A Hole In The Wall - Must Read

Kevin was in awe as he watched his s****r Alex getting undressed; he had been spying on her for a few months thru a hole he had drilled in the wall of the bathroom which was right next to her room; and every time he looked at her naked body, he felt like he was in the presence of an angel. Alex at eighteen, was indeed an extremely beautiful young woman; tall with long tanned slender legs which seemed to go on forever, her face was amazing and perfectly framed by her brown shoulder length hair; she had the most delicious pair of boobs he has ever seen, even better than the ones on the girls in all the dirty magazines he had.

Alex’s flat belly was the result of many hours spent at the gym and her ass was round and firm with a perfect heart shape; but what Kevin loved to watch the most was Alex’s pussy, she only had a small amount of hair on it and it was almost nonexistent. Every time after spying on her, Kevin retired to his bedroom to jerk off to all the images of his s****r’s naked body traveling thru his mind as he played with his hard cock; he wished it was her the one pumping his rigid member instead of himself but he knew that was impossible, he was even aware that it was wrong to spy on her and to get so much satisfaction out of it.

Kevin’s spying became a habit; he patently waited for Alex to get back home from the gym, take a shower and then head back to her room to get dressed; as soon as she closed her door, Kevin went into the bathroom and placed himself directly in front the small opening on the wall. No matter how many times he had seen her completely naked, it still had the same effect on him; his dick grew to incredible proportions as the first glimpse of her smooth skin was revealed, usually it was her back the first thing he saw; Alex would then disrobe completely and sat on her bed facing Kevin directly, and almost staring right back at him with those lovely eyes.

Tenderly she applied cream all over her smooth skin making sure her breasts got as much attention as possible; tracing circles with her cream covered hands over her right boob until the large nipple stood in attention, switching to her left breast giving it the same care she gave her other one.

Kevin knew to well what was next; her left leg stretched out in front of her, treated to her gentle touch as cream was spread all over it’s length and then working on the other one. The most exciting thing always came next as Alex rubbed cream on her inner thighs tracing her muscles until she almost reached her now exposed pussy, her labia almost out in the open for Kevin to watch as she took her time until she felt all the skin next to her slit was smooth.

It took Kevin all his might to prevent him from shooting all his spunk right there and then; he made an extra effort to hold on until he was in the privacy of his own room, and it took more effort to quiet down his moans as he finally brought himself off shooting sperm all over himself and sometimes all over the bed.

One day while Alex was in the bathroom, she noticed the hole in the wall as the light from her room shone thru, creating a beam of light that could clearly be seen thru the steam in the bathroom; curious she looked into the hole only to discover she could see her entire room thru it. Obviously she knew it was Kevin the one who made it; but instead of getting angry, she decided to torture him until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Alex wanted to get back at him for spying on her and she began to conceive a plan; at first she continued doing the same things she always did, but as the days passed she started to heat things up. Making sure he was spying on her Alex took his time undressing; teasing him by showing as little of her as possible, exposing herself slowly an deliberate to him; letting her robe fall to the floor but not turning herself around, Kevin saw nothing but her naked backside.

Walking to her dresser still not turning around, she picked the sexiest pair of panties she owned and slid them on; white high cut with lace in the front and a thin string that crept between her ass cheeks in the back, they were indeed sexy and Kevin almost shoot his balls off the minute she turned around and exposed her self to him. Then Alex put a white cotton camisole on, it was so tight that the outline of her areolas could be clearly seen and her erect nipples stretched the material so much that they almost poked thru.

Kevin was stunned as his s****r walked around the room moving her ass from side to side to the beat of the music on the radio; he felt his dick growing harder and longer than it had ever been as the object of his desires traced her own silhouette with her delicate hands, moving them over her sides from her hips to her tits where she cupped them gently; squeezing them softly for her b*****r’s pleasure, sliding them back down until they came to rest over her ass and squeezing it also.

Kevin wondered if she was going to play with herself as he took his hard as steel cock out of his pants and started stroking it, it was so intense that he almost came instantly. Abruptly and as planned, Alex stopped what she was doing, turned the light out a got into bed. Kevin felt frustrated and horny as hell; he wanted her to keep on going but he was content with what he had just witnessed, it was the most exciting thing he had ever seen.

Alex heard as Kevin came out of the bathroom and ran to his room; she was pleased with the effect she had on him, and was certain that her b*****r was in for a night of self-gratification.

Alex plan was working, Kevin had a hard time looking at her every time they met face to face; he blushed at the mere sight of his s****r and she even teased him a bit truly enjoying it, she knew she had him and could make him do whatever she wanted. Alex kept on teasing him every night, she always ended the show right before she got herself aroused and couldn’t contain herself; even thou she knew Kevin was looking at her, all her self caressing and touching was getting her excited and it was only a matter of time until she couldn’t help playing with herself.

After a few weeks Alex started looking forward to time when Kevin spied on her; she didn’t know why but she was getting aroused more and more every time she exposed herself to her b*****r, she even bought new outfits to model for him.

One night Kevin made a mistake; while Alex was sliding a new pair of small, yellow with cute little flowers cotton panties on, that made her butt look even more incredible and perfectly showed the outline of her pussy; he let out a loud moan that u*********sly made Alex look right at the hole in the wall. Kevin’s heart stopped for a few seconds as he prayed that she hadn’t heard him; Alex tried to act as nothing had happened and resumed getting into her clothes, she was scared too that he had found out that she was aware of him spying on her.

Kevin stopped spying on Alex for a while until he could be sure that she hadn’t discovered him; the nights were longer as he missed looking at Alex’s naked body, he longed to be able to see her nude again. Alex felt disappointed when she realized Kevin no longer watched her; her little game was over and she missed the excitement of being spied on, she loved showing her body, she was addicted and wanted it to continue.

Alex was now driven by her own desires; she started wearing more revealing clothes around the house, she even made an extra effort to be as close as possible to Kevin; when he was watching TV she sat right next to him making sure he felt her warm skin touching his, she would walk in front of the TV allowing the light to shone thru her dress giving Kevin an almost unobstructed view of her perfect body.

Kevin felt like he was in hell; he could feel his s****r’s touch, see her almost naked body but not being able to see her the way he used too. It was too much for him and he needed to watch her again; no matter the consequences he was set on spying on her once again, even if he got caught, he didn’t care anymore as his needs became stronger than his fears.

That night as soon as Alex got out of the shower and went to his room, Kevin stood once again before the hole in the wall; it was more exciting than ever for him as pressed his face against the warm tiles of the bathroom wall, it felt like the first time he did it; he was scared but extremely aroused at the same time, Alex was no where to be seen but his dick was already hard and throbbing in his pants.

Alex unaware that Kevin was back in place; just applied cream to her body as she used too, wishing he were back so she could display herself to him. The thought of Kevin spaying on her began to arouse her; as she spread the warm cream over her skin, she felt her pussy getting moist; she felt the tingling on her skin as the lips of her pussy began to swell, her nipples started getting as hard as they had ever been and her juices started to flow down her slit. It didn’t matter that Kevin wasn’t there, or so she thought, she was ready to get herself off and she was going to do it slowly.

Completely naked she climbed into the bed and laid herself on her back; the only light in the room was the one of the lamp on the table next to her bed, she had placed a red scarf over the lamp shade in order to make the room feel warmer. As if in a trance she guided one hand to her lips and licked her fingers profusely, making them wet and slippery; her other hand slowly caressed her belly in a circular motion, she was getting ready to let herself go.

Kevin was motion less as he witnessed the most incredible sight he had ever seen; Alex’s wet fingers twitched and turned her hard left nipple until it wouldn’t give anymore, then she took the right nipple between her thumb and fore finger and pulled on it until her tit was so stretched that it hurt; Her other hand was now placed on top of her mound but remained motionless, she wanted to get as wet as she could before touching herself down there; it wasn’t long before she finally felt ready to play with her incredibly wet pussy, lightly she passed her fingers over her hard clit and felt a jolt of electricity running thru her body.

She hadn’t even started and she was almost ready to explode, her fingers teasing her clit and sliding up and down the length of her oozing slit. The moment Kevin saw Alex rubbing her clit, he felt his dick jumping inside his pants; it was to much for him and he needed relief, he undressed completely in the bathroom and placed herself back against the wall, feeling his dick pressing against the wall.

Alex was still oblivious to Kevin’s presence and she kept on satisfying her own needs; while one hand squeezed and rubbed her breasts, the other played with her clit and pussy. When she felt she was wet enough, she spread her inflamed lips wide giving Kevin a perfect view of her pussy, then she placed one finger at the entrance of her most intimate region and pressed inward; she had made herself come many times, but she had never put anything inside her pussy.

It felt great as her finger found it’s way inside and she felt her walls contracting around it; it amazed her how soft her pussy was inside and the amount of fluid she was oozing out, it felt as if she had peed on herself. The minute Alex inserted her finger inside her cunt, Kevin started stroking his dick; slowly and deliberate, trying to last as long as possible; he wished it was his finger or his tongue the one inside Alex’s pussy, but just being able to jerk off while watching her fingering herself was enough for him. Kevin even grabbed some body lotion and applied a fair amount over his throbbing shaft, making it slippery and warm; prolonging his own game to it’s fullest, waiting for Alex to finish.

One finger didn’t felt enough for Alex so she inserted one more inside her expanding hole; she was almost ready to burst into orgasm as her hand played with clit while her fingers traveled their way in and out of her hungry hole, her whole body felt like it was on fire as her climax quickly approached.

Alex’s moaning and trashing on the bed only made Kevin speed his motions; with both hands as if he was squeezing the last drop out of a tooth paste tube, he moved them over his cock, feeling his toes curl as his balls tighten indicating he was almost ready to come. Leaving her breasts, Alex’s hand found her clit and as she continued fingering herself with the other.

She took her hard button between her fingers and rolled it hard; that triggered her orgasm causing her to scream at the top of her lungs in ecstasy, juices flowed from her pussy down to her ass and into the bed as spasm after spasm of pure joy traveled all over her shuddering body.

Alex’s scream was all Kevin needed to finally let himself go; two more pumps was all he needed to send jets of sperm into his hand and into the wall, it was so intense that he also screamed out of pleasure. At that precise moment, Alex realized that Kevin had been there all the time; that sent her into another series of smaller orgasms, but as intense as the first ones until she finally went limp from exhaustion and withdrew her fingers from her sensitive pussy.

The scent of her juices invaded her room, even Kevin could smell them from the bathroom; suddenly he realized he had once again screamed and that Alex could have probably heard him, quickly he gathered all his clothes and ran back to his room leaving the wall covered with his pearly white sperm.

After a well deserved goodnight sl**p, Kevin woke only to realize that he left his fluids dangling on the bathroom wall; putting only a pair of boxer short he ran to clean them up, when he entered the bathroom he found nothing and felt relieved.

Maybe he had cleaned them after all and he didn’t remembered; what he didn’t know is that after he left for his room, Alex came into the bathroom and found her b*****r’s sperm, she cleaned them for him with a her own panties which she didn’t intend to wash; she was going to keep them with his sperm plastered on them so she could remember that night, she just wished she was there to witness the moment his b*****r expelled them.

Alex found she was more attracted to Kevin than she had ever been to anyone else; no matter that he was her own b*****r, she wanted him and she was going to get him.

Their routine didn’t change a bit after Kevin watched his s****r fingering herself to orgasm; he still spied on her every chance he got, and she always tried to put on a great show for him. One night she brought herself off while being on her hands and knees, making sure Kevin had a great view of her ass and pussy from behind; Kevin was astonished by his s****r, he knew she was extremely sexy but never occurred to him that she was such a horny girl.

Every night Kevin left his spunk plastered all over the bathroom tiles and every night Alex cleaned them up for him; he still didn’t have a clue of what she was doing, he thought it was the maid the one who cleaned his mess. Alex loved to watch Kevin's white stringy fluids dangling on the wall; every night as soon as she heard him leave the bathroom, she ran inside to gather all she could after she stared at it for a few minutes; the way it trickled down amazed her and she even attempted to taste it one time, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it; if she was going to taste her b*****r’s sperm, she wanted to drink it straight from his glands.

Her obsession was increasing as the days passed; all she could think off was Kevin, Alex wanted and needed him, she always brought herself off thinking of him the same way Kevin did while picturing his s****r naked.

Somehow their whole voyeuristic adventure became a bit boring after a while; Alex stopped masturbating for him and even started dressing in the bathroom, Kevin didn’t spy on her as often as before and his erotic thoughts wandered from Alex to another girl he knew from school. When thing started to calm down between them their relationship changed; they bonded more and even confided in each other, many nights were spent just talking to each other about their dreams and hopes; it was like they were discovering the real person behind the mask they always wore, they were becoming friends and their b*****rly love grew stronger. Never was it mentioned what they knew about one another, it didn’t matter anyway, they were both aware of each others escapades and it made no sense to bring it up in their conversations.

One year had passed since the first time Alex masturbated for Kevin; they were extremely close and cared a lot more for each other, even thou it had been a while since they had played their private game. Once or twice a month they engaged in their game; but Alex was getting frustrated because she didn’t want Kevin in the bathroom any more, she wanted him next to her holding her close as she climaxed time after time thinking of him.

Alex fought the idea of seducing her b*****r because she was well aware that it was wrong; i****t was forbidden and harshly punished by society, but her will was weakening and she found herself closer to giving into her desires every day. Finally her mind was set on it; she was going to sl**p with Kevin no matter what, she knew he wanted it as much as she did, but she needed to be sure her timing was perfect; again she planned on teasing Kevin as much as possible to get him as horny as he had ever been, Alex only needed the help of a friend to get what she wanted more in the world.

One day Alex left her door open so Kevin could hear her talking to her friend; at the precise moment the phone rang and Alex answered it, the conversation was not very interesting for Kevin until he heard Alex telling her friend that she had shaved her pussy completely. Kevin almost fell off the bed when he heard that; it was one of his fantasies to be able to watch Alex with a shaven pussy, it was like a dream come true for him.

As Alex explain to her friend with very explicit details how she shaved her pussy, Kevin felt his cock growing in his shorts; his hand squeezing the head and rubbing all the length as the conversation continued, it was like watching a porno film the way Alex gave her friend every single detail. The moment Alex ended the phone call Kevin stopped his motions over his rigid organ; he wanted to save it for the night when he was going to watch his s****r once again, it was torture the way time passed until it was time for her to go into the shower.

Patiently he waited for Alex to go into the bathroom and bathe; it seemed like forever to him until Alex finished showering, never had he been so impatient. At last he heard the bathroom door opening and his s****r’s steps as walked towards her room; as soon as she shut the door close, Kevin ran into the bathroom only to find the biggest surprise of his young life. Right where his peeping hole was, he saw a piece of paper with something written on it; it was from Alex and it read that if he didn’t wish to get in any trouble, he had to meet her at her room in one hour.

Kevin almost fainted; he was afraid of Alex’s reaction on finding the hole in the wall, he wondered what she was going to do to him and he came to the conclusion that he was trapped and had to do whatever she wanted; if any of their parent found out about his peeping on Alex, he was almost certain it meant the end for him.

He waited impatiently in his room for time to come; his hands were shaking as the minutes passed, his legs numb because of the fear he was experiencing. Kevin was being tortured and he felt as if he were on death row; every time he looked at the clock on his desk, it seemed that it hadn’t moved; everything was in slow-motion, the sound from the street, his own movements, everything.

Gathering all the courage he could, he walked towards Alex’s room at the exact time she had told him to be there; an almost unnoticeable knock on the door was all his fear permitted him to do, another one a bit stronger and this time his s****r’s voice asking him to come inside. Kevin walked into the room slowly and stopped in the middle of the room; he couldn’t face her and he just looked down to the floor, his hands in his packets and his heart pounding strongly in his throat.

The silence was creepy as Alex just sat in her bed staring at him; she was trying to get hold of her own excitement and tried to find the right way to tell Kevin what she wanted from him, her own body was shaking as well as Kevin’s but hers shook for a different reason.

With a firm voice she asked Kevin to look at her; with out hesitation he lifted his head and saw his beautiful s****r, she was still sitting on her bed with her legs crossed at the knee staring right into his eyes. Kevin’s fear didn’t permit him to notice what Alex was wearing; she had a white silk chemise with matching panties on, her breasts seemed bigger than ever and her nipples were already hard. For a few minutes they said nothing and just looked into each others eyes; Alex’s face had an angelical look on it and her eyes seemed brighter than ever, Kevin found himself lost in her eyes as he tried to figure out what she was going to say or do.

Trembling Alex finally spoke; she told Kevin that she knew that he had been spying on her for a long time, that at first she was angry with him but in time she learned to appreciate it. Alex continued her speech by letting Kevin know that every time she played with herself she was doing it for him, that for the past few months she even fantasized about him every time her own fingers touched her most intimate parts. Kevin was dumbstruck as he listened to his s****r; his mind couldn’t absorb everything he was hearing, he just stood there with his hands still in his pockets and a stupid look on his face.

Finally Alex told him that she had come to realize that she wanted to make love to him; like a bucket of cold water, it struck Kevin and he felt his knees go weak; as he tried to assimilate what he had just heard, he started to feel his cock coming to life. Alex saw the bulge in his pants and gave him the biggest smile she could; raising to her feet she walked towards her b*****r, placing her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. Fearfully she moved closer to him and touched his lips with her own; it was incredible the way she felt the moment their lips locked together, gently with no rush to end it they held on to each other as their first kiss lingered on.

Kevin threw his arms around Alex and held on to her tightly; their lips parted and their tongues met for the first time, playing with each other getting to know one another. The passion emanating from them was overwhelming; lips locked in one solid kiss, hands roaming over each others back, bodies pressed tightly together; nothing else matter to them as their passion took over their senses, they fell into oblivion as they melted into one being. Alex felt her knees go weak and all her pent up passion finally getting out, it had been to long since she wanted to be with Kevin, now she got what she had wished for.

Kevin’s own fantasies were becoming reality and he wanted nothing more than to be able to fulfill them; the way her camisole felt to his touch was intoxicating, he gently caressed her back with his wandering hands; the warmth of her skin under the fabric traveled to his hands and under his skin, it was like he was sucking the life out of her with his touch.

Alex broke the kiss and looked into Kevin’s eyes searching for the answer to her prayers; she found it deep in his soul the moment he kissed her moist lips again, this time stronger and with more intimacy than before; she knew what the kiss meant and she felt her b*****r’s love filling her entire body and her mind, Alex kissed him back letting him know how much she loved and wanted him.

Without breaking their kiss they walked towards the bed falling gently on it; laying side by side in a warm embrace they let their tongues frolic together, they didn’t feel the need to rush things and they felt content with their new found way of communication.

Alex’s body responded to every sensation Kevin's hands sent down her spine by getting closer to him; she felt the need to touch his bare skin on hers, with Kevin’s help she took it off his shirt and then his pants tossing them aside and leaving him exposed to her eyes for the first time. Kevin’s cock was hard as steel and it protruded inside his boxers; Alex was amazed by the size of the bulge he was sporting, she had wished he was well endowed but it was more than she had hoped for.

Rolling to his back and pulling Alex with him, Kevin now was laying flat on the bed and Alex was straddling him; Kevin sat up with his s****r’s legs circling his back, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy against his crotch. Inch by inch he raised the garment freeing her upper body from it’s confines; her tits were even more amazing up close, the smoothness of her skin and the texture of her areolas and nipples was more than he had pictured in his mind; the way they felt to his loving touch and the firmness was unbelievable, they were perfect.

Alex began grinding her pussy against Kevin’s still concealed but extremely hard cock as he placed his hands over her tits for the first time and his lips back on hers kissing her again; her juices were soaking thru the crotch of her panties and into Kevin’s shorts, a wet spot the size of a lemon was clearly visible as she rubbed her pussy against his dick.

With a rocking motion their bodies moved in sync; he had her tits in his hands and was tenderly squeezing them, grabbing her nipples between his fingers and pulling on them as he had watched her do it all those night he spied on her; Alex felt the electricity traveling from his fingers down her spine, it felt much better than when she did it to herself.

The room was filled with the scent of Alex’s tingling pussy and she just kept on riding her b*****r’s cock thru his briefs, enjoying the manly touch on her tits and the warmth of his skin. Breaking the kiss Alex pushed Kevin on his back and slid down his body, kissing every inch of his exposed torso until she reached the waistband of his shorts; pulling them from his body she took them of with one swift motion and stared in disbelieve at his beautiful cock at last.

Shaking in anticipation she took his engorged shaft in one hand while the other cupped his balls; Alex was fascinated by it, it was extremely hard and it jumped with Kevin's every heart beat; the skin was soft to her touch and warm, the head was slightly covered by the foreskin and it shone under the dim light. Kevin’s dick was even larger and thicker than she could have guessed; she had heard her girlfriend talking about their boyfriend’s cocks, but none of them had ever told her about one of that size.

Kevin lovingly watch as his s****r explored his dick; he was amazed by the way she held it in her hands and the way she intently stared at it, it was like watching a c***d with a new toy.

Alex started moving her hand all over his dick, making him squirm in delight as her other hand rolled his balls gently; she wanted to taste it and with no warning she took into her mouth, as much as she could fit inside pulling the foreskin back exposing the entire head and then she slowly moved her head back up; pressing her tongue over the underside, feeling the bl**d flowing inside the fat vein.

Kevin just moaned as Alex took him in her mouth once again; this time instead of moving back up, she kept inside and ran her tongue over the crown in a circular motion; after a while she took it back out and plunged back down, taking more of his hard cock in her mouth each time.

Alex’s rhythm increased as she bobbed up and down Kevin’s rigid dick; her tongue danced all over his length while she kept on sucking him, she felt her own pussy dripping constantly while giving her b*****r all her moth had to give. Kevin’s hands were playing with Alex’s hair as he felt close to exploding and knew he wasn’t going to last to long.

He warned Alex he was almost ready so she wouldn’t be surprised; with two more licks on the head from Alex, Kevin erupted in a massive succession of explosions; six spurts of sperm were sent into Alex’s mouth and she took them all, not missing a drop and finally tasting his love juice; she loved the tangy taste it left in her mouth, and the way it slowly flowed down her throat.

She wanted and needed all he could give her so she just kept on sucking him until he couldn’t take it anymore; the head of his now deflating dick was to sensitive for her touch, he was amazed by his s****r’s hunger for his cock but none the less he stopped her.

Basking in the glory of his recently experienced orgasm, Kevin pulled his s****r up towards him and kissed her with so much passion that she almost fainted; he saw Alex in a new light and just hoped he could give her as much joy as she had given him. Kevin kissed her again and placed one hand on one of her breasts; again he squeezed it gently and pinched her nipple, Alex moaned into his mouth as their kiss lingered on; ever so slowly Kevin kissed his way from her lips to her ear, passing her flushed cheek until he finally reached her earlobe; tenderly sucking it and then blowing over it, he made Alex moan while her hands pulled Kevin’s mouth back on her lobe.

Kevin gave it another kiss and then moved down to where her neck met her cheek bone; he lingered there for a few moments while planting small kisses over her perfume scented skin, goose bumps rose on her neck when Kevin traced his way to the other side with the tip of his tongue.

All the attention her sensitive neck was getting as well as her over extended nipples was beginning to be to much for Alex; her pussy was getting hotter and wetter and profusely soaking her silk panties, she felt it aching for attention and even considered touching it herself.

Alex knew she should wait and tried to enjoy her b*****rs loving touch as much as she could; meanwhile he kept moving down her neck onto her chest until he had her tits right in his face, gazing in admiration at them wondering how they would taste like. They tasted like heaven as Kevin ran his tongue in a spiral motion all over her glorious right roundness but never touching her nipple; he did the same to her left boob until he had her squirming in ecstasy and urging him to suck her firm nipples by pulling him harder towards them, Kevin knew that the moment he touched one of her nipples she was going to explode.

Again and with an inward spiral motion he ran his tongue all over her tit until he finally reached her inflamed areola and the erect nipple; trapping the nipple with his teeth he flickered his tongue on the tip while he sucked her areola into his mouth, he didn’t want her to climax jet so as soon as her breathing became fast and scarce and as her fingernails dug into his back he turned his head to her other boob. He had built her arousal almost to point of no return, and he let her calm down before he touched her again.

Kevin paid as much attention to the other tit as he had done to her left one; when he reached the nipple he sucked hard on it and chewed on it with tenderness, he had Alex trashing her head from side to side as she was in the throes of her first orgasm; teasing her again, he stopped once more never letting her fully explode. Kevin’s mind was set on one thing only, on building her excitement as much as he could so she would experience the ultimate pleasure.

From her breasts he moved down her belly until he reached her soaked panties; he passed them over and went straight to her inner thighs were he kissed them and licked them, Kevin then placed his mouth where the leg meets the body, right next to her now clearly visible thru her panties pussy. Sucking the soft skin on either side of her pussy he then licked the length of her slit over the soaked fabric; he would have eaten them of her if could have done it, instead he just pulled the crotch aside and stared at her clean shaven pussy for the first time.

Alex’s pussy lips were engorged and glistening with her fluids, her clit clearly visible was hard and erect; one more time he traced the length of her slit from bottom to top, this time with nothing between his tongue and her meaty flesh. Alex was shaking in anticipation and tried to pull Kevin’s mouth closer to her sensitive clit; he thought she was ready for his final attack and let her have what she most wanted and with one quick move he had his tongue inside her slippery hole, the softness of her insides was incredible.

Kevin darted his tongue in and out of his s****r’s opening while spreading her lips wide with his fingers; the pink flesh stretched to the limit, allowing her clit to be even more exposed than it had been.

Alex was getting closer than ever and her breathing almost stopped when Kevin moved her mouth up; enveloping her clit inside his lips he sucked gently on it, his tongue danced all over her love button making her scream in joy. Alex reached her peak and with a series of spasms exploded in into the most intense, toe curling, mind blowing orgasm of her inexperienced life; her legs clamped on Kevin’s head almost smothering him, he kept on sucking her clit and he clearly felt her pussy contracting with every jolt of pure bliss that ran thru her entire body.

Alex’s orgasm lasted a full three minutes until she finally collapsed on the bed exhausted, releasing Kevin from her tight grip. Kevin climbed his way up Alex’s body and laid next to her waiting for her to regain her senses; Alex was basking in the glory of the moment, it was so intense that she almost passed out from pure ecstasy.

They settled down and held on to each other like there was no tomorrow; Alex placed her head on Kevin’s chest sensing his breath on the back of her neck, she was speechless after experiencing such an intense orgasm. Kevin just caressed her hair admiring the silhouette of her body as it laid next to him; he felt he was the luckiest man in the world, he had found a truly amazing girl and they were both in love with each other.

She suddenly realized she still had her panties on, pulled to the side exposing her beautiful pussy but still on; she asked Kevin to take them off for her and he happily obliged, kneeling in front of her and with her help he slid them off leaving them both completely nude for the first time. He laid back down again resuming his position beside her; Alex in turn placed her head back on Kevin’s chest and admired his limp dick dangling between his legs, she wanted to feel it inside her as well as to watch it grow to it’s full glory before her.

Placing her hand over his cock she gave it a light squeeze waiting for it’s reaction, it sprang back to life in no time and it appeared to be ready for her. Moving her leg over him she came to rest on top of Kevin; she was straddling him and she could feel the tip of his renewed cock touching her pussy, lifting her hips she moved her hand down to grab his dick and then she placed it right at the very entrance to her hot wet cunt.

Alex settled back down and she felt the head of kevin’s cock poking her; before he could completely enter her she kissed him full on the lips, then Alex very slowly impaled herself on her b*****r’s big cock. She felt like she was being ripped apart but she didn’t even flinched; her slippery canal was filled with his cock and she loved the way it felt, how it stretched her inner walls to the limit and she could sense every little part of it. Kevin was ecstatic as his cock rubbed it self against Alex’s cunt; it was tight and warm, the slick passage was incredibly soft and he felt it contract.

As soon as Alex got used to having something so big inside her she began rocking her hips back and forth; Kevin fitted her just perfect, it was like they were made for each other. Back and forth she moved grinding her pussy over his dick; the friction was incredible and her pubic bones mesh together giving Alex’s clit all the attention it needed, arousing her more and more with every movement she made; her juices flowed like a cascade down kevin’s balls and into the bed, soaking it profusely.

Kevin pulled Alex to him trapping her heaving tits between their bodies; his hands on her butt helping her move in rhythm with him, her face buried in his shoulder holding her moans of pleasure inside. Their climax was building into a frenzy and they worked together so they could explode at the same time; slowly but with intent Alex moved her hips from side to side and tried to draw circles with them, she was giving Kevin all she had and he in turn tried to pull her down so he could completely bury himself inside her.

They switched positions and Kevin was now on top; plunging deeply into Alex, trying to fell her entire pussy with his cock; she contracted her muscles around his dick as if she was milking it, her control was amazing and she tried to grab his cock every time he moved backwards and released it when he pushed back in. Kevin kept on pumping for a while as his hand clutched on her tits; Alex took a hold of his ass and was now pulling him deeper inside with every stroke, she wanted to feel the tip touching her womb.

Kevin pulled out and placed Alex on her hand and knees; he remembered the time she had fingered herself in the position and he wanted to do it like that, she more than happily obliged and even spread her cheeks for him. Kevin slid right back inside with one swift movement; he leaned into her and grabbed her boobs from behind, squeezing them and pinching her nipples at the same time. What Alex was feeling was indescribable; her pussy was filled with Kevin’s large dick and her tits were being played with at the same time, all she needed was to feel him erupt inside her.

Kevin kept on sliding in and out of his s****r tight cunt; he wanted to come so badly in her that he sped his motions, faster he pumped into her making her scream and moan; Alex’s moans came from the depths of her soul, all she could think off was the incredible feeling of having her b*****r making love to her. Alex was so close to climaxing that it caused to bend her back up until she was almost standing on her knees so she could feel kevin’s cock brushing against her g-spot; the friction was unbearable for both of them as Alex moved her hips to meet Kevin’s thrusts, increasing the pleasure they were experimenting together.

Placing one arm around her, Kevin held tightly to his s****r while his other hand found her mound and her clit; Alex turned her head so she could kiss him while they were melting into each other, it was that kiss that triggered their orgasms.

Kevin plunged inside one more time and he felt his balls tightening, his harsh breathing hurried Alex into what was the beginning of a massive explosion; the friction on her g-spot and her protruding clit was enormous, her mouth still locked on his and her hands on his butt helped her to get closer then she had been before; Alex felt kevin’s cock growing more and becoming even harder inside her, she knew that was it and let herself go.

At unison and after one more deep thrust inside Alex’s hot pussy, Kevin started pumping sperm into his s****r’s tunnel; Alex felt the first spurt hitting her deep inside, her whole body shook as the first wave of tremors invaded her own body. Alex and Kevin climaxed at the same time; she experienced the ultimate burst of pleasure as it traveled from her oozing pussy to her overwhelmed mind, it felt like time had just stood still and every small detail was enhanced to her senses. Kevin’s orgasm was as strong as hers and he felt it rush from his contracting balls to all the way thru his dick and into the depths of Alex’s body.

He felt her pussy milking every last drop from his still erect organ sending him into a small series of spurts; he had never came so hard in his entire life nor had ever moaned so loud and he believed she was sucking his soul thru his dick, he wanted to give all he had and he did. Meanwhile Alex was still experiencing what could only be described as magnificent; her head trashed from one side to the other as her screams filled the room, she didn’t care if any one heard them, she was lost in her own world of pleasure.

She finally stopped coming and again she felt the last jet of sperm being shot into her; their orgasm most have lasted for minutes and it drained the strength out of them, they just fell on the bed side by side with kevin’s dick still buried inside her sperm filled cunt. They stayed in that position until the both fell asl**p; kevin’s limp dick plopped out of her pussy and a trail of their mixed juices oozed out from her and into the bed, soaking it even more than it already was.

Kevin woke up the next morning only to find his s****r’s mouth glued to his already hard dick; she loved the way it felt in her mouth and she just couldn’t get enough of it, Alex had been sucking his dick for half an hour and he had finally waken up. Kevin now aware of his s****r’s ministrations just moaned in content; Alex was becoming an expert at giving head, she could almost take all of him in her mouth; Kevin pulled Alex over him so he could return the pleasure, now he had her pussy right on his face and the scent of last night’s activities emanated from it.

He loved the way her pussy shone in the sunlight coming in by the window; it looked even more appealing to him the way her fluids reflected the light and formed a glow around her opening, it looked like an angels halo. His tongue was the first thing to make contact with Alex’s gaping cunt; fervently he ran it all over her slit making her squirm in delight, from side to side and up and down he moved it catching every single drop in his mouth. Alex was franticly sucking his cock; she bobbed her head while she gently sucked on it, forming a vacuum around his dick’s head and swirling her tongue all over it.

The moment Kevin placed the flat of his tongue over Alex’s hard clit, she let out a muffled moan over his hard throbbing cock; he was bringing her closer and she was working harder on his cock, she wanted him to shoot in her mouth.

Kevin rubbed her clit with his thumb and darted his tongue inside her pussy; her moans and whimpers were getting louder, she moved her butt backwards trying to get more of Kevin’s tongue in. Alex jerked his slobbered cock with one hand and while sucking on it; she was incredibly excited and her senses where heightened as she came closer to climaxing; Kevin also felt his orgasm getting closer with Alex’s mouth wrapped around his steel hard cock, he was ready to give her everything he had.

Alex pumped his cock a few more times and then she got what she had been yearning for; globs of cum splashed at the back of her throat, sending her into new heights of passion. Her own orgasm came hard and fast when Kevin enveloped her entire pussy with his mouth, sucking the life out of her; Alex felt her inner walls contracting stronger than ever as her orgasm kept on going, multiple shudders were caused by the intensity of it all.

When Kevin’s dick finally stopped erupting and Alex’s tremors subsided; she climbed off him and turned to kiss him hard on the lips, their juices mixing together as their tongues joined in play; the mixture was overwhelming as they had never tasted their own flavors before, it didn’t bother them as they felt it was the ultimate expression for their love.

As tired as they were they got out of the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower together, where they tenderly soaped one another completely trying not to miss a spot; Alex took her time cleaning kevin’s cock and balls, making sure they were entirely clean.

Gently Kevin soaped her breasts taking his time on her nipples making then hard and erect one more time; he then kneeled in front of Alex and proceeded to wash her shaven pussy with dedication, he spread her lips to get complete access to her inflamed hole, with his fingers her lather her pussy until hundreds of bubbles appeared over it; making sure it was perfectly washed, he then used the shower hose to rinse it sending sprays of water up her hole, making sure he washed all his sperm out.

After they felt renewed by the warm water and fully clean, they dried each other and headed back to Alex’s room where they fell asl**p in each other’s arm under the blankets.

It had been an amazing set of events for them and they fell madly in love with each other, but in the back of their minds there was still the notion that it wasn’t right; some guilt and a little embarrassment invaded their souls, no matter that they where in love, they were still siblings. Alex felt guiltier than Kevin; after all she was the one who started it all, she could have left things they way they were; with Kevin spying on her thru his hole in the wall, and her giving him a show every now and then.

Her thoughts wandered to what their parents would do to them if they ever found out; not that they paid to much attention to them anyway, but none the less it was not permitted for b*****rs and s****rs to have sex together. Kevin felt only guilt for sl**ping with Alex; he didn’t care about his parent or of what people might say, he knew it was wrong to have given into Alex’s teasing which took them where they were now; both naked on her bed and fully satisfied, his sperm deep inside her, and her taste and scent impregnated in the depths of his soul.

Alex woke Kevin up; she couldn’t sl**p, as her mind wouldn’t rest, she wanted to discuss their future together. Kevin listened carefully to what she had to say and tried to comfort her; everything she said made sense but deep inside he knew they could work thing out, he just hadn’t figured it out.

After careful consideration they came to the conclusion that they were meant to be together; they just had to be extremely careful, and they also had to find another place were they could make love with out worrying about getting caught. Moving out was not an option; they were still teenagers and supporting themselves was impossible, besides their parents wouldn’t let them.

A decision was made; they were going to act as natural as possible around their parents and friends, no physical contact was allowed out side the privacy of their rooms and no special treatment between them. The only time they were allowed to be together was late at night, when their parents were asl**p in the other side of the house and, on the weekends when they left them by themselves to go to cabin they had up in the hills.

Things were going great for Alex and Kevin; he would sneak into her room late at night and made love to her with reckless abandon, the secrecy of it all excited them even more. The nights Kevin didn’t showed up at her room, she would pay him a visit; she didn’t like making love in his room because it always was a mess and it was closer to their parents room, instead she just gave him one of her great blow jobs and then retired to her room to finger herself while still having some of his sperm plastered in her mouth. Things got complicated one day when Alex’s mom took her shopping; she asked why she didn’t date anymore, and why she rarely left the house.

Her mom thought she was ill and even offered to take her to see the doctor; Alex felt trapped and just lied to her mother, she told her that she had a bad break up with the last guy she dated and that she didn’t feel ready to date again.

The lie satisfied her mother, but she then surprised Alex by telling her that she was going to introduce her to one of her friend’s son; Alex felt a hole in her stomach, she didn’t want to meet anyone, she was seriously involved in her relationship with Kevin; nothing in the world was going to jeopardize what she and Kevin had, but she couldn’t refuse with out making her mother suspicious.

That night she didn’t wait for Kevin to come into her room, she went straight to see him and to tell him what had happened with their mother; Kevin felt numb when Alex told him their mother’s plan to pair her up with some boy she hadn’t even met, he was speechless and just stared back at her. Kevin felt jealous and angry; he didn’t want Alex to start dating someone other than him, he loved her and wanted her to be with him until the end of times.

They were heart broken; it was hard for them to accept the fact that in order to keep their mother off Alex’s back, she was going to have to agree on going on the date with the guy her mother wanted her to meet. Alex saw the sad expression on her b*****r’s eyes and tried to console him; she told him over and over that he was the only man for her, that she loved him with all her heart and that she was doing it so they could be together.

As much as he wanted to believe her, in the back of his mind he knew that sooner or later she was going to leave him; she was to beautiful to be without a steady boyfriend, and their parents would worry if she didn’t date anyone. The night before Alex was supposed to go on her date, they made love with so much passion that it felt like it was their last time together.

Without too much foreplay, Kevin placed himself above Alex; gently and slowly he slid his way inside her, trying to memorize every sensation her pussy had to offer. Placing her legs around Kevin’s back, Alex pulled him further every time he pushed back in; staring into each other’s eyes, they saw an unspoken promise of eternal love. They kept their young bodies locked together for what seemed hours; being careful of not speeding things up, Kevin and Alex rocked their bodies silently; once in awhile he took one of her tits in his mouth and sucked on it, trying not to hard to arouse her to her limit.

Every time he kissed her nipples Alex moaned in silence; trying to conceal her lust and trying to extend the moment forever; she was so lost in her own pleasure that she forgot about everything else, all that matter was that she had her b*****r inside her pussy and that he was giving her so much love and pleasure. Kevin loved the way her pussy contracted around his cock every time he pushed back in; even if they were taking their time going as slow as they could, it was almost impossible not to feel the urge to move faster.

They kissed repeatedly and he played with her tits constantly, bringing her closer to end; her hands roamed all over his back and her nails dug into his skin every time his cock touched her clit, sending jolts of passion all over her spine and into her head. Kevin’s motions allowed him to pull his cock almost all the way out and to push back in until there was nothing more of him to give; the way his whole length traveled over her clit was taking her to places she had never been to, she could feel every vein and every curve of his cock on her over excited button; she loved the way the head of his dick spread her pussy every time it slid back in, it made her feel complete.

Alex was the first to come; all the attention her clit received was enough to trigger her orgasm, she felt her inner walls trapping Kevin’s cock between them; squeezing it until they couldn’t hold on to it anymore, grabbing it again as he plunged back in. Alex kissed Kevin the moment her orgasm started holding on to him like there was no tomorrow, giving him her soul thru her kiss. Kevin let himself go and came for what seemed an eternity; he felt his s****r pussy holding on to him as his sperm flooded her inside, drowning every fear they had.

Alex’s date was not a bad one; Tim was a nice guy and not to bad on the eyes, tall with dark hair and the most intense brown eyes, he had a good body and played sports regularly; he was a true gentleman and didn’t even try to kiss her goodnight.

Tim took her to party that one of his friends was having; they danced for awhile and had a really nice time, she truly enjoyed herself but she still wished it was Kevin the one dancing with her. It turned out that Tim had a s****r about Kevin’s age and he even suggested to Alex that it might be nice to introduce her to Kevin; the same jealousy Kevin felt, struck Alex right on her stomach; she felt her world crumbling down as she imagined her b*****r with someone else.

Reluctantly she agreed but she said that she had to ask Kevin first; she wondered what Kevin was going to say, if he was going to accept the offer; she just had to wait and see. The moment Tim left her at the door, she ran up stairs to kevin’s room; without knocking she walked right in and sat on his bed, afraid of his answer Alex told him what Tim had said. Kevin just looked at her right in the eyes and sighed; apparently Kevin's dad had a talk with him, he was worried about him the same way their mother was worried about Alex; he wanted to know why Kevin never talked about girls and why he never dated anyone, it was obvious to him that something was wrong with his son.

He even asked him if he was gay; Alex just burst out in laughter when she heard that, and jumped in to kiss Kevin. If their father only knew that not only he was not gay, but also that he had been having sex with his own daughter for a while, he would surely had a heart attack. After regaining their senses, they agreed on having Kevin meet Tim’s s****r; not only would it take his father off his back, but if things worked out they all could double date, that way they could be with each other.

A date was set for Kevin to meet Tim’s s****r Claudia; they were all supposed to go to a movie and then maybe have something to eat, provided things went well between Kevin and Claudia. The bell rang and Kevin opened the door; he couldn’t believe his eyes, Claudia was gorgeous and had prettiest face; obviously she liked what she saw, Kevin more than pleased her. Claudia was almost the Kevin’s age, only a few months younger; she had dark red hair and incredible green eyes, her body slender but with enough curves to make Kevin dizzy.

Claudia’s best feature were her tits; bigger than Alex’s but not overly large, the cleavage of her blouse was low enough to give Kevin an excellent idea of their proportions; she didn’t have a great ass but it was round enough to attract anyone’s attention, her skin tight jeans showed it perfectly. Alex was not happy of what she saw; her own b*****r and lover were drooling all over his date.

The four of them went to watch a movie and then to have something to eat; they all got along very well and enjoyed themselves immensely, it felt like they had known each other for along time. Kevin and Claudia hit it off instantly; they liked the same kind of music and even had a similar taste in clothes, they talked all night laughing at each other’s jokes and made fun out of all the other persons at the coffee place they went after the movie.

Alex and Tim were also having fun and it seemed like they were hitting it off rather nicely; that is until Tim placed his hand on Alex’s thigh, it surprised her and made her fell uncomfortable; she liked him but she was madly in love with Kevin and didn’t want to jeopardize their relationship, no matter how much Kevin seemed to be enjoying Claudia’s company. Tim realized his advances where being ignored and backed off; he had tried and failed, no big deal for him; he thought he had moved to fast and was willing to take things slower with Alex.

During the next week Alex and Kevin just made love once; Alex was feeling extremely aroused and in need of Kevin's touch, she asked him to come to her room when they were having dinner and their parents weren’t paying to much attention to them. Kevin just smiled and agreed to meet her in her room after their parents had gone to bed; since that moment until he came into Alex’s room, he had his dick hard and ready for Alex’s sweet pussy.

He snuck in Alex’s room late at night; it took their parents a long time to go to bed and when he was able to sneak into her room, she was already asl**p. He sat on the bed beside her very carefully; he wanted to watch her sl**p, it always amazed him the way she so peacefully slept; not a hint of concern or remorse was reflected on her face, and considering she had been having sex with her own b*****r, it helped Kevin feel comfortable with the situation as well. Kevin laid down until he was face to face with Alex, he embraced her tenderly and pulled the covers up so she wouldn’t get cold; his cock was still rock hard and the warmth of Alex’s body close to it didn’t make thing easier for him, he wanted her to wake up so they could engage in another of their incredible nights.

Alex woke up and felt Kevin next to her and she smiled to herself; she had waited for him and now he was finally there, with his arm around her and his rigid cock poking her thigh. Alex turned sideways to face him, they just smiled at each other and things heated up in a fraction of a second; in an instant they both shed their clothes and threw them on the floor, completely naked the embraced one another and let their bodies take control of their minds.

Alex’s hands roamed all over Kevin's back; clawing her way down until she reached his butt and then she cupped both cheeks in her hands, pulling him closer to her so she could feel his dick pressing against her belly; Kevin was kissing her when his left hand took hold of her right tit, caressing it softly with the palm of his hand, feeling the nipple growing hard under his touch. Alex had been so horny all day that she wanted it fast; with out warning she turned around until her back was facing Kevin, without any more explanations he understood what she wanted and how she wanted it.

Alex lifted her own leg up to give Kevin better access to her already drenched pussy; he grabbed his cock by the base and guided it toward it’s favorite place, Alex’s tight moist pussy; Kevin teased Alex with the fat tip of his pre-cum covered dick, he pushed just a inch inside and then he took it out, he did this a couple of time until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Backing her ass down Alex impaled herself on Kevin's cock; she felt her insides spreading around the thickness of his cock, enveloping it with her velvety flesh; once Kevin was buried all the way in, he slid one arm under Alex so he could grab her boobs and placed his other hand right on top of her mound.

With one finger her played with her pussy while sliding in and out of her dripping cunt; she was so wet that the squishing sounds made by Kevin's invading dick where so loud, they could have been heard from miles away. She loved the attention her clit was receiving by Kevin's fingers; his index finger circled her hard exposed clit fervently, making her moan and shortening her breaths; With his other hand Kevin was pinching and twitching her nipples hard, he knew she loved having her nipples worked that way and he was more than happy to indulge her.

Alex felt his breath close to the nape of her neck and she sighed in anticipation; she was fully aware of what he was doing to rest of her sensitive body while he has still pumping her pussy from behind, fast and furiously. The moment his mouth touched the sensitive skin at the back of her neck, Alex yelped in ecstasy trying to hold on to him; she was fascinated by all the attention he was giving to every single part of her succulent body, his dick deep inside her touching every little part of her drenched pussy, her clit being stimulated by his able fingers and her tits fondled and pinched.

Her senses went into over drive with lust and Kevin's own excitement grew stronger by the minute; he loved the way her body responded to him and all her moans and screams encouraged him to keep on going, to maintain his grip on her and to give her all he had.

Alex had already came a few times before Kevin felt his dick growing harder and larger inside her; she moved her butt back and forth causing even more friction between her flooding pussy and his overworked dick, it was to much for Kevin and with a loud groan he shot his creamy white sperm inside his loving s****r’s pussy; he came so much that some trickled out of her hole and dribbled down all over his contracting balls and coated her curvy ass.

Their sweaty bodies shone under the moonlight that crept in the room thru the window; when Kevin took his spent dick out of Alex’s dripping cunt, a trail of their mixed fluids ran out of her open hole down her round ass cheek and onto the bed. It had been and incredible night for them and it helped them cope with the notion that they had to pretend interest in Claudia and Tim in order to avoid their parents constant harassment; they even talked on the phone with Tim and Claudia constantly and always made sure that either their mother or their father listened to their conversations.

Kevin was getting really close to Claudia even thou he was extremely in love with his s****r and Alex knew it; somehow she managed to keep her jealousy hidden from Kevin, it was killing her to watch her b*****r’s interest in someone other than herself. Things between her and Tim were going nowhere; eventually he realized nothing was going to happen between the two of them so he settled with just being friends; he liked her company and felt he could trust her.

Kevin still visited Alex every other night and they still had sex with each other; but Alex felt scared that things might cool off between them now that Claudia was in the picture, all she wanted was for Kevin to be with her no matter what the cost was. Late one night after they made love as passionate as always, with Alex experiencing several orgasms while Kevin pumped into her from behind and then erupted in her mouth; she asked Kevin if he liked Claudia more than she liked her, she was worried that Kevin was getting to attached to her.

Kevin was intrigued by his s****r’s questionings but told her the truth anyway; Kevin told Alex that he was madly in love with her and that even thou he was attracted to Claudia, she was still the only girl for him; that no matter how much he wondered what it would be like to sl**p with Claudia, he would never try to find out because his feeling for her hadn’t changed and he would never do anything to her or their relationship. Alex felt relieved by Kevin's words; she had been worried that he might loose interest in her, now she was certain that hew hadn’t and she was going to do whatever it took to keep it that way.

Kevin's birthday was getting closer and Alex wanted to give him the greatest gift she could; after thinking on what to get Kevin she came to a conclusion, she was going to try to give him Claudia. Maybe not have her sl**p with him because she wasn’t sure she could stand it, but to make her available for him to watch her thru the hole in the wall. Alex wasn’t sure if she wanted Kevin just to see her naked or if she wanted her to give Kevin a great show; she thought about it for a few days until she came up with a great plan, she was going to give Kevin the greatest show he had ever seen. Alex put her plan in motion; she planned a party for him and she invited Claudia and Tim along with a few more of Kevin's friends, their parents wouldn’t be home so they all could get extremely d***k and stay up all night if they wanted too.

The party was a success and Kevin enjoyed himself immensely; they all danced and drank like there was no tomorrow, by the end of the party everyone was very d***k and very horny, a couple even ended having sex in the backyard in clear view of the rest of the party; it was extremely arousing for everyone to be able to watch two people having sex while being oblivious to the presence of their friends. The girl was a brunette with a great body and the biggest pair of tits in the house; she was on her knees giving the guy a great blow-job, she swallowed his entire dick all the way down her throat while he held on to her hair and tried to push further inside; he was not overly large but still had a decent sized cock, and the biggest and hairiest balls.

Still lost in their world of lust, the guy helped his date to her feet and kissed her hard; it was like he wanted to smother her while trying to open her pants, eventually he managed to unbutton her jeans and slid the zipper down; she was breathing hard and when he slid his hand inside her pants and slid it down to her crotch, she wailed in ecstasy. They kept on kissing and he kept on playing with her pussy while she rubbed his dick whit her hands; suddenly they fell to the ground and the guy pulled her jeans and blouse off, leaving her with only her panties on since she wasn’t wearing a bra; her heavy breasts firmly gripped by his hands as he sucked her nipples with reckless abandon, she moaned and yelped with attention he was giving her and was fully enjoying herself.

Letting go off her breasts while still sucking on her erect nipples, the guy grabbed his dick with one hand and slid the drenched crotch of her panties to one side exposing her hairy bush to everyone; with the precision of a sharp shooter he penetrated her waiting cunt in one fluid motion, making her arch her back as his dick made all of it’s way in. The girl screamed at the top of her lungs when she felt him buried all the way inside her; her head tossed from side to side as she begged him to do it harder, she was like a woman possessed, she lifted her hips to meet every thrust he made inside; his motions grew faster and dick got slicker with every plunge he made, their moans and screams could be clearly heard from miles away as the crowed cheered them on.

Rolling on his back without letting his dick slide out of her oozing hole, he now had her straddling him and impaling herself on his rigid organ; he took hold of her bouncing tits and pinched the nipples so hard it made her scream, she was in trance as she kept on swallowing every inch he had to offer her with her cunt. The moment of truth came when he touched her exposed clit with his fingers; the girl shook like she was having a seizure when she came, jerking her body from side to side bringing him closer to Cumming himself.

He lifted her off his dick and rolled her on her back; he straddle her and placed his dick back into her mouth which she happily received and started sucking on it again, he called her name constantly as his dick twitched inside her mouth shooting all his spunk into her; he came for what seemed an eternity sending so much sperm down her throat that some started to drool out of her mouth and down her neck until he was completely drained out. When they finally calmed down; they realized what they had done and quickly gathered her clothes and left the party, leaving the rest of the guests in a high state of arousal.

The rest of the guests started pairing up and leaving the party; after a few minutes the only ones left in the house where Alex, Claudia, Tim and Kevin, who were still speechless after witnessing their friend’s lust getting the best out off them. Alex knew it was time to get the rest of her plan in motion; she poured Tim and Claudia another tequila with g****fruit soda, she wanted Claudia to be as d***k as possible but not to d***k so she would pass out, on the other hand she really wanted to get Tim wasted so he would literally pass out.

The second Tim finished his drink Alex served him another one; this time it was almost pure tequila and no soda, he was getting closer to passing out with every sip he took; she even asked him to dance with her to help the alcohol work faster on him, what she didn’t count on was his wandering hands fondling her ass. A small price to pay so she could give her b*****r his much awaited present; she had told him earlier that she had a birthday surprise for him, since that moment Kevin couldn’t think off anything else but on his surprise; he even imagined what it was, he thought Alex was going to do something to him that she hadn’t done before or something like that.

Tim still had his hands on Alex’s ass when he began to feel the effects of the tequila taking the best off him; his head started spinning and his legs felt weak, clearly was not going to last to long. Meanwhile Claudia and Kevin danced with each other like friends do, he kept his hands to himself even thou Claudia looked extremely beautiful that night; she wore a white halter top which made her tits look amazing and unrestrained, a white denim mini-skirt which was so tight that he could clearly see outline of her thong panties. No matter how much he wanted her, he restrained himself; he knew he didn’t loved her, that he just wanted to slide his dick inside her tight pussy; Kevin was fully aware that all he felt for Claudia was lust and that it was true love what he had with Alex, the most amazing kind of love which he didn’t want to loose or damage.

Tim finally passed out on the couch; Claudia came to his aid and tried in vain to revive him, nothing could be done for him, he was incredibly d***k and there was nothing to do about it. Alex sensing her opportunity suggested to Claudia that stayed the night; she argued it was to late for her to drive home and that she wasn’t going to be able to carry Tim to his room. After careful consideration Claudia agreed it was futile to go home; she even thanked Alex for her hospitality and apologized for her b*****r’s condition, she was truly embarrassed by him but Alex comforted her and made her feel welcome.

Kevin felt frustrated because he thought he was not going to his surprise; he cursed Tim’s d***ken state and was considering the option of taking them home himself but he knew Alex wouldn’t let him drive after drinking that many tequilas. The three of them carried Tim to the guest room which was at the back of the house; Claudia helped Tim out of his clothes and covered him with a blanket, she wanted to stay with him in case he woke up in the middle of the night.

Alex convinced her that he was not going to wake up until the next day, if they were lucky, and that she should share her room; it had plenty of space and her bed was big enough for the two of them, it sounded good to Claudia so she accepted her host’s invitation.

Once in her room Alex excused herself to go get a t-shirt from Kevin so Claudia could sl**p in it. With a devilish smile on her face she went inside her b*****r’s room, Kevin was surprised to see her and even asked her what she was doing there. That was the moment Alex told Kevin about his surprise; she told him that she loved him so much that she had decided to give him what she knew would make him happy, she was going to let him spy on Claudia as she undressed herself to go to bed. Kevin was stunned; the thought had never crossed his mind but upon hearing his s****r’s plan, he started to feel his dick coming back to life. Kevin kissed Alex in appreciation and told her that no matter what happened that night, his love for her would never change.

Alex has more than happy to hear those words; she was taking a big risk by letting Kevin see Claudia naked, she just wished that after that night, all thoughts of her would leave his mind. It was all set; she was going to take the t-shirt to her and stall her until she was sure Kevin had placed himself in front of the hole in the bathroom wall. Alex carried her plan exactly as she had planned; she walked back into her room where she found Claudia sitting on her bed, they talked for a while and then she handed her the t-shirt when she was sure Kevin had already took his place.

The girls kept on talking and Alex started undressing herself under the dimmed light and Claudia seemed a bit uncomfortable; Alex noticed it and asked if anything was wrong, Claudia told her that she wasn’t used to seeing another girl naked, that she never had stayed over at any of her girlfriend’s house so she didn’t know if she should look away or what. Alex told her that she should do what felt right to her; if she looked at her while she got undress it was fine, if she wanted to look away that was fine also; Claudia was feeling more comfortable around Alex thanks to Alex’s frankness, she felt Alex was a great friend and even told her so.

Alex just smiled at her and returned the compliment, and then she continued undressing her self. Claudia decided that she mature enough to feel comfortable with Alex taking her clothes off in front of her so she didn’t turn to look away; a big mistake on her part, the minute Alex took her jeans off Claudia’s eyes glued to her crotch; she could clearly see she had a shaved pussy and it amazed her, the way her white lace stretched panties allowed her to make the silhouette of her cunt impressed her; the puffy lips formed a mound and the length of her slit was perfectly outlined under the cotton fabric, she even thought she saw a wet stain right over where her hole was supposed to be.

Claudia was getting a feeling she had never felt before; she loved to watch Alex as she got undressed, she couldn’t wait for her to take her blouse off so she could see her fleshy tits. Kevin was enjoying the show profusely; not only was he going to watch Alex getting nude, but he also was going to watch lovely Claudia’s naked body. When Alex took her blouse off both Claudia and Kevin dropped their jaws to the floor; she was wearing a matching white lace bra that made her tits look beautiful, it was a low cut bra and they could almost see the edge of her areolas escaping from their stealth under the garment.

Kevin's cock was fully hard and ready to be let out of his pants, Claudia’s pussy twitched for the first time and she almost passed out; she had been aroused before, but never by watching another girl and never so fast; she fought the impulse to touch Alex’s skin, to grab her perfect tits and to kiss her as hard as she could. Claudia was extremely aroused and attracted to Alex; when Alex removed her bra, Claudia just looked at her admiring her magnificent body; the way her soft round breast swayed slightly when she moved, her slim waist and the way it flowed down to where it met her hips, her round curvy butt still covered by her sexy panties and the way they made her legs seem endless.

Claudia suddenly climaxed for the first time, without even touching herself; the tequila and Alex’s gorgeous body were to much for her, she almost screamed when she felt her orgasm rising form the depths of her soul and traveling up her spine until fireworks exploded in her head.

Kevin was anxious to see Claudia’s bare skin and Alex knew it; coyly she asked Claudia is she wanted her to leave the room so she could change, but Claudia, still lost in her own pleasure asked her not to leave. Without thinking to much Claudia took her top off exposing her nude torso to Kevin and Alex for the first time; she wanted Alex to watch her the same way she had done it before, she arched her back proudly showing her tits to Alex; Kevin almost came right then, they were unbelievable, milky white with brown areolas and small nipples; they seemed out of proportion with the rest of her large breasts.

Alex also marveled at the sight of Claudia’s round globs; they where bigger than her and she felt the urge to touch them, she was also getting extremely turned on by her guest. Then came the skirt; she slid it down her legs seductively, trying to catch Alex’s attention in hopes that she would feel the same way towards her; kevin’s doubts disappeared the moment he saw the small thong she was wearing, it barely covered her bush and some red hairs poked out from both sides of it; he felt his cock jumping in his shorts as he tried to burn Claudia’s naked image into his brain, he knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he didn’t want to forget anything about it.

Alex admired Claudia’s body and finally understood why Kevin was so attracted to her; she was indeed a beautiful girl with incredible tits and a fine ass, her waist was small and her tummy was flat as a board; she felt her pussy getting wet and her nipples getting hard just by being so close to such a gorgeous girl.

Both girl realized how much attracted they were to each other; standing in the middle of her room with just her panties on, Alex offered her hand to Claudia which she happily accepted; helping her to her feet Alex moved in closer to her, almost making their breasts touch. Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes; his own s****r and lover and another girl were standing almost naked in front of him and they were about to start something he could only dream about.

Without saying a word both girls stood in the middle of the room holding hands, dressed only in panties and gazing into each others eyes; they both waited for the other one to make the first move, they both wanted it to happen but were afraid to do the first move. Alex was the one with the initiative; she placed her right hand on Claudia’s left boob, without taking her eyes from hers she smiled; Claudia also smiled and pressed her breast harder onto Alex’s warm hand, she loved the way her hand felt on her tit, it made her get wetter than she had been before.

Alex gently squeezed her tit causing her to let out a moan; she touched her the way she liked to be touched by Kevin, she even took her nipple between her fingers and rolled it tenderly. Claudia wanted to touch Alex as well so she placed her right hand over her left tit and cupped it as if trying to assess it’s weight and texture; it was the first time for both girls and they felt no need to rush things, it probably was a unique experience and they didn’t want anything to spoil it.

Kevin was going out of his mind in the bathroom; he wanted to go into the room and take them both, but his voyeur side stopped him; he was so into watching things develop, that he even forgot about his cock’s need for relief.

Alex and Claudia walked towards the bed holding each other close; the sensuousness was indescribable as the two young bodies swayed together as they tried to reach their destiny, both girls were intoxicated with each other’s ripe bodies. They sat by the edge of the bed, still looking into one another’s eyes searching for something that would make them stop; the only thing they saw, was passion and desire.

Slowly Alex moved her mouth closer to Claudia’s; she felt the light touch of Claudia’s trembling lips pressing against hers, the softness, the willingness, the innocence, it all amazed them, sending them deeper into a world of discovery. Harder they kissed and the intensity grew stronger; their hands caressing the soft skin on their backs, their bodies responding to every little sensation that was presented to them; Claudia could fell Alex’s nimble fingers tracing her back over and over, in turn she traveled her way down with her hands until they reached the small of Alex’s back, she was elated with her.

Without saying a word, both girls laid back on the bed; facing one another with their mouths still locked; they were being bolder and their tongues met for the first time, just the tips touched at first; but as they became more comfortable with each other, they freed themselves of doubts and fears. Moving closer, they pressed their breasts together and they tangled their legs, one over the other holding tight to each other; Claudia’s nipples rubbed against Alex’s, sending shivers down her spine, making her moan in response to her lover’s tender embrace. Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched both his s****r and her new best friend tangled together; never in his wildest dreams could he have ever dreamt a sight like the one he was witnessing, he was in awe stuck behind the hole in the wall.

Claudia placed one hand between Alex’s and her own breast; gently squeezing both tits at the same time it as if trying to milk them, it marveled her the way Alex’s tit felt so different to her own; Alex felt her excitement grow while she cupped Claudia’s naked ass with on hand, making her shiver in response to her warm touch.

Their tongues kept on playing together and their hands continued to roam free over their soft skin; the heat they both felt was enough to start a fire, it was so intense that their bodies shone with the light coat of sweat that was beginning to form over their skin and mixing together. Claudia rolled on her back pulling Alex with her until she was completely under her; now her hands traveled their way down until they reached Alex’s exposed butt, cupping and kneading them.

Alex felt in heaven as her lover’s hand played with her cheeks, it was so sensuous to have another girl under her and to be able to feel her hands touching her in the most intimate manner. Once again they searched for a sign in each other’s eyes; Alex’s butt was still being played with and she had began to play with Claudia’s nipples in turn, it was vain attempt to stop things before they went any further. Nothing, not a hint of guilt could be seen in their eyes, just passion, lust, desire, permission, openness and willingness.

Alex slid off Claudia but still had most of her torso over hers; it was the beginning of the end for them as Alex kissed Claudia harder than she had done before, her tongue twirl inside her mouth while her right hand moved down her tit to land over her belly; Claudia sighed into Alex’s mouth when she realized what was going to happen next, for the first time she was going to be touched in her most intimate region by none other than a girl.

Slowly, trying to prolong Claudia’s excitement, she slid her hand under her panties and just let it rest over her mound; she could feel the heat emanating from the very depths of her pussy, the urge she felt for her touch; ever so tender Alex slid her hand further down, getting a feel of Claudia’s completely drenched slit. Lightly she traced the length of her slit with her middle finger while her mouth left Claudia’s, moving down to trap on nipple between her lips; Claudia felt Alex sucking on her nipple and her finger moving over her pussy, she had already came once and she was almost ready to explode again.

All it took was the light touch of Alex’s finger over her sensitive clit to send her into nirvana; her whole body tensed as the first wave of pleasure ran thru her spine, her head trashed around as her orgasm reached it’s peak; holding on tight to Alex’s head pushing her harder against her tit, she let herself go as her pulse increased it beat and her body released all it had. Her pussy drooled with honey as spasm after spasm hit her; her back arched while Alex’s finger kept on touching her clit, prolonging her orgasm as much as she could; muffled screams came out of her mouth and her shut tightly trying to contain her emotions, she was almost done when she felt another surge of passion growing stronger inside her quivering hole.

Again she screamed, louder than before and with more intensity as well; Alex was amazed at her lovers reactions to her able touch, she had never seen another girl cum and she was fascinated by it. Finally Claudia let go of Alex’s head and let her body relax as the last ripple of her orgasm subsided; it had been so strong that it almost drained all her strength, her body went limp but her soul still needed to go on. Kevin came the moment he witnessed Claudia’s orgasm; he hadn’t even taken his cock out of his shorts and he had already soaked them, he was fascinated by the whole experience.

After Claudia finally calmed down, she pulled Alex up until their were face to face once again; she kissed her in appreciation for what she had just given her, the most intense sensations of her entire life. Claudia took her overly drenched panties off and then she helped Alex out of hers; she was going to make her feel the way she had felt before, over the edge and full with passion. In the sexiest way she could manage, Claudia took Alex’s fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean; for the first time she tasted her own juices and she loved it, she offered one to Alex who happily took it between her lips and sucked on it like she was sucking on Kevin's cock.

When they were nice and clean, Claudia moved down Alex’s body tracing her whole body wither tongue; a trail of saliva shone under the light as Claudia got closer to her destiny, Alex’s clean-shaven and oozing cunt. Claudia was fascinated by her bare pussy and even asked Alex if she would show her how to shave; Alex just gave her a broad smile and told her that she would be more than happy to show her, she even offered to do it herself. Claudia then ran her hand over Alex’s entire pussy; she was trying to memorize every single part of it, she wanted the memories to last forever since she wasn’t sure if they were going to be together ever again.

Alex started pinching her own nipples as she watched Claudia staring at her pussy; she wanted her to lick her dry but she didn’t want to rush things, Alex let Claudia take her time until she was ready to bring her to orgasm. Claudia finally moved her head down and she enveloped Alex’s entire pussy with her mouth; sucking gently over her slit while parting her lips with her tongue, sending shock of electricity up Alex’s spine. She broke the suction and parted Alex’s labia with her own fingers; exposing her whole pussy, marveling at the wetness and heady scent; she dove right in and licked her entire slit from where it met her ass up to where her erect clit was fully exposed, the taste was invigorating and she felt her own juices starting to flow again.

Over and over again she licked her entire seam; never touching her clit fro more than a second, heightening her arousal until Alex started bucking her hips so Claudia would make more contact with her engorged clit; Claudia teased her until she couldn’t take it any more, she was begging her to let her cum and she was begging hard. At last Claudia made the final attack on her sensitive clit; taking it between her lips while flicking her tongue over it as fast as she could in a sideways motion, triggering hr lover’s own intense orgasm.

Alex moaned and screamed like a woman possessed when she felt her pussy twitch in response to Claudia’s stimulation; her body jerked out of control because of the intense sensations that were traveling all over her body, she screamed Claudia’s name countless times as her climax grew stronger inside her exploding cunt.

Numerous flashes of light invaded her mind; she was experiencing the ultimate pleasure and she was sending incredible amounts of honey out her pussy, her own hands kept on playing with her enlarged nipples while Claudia’s lips remained glued to her clit. Alex felt her toes curling and her belly aching form the inside as the shock of her own climax traveled all over her spine; it was so strong that she almost threw Claudia off the bed when her hips started bucking out of control, her whole body convulsed in the throes of her orgasm.

The young lover felt her body calming down and her mind almost going blank; it had been the most intense feeling of her life and she loved the way it made her feel, she wanted it to be endless. Claudia just kept playing with her clit while rubbing her slit with one hand; she was marveled by the way it twitched when Alex climaxed, it pulsed so hard that she was afraid Alex was going to hurt herself.

Alex couldn’t take anymore of Claudia’s tender caress; she pulled her up and thanked her for giving her the most magnificent orgasm of her life. They both sat on the bed facing each other with Claudia’s legs around Alex’s hips; tightly embraced, pushing their breast together and feeling each other’s pussy as they lightly touched, Claudia’s moist pussy hair softly rubbing over Alex’s bare belly. They kissed for a while and caressed each other’s back with love; they were so immerse in their own world of passion that nothing matter to them, not even Kevin who was still stunned it the bathroom with his face plastered against the wall.

Kevin had jerked himself off two times while he watched his s****r making hot passionate love to another girl; deep inside he was disappointed that Alex didn’t even consider inviting him to join them, but he was satisfied with what he had just seen. After watching the new lovers fall asl**p, Kevin retired to his room and went to sl**p as well; it was hard at first as images of what he had seen flashed in his mind, eventually he fell asl**p whit his overworked hard dick in his hand.

The next morning Tim woke up from his d***ken sl**p to find himself in a strange house; he couldn’t remember where he was or how he got here, he dressed himself up and went outside to try to figure out where he was. It took him a while but finally realized where he was; but he wondered where everyone was so he went looking for them, as silently as possible he walked into the house searching for his friends.

The house was a mess because of the party; food on the floor, paper cups all over the place, all the cushions thrown on the floor, he even saw a used condom hanging from a lampshade; he just wished he could remember anything because his mind was a blank. Tim then heard voices coming from the kitchen so he headed there; his s****r and friends were already having breakfast, they all greeted him and invited him to table.

During breakfast they talked about the party, especially about the show they had seen; Tim couldn’t remember a thing so they told him what had happened in the back yard in front of everyone, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing but laughed hysterically as he imagined the scene. After breakfast they all helped clean the house; it was a real mess, food on the floor, paper cups all over the place, even a used condom hanged from a lamp shade; when Tim found it he asked Kevin if it was his, he wanted to know if he had screwed someone last night.

Kevin obviously told him that it wasn’t his, that the only ones who got lucky where the ones who gave the show. Claudia gave Alex a big smile when she heard Kevin's response; Alex blushed and smiled back at her then she looked at Kevin who was also smiling, he certainly knew of two other people who had gotten lucky last night, but he wasn’t going to let her s****r’s and his secret out.

After they house was cleaned and their guest had left Kevin and Alex took a bath together in their parent’s bathtub; Alex was feeling guilty for leaving her b*****r out of the action last night, so she tried to make it up to him by blowing him off. She rubbed his dick until it was good and ready for some action; she then scooted down until she had her head right on top of his erect member, she circled the tip of her tongue around the head of Kevin's needy dick; his hips jerked the moment he felt his s****r able tongue on his cock, and when she took almost half his dick inside her mouth he cried in ecstasy.

Alex bobbed her head up and down Kevin's cock; she was going to give him the best sucking of his life and she wanted to drink his sperm again, it was the only thing she had missed last night. Slowly and turning her head from side to side she took more of him in her mouth; with one hand she cupped his balls and with the other she played with his ass, she had never done that and Kevin was scared at first but then he relaxed and really enjoyed the feeling; he never thought his ass was so sensitive, it felt great to have it touched by Alex.

She increased her speed and in no time she had Kevin shooting inside her eager mouth; he moaned loud as the first shot left his cock, he moaned louder when the next series of shots traveled form his balls, up his dick and into Alex’s mouth. Alex took everything he gave her and it quenched her thirst for her b*****r’s sperm; she could never have enough of it, she was hooked on its taste and consistency. Kevin's dick went limp even thou Alex was still licking it; he had to stop her because it was to sensitive for her touch, no matter how much he loved having his dick sucked, he couldn’t take it any more.

After the blowjob they just soaked their tired bodies in the hot sudsy water; they loved being naked together and the way their bodies felt like when they slid against each other’s, if it wasn’t for the water getting cold, they could have stayed there forever. The water had become unbearably cold so they stepped out the tub and dried one another; when they were nice and clean they headed to Alex’s room where they fell asl**p while holding each other, not a word was spoken about the events that took place the previous night.

Claudia and Tim got home and they both retired to their own bedrooms; Tim was exhausted and so was Claudia, the only difference was that she was exhausted from her first lesbian experience and Tim from his heavy drinking. Claudia basked in the glory of the previous night; she clearly remembered every little detail, Alex’s shaved pussy, the way her tits felt, her taste and aroma, the intensity of her own orgasm, her soft lips on hers, everything; she felt more alive than ever and her pussy still tingled with joy, she wanted to sl**p with Kevin since the day they met, but last night she had the most incredible experience of her life with his s****r.

Tim couldn’t help but if anything had happen between his s****r and Kevin; the condom on the lamp shade and the way they he acted towards Claudia troubled him, he needed to find out if she had slept with Kevin. Tim confronted his s****r the next morning; he accused her of having sex with Kevin and demanded to know the truth, Claudia just closed her bedroom door on his face after telling him nothing had occurred between Kevin and her. What she didn’t tell Tim was that she had slept with Alex and that she wanted to sl**p with Kevin as well.

Alex and Claudia started seeing each other more often and sl**povers were becoming a regular thing for them; either at Alex’s house or at Claudia’s, it didn’t matter to them, they immensely enjoyed each other’s company and soon became the best of friends. The never talked about the episode; it was like it never happened and they both felt comfortable with it, no matter how strong their desire to do it again was.

One night while they were at Claudia’s waiting for dinner to be ready the subject came up; Claudia was now being bolder than Alex, she wanted to know what she felt for her so she asked her; Alex just looked at her searching for an answer and then she told her that even thou it had been an amazing experience, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it again, she told her that she was very much in love with some else and didn’t want to jeopardize their relationship by having an affair with Claudia.

Claudia wasn’t hurt, in fact she wanted to know who was Alex’s boyfriend; Alex felt she could trust her friend and with no hesitation told her who he was, she confessed everything to Claudia who was totally astonished by what she was hearing. For a minute or two after Alex had uttered her most intimate secret, Claudia kept silent; it seemed Alex had freaked her out or so she thought, but then Claudia surprised her by asking how it felt to make love to Kevin. Alex felt relieved by Claudia’s reaction; she was certain that she was going to throw her out of her house; instead she wanted all the details of her forbidden affair with Kevin.

Alex told her how it all started; how Kevin used to spy on her thru a hole in the bathroom wall, and how she had planned to get back at him, she explained how her plan had backfired on her and how she realized she wanted to have sex with her own b*****r. Claudia listened with closely to every single word Alex said; when Alex described in detail the first time she had slept with Kevin, Claudia couldn’t help getting turned on; her nipples started to grow under her t-shirt and her pussy tingled with every word she heard.

Alex was very explicit; she described how Kevin looked naked, the length and thickness of his cock, the way he touched her and where she liked to be touched, what his sperm tasted like and how much she loved to have him shoot it all over her mouth. Claudia’s pussy throbbed as she pictured Kevin's hot cock in Alex’s mouth; she could clearly see her spreading lips enveloping his hard dick, it was something she had never done but had wanted to do for a long time.

Then Alex told Claudia what it felt like to have Kevin's cock inside her pussy; the it felt when it first entered her and the way it spread her inner walls until it was all in, she also told her how much she loved to feel it moving in and out of her hole while having her tits sucked; Alex smiled when she told Claudia what the look on Kevin's face was when he was ready to erupt, the way his eyes lit up when he felt the first surge of sperm running from his balls to his dick.

Claudia was ecstatic and incredibly aroused; her panties were already soaked and her boobs ached to be touched, she was so excited that she almost threw herself at Alex but a knock on the door prevented her from doing it; it was Tim announcing dinner was ready, and before they left Claudia’s room, Alex made her promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Later that night when they were ready to go to bed Claudia questioned Alex again; she wanted to hear more of her experiences with Kevin, her state of arousal hadn’t diminished and she was urging Alex to tell her more. Alex complied with her wishes and continued where she had left off, she told her about the time they made love on their parent’s room while they were in the back yard sunbathing.

Alex was searching for something in her mother’s dresser when Kevin saw her; it was still early in the afternoon and the day was extremely hot so she was wearing just a t-shirt with nothing underneath, Kevin noticed that because she was bent at the waist when he passed by the bedroom door; what he saw, was Alex’s naked butt staring right back at him, making his dick hard in an instant. Kevin could clearly see his s****r’s naked pussy and her puffy lips from behind; it was such a great sight that he sighed in wonder, that is when Alex noticed his presence; turning her head around her shoulder and with a wicked smile she motioned him to get in the room, she was anxious to feel him for him.

Kevin took a quick look outside the window to make sure his parents were still in the backyard, they were still there and they appeared to be both asl**p. Taking his cock out of his shorts and grabbing it with one hand, he walked towards Alex who was still bent over; as he got closer Alex spread her cheeks for him and with the aim of a sharp shooter, he buried himself all the way inside her cunt. Alex screamed from the fierce attack Kevin made on her; she felt like he was ripping her apart and felt her pussy contract around his dick, giving Kevin the go-ahead.

He grabbed her by the hips and spread her legs further apart so he could have easier access to her flaming cunt; Alex was in heaven as he pumped furiously into her pussy, she felt her knees weaken from the effort and had to grab a hold on the dresser; it was fast and intense and the notion that their parent’s were only a few yards away made it even more thrilling. They were so absorbed by their lust that they almost didn’t hear that someone was coming up the stairs; her father heard Alex’s scream and he was coming up the stairs to check in on her.

They were so close to the end that they didn’t even flinched; Kevin kept on sliding his dick into her pussy and she continued clenching her muscles around it, it was only a matter of seconds before they climaxed at the same time. Kevin had to put his hand on Alex’s mouth to keep her screams and moans from being heard by their father who was getting closer; Kevin pumped two more times inside her drooling hole until he had emptied all his load inside, she in turn experienced a series of tiny orgasms that made her legs weak; as fast as it had started, it ended, Kevin quickly took his honey covered dick out of her dripping pussy and tugged it inside his shorts and Alex just pulled her t-shirt down to cover her ass.

Alex could feel her pussy still tingling and Kevin's sperm sliding down her leg when her father came into the room, obviously he wanted to know why she had screamed; Kevin said that she had seen a spider that startled her, but that he had already gotten rid off it. Their father just laughed at Alex’s fear off spiders and went back down to where their mother was; it was a close call but it had been very exciting for them to do it while the possibility of getting caught hung in the air.

Claudia had listened closely to every word Alex said; she was overly excited and her pussy was on fire, she wanted to have similar experiences but she could never consider sl**ping with Tim. Alex noticed Claudia’s obvious state of arousal; she didn’t want to make love to her but she wanted her to get off, she wanted to she Claudia play with herself.

With a seductive look on her face, Alex asked Claudia how hot she was; Claudia didn’t say a word, she just slipped one finger inside her pants, moved over her pussy a few times and then took it out to show Alex how wet she was. Alex almost jumped her, but she held back so she could convince her to masturbate in front of her. Alex started with a series of compromising questions; she asked Claudia if she was hot, if she wanted to have her pussy played with, if her nipples needed some attention, if her clit was hard and ready for some action; Claudia’s answers were more than evident, she wanted Alex to make love to her and she wanted it fast, just as it had been that time between Alex and Kevin.

Alex asked to get naked to which Claudia happily obliged; in no time she was completely nude and ready, even spread her legs so Alex could see her wet pussy; then Alex told her to lay on the bed and she did so, then and with a commanding voice instructed Claudia to play with her own tits. Claudia was so into it that she didn’t even question Alex’s behavior, she just wanted to get off; she took one tit in each hand and started squeezing them hard, then she grabbed both her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and twirled them like a the dial on a radio.

Her eyes closed as her hands played roughly with her boobs; her breath scarce and her scent filling the room, she was dripping wet underneath and Alex knew it; then she was told to place on hand over her red mound, as if an trance she obeyed and placed her right hand directly over it; when she was starting to pant, Alex told her to stop, to keep her hand where it was but to keep on playing with her nipples, which were hard and red from all the twisting she had given them.

Alex let her play with her own pussy after a few minutes when she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore; she had been panting and squirming heavily, she wanted to make herself come. Alex then told her to slide just one finger along the length of her slit to make it slick with fluids; Claudia did as told and she traced the whole length as slowly as she could, avoiding her erect clit; the she was told to place a finger at the entrance of her cunt and to hold it here, she was almost ready to explode but she still did as she was told.

When Alex told her to slide the finger inside and out of her gapping hole, Claudia not only inserted one but two fingers and started pumping her own hand like it was a dick; Alex was pleased by what she was seeing, she even scooted down the bed until her face was just inches away form Claudia’s opened pussy; it was amazing to be able to watch her fingers moving in a and out of her tiny opening, and to see the way it clenched around her digits, she felt like joining her but again she held her desires back.

Claudia was getting closer to climaxing as her fingers felt incredibly great inside her; her other hand still played with her tits and her hips bucked out of control, she was having the time of her life and so was Alex. Then Claudia did something Alex hadn’t thought off; she took her clit between her middle and index fingers and squeezed it hard, then she really started humping herself with her other hand; her clit danced between her fingers and her juices flowed plenty and fast, she was in the brink off her orgasm and with out warning she reached her peak.

Her eyes tightly shut, her hips bucking up and down the bed, her breath scarce and her pussy letting out more honey than it had ever done, her fingers moving fast over her hyper sensitive clit and the others going deeper inside her own cunt; finally her back arched almost breaking in half, her pussy exploding like a volcano and all her pent up passion being released at last.

Her body jerked on the bed as Alex watched her face while she reached nirvana; various series of explosions attacked her pussy, one after the other flooded her body making her scream in ecstasy; her head was now trashing form side to side and then Alex heard something that left her cold, in the highest point of her orgasm, Claudia screamed Kevin's name at the top of her lungs. Alex couldn’t believe her ears as Claudia kept on saying her b*****r’s name; all that time while fingering herself, Claudia had been thinking of Kevin.

When Claudia finally clamed down she was exhausted; it had been so intense that she felt without energy, it seemed like all her strength had left her body thru her small pussy. Even thou she was extremely tired she still glowed in the aftermath of her amazing orgasm; Alex waited patiently for her to regain her breath, as soon as she opened her eyes she realized what she had done.

Not only she had masturbated in front of Alex, but also she had said Kevin's name repeatedly during her orgasm; she felt ashamed by her behavior and couldn’t even look at Alex in the face, she felt like dying that instant. Alex broke what was an uncomfortable silence; lovingly she asked Claudia if she had feelings for Kevin, she patiently waited for Claudia’s response but she wouldn’t say a word. Again Alex asked her; this time Claudia turned to look at her and confessed her feelings for Alex’s b*****r, apologizing for what she had said and for what she was feeling.

Alex tried to comfort her by letting her know that there was nothing wrong with her having those kind of feelings; she held Claudia in her arms and rocked her as they spoke, she was being as tender with Claudia as she could. Then an idea hit her; she asked Claudia if she was serious about her feelings and when Claudia said yes, Alex told her that she would make it happen, that all they needed to do was to convince Kevin.

Claudia wasn’t sure that Alex was telling the truth; she wished she was but still had her reservations about Alex’s true intentions. Alex reassured her that she meant well; she told her that even thou she was involved with Kevin, she was aware that their relationship was going nowhere; no matter how they felt for each other, someday they were going to have to go their separate ways because their life would be very complicated if they remained together.

Claudia was starting to believe Alex’s words; she was now considering her proposal, it was what she had wanted for a while and now she could obtain it. A plan was formed between them; it would only take them a few days to make it happen, it was flawless and even if it wasn’t it didn’t matter much.

When Alex returned home the next day Kevin noticed his s****r was worried about something and he asked her if he could be of any help; Alex was afraid to tell Kevin that Claudia already knew about them, she was scared of Kevin's reaction; for sure he was going to be angry as hell at her, maybe even end their relationship out of fear that Claudia might tell someone, that meant a lot of trouble for them.

Alex bit the bullet and confessed to Kevin what she had done; at first he got very angry, he felt his world was crumbling down on him; he couldn’t believe his s****r was so careless as to tell someone that they had been having sex for a while, he considered ending the whole deal right then and there but the love he felt for Alex prevented him from doing so. After careful consideration he questioned Alex on Claudia’s reliability; she said that she believed her when she had promised not to tell anyone, not even Tim who was extremely close to her; she was sure Claudia could keep their secret, she trusted her and knew she was sincere.

Kevin's anger wouldn’t go away even thou Alex had tried to convince him that their secret was safe; for a while he distanced himself from her, he was to mad at her to even consider making love with Alex. Alex felt sad by Kevin's reaction; she hoped his anger would go away but she knew him to well, it was going to take some time until he was ready to be with her once again. Her plan was working as she had hoped for; all she needed now was an excuse to introduce Claudia into the formula.

Alex waited patiently for the right moment to lure Kevin in; she was going to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and in the process she was going to give Claudia what she had wished for. The next weekend their parents left to go on their usual weekend trip, Alex and Kevin were alone in the house again and it was time to set the bait; she was going to play all her cards in one single hand, it was all or nothing.

Alex invited Claudia over; she was going to spend the night and they were going to make love knowing to well that Kevin was going to be watching them thru the hole in the wall, then, when the moment was right they were going to ask him to join them in bed. Claudia arrived in the afternoon and they all hung around the house enjoying each other’s company; they talked and watched TV, ate dinner and had a few beers and when it was getting late, Alex and Claudia retired to her room.

For a while, all Kevin could hear was their girlish giggles and laughs; he wished they would make love that night so he could watch them again, he was already placed before his favorite place in the house. For a while he thought nothing was going to occur; all they did was talk and eat ice-cream, Kevin was frustrated and ready to go to his room when he heard something that almost stopped his heart; Claudia asked Alex if she could shave her pussy, she had promised Claudia that she would and now it was the perfect time to do it.

Alex gave Claudia a big smile and then she kissed her lightly on the lips; she then headed to the bathroom to get the scissors, a razor, shaving cream, a bowl with warm water and a few towels. The moment she stepped into the bathroom she saw Kevin; he had an ample smile on his face and his dick was already hard, he kissed Alex full on the lips and then he asked her to give him a great show; Alex promised she would and when she had everything ready, she went back to Claudia who was anxiously waiting for her.

Alex placed a towel at the edge of the bed where she knew Claudia would be completely exposed to Kevin; then she helped Claudia to her feet and knelt down in front of her, slowly she took her pajama bottoms off and then her panties; Claudia was getting aroused by all this and her pussy was getting wet and tingly, it was so exciting for her to have another girl shave her pussy.

Claudia sat on the towel and spread her legs to give Alex better access to her pussy; she longed to feel Alex’s delicate hands brushing against her wanting pussy, she wanted to have her hole licked and probed but she wanted her cunt to be completely bald before anything else happened.

Alex moistened her entire mound with the warm water in order to open the pores; she didn’t want to irritate her sensitive skin or nick her, she knew that Claudia wouldn’t want to anything if she felt sore of hurt. First she clipped the excess of hair with the scissors leaving it a short as she could, then she applied a handful of cream all over her pussy being extremely careful to avoid any contact with her already protruding clit; carefully she started running the razor over her mound taking as much hair as she could with every stroke, cleaning the top of her pussy entirely in no time.

The sight he was witnessing marveled Kevin; it had to be the sexiest thing he had ever seen, one girl shaving another’s pussy right in front of him. Alex pulled Claudia’s pussy lips, stretching the skin so she could have no trouble running the razor over them; little by little she took all the remaining hair off, she even shaved all the way down to where her asshole was.

Claudia was almost ready to explode from all the attention she was getting from Alex; she could feel Alex’s dexterous fingers brushing against her oozing hole, the way they traced the length of her slit searching for more hairs; every time Alex stretched her pussy lips she moaned in content, it was like she was being made love too but they haven’t even started jet.

It took Alex almost half an hour to finish her trimming job on Claudia; it was time well spent and when she removed the excess of cream from her now bald pussy, she was more than happy with the result; Claudia’s pussy looked impressive, it was incredibly beautiful and it shone under the light.

The moment Kevin realized that Alex was going to apply some baby oil all over Claudia’s cunt, he almost came; he was as excited as the two girls were, he only whished he could get a closer view at the recently shaved pussy. Alex spread the warm oil over Claudia’s perfect pussy; it felt smooth and willing to her touch, the way her crease looked, the way her lips seemed taut and inflamed with passion, it was beautiful.

Claudia was enjoying every sensation she felt; her own nipples starting to harden and her pussy wetter than before, her breathing accelerating with every pass Alex made over her mound; with one swift movement she took her night shirt off and tossed it aside, she was ready for some action and she felt like she couldn’t wait any longer. Alex took her actions as an invitation; she stood before Claudia and removed all her clothes in no time, finally they were both naked and aware of what they were about to do.

Without letting Claudia off the bed Alex placed herself on top; staring into her eyes she slowly knead her breasts, gently and with intent she pinched her hard pointy nipples making Claudia sigh and moan; Alex rocked her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy on Claudia’s belly, she wanted her to feel how wet she was getting. Claudia raised her arms and placed her hands on Alex’s heaving tits, squeezing and milking them; their tempo was increasing, as their excitement grew stronger, they were getting ready to let every restrain disappear.

Alex let her entire body fall over her young lover’s warm body; both their breasts pressed tightly between them as their mouths touched one another’s, letting their tongues do the talking as they played together; Claudia’s hands roamed all over Alex’s back and came to rest over her smooth butt, massaging it delicately. Alex motioned Claudia with her hands to spread her legs, allowing her to be placed between them with her own legs opened, absorbing the heat her pussy emanated.

Kevin was pulling on his dick as he watched his s****r and Claudia caressing and groping each other; the way they were laying on the bed allowed him to clearly see both their shaved pussies, it also gave him a great view of their juices as they flowed down from their opened pink holes. Alex felt it was time to speed things up; arching her back she had then her face right over Claudia’s breasts, she took one between her lips and sucked on it sending shivers all over Claudia’s receptive body; then she turned her attention to the other with the same effect on her willing lover, she made her squeal and shake every time she passed her tongue over the tip of her nipple.

Claudia wanted to give Alex as much pleasure as she was receiving; silently she maneuvered Alex’s body around until they were placed in a tight sixty-nine, both their faces buried in each other’s cunt and their hand on each other’s butt. Claudia made first contact; she ran her tongue over Alex’s slit, savoring her delicate flavor and inhaling her intoxicating perfume which she loved so much; Alex followed suit and did the same to Claudia, the only difference is that she intentionally touched her hard and protruding clit right away; Claudia almost came right then; jolts of electricity traveled all over her spine the minute she had her clit played with, she loved the way Alex’s able tongue felt on her love button.

Claudia continued her attack on Alex’s cunt and she tried to push her tongue inside; the way her slick pussy felt on her tongue and the way it contracted around it was thrilling, she only wished her tongue was larger so she push it further inside. Alex was enjoying her lover’s touch immensely, so much that she almost forgot about Kevin; suddenly it hit her that her b*****r was still in the bathroom by the hole in the wall watching them, she abruptly stopped licking Claudia’s pussy and rolled to her side.

Claudia thought she had done something wrong; Alex moved closer to her and whispered in her ear that it was time to invite Kevin to join them, she waited for Claudia to agree and when she did she kissed her hard on the lips, tasting her own fluids as they mixed with Claudia’s.

Alex and Claudia turned their attention the tiny opening in the wall; glowing in ecstasy and at the same time they called Kevin's name, hoping he wouldn’t freak out by their intentions. Kevin almost died the moment he realized that Claudia and Alex were inviting him to join them; he couldn’t even move because from the shock, his heart pounded hard and fast and his legs shook; once again they called him and this time he obliged to their request, exiting the bathroom after he had tucked his dick back in his pants, he walked towards his s****r’s room.

Slowly he opened the door and was met by a sight worthy of a picture; both Alex and Claudia laying on the bed, resting on their elbows with their legs spread as far apart as they could; their pussies wet and in full view, their tits dancing to the beat of their breath and their nipples hard and pointing right at him.

Before he took another step towards them, Alex asked him to take his clothes off; he did as he was told and in no time was completely naked and with an impressive erection, his cock seemed longer and thicker and it had ever been and Alex noticed it; Claudia eyes were glued to his crotch, she had never seen such a dick and her pussy quivered when she realized that it was going to be inside her soon. Kevin knew they liked what they saw and walked towards them slowly so they could admire his naked form.

Claudia pussy was dripping fluids all over the bed, she wanted to feel him completely buried in her tight pussy; Alex grabbed Claudia’s hand and squeezed it, it was the moment she had been waiting for and she knew it. Kevin climbed on the bed and placed himself between the two young overly aroused girls; he caressed both their legs while they turned sideways until they were facing each other, their hands roaming all over Kevin's chest and thighs. Claudia couldn’t keep her eyes from his cock; she was in a trance as she watched it throb as if it had a life of it’s own, she wanted so desperately to touch it but she was afraid.

It didn’t take Alex too long to realize Claudia’s hesitation, grabbing her hand she moved it until it rested right on top of his still expanding dick. Kevin let out a loud moan the moment he felt Claudia’s warm and gentle hand in his erect cock; again he moaned when Claudia took hold of it and started to massage it, it was like she had years of experience the way she played with Kevin's tool; gently she moved her hand all over his length until she reached his balls, then she tenderly cupped his sack and slowly rolled his balls between his fingers.

Meanwhile Alex was sucking one of Kevin's nipples and playing with her own; she was so aroused that she could feel her own juices moistening the bed, she needed to fell his dick spreading her pussy but she wanted him to do it to Claudia before.

Kevin's hand traveled from their legs back to their asses; cupping their cheeks for while and then moving his hands lower until he felt the heat which escaped from their cunts in his fingertips. Kevin made sure his fingertips were slick enough before attempting to slide his fingers inside the girls cunts; at the same time he pressed with both his forefingers into their small cavities, both girls moaned and pressed their bodies down into his fingers, allowing him a deeper penetration.

Alex was used to his touch but it was all new to Claudia, no one had ever touched her there except for Alex and herself. The three of them got into a rhythm; Kevin played with their pussies giving them more every time he pushed inside, Claudia’s hand was back on his dick and was fervently jerking him, Alex kept on toying with his nipples while playing with his ball with one hand. Alex told Claudia that it was time for her to learn how to blow a guy; motioning for her to scoot down Kevin's body until both their heads rested on his hips, looking strait at his already oozing hard cock.

Alex took his cock in one hand and she placed her other hand on the back of Claudia’s head, pulling her closer to her b*****r’s waiting cock. Claudia was been guided by Alex; she opened her mouth as she was told and then took just the head inside her mouth, she ran her tongue all over the slick head making it slick and slippery; Alex moved down and laid herself between his legs, she then started to flicker her tongue over his sack sending jolts of electricity up his spine.

With her hand still on Claudia’s head, Alex began to help her take more of Kevin's cock in her mouth; Claudia instinctively began to bob up and down on his dick, forming a vacuum in her mouth making him feel like she was trying to suck his balls thru his dick. Kevin couldn’t be happier; one girl was sucking his dick and another was licking his balls, all he needed was to have some pussy in his mouth and he could have died a happy man.

Kevin had already tasted his s****r’s pussy, now she wanted to know how Claudia’s pussy tasted like; he told Claudia to turn around until she was laying head to toe with him, then she grabbed her hips and pulled her over him until he had her pussy right on his face. Kevin attacked her pussy like a man possessed; pulling himself closer, he enveloped her entire pussy with his mouth, sucking on it and darting his tongue in and out of her hole; Claudia was in ecstasy by the attention she was receiving, her pussy was an open faucet and her fluids cascaded all over Kevin's mouth.

Claudia was taking more of his cock in her mouth and Kevin was drinking more of her honey by the minute; like a well oiled machined they played with each other, in synchronicity they licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow; Alex was marveled by the sight, she had stopped licking his balls and she had moved herself back so she could watch them satisfying each other.

Claudia screamed as hard as she could the moment Kevin sucked her clit letting his dick out of her mouth.

Her whole body tensed and trembled as her climax increased it’s intensity, slowly it worked it’s way from her clenching hole up her spine until her whole body trembled it’s way into a massive orgasm; all the stimulation both Alex and Kevin had given her, had finally taken it’s toll.

Honey flowed from her cunt drenching Kevin's face, her breathing was scarce as wave after wave of her orgasm exploded inside her; she was out of control screaming and panting, her tits felt like the were going to blow up and her toes curled tightly.

Her orgasm lasted for a full three minutes as Kevin kept on eating her out, she wanted him to stop but couldn’t bring herself to say a word. Claudia’s orgasm finally subsided and her whole body fell flat over Kevin, she felt exhausted but her pussy needed more; giving Kevin's cock one last suck, she climbed off him and begged him to make love to her.

Kevin was more than willing, he had been hard for more than an hour and he needed relief; placing himself between her legs, he took his dick in his hand and guided the tip in side her tight cunt; gently he pushed in a few inches and then slid back out, again he pressed forward, penetrating her a bit more and sliding back out again. Kevin's third attempt was the ultimate one; with one firm stroke he buried himself completely inside Claudia’s virgin pussy.

Claudia felt no pain, only incredible pleasure; her tight pussy engulfing his thick dick as if it was made for it, her wall expanding around him felling every single vein on his shaft. Kevin kissed her hard on the lips and began to sway his hips back and forth; his cock making friction against her sensitive clit as he slid in and out of the tightest place it had ever been into, he felt her muscles clutching his cock every time he moved back in.

She was in heaven as her whole body responded to every single sensation she was receiving; her walls seemed to be split open by Kevin's dick, coating it with honey helping him to slither easier inside. Kevin grabbed Claudia’s left breast and started to play with it while pumping inside her; he took the nipple and twisted it, then her took her whole tit and squeezed it hard making her moan in delight; she crossed her legs around his hips and began to pull him further inside every time he plunged back in, she wanted to fit his entire length inside her hot pussy.

Kevin was getting tired so he rolled both of them around; now she was on top of him riding his dick and getting more of him inside, he grabbed both her tits and started fondling them hard; Claudia adjusted herself and gave his cock complete access to her cunt, she had him completely buried inside and she loved the way it made her feel.

Claudia started to sway her hips back and forth causing more friction on her pussy; the intensity of the moment was incredible, she placed her hands over Kevin's and help him knead her own tits; she was in the threshold of another massive climax and her moans and squeals increased. Kevin was enjoying himself to the limit.

He loved the way her cunt gripped his dick and squeezed it, he treasured the way she impaled herself on his hard cock more and more with every passing second; Kevin felt his balls tightening and getting ready to release an incredible amount of spunk, he wanted to prolong both their pleasure but the end was getting closer. Claudia leaned forward and locked her mouth over Kevin's, this made Kevin's dick rub harder against her clit; her hips just moved up and down on his cock making the friction unbearable, with two more thrust her climax was triggered.

Hanging tight on Kevin she let out prolonged moan that almost took her breath away; her cunt was invaded by a series of extremely intense spasms, clenching hard on Kevin's dick and finally setting off his own orgasm. Squeezing hard on Claudia’s ass, he shot gallons of creamy sperm into her deflowered pussy; seven or eight colossal explosions filled her contracting cunt, some dribbling out of her hole and onto his ball sack; Claudia’s pussy milked Kevin's cock, taking all he had to give her and prolonging her orgasm until she couldn’t handle it any more; still bucking wildly, she let herself go and gave Kevin's cock one final squeeze.

They both huffed and screamed in ecstasy as their orgasms rocketed them to new heights; Kevin's body tensed up and so did Claudia’s, they were melting into each other; she kept on clutching his dick and he kept on pumping in to her, both their hands pulling on each other’s hair while they were still locked in a kiss.

After a few moments they came back to their senses; still breathing hard and sweating heavily they stood still, basking in the glory of the moment; they smiled at each other in appreciation, their bodies tangled together and Claudia’s pussy still filled with his cock, dripping their mixed juices and filling the room with their scent. Kevin and Claudia forgot Alex’s presence until they heard her scream; Alex had fingered herself while she watched her b*****r and her friend making love, it had turned her on so much that she couldn’t help bring herself off.

Alex, Claudia and Kevin kept on making love thru out the night taking turns at each other; Kevin made love to both girls, then Alex and Claudia made love to each other while Kevin was regaining his strength; they even had a threesome with Kevin pumping his s****r’s pussy from the back while she ate Claudia’s pussy.

When they woke up the next day, still naked and on Alex’s bed they realized how perfect the whole situation was; Alex and Kevin could remain being lovers and Claudia could join them whenever she wanted, she loved making love to either one. They complimented themselves perfectly; and for society sake, Claudia and Kevin would pose as a couple getting their parents off their backs. Incredibly it all started with a hole in the wall.
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4 months ago
Awesome story, thanks for writing it.
4 months ago
Great story-Thank you!
5 months ago
5 months ago
such a good story...
5 months ago
That was incredible
5 months ago
"A Hole In The Wall" - Kevin and Alex (Alexandra ??), and Claudia and Tim - Brother and Sister, and a Third and Fourth Participant).

Incest stories only maintain their lustre, their incestual honesty and integrity, when the story remains as a twosome--a male and female blood-related relative!! Once the barrier of a twosome is breeched, broken and violated, the story fades in prominence to those of us purist incestual lovers!!

The Author, Writer failed to Categorize the story as Lesbian!!
5 months ago
God, I love incest stories. This was the best by far!