French knickers almost the same as my mums I thought to myself. I put both the gussets up to my face and sniffed and then licked both. I loved that musty smell and the taste of the vaginal juices. In the thong there was a couple of my Aunties pubes, a Blondie brown colour which settled my wanderings of what colour her bush was. I had a quick look through the rest of the panties but they were just every day cotton panties and I preferred the silky ones. I quickly pulled my shorts and pants off and put on the thong. I wrapped the French knickers around my erect cock and started to wank. I was taking a risk of some one coming through the kitchen door but it was unlikely and the danger added to the thrill. It didn’t take me long to cum and I shot load after load of my spunk into my auntie’s silky knickers. Very quickly I cleaned up and put the panties back in the machine and pushed them to the back just to be on the safe side. I got dressed and went back to watch the TV. I did feel a little guilty as I always did after I came but soon I felt very pleased with my self. I thought there was no way I could get caught for this and had been waiting for an opportunity to get at my aunties panties for months. My Uncle came home at 11 paid me and thanked me for babysitting. I gave him the message about the washing and went home feeling very pleased with myself as I had just been paid for wanking into my Aunties knickers. Lying in bed that night I started wanking again thinking of my Auntie and her nice silk panties, when it crossed my mind that my Auntie knew about my liking for my mum’s panties. It seemed strange that she would leave herself wide open like this. My heart started racing when I thought she must have wanted me to go through her panties. It was the only logical explanation in my dirty little mind.
I awoke Saturday morning a bit late. I had a football match and I had to rush around. As I went out the door my mum shouted asking what time I would be back. I replied "about 4” and carried on running out the door. I hadn’t told her that the party had been cancelled yet and thought I would make out that I found out at football. After football I walked home with Greg. I told him that I was starting to feel ill and maybe wouldn’t go to the party. I thought if I sewed the seeds of me being ill then when I rang the guys later and said I wasn’t going it would be more believable. Greg seemed really upset and was almost begging me to go to the party. He said he had put alot of effort into his costume and he really wanted me to see him in it. As he said this he turned and looked right into my eyes and I realised he was trying to flirt with me. I looked away quickly because I felt a slight stiffening of my cock and I was only wearing football shorts and I didn’t want Greg to notice. I told Greg I would probably be ok for the party and he seemed satisfied. I walked the rest of the way home on my home thinking what a shame that I wouldn’t get to see Greg dressed as a women and wandering what he had wanted from me that night, but I knew I couldn’t let My mum and Aunt go through with their make over plan.
I arrived home to find my mum and aunt sat in the front room drinking wine. They had the giggles and they were well on the way through a second bottle."Ah Kevin" said my mum "perfect timing, me and your Aunt have just finished getting your outfit ready for tonight" she continued. "oh erm I've just found out its been cancelled" I replied My mum just smiled and said "oh well we have put so much effort in that we are going to give you a nice girly makeover anyway" I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. "No way I responded almost angrily and then said "there is no point now" and laughed nervously. "oh I think there is" my mum almost sneered "firstly, myself and ur auntie have both only had boys so we have never got to play girly dress ups, secondly, we have spent a lot of time and effort getting your outfit and makeover together, and thirdly you are a dirty little pervert who likes wearing women’s panties and you need teaching a lesson" My mouth fell open in shock at hearing those words come out of my mums mouth, but I responded as convincingly as I could. "What the hell are you talking about, I’ve never done anything like that” I shouted angrily. My mum and Auntie both started giggling at this point. "No no of course not “laughed my auntie, "we are sorry, lets just watch a video instead" she said and they both fell about laughing. My mum then picked up the VCR remote and pressed play. I was now confused. My mum patted the seat on the sofa between her and my Auntie and said "come and watch a little video we made, I think you will like it" I reluctantly sat down and looked at the screen as the film started playing. What the fuck was this it looked like someone’s kitchen, then I realised to my horror it was my Aunties kitchen. My mum and Aunt both squeezed up next to me and my mum almost whispered in my ear "if you are not a dirty little pervert then who the fuck is this then?" My heart sank as on the screen I walked into view and poured myself a glass of water" I was then made to watch myself go through the whole dirty incident, the sniffing of the panties, the licking of the gusset, pulling the pubes out of the thong and holding them up to the light to work out the colour. I felt so ashamed and humiliated. On screen I then dropped my shorts and pants and my Auntie giggled and said "oh look it’s like a cock only smaller". We then watched as I pulled the thong on and started to masterbate. "Oh look at the concentration on his face" laughed my mum. We watched the rest of the video and I could barely look at the screen. At the end my mum said that I was to do 2 months worth of babysitting for free to pay my Auntie back for the panties I had ruined. "Your Auntie is most pissed of by the fact your arse looks better in that thong than hers as well" said my mum. "By the time we have finished with you tonight you will look like the sexiest princess ever, and don’t even think about saying no to anything we want because else we will have a little video showing for your dad, your uncle and all of your friends" she continued. It was then I realised I had no choice. I felt stupid for falling into the trap with the video camera. I should have realised. At least they believed the party was cancelled and no one would see me dressed as a women. Then the phone rang! My mum jumped up and answered it. "Hello, oh hi Ali, no kevs busy he cant come to the phone, can I give him a message? You want to meet to go to the party at 7? But kev thought it was cancelled? Oh you have just seen Danielle and its 100% on? Oh brilliant, oh yes kev will be there alright. Bye” My mum turned and laughed at me. "It seems Cinderella shall go to the ball"

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4 months ago
This nice story ticks so many of my boxes. xxx
4 months ago
getting better and better. like Mom and Aunt helping and the video