"We'll Do Your Mom First," I Said

"I've decided, we'll do your mom first, then we'll do mine," I told Kevin as I leaned over and clicked a key on his computer. A millisecond later the movie we'd been watching, a movie featuring an impossibly well endowed blond being fucked both anally and vaginally by two uniformed policemen, disappeared from the screen and was replaced by a picture of Kevin's mother.

Both of us had been sitting against the headboard of his bed, with the computer between us, as we stroked our cocks.

"Put the movie back on," my best friend ordered.

"I want to fuck your mom, not some porn star," I answered as I sat up and brought my engorged cock towards the screen and the picture of his mom that filled it.

"You're fucking sick," he said but his hand hadn't stopped moving over his virgin, eighteen year old cock. I hit another key and a second picture of his mom appeared. This one was an 'up her skirt' shot that I'd managed to surreptitiously snap a couple of weeks earlier.

"Where'd you get that?" he demanded as his eyes slid up his mom's legs to the triangle of white panty showing at their juncture. I laughed, then blocked his view as I touched the spot he was staring at with the tip of my cock. The drop of precum that had already formed slid onto the screen.

"You asshole, you'll ruin my computer," he complained as he watched the cum ooze slowly down the screen.

"Maybe I'll impregnate it and father a little notebook," I said, then laughed and shook my cock at him.

"You're a fucking idiot." Kevin was still stroking himself. We both froze when a second later we heard a knock on his bedroom door. It had to be his mom.

"Boys... boys?" The call, muffled by the door, came seconds later. Kevin, already out of the bed, was struggling to pull on the pair boxer shorts he'd dropped on the floor just minutes earlier.

"Kevin? William?"

I walked towards the door, my cock in hand. Kevin, shaking his head wildly, was looking at me in horror. "Don't!" he cried.

"Mrs. White?" I asked through the door.

"I didn't want to disturb you boys Will, I know you're studying," my friend's mother apologized. "But I was just wondering if you'd like another piece of apple pie and a glass of milk."

"Yes, please, I'd love a piece of your pie ... so would Kev," I answered. My hand was now flying over my cock.

Kevin, across the room, was still shaking his head in despair. His penis, fully erect, shorter perhaps than mine, but still well above average, was sticking out of the slit in his shorts.

"Okay, I'll be right back," Kev's thirty-four year old mom promised. My cock started to spurt as I listened to her words. Thick strands of sperm arched upwards and out before finally landing on the back of the bedroom door.

"You're fucking crazy. Christ, she'll see it, smell it," he croaked as he pulled his jeans up his legs.

"I'd like to put some of this in her hot and hairy little momma's pie," I answered as I trailed a finger through my cum and then held it up in the air.

"Get dressed ... clean it up," he begged as he threw me my boxers.

"She's going to be our first," I insisted as we waited for his mom to return with the goodies.

"You're a fucking pervert," Kevin answered.

"Somebody has to be our first."

"Retard. Have you by any chance ever heard the word i****t?"

"It won't be i****t when my cock's inside her," I said with a leer as I ran my hand suggestively over the front of my pants.

"She's my mother!"

"That's why I'm going to let you go first."


"But when we get to my mom I'll go first."

"Your mom! You are so fucking sick."

"Well who do you want to fuck then?" And of course Kevin had no answer to that one. I pressed on. "C'mon Kev, you read the study ... you know the first two or three weeks we're up there are going to make or break us."

"We have all summer to get ready, to find someone to teach us," he protested.

"So where do we start then? Who on your list do you think you'll be able to get to help us?" I challenged.

"Yeah, but what about my dad? And yours?"

We'd both pulled on t-shirts and shorts and were sitting at the long table that sat under his bedroom window, and which we used as a work desk, when his mother, toting a fully laden tray, finally reappeared. I knew we'd be continuing the conversation later.

Mrs. White was hot! A true MILF! Really she was far too young to be the mother of an eighteen year old. As fifteen year old Michelle Thomas, a neighbor of the Whites, she had ended up the prime baby sitter of Kevin's older half s****rs when Mr. White's first wife had died some twenty years ago.

The eight and nine year old girls, bereft after the loss of their mother, had latched onto Michelle immediately and would cling to her desperately at the first sign that she was about to leave. Apparently the then forty-five year old Mr. White had too because just weeks after her sixteenth birthday young Michelle was walking down the aisle to be married. Kevin, "in uterus" at the time, was present at the ceremony.

He was their only c***d but against all odds the marriage had gone along famously. My parents had moved in two houses down from the Whites when I was three. And so we had become best friends.

Kev and I grew up nerds. Boys who'd been oblivious to the charms of the other sex as we'd studied our way through high school. Until, that is, our cocks started to grow. And spurt.

The two best students in our school, already pre-accepted into Princeton before our senior year had even started, socially incompetent but relatively happy, had suddenly been thrust unprepared into the world of cocks and cum and cunts.

Our senior year had been disastrous -- week after week and month after month of uncertainties, rejections and self doubt. If we hadn't had each other I don't know what would have happened.

Hey look, I'm not stupid. It's impossible for a teenager to be ignorant of sex these days. Just turn on your computer! So, on a theoretical basis, we should have been prepared. And we were. We knew all the moving parts of women. We knew exactly what was happening to our bodies. We knew about sperm count. About shaven pussies. We'd studied tables and graphs published on the internet that showed the range of sizes of the human penis. We'd compared the slow but steady progress of our respective penile growth to those tables. We'd seen a hundred movies that demonstrated just about every sexual coupling imaginable. We knew it all.

But until the testosterone starts to flow that's all it is. Theoretical. But then it's not! It's all encompassing as soon as that sexual chemical tap is turned on. An emotional whirlwind that you find you have no way to control. Your thinking brain suddenly becomes trumped by the small reptilian brain that lies deep in the heart of it. A brain that sends bl**d rushing into your cock at the first sniff of a woman.

But of course neither of us had any ability to communicate with members of the opposite sex. None at all! Our supposed brilliant minds, minds that had easily delivered SAT scores in the top percentile, turned to mush the second an attractive female came within twenty feet of us. Womanless, we became serial masturbators and wet dreamers. Big cocked horny nerds who used their hands as sorry imitations of the real thing.

And so, in desperation, one rainy Friday night in late April, as we had sat commiserating with each other over another dateless weekend, we'd decided that we had to make an action plan. That if we didn't want to be losers the rest of our lives we'd better do something about it.

The first thing we'd done was simply write off the rest of our senior high school year. We knew there was no way to undo the previous four years. Instead we decided to use the four months we had left preparing for the fall and our new lives in faraway Princeton. Where nobody would know us or our high school reputations and where we could start over.

But start over as what? And how does one go about changing? We spent the first few weeks doing research and almost immediately found our first nugget of hope. Our problem turned out to be not that unusual. It turned out to be not only a common affliction but also one that a hell of a lot of men had written about later in their lives.

Again and again we found bios of successful men that reported that they'd suffered through their high school years only to be saved by somehow transforming themselves before they'd arrived at college. But that was the key that they all reported - the first few weeks of your university years offered a door of opportunity that might never reappear. Fuck those weeks up and you were probably fucked for the next four years. Initial impressions were damn hard to change.

So we read what other men had done. And how they'd done it. We found a hundred different suggestions that over the ensuing weeks we tried to distill into a coherent action plan. We finally boiled it down to three jobs:

1) Make an "Honest Assessment" of yourself.

2) Set "Attainable Goals".

3) Write an "Action Plan".

And so we'd both tried. I can tell you that it's not that easy. You're one of maybe two million male high school seniors in the country. Where do you stand in the group? What are the strengths of William Harold Sommers, an eighteen year old high school senior? I knew what I looked like but to tell you the truth had no real idea of how other people saw me.

I was six foot, one inch tall that spring and at just under one hundred and seventy pounds I felt myself too thin. Neither Kevin nor I had played organized sports much growing up but I'd swum a lot in the summers. I wasn't in terrible shape.

My hair was a mess -- even I recognized that the long, matted, usually uncombed nest of hair that lived on my head and tumbled down onto my shoulders wasn't anywhere close to being in style.

Kevin and I weren't great dressers! To say the least. No shots of us were going to appear in GQ. Hoodies and jeans were our norm.

My cock was largish -- I'd measured it enough over the previous couple of years and then compared it 'cock size' numbers I'd found on the internet to know that. In fact it could more fairly be described as very big. So that was an asset but how do you translate that into sexual success if no one will talk to you?

And after you've finished with outward appearance you get to the hard stuff. Why can't you talk to girls? Why do you get so nervous? How do you improve? Where do you learn about kissing?

In the end we finally boiled it down to the following three categories (and subcategories) we'd have to concentrate on. Later we'd penciled in various suggestions on how to do it.

A) Improve our appearance.

1 Body -- weightlift? muscles? posture

2 Clothes -- Ashley knows about clothes. will she help? cost?

3 Hair -

B) Communication skills -- Learn to talk to girls. how?

C) Sexual Techniques

1 Learn to dance -- hire a professional? from where? Natalie from strip club?

2 Kissing -- who could teach us?

3 Touching, arousing - study sex manuals? practical experience?

4 Lose our virginity -- professional call girl?

So we sorta knew what areas we had to attack. We had a starting point. Mind you we weren't that confident of success. But it was better than nothing.

We bought a set of weights and set them up in Kev's basement the day after we'd finalized our plan. Every afternoon thereafter we'd gone down and lifted.

Our second step was to convince my s****r to help. Fixing our appearance seemed vital.

Early June 2010 Ashley

"You asked them what?" my s****r asked. I could hear that she was pissed off that I hadn't asked her first. I'd hoped she would be.

"You're my s****r. Besides I know you're way, way too busy for something like this."

"And they're not?"

I'd caught my s****r's two best friends, Caitlyn and Brianna, like her, high school sophomores, alone earlier that afternoon and had asked them to help me. It was an important step in the detailed plan we'd worked out for the transformation of Kevin and I from nerdish, high school social misfits into suave, desirable, sexy college freshmen. Don't they say that clothes make the man?

"Do you think they know more about clothes than I do?" s*s was reacting exactly as I'd surmised. She was vital to the plan and not only because she had a better sense of style than any other girl in the school. It was also vital because we needed her salesmanship to convince our parents to finance the transformation.

I'd known we needed her one hundred percent onside and I'd finally decided that the oblique approach just might work best. Which was why I'd started by approaching her friends first.

Ashley Sommers, sixteen and only a sophomore, my s****r, was the most popular girl in the school. And even though she was smart and beautiful, it was her personality that was her greatest selling point. A cheerleader and A student, there had been serious rumblings that spring that she, only going into her junior year, should run for student council president. She's eventually politely demurred but almost everyone thought she would have won if she'd tried.

I'd heard it opined more than once over the years that it was incredible that a girl like her was related to someone as socially incompetent as I. Someone had even asked me once if I'd been adopted.

"It wouldn't be fair to you ... you're too busy Ash. Besides you don't want to spend your time dressing me."

"Gawd, I wish you'd asked me a year ago. You ... you and Kevin look like--" She didn't finish her sentence. But I knew what she was thinking. Having an older b*****r around who dressed like a bum couldn't have been pleasant for any teenage high school girl.

"I know I'm not the best dresser—"

"You're the about the wor--" she started to say but then stopped before finishing, her inherent niceness not allowing her to finish.

"I just thought I should try to start on a better footing at College. I was looking at the Princeton site the other day and there weren't many students who dressed like--"

"Thank god for that," my s****r interrupted as she raised her eyes to the sky. "Now let's go look at your clothes." My s****r, when properly motivated, was a take charge kind of person.

"You'll help me?"

"Of course I'll help you, I'm your s****r aren't I?" she answered, an answer that was voiced in a teenage girls exasperated tone. "Now c'mon," she ordered as she pulled me down the hall towards my room.

"Shouldn't we wait for Brianna and Caitlyn?"

"No! I'll do the preliminary scouting today and then tomorrow after school the five of us will have a council of war." Ashley was definitely going to be in charge!

"We will?"

"Yes, and tell Kevin he better be there too. No, I'll tell him myself," she said ominously as she marched past me into my bedroom. Which was pretty messy. It always was but that day I'd made it especially so. Ashley's head had already started shaking back and forth in dismay before she was half way across the room. I simply waited silently in the doorway as she started her inspection.

She opened my cupboard door first. She moved a few hangers back and forth before she slowly backed away. She was still shaking her head. Then she started in on my chest of drawers. Rifled through my t-shirts and sweaters and socks and hoodies before she finally got to my underwear.

"Well," I finally asked, "do you think that at least we have a good base to start from? That you'll be able to come up with something?"

"Yes Will, it's going to be sooooo easy."

I was smiling inside but successfully hid it when I asked back in my most dubious tone, "It will be?"

"Yes my dear Will," and now I heard the sarcasm, something my sweet s****r wasn't known for, "once the bonfire has died down we will then proceed to--"

"Bonfire?" I was laughing inside now!

"Do you think that there's one piece of cloth in this sad excuse for a room that should be transported over five hundred miles to one of America's finest institutions of higher learning?"Ashley was firing on all cylinders now!

"What about my sweatshirts?"

"Hoodies," she started, and before continuing she kicked the one I'd purposely left in the middle of my bedroom floor, "are not a fashion statement."

"At least my underwear's okay isn't it?"

"Well it might Will, it might be if said undergarments weren't full of holes and of a sickly gray color." Again I'd cleverly left my worst two pairs of underpants on top of the pile in the drawer. Ones that I'd been planning to throw out.

"Now let's go over to Kevin's," she ordered as she swept back by me and out into the hall. I scurried after.

"Kevin's? Today? We're already finished here? Don't you have to make a list or something?"

Ashley simply continued on her way without answering. I pumped my fist in the air as I rushed after her.

As we walked out the door I asked to her back, "How much do you think I'm going to have to spend anyway? As much as five hundred bucks?" It was another question I'd prepared for my s****r. It brought her to a sudden halt.

"Are you on d**gs?"

"Less than that then?" I said hopefully.

"I'll never understand how you got accepted into a university of that caliber." Ashley's sarcasm was gone, replaced now by the sad acceptance that her b*****r was hopeless.


"Will, to even get you to the minimum, the very minimum required," and here Ashley's voice emphasized the word minimum, "will cost at least ten thousand dollars and probably cost closer to twenty."

I put my most shocked look on my face. "Twentyyyyyyy thousand?" I screeched. "You're nuts."

For seconds my s****r stared at me, her disbelief of her b*****r's ignorance unhidden. I said nothing. Finally, slowly, her expression turned from hopelessness to determination.

"What do you think I spend on clothes every year," she finally asked.

I pretended to think it over before answering. "A thousand?" I finally offered tentatively. Ashley shook her head. "Higher?" She nodded yes. "Two?" Ash pointed here finger upwards. "Not as much as three?" the finger stayed pointed up. I jumped to five thousand with my next guess. Her finger stayed pointing up.

"That's impossible, no one spends that much."

Exasperation bloomed back into s*s's face. "How much do you think these shoes cost?"

I pretended to examine them. "Forty bucks."

"Over two hundred," s*s answered. "And my skirt?"

I pretended I knew something about skirts and quickly answered, "I know they're about twenty-five," I said confidently, "I saw one just like that in Target last week."

"You did not see one like this in Target!" s*s's gnashing of her teeth made her hard to understand. "And what about my underwear?" she finally spat out.

"Like your bra and panties?" She nodded yes. "Well I got a six pack of Fruit of the Loom for seven dollars last month. So maybe double that if you include the bra ... so what, f******n bucks divided by six, probably two, two dollars fifty for both."

From the look on her face I knew the plan was working. Slowly, her frustration clear, she spoke, "THE... BRA... AND ... PANTIES...I'M...WEARING... COST... OVER ... SEVENTY ... DOLLARS." If anyone had been within fifty yards of us they would have heard her.

"No way! That's nuts," I said, then turned and started towards Kevin's.

"THEY DO!" she yelled at my back as she started after me. I turned and waited.



"But how can they afford you? How'll they ever be able to afford twenty thousand for me?"

"Do you know how much your father makes as a lawyer every year?" I did but wasn't going to tell her. "Or what mom makes as a University Professor? Do you know what Dad pays for one of his suits?"

""Two, three hundred?"

"Twelve hundred minimum. And he has over twenty. And he has ten pairs of dress shoes.

And they're worth at least two hundred each." Ash was on a roll again. "Do you know what silk ties cost?"

"But still, you wouldn't spend all that money for a guy going to college would you?"

"Do you honestly believe your parents want you to be wandering around Princeton, New Jersey, dressed like a bum and wearing underwear that cost you one dollar a pair?"

"But what about Kevin?" I asked as we turned onto his front walk.

"He lives in a house worth almost a million dollars. His dad's Vice-President of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company." I didn't know how Ashley knew these things but she did.

Mrs. White was always delighted to see my s****r. Since neither Kevin nor I had ever brought females around the White's house, Ashley, and her friends, whenever available, had always been welcomed. And my s****r had always showed every sign of being as delighted to see Kevin's mother as she was to see her. And so, they spent the next ten minutes together in the kitchen, discussing everything under the sun but the matter at hand while I looked on silently. Female talk. Completely incomprehensible.

After Ashley had finished a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk, an offering I'd refused, she announced the purpose of her trip. "I've been retained by Kevin and my b*****r to assess their wardrobes in light of their impending relocation to university life. To evaluate their present holdings and jettison that which isn't appropriate and recommend what they're going to need to buy. Brianna and Caitlyn are going to help me."

It took a second or two for Kevin's mom to decipher Ashley's words but as soon as she did her face lit up. "Oh Ashley, I've tried to get Kevin out to the clothing stores for months, he and your b*****r are impossible."

"Most of Will's underwear has holes in it," my s****r confided.

"And those awful things with hoods," Mrs. White said with a grimace.

"We're really going to need your help Mrs. White," s*s implored. I knew I'd won! Leaving the two women to conspire together I wandered up to my pal's room. Mind you I didn't warn him of the coming visit. They rolled through it ten minutes later. Kevin's wardrobe was as harshly panned as mine had been.

Ashley and I of course were invited to join the Whites for dinner that night. In a concerted, clearly planned effort, my s****r and Mrs. White dominated the conversation with a critique of the wardrobes of Kevin and yours truly. By the end of the meal they'd also obtained a carte blanche from Mr. White to spend all that was needed to ensure that his son would be as well dressed as any student at Princeton. He seemed amused by the whole thing.

Later, after s*s and I had arrived home, Ashley disappeared into the den where mom and dad were reading. Five minutes later the three marched into my room. Ashley led them around, holding up various items for them to see as she moved from drawer to cupboard. I had to suffer hearing her running commentary on my complete lack of fashion sense for the third time that day. She also made it clear that my parents had to shoulder a large portion of the blame.

"It's bad enough in high school dad, but do you want Will wandering around one of America's greatest universities, a place where he's supposed to make business and social contacts for life, in ten dollar blue jeans with holes in the knee and a stained orange hoodie?" she asked as she held up the offending garment.

Dad, shaking his head, clearly didn't.

"Would you have even gone out with dad if he'd been dressed like that mother?" She asked my mom.

When Ashley finally led dad away to work up a 'Will going to college clothing budget' mom stayed behind. She actually apologized for her inattentiveness even as she lectured me on the horrid state of my clothes.

My Mother

Ashley had inherited her beauty from my mom. Laura Cummings had been an eighteen year coed when she'd met dad, who was a first year law student and four years older than her, at a frat party during October of her frosh year.

According to the oft repeated f****y history, my father took about two minutes to fall in love. Mom lasted until Thanksgiving weekend when she took him home to meet her parents. Like Kevin, I too was growing in my mother's belly when my grandfather walked his daughter down the aisle eight months later.

When Kevin and I had sat down and started our planning for our 'rebirth' one of the first tasks we'd posed ourselves was to, 'list in order of preference, the 20 best looking women you know (and who you'd most like to have sex with)'.

But before we'd actually sat down and made our individual lists we'd talked about the characteristics we'd like in our preferred sexual partners. To be honest we started out pretty hopelessly given neither of us had been on a date before or even knew that many girls to even talk to.

So our points of reference were few and far between. Movie stars. Porn stars. Some rock singers. Girls in our class. Teachers. Our mothers. My s****r and her friends. And when we made our lists neither of us was able to even get up to twenty.

By the end of the process my mother ended up thirteenth on Kevin's list. Ashley ended up tenth. I knew they would have ended up much higher if he hadn't been embarrassed to have my f****y members on his list. He didn't list his mom. At least not on his official list.

His mother was number nine on my list. Behind our schools head cheerleader, Lady Gaga, and a movie actress among others. Neither my s****r nor my mom appeared on my official list although I did list Ashley's friend Caitlyn number ten.

However, on my secret list, the list I never showed Kevin, his mother was number one, my mother number two and Ashley number four. Which I knew was a bit strange. Which is why I hadn't shown it to him.

And so, when my mom had sat down next to me on my bed after dad and Ashley had disappeared to organize the financial end of the deal, I had already begun to consider her as something else besides a mom. I'd become aware of her breasts. Of her lips. Of her long, silky hair. I'd also, and again I'd never told Kevin this, rummaged through my mom's underwear. Her bras. Her panties. I'd done things with said panties... bad things while they were wrapped around my cock ...

"I probably don't really need all those clothes," I started.

"Of course you do darling," my mother said as she put an arm around me.

"You shouldn't have to pay for me."

"Ashley's right, I never should have let it get this far. Your clothes are an embarrassment. To all of us."

"I can use some of the money I've saved," I offered.

"You will not use one cent of your money." It was delivered in a tone that brooked no argument.

"It'll probably just be a waste anyway. I'm a loser." I'd decided to play the pity card.

"Yeah, like losers get accepted into Princeton," my mother scoffed. I knew my mom, a Professor of Philosophy at our state university, wasn't going to be easily swayed by whining. Still, I figured I'd try a little.

"I can't even get a date. Look at me."

"You're handsome," she protested.

"I'm hopeless."

"It'll be different when you get to university," mom promised, then added, "Ashley's so right about the clothes though, I should have thought of it before." Ashley was getting the credit for my plan.

"I can't even open my mouth when a girl gets within ten feet of me."

Mom laughed but as she did she put her arm around me. "Boys are always slower. You should see my first year classes. For the first two months I can't get a boy to say a word."

"You can't?"

"Then I can't get them to shut up."

"Did you like university? Were you scared when you left home?"

"Everyone is honey," she answered as she tousled my hair. "You'll love it. They'll be the best years of your life."

"Maybe," I said dubiously.

"You're becoming a handsome young man Will," mom said as she lifted the hair falling over my forehead and combed it back with her hand.

"Yeah right."

"You are you know. It's sneaking up on you."

"It's not sneaking up very fast," I complained. But I said it with a smile.

"You know, you're even better looking that your daddy was when I met him."

"No way."

"Uh huh. Taller. Cuter. They'll be falling at your feet the second you get to Princeton."

"Even if they do I won't know what to do with them."

"You know Will, I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to know exactly what to do with them." Mom then leaned over, gave me a quick motherly kiss on my lips and then was up and gone.

I dreamt of mom that night. She was naked. She was crying out my name in ecstasy as my penis spurted inside her.

The idea had been slowly growing in my mind since we'd made our action plan -- who better than mom and Mrs. White to teach us about sex? Would it be so wrong to lose our virginity to the two women who loved us most?

The Girls: Shopping for Clothes

My s****r was not one to sit on her heels. At four o'clock the next afternoon she, Brianna and Caitlyn were sitting on our living room couch. All three had legal pads dangling on their knees and a pen in hand. Two measuring tapes sat on the coffee table before them. On top of about twenty men's fashion magazines. All three had serious, 'I'm all business' looks on their faces.

Kevin's and my mom were hovering in the background. Meanwhile he and I were standing uncomfortably in front of them. We were both starting to regret our plan.

"We'll have to get your measurements first," my s****r announced to the room. "Take off your shirts," she ordered.

"Our shirts?" Kev asked. Ashley ignored him as she handed Brianna one of the tape measures and Caitlyn the other. A minute later, two shirtless eighteen year olds were standing embarrassed in front of the eyes of five women. We were both slouching.

"Stand up straight, chest out, stomach in, shoulders back," my s****r ordered. She was not to be trifled with.

"They're not that bad," Caitlyn suddenly announced from her seat on the couch. Both Kev and I looked up. "Their bodies, I mean."

"Have you guys been working out?" Bri demanded as she put the tape around my chest.

"Kevin bought some weights two months ago," Mrs. White chirped in from the back. "He and Will have been down in our basement just about every afternoon."

"Ma," Kev complained. We'd never really told anyone when we'd started our transformation. I was still thin but I had gained six pounds since we'd started.

"Forty-one inches, that's not so bad," Bri said as she lowered the tape down from my chest until it was around my waist. "And look, Will's even got biceps."

"So does Kevin," Caitlyn echoed.

For the next ten minutes Kevin and I were subjected to continuous poking and prodding while five females kept up a running commentary on the state of our bodies. In a way it wasn't much fun. But in another it was pretty darn exciting. It was the closest the two of us had been to members of the opposite sex in our lives. My cock actually woke up and looked around.

And surprisingly to Kev and I, the consensus when it was all over seemed to be that we were much better than expected.

Caitlyn then took a series of pictures. "We need them for reference purposes, when we're checking the fashion magazines, the internet sites," Ash instructed before I could raise a protest.

We were then dismissed, told that the five of them were going to spend the next two or three days preparing a shopping list. It was obvious to both of us that all the women were enjoying the process -- a chance to spend twenty or thirty thousand on a shopping spree, even if it wasn't on themselves, was clearly going to be the highlight of their year.

Later, alone in my room, Kevin said, "They didn't seem to think us that bad. Do you think they were putting us on?"

"Maybe we're not as bad as we thought we were," I answered. First mom had given me a compliment, now Ashley and her friends had, I thought to myself. It made me feel good. I didn't know it then but I do now - no matter how good a plan you have, if you don't get positive feedback you'll never effect change. Mom and Ash's words were as important as the clothes we were going to buy.

"You know Kev, I think your mom was checking me out."

"Bullshit," my best pal answered.

We had been instructed to be ready at ten a.m. on the dot on the following Saturday morning. We were. Surprisingly, Mr. White offered himself as our chauffeur. "I just gotta see this," he said with a smile as he jumped behind the wheel of his wife's Mercedes SUV.

We weren't led to K-Mart. Or Target. Or even J.C. Penny's. Frankly I would have happy in any of those places. But not the girls! Nor the mothers. They had assumed responsibility for the finished product and none of them were prepared to accept anything less than producing the best dressed college freshman of the class of 2011. It had become their mission. All five of the women had pages of notes and cutouts from every male fashion magazine ever produced. They were in shoppers heaven.

From a short term standpoint it turned into one of the worst days of my life. Fifteen different stores. At least. A hundred trips to the dressing room. Clothes that looked perfectly good to my eyes rejected ruthlessly. More changes. Endless discussions about stripes versus solids, checks versus who knows what, wool versus cashmere versus linen. Who knew?

About which color of shirt would go best with my eyes. Silk socks or whatever. We were even f***ed to suffer the indignity of having five women hold up different styles of underwear and discuss their relative merits. Kev and I were too embarrassed to argue. Mr. White didn't stop grinning the whole day.

The women should have driven the clothing salesmen at the stores we visited crazy but in fact the opposite happened. They were delighted to be able to discuss every aspect of male clothing with people who were clearly interested. To a man they ignored Kev and I. And my s****r charmed them even as she negotiated lower prices on every item she bought.

At one store, the last one we visited, perhaps our cities most elegant male haberdashery, a store we'd spend almost two hours in, Ashley, with dad's and Mr. White's credit cards in hand, had softly and sweetly insisted on a twenty percent discount on the eleven thousand, two hundred and seventy-three dollars the owner had just rung up. He stared at my s****r for about thirty seconds before capitulating, his, "of course Miss Sommers," stunning us all.

Mr. White, a man who'd been a professional salesman and a manager of salesmen at the highest levels all his life actually stood with mouth agape. Then he offered Ashley a job as a summer internship on the ride home.

"I'm going to leadership camp in July sir, with mom, a mother-daughter camp," she replied sweetly. "And then in August I'll be at Caitlyn's cottage for two weeks and after that--"

Bedraggled and beaten Kev and I were finally released some eight hours after our trek had started. But even as we stumbled towards my room, Ashley announced one final order "You're scheduled at the Salon de Paris at four Tuesday afternoon."

I trudged on, hoping that ignoring Ashley would make her go away. Not Kevin. "What Salon?" he asked.

"Renee's agreed to do you Kevin and Monsieur Pierre's doing Will."

Kevin had no idea what Ash was talking about. I guessed but continued to trudge up the stairs. Looking back when I reached the top I saw Kev surrounded by the five women. Brianna had her hands in his long hair and the others all seemed to be talking to him at once.

"We're having our hair cut at some women's hair salon," Kev announced when he arrived in my room five minutes later. He looked beaten.

"I know."

"They were talking about dyes ... and gels ... and other things," he muttered. "We have to do something." Yeah right!

The girls e****ted us to the Salon three days later. The two moms tagged along. Mr. White, clearly knowing when enough was enough, wisely chose not to come.

We both had our hair shampooed. Which wasn't that bad given the fact that the two girls who did it were way cute. And of course neither of us had ever had a girl run her hands through our hair before. Other things were done to our heads. I'm not exactly sure what. At one point, while Monsieur Pierre stood poised with scissors in hand, our five ladies, plus three shampoo girls, two dyers, four cutters and six other customers, spent ten minutes discussing what exactly should be done to my hair. It was humiliating.

Unfortunately we had to go to school the next day. Neither of us had worn any of our new clothes on the Monday and Tuesday. Ashley had insisted that we wait until our hair was properly prepared before we trotted out our new duds.

Wednesday, the second last day of our high school career, was brutal. Why hadn't we waited to do all this after school had closed for the year I'd continually asked myself all that morning. A thousand whispered comments, pointed fingers, giggles, smirks, etc., etc. almost drove me home by third period. The only thing that saved us was that Ashley somehow orchestrated things so that a steady stream of girls, mainly sophomores and juniors, just happened to stop at our cafeteria table at lunch time and glowingly compliment us on our 'new looks'.

I knew of course it was Ashley and her friends work but you know what? It felt great! It's surprising how just a few words of compliments can change your view of the world.

Thursday Night Mrs. White's Negligee

"Are you staying over tonight Will?" I heard asked by Kev's mother. She was standing in her son's doorway when I looked up from my computer. I clicked away from the screen I was working on - I definitely didn't want to Mrs. W to see what I'd been doing.

"If it's okay." I answered. Of course it was okay. Kev and I had been staying over at each other's houses since we'd been like five years old. I had my own bed at his place and he had the same at mine.

"Your mom knows?" That was the one rule. Let the mothers know.

"Uh huh," I agreed. She turned to go. "We're going to watch a movie later Mrs. W, maybe in a half an hour if you want to join us," I offered. Kev looked up from his computer screen, a question in his eyes.

"You boys don't want me there. It's pretty late." Shyly said, yet clearly hoping to be argued with. Mr. White was out of town again on another of his never ending business trips and I knew she'd love to have some company.

"Of course we do. And there's no school tomorrow so it doesn't matter how late we stay up."

"Really? You're sure? Kev?" Offer accepted!

"It'll probably be thirty minutes before we're ready."

"In the playroom?" I nodded yes. "I'll have time for a bath then. I won't be late," the number one most desired woman on my list announced before scurrying away.

"What movie?" Kev asked after his mom had left.

"Kevin, it's time to move on to some of the other parts of the plan."

"What's mom got to do with it?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," I answered as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. "I'm going to go grab a quick shower, get cleaned up," I added, then turned my computer screen toward him and then walked out of the room.

"What's this? Are you crazy?" he asked to my departing back. I'd figured the picture of his mom, or her face anyway, a face I'd just spent the last half hour on, photoshopping it onto the nude body of a porn star, would get him going.

"What are you planning?" he demanded when I reappeared five minutes later clad only in a towel.

"Moi?" I asked as I let the towel fall. I shook my hips.

"You better not do anything," he threatened.

"Go have your shower Kev," I advised as I grabbed the bottle of after shave from the bag I'd brought with me.

"What's that?" he asked when he saw it.

"Ash and the girls recommended I use it. They said that women would like it. It acts as an aphrodisiac."

"They did? An aphrodisiac? What's that? Should I use it too?" Neither of us had ever used anything like it.

"No, Ash said this one would be better for you," I said as I dipped my hand back in my bag and came up another bottle.

"She did? Really?" he asked as he took it from me.

"Yup. And you owe me eighty-three bucks for it."

"What! Are you crazy?"

I thought we just might surprise Mrs. White with our cleaned up, showered, shaved and aphrodisiac aroma'd bodies when she arrived but it was she who instead surprised us.

I actually whistled. Kevin stood for seconds with mouth open in surprise before Mrs. White finally said, "What?"

"You look greaaaaaaaaat Mrs. W.," I said near reverentially, then whistled again.

"It's just my nighttime robe," she stammered out in reply as her face reddened. She'd definitely put on some perfume.

Ashley, or one of the girls, could give you a perfect description of what Kevin's mom was wearing that night. They'd be able to tell you what the material was (silk?), the cut, the color, the style, heck, probably the designer and its approximate price.

I can't. All I can tell you is that she looked great in it. It wasn't particularly revealing in terms of amount of skin we could see. But it was definitely sexy and anyone who saw Kev's mother in it would know without question that it was saved for special occasions.

It was some sort of Chinese kimono type robe in a shimmering, almost translucent ivory color with a subtle pattern woven in. A piece of cloth that seemed to float over her suddenly evident curves. Kevin and I had never seen her in anything remotely resembling it before. You could see her full breasts dancing under the cloth as she walked.

"You look beautiful Mrs. W.," I told her as I offered her my hand and e****ted her to the couch.

When she sat down between her son and me on the playroom couch the sashed robe opened slightly and let me see that she had a matching gown under it. A negligee?

We watched a movie together. A 'chick flic' as Kevin derisively described it when it started. A tear jerker about some older babe who, a couple of years after losing her husband, goes on a vacation to Italy and has an affair with a guy twenty years younger than her. Of course I'd picked it for that very reason. Time to get Kevin's mom thinking about younger men.

It wasn't x-rated or anything but it did have a couple of pretty risqué scenes, especially when you're watching it with your mother. One was a shot of the muscular young stud from behind as he walked naked into the shower. Another showed the women topless in bed. Her tits weren't anywhere close to being as nice as Mrs. W's.

Mrs. White was excited. Don't ask me how I knew it but I did. Was it that her body was exuding those pheromone things the sex manuals are always talking about and I'd subconsciously picked up on them?

Or was it the little tremors that I felt when our legs accidently touched?

And had she noticed the almost continuous erection I had through most of the movie even though I'd tried to hide it?

With only fifteen minutes left in the movie I clicked the pause button, excusing myself to go get us some drinks. When I came back into the room I was carrying a tray with three cokes on it. I made sure Kev's mother took the right one.


"She's fallen asl**p," Kev announced when I got back from the washroom. I'd rushed off to the pisser the second the movie had ended.

"She has?" I asked innocently.

"Do you think she's okay, I can't seem to wake her."

"It's late. She was probably just tired, maybe we better help her to her room," I suggested.

"Why, do you think something wrong with her?"

I smiled. I watched my friend and saw as realization suddenly dawned. "You didn't put something in her drink did you?"

"You get her arms, I'll get her legs," I answered as I moved over and stood between her legs.

"What was it?" Kevin asked as I put my hands under Mrs. White's legs and slowly pulled then up off the ground.

"Don't let your mom fall," I ordered as I started to pull her up off the couch and towards me. The kimono spilled open as I did and the hem of the matching nightie she wore below rode high up onto her thighs.

"We can't," Kevin said even as he grabbed his mom's shoulders.

"Michelle's wearing sexy white lace panties tonight," I told my friend as we started across the room with his mom in our arms.

"Don't call her that ... she's Mrs. White to you," he answered, trying to assert some authority even as his eyes strayed to his mom's legs. At his angle he couldn't see her panties.

"She dressed up in her sexiest panties for yours truly, I'll bet she was hoping I'd get to see them."

"She did not."

"You go first.... go backwards," I instructed as we neared the playroom door.

"Don't look at her," he ordered as, backing up, he struggled to hold his mom up. My supporting hands had moved up even farther and were now right under her bum.

I ignored him and then when he stumbled a bit I told him, "God Kev, don't touch your mother's tits!" One of his hands, slipping, had grasped his mother's breast.

"I'm not. Fuck, you should have gone first." A minute later, after struggling down the hall to the White's master bedroom, we deposited Kevin's mother in the middle of her king size bed.

"We'll have to take off her robe," I instructed as I undid the sash that held it together. "Lift her shoulders up so I can get it off."

"Do we have to? Couldn't we just--" He stopped as the outer robe slipped off his mom's shoulders and down her back. The matching nightie, once exposed, was décolleté and tightly hugged the full breasts that were clearly braless. Both of us could easily see the dark circles of her areolas and the nipples that protruded up from them. "Will, we can't--"

I ignored him.

"Nooooo." A moaning protest as he watched me slip one of the spaghetti straps of the gown off her shoulder. Then the second. Mrs. W's breasts were perfect.

"What are you going to do?" he asked as I worked the garment down over her hips. She was wearing matching lace, bikini panties. I pulled them slowly down. Mouth agape, he said nothing as I arranged his mother's hands at her sides and spread her knees slightly. Her blond bush stared up at me. He said nothing when I turned and left the room. He was still sitting in the same position on the edge of the bed next to his mom when I reappeared thirty seconds later. Except he had a huge hard on sticking out from his now undone fly. I had my digital camera in my hand.

He came out of it when I took the first picture. "She's my mom." he said. I handed him the camera.

"I want you to film me," I told him as he took the offered camera, then I scrambled up the bed between his mom's legs.

"Film what? You're not going to--"

"My first nipple," I answered as my hand closed around Michelle White's left breast. Seconds later I'd bent over her and captured her right one between my lips. For minutes I feasted on her, my sucking lips continually darting from one nipple to the other.

"She'll wake up," Kev protested in the background. I finally pulled back from the succulent orbs.

"Your turn," I offered as I cupped one of Mrs. White's breasts in my now sweaty palm and squeezed it.

"It's wrong," he protested.

"Touch it."

"No." I took his hand and placed it on his mom's tit. He groaned but he didn't let go. "It's so wrong," he said as his other hand closed on her other breast.

"Put it in your mouth, like you did when you were a baby," I encouraged as I pointed the camera and pushed the record button. He did. It had been eighteen years since he'd sucked at his mother's nipples. As his hands and mouth worked I slipped back off the bed and then quickly shucked my shorts. Then I climbed up back between them, my hard cock bobbing up against my stomach.

"She trims it," I said as my hands slipped up her inner thighs.

"Trims what?" he asked as he looked up from his mom's breast.

"Her blond bush," I said as my left hand slipped over her mound.

"Don't touch it," he ordered, watching intently as I spread the lips of his mom's sex.

"Jeeesus Kev, look at this man," I said as I bared her pink insides.

"What?" He'd forgotten her breasts. "What is it?"

"Her clitoris, look, right here," I said as I gently nudged the little bud with my finger.

"She'll wake up," he said as I dipped my head and then lightly put the tip of my tongue on her bright pink protrusion. "Are you sure that's her clit?"

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck," I groaned into her slit as my tongue ran up and down the moist channel.

"What? What is it?"

"Look how pink she is inside. You have to taste it Kev."

"What's it like?" I moved back. A second later Kevin White's tongue was inside his mother's vagina!

"It's my turn," I ordered two minutes later, but Kev ignored me until I f***efully pulled his head back. It was my cocks turn.

"What are you going to do? You're not going to put it inside mom are you?" Kev asked as I moved in.

"Not today," I answered as I brought my straining, engorged erection right up to the now glistening lips of his mom's vagina. "I'm just introducing myself," I added as I slid my cockhead up and down her channel.

Then I pushed the middle finger of my left hand inside her . "What's it feel like?" he asked. In his excitement Kev was actually panting.

"Fuck, she's tight ... but wet ... Christ really wet Kev," I told my friend as I slipped a second finger inside.

"She is? Are they supposed to be?"

"But it's so tight. I don't think my cock will ever fit in here. Oh my gawd she just squeezed my fingers."

"She did? Let me try now, it's my turn," Kev demanded. I slowly pulled my fingers out of his mother. Then brought them to my face and smelled them. Then I held them under Kev's nose. His hand was slowly palming his cock.

I held the camera and stared filming once Kevin had positioned himself between Mrs. W's legs. Excited, he actually slipped the bulb that was his cockhead completely inside his mom. Then quickly pulled it out. Then, after looking at me, as if to get my okay, he pushed it in again.

"Push it in all the way," I encouraged. And then I filmed him as he pushed every inch of his long cock deep inside his mom. She groaned in her sl**p.

"It's tight Will, it's squeezing me too," my friend groaned as he slowly pulled it all the way out.

"Do it again," I told him. He immediately obeyed. "Again," I ordered.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum," he stammered even before he'd bottomed out the third time.

"Jesus, take it out, don't cum in her," I ordered. The first thick creamy strand of cum exploded from the end of his penis scant milliseconds after he'd pulled out. Scrambling to his feet, and still spurting, he raced to his mother's bathroom.

When he finally came out of the bathroom minutes later he found me cock deep in his mom. I'd told myself I'd just try it out. And then, once in, I'd been afraid to move. It was better than good.

"Take it out," he told me when he saw what I was doing. Knowing that if I didn't I'd cum in her I pulled it out.

"I'm going to fuck her tits," I told my friend as my cock slipped free.

"What if she wakes?" They were just words, we were both long past any worry about his mom waking.

There are things you do in life you'll never forget no matter how long you live. Sliding my penis, still sticky with cunt juice, back and forth between Mrs. White's breasts is one of those things. I didn't last long. But it didn't matter because it felt so fucking good.

The two of us washed Kevin's mom after I'd finished. Cleaned every strand and every drop of the sperm I'd spurted out. I'd gently washed her lips, removing that last drop of cum I'd squeezed out and down onto them. And when we'd finished we replaced her panties and negligee and placed her under her sheet.


"Do you think we're going to go to hell?" Kevin's voice. It had echoed up from his bed a half hour later. Neither of us had fallen asl**p.

"She belongs to us now Kev," I answered.

"But what about dad?"

"He's old. He's away so much. Your mother needs us."

"He can't find out," came back from Kev. It was a plea to the gods as much as instructions to me.

"They hardly ever have sex. You felt how wet she was, how ready. Even when she's sl**ping."


"Your dad uses viagara."

"He does?" How--"

"I saw it in his medicine cabinet. He needs us as much as your mom does. If we don't do it he'll lose her to somebody else."


"When we're at the cottage we'll do it. We're going to have more than two weeks alone with her. We're going to make her happy Kev. We're going to fuck your mom."

"At the cottage? Both of us? Without d**gging her?"

"Then when we get home, in August when your parents are in Paris, then we're going to do my mom. We've got to learn everything before we leave for school."

"I thought the plan called for us to hire call girls or prostitutes."

"It'll be better with women we love and who love us."

"But your mom and dad are ... more in love ... you're dad's younger," Kevin stammered out into the darkness.

"I think they're having problems," I answered.

Ashley Saturday

"So who are you guys taking to the prom anyway?" Looking up I saw the three girls in my doorway. It was two days after Kevin and I had d**gged his mother.

"We're not going," Kevin answered after he realized I wasn't going to say a word.

"That's stupid," Ashley announced as she stepped inside. Her friends followed.

"Especially after all the work we did," Caitlyn added.

"Yeah, what are you guys going to do? Stay home and look at dirty movies on your computers?" Brianna contributed. Then all three started to natter. Sixteen year old girls can be more than irritating. I was prepared to wait them out but Kev folded.

"We don't have dates."

"Duh! You have to ask someone, that's how it works," Caitlyn said in a voice that easily conveyed her distain for not only us but the whole of the male race.

Again Kevin couldn't refuse the bait. "It's too late. I mean who'd go with us? Everyone's already got a date. Crikey, it's next week. Everyone thinks we're losers." Ashley smiled as she heard his words, recognizing the look I knew immediately she had something up her sleeve.

"I talked to Monica today, she told me there are four or five girls that don't have dates that would love to go with you."

"Monica Evans? You talked to Monica Evans?" Kev asked. Her name certainly got our attention. Monica Evans was the head cheerleader, the best looking girl in the senior class, and the odds on favorite to be named Prom Queen. She was one of the recurring main players in both of our wet dreams.

Watching Ashley I knew that if I didn't act immediately we were going to end up going to the prom with who knew what. "Hey, you're not going Ash," I quickly interjected, trying to forestall hearing who she'd plotted to set us up with.

"Sophomores can't go to the Senior Prom Will," Caitlyn informed me.

"Unless they go with a senior," I corrected.

"Here are the names Monica gave me," Ash said, clearly trying to get back to her game plan.

"Ash could be Kevin's date," I said.

"Who can?" Brianna asked. I'd also got Kevin's attention.

Ashley immediately realized I was trying to escape her manipulations. "I have a boyfriend Will. Besides, someone going to Princeton certainly would never even consider going to his senior prom with a mere sophomore. It wouldn't be appropriate."

"I'd go with you Ash." Kev said enthusiastically. I figured my suggestion and his offer would send the girls packing in retreat.

"And what about Will?" my s****r asked. She clearly wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet.

"Well, I could double date with you," I offered with a smug smile.

"If you're going to double date with us you'd need to have a date you idiot." We all probably would have laughed off the whole thing if I hadn't said what I said next. Kev and I would have escaped whatever girls Ashley had planned for us and we'd have not gone to the dance. But the troublemaker in me let it slip out.

"No, you're probably right Ash, girls your age really aren't old enough for a senior prom." Immediately the faces of all three clouded up. But before any of them could say a word, Kev, clearly inspired, and who definitely had liked the idea of dating my s****r, came up with the one killer comment that sealed the deal.

"I hear Karen Miller's going, but of course she's more mature than most sophomores."

"She's what?" Caitlyn almost shrieked.

"She's a slut," Brianna said with scorn. My s****r, silent, sat fuming and looked like she was going to explode. Karen Miller was Ashley's one contender for the crown of the best looking and most popular sophomore in the school.

"She's going with that jerk Billy," Ash finally hissed through gnashed teeth.

"Still," I said. I could see the decision as it formed in my s****r's eyes.

"You're going to be my date Kevin," she announced.

"I am?" Kevin couldn't keep the happiness out of his voice.

"And Will, I personally am going to get you a date from this list whether you like it or not," she threatened.

"I told you I'd double date with you," I answered amicably.

"And I tried to explain that double dating would require that you acquire a date." Her words were delivered fairly aggressively.

"No, I meant I'll double date with both Brianna and Caitlyn. If they'll go with me."

"You can't take two dates to the prom."

"Why not?" I asked as I looked at Bri and Caitlyn.

And so, after arguments back and forth, it was decided. The five of us would attend the prom. Notwithstanding who their dates were, the girls, once they'd accepted, were obviously delighted.

Going to the senior prom, even if it meant going with Kev and I, was a coup.

"Now, we have a hundred things to do to organize," Ashley announced once the decision had been made.

"We do?" Kev asked. Bri and Caitlyn quickly started to list them: Hair, gown, corsages, shoes, tux, limo, nails, tickets, etc., etc.

"And we'll have to arrange getting invited to the right parties," s*s added.

"What parties?" Kevin asked. I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

"We'll tell you later, we don't have time right now," Ash answered. Seconds later the three had swept out of my room in a sea of excited chatter.

Natalie's Dance Lessens

At about ten-thirty that night Kevin called. He had one question. "Can you dance?" Fuck! Of course neither of us could.

It was however one of the items we'd highlighted on our 'get ready for Princeton' list. Item C 1: Learn to dance.

Next to that item on my master list I'd written in pencil: hire a professional? from where? Later on I'd added: Natalie from strip club?

Natalie was a sweet young girl. A sweet stripper? Yes she was. At least that was my impression from our one fleeting previous encounter. Well, it wasn't that fleeting I suppose. She'd given both Kevin and I two lap dances each when we'd visited the 'Lady Pussycat' emporium of drinks and dances some four weeks earlier. Using fake ID's, we'd talked our way into the club on one of our dateless Fridays just weeks after we'd started our planning sessions. We justified it as being an important, fact finding, part of our research.

And Natalie had talked to us the whole time she'd danced for us. Perched on a stool between first Kevin's legs and then mine she'd somehow managed to put the two nervous high schoolers at ease. And she hadn't treated us like k**s even though we quickly admitted under her questioning that we were high school seniors. And she didn't rush away the second she'd finished.

She'd just finished her second year of university. She was beautiful. First 'live' tits we'd ever seen. And could she dance! This we'd observed when she'd been up on stage. When we finally worked up enough courage to ask one of the girls to dance for us, we'd chosen her.

And so, when I'd got home from the club that night, I'd written her name on my list as a potential dance instructor.

Which was why, when I'd hung up my call with Kevin the night we'd agreed to go to the prom, I put on some jeans, grabbed my wallet and after borrowing mom's car, set out for the club. Not sure how I'd be received I decided not to tell Kev my plan.

"Hey you," she said as she sidled up to me. There was a friendly smile on her face. I figured there was no way she'd remember me.

"Will? It's Will right?" Then she ran a hand through my hair and said, "hey, your new look is cool, you look great."

"It is? I do? You remember me?"

"You're like by far the cutest guy in the club." I blushed even while wondering if this was some stripper come-on line. "I mean it," she added as she saw the question in my eyes. "You shoulda seen the last guy I had to dance for. He was like two seventy and I don't think he'd washed in a week. At least fifty years old. Garlic on his breath. Yuck!"

I had never really considered the travails of a dancer in a nude club before. "I guess you have to dance with anyone who asks you, don't you?"

"Unless a cute guy like you asks me first." She could see the momentary indecision in my eyes and so quickly added, "Please. I really need a break. I've just got to talk to someone normal. I won't even charge you," she lured as she took my hand and tried to pull me to my feet.

"In a booth?" She nodded as I followed her towards the back room. "Do you want a drink first?"I asked. She nodded her yes. "And don't worry, I'll pay for your time," I added.

Two minutes later I was sitting in a booth in the back corner of the private lap dance room. It was very dark. Natalie was perched on the stool she'd placed between my legs.

"How come you're not out with your girlfriend?" she asked between sips of her drink.

"That's sorta why I'm here?" The music started up.

"It is?" Natalie asked as she started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

"You don't have to do that," I said as my eyes darted to her cleavage.

"You don't want to see them?" Natalie asked as she undid the last button. Her blouse, hanging open, drew my eyes. Of course I wanted to see them! And she knew it.

"We're losers," I finally blurted out.

"Who are?" Natalie asked as she slowly pulled her blouse apart. Her nipples were erect.

And so I told Natalie the sad story of the life of myself and my friend Kevin. Of our dateless weekends. Of our plan to change ourselves. And as I told her the story my eyes danced back and forth between her face and her nipples.

"You're a virgin? Really?" she interrupted at one point. I nodded. "No way! You guys are hot. You especially," she added. For a second her fingers lingered on my thigh.

I told her about our 'Action Plan'. About our weightlifting. About Ashley. About our makeover. About the impending prom. From time to time Natalie's knee accidently brushed my penis. Her hands took turns curling through my hair and across my cheek. Trying to keep on track with my story became difficult. But I finally got there.

"You can't dance? At all?" I shook my head no. "Okay, I understand the virgins thing, I mean you are high school guys, but everyone can dance."

"Not me."

"And you have to learn for next weekend?"

"That's why I was hoping you might know someone who could give us lessons this week. I was going to look on Craigs List but then I thought of you. About how good a dancer you were. I figured you'd know someone ... we'll pay her. Whatever she wants. We're totally desperate."

"And what's wrong with me?" Natalie asked as her fingers closed around my penis. She gave it a quick squeeze before releasing it. I think I actually squealed.

"You're probably busy. Your boyfriend, if he's got any brains at all, probably wants to spend all his free time with you. Besides I'm sure you make all sorts of money here."

"My ex-boyfriend's an ass."

"He is?"

"Yes. And with school out I have lots of free time during the day. I'd love to teach you."

And so, that's why Kevin and I, two very nervous high school seniors knocked on Natalie's apartment door at two o'clock on the following Tuesday afternoon.

For some unknown reason, at least to me, Kevin picked up the whole dancing thing much faster than I did. Which worked out okay -- he was delighted to be better than me at something and I got more dancing time with the beautiful coed. And Natalie seemed to enjoy it too.

We had a second lesson Thursday afternoon. And by the time we left we were both pretty confident that we wouldn't make complete fools of ourselves at the prom.

"Hey, I want to hear how you guys did, okay? And I want a report in person," Natalie ordered as we were leaving.

Kevin had already gone out the door. I turned back to the beautiful coed. "I'll be over first thing Monday. If that's okay with you?"

"Give me a hug," the best dance instructor in the world demanded. It's weird, you've got nothing, nil, nada, the big zero, and then all of a sudden there are girls everywhere. And you're the same person you were when you were a loser. Makes no sense at all. She felt fucking great to hug.

Mom Can Dance Too!

It was nine p.m. Friday night and I was less than twenty-four hours from my first prom. Alone, I was sitting on my bed dubiously contemplating the tuxedo that was hanging on my cupboard door. Clad in just a pair of cotton gym shorts I was asking myself what I'd gotten myself into.

A light rapping on the door woke me from my zombielike state long enough for me to see mom standing in my half opened door.

"Can I come in?" I nodded yes and then watched as she walked over to the hanging suit.

"You'll be the handsomest man there," she said as she sat down next to me.

"It won't be that easy," I predicted.

"Nervous?" I nodded. "You'll remember tomorrow for the rest of your life."

"That's what I'm afraid of," I answered ruefully.

"I still remember mine."

"You do?"

"Uh huh, I danced all night," mom answered.

"That's just one of my many worries."


"Uh huh," I agreed.

"It's not that hard."

"Yeah right."

"C'mon, I'll show you," my mother said as she got to her feet and then held out her arms.

"You will?" I hadn't made any mention to mom or Ashley of Natalie's lessons.

"Yup," she said as I let her pull me to my feet. "Music?" she asked. I kept hold of her hand as I led her over to my desk and my computer. A minute later I'd clicked open a golden oldie FM station from my radio list.

"Good, it's a slow one," mom whispered as she put one arm around my neck.

"Should I change it? I don't think I'm very good at these ones."

"It's perfect. I danced to this very same song at my prom."

"You did? Really? Should I put on a shirt first?" I started to pull back out of her grasp.

"It's okay. C'mon back here," she invited as she held out her arms. A second later she had both arms around my neck and back.

"Aren't I supposed to put my arm out like this?" I asked as I held my arm extended out in a classic pose.

Mom laughed. "No, put them both around my back," she invited. I did, tentatively.

"Now what?" I asked.

"First you have to learn how to hold a woman just right. Not too tight but also not too loosely."

"Is this okay?" I asked nervously as I held her a little tighter. Mom led me through it, giving me instructions as I tentatively started moving.

"You see honey, you are a wonderful dancer," mom whispered in my ear. We were dancing pretty close -- I could clearly feel her breasts poking into my chest.

"I'm not so sure," I answered. My cock was definitely growing. "Am I too close?"

"No, we're fine like this," mom answered even as she moved an inch closer to me.

"What if I get a--" Hell, I already had got one! My mom was about to feel my cock!

"Get a what?" mom asked into my ear. Somehow I knew that I wanted mom to say the words and not be the one who said them.

"You know ... if my thing..."

She laughed again. Her mouth was now so close to my ear that I could feel every breath she expelled. "What thing?" There was a teasing tone in her voice I'd never heard before. And then, just for a second she moved her body closer until she couldn't help but feel the thing I was talking about.

"You know."

"No I don't," she denied even as again she pressed herself back against me. I moved back slightly but didn't respond. "Your erection?" she finally asked into my ear. "Your penis?" Again she pushed her pelvis against it. "Its normal honey, all boys get them." Then she moved back a bit, breaking contact.

"But what if I get one while I'm dancing with someone? They'll think I'm a pig. What if she slaps me or something?"

"Sometimes girls like them." Mom moved back against me. She was smiling.

"They do?"

"It's tells a girl something about the boy and the reaction she's having on him."

"Yeah, that's maybe okay with your girlfriend or something but not with a girl you hardly know."

"You'd be surprised," mom answered as she again brought her pelvis into contact with my cock. "Sometimes we girls used to giggle about which boys had erections .... and how big they were," mom added with a giggle.

"Girls do that?"

"The most important thing to remember is to let the girl in your arms tell you what's okay and what's not. There's nothing worse than some guy who grabs you and pushes himself against you. Then holds you so tight you can hardly breathe."

"But how will I know what they're thinking?"

"Most boys get nervous and excited the second their penis brushes against a girl. Almost involuntarily their fingers and hands tighten. It scares a girl Will."

"It does?"

"Uh huh. But if you relax, even move slightly back at the first contact a girl feels safer. She may move closer again," mom said as she again brought her mound up against my prick. "No, you have to relax honey."

"I'm trying," I answered.

"Let her feel you without being scared. Let her feel you, explore you, listen to her body," mom said as she slowly but insistently rubbed her mound against my penis.

"Do girls like being poked, isn't it uncomfortable?"

"Sometimes they like it very much," my mother answered. Mom seemed to!

"I probably won't dance that close to anyone tomorrow anyway."

"But you will at Princeton."

Mom released me when the song ended. If she hadn't, if she'd danced even one more dance with me, I'd have ejaculated into my shorts before the song had ended. And she would have felt it.

"Night hon," she said. "You'll do fine tomorrow, promise."

"Thanks mom." My cock was sticking straight out, tenting my shorts.

"Give your mother a goodnight kiss." I did. Mom put her tongue in my mouth. My cock poked into her stomach. She didn't complain. I started to masturbate the second she'd left the room.

Prom Night

Ashley and the girls had scheduled a full evening for us. Christ a whole night. How they'd done it so quickly was a mystery that I knew I'd never solve. Kevin and I were presented a schedule by Ashley at nine the morning of the prom. It included six parties besides the actual prom!

The limo arrived at three. Kev and I were driven over to first Caitlyn's house and then Brianna's. We hardly recognized them in their gowns, high heels and fancy hairdos. I somehow managed to attach the two corsages without injuring anyone.

Both Bri's and Caitlyn's parents were delighted that I was e****ting their girls to their first prom. They had followed the girls involvement in my transformation and of course loved Ashley. Who could be a better, or safer, date than Will Sommers? Pictures were taken. Lots of them.

Then we returned to my house where Kev corsaged my s****r in front of my and Kev's parents. More pictures were taken. Tears flowed from the mothers. Ashley looked fantastic! Which was no surprise at all.

We started at a backyard garden party hosted by Greta Smith. She was one of the leaders of the "in" crowd. I don't think she'd said three words to me in four years. Ashley and the girls were warmly welcomed -- Kevin and I trailed in their wake. People actually talked to us.

Then we went to a dinner party held at the house of the student council president. "He'd do anything for me," Ash explained as we entered his parent's house.

Then the prom itself. I'd never been to a school dance before and so was both surprised and overwhelmed when we finally entered the gym at just after nine-thirty. This was like no gym I'd ever imagined. Kevin and I stood with mouths agape for second after second as we took in the transformation that had taken place.

"Who did all this?" Kev finally asked.

"Duh! What did you think the Prom Decorating Committee does?" Caitlyn asked as she grabbed his arm. I'd never heard of the decorating committee. I'm pretty sure Kev hadn't either.

It went off better than I'd ever imagined. Like a thousand times better. When we first got out on the dance floor with the girls we didn't embarrass ourselves. Nor did we have people pointing or staring at us. People said hello. Smiled.

And even when the three sophomores deserted us - they'd been inundated with dance requests almost from the second we'd come through the front door -- other people seemed to want to talk to us, even to dance with us.

Monica Evens was the icing on the cake. It was pretty late. She'd been crowned prom queen hours earlier. I was sitting alone at our table, watching the action swirling around me as I rested from the almost continuous dancing I'd been doing, when she suddenly appeared at my side.

I'd always had a bit of a secret crush on her. "Aren't you going to ask me to dance?" she asked as she sat down next to me. I think I'd first met her when we'd both been in grade three. Smart, popular, beautiful and the head cheerleader to boot, our worlds hadn't intersected in high school.

"I'm not very good," I cautioned as she took my hand and encouraged me to my feet.

"That's not what everyone's saying in the girl's washroom," she answered with her warmest smile. The music stopped just as we arrived on the floor.

What the heck do you answer to that? Woman's washroom? Then a slow one started! And Monica's arms curled over my shoulders. I tried to remember mom's lessons. I had to because the second my arms were around her back my penis started to twitch.

"Uh huh, like I must have heard at least twenty girls tonight ask who the handsome new guy was. The one who sorta looked like that Will Sommers guy who used to hand around." Monica was teasing but I recognized it immediately for kind, friendly teasing. I laughed.

"His body was taken over by aliens," I said. Monica threw back her head and laughed. Then she snuggled just a little closer. Her body brushed my cock. But thanks to mom I didn't panic. I simply casually moved back a fraction of an inch.

"Does everyone on your world look like you Mr. Alien?" she asked as she reentered my space and rubbed herself up against me.

It only lasted about five minutes in all. We talked as we danced. In a friendly normal way that I would have been incapable of doing just weeks before. Her niceness simply broke through my shyness. She asked about my plans, when I was leaving for Princeton, what courses I was going to take, what my plans were for the rest of the summer, etc., etc. After just five minutes with her I knew why she was the most popular girl in our class.

We had a normal conversation! Even while my cock was raging up against her stomach. She did nothing to discourage contact! She was clearly one of those girls who liked the feel of a hard penis poking into her.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek when the song finally ended. My night had been made. Heck, my high school career had been made.

"We should get together sometime before we all go away to university," were her last words.


Ashley and the girls led us from party to party after the prom ended.

After having left the fourth or fifth stop, as the five of us sat exhausted in the back of the limo, Caitlyn, out of nowhere started to laugh.

"What?" Brianna finally asked when Caitlyn didn't stop.

"Do you know what Cindy Thomas just said back there," she asked, then broke into another fit of giggling.

Of course none of us had any idea. She kept us waiting though before finally saying, "Some of the girls in Will and Kevin's class think their bodies have been taken over by ... by aliens," she said as she again started to laugh.

"They did not," Kevin denied.

"Aliens from a planet where all the males have big--" She didn't finish the sentence out loud. Instead Caitlyn whispered the missing word into her friend's ears. They all started to giggle.

"Big what?" Kev asked. Which produced another round of giggles. Girls!

Breakfast -- Mom

Our final engagement was at seven a.m. Sunday morning and listed on Ashley's typed schedule simply as: Closing Breakfast at the Whites.

Mr. White had gone all out. Or his wife had. A beautiful tent like pavilion had been set up in his back yard. A gorgeously appointed table awaited us. Party surprises were waiting at every placing. He'd invited the four sets of parents and the five of us. Champagne and orange juice to start the catered brunch. Everyone was delighted. It was conceded by one and all that the evening had been a total success.

The girls were allowed one glass of champagne. Excited, they regaled their parents with a complete blow-by-blow description of every second of the evening.

Mr. White then proceeded to give a speech. A speech in which, to Kev's embarrassment, he thanked the three girls for saving his son from a life of loneliness, despair, dirty hoodies and messy hair.

A half hour later the best night of my life ended.


"So how was it?" Mom asked from the doorway.

"You were right," I said. I was standing in front of my mirror undoing my tie.

"A night you'll remember all your life?" she asked. I nodded. "Can I help with the tie?" A second later she was standing in front of me, her hands at my tie's knot. "The girls all said you were the handsomest guy there."


"They did. And I think they were all pretty surprised."

"They did all the work." I was quite happy to credit s*s and her friends.

"So you had fun?"

"Uh huh ... mind you I didn't get even one kiss," I complained.

"Not even one?" mom teased.

"Not on the lips anyway. But it was probably better that way. We haven't got there yet. On our plan I mean. It's item number C 2 and is only scheduled for the first week of August."

"Your plan?" Mom did know that Kevin and I had written a 'get ready for Princeton and girls' plan but had never seen all its details.

"Learn to kiss -- first week of August -- get professional help," I said with a laugh.

"I think you two need professional help," mom teased back. She was looking up into my eyes, a dazzling smile on her lips.

"How about one last dance?" I offered as I put a hand on mom's arm.

"You're all dressed up, I look like a--"

"You look perfect," I told my mom. And she did. And the second she slipped into my arms I had an erection. And within seconds she felt it. I relaxed completely and moved slightly back. Mom chose to reestablish contact.

"You're doing it exactly right," she whispered in my ear. She was plastered against me. "Did you dance this close with anyone last night?"

"Just once," I admitted.

"And did you follow my instructions?" I nodded against her cheek. "And what did she do?"

"It was Monica."

"Monica? Not the Monica?"

"Uh huh," I answered as I let my hands slide onto mom's rear.


"She's nice," I said dreamily, then lightly kissed mom's cheek. And then her lips were on mine.

"A man as handsome as you certainly deserved at least one kiss on his prom night. I don't know what all those high school girls were thinking." Mom said when our lips finally separated.

"It's the best kiss I've ever got," I told my mom. Our faces were still millimeters apart.

"Me too," mom whispered into my mouth as our lips rejoined.

"I better go," my mother finally said.

"Do you have to?" It wouldn't have taken much for me to pull her back into my arms. She nodded yes as she backed towards the door.

"One last kiss?"

"We can't," she whispered. For what seemed like minutes our eyes stayed locked. I watched silently as a tear slipped down her cheek.

"Are you and dad okay?" finally slipped from between my lips. But she'd already gone.


I could have made love with Natalie on the following Monday morning. The invitation was unstated but clear. Clear in her eyes and voice, made clear by her fingers as they lightly brushed my arm or swept my hair off my forehead.

"So?" she'd asked when she opened the door just after nine-thirty in the morning.

"Thanks to Miss Natalie yours truly was judged the best dancer at the 2010 prom," I said with a laugh.

"You were not!"

I spent the next twenty minutes telling her the highlights of our night. She had a hundred questions and clarifications.

And the whole time we talked she was sending me a message. How did I know? I certainly wouldn't have known a couple of weeks earlier. But as I sat next to her on her living room couch I simply knew it. All you have to do is lean over and kiss her I told myself. Even though I wanted her I knew I wasn't going to do it.

"Are you really a virgin?" she asked as my story neared its end. Her eyes, staring into mine, were sparkling. "You know Will, I'm a pretty good teacher at other things besides dancing," she added when I didn't respond.

"I can't," I finally said.

"You don't like me?"

"Yeah right. Look," I answered as I pointed down at the tent rising out of my pants.

"So how come?"

"I want to ... so bad," I said, "but I've sorta arranged it for someone else... next week... I hope."

"She's lucky."

"You know there are other things we can do about this," Natalie said as she slipped off the couch and knelt between my legs. A second later my zipper was down and her fingers had found my penis. "Have you ever had this done to you?" she asked as she lowered her head.

A blow job! On a Monday morning. Out of the fucking blue. Kev, when I told him what had happened three days later, wanted to know every detail. And was pissed off I hadn't taken him with me.

But how can you possibility explain to another man what it feels like when a woman's tongue trails wetly up the underside of your cock if he's never experienced it before.

Of what it's like when she slips her lips over your cockhead. What it feels like as your cock slowly slides inside. Or how can you describe the feeling as your penis spits out strand after strand of thick, creamy cum. Or how can you tell him that your legs were so wobbly as you finished that you almost fell down. You don't!

"I wanta see you again ... after," Natalie pled as we hugged in her doorway. A girl in college wanted to see me again? To do it? I floated home.


Kevin and I had been going up to the White cottage for most of July for the last fifteen years. Then, while Mr. White and his wife took their vacation together in early August, usually a two week affair to some foreign destination, we'd stay with my parents. It had worked out perfectly for both sets of parents.

Which was why, seven days after the prom, and six days after my blow job, Kevin, his mom and I packed our things and headed to the lake some hundred and fifty miles northeast of the city. While only twenty minutes away from the rural but now touristy town of Frelisburg, the waterfront cottage itself was located on an isolated bay and had no close neighbors.

Kevin and I had made no plans for how we were going to seduce his mother before we'd left. In fact we hadn't even discussed it in the days leading up to our departure. But I knew he was as committed to the venture as I, that any misgivings he'd originally felt, had been blown away by our success at the prom.

We didn't arrive until nearly seven that night. And by the time we'd unpacked, organized ourselves and the cottage, and then barbecued some hamburgers up for dinner it was nearly ten.

"We should all probably get to bed early, we've had a busy day," Kev's mom suggested at just after ten.

"We've got to swim first Mrs. W.," I told her, then both Kev and I ran laughing into our room. Seconds later we were back.

"You boys are too old to be playing these games," Mrs. Michelle White chastened as the two of us ran across the living room, before we rushed out the front doors.

All we had on were towels wrapped around our waists. It was a ritual, a ritual Mrs. W had never fully approved of, a ritual that had been part of Kevin's and my summers at Muffin Lake for years. The late night skinny dip.

"It's too dark," Kev's mother yelled after us as we ran down the twenty yards of sloping hill that separated the cottage from the dock, beach and lake. We both let the towels drop before we'd gotten halfway. "It's dangerous," she warned, a warning that was an echo of hundreds of similar ones she'd made over the years.

"Turn on the lights when we're in the water mom," Kev called back over his shoulder as we both hurtled ourselves off the end of the dock and out into the cool lake water. When we surfaced the two lights were on, the one that shone down towards the dock from the porch above and the closer one, the one hanging on the corner of the beach shed and whose light was aimed at the small beach and the water behind it.

We both knew without looking that his mom was watching us from behind the porches screens, her worry simply made her incapable of not continually checking. Her call of, "Don't go out so deep," soon followed.

As we splashed and swam my mind kept drifting to the woman standing in the shadows of the porch above. How well could she see us from up there? I knew that if we'd stood directly in the light she'd be able to see us clearly. As shy teenagers in previous years we'd always yelled up to have the dock light extinguished before we'd rushed out and grabbed our towels and then rushed up to the cottage shivering. And then, with our towels around us, we'd stand warming in front of the fire as we drank our cocoa.

I think Mrs. W. had enjoyed the ritual as much as we had. But never in a sexual context.

As we swam that night I slowly edged closer to shore while Kevin stayed in deeper water. And when I finally stood, laughing and splashing water at my friend, the water only reached to my mid thigh. Laughing and joking , I turned and displayed myself for Kevin's watching mom. The next time I spun around and faced shore my penis sticking straight out.

Kevin swam over. "Don't," he whispered.

"You're mom's watching," I whispered back.

"She's not, she's preparing the cocoa," Kev denied.

"Stand up, show her," I ordered.

"I can't ... I've got a hard-on." I started to walk out of the water. A quick glance upward revealed his mother lurking deep in the shadows of the porch. I picked up my towel and slowly started drying myself. Seconds later Kevin tentatively emerged from the water. His cock was pointing upward. The lights remained on. The second the two of us started up the hill I saw his mother slip through the door and into the cottage.

"You didn't turn off the light," I chided Mrs. W. as I walked into the kitchen seconds later. I'd wrapped the towel tightly around my waist.

"Ohhh ... You're back already ... I was just getting the cocoa ready." Michelle White blushed as she said the words. She'd seen her sons cock. And mine. And for the next half hour, as we sat around the kitchen table, until we all headed off to bed, Kevin's mom continually cast furtive glances down towards the towels that hardly hid the penises that were struggling to escape them.

"We'll start tomorrow," I promised Kevin as we lay in our beds in the darkness an hour later.

"Do you still have a hard-on?" he asked back. Of course I did.


We gave Kevin's mother a present at breakfast. "It's not my birthday," she said as she looked from Kevin to me. She lifted the small, brightly wrapped package. Shook it. I smiled at her as she threw me a questioning glance.

"The girls said it would be perfect for you, for your build ... that the color was a perfect choice for your hair and eyes."

"My eyes?" she asked as she tore the package open. "Oh my gawd," she whispered as she watched the soft cloth slip through her fingers.

"It's French ... the latest style," Kevin said as his mom picked up the ivory colored bra from where it had fallen.

"I couldn't wear this. It's too--"

"Mom and Ashley said it would be perfect for you," I lied.

"Your mother? She did?" I nodded yes.

Of course Mrs. W. eventually accepted it. And, two and a half hours later, after we'd had breakfast, cleaned up and done the hundred little jobs required to open up a cottage after a winter of nonuse, she went to put it on.

"I'll join you down on the dock," she promised us when we'd finished our last job. "I just want to take a quick shower first."

We were pretending disinterest, casually lying about the dock, when we heard the screen door bang shut. Mrs. W., a towel over her arm, was wearing a loose, unbuttoned shirt over her new bathing suit as she walked down the hill. We pretended not to look. She sat down without saying a word. After checking to see if we were staring she let the shirt slide down off her shoulders.

Neither Kevin nor I said anything for about thirty seconds. Then I let out a hardly audible wolf whistle. She heard.

"Stop that," Michelle White said as the blush flooded into her cheeks.

"You look great mom," Kevin enthused.

And she did!

And the view was even more spectacular after she'd gone for a swim. The darkness of her aureoles was unmistakable through the lightly colored, wet cloth. She caught us staring. Smiled. Blushed. Looked away. Then looked back and caught us staring again. Her nipples hardened into hard little nubs before our eyes. Her eyes returned to her book. Then back to her admirers.

Mrs. White was almost as excited as we were. Later the three of us took a tour of the bay by canoe. With Kevin's mom's derriere perched delicately on the cross bar, yours truly, sitting in the back, spent the whole trip contemplating her perfect bum. And with her innocently facing the front, and while the three of us carried on a normal conversation, I spent most of the trip with one of my hands inside my shorts. Fondling myself. Neither of the other two had a clue.

I even, just for a couple of seconds, pulled it right out into the air. Somehow I stopped myself from jacking off and splattering her back.

"What do you boys want for dinner tonight?" Kev's mom asked as we paddled up the dock.

"You don't have to do anything, Kev and I are taking you to Armando's Mrs. W.," I said as I climbed up out of the canoe.

"Don't be silly .... we've got lots of food." I offered her my hand and helped her up.

"It's for us as much as you mom," Kev said as he exited the boat. "We've got to learn."

"Learn what?"

"It's going to be so different when we're in Princeton, Mrs. W," I answered. "How are we ever going to be able to know what to do if one of these sophisticated college girls wants us to take them somewhere fancy?"

"You want me to teach you?"

"Yeah," her son answered. "Like what should we wear, how we should act, what should we talk about, our table manners..."

"Ashley told us you'd be the best person to help us. That we should take you out while we we're up here, that we needed someone more sophisticated than her or her friends to help us."

"She did?" Mrs. W. was clearly delighted at both the idea and that Ash had suggested it. "Well I suppose," she started. I interrupted.

"But if you don't have something to wear..."

"Of course I have something to wear," came right back. "Armando's will be perfect. Then maybe next week I'll take you boys to the country club. It's a very good idea. I should have thought of it myself. You're lucky to have such a wonderful s****r Will."

Armando's was Frelisbergs number one restaurant and owed its success and survival to the moneyed summer set that flocked to the area from May to September. A Bistro in front that served authentic Parisienne cuisine, the rear housed a more intimate, darker room that was later in the evening transformed into a more night clubby ambiance by the addition of a DJ and the clearing of a space for dancing.

"You'll have to tell us what to wear mom," Kevin encouraged later when we were getting ready to go. She took her time choosing. A Caribbean shirt and a casual sport jacket over lightweight, beige, silk dress pants was eventually chosen for me. A similar look was chosen for her son.

"Now it's your turn to help me. Which would you boys prefer I wear tonight?" she asked twenty minutes later. The words were shyly offered. Mrs. W. held a dress in each hand. She was wearing the famous Chinese kimono. Her long blond hair, still wet and uncombed, hung loosely down her back. She'd just got out of the shower.

"Heck, we're not experts mom."

"Maybe you better try them on for us," I suggested. She rushed off. A minute later she was back. She looked great.

"You'll have to do it up," she invited as she offered her back to me. Made of silk, the dark crimson sheathe, with a décolleté cut, accented every curve in her voluptuous body. As I pulled up the zipper I peeked over her shoulder and down into the deep hollow between her breasts. She was wearing some kind of lacy black strapless bra that just covered her nipples. There was absolutely no need for her to try on the other dress.

I tentatively put my nose just below her left ear and inhaled. "Are you wearing perfume Mrs. W.?" I asked as I lightly nuzzled her. "You smell so good." Before she could say anything I invited Kevin to come over and check it out.

"You smell much better than the girls at the prom," Kevin contributed after he'd inhaled his mother's scent.

"Way better ... more womanly somehow than those girls were," I added.

"Sexier too," Kev enthused after a second inhalation. Then both he and his mom blushed.

"You'll have to teach us about perfume too Michelle," I said as I zipped her up. I leaned in again and inhaled her scent again. "You don't mind if I call you that do you? Seeing as we're sorta on a date tonight."

Mrs. W. wasn't one hundred percent sure. I could see it in her eyes.

"Yes Kev, we're about to go on a date with the most beautiful woman in Frelisberg." Michelle's eyes smiled. All protest was stilled.


We ate dinner at a small round table in the darkened back room. A candle flickered. Being a Monday night the room was only half full and we had almost complete privacy. Mrs. W. ordered a bottle of wine to accompany our dinner. Our knees touched under the table.

I tried to keep the conversation centered on our plan as we ate. "Ashley did a wonderful job," Michelle agreed when we discussed our clothing makeover.

"We couldn't have done it without you Michelle," I corrected, letting the 'Michelle' slide from my lips as slowly as syrup, then let my fingers linger on her bare arm.

"You've been great mom," Kev echoed.

"We still haven't built ourselves up very much with the weights," I said, hoping to invite an argument.

"That's not true, you're looking wonderful. Even Ashley and the girls noticed it," Michelle replied.

We sat back and let her lead us through a quick seminar on perfume. And later Kev asked her about women's clothing. How a guy should react to what his dates wearing. What was considered a compliment, what was verboten. Finally I seized the opening.

"This is sorta a weird question Michelle ... you probably won't even want to answer it. It's personal ... it's just there's so much we don't know," I stammered out.

"What? You can ask anything. You don't have to be shy with me ... I'm almost your mother," she answered. And she was truly morphing into Michelle and away from the Mrs. W. I'd always known.

"It's just I saw your bra ... when I was zipping you up," I said.

"My bra?"

"I shouldn't ask," I said as I let a blush escape onto my cheeks.

"Will! Don't be foolish."

"It's just that I couldn't figure out how it stays up ... there didn't seem to be any straps." Michelle laughed. I went on, "We sorta investigated ladies bras before--"

"Have you?" there was a challenge in her eyes. "You and Kevin?"

"We didn't do anything bad. We were just trying to figure out how to open and shut them. It's all part of our plan. What if we ever get in a position to undo one and we can't."

"We'd look stupid," her son agreed.

"And whose bras were they?" I think she expected I'd say hers. That we'd been messing around in her underwear. In fact I think she was hoping it was in her drawer that we'd been exploring.

"You won't say anything? You won't be mad? Promise?" I asked.

"Of course I won't be angry with you."


'Your mother's?" I nodded.

"And Ashley's."

"There's so many kinds mom," Kev threw out. "Some of them were almost impossible to open."

"We didn't do anything Mrs. W." I'd gone back to the more formal address on purpose. "Nothing really wrong."

"It's absolutely normal for boys to be curious."

'It's just that when I saw yours tonight it looked different than Mom's."

Michelle White then went on to give us a ten minute mini-class on bras. The one she was wearing, which she let us have a pretty darned good look at as she explained its structure, turned out to be something called a strapless, seamless, push up bra in satin. In a leopard skin print pattern. As she leaned over for a second both Kev and I saw it when a nipple popped free. She leaned back but she didn't rush doing it. Her nipple had been excited.

"Will you show us all of your bras, maybe tomorrow?" Kev asked somewhat boldly.

"We really had trouble when we didn't have anyone showing us how they worked," I immediately added.

"You boys will be studying too hard to have any time for bra mechanics," she answered, but with a smile. We both took it as a yes.

When the DJ appeared and the music started up I asked Kev's mother for the first dance. She refused at first. "We probably should go home."

"I'm not that bad," I protested.

"That's not why--"

I interrupted her. "Mom taught me. Before the prom. Showed me how to do it."

"She did?" she asked as I took her hand and got her to her feet.

"She told me it's all in how you hold the woman. Gently but firmly," I said as I put my arms around her back. Involuntarily her arms snaked around my head. Her breasts brushed my chest. We fit together perfectly. For the first minute of the song we were silent as we slowly swayed. She moved into my cock.

"There's something we have to tell you. We don't want to do it behind your back."

She lifted her head. "Tell me what?" My hands slid lower.

"It's just something we want to do before we go to Princeton. To get it out of the way." I was in no rush. I wanted Michelle to slowly draw it out of me.

"Get what out of the way?"

"Maybe it'd be better if we didn't tell you. You might think we're bad."

"What Will? I'd never think you boys bad." I put my hand at the back of Michelle's head and caressed her hair.

"We're virgins Michelle."


"Both Kev and I." Her mound was comfortably pressed against my cock. She didn't answer. Instead she simply buried her head against my chest.

"We've decided to hire someone ... before we go to school," I whispered into her ear.

"WHAT?" I felt her body tense at my words but my hand kept her from pulling back. I waited. Slowly I felt the tenseness drain from her body.

"You can't. You'll remember your first one all your life. It's important Will," Michelle said as she looked up into my eyes. I simply held her against me.

"A girl will come along ... someone you'll fall in love with ... you just have to wait," she pled.

"It could be years."

"You just can't ... not with a prostitute. I won't let you. I won't let either of you."

"We're already in love. It's just that--"

"Just what? Who is she?"

"I'm dancing with her," I said, then released her and led her back to the table.

"Michelle wants to dance with you Kev," I said as I offered my friend his mother's hand. Michelle still had a look of shock on her face as Kevin put his arms around her. They talked animatedly as they danced. And as soon as they returned to the table Michelle White insisted that we go home.

It was a silent twenty minute ride home, a silence only broken when we pulled up in front of the cottage. "We're going to talk about this tomorrow morning." It was an order. Mrs. White rushed into the house the second she'd uttered it.

She was in her room when the two of us got in the house. "You shouldn't have said anything," Kevin grumbled as we looked at her closed bedroom door.

"I'm going for a swim," I answered as I threw my sports jacket over a chair. My shirt quickly joined it.

"I gotta pee first," Kev answered.

"Grab the towels." When he got back I was standing naked in the center of his living room floor. He shucked his pants while I wrapped the towel around my waist.

"Should I tell mom?' he asked as I turned towards the door.

"You better," I said, then flicked the switch on the two outside lights. I was already halfway down the hill when I heard Michelle's voice, "You can't, don't you boys dare! Not tonight. You've both been drinking, I won't let you."

"You better watch us then," I heard Kevin say he rushed out of the cottage. Just as I launched myself off the dock I heard the screen door slam shut a second time. I knew Kev's mother was following us.

She was standing on the end of the dock when I resurfaced, clearly angry but beautiful in her crimson dress. She was barefoot. I knew it was now or never.

"So aren't you going to get the cocoa ready." Kev asked. His mom responded angrily. As they talked I swam to the shore and walked up onto the beach. Then I silently walked down the dock.

When I was less than five feet from her she asked her son, "Where's Will? I don't see him." Before she could panic or move I quickly moved right up behind her and then bent and lifted her in my arms.

"WILL!" Her screech echoed across the lake. Before I could talk myself out of it I jumped off the end of the dock. Michelle White was in my arms. I was naked. So was her son.


We gave her a few minutes up at the cottage alone before we finally trudged up the hill with our towels around our waists.

"You boys are terrible," were her first words when we entered the house. But there was a shy, almost girlish smile on her face. And she was holding a tray with three cups of cocoa on it. She was wearing her silk kimono. It was obvious that she had nothing on under it.

I turned off the overhead light and then turned on the music before I joined mother and son on the couch in front of the fire. For minutes we were silent as we sipped the warming drinks. The flickering flames of the fire danced across our bodies.

"Well, we better all go to bed." Michelle finally announced. She rose. We rose with her.

"One last dance," I invited before she could escape us.

"It's late," she whispered but still let me put my arms around her. I unhooked my towel and then pulled her against me. In the darkness, in her nervousness I'm not sure she even noticed. But she couldn't help but notice the hardness that was trapped between our stomachs. As I watched Kevin over his mothers shoulder I slowly let my hands slide down over the roundness of Michelle's bum.

"Don't," she whispered in my ear.

"You're so beautiful," Michelle," I answered as my hands explored.

"We can't. It's wrong." Softly, almost sadly breathed into my ear. I slowly pulled the hem of Kevin's mother's kimono up until I'd bared her. The music ended. I let the kimono fall. "Do you want Kevin's first woman to be a--" I let Michelle fill in the blank.

"Your mother wants one last dance with you Kev," I told my friend as I put Michelle's hand in his. As they came together I grabbed Kevin's towel and pulled it off him. I watched them dance. I watched Kevin's hands as they explored the same area I'd just caressed.

And then I moved right up behind his mother. I gently moved her long blond locks to the side before bringing my lips to the hollow on the side of her neck. I kissed her. She groaned. Kevin, plastered against his mom, watched from inches away.

"Kiss your mom," I encouraged as I let my hands slide down his mother's arms. He did. She moaned softly when their lips finally parted.

"Move back ... just for a sec," I told her son.

"Move back?"

He stepped back about a foot. His cock was sticking out, bobbing and an angry red as it tried to bridge the distance now between them. He watched silently as my arms circled his mom. Michelle made no protest as my fingers undid the sash that held her kimono closed. In fact, she arched back into me. I slipped the kimono down off her shoulders. Kevin watched as it pooled on the floor at his feet.

My palms closed around the ripe, pink tipped melons. Michelle groaned as I squeezed and caressed them. But my hands didn't linger, instead they slid off and downward, two separate probes that met as they trailed into her pubic nest. I pulled the lips apart.

"Take Kevin's cock," I whispered in his mother's ear as I held her open, as one of my fingers slipped inside her moistness. She was wet ... ready. Her hand had closed around his shaft.

"Put it in, put Kevin's big cock inside you," I urged as I pulled her even wider apart. A second later my friend's thick knob was rubbing against his mother's opening.

"Put it in Kev," I ordered, then watched as my friend pushed his penis deep inside his mom. I stepped back. Michelle cried out. Her son grabbed her ass as he thrust deeply a second time. A minute later they were on the floor, the colorful Navaho rug the only thing protecting Michelle's body from the hard pine floor that her son's urgent, thrusting spear was driving her into. Neither of them noticed.

I sensed the imminent arrival of his orgasm and pulled him back. He fought me, unwilling to leave his mother's sheathe before he'd flooded it. "You can't, your mom can't have your baby," I yelled. Finally, reluctantly he let me pull him out of his mom.

"Nooooo ...pleeeeease," his mother cried, clearly lost in the pleasure his cock had released, a cock bigger than any that had ever entered her.

"I'm cumming," Kev groaned.

"Put him in your mouth Michelle," I ordered.

Without hesitating, beyond any rational thought, Michelle White dipped her head and took her son into her mouth. Seconds later Kev's cock started to jerk. She swallowed his cum in hungry, sucking gulps.

And then, a minute later, with Kev still on his back and his chest heaving, I leaned down and picked his mother up off the floor. A strand of her son's sperm was dangling from the corner of her mouth.

"What?" she groaned as I picked her up. I carried her to her bedroom. A second later I was inside her. Fucking, thrusting, possessing, spearing, pumping, owning, loving...

She was tight and moist. Her legs curled around my back. In my need I hardly felt her nails as they sc****d across my shoulders.

I came quickly but she was ready for me. The excitement of the evening, our dances, the thrusting's of her son had all brought her close. And so, as my cock jerked for the first time inside a woman, Michelle's vagina was spasm-ing into its own orgasm. I didn't pull out even though I knew I should. I couldn't. And Kevin, still back in the other room, wasn't there to do it.

Michelle screamed as her orgasming cunt squeezed my spurting cock.

I fucked her a second time. I didn't even pull out before I started again. As I was fucking his mother Kevin walked into the room. He was naked. Hard. He stroked his penis as he stood at the edge of the bed watching me fuck his mom. Her head thrown back in ecstasy, she didn't notice him.

As soon as I rolled off he replaced me between her legs. His second time inside her he didn't pull out.

That first night I came inside his mother four times. Kev matched me.


"Morning," I whispered when I saw her eyes open. I'd been lying watching her for twenty minutes. The sun had been up for hours.

She stretched languorously in response, then leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips.

"You're beautiful." She kissed me again. Then she kissed a nipple. Then her lips drifted lower. I lay back, then groaned as she took me into her mouth. Kevin woke sometime during the blow job. I felt it through her mouth when he pushed his cock inside her.

We stayed at the cottage another s*******n days. We hardly left the property. We hardly ever put our clothes on.

She taught us all she knew about sex. In the end I think we taught her more. Mrs. White discovered in those s*******n days that she loved sex. We found out it was impossible to give her too much.

August - Mom

We got home from the lake on the second day of August. It was a Monday. Dad was home but mom wasn't scheduled back from her trip with Ashley until the following Sunday afternoon.

I called Natalie on Tuesday morning. My penis was buried deep inside her by nine forty-five a.m. It was a completely different experience from what I'd had with Michelle. It wasn't love. There was nowhere near the emotional attachment that I'd felt with Kev's mom. But it was great. She taught me how to eat a woman. Then, on all fours in her apartment, she begged me to fuck her ass.

Ashley, fresh from the 'leadership camp' she'd attended with mom, chose not to come home on the Sunday with mom -- instead she joined Caitlyn's f****y for two weeks at their cottage in the western end of the state.

Father, who'd been preparing for a complicated copyright trial for most of August, was due in Chicago for the openings motions on Monday morning. His team flew out on Sunday afternoon two hours before mom was due home. I drove him to the airport.

It was perfect! I couldn't have planned it better. I'd been with Natalie all week and now it was mom's turn.

"Hey," I welcomed after running outside the second I saw her car turn into the driveway. She'd called fifteen minutes earlier on her cell warning me she was on her way.

"Oh my gawd, look at you, you're as brown as a berry," she answered as she held out her arms in welcome.

"You look great," I said as we hugged. "Your hair, its--" Mom had changed her hair style in her weeks away. Unleashed from her normal tight bun on top of her head, her brown curls now seemed to float as they cascaded down onto her shoulders.

"Ashley thought maybe--"

"It looks great, you're beautiful," I said as mom blushed under my scrutiny of my eyes.

"Are you sure? You don't think it's too young a style for me?"

We weren't looking at each other in a normal mother/son way. Nor was the embrace a typical one.

There was an excitement, a sexual excitement between us that I knew she felt as much as I did.


"We've been talking ... your dad and I," mom said once we'd settled ourselves on the couch. "About the future," she added.

She talked almost non-stop for over an hour. My parents were going to separate. They'd grown apart. They still both loved us. It was to be an amicable split. "It's just we've both decided we want different things now that you guys are almost grown up," mom explained. She'd already told Ashley. Who'd been very supportive. In fact from the sounds of mom's words Ashley was hard at work planning mom's move back to a single person's life. Apparently the hairdo change had only been step one.

I tried to sound sympathetic. I hugged her. I was elated.

"So how was the cottage? Did you have a good time?" she asked after she'd finished.

"It was great."

"Have you got everything organized for college? Do we have lots of things to get done before you go?"

"Kevin and I still have a few more lessons to take."

"Lessons? For what?"

"We still haven't quite mastered all the important dating techniques required of Princeton freshmen."

"I taught you to dance, what more do you need?"

"Well, kissing to start ..." I gave mom a teasing smile as I said the words. "One of the 'How To Be a BMOC' books we read emphasized how important good kissing technique is. It said that just a few poorly performed kisses can ruin a college freshman's social life."

"Did they?" She started to grin.

"Uh huh. And it's not that easy."

"And how do you plan to overcome any kissing shortcomings you have in the short time left to you?"We were both smiling broadly now.

"Professionals!" I said confidently. "I think that's what I've learned most from this whole process mom. Why fool around? Go find someone who knows what they're doing. Then pay them to teach us."

"That's not very romantic," mom answered, then slowly ran her tongue across her upper lip. "And besides, as I remember it, you're already a pretty good kisser."

"That was just one. The kissing manual said you have to learn all sorts of kisses. That it's pretty complicated until you get your tongue wet, so to speak."

"Did it?"

"Uh huh. How many do you know mom? Did you have a kissing instructor when you were young?"

"I know a few," mom whispered back. Our lips were now only inches apart.

"Maybe if I learned a few from you beforehand my lessons won't be as expensive," I said just as our lips lightly touched.

We went straight to one of the most advanced kisses. A hungry, moist, needy, tongue filled kiss. An urgent attempt to swallow the others mouth.

When you kiss it's not just the lips and mouth that move. Your hands, unbidden, do too. They explore. They caress. They squeeze. They undress. And all the while there's that excitement growing in your groin. The filling, the hardening, the need.

Why didn't mom stop us? I know looking back that she could have. That only a few words from her could have stopped me in my tracks. But she didn't say those words.

Was it because of dad and the impending separation? Was it a need for reassurance? Had she been carrying around and dreaming of the dance we'd had weeks before?

I think now that I awoke something in her. Something that had lain dormant deep inside her for much of her last five or ten years with dad. That her untying herself from my father had unleashed a long suppressed and deep sexual hunger.

And she was hungry. There was no 'we can't' or 'it's wrong' in our coupling. We used each other as hungry a****ls might. Urgent hard sex that we repeated three times before we fell apart.

My mother's head was resting on my chest, her eyes locked on mine. One of her hands lightly held my sticky and spent penis while my hand caressed her hair. There were tears falling down her cheeks. They were tears of happiness.


"Kevin's coming to stay with us ... this aft, the White's are flying out at four." We'd just woken. I had a hard-on. It was four days since mom had returned home. We'd spent them in my father's bed.

"We'll have to be careful," mom answered, then kissed my cheek. Her fingers trolled down across my stomach until they found my cock. Her fingers closed around it. Squeezed.

"We slept with his mom," then added when her mouth opened in surprise, "when we were at the cottage." I had no idea how'd she react to the news.

"Both you and Kev?"

"We shared her," I answered as I rolled on top of my mother.

"Shared her?" mom asked as I pushed my penis inside of her.

"In every way," I said. The only sounds either of us made for the next five minutes were the sounds of intercourse, the groans, the gasps, the moans, and the grunts that always accompanied an orgasmic union. When we'd finally decoupled we lay silent on our backs, the only sounds in mom's bedroom the deep panting sounds of emptied lovers.

"And are you going to share me?" mom finally asked.

"Yes," I answered.


Kevin arrived just after five-thirty that day. He'd known, I'd already told him two days earlier, that I'd already made love to my mom. There was a nervous excitement in him as he stowed his bag in my room.

"Does she know?" he asked.

"She knows we both fucked your mom."

"You told her? What'd she say?"

"I told her that tonight I was going to share her with you."

"You did? Was she mad? What'd she say?"

"Mom's never had two cocks in her at the same time," I told my friend.

Kevin had mom for dessert that night. Literally. I'd put them so that they were facing each other from either end of the dinner table. They'd both been nervous throughout the meal. Conversations started and then suddenly stopped. Quick, shy glances followed by dropped eyes. Sitting between them I stayed silent as I ate, watching them both as my left hand stroked my mother's thighs.

Kevin knew what I was doing. Mom knew that Kevin knew. But she did nothing to discourage me as my hand explored her sex.

Mom finally rose. "I'll get the dessert," she said.

"Come here first," I asked, then reached for her hand.

"We're having apple pie and ice cream," she told Kevin as she moved up beside me.

I put my fingers on the hem of mom's dress and slowly raised it. "Don't, please Will," she whispered as my fingers seized the top of her panties. She didn't move. I pulled mom's panties, panties made of soft white lace, slowly down. And then I heard a gasp from behind me when my mother's dark triangle of pubic hair was exposed to Kevin's stare.

"We're having you for dessert," I told my mother. Seconds later I lifted her up on the table so that she was facing Kevin. Her legs were open, her sex exposed. I helped her lie back among the dishes while Kevin dipped his head. He was licking his lips. Her little cries of pleasure soon followed, they were expelled into my mouth as we kissed. I felt it when he pushed his cock inside mom. And I kissed her the whole time he fucked her.

Later she sucked Kevin while I made love to her.

Later still she found herself the filling of a three person sandwich. Lying on top of Kevin, vagina stuffed, while I creamed her ass.


I called Monica Evans five days before I was due to leave for Princeton. Just to say goodbye, to wish her well.

"Why don't you come over, I'm just hanging by the pool," she invited. So I did. Expecting nothing even while hoping for everything. What I'd already learned in my few short weeks of sexual activity was that the more sex you had the more you wanted. Even while Kevin and I had been occupied with my mom over the previous week, I hadn't been able to stop myself from sneaking over to Natalie's just about every day.

The more cum I spent the more that seemed to be produced.

We sat talking while sitting on the edge of her pool with our feet dangling in the pool. We were both in our bathing suits. We each had a beer in our hand. She was nice. It was just a nice comfortable conversation. About university. About our hopes. Our plans. About her long term boyfriend Greg who was already off to play football halfway across the country. How they'd put their romance on hold. It was a conversation that I never would have been capable of carrying on three months earlier.

When my beer was finished I slipped off the ledge and down into the water. "C'mon down here," I lured as I looked up into her eyes.

"It's too cold." I held up my arms towards her. Without another word she let herself go and fell into them. I enveloped her in them as I pulled her against me.

"Has that bad alien taken over Will Sommer's body again," she asked coyly. The invitation was clear.

I shook my head. "It's just me." My hands had slipped inside the back of her suit and onto her bare bum.

"Are you still a virgin?" One of her hands slid across my stomach. I shook my head no.

"The alien made me do some very bad things," I said as I disengaged my left hand and then used it to undo her bra.

"What bad things? With who?" she asked as her fingers circled my shaft.

"He made me do it with three different women."

"WHAT?" Three?" And then she started to giggle.

"What," I asked back when she didn't stop. I was pushing her panties down her thighs as I spoke.

"It's not fair. Here I'm the Prom Queen and I've only slept with two boys in my whole life and you, who's never talked to girls in his whole life has all of a sudden slept with three." Her hand started to move up and down my shaft.

"We could make it three for you," I offered.

"You'd still be one up on me," she answered as she placed my cock against her slit. My hands tightened on her ass and pulled her forward.

Every single woman is different. Each in her own way delights. Monica and I had a fun fuck. It was athletic and fun. No great words of love or promises. We spent a wonderful afternoon together.

"You're bigger than Greg," she said much later. I was lying on my back on the lawn next to the pool. She was kneeling over me, examining me with her fingers. 'Much bigger."

"Is that good," I asked.

"Very," she answered. Then she took me into her mouth.

It was an easy parting. We'd both enjoyed ourselves but without any sense of commitment. We promised we'd see each other again at Christmas or even, if it worked out, one of us might visit the other some fall weekend. Our schools were only about an hour apart.


I slept alone with mom that night. Kevin's parents had returned from their vacation and were anxious to see him, especially his dad who only had a couple of days at home before he had to leave for another business trip.

"Are you okay? Is everything going to be alright?" I asked my mother as we lay entwined. It was close to midnight and the room was eerily lit by the moonlight that was flooding in through the glass balcony doors.

"I'm going to miss you so much," mom whispered.

"I love you." I kissed her.

"Of course you do. I'm your mother." I felt the tear as it slipped down her cheek.

"It's not over. It'll never be over, never" I promised. And it won't be. I know my mother will always be the most important woman in my life.



Ashley returned two days before I was scheduled to leave. The next afternoon I caught up to Ash, Caitlyn and Bri. They were doing teenage girl things in her room while the music blared in the background.

When I sat down on the bed they turned the music off.

"I just want to thank you guys," I started.

"You've certainly changed," Caitlyn threw out.

"Due to your good work," I complimented.

"I think we may have done too good a job," my perceptive s****r opined. I laughed.

"Anyway, I just wanted you to know that if you ever need anything, anything at all, you just have to call." My eyes stayed locked on Ash as I said the words. She looked for a second like she might cry. Ashley?

"You could update my computer before you left," Brianna asked. She was quite willing to take advantage of any offer.

We joked around for a couple of minutes. Finally, ready to back out, I started to take my leave. 'Goodbyes', 'good luck', 'thanks', 'see you at thanksgivings' flowed.

The new, reformed Will Sommers, the Princeton model, couldn't resist one parting shot. "And if you ever need any advice about boys, you know, if you want a more mature take on the world, a more sophisticated man's view, a college viewpoint your high school boys can't supply, you should feel free to e-mail or call."

All three girls started to sputter out words. I interrupted them, "I'm serious. And you know what, I'm going to make you all an offer that you can keep on the back burner just in case you need it down the road."

"And what offer might that be mister college sophisticate?" Ashley asked with a wry smile.

"If by any chance you three can't manage to come up with a suitable date for your senior prom--"

"It's not for two years," came from Caitlyn.

"Like why would we not be able to get dates?" Brianna.

"—I promise that both Kevin and I will make ourselves available."

"Like we'd be interested in dating two nerds." Caitlyn. s*s was smiling.

"Two handsome, sophisticated, well dressed Princetonians," I said smugly.

"Princeton?" Ashley. Dismissively. "Now if you were going to Harvard that might be another thing entirely." My s****r was nice. And I knew I'd never really get the better of her.


We left the next morning. In the car I told Kevin that he had to reserve June 17th 2012 on his schedule. That we had to pay back our debt.

Mrs. Michelle White, the mother of my best friend and the woman who'd taken my virginity, opined from the front seat, "Those girls would be lucky to have you boys."

"Yes they would," agreed my mom as she nestled in against me on the back seat. She absentmindedly stroked my penis through my pants as we drove off.

It was a four hundred plus mile trip to Princeton. It had been decided that mom and Michelle would drive us up in Mrs. W's Mercedes SUV. The mom's had insisted that we plan it with an overnight stop to break the trip into two manageable pieces.

We reserved two rooms with king size beds. We only used one. The two manageable pieces turned out to be Kevin's and my cock. And our mother's managed them very well.

The next day we started our University careers. We were ready for all cumers...

It was only when we got home for Christmas that we learned that both our moms had been pregnant as we'd made love to them that September night. However, it'll be a while before the paternity of the two c***dren is officially confirmed. Don't tell Kevin but I'm pretty sure they're both going to be Sommer's babies. Will Sommers.

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