A Dark and Deadly Lover

Carla sighed in frustration as she scanned the packed nightclub. He just was not here, she growled silently. Every man she looked at did not attract her in the least, too skinny, too heavy, too blond, too redheaded. Not that she had any problem with the later; she was just in the mood for a dark haired lover tonight.

Weaving her way through the mass of undulating bodies as they danced, drawing angry or jealous stares from the women, ogling drools from the men, Carla ignored them all. She was hungry and she was on the prowl and tonight only a dark haired man was going to satisfy that hunger.

Her outfit demanded attention, a black leather skirt, tight and high exposed her long, long shapely legs and thighs. A bustier, shoved up her breasts, begging for a man's touch, but not just any man's touch, as her gaze continued to scan the mass of flesh.

A young man approached her; he could not have been any more than a fresh drinking age, twenty-one, twenty-two, his face coming up only a few scant inches from her own. His breath reeked of beer and Carla took a step back, her eyes flashing in anger.

"Want to dance?" He asked, his voice slurred, his hand already coming up in an attempt to ensnare her tiny waist and Carla took another step back.

"No." She answered bluntly and his face turned into a scowl in a fraction of a second.

"I want to dance with you, you're pretty." He told her angrily, and again his hand came up. Carla smacked it away, wanting to rake her long nails down his too boyish face.

"I said no." She shot back, starting to sidestep his now pawing hands, his knuckles scr****g over her ample amount of exposed breasts.

"You're a fucking tease, you cunt!" He growled loudly, drawing the attention of a few dancers that surrounded them.

"Something you'll never find out." Carla told him in biting sarcasm and once more started to move around him. Despite his d***ken state, he quickly managed to cut her off again, his hand coming forward, this time to attempt to reach beneath her skirt, his lips curling into a lusty yet angry grin.

A hand shot out between them, clamping completely around the boy's wrist as though it were a small twig and twisted backward, causing the younger man to howl out in pain as he started to sink to his knees.

"She said no." A deep, vibrating voice sounded beside her and Carla looked from the boy to the owner of that voice, her eyes rounding in surprise.

Her hero was just exactly what she had been looking for, tall, towering over here by at least a foot or more. His shoulders blocked out the flickering lights that shone overhead upon the dancers, oblivious to the action going on around them. His skin was deeply tanned, his face incredibly handsome, almost too handsome to be real. He had what looked like jet-black hair, curling around and framing his face, coming just below his collar and turning lightly under. Over a packed muscular body he wore a black shirt, unbuttoned just enough to give her a peek at the same dark, curling hair that covered his wide chest and tucked tightly into a pair of snug jeans, his waist outlined, showing Carla that he was lean but just as muscular there as well.

As her gaze continued to travel downward in a few scant moments, she hovered around the bulge at the juncture where his thighs met long legs and thought to herself that he did indeed have a nice package hidden behind the heavy material. Those jeans hugged his powerful thighs and legs almost like a second skin and as her gaze moved up again, she found a pair of the blackest, smoldering eyes staring back down at her.

"Find everything?" He asked, his voice deep, drawing her gaze like a magnet to a full lower lip, expressly made, it seemed to kiss a woman, pleasure her in various ways and she smiled softly.

"I'm not sure." She answered him seductively as those dark eyes flashed before the young man's cry called his attention back to why he was there.

"Go home, boy, sober up." The deep and sultry baritone hissed as he released the younger man's hand that then slithered away, his proverbial tail tucked between his legs.

"You saved me from a very ugly situation, can I buy you a drink?" Carla asked, her voice husky and again those eyes flashed in her direction, his only response was a slight nod of his dark head in acceptance.

Carla ordered a glass of red wine, her hero ordered a straight whiskey and then she led him toward a secluded area of the club, reserved for the owner's special guests, of which Carla was one. Back here the music was not so loud, the lights even dimmer as she rounded a sheer curtain, her dark stranger following close behind.

Carla sat down upon the upholstered seat, patting the cushion beside her before lounging back, hooding her eyes yet watching him carefully as he took a small sip of the whiskey before sitting down.

"How can I thank you?" She asked, her voice low, enticing his gaze again.

"You just did." He answered as though he were not interested in her in the least, yet something inside told Carla that he was very much aware of her and she smiled inwardly at the thought.

"No, really, I owe you." She stated, lifting one foot, propping her heel upon the edge of the seat, showing him her full assets freely and that she wore no underwear beneath the skirt.

That black gaze moved slowly downward, seeing her glistening female lips, cleanly shaven, inviting, swelling slightly and he gave a small grin, taking another drink of the whiskey. Carla noticed with some frustration that it was not to steady his nerves at what she was offering him.

"You're playing with fire, young lady." He told her softly and Carla heard the clear warning in his voice.

"Maybe it's a fire you can put out." She shot back, shifting her foot over slightly, her pink folds separating in another silent invitation. Her gaze shifted to his jeans again, seeing if what she was doing caused that already large bulge behind the material to grow and to her utter astonishment, it had not.

"Trust me, you don't want that or the consequences that goes with it." He warned her again and watched her lick her bright red colored lips.

"Trust me, I can handle it." She shot back and heard his soft chuckle. He was so smooth, so calm it caused her frustration to grow ten-fold.

"You're what I've been looking for tonight." She stated, her voice heavy with lust and the dark eyes lifted back to her hot gaze, and Carla saw another flash of something in their depth. She shivered despite the heat she felt inside, the heat he was creating just by simply looking at her like he was.

"Well, you've found me." He grinned smoothly, noting as he dipped a finger into his drink that her wide-open pussy glistened even more, telling him that she was definitely horny and willing to take he was so obviously trying to talk her out of.

"Could you live with the consequences?" He asked her softly, his gaze coming back to her face to gauge her reaction to his question.

"I can't get pregnant, I take the pill." She told him bluntly and again, he smiled softly.

"That wasn't exactly what I was talking about, but it's good to know." He told her, thorough amusement in his voice.

Carla lifted her leg, placing it into his lap, gently pushing the sole of her boot against that bulge of his and his eyes fired at her action. Reaching down between her own legs, Carla ran a fingertip over her wet pussy folds and lifted it back to her mouth, popping the finger between her lips and sucking at her own taste.

"You're blunt, I'll admit that." He laughed again and suddenly as she pressed her foot harder against him, his hand shot out, wrapping tightly around her ankle as if to stop her action upon him.

Carla gasped, as his eyes seemed to glow with fire as he looked at her again and then slowly, he began pulling her across the seat, wrapping her leg around his back, keeping her open to him. Her heart leapt inside her chest with the fire in his eyes and once more, he dipped a finger into his drink and then slowly, his hand came down, tracing his whiskey-coated finger over her throbbing folds and Carla arched toward him.

"That feels good." She murmured softly wishing he would put that large finger between her lips so that she could suck it inside. And as if he were reading her mind, he pressed between the folds. His finger moved over her swelling clit, his knuckle pressing tightly against her, hearing her moan in pleasure.

"Please, put it in." She gasped as that finger now traced around her flaming entrance, teasing her mercilessly, heedless of whom might pass through or by the curtain to see what was taking place.

"Are you sure you want that?" She heard him ask, his voice barely above a whisper now and Carla could only nod in agreement.

In the next instant she gave a loud gasp of both surprise and pleasure as he drove that large finger into her heat and it suddenly felt as if the secluded area closed in on her. No longer could she hear the bumping music in the background but only her heartbeat, pounding loudly in her ears. Her chest tightened slightly as his finger moved in and out of her in delicious slowness and she could hear the sluicing sound as he worked her thick lubrication around inside her. She felt a burning wetness going over her and when she opened her eyes, discovered that he was pouring the small amount of whiskey he had left in his glass onto her.

Carla glanced around nervously to see who might be watching, and gave a startled gasp as she realized she was no longer in the nightclub. Or at least it did not appear that she was. There were now four walls surrounding them, soft candlelight flickering over the deep red paint that covered them. And she also discovered, to her complete disbelief, that she was no longer dressed. She now lay flat of her back, one leg pressed up against the back of a plush sofa, the other dangled over his knee as he continued to make love to her with his hand.

The whiskey numbed her slightly as he continued to pump his hand back and forth; pushing deeper and deeper inside her and Carla felt the most delicious warmth spreading inside her as he worked her into a near frenzy.

She felt herself tighten and in another few drives she climaxed, crying out in pleasure as she rode her first wave with her dark lover.

He withdrew his hand, only to take hold of her hips, pulling her upward to her knees and as she looked down, Carla could see that her once satisfied and thoroughly drenched pussy was only a breath away from his face.

Carla's heart was beating like mad inside her chest as she felt his hot breath fan over her damp flesh and her body tensed slightly in anticipation of what he was going to do like this.

A low moan passed her lips as he pulled her forward, his hands cupping around the backs of her thighs, spreading them apart. She screamed out in torturous delight when his mouth closed over her, his tongue licking at her lips and pressing between them to find her clit, causing her to shudder in convulsions.

He licked a few more times, then curled his tongue into a spear shape, driving it up into her flame, one, two, three times and then flat again, licking roughly over her entryway and clit again then back to the spear.

When he felt her muscles start to tighten again, he opened his mouth wide, the back of his throat starting to suck deeply and when she climaxed this time, stabbing pain rocketed up from her pussy to her brain, yet made her orgasm almost mind-numbing.

Gasping, bright lights flashing behind her closed eyelids as he continued to suck, Carla had never felt anything so powerful in all of her life. And now, knowing he was going to fuck her seemed that much more exciting yet fearful at the same time.

The pain continued at her quivering folds as her hips bucked almost wildly against his mouth until every last drop of her passion was gone from inside her. And when he pushed her back, Carla felt slightly light-headed at the power of the climax she had just experienced.

When he looked down however, and saw bl**d at the corners of his lips and fear gripped at her as she realized it was her own bl**d that she saw.

That dark head rose a fraction, those black eyes flashed up at her again, pulling at her in silence as he lowered her onto her back once more and Carla found that she could no longer move under the affects of that searing gaze.

She heard his zipper slide down and he then took hold of her hand, guiding it to his now hard dick and she tried to jerk away in trepidation and fright. He was massive, rock hard, pulsating and Carla knew he was too big for her. Her eyes rounded, her mouth opening to protest but no words would form as he gave her another grin.

Carla could not take her hand away from him, wrapping her fingers around his steel rod, squeezing gently, running her sweaty palm over his full length and swallowing past the lump that had formed in her throat.

"I did try to warn you, little girl." He whispered softly when he moved atop her, crushing her beneath his weight and Carla could feel the bulbous tip of him against her entrance knowing she had been the one to put him there.

And then his mouth closed over her own, swallowing her scream of intense pain as he shoved in, burying deeply inside her, stretching her small opening around his massive dick.

And just as quickly, the pain ended when he started to move, filling her, as she had never before experienced. Carla could taste her own bl**d upon his lips and that was exciting as he drew back, that head nearly slipping out before driving himself back down time and time again. He was stretching her even more as Carla felt him still growing inside her, feeling him pass beyond her limits yet sending a charge of electricity through her system with each downward stroke.

His head dipped down, his mouth covering one of her breasts and for a second time Carla felt that sharp stabbing of pain and then the sucking. She climaxed for a third amazing time under the delicious torture he was putting her through but she was starting to feel rather lethargic, weak as he continued pounding into her.

His head moved to the other breast, his teeth sinking into that one as well, just above the dusky pink nipple. A moan of sudden pain escaped from deep inside her throat as her breast grew solid inside his mouth. And then Carla could feel his tongue working, pushing up beneath the nipple, as if he were forcing more bl**d through her veins and straight into his mouth.

Carla realized too late what was happening, as she felt more and more of her life draining away beneath this dark man. And at last he lifted his head, her life-giving fluid staining his lips, a drop or two gathered at the corners of his lips.

"I did warn you." He repeated softly, almost sadly.

"Don't let me die, please." She begged, tears spilling from her eyes, as his thrusts grew harder, rougher, deeper until she felt him stiffen atop her. And even as her eyes started to dim in death, the power of his release gave her one final climax. Her body convulsed violently beneath him until she gave one last deep gasp and then darkness engulfed her.

Carla's eyes shot open, finding herself still upon the seat in the nightclub, only alone and fully clothed. She sat up quickly, smoothing down her skirt after looking down and seeing that it was hiked nearly to her navel. Her body began to shake over the dream she had just had. Relief began to spread over her and her breathing increased slightly as she realized that indeed it had been a dream, she had not perished at the hands of the dark lover.

Carla gave a self-chastising grin that she would have a dream of a sexy and incredibly delicious looking vampire that not just given her the best fuck she had ever before experienced, but had drained the life from her in the process.

Something glistened upon the table in front of her and Carla looked down, her breath catching suddenly in her throat. A heavy crystal glass sat empty upon the table and her hands shaking, Carla reached over to pick it up, sniffing at the contents it had once contained and her eyes rounded in shock. It was whiskey.

"Oh, my..." She gasped and in another round of terror, reached up for the top of the bustier and jerked it down, exposing her breasts and gave a stifled cry of anguish as she saw the puncture wounds upon each breast. It had not been a dream; she had been fucked by a vampire and then killed by a vampire.

Standing, Carla was unsure what to do next. She felt a sudden surge of energy when she came to her feet fully, her body flushing slightly in heat and a powerful sensation began to fill her, as though a small electrical current was rushing up and down her body. Carla smiled in genuine amusement to know that her dark lover had literally sucked and fucked the life out of her and only when she had begged not to die, he had given her a second life. A life that would now be filled with what he had done to her.

Carla's lips parted into a full-blown grin as she swept aside the curtain where she had lain and fucked the most alluring and seductive man she had ever met. He was here somewhere; she could feel him, watching her, waiting to see what she would do with her newfound life. And then a hunger was building inside her, a hunger that could not be quenched this time by lust although that would be an added bonus in her mind.

Looking around, scanning the undulating bodies still moving to the music on the dance floor, Carla spotted just what she needed. The young pup that had accosted her before she had run across her dark lover and she smiled as she approached him slowly. Hoping the alcohol he so obviously had in his system would not affect her when she took him to the dark corner. He had wanted to fuck her before and this time she was going to let him.

His eyes widened in disbelief as Carla reached him, and without a word, she took hold of one of his hands, pulling him, guiding him toward the secluded seat just as she had done before. She could feel the bl**d pumping through his veins as she flicked aside the curtain and her hunger increased by leaps and bounds.

"Fuck me." She demanded and his pants dropped, his hard-on clear but sadly lacking. Carla did not care however. She knew that her dark lover was still out there, still watching and waiting. What this young pup could not do for her sexually, her dark lover would, incredibly satisfying her beyond her wildest imagination. But first, she needed to quench the hunger that drove her.

Carla shoved him backward roughly; his eyes rounding in shock as she hiked up her skirt, her clean pussy beckoning him like an addict to a d**g. She straddled his legs, reaching down to pull her moist lips apart for him to see her and Carla felt one hand upon her hip, urging her downward, letting him guide his own tip to her and she descended onto him, impaling her weight over his puny and horribly unsatisfying dick.

Carla smiled slowly as she heard his sharp intake of breath when she leaned forward and her teeth sank into the tender flesh of his throat and began to suck. And while his hips continued to rocket up and down, Carla greedily drained his pathetic life, his last action was one massive thrust upward, his cum shooting inside her now in sporadic spurts as he began to slump backward against the seat, dead.

Sucking and fucking, that was going to be her new motto in life and as she pulled herself from the young man's now deflated dick Carla left the secluded booth. She saw the black eyes smiling at her in amusement almost immediately and another kind of hunger filled her, a hunger that only her dark and deadly lover could ever possibly appease.

Daray St. Johns laid his head back against the cushions of the overstuffed sofa, closing his eyes, and sighed almost wearily.

"You looked relaxed, Daray." A very familiar female voice stated as she entered the private office.

The music pounded loudly, vibrating across the floor before she closed the door, the private room soundproofed so any occupants could not hear what was going on in the club on the other side of that door. That fact and also so that the clubbers could not hear what went on in the office as well.

His dark eyes opened to only tiny slits and although he kept his head reclined against the cushions; he could see her crossing toward him, her gaze locked upon his face. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman Daray had ever seen before, with her long, flowing blond hair that came to just the top of her rounded hips, swinging back and forth as she crossed the room toward him.

Her face seemed almost angelic, with large blue eyes that never wavered from his face; her lips full and pink as she gave him a slow smile, knowing he was watching her. Behind those liquid blue eyes however, Daray knew there lay no angel. Quite the contrary.

Inside this utterly breathtaking woman's body lay a monster, a monster that had purposely sought him out, seduced him only two weeks before he was to marry his c***dhood sweetheart. And after he had collapsed in spent passion, barely conscious she had coaxed him onto his back, nuzzling his neck with soft, warm purrs of bliss and contentment.

And then pain, blinding white pain at first followed quickly by a heavy lethargy as she began to drain the life-giving bl**d from his body. Not enough to kill him, which she could have so easily done, but enough to quench her hunger, and to keep him alive to appease her lust for all of eternity.

For over one hundred years, Daray St. Johns was frozen in a body that would never age, never grow ill, or never die unless it was at her hands. Bound to her by bl**d and even a hint of fear that she held his life so easily in her hands. The threat always just below the surface that if he did not please her when she commanded him to, she would kill him.

Anise Dupree stopped in front of him, staring down at his incredibly handsome face and felt her bl**d heat to a boiling point. She could not believe her good fortune at finding such an unbelievable human being in Daray so many years ago. Not only was he wickedly handsome, but also when she had seduced him, she discovered that his looks were not the only treasures his body held.

He had given her the most amazing afternoon of pure, raw and hot sex that she had been searching for so many, many years. Her body had been craving a man like Daray for centuries and at last she had found him. Her decision to turn him into one of her kind, binding him to her, had been made the moment he sank that luscious length of his body inside her.

Anise straddled his hips, sitting down astride him and leaned forward to begin almost savagely assaulting his lips beneath her own. She knew he had gone out tonight to feed; she could taste the fresh bl**d he had drank still upon his lips, the telltale scent of a woman upon his face, the faint hint of perfume upon his clothing.

"Was she good, Daray?" She asked, pulling back slightly to speak and those dark eyes opened fully at last to gaze back at her.

"Yes." He answered her honestly and a flash of jealousy flashed through her body as the blue eyes darkened like an oncoming storm.

Her anger sprang to life with him as she once again sought his mouth, her tongue forcing him to part his lips, hearing the small grunt of protest at her action. She scoured the insides of his mouth with her tongue, exploring each and every recess she could reach, wiping out all traces of the other woman she could find.

Anise bit down hard on his lower lip and she felt him wince in pain. Her heartbeat quickening inside her chest, as she could now taste the bl**d from the cut she had just given him. It drove her to near insanity to have more from him and she began to suck harshly at the wound until he pushed her back and away, his eyes glaring up at her in anger.

"Just a little, Daray, please." She begged softly, her hands coming up to cover his upon her arms, forcibly pulling them away and pressing them back against the cushions on either side of his head, pinning him for the moment.

"You damn near killed me the last time, Anise." He hissed on a breath and she gave him a rueful grin.

"Your bl**d is like an aphrodisiac to me, Daray, sweet, full of life and vitality but I promise, I won't hurt you this time." She told him softly, knowing before that she had barely been able to control herself when she began drinking of the sweet nectar from his veins and it had taken him literally weeks to recover.

"But first I want you inside me, Daray. I want to feel the power of your feeding tonight, you're always so gratifying after you've fed." She breathed heavily, releasing his hands and quickly attempting to unfasten the waistband of his jeans.

Her blue eyes bored into his and just as he, with his own donors, was unable to look away, spellbound by the unseeing lure she controlled him with when she wanted him.

Anise stood after unsnapping and unzipping the heavy material, and taking hold of his hand pulled him up from the sofa to stand in front of her. While she held his gaze, she unbuttoned his shirt, peeling the black material over his wide shoulders, never growing tired of seeing such magnificent muscle structure as Daray possessed.

She tossed the shirt onto the back of the sofa, Daray standing perfectly still while she continued to undress him. Hooking her thumbs into the jeans' waistband she began to lower them, her control of him holding and her lips and tongue began to follow each and every inch of his body she exposed, leaving a wet trail down the length of his frame.

Anise lifted each foot, removing his slippers followed by each leg of his jeans, sliding the socks off as she tugged the jeans free of his powerful legs and discarding them onto the sofa as well.

"Such perfection..." She stated huskily, planting a soft kiss high upon each thigh, his incredible length only a breath away from her lips.

Taking hold of his hand, she gave him a gentle tug, urging him now to the floor in front of the sofa. She felt her own desire flowing heavily from between her thighs as she let her gaze travel up and down his frame after he had stretched out on the soft carpet. Those black eyes blinking, trying to fight her hold upon his mind as her own scanned his perfect and purely male frame from head to toe.

Anise breathed deeply as her hands moved to his chest, her fingers tangling painfully in the dark hair that covered his flesh there briefly, smiling at the feel of his heart hammering beneath his ribs.

"I will please you this time, Daray." She whispered softly as one hand began traveling downward, over rock hard abs, and lower still until the coarse pubic hair wrapped around her fingers until she grasped the treasure between his thighs.

"Anise..." He tried to protest, his voice strained in slight fear as he felt her shift her body downward but she quickly cut him off.

"I won't take your bl**d from this, Daray, I promise." She eased his mind, giving him a soft squeeze of comfort.

And as she lowered her head, she kissed the very tip of his large cock gingerly. In the next second she sucked him inside her mouth, feeling his hips arch upward slightly in pleasure.

Anise's head began to bob up and down as his eyes closed softly, unable to stop the pleasure building up inside him as she worked her mouth around him. Her lips clamped down around his base tightly, her cheeks caving in as she slowly pulled back up his length, sucking even more as she reached the tip, urging him to harden for her. And as she lathered his head with saliva, her long fingernails raked gently on the sensitive underside of his cock, causing him to shudder in response each time.

Anise used her tongue to toy with the tiny slit at the head, delving in and then sweeping back around as she heard his breathing quickening. And then she pulled him deeply into the back of her throat using the muscles there, swallowing time and time again until he sprang to life for her. His soft moans of pleasure echoed in her mind as she continued to work around him, her own need growing hotter and hotter as the feel of him growing even larger with each passing moment until at last she had him solid and pulsating.

Anise had to release him from her mouth then, completely unable to hold his full rod, and she again straddled his hips. Reaching between them to take hold of that amazingly long and thick muscle to guide him to her saturated entrance. And then slowly she started to lower her weight around him.

"Hmmmm..." She groaned as the swollen head passed through her opening, noting she had to use more f***e to get him past than normal.

Slowly she continued to drop around him, sheathing his manly sword inside her flaming cavity inch by delicious inch, filling her completely and fully. Her engorged folds reached her hand and she released her hold, using what length she had of him inside her to keep him immobile.

With a deep breath, Anise impaled herself upon him fully, gasping in almost agonizing pain as he struck her interior wall, her body shaking slightly as she waited for her cave to stretch around him.

And then she began moving, her heavy lubrication making him even slicker, her muscles slowly accepting his size as she rode him up and down. The pain was no longer a factor as that bulbous globe that was his tip raked against her walls as she pulled upward, shuddering as wave upon wave of nerve-racking pleasure rippled through her body with each stroke. Anise was always completely astounded even after all the time they had been together how extremely pleasing it felt to have Daray buried deep inside her like this and it was something she would never, ever grow tired of.

Reaching behind her, she gently pushed his legs still further apart, allowing her to drop down around him even more, their pelvic bones grinding together as she humped her hips forward against him a few times.

"Ah!" She screamed aloud in rapturous relief when her first orgasm exploded around him, her interior muscles clamping around him tightly, feeling her heavy nectar coating him additionally as she convulsed atop him.

Spasm after glorious spasm washed through her body and while smaller waves spread out to her extremities she began moving again. Her hands now clamped around his upper hips, on her knees, Anise began her impalements down upon him yet again, driving her hips over him in a near frenzy to obtain that ecstatic mixture of pain and mind-numbing gratification.

"Oh...uh...uh!" She panted heavily, feeling yet one more climax building inside her. This one she knew as it grew was going to be even more intense than the first.

"Oh, sweet... fucking... push, Daray!" She commanded as the dam began to implode and as his hips shot upward, blinding white whites flashed before her eyes. His cock crashed against her interior wall, bending at a slight angle, too large for her to hold fully, the bulging head curved slightly to hit that one spot inside her that caused her to internally explode.

Anise could not be still with this orgasm, her hips bucked and rocked almost violently atop him, she could feel her muscles expelling the heaviest flow of passionate creams she had thus far emitted with him. It felt as though her heart had actually stopped beating inside her chest and she was having a very difficult time breathing as rocketing seizures gripped at her body for what felt like an eternity.

At last only small shockwaves rippled through her system, her chest heaving to fill her lungs with air, stunned at the power behind this climax. Anise had to rest for a moment even though she desperately wanted the feel of his own relief filling her, mingling their passions, their rich creams dancing in that final pinnacle.

Leaning over, bending his still rock hard spear backward with her movement, Anise lay against his chest. He was long enough that she could hold him inside her this way even though he was slick with her juices. His head buried deeply inside her as she tightened her muscles to keep him there, enjoying the feel of the bl**d pulsating beneath his taunt flesh.

Her mouth only a breath away from his throat now and her lips sought and found the pounding vein at his throat. She snaked out her tongue, tasting his flesh, feeling the bl**d rushing through his vein and she could not stop herself as she opened her mouth wide, her fangs bared and she bit down.

"Uhhhh!" He gasped as her fangs buried themselves into the side of his neck, the shock and somewhat erotic feel of her sucking action causing him to react, his hips drove upward as the hot flood surged up his length and ultimately reached the exit. The power behind his detonation inside her sent Anise on a final journey of rapturous gratification.

Anise moaned in ecstasy as Daray filled both her belly and her flaming core with his enchanting bodily fluids, her third and final climax increasing her hunger for his bl**d to an almost blinding intensity. Her hips pumped against him, her muscles milking his cock for every last ounce of cum she could get while his bl**d burned hotly in her mouth until she could swallow.

"S...stop..." He stammered weakly beneath her, his hands lifting to her shoulders in an attempt to push her off of him, to stop her before she killed him.

"Anise...please..." He begged softly and that plea struck her fully, realizing what she was about to do again and instantly she jerked away.

"I'm sorry, Daray!" She cried, lifting her hands to either side of his face, her bl**dstained mouth, hovering just above his own.

Anise lowered her head, pressing her lips lightly against his own, silently asking him for forgiveness yet feeling at the same time that she would never be able to get enough of this man beneath her. The taste of his sweet bl**d almost more than she could withstand. The delicious flavor lingering in her mouth, heating her body even as she felt him slip into u*********sness from the loss of bl**d and weak from filling her now satiated pussy so incredibly.

Anise slid from his unmoving body to her knees, slightly smoothing down her skirt, having hiked it up so she could take him. His cock slid from between her pulsating folds, glistening with their combined fluids and she could not stop herself from leaning over him, using her mouth and tongue to clean away the combined cum from his flesh. Daray neither moved nor uttered a sound as she licked and lapped away at his now soft treasure even as she lifted him gently to cleanse the heavy orbs beneath.

When she finished, she could not stop the smile of pleasure from crossing her lips as she stared down at him for a long moment. Her hand reached up to caress his strong cheek, her fingertips tracing over the full bottom lip, lightly touching the cut she had given him earlier. The question of ever growing tired of him surfaced in her mind and as her gaze once more moved over his nudity, Anise knew the answer was a resounding no.

She reached over him, sighing as she pulled one of the many afghans off the sofa to cover him lightly and stood, not really wanting to leave his side yet knowing she would have to shortly. With yet one more sigh, Anise moved to her desk and picked up the phone, pressed only one number and spoke.

"Daray needs put to bed." She stated coldly into the receiver and within a matter of seconds, two of her security personnel from the club entered the office.

Without a word to either themselves or to Anise, they lifted Daray's u*********s form from the floor, their only emotions showing strain as they hoisted him upward and quietly carried him away, disappearing behind yet another closed door to do as they were commanded.

Daray's hunger bordered somewhere near the edge of insanity and starvation as he drifted slowly back from the u*********sness caused by Anise's taking of so much of his bl**d again.

"I will kill you one day, Anise Dubois!" He hissed, rolling to his side and that small action alone sapping his remaining strength.

"There is a donor waiting, Daray." He recognized Oliver's voice, one of the two men assigned by Anise as his guardians.

Armand was the other and as his dark gaze lifted, he was not surprised to find both men hovering in the shadows. There were only two times these men were not constantly watching over him. One being when he left to feed, the other when Anise herself was in close enough range to control him.

How many times had he attempted to escape her hold of him he could not remember? Yet each time he had tried she had found him, the hold she had upon him through their bl**d ties guiding her like a beacon to his whereabouts. And each of those times he had paid dearly for those attempts, the last time she had taken nearly all his life's liquid leaving him as weak as a kitten and very close to death, giving him only a mere cupful of what he needed to survive each day until he had grown strong enough again to be brought a donor to feed from.

For nearly two weeks he had been at her mercy in one fashion or another and she had definitely taken full advantage of his weakness during that time. The only way he could gain his complete freedom was to destroy her hold of him and the only way to gain that would be through her death.

Unfortunately, as she had drilled into his skull since turning him, her death would also mean his own as she had been his creator and so far, Daray did not have the courage to test that theory out.

Several of the patrons of Anise's club knew what they were, knew that their hunger for bl**d kept them alive. Such as the case of the young woman Oliver ushered inside the softly lit room for him. The idea that she had been chosen as his donor and possible sex partner clear in her eyes as she entered and Daray's hatred and anger mounted.

"You would risk your life simply to bed me?" He growled the question, sickened as her head bobbed up and down in agreement.

He could sense her excitement, literally feel the bl**d rushing through her veins and smell her lust. For a chance to bed the chosen mate of Anise, to this young woman, to possibly give her life just for the opportunity of sampling his passions were nearly more than Daray could bear.

Taking enough of her bl**d to kill her quickly came to his mind, yet he knew he would not be able to do it, had never been able to do it and that angered him even more. During his nightly feedings he had learned to only take so much from each donor, leaving them somewhat listless, confused and believing that what they had experienced was simply a dream. There were times that as soon as darkness fell, he would remain on the hunt until nearly daybreak the following morning to get enough to sustain him and there were also times that he slumbered the daylight hours hungry from the lack of bl**d.

"Come woman." He snarled and as she moved forward, Oliver and Armand quietly left the room, they would not watch him having sex with her or feeding from her body.

The petite blonde, he knew had been chosen by Anise herself, as the young woman's looks closely resembled her own. Her pulse quickened as she approached where he lay, her trepidation was palpable, the bl**d rushing through her body, her heart pounding furiously inside her chest as she sat down almost demurely and shyly upon the edge of the mattress.

Daray's lids dropped, hooding his eyes, he could smell her lust even more and it sparked his hunger and anger even more. How easy it would be for him to simply take what he needed and be done with it, yet that was something he could not do either. That was not what Anise had created in him when she had turned him.

The woman yelped in surprise despite her resignation in offering both her body and her bl**d to this man as his hand closed over her leg. He noted she wore nothing beneath the incredibly short shirt, leaving him to wonder if that was her choice or if she had been ordered to remove her underclothes for him. He pushed her leg out of his way and for some unknown reason he was suddenly reminded of the woman who had recently begged him for her life. He had had no intention of course killing her as she had assumed would be the case when he started to drink from her but instead, despite his misgivings of doing so, he had turned her that night.

That woman, Carla, as he recalled, had came through the doors of that club with such a hunger for lust he had sensed it the moment she entered. Her strong desire for life and all she could gain from it had kept him interested until at last he had given in to his primal urges and sought her out.

Daray was shocked to feel himself hardening beneath the covering to think of that woman even now, his dark eyes suddenly began to glow in heat.

"I've not the strength to give you what you want, you will have to take it from me." HE told the woman sitting beside him and her heartbeat thundered wildly with that idea.

"Anise will be angry with me if I do that, Daray. I was told..." The woman started and he cut her off sharply.

"It's Anise's fault I am like this now! If your reward for giving me your bl**d is sex then you have no option. If you were not promised my body then lean over so that I can take from you what I need!" He snarled heatedly, his words spurring her into action.

Yet as soon as she jerked the covering down, something inside him snapped and a moment of insanity took over his entire being. A surge of strength hit him, a rage so intense that he was blind in his deeds that he was once more going to be used because of his looks and build was too much.

His hands came up; his fingers locked around her upper arms and by the time his sanity returned the young woman lay lifeless upon the mattress. Her mouth agape in the shocked scream that was too slow in coming, her skin ghastly pale and her eyes already turning that hazy gray hue of death. He had drained her completely in a matter of seconds; his first kill in over one hundred years.

"No!" Daray cried in horror at what he had done, his voice echoing inside the small bedroom. His strength returned after such a feeding and he lifted her limp body, hugging her against him in torment. His tears of anguish flowed freely from his eyes and his heart. He had killed in anger, his hatred of Anise overriding all other emotion, all other feelings inside him and he had taken this beautiful young woman's life in the process of feeding that hate.

Anise stormed through the door, obviously informed by either Oliver or Armand. The corpse dropped from his hold and Daray flew from the bed in the blink of an eye, his hand closing tightly around Anise's throat as he slammed her against the wall in his rage.

He could not kill her this way, he knew, yet he would gain some satisfaction in hearing her struggle to breathe for a moment or two. Hands were all over him the moment she hit the wall, pulling, jerking, and peeling his fingers from her throat. Still not quite at his full strength to stop them, he found himself on the floor on his back, pinned in place by even more of Anise's men. His near black eyes flashed as she moved to stand over him, her hand rubbing her neck where his fingers had dug into her flesh and a grin of amusement crossed her lips as she stared down at him.

"I will so enjoy punishing you for that, Daray." She all but laughed, her eyes raking over his nakedness and he shuddered as he felt the heat of her eyes moving over him.

"Get dressed and find your meal. Perhaps you should feast well tonight because it will need to last for a time." She told him in an icy tone, that smile still upon her lips.

Daray was released with a simple nod of her head, she had no fear of him, she controlled him fully just as she always had. She also knew that if he chose to run tonight to avoid another round of punishment that she would track him down. The longer it took to find him, the more severe his punishment would be, and they both knew it. No, Daray St. Johns would not run from her again. After his feeding he would return, his chin tilted in defiance, ready to accept whatever she had in mind for him, he had no choice.

Carla moved through the shadows of the trees, listening intently for any sounds that would tell her where he was. She could sense him near, but where and why was he not making himself known to her.

She had discovered his identity quite by luck tonight by the taking of a younger man that had just left the Dark Half, the club where she herself had visited only a few moments before leaving for another where she had been turned. d***k, the young man had been all to happy to offer up his bl**d and body to her, oddly knowing what she wanted from him.

He had asked if it was Daray that had turned her and Carla had chosen then to drain him slowly while he answered her questions over the course of a few hours of his lacking experience in giving her pleasure. His only talent, it seemed, was his long, thick fingers and while he busied himself pumping his hand between her thighs he d***kenly told her everything she suddenly wanted to know.

His name, her creator, she learned was Daray St. Johns and he was over one hundred years old. He was also the lover of a first generation vampire, the club owner, Anise Dubois she had gleaned from her donor.

"I don't think it's by choice either. Sometimes you'll see Daray look at her with hate in his eyes." The young man volunteered haphazardly while his finger sluiced up and down within her.

"If he... uh... hates... oh, go deeper, baby... yes... there, that's it..." She panted as he fingered her even deeper.

"If he hates her, why doesn't... oh... fuck... why doesn't he leave? Deeper!" Carla gasped as he shoved up hard to give her that climax she sought.

"I don't actually think he can." Came the surprising answer while he sat back leisurely, letting her hump his hand, a smug grin on his face that he could bring her to that point, as his cock obviously had not done it for her.

They had sixty-nined after that and since he was now busy tongue fucking her, badly in this as well, their conversation was little except grunts and groans and deep breaths. She had sucked him off good, but now her hunger increased.

His face buried in her pussy, Carla wrapped her legs around his head and shoulders, pinning him to her. Her arms closed around his legs, pulling them wide as he began to struggle. Her lips found the femoral artery throbbing at his inner thigh, her fangs dropped. Her pussy swallowed his scream as she bit down straight into the artery, her mouth filling with his bl**d.

His arms flailed at trying to dislodge his face, his mouth working to bite her and she tightened her legs to hold him, surprised to feel another orgasm mounting. Unfortunately, she drank too quickly and his struggles slowed and then stilled altogether before she could get that gratification.

Carla released him, his head dropped heavily, and as she leaned over to kiss his soft cock in gratitude, his last breath rattled from his lungs. He had told her that her dark lover usually trolled Rice Park for his meals unless he found someone to his liking at the clubs.

She grinned wide as she stood from her now lifeless host, the fact that Daray St. Johns had found her to his liking firmly affixed in her mind. With her lust as yet satisfied sufficiently Carla left the abandoned building not bothering to attempt to hide the body and set out for the park he had mentioned. There was only one man that could appease her ache and she was going to find him. She was going after Daray.

A twig snapped over to her left and Carla spun around wildly, her eyes searching the shadows but only seeing small creatures scurrying through the leave strewn grounds. An almost bone-chilling breeze hit her in the back after that and she froze. He was there, standing just behind her now. She could sense him with every fiber of her being.

"What are you doing here?" That delicious deep voice demanded and Carla turned slowly to face him, her breath leaving her lungs at his stunning handsomeness.

"Look... looking for you." She answered once she found her voice, those dark eyes flashing back at her. The security light in the distance only illuminated his face and black hair, his lower half still hidden in the shadows, yet instinctively she knew he would be wearing black.

"Why?" He demanded next although he already knew the answer, the scent of her lust was strong.

"I need you, Daray." She answered honestly and heard him chuckle softly.

"You know my name, do you?" He queried, turning to walk away as he spoke and Carla took up to follow.

"Yes, you are Daray St. Johns... damn! Everything about you oozes in sensuality, even your name, Daray St. Johns..." She whispered, keeping up with him as he moved deeper into the thick trees.

"Although I would not agree with your assessment, Carla, I thank you for the compliment." He told her and she gave a tiny gasp of delight that he knew or remembered her name, as she could not recall giving it to him that night.

"I... I was told that you hate Anise Dubois even though you're her lover. Why don't you leave?" She blurted what she had learned and he stopped, turning slowly to face her again, the heavy shadows kept his expression hidden.

"And do tell me, Little One, what else you might know about me." He stated, his voice low, angry as he spoke and using the name he had called her the night of her turning.

"That you were turned over one hundred years ago." She responded.

"And?" Followed the next question.

"And that it's possible that you can't leave Anise Dubois." She added and heard him sigh.

"Do not become attached, Carla, it could mean your death." He warned her ominously, but it was already too late although right now he did not know it.

"Daray, make love to me, please..." She whispered.

"I can't, Carla." He told her softly, sadly it sounded to her.

"Because she would know, is that why? You can only have sex in order to take bl**d?" She questioned him quickly.

"Yes." Came the whispered, yet stunning response.

"Then take some from me, but please... please, I need you!" She cried in near desperation.

"Don't you understand, I... damn woman!" He hissed as she shot forward, her hand lifting quickly to cup him and give a gentle squeeze.

"I need this, Daray, I hurt so bad. Take some of my bl**d so she does not know, please!" She begged and in the next moment her back slammed hard against the bark of a tree.

His mouth angrily closed over her own, his tongue driving past her startled and parted lips and Carla nearly melted at the promised passion of that kiss. His lower body shifted slightly back, the faint sound of a snap and zipper drifted to her ears and she smiled against his lips.

His hands came to her hips, shoving up her short skirt and one large hand moved, his fingers tracing lightly over the lacy material of her panties, damp with need. With one hard jerk the scrap of cloth was torn away and Carla shifted her stance, opening herself up to his touch.

She groaned deeply into his mouth as his hand returned, the heel of his palm grinding up against her and Carla nearly dropped to her knees in pleasure. Daray must have sensed it as he wrapped one steel banded arm around her waist to hold her steady and drove one finger into her heat, her knees buckled, his arm tightened. His finger thrusts were powerful yet caused her no pain and as he pleasured her so expertly his tongue took up the same motion inside her mouth.

The young man she had destroyed was a good finger fucker, but was absolutely nothing compared to how Daray was quickly making her feel. He brought her closer and closer to an explosive climax, feeling her tighten around his slick hand. His arm slipped low, beneath her buttocks and with the ease of lifting a feather he hoisted her up, his had pulled free to guide his erection to her inflamed dampness.

Carla wrapped her legs around his hips as he let his hand drop from himself and thrust forward, burying his full length and expanse with one powerful drive. The pain was minimal compared to the explosion that went off within her as his bulbous head slammed into her back wall.

Blinding white lights filled her vision, her orgasm so violent that Daray had to wrap his other arm around her hips to keep her impaled around him. His mouth swallowed her cries of complete rapture, her body convulsing against him as wave after wave of painful bliss flooded through her system.

"Of fuck, Daray!" She gasped as he finally lifted from her lips, those dark eyes flashing down at her while he held himself immobile until her orgasm began to ebb.

And then he began to move, his strokes slow, deep, filling her unlike any other man possibly could.

"Hmmm... that feels so good... you're so... hmmm, big... so perfect... hmmm..." She moaned in pleasure, her head lulling from side to side and he seared her insides with his mass.

"Bite me when... oh sweet... bite me when you cum, Daray... take my... uh... uh... take my bl**d... oh shit!" She screamed as he lunged deep, his fangs bit down, taking the offered bl**d as they climaxed together.

Liquid heat filled her lower body, numbing cold her upper until they met somewhere in the middle, battling until only one could be the victor. Of course, the heat won the war, but the sensations ended all too quickly as he lifted his head from her throat. His arms released her and she slid off his luscious yet deflating cock.

"Are you all right?" He asked, his voice slightly husky in the darkness.

"Better than all right!" Carla gasped in delight, reaching out to grasp his slick cock and tugging him forward, knowing he was possibly thinking she wanted him again, yet laughed almost gently as she used the material of her skirt to clean him off.

"I have to go." He whispered, backing away to adjust himself beneath his slacks, the zipper grating closed, the snap final.

"Daray?" Her voice stopped him when he turned to leave.

"Don't, Carla. I may have already signed a death warrant for us both." He stated sadly.

"Come with me, Daray. Leave her." She begged of him despite his warning.

"I can't get away from her, damn it!" He shouted in anger at her then an almost a****listic growl sounded deep within his chest and then he was gone.

Daray had no more passed through the doorway of the club than he was ushered by Armand and Oliver toward the bar where Anise sat, her eyes hot as they looked him up and down.

"Join me for a drink, Daray." She stated and motioned to the bartender to prepare a drink for him.

"I'm tired, Anise. And I only want to go to sl**p now so your punishment of me will need to wait." He shot back angrily.

"Didn't you find that extra meal I told you to take, lover?" She questioned silkily and his dark eyes glowered back at her, his chest swelled as he pulled in air.

"No, I thought perhaps you might kill me this time and get it over with!" He growled so that only she would hear him.

"Don't be absurd, Daray! I have no intention of destroying you, but I have thought long and hard of what sort of punishment I could give you for your attack upon me." She laughed softly, glancing down at the drink that was placed in front of him on the bar. It would not hurt him, but what she had planned for later most certainly would, not physically, but emotionally he would pay.

"Drink it." She commanded and his eyes narrowed, shifted to the glass and then back to her own.

"You drink it." He returned after a moment's pause and saw her anger ignite.

"Poisoning me is a suitable form of punishment?" He laughed, yet there was no humor in his eyes.

"I told you, I have no intention of destroying you. You are perfection itself, forever young, wickedly handsome, strong and so very, very virile. I told you when I turned you, Daray, that I had been searching for a man like you for centuries and the way that your body pleasures me I would be an idiot to physically maim you in some way." She stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I'm quite sure there are other men out in the this world better than myself, Anise. With your beauty it should be quite easy to find another who would gladly give you what you want." He told her bluntly and she smiled at his biting compliment.

"I don't want a weakling, Daray, you fight me with a inner fire that comes through when we bed. I have had hundreds of lovers in my long life, but not one can compare to you. Your bl**d is sweet, addicting, just as your body is also. The lava from your cock, delicious with a flavor unlike any I have ever known. No, Daray, I want no other and until such time as I take your life, you will remain mine. Now... drink!" She commanded harshly and he reached over, snatching up the glass, nearly shattering it in a tight grip as he threw the contents into his mouth and swallowed.

"Let the games begin!" He hissed and stormed away from the bar, wondering exactly what he had just consumed and what it was going to do to him.

He did not have long to wait. No sooner had he entered the private suite of rooms off the side of the office, whatever was in the drink hit him like a ton of bricks.

Swaying unsteadily upon his feet, using the walls and furniture to keep him upright, Daray moved deeper into the living room, tripping finally over the lounge chair Anise was constantly moving about. He landed in a heap upon the floor, barely managing to throw his arms out in time to stop himself from landing on his face. With a growl of anger he rolled to his back, the ceiling above spinning like mad before his eyes.

"Bitch!" He hissed between clenched teeth, fighting the wave of nausea that threatened at the back of his throat, leaving a burning, bitter taste in his mouth.

Darkness gathered around the irises of his eyes, whatever she had given him was going to send him into oblivion and Daray heard a laugh, realizing that it came from deep within his chest. What was so funny he had no idea, only he could not stop more from erupting as the darkness grew larger, deeper until silence engulfed and he slept.

Carla paced, back and forth, back and forth. Her throat was still tender from Daray's bite, yet a slow, warm smile worked its way across her lips at the memory, moreover the memory of him taking her right there in the park, hard, hot and heavy. Even after the thorough pounding he'd given her, the incredible orgasms she'd experienced, she wanted more... now!

She continued to pace the long length of the abandoned warehouse she now called home along with several others of her kind. She had lost her apartment after Daray had turned her, she could no longer work the dayshift and her nights were now filled with sustaining her need of bl**d. The sex was just a way to get it, offering up her body as a lure to satisfy her hunger. Sex that left her feeling empty, and unsatisfied all because of Daray.

Human or vamp alike could not make her body feel the way his could. Could not fill her to overflowing, warming her from the inside out as his climax's did. Even now, after only a few hours since he'd taken her so gloriously her hunger for him intensified, she wanted the feel of his powerful body pressed against her own, his hips rocking into hers, that incredible length working her to higher and higher plateaus.

Her steps faltered as she thought about him returning to Anise, what would happen to him if the more powerful vampire found out of their time together. Since coming here to live she had heard stories about the pair, how much Daray hated the woman that controlled him and how ferociously jealous the woman was. Only a handful of the vampires living in this warehouse with her knew of her fascination of Daray and all had warned her that she was playing a very dangerous game with her life. Anise would not tolerate any other woman attempting to lay claim to the man she had created simply as a sexual toy. Many had tried and all had died. Carla aimed to change that, if possible.

Yes, she had to admit that she was obsessed with the man, obsessed with his looks, his gentleness, his compassion that she knew he held despite what he was, otherwise he would have killed her the night he'd turned her. To Carla, Daray was like a d**g that she could never get enough of and she acknowledged silently to herself that she was addicted fully. There had to be a way to get him away from Anise, a way to destroy one of the most powerful vampires imaginable, but how.

Oh hell! Was the first thought that ran through Daray's mind when he awoke to find himself tied, hands and feet to a wooden frame in the shape of a very large X. He glanced down, his frown deepening to find himself completely naked and he was hungry. Very, very hungry which told him that Anise had drank from him before he had regained consciousness.

Looking around, he realized that he was also no longer in the private chambers of the club and that absolutely nothing looked familiar. A sense of dread crept up his spine and yet, he still prayed for the death to take him out of Anise's control. Unfortunately, he knew too that what she had told him was true, she would not kill him, not until she was ready to end his life and after over one hundred years it seemed that that time was never going to come.

There were no windows for him to judge the time of day or night and from the cramps in his arms, he guessed he'd been placed here not too long after he had lost consciousness.

What were her plans for him? Daray questioned in silence. Did she plan on leaving him here for a few days, letting his bl**d lust grow? It wouldn't take long, the only feeding he had partaken had been from Carla and that had only been enough to enhance his climax, a trait Anise had instilled within him when she'd turned him.

He fought the images that flashed through his mind. The images of the turning so many years ago, of how many times she controlled his body and his mind with only her words. She was his creator and the only ways he could be freed of her hold upon him was through death. His or Anise's. Unfortunately, with that control came his inability to destroy his creator and that, in and of itself, was the most infuriating considering he had tried on several occasions only to end up... like he was at this very moment.

"Damn!" He growled into the silence.

The hours stretched on, Daray's arms were completely numb not even aware that the twisting, jerking and tugging had caused the ropes to cut into his flesh and he was losing what little precious bl**d he had. He rested as best he could, floating in and out of consciousness as the day or night wore on. It was during one lucid moment that he decided that leaving him here without the chance to feed was how she planned on punishing him. He could not have been more wrong.

When night came, after feeding voraciously Anise stood silently watching Daray sl**p. His chin rested lightly upon his chest, which rose and fell in a shallow rhythm, a telling clue as to how weak he actually was. A small pang of guilt washed through her, but when she recalled his attack, her conviction to punish him came back strongly.

He was a magnificent creature, even after one hundred plus years under her control. A soft smile curled her bl**dstained lips; she had chosen her mate well so long ago. His muscular frame was just as firm and rippled as the night she had taken him into her fold, into her bed and into her body and a shudder of need enveloped her as she continued to stare at him.

The moment he had entered the club and sat down beside her she knew he had been with the same woman twice. She could smell the bitch all over him and his clothing and jealousy clawed at her chest. Daray was her chosen mate and whomever this female was, she had just signed her own death warrant.

Anise silently glided across the floor, hand lifting to rake a long nail down the center of his torso and his head snapped up at the touch. Dazed, bl**dlust filled eyes swirled until he could focus upon his visitor and she smiled up at him.

"Hello, lover." She stated in her sultry voice and he went rigid in alarm.

There were streaks of bl**d down both arms and down his sides from where he had tried to free himself. The sweet scent pulled at her senses and her tongue snaked out to moisten her suddenly dry lips.

"Kill me now, Anise." He growled low, unable to lift his voice much higher in his weakness.

"Never, Daray." She responded, moving closer, pressing her face against his rippled belly, inhaling a scent that only he possessed and her jealously surged when that scent mingled with that of the female he had taken earlier.

In a fit of anger she struck out, her steely fingernails raking a deep gash across his abdomen, yet he did not call out in pain. The only sound he emitted was a sharp hiss of breath and his eyes narrowed down at her dangerously.

"I will find the bitch who dares try to take you from me, Daray. I will find her and I will kill her in front of your eyes and there will be nothing you can do to stop me." She threatened and his fangs dropped, his feral growl sounding low in his chest making her laugh.

She leaned in again, lapping at the fresh source of his bl**d; another sign of his weakness was the wound was not healing as quickly as it should. Licking, lapping at the flow, she used her own saliva to seal the gash stopping the flow of bl**d, but she did not pull away.

"Anise... do not..." Daray snarled as her mouth moved lower, her face now even with his groin and close enough for him to feel her icy breath over his flesh.

"Ripen for me, Daray. I will take your sweet, sweet seed into my belly for it warms me like a blazing fire." She whispered softly and he gritted his teeth in an attempt to block out her voice, his fangs dug into the tender flesh of his lower lip until he could taste his own bl**d.

Her hands to his hips, sliding up and down his outer thighs, he knew what she intended and knowing there was nothing he could do in his current condition or situation to stop her.

"You know you like it when I take you in my mouth, Daray. Grow for me, my lover, my mate." She continued and chuckled softly as his cock quivered losing control of his own body because of her voice, her lure as always.

Her hands slid around, cupping his buttocks and jerking him forward just as she opened her mouth and sucked him inside. A roar of fury echoed inside the large chamber. With no gag reflex she took him in deep, nearly all the way to the hilt and dropping her fangs, she rode each side of his delicious cock back to the tip. He ripened almost instantly and the vibration of her laugh rocketed up his entire body. His hatred grew until he was consumed by it, pushing away all other thoughts, all other feelings, even the action of her mouth riding hungrily along his length.

Anise knew the moment he drew into himself, shutting out all other sensations except his hatred of her. She pulled to the enlarging head then used the suction of her mouth to draw him back and he barked out when his senses returned, jerking slightly back. One of her fangs razed his rigid flesh and he bit back another sharp hiss of breath, knowing the taste of his bl**d would drive her mad.

The suction increased, drawing out more bl**d that continued to fill him. One hand came back around his thigh to reach beneath, squeezing the filling sacs, urging him toward release. She hummed around him, again the vibration shooting up his body and the loathing settled in as he felt his hips start to rock. Anise took up the rhythm, drawing back, sinking down in opposition to his movements until she could feel him filling, the surge of his climax rising swiftly from the swollen sacs beneath until he exploded with a howl of blind fury.

He passed out before his climax ended and Anise pulled away, licking her lips, savoring the delicious flavor of his seed and bl**d. A few days spent like this, his bl**dlust building would be sufficient and to add to his humiliation she would come to him each night after feeding and repeat her actions this night. And if she found the whore that dared attempt to lay claim to him, he would watch her die, just as he had watched his frail mother's life slip away so long ago.

With a soft chuckle, Anise leaned forward, pressing her lips to his still damp cock and leaving him u*********s she departed, believing he was safe from being found before she was ready to release him.

Daray was nearly mad with hunger the following day. He alternated between freezing cold and a raging fever. His muscles contracted and released, contracted and released, his entire body throbbed and ached until finally it ceased feeling anything at all.

He could make nothing out in the distance any longer, his vision clouded with his hunger and continuing weakness, most thoughts centering on keeping the madness at bay. Anise would laugh at him, hurt him and use him when she returned, just as she always had and for a fleeting moment he believed this time would be the time he gave in. He would fight her no longer, the decades of suffering, f***ed to remain without friends or company other than her own, all the humiliation she inflicted was becoming more and more difficult to struggle against. His dry, cracked lips moved, yet no coherent words passed as his mind formed the statement she wanted from him.

Say it, St. John... just say the words to her and your suffering stops. His mind screamed and again his lips moved with the simple statement.

"I... submit." The raspy words at last strained past his lips, echoing in the building, yet no one was there to hear them this time. His fading sanity rushed back in that split second and he sucked in what little air he could manage into his burning lungs.

Thank God... thank God... He mused silently and drifted back into u*********sness.

When he had awakened once more to find himself still alone, Daray spent hours screaming, swearing and cursing until his lungs could no longer pull in enough oxygen to drive his voice. His belly was on fire, and it felt as if every vein in his body was shriveling beneath his flesh. He could only see in reddish shadows now, his bl**dlust increasing with each passing moment. His heart slowed to a dangerously low level with the loss of bl**d and the need for fresh to keep it pumping and once again he prayed for death only to be refused once more.

So paralyzed in his fragile condition he did not hear the footsteps approaching or the hisses of words and gasps of surprise. His blurry eyes did catch the red shadows moving in his direction, but he could no longer focus and in his throat a gurgle of laughter choked off as at last the madness seemed to settle in and he believed that his prayers had finally been answered. Death was not a single entity, but from the shadows a group. At long last he could find peace and eternal sl**p and he welcomed it with open arms. Literally.

Keeping to the shadows with their u*********s trophy the group of vampires moved through the city. They would be heralded with glory when they arrived for they all knew who this man was. Killing him before others would show the older, stronger vampires that they could be taken into their folds, rising to the top of the chain so to speak.

The bl**d upon his body was greedily lapped away once they had removed him from his diverted cross, the power they felt from just that little giving them even more bravado and strength to accomplish their task. By taking out Daray St. John, draining him of every last ounce of his power-enhancing bl**d they felt they could easily take on one of the most powerful and destroy her as well. They moved on through the night with gleeful chuckles of excitement.

Excited voices met her the moment Carla entered the warehouse after feeding and going to the park in an attempt to catch Daray again. The dawn was growing near, her fellow vampires should have been retiring to the darkest recesses of the massive structure, but too many milled about, excitement amid their masses.

"What's going on?" Carla demanded as she crossed to the biggest group and her heart shot up to her throat, her breathing stopped altogether at the sight that greeted her.

Lying upon the floor, a filthy rug covering his lower body was Daray. He was deathly pale, his lips a sickening blue. His wrists were raw, bleeding only slightly and down his arms and his sides were what looked to be traces of bl**d greedily licked at. He was very, very close to death from the looks of it and panic kicked in.

"Daray!" She cried and dropped to her knees beside him, both hands cupping his cool face.

"He's ours, bitch!" A young male vampire snarled, shoving his way through the gathered crowd.

"Yea, we found him all trussed up like a Christmas goose just waiting to be bled!" Another piped in.

"Do you know who this is?" Carla demanded, her eyes snapping up to the young pups.

"Do you think we're stupid? Of course we know who it is!" The first male barked in laughter.

"It's the all mighty Daray St. John. Not so all mighty right now though, is he?" Another joined in and Carla's anger mounted.

"Don't forget, you promised me I could fuck him before we killed him!" A female voice rang out.

"Yea, and from what I saw, all the rumors we've heard are true!" Another female announced, the laughter in her voice causing Carla's anger to rise to a dangerous level.

"You fools!" An older vampire stepped through the crowd.

"Do you realize what you have done? Anise will track him here, she will kill us all!" The elder added in alarm and a rush of worry filled the warehouse.

"He'll be dead long before she can home in on him, don't worry." One of the younger vamps that had brought Daray here shouted back with an ugly chuckle.

"I heard she can't track him if he's u*********s. All we have to do is drain him before he can wake up." Another of the group added to the melee.

"You stupid little idiot!" The elder snarled as she too dropped down to her knees on the other side of Daray's form.

"Drinking his bl**d would be like a beacon to Anise. If it's inside you she will find any and all who takes it and trust me, your death will be very, very painful and long lasting." She added, one gnarled hand lifting to stroke back a wayward lock of hair that had fallen over his forehead, almost reverently.

"What has he ever done to you to make you hate him?" Carla demanded vehemently, her eyes daring any one of them to take a step toward Daray and their silence was her answer. Nothing.

"He's dying, his wounds are not healing, and he needs nourishment." The elder woman stated in concern.

"Do you think Anise did this to him?" Carla asked, her attention now returning to the man on the cold concrete floor.

"As another form of her warped way of punishing him, yes." The elder answered, her bony fingers now moving down the side of Daray's face in a gentle caress.

"Do you know him, old one?" Carla could not help but ask at the other's concern and tearful blue eyes that were no longer bright lifted, a sad smile upon her lips.

"He is my son." She announced and the room fell silent in stunned astonishment.

"You're his... his mother?" Carla asked breathlessly and the old one nodded.

"T'was the night before his wedding. We were having a celebration when he went missing." The old woman began.

"I did not wish to alarm the revelers so I went in search of him. I found him alone, naked, and dead. The marks upon his throat told me what had happened and I knew that his turning was already taking place. I knew too that I could not return him home, that he could not be buried upon consecrated ground. If the colony discovered what he was going to turn into they would have destroyed him. I could not let that happen to him." The woman began to cry openly now, still caressing the beloved face of the man that was at one time had been human.

"I left him there, there was nothing I could do. When he awoke the bl**dlust would have been upon him and it would have devastated him afterward to know he had killed me during his need."

"When I returned with a friend to remove his body, he was gone. I intended to bury him on consecrated ground anyway, amid the graves of my own kin so that he could not arise again, but Anise had returned and taken him as her mate. Madness of my son's death, of what he had been turned into f***ed me to turn my back on the rest of my f****y, on my friends and I sought only to find him as he was my only son, my pride and joy." She paused as her cries choked off her words for a few moments of intense silence.

"I did find him eventually as you might guess." She continued once she had regained her composure.

"Anise was punishing him for something. He begged me to leave him, to get away before she returned and found me with him, but I could not. I could not leave my son again. He had been whipped. His back was raw, bl**dy whelps, but healing even as we spoke and although he did not tell me of other times I knew simply from the look in his eyes that he had suffered at her hands."

"I in turn begged him to let me release him, to flee with me, but he refused, telling me that because Anise had been the one to turn him, to claim him as her mate he could never be free of her, that no matter where he went, she could find him."

"I was still there when she returned and to further add to his degradation she drained my bl**d before his very eyes while he was chained to a wall. After that she released him and as I lay dying in his arms, his tears spilling onto my face, he gave my life back to me. He used his own bl**d to bring me back, and in the process turning me." She ended her heart wrenching tale, falling over Daray, her frail shoulders shaking as she sobbed openly and no one, not even the younger vamps that had brought Daray to the warehouse spoke as the sobs grew in volume.

Carla allowed the woman time to grieve, to hold and touch the precious son she had given her life for. As she waited, recollections of seeing the older woman arrive nearly the same time she had crawled to the surface. Did the woman know of the times that she and Daray had come together? Did she know of their connection?

When the graying head lifted, her eyes puffy and swollen from her tears, her gaze met Carla's, answering her questions without a single word. She knew.

"How... how long did you search for him?" Carla heard herself ask, thinking that back in their time his mother would not have been an elderly woman.

"Nearly fifty years." She answered; her gaze growing distant with memories then shook them off to once more gaze down upon the u*********s man.

"He needs bl**d." She whispered and promptly proceeded to jerk at the sleeve of her ragged shirt, exposing her forearm.

"Have you fed this evening?" Carla shot a hand out to wrap around the too small wrist, stopping her from lowering it to her son's mouth.

"No, but I will." The woman answered, tugging slightly at her held hand.

"Please, let me because I've fed considerably tonight and I can always go back out again before sunrise." Carla offered and the woman's eyes warmed in gratitude and she nodded, pulling free of the younger woman's hold.

There was no need for Carla to lift a sleeve, not with the type of clothing she wore. Lifting her exposed wrist to her mouth her fangs dropped and without another thought she bit down, straight into the vein.

bl**d sprang like a geyser from the punctures and she quickly put her forearm to Daray's blue lips. Instinct alone had him opening his mouth, no need to inhale the scent. Carla's head snapped back, a tightening had her clenching her knees together to stop the flow of need. The feel of him sucking, swallowing, his tongue working against her flesh was shockingly erotic and Carla felt the grips of a climax just from his feeding.

His hands shot up, gripping her hand and near her elbow in what would have been a bone-crushing hold to a human, yet Carla simply gritted her teeth and fought the sensations working through her body.

"Enough, my love." His mother whispered, hand back on his forehead to push him away.

Slivers of dark eyes glittered from beneath lush black lashes, confusion brought down his brows as his shuttered gaze shifted from Carla to the older woman hovering at the opposite side.

"M... mother..." He f***ed the word out of his mouth, his lips still slightly blue.

"Oh, Daray, my sweet, sweet son..." The woman lapsed into another fit of sobs and once more d****d over him, her small arms failing to wrap around those big set of shoulders.

His gaze shifted once more, back to Carla and she gave him a tentative smile. He still looked horrible although the most beautiful creature she could have ever imagined and the thickly lashed lids dropped once more. He had not the strength to remain awake, which for all of them, at the moment was a good thing.

"Grab hold of his arms, we've got to get him out of here." Someone ordered and blind fury hit Carla all at once.

She shot to her feet in a defensive posture, fangs dropping fully, and eyes wild in challenge.

"Touch him and die!" She growled in a feral tone.

"Carla, if he stays here..." One of her acquaintances stepped from the crowd, leaving her cautionary statement unfinished.

"For crying out loud, Carla, he's Anise's mate. She won't stop at anything to find him and take him back. You heard his mother's words just like the rest of us!" Another friend shouted, his voice cracking somewhat in fear.

"He's nothing to us. I say we just gather him up and take him as far away from here and dump him. Anise will find him eventually." Another shout rang out.

"Before the sun rises?" His mother snarled, also rising to her feet.

"Who cares if he fries, just one less mouth to feed?" One of the group that had originally brought him here shot back and the elder woman flashed across the distance that separated them, grabbing a handful of his shirt to jerk him to within a breath of her face, her rage clear.

"You... and your friends, answer me this..." She growled savagely, "You kill for sport not just for hunger. Suppose, just suppose it were your mother, your s****r, b*****r, father that became food or a toy to someone like yourselves, how would you feel?" She demanded and some of the smugness in his face faltered.

"Daray does not kill, he never has. He takes only what he needs to survive and he has the ability to make his host forget if he chooses. Anise and you and your kind kill, destroy and mutilate. What if you are out one night and you come across a corpse and that corpse is what is left of one of YOUR f****y members?" She pushed her point and all of the smugness departed, his face paled, eyes dropped.

"But you said... you said she can track him." He managed to whine.

"She can track him ONLY if he is awake!" She raged and suddenly an idea came to Carla's mind, her sharp intake of breath drew their attention.

"I know I'm not the only one that hates Anise, all that she is, all that she does." She began even as her plan began to take shape in her mind.

Daray's mother released her hold upon the young man's shirt and turning, her eyes brightening and a smile playing across her lips.

"You have thought of a way to destroy the bitch." She stated in a hushed tone and Carla nodded absently, images playing out in her mind in full clarity.

She would kill Anise, hopefully, freeing Daray and perhaps, just perhaps, claim him for herself. Unlike his current mate, she would not punish him, inflict no harm or no pain, only spend the rest of eternity in his arms, in his bed.

A chilling yet very satisfied smile curled her lips at both corners and as the plans flash in her mind's eye, Carla began calling out instructions to the gathered group.

"Toby, you work at the morgue. We need bl**d for Daray to keep him alive." She shifted her gaze to another acquaintance.

"Olivia, you pull midnight shift at the local hospital. We need d**gs, something that is strong enough to keep him u*********s until we need him awake." She continued and could literally feel the excitement growing around the massive room. This just might work.
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