Blue Futanari: Supplicant

I woke up early and was standing at the front window, staring out at the street, when Kim wandered out of the bedroom.

"You're up early," she cooed from behind me.

"Yeah, the driver said he was going to be here at seven." The sky was just beginning to show the colors of dawn. The horizon was an almost majestic purple.

"It's six fifteen," Kim slipped her arms around my midsection and nuzzled her face into my neck. I closed my eyes. She was still warm from our bed. She smelled like she had just woken up, you know, that almost a****l smell left over from being curled around someone all night - skin to skin.

I closed my eyes and leaned into her embrace. She was right, it was way too early to be staring out the window. I had beaten my alarm by more than half an hour - not something I normally did, but the prospect of a new find had kept me up half the night. All I could think about were the pictures James had sent over the day before.

"Come back to bed," Kim quietly moaned.

I opened my eyes and smiled. To say she was making a convincing argument would have been an understatement. She gave me a squeeze and slid her hands around me until her fingertips touched the underwire of my bra.

"I hate bras," she sighed and her breath washed across my neck. I leaned back until I felt her lips against my skin and then shifted my stance so the curve of my breasts filled her waiting palms.

Both hands squeezed and a shiver of delight ran through me. It was sweet torture.

"Come on. You have time." She turned me around and I met her smile.

Her blue eyes were locked on mine and her bottom lip was firmly pinched between her teeth. It was sultry and pouty at the same time. It didn't hurt her argument that she was naked and her breasts were pressed up against mine. And even through a bra and my cotton button up were between us, I felt her little, rock-hard nipples.

I leaned in and kissed her.

Her mouth was hot. Her tongue immediately wandered between my lips while her right hand slipped down the back of my pants until she had a solid grip on my left ass cheek. She pulled me close, used her strength to press our bodies together.

Kim was not one to take no for an answer. An olive-skinned brunette with blue eyes and swimmer's physique, whatever she wanted, she usually got. We had known each other for almost three years. We had worked together in Egypt, back when I was fresh out of college and dating Brian. Even then, one night when Brian and I were hanging out with a bunch of diggers and shovelbums, she walked right up, clinked my beer with hers, and told said: "Hey, you know we are going to sl**p together some day, right?"

I remember the look on Brian's face. It wasn't jealously or disgust as much as awe and excitement.

When I got the call for the jungle, I had no idea that she would be on the team, but once I arrived, got settled, and she found out I was unattached - it didn't take two days before she abandoned her flat and moved into mine.

I admit, I had imagined us together on and off for the two years we were apart. Every time we talked on the phone, she was in England while I was in New York, there was always a quip or comment about getting into each other's pants. She was a master flirt, a girl who had the confidence and looks to get into anyone's pants.

I pulled away from the kiss and looked her over - one of my favorite things to do, a gentle turn on - stand back and let me admire you, let me take it all in.

We were about the same height, but Kim's body was stronger, her shoulder's a little broader, and the way her dark hair was cut - just so it barely reached the bottom of her neck - she looked like a woman with an edge. She was dangerously sexy - all sharp edges and muscles. Her breasts were only b-cups, but her ass was almost perfectly round. Having a middle-eastern mother only added to her beauty, covering her with the softest, olive-colored skin I had ever had the pleasure to touch and eyes that were mysterious and exotic.

"I can't," I said. "You know what'll happen..."

She tilted her head and waited for me to tell her.

"I'll follow you in there, you'll lie across the mattress, give me that mischievous grin, and I won't be able to stop myself from climbing between your legs." I reached out and traced my finger across the curve of her perfect, naked pussy.

Her body tensed and I grinned.

"Then Pablo is going to be honking the horn and I am not going to want to leave." I pulled my finger back and popped it between my lips. It was torture and I knew it.

"That's not fair," Kim stepped forward but I stepped back.

"You're going to have to wait." I held my hand up and stopped her. "I'll be back tonight. Besides, you should be getting those photos together for the magazine."

She rolled her bottom lip out, disappointed.

I chuckled. "You're such a girl."

She grinned.


We were in the kitchen finishing our coffee when I heard the car horn. I kissed Kim, grabbed my bag, and headed for the door.

"What do you want for dinner?" Kim shouted from the kitchen.

"You!" I yelled before closing the door.

Pablo smiled when he saw me. He had been my driver/interpreter since I had arrived. He was a young guy, in his mid-twenties, a hustler who not only drove for me and two other archeologists, but also worked with doctors without borders as an interpreter, and sold imported electronics out of the back of his 1980's BMW.

He was a good guy, always smiling, always ready with a compliment, and eager to please. "Good morning, Ms. Alexys, here is some coffee." He said when I slipped into the front seat and tucked my bag into the back. "Thanks," I said and ran the cup under my nose.

The coffee was unlike any coffee I had ever smelled; it had a deep richness that was almost chocolate and just a hint of something else, something I didn't expect, almost floral. I took a sip and savored it. It was amazing.

"Do you like it?" Pablo looked at me expectantly. "It's from my b*****r's mountains. He roasts them himself. I tell him over and over, we should sell them in America."

Pablo had an obsession with everything American. He was up to date on the weirdest things in America. He knew who all of the most popular bands and singers were, but he also knew about things like laundry detergent commercials and body wash. It was the strangest thing, his weird mix of Americana.

"Yes, oh, that is really good." I took another sip and luxuriated in the smooth chocolaty goodness while I tried to identify the floral notes. "What does he roast it with?"

"A mountain flower that grows on the mountains. It's so good, right?" Pablo's face beamed with happiness. "I get you some to take home. Maybe your girlfriend, Kim, maybe she like too?"

I could feel the hustle coming but didn't care. He was right, Kim was going to love it, and I wanted a bag no matter how many Peruvian nuevo sols it cost. "Yes, get me half a kilo," I said.

"Yes, Ms. Alexys. You like, that is good." Pablo smiled and nodded like a bobble head and I looked through the dusty, dirty windows of the car as the city's hotels and businesses slipped away and we headed out toward the dig.


Two hours outside of the city, Pablo dropped me at the now familiar fence post with the little red flag, and then drove west down the narrow dirt road. It was still a twenty minute walk through the jungle to get to the dig, but James was convinced that the site needed to maintain some level of secrecy, at least until we had catalogued enough pieces to garner some international attention.

He wasn't wrong. The temple -like structure we had uncovered was like nothing else any of us had ever seen, especially for the time period we were working with. In the space of weeks, we had already uncovered ten truly unique pieces and our I had a feeling that we were standing on the earliest evidence of a pantheistic religion that dated back further than four thousand years.

It was more fascinating than we had ever imagined. I mean, sitting around the table at Fin's in London, we had expected to find some evidence that there was a prehistoric village at the site, but a temple? And not only that, but a temple with immeasurable value for its age and the religious findings - it was the biggest thing any of us had ever been involved in. Want an idea of how big? Think of King Tut and the people who discovered his tomb.

There was no doubt the site would be internationally recognized once we published our findings and the idea of presenting at museums around the world was more exciting than I can even describe. But right then, a few weeks into the excavation, the excitement was really less about what we would tell the world and more about what we would find next. It was almost maddening really, how eager everyone was, how happy and excited.

This was the first site in my career where I wasn't just a digger. In Peru, most of my time was spent taking pictures and notes before sitting in front of computers and emailing colleagues trying to get a handle on what we were finding.

For the first time in my life, the stuff we were finding had no context. There were no legends or bedtime stories that spoke of these people - they were before time, even the locals couldn't give us a clue as to what we had uncovered. The statues we found had never been seen before, the lettering and hieroglyphs were unknown, everything was new.

It was, in reality, only a guess that the structure had once been a temple. It seemed to be about the size of a large house, but we were still uncovering new walls and basements, outbuildings and old foundations to really know what we were getting into. All we knew for sure was that we were finding evidence of a people no one knew existed.

I found James in the main tent, staring down at a table full of various pieces.

He smiled when he saw me. "Alexys, you aren't going to believe this!"

I smiled and walked over to find the table in front of him covered pieces I had never seen before. "Oh my god," I whispered.

"I know! Three more - I think we found the center!" He picked up a small stone piece about the size and shape of a dinner plate and held it up to the hanging light. The intricate carving seemed to move across the stone. A woman wrapped in a long gown and wearing an ornate head dress filled with feathers and strange symbols, held a square box in front of her chest. On the box were more symbols I didn't recognize, and over her right shoulder was a crescent moon.

I leaned in close trying to see the detail along the bottom. Under her bare feet were what appeared to be dead a****ls like she was walking across ground littered with dead...something. I tried to make out the shapes, but the carving was too faint. "Sacrifices?" I pointed to the mounds the woman was standing over.

"Maybe? She could have been a goddess or a priestess. We have no idea. It was a wall piece that was buried under dirt." James set the piece down and reached for another one of similar size but with a large piece missing from the left hand side. He lifted it to the light. "We think this was part of the same stone, although it was found about ten meter away from the first."

This was a woman very similar to the first. She wore a similar gown and head dress, but she carried a long, black knife or sword in front of her and over her left shoulder, instead of the moon, was a star. The way the panel was laid out, it looked like she was walking toward the first woman but the breakage didn't match, it was a puzzle with a missing piece.

I looked down at the table. "Is there a center panel? A middle piece?" The table was covered in little fragments of the same stone. Some of the carvings had obviously seen more weather than others - some carvings were dull, some were almost completely washed away, almost smooth to the touch.

"Yes, but what are they walking on?" James tilted the tablet in his hand so that the light moved across it. The ground under this woman's feet wasn't as worn as the first, but it was only slightly better.

It looked like bodies, the bodies of women. I could almost make out their shapes, even twisted and broken, they looked like women - a pile of dead women in robes, stabbed with knifes and spears.

"You said there were three?"

The words broke him out of his thoughts and a smile swept across his face. "It was the center of this carving. It has to be. And it was buried under 500 kilos of stone, maybe the wall it was carved on collapsed on top of it, but it is far clearer than the other two." James stepped over to another table and lifted a red cloth off of the broken stone carving.

I stepped beside him and stared down at the piece. My breath caught in my throat. A woman, dressed like the other two but with a headdress that was far larger, stood against the back of the carving. Her hands were spread to her left and right as if she were about to take the sword and box from the women who approached from her left and right. Over her left and right shoulder were circles filled with strange symbols, over her head was a huge, blazing sun, but it was the altar she stood over that I couldn't believe.

Laid on her back, and bound with heavy vines on top of the altar was a woman.

"Have you ever seen anything so well preserved?" James tilted a lamp so the light flooded across the stone. Remnants of color showed. It was unusual to find a carving so old in pieces this large, but it was unheard of to find a piece with paint still on it.

My eyes followed the green traces of the vines as they left the floor and wrapped across the naked body of the woman - first across her neck, then her breasts, which seemed unusually large - even for a carving from the time period, and then across her belly.

I glanced at James who only stared down at the piece wistfully. I saw his thoughts turning. He was working on the speech he would give at the royal academy. He was almost glowing he was so excited. But his world was discovery, mine was interpretation.

To James, just finding ancient pieces from a temple in Peru would guarantee him digs for the rest of his life. My work, on the other hand, was not only to find them, but to give them significance, understand them, and, if I could, tell their story.

"Yes, well," James seemed like someone had just snapped their fingers and jolted him from a trance, "I will leave you to take notes and pictures." He smiled. "Then I want to show you what we found this morning." His eyebrows bobbed up and down. "I saved it just for you."

I watched him leave the tent and then looked back down at the naked woman on the altar. I stared at her. Who are you? Why do they want you dead?

My eyes traced the vines as they continued winding their way down from where they cut across the center of her large breasts. They wrapped across her arm where it was pinned to her side and then across the smooth shape of her belly. Then they came up across the altar and her waist and across what looked like.

Grabbing a brush from a nearby table, I swept it back and forth across the carving sure that what I had seen was a clump of stone or dirt still attached to the carving but it didn't move.

I leaned in closer and moved the light so it fell differently across the stone.

No, that's impossible. I blew across the piece still unconvinced but nothing moved.

The vines in the carving wrapped across her waist and then across an impossibly large penis (three times) before they continued on around her legs and ended at her ankles. I took a breath and held it. I couldn't help it - I was a little turned on. A woman with large breasts and a giant dick? The idea tickled some strange part of my sexuality.

Standing back from the piece, I did my best to regain some composure and immediately thought hermaphrodite - the medical condition where people are born with both male and female genitalia but there wasn't a human penis on earth as large as the one the vines wrapped across.

It could be an exaggeration. Look at her breasts, they are far too big and round. Perhaps the artists over emphasized the genitalia to make sure everyone understood why she was going to be killed?

I stood back and thought for a moment. It made sense but something about it didn't sit right. What was the Japanese folklore, the Dosojin? The gods and goddesses had gender changes, didn't they? But that was Japan? Did Peru have something similar?

After putting on silk gloves, I moved the other two pieces to the left and right of the altar piece. I wanted perspective, something to help me understand what was going on.

The pieces didn't fit exactly, nothing in archeology ever did, but it was fairly obvious they were from the same carving. All four women looked alike. Their faces were almost identical, same nose, same lips, same hair...same body shape? I pulled a magnifying glass out of my bag and began examining each in detail, going over each woman from head to toe.

The woman on the left, walking toward the center with the long, black sword, was a little shorter than the other two and her hair, though cut the same, was also shorter. I also noticed her head dress didn't have as many feathers as her s****rs, but her body seemed as proportioned. Her gown fell straight down her body to her ankles and the shape of her breasts was only slightly visible. I glanced at the star. The youngest s****r?

Highlighted in the center, was the tallest woman, with a head dress that contained almost twice as many symbols and feathers as the woman on the right. Her arms were outstretched with two waiting hands for the weapon and box the other two carried. She was the older s****r, the one in charge of the ceremony? The one who would kill the woman on the altar?

Lastly, on the right, seemed the middle s****r. The box she carried was large and ornately carved with symbols I had never seen before, but everything else about her matched my theory. The middle s****r?

I moved back to the left and gazed through the magnifying glass at the bottom of the carvings. I desperately wanted to make out what the women walked on but the carvings were too far gone, too marred by the elements and time. They could have been bodies, they could have been a****ls, it wasn't unusual for there to be a pile of sacrificial evidence, but there were was no way to tell for sure.

"What do you think?"

I jumped back from the table. It was James but I hadn't heard him come in.

"How about that penis, right?" He tilted his head and chuckled. "No modern medicine in their day. Girl born with man parts, straight under the knife."

It didn't matter to him that none of what he was saying made any sense. He was so excited by all of the things we were finding, he hadn't begun to put any of it together.

I went along. "Yeah, crazy. Now, what was it you wanted to show me?"

James' eyes grew wide like he had just remembered he was about to share the biggest secret in the world. "There's a tunnel."

"A tunnel?"

"Yes," James clapped his hands and did a little jig. "A temple and a tunnel!"

It was exciting to find a temple in the middle of the jungle. It was more exciting to find artifacts in that temple that seemed to date prehistoric. But it was even more exciting to find out that the temple itself was bigger than you first thought. Bigger, naturally, meant more stuff or, at least, the hope for more stuff, which in turn, meant that you were going to get more money to stay out there and keep digging, which in turn meant...well, you get the idea.

I glanced back at the three tablets and then at James. "When can we go in?"

"We cleared the entrance this morning. I haven't let anyone else in because I figured you would want to go, but its wide open. I've never seen anything built so well. The Egyptians didn't have tunnels that looked this good. "


James laughed. "Give me a few more minutes. I want everything perfect."

A shiver of excitement went through me. It wasn't every day that you got to be the first person inside a tunnel built thousands of years before - especially one attached to a strange temple in the middle of the jungle.

James slipped out of the tent and I turned back to the four women in the carvings. The hermaphrodite theory didn't hold. The woman were all too old. The penis was incredibly large. No, there was something else going on, there was something more. I didn't know why, but I kept looking over the woman on the altar. I felt like I did the first time I had seen a pornographic magazine that my b*****r had hid under his mattress. It was dangerous and sexy and the women inside it were beautiful and large and the thing they did.

I moved over to the table with the fragments, the giant jigsaw puzzle of pieces that accompanied the three big pieces. There were more strange symbols. I pulled out my notebook and traced them onto the pages beside the others we had found.

None of them made any sense. They were part language, part hieroglyph. Every once in a while we would come across something that looked like a bird or a cow, but otherwise it might as well have been a c***d scribbling.

I moved over the woman's body on the altar again. Her face was like the others, her hair, the shape of her eyes. Four s****rs. Four important, rich, and powerful s****rs. They kill one their own. The one with the...I stared down at the enormous phallus trapped under the binding vines. The carving was intricate. There was no doubt that it was erect, standing up between her legs, and bound back against her stomach, the tip almost to the under curve of her breasts.

I clicked off the light and left the tent in search of James.


Outside of the tent, the dig was a hive of activity. Shovelbums, some Peruvians, some from other parts of the world (college k**s, professors on sabbatical, etc.) moved across the hill with pickaxes, brushes, bags of dirt, and buckets filled with stone. I recognized more than a few, but there was no time to stop and talk.

Shouts came from all sides as people uncovered things they wanted investigated. I had never been at a dig so full of artifacts in my life. Even in Egypt which was a dig that pulled out more than a hundred artifacts in the space of 3 months; things were not uncovered as quickly or as often as they were in Peru. I mean, that temple was a hive of activity. Every shovel full of dirt seemed to bring something to light.

On the east side of the camp, I saw a new tent and James was standing outside of it with Chance, a cameraman from Australia who had come along to do a documentary. Chance already had one camera on a monopole in his hand and a smaller one mounted on his hardhat above the light. I didn't know him well, we had talked a few times over the past weeks, and he seemed likeable. He was also what Kim called: "Put together incredibly well."

I smiled as I thought of the way she said it. She wasn't wrong. Chance was tall with a wide chest (he had surfed most of his life) had blonde hair that was just shaggy enough to hide the fact that he was almost forty, and eyes that were almost gray they were so blue. He was quick with a smile, a constant flirt, and, as Kim I had discussed late one night after too many cold beers, probably a stallion in bed.

He saw me walking toward the tent and winked while he filmed James talking about the tunnel.

"We aren't sure, Chance. I mean, we have no idea what is down there, but there are steps, old lamps along the walls, and we have never seen a tunnel in better shape." James said.

"Care to guess then?" Chance said with his signature Australian accent.

"I have no idea," James said, "but I can't wait to find out."

Chance pushed a button on the side of the camera and swept his hand through his shaggy curls. "Hey Alexys, how's Kim?"

"Good," I chuckled. It was no secret that of the two of us, Chance liked Kim more, the way she was...put together she always had an edge on me. "You're the lucky one going in with me, then?"

"I thought it served us both well," James said as he held open the tent flap. "His documentary, the possibility of our biggest find."

It was no surprise James was staying topside. He never did like small spaces.

"Alright, I can work with that." We made our way down a flight of steps into one of the temple's sublevels, and then through a small corridor and into a circular room adorned with large stone statues of birds, monkeys, and lions.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Lights were setup along the perimeter all shining down at a perfect descent into darkness, complete with stairs of carved white stone.

The opening was about three meters by three meters and had long capstones around it. "How did, what the..." I walked up and stared down at the staircase. It didn't make any sense. There were no stairs in prehistory. Pits with ladders, yes, but stairs? The light from the surface disappeared about twenty steps down.

I smelled something. Something sweet. "What is..."

"We don't know," James said, "When we uncovered the tunnel, it was there, it's like a flower or..."

"Flowers don't grow in the dark, mate." Chance shined the spotlight from his camera into the darkness but it only illuminated a few more stairs.

"Broken jars of perfume? Like in Egypt?" James asked.

I thought back to the tombs we had uncovered. There were clay jars that were broken as the workers dug and some of them had contained spices and perfumes for the tombs inhabitants once they crossed over. It wasn't an outlandish thought.

We all stood staring down the stairs in silence. It was one of those moments when excitement and fear mix, when words don't work, and everyone's imagination runs away with them.

"Come here," James pulled me close and gave me a squeeze. "Be careful."

I wrapped my arms around the small of his back and squeezed. "I will."


The staircase was narrow. The light from Chance's camera mixed with the light from lamp and illuminated more and more steps as we carefully descended. I wanted to look back over my shoulder, back up at the surface, but I knew that all I would find were familiar faces getting smaller and smaller and besides, Chance was trying to film the back of my head descending.

"What do you think?" Chance asked. "What do you think we'll discover down here, Ms. Sans?"

"I don't know," I tried to make my voice sound conversational. "We've discovered what we believe to be a temple so there could be any number of things in these sub-basements -tombs, storage, there really are number of possibilities."

We kept going, walking further and further. The shaft seemed endless, smooth stone walls and a stone ceiling surrounded us. Every few meters there would be a smooth hole for a torch or lamp to be set in, but everything else was identical. We kept going - stair after stair of smooth, square stone. Nothing changed except the temperature dropped but the sweet, floral smell grew stronger like we were walking toward a garden.

"Thee hundred and twelve," Chance said. "In case you were wondering."

"I was," but as I said it, my light struck across a stone wall that looked to be carved - the staircase ended at a hall that went left and right.

We reached the bottom. Chance stood on my right and aimed his light left and right down the hall but we couldn't see an end. "Where do you think they go?" He asked in a whisper.

"I don't know," I said. I wasn't especially concerned with his question or the halls on our right and left. Right then, all I could focus on were the carvings on the wall in front of us.

It was almost life-sized; the entire wall had been used as a single panel. On the left of the carving, three of the four s****rs we had discovered on the surface carvings were standing around a doorway. On the right, with her back turned to the door, was the fourth s****r.

"Oh my god," Chance said as his light fell on the right side of the carving. "Is she..." His voice was a mix of confusion and excitement.

" looks that way." I found myself grinning at the image in front of me.

The carving, preserved so far from the surface, still held all of its original color. The three s****rs in the doorway, all wore long gowns of green with gold symbols along the necks and sleeves. Their head dresses were filled with various kinds of feathers, and their jewelry all contained more of the strange language we had already discovered. The work was amazing in its detail. Their lips were painted red and their eyes with a blue that almost glowed.

The fourth, her back to the doorway and her three s****rs, stood over a kneeling woman. The woman had both hands wrapped around the fourth s****r's enormous penis. She was naked and seemed to be caught in the act of pleasing the s****r in secret.

It was the same s****r from the carving; her gown was thrown open revealing the same mammoth breasts and huge phallus. She had her head thrown back and her mouth was open as if she were about to cum.

I felt my pulse quicken and a pang of lust race through me. I wanted to be the girl on her knees. I wanted to be one pleasuring that huge cock.

Swallowing hard and trying to get ahold of myself, I scanned the rest of the carving, looking for more clues that would help me put the story together. Turned on or not, I had so many questions. Were the paintings out of order? Who was the young woman? Was she important somehow? Why did only one of the four s****rs seem to have a penis? Who were they?

The kneeling woman was naked; her hair was red, unlike the s****rs who had hair darker than mine. She was shorter than any of the s****rs, but not terribly so. Her breasts were small but with large nipples and her pubic area was covered in a triangle of dark hair. But there was something else.

I pointed my light back and forth across the painted carving - from the three s****rs spying from the doorway to the other two. I was right. The lone s****r and the supplicant, who knelt in front of her, both seemed to glow like they were painted with brighter colors or their side of the carving was lighter somehow.

I glanced over at Chance who stood dumbfounded in front of the carving. I watched his eyes move over the woman in carving - tracing the curve of her breasts, the length of her shaft and the young nude in front of her.

"Wild, huh?" I said quietly.

He blinked twice and then looked over at me. "Fucking crazy."

My light wandered across his chest and I saw his cheeks were flush. He's turned on too. I glanced over his shoulder. "Which way do we go?"

He turned around. "Pick one, I think it's fifty-fifty, there's no telling what we'll find either way." He let his eyes wander across the carving again.

"Left," I said.

We started down the hall which was just like the stairs - walls, ceiling, and floor all made of smooth stone, featureless except the torch holders. We walked for what felt like a hundred meters before the tunnel opened up into a single square room.

As soon as we cleared the passageway, my heart started beating faster. A chamber. There was never a chamber without something amazing. Every archeologist dreamt of underground chambers, tombs, ceremonial rooms.

I flashed my light around the walls to get an idea of how big it was but stopped when Chance's light fell onto three stone sarcophagi.

"There," he said and lifted his camera up. "Look at that, three of them in a row."

I pointed my light and started toward them. Three s****rs. But as I got closer, my excitement changed to wonder. The three structures were not sarcophagi, but doorways. Each rectangular box held a narrow set of stairs that led deeper still.

Walking around the outside, I found I was correct. Each stone box held the symbols from the carving - the left a star, the middle the sun, and the right the moon. The three s****rs.

Chance stood back and recorded me walking around the doorways. "More tunnels?" He asked. "Why?"

I stared toward the bright light his camera held. "Perhaps they lead down to their individual tombs? We don't know much about the three women other than they are featured in the two separate carvings we've found so far." I did my best to remain calm, but the find was unlike anything I had ever heard about.

Chance stopped recording. "The three women in the carving."

"I believe so."

"What about the other..."

"s****r," I said. "I think they are s****rs."

"Where is she?" Chance asked.

"The other hall?"

"There's no smell in here, you notice that? That flower smell. It's gone."

I took a deep breath and realized he was right. The floral smell was gone. I moved over to the closest stairway and leaned my head over the staircase. No smell at all. "Nothing," I said.

"It was so strong on the stairs." Chance was as excited as I was. The place was like nothing else.

"Let's go the other way." I smiled and started back through the darkness.

When we reached the carving at the bottom of the staircase, we both stopped and looked up. I think we were both hoping to see some light from above but it was almost impossibly dark. I turned and shined my light on the carving again.

"It's so..."

"Erotic," the word tumbled out of my mouth and Chance turned his lamp on me. He looked confused.

"You think so?"

"Look at it, look at the detail, look at the way she has her head thrown back."

"That sheila's a man."

"Is she?" I took a deep breath. We had wandered back into the heady aroma of fauna and flowers. It smelled like a greenhouse filled with flowers. "I mean, she's obviously more woman than man, look at her tits." He glanced at my chest and I smiled as I felt myself blush. What is it with this place?

"I don't know what she is, but I mean,..."

I started down the right hand hall while Chance tried to decide what he thought about the carving but within a few steps I stopped. At some point the tunnel had collapsed. The ceiling slabs, which were five or six meters square lay at odd angles against the remains of broken walls and dark rich-smelling earth had almost filled the tunnel entirely. I stopped and shined my light across the wreckage.

"Well, that was short-lived." Chance said. "Going to have to get some diggers down to move off that..."

"Wait," I said and took a few steps forward onto one of the ceiling slabs. "I think I see..." My light had found an opening. "Here," I said, "look, we can get through." I leaned down and pointed my light deeper into the tunnel.

It didn't look much better. In fact, it looked worse. Even through the opening, I could see more damage and collapse.

"You know we can't go any further," Chance said from behind me. "Let's go back up and get James, I mean the diggers can come down here and start clearing."

"I'm going," I said.

I don't know what had come over me, at first I thought it was just excitement and curiosity, but even then, I knew it was something else, something more. I felt the need to go further like whatever was down the collapsed corridor was calling to me, pulling on me.

None of it was reasonable. I had been an archeologist long enough to know that you don't go exploring in dangerous situations, but this was somehow different.

"I'm coming." I heard Chance fiddling with the monopole on his camera behind me as I climbed past the first big slabs.

Once I got past the first stones, the passage got tighter. Just to make it a few feet, I had to move some dirt with my hands and shimmy past two broken chunks that looked like they would fall if I kicked them too hard. I slid through on my back and tumbled down some dirt into a small part of the tunnel that was still whole.

Chance made it through and we both leaned against the wall to catch our breath.

"You know this is stupid, right?" He smiled and my light flickered against his blue-gray eyes.

"Very," I sighed, "but don't you feel it?"

Chance looked at me like I was crazy. "Feel what?"

"The pull to go on, we have to see what's down this way." I turned my light down the passage and saw that it was whole. "Come on, we have to find out."

Chance grabbed me by the arm. "Alexys, what are you talking about?"

I turned and looked at him. He looked concerned like I wasn't making any sense, like I was a crazy person.

But I was making sense; I knew I was. I could feel it.

I took a deep breath and the smell of the flowers washed over me. The air was so warm. I looked into Chance's eyes and suddenly had the urge to shove him against the tunnel wall and see if Kim and I had been right, to tear his clothes off and see if he was a stallion in bed.

I shook my head. What was that?

"Come on Alexys, let's get out of here." Chance pleaded.

"A little further," I cast my light back down the tunnel. "Come on, it's open, let's go a little further." I took two or three steps and the stone under my feet shifted. I felt my body lurch backward. My light showed the ceiling, and then everything was moving.

"Alex!" The voice echoed around me.

I tried to turn my head but I was falling, no, sliding, down.

I did my best to stop myself. I reached out in every direction trying to find something to hold onto, but everything was wet and smooth. I clawed and grabbed but there was nothing. I tried to turn over but the shaft was too small. I leaned my head back and saw Chance at the top of the shaft.

I tried to scream, but I was too scared. I just watched as everything slipped away and my body bounced along the dark corridor falling deeper and deeper.

It felt like hours but after the shaft twisted and turned a few times, I was suddenly free and falling. I landed on a jagged pile of stone. My head bounced against something hard enough that I saw a flash of light. My right arm cracked against something else hard as I rolled down, and I heard my helmet and light bounce and sk** across the floor.

I cried out but only heard the echo of my own voice. Everything hurt.

Reaching behind my head, I felt the sting of a long cut and warm bl**d covered my fingers. Fuck. I lay back on the cool stone and tried to take stock.

The darkness was deathly silent. I felt enshrouded in it. The smell of flowers and plants was as strong where I had landed as it was in the tunnel where Chance was.

I wondered how far I had fallen and how bad I was bleeding. I could die here, at the bottom of this temple, alone in the dark, forever. I thought that but it didn't seem real. No, as bad as it was, there was still something inside me, something pulling me. I took a deep breath and decided to find my light which had turned off at some point in the shaft while I fell.

I scrambled to my hands and knees and swept my left hand out in front of me. The floor was stone, just like I thought, but at places there were piles of what felt and smelled like fresh dirt. My fingers sometimes ran along thin vines with slick, little leaves.

Expanding the little circle I was searching, I found more earth and plants. I felt the stem and petals of a large musky-smelling flower. And then I had it. My fingers found the edge of the plastic helmet. I grabbed it and fumbled with the light until a white beam flew across the room.

My heart almost stopped. I was in a vault. The room was perfectly square with walls that were no less than ten or twelve meters high. The shaft I had fallen from was along the top edge, an impossibly small tunnel where the wall and the ceiling met. There were no doorways, no windows, no halls or passages.

The room was giant and square and closed.

Panic crept up my spine but I did my best to remain calm. How far did you fall? How many meters can James have them dig a day? How many turns did you make? Would they even be able to find you? What if the tunnel you slid down collapsed while they dug? You can't even hear Chance. This is it. This is where you will die.

I scanned the room again. It was designed without entry. The shaft at the top had been the worker's entrance and escape. It's hers. The thought immediately calmed me. This is where they put her, where they locked her away. They entombed her here.

Despite the screaming pain from every joint in my body, I staggered to my feet. There were large mounds of fresh-smelling earth in most of the corners and flowers and vines snaked around the room despite the lack of sunlight.

I limped around the room looking for a way out but found none. Every wall was solid.

Standing on top of one of the piles of earth, I followed the heavy cords of the vines that snaked across the room. They all seemed to grow in one direction. Whatever wall or corner they started in, they moved toward a singular spot until they met along one of the walls and formed a tangled pile.

I walked to the pile and shined my light on it. A great many of the vines were dead, blackened and withered, but still more grew over them, as if they were trying to heal a wound in the tangled mass. I looked for a light source in the ceiling, something that would justify the hearty growth in pitch darkness, but there was nothing.

I shined my light over the vines again but this time it glinted off of something shiny, something deep in the tangled vines. They're covering something. I knelt down in front of the pile, reached out, and began pulling the vines away. They were heavy and thick. Their leaves were thin and glossy. I pulled with all my strength and tore a few away, but other vines twisted and grew to fill in the space I had cleared.

I watched the vines wriggle and grow into the void I had created. I took a deep breath and tried again. This time I cleared three or four of the bigger vines away and saw what the vines were covering - the box. My mind flashed back to the box the moon s****r carried in the carving. It's here.

Yes...the voice whispered through my thoughts and a sense of urgency filled me. They trapped her in the box. Suddenly, I had to free it, I had to kill the vines and free the box.

Looking around, I grabbed a broken stone nearby, one with jagged edges, and began beating and smashing at the vines in my way.

The vines fought back. As if they understood my intent, they started growing almost as fast I destroyed them.

Watching the vines replace the ones I tore away, I became crazed. I had to reach her. I had to free her from the strange plants. My chest ached at the thought of failure. I grabbed a handful of the thick cordage and clawed the leaves and vines out of my way.

The plants reacted and sprouted thorns that tore at the flesh of my fingers and gashed my arms as I tugged and tore at the pile like a ravenous a****l.

Sweat dripped from my forehead. bl**d dripped from my hands, but I couldn't feel the pain. Nothing could stop me. She was trapped and I was the only one who could free her.

Vines wrapped around my wrists and tried to pull my arms away, but I tore them away and dug my way closer to the box, closer to her. The rock in my hand was green with the life of the vines I hacked and smashed.

I have no idea how much time passed but eventually the light on my helmet dimmed and still the vines snaked across the floor.

Grabbing a handful of vines and leaning back to pull them free, a vine slithered over my shoulder and wound around my breast. I screamed as the thorns tore through my shirt and dug into my flesh.

Almost...the voice whispered through my thoughts. Don't stop.

I pictured myself on the floor in front of her, naked and worshipping her massive cock. Gritting my teeth, I pulled harder on the vines from the pile until they began popping and snapping. My helmet went dark just as I thrust my hand back into the writhing pile of vines, but this time my fingers touched the intricate carvings.

The box glowed blue at my touch and the vines started to wither and die.

I pulled the vine off my shoulder and tore two more strands from my wrist.

As the box become visible, I smiled. I could reach it. I was going to free her.

I tore away the last dying vines and pulled the box free. The stone carving had not done it justice. It was magnificent. A half a meter square and made of a black stone that was as light as wood, it was covered in delicate filigree of silver and gold. The designs and shapes the metal made across the shiny black were the symbols and letters I had seen in the carvings - along the women's robes, on the altar the woman was bound to, but in my hands the shifted and moved as if they were responding to me.

Set along the top of the box in beautiful filigree was a blue stone three fingers wide and the entire length of the box. It was carved into a smooth cylinder, a sort of handle - it was the source of the light that started when I had first touched it.

Open it and set me free...

I took a deep breath. The voice filled me with calm and wonder. I needed nothing and all I wanted was to obey.

I closed my eyes and pictured the carving - the letters along the sleeves and around the necks of the gowns. The metal filigree moved under my fingers until I found a metal latch at the edge of the box, the place where the workmen had connected the lid. My cut and bleeding fingers traced it. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, a semi-circle of sharp metal that spun along an axis and then pressed into a gap in the filigree.

I pressed down on the little latch where it fit into the intricate metal design until I heard a sharp click and the box sprung open.


Twilight washed the room in an almost purple light and the breeze that came through the window was warm and scented with flowers. I ran my hands along the fabric that covered the bed. So soft. I pulled them close around my chin and nuzzled into them. The bed was warm and comfortable. I sighed in perfect contentment and closed my eyes.

Wait, was I just waking up?

An arm slid over me and long, warm fingers wrapped around my naked breast. Her body slipped under the sheets and curled against me. Somehow, I can't explain exactly how, I knew who she was. It was as if my deepest desire had come true. It was her, and she was there with me, somewhere far away from the tomb, just the two of us, alone.

My heart skipped a beat and I pressed back against her warm flesh until her large breasts pushed against my back. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of her body.

"Thank you." Her words washed across my ear and a chill went through me. She kissed the skin under my ear and I went weak against her.

"Anything." I sighed. There were parts of my consciousness that wondered if any of it was real, but the pain and darkness of the tomb were gone. I ran my fingertips along the smooth, olive skin that held my breast and saw that my fingers were healed.

I felt wonderful, blissful. I also had a great many questions, but as soon as her lips touched my neck again, I knew they could wait.

Her lips were warm and as she squeezed my breast, everything inside of me caught fire. I wanted her, I couldn't resist. I pushed back against her, my ass pressed into the top of her thighs. "I want you," I whispered.

She kissed my neck again, this time lingering. "I know..." the words floated through my thoughts and I remembered the carving at the bottom of the long stairs, the way I had looked at the young woman on her knees, the way I had envied her. "You were a priestess?" Some part of my brain couldn't let go of the questions I had.

Txaollix, the goddess...

The answer moved like smoke through my thoughts while my body began reacting to my want and longing. A goddess? I thought of the picture and she moved so that I felt her stiffening rod. Her magnificent cock. It grew. The tip slid up the cheek of my ass. I ground against it. The skin was hot.

Txaollix's hand gripped my tiny breast. I will make you one of us... the words whispered through my own thoughts.

One of them? A goddess? I had no idea what being a goddess meant, but I did know that the massive cock moving behind me was soaking my pussy. "Yes," I moaned and ground against her growing member.

All I could think about was the picture, the woman on her knees worshipping it, stroking it, the look on the goddess's face, her head thrown back. I would give her that ecstasy, I would worship her.

The cock moved up my lower back, stiffer and harder. It's so big. I rolled over.

Txaollix's face wore a smile. The carving did not compare. Her face was beautiful, exotic, with high cheek bones, full lips, and eyes that were shaped like almonds. None have worshipped me in thousands of cycles.

I loved the way her words felt in my mind - a lover's whisper caressing every thought. I could feel her power, this unknown f***e that seemed capable of anything.

Nothing I had ever experienced compared to the feeling of touching such power. I was entranced. I closed my eyes pressed my lips against hers as her cock continued to grow, rising up between our bodies until its blazing stiffness lay between our breasts.

Goddess. I reached my hand as far around the shaft as I could. It was so hot. I trailed my fingertips along its length and watched the goddess' eyes close.

My pussy dripped its anticipation onto my thighs. I could hear my own heartbeat in my ears. I was desperate for her. My hands began stroking the enormous phallus between us until the spongy head between my breasts oozed her satisfaction.

The clear liquid slowly pooled on the top of her and I leaned my head down between our kisses and lapped the viscous liquid into my mouth.

Txaollix moaned and more spilled from the tip.

The taste was like nectar, a heady mix of sweetness and flowers. I swallowed the first and lowered my head to wrap my lips around her.

"Yes..." she hissed the word into my ear as she started to thrust her hips.

I slowly squeezed and stroked my hands along her shaft until another surge of precum filled my mouth. I rolled it over my tongue and savored the taste before I pulled my head back and lowered my body. I was d***k with lust and wanted to worship her throbbing cock.

I looked up and met her glowing blue eyes while I licked the length of her.

Another surge of precum dripped down the shaft and she moaned low.

I was on the edge of orgasm, licking and sucking her pleasure. Clenching my thighs, my soaked pussy ached and I could feel the first waves of an orgasm coming.

"There..." Txaollix opened her eyes and stared hard into mine while her hand slid down to my gash and dipped a finger into my nectar. "Your praise," she grinned.

I reached out one hand and found the soaking pussy that hid at the base of her massive dick. It thrilled me that she was wet, that I was bringing her pleasure. I slipped a finger inside, then two, then three, until she bit her lower lip and thrust her hips so that my fingers disappeared inside her.

Unable to wait any longer, I arched my own back and swallowed the length of her fingers, pressing them against the spot that sent white light behind my eyes. Every muscle in my body went rigid and I could barely breathe as the orgasm exploded behind my eyes.

She pressed her fingers deep and hard while I writhed back and forth fucking her hand while she fucked mine. Sweat poured off of me. I had never experienced such profound pleasure.

My delirium pushed hers and we both moaned and gripped each other's bodies as her pussy contracted around my fingers and her cock splashed more precum across our chests and breasts.

I pulled away from her hand, shivering, unable to control the sensations that swept through me.

Rolling my hands through the clear liquid that covered us, and gently stroking her member, I stared into the blue glow of her eyes. I knew it was impossible but I wanted to try - I needed to try, I could not fully worship her, could not fully call myself her supplicant, until I had done it.

"I want you inside me," I said and rolled the goddess onto her back.

Txaollix smiled. "Greedy for my gift already?" She spoke the words out loud and I felt like a warm breeze had rushed around me.

I stared at her throbbing cock. I didn't know what she meant and I didn't care. All I could see was the massive horse-sized cock bouncing up and down and dripping the sweetest precum over her enormous breasts.

Straddling her waist, I laid my pussy against her hot iron. "Oh, oh!" Another orgasm rushed through me. I fell forward and grabbed both of her breasts while I stroked the length of her with my cunt, dragging myself back and forth across her stiffness.

Txaollix's hands grabbed both sides of my waist. I felt her strength, her sudden determination. I bit my lip ready, waiting for what I knew was about to happen.

The goddess slid me back until the tip of her cock was at the entrance to my dripping canal.

I knew it wouldn't fit, but I didn't care. I needed it inside me, all that I could take, I needed her to ram it home, I had to give her the pleasure she desired. I had to give her all of me.

Her hips thrust forward, up into me.

My pussy stretched wide and a bolt of pain raced up my spine as she pressed the beginning inside. "More," I screamed as I felt every muscle in my cunt expand to take her.

She lifted me to the tip and then thrust again, this time harder.

Pleasure and pain caught in my throat. The orgasm that crashed through me was like a storm that shook my entire body. Perched on end of her cock, my pussy crammed full of all it could hold, I screamed and moaned and did my best to take more.

I was like a crazed b**st. All I wanted was more, all I wanted was to sheath her, hold her immense tool inside of me. I didn't care how much it hurt; it felt too good, too right. I was the goddess's humble servant, the vessel for her passion.

The look on her face told me she was pleased. But I could do more. I reached down and grabbed her massive breasts. The flesh was still sticky from the precum.

The goddess moaned and I leaned over and sucked a nipple between my teeth.

She thrust again and pain rattled through me. "Fuck me," I moaned as another intense wave of euphoria crashed through me. "Fuck me harder."

Before I could take a breath, I was on my back. Txaollix had flipped us over. Her giant breasts swayed over my face. I bit down on the nipple still between my teeth. "Yes," she hissed.

I felt the weight of her on top of me, the pressure of her body against me, and then my pussy changed. I pressed forward, wanting more and she drove deeper inside me. Somehow she went deeper. I felt her throbbing muscle move higher inside me.

"More," I gasped.

It happened again. Txaollix pulled back and thrust her torrid dick deeper still. I felt the tip of her somewhere near the core of me.

Pleasure flowed through me. I felt like my bl**d was on fire, like I could explode like a star.

Txaollix began to hammer her cock into me, back and forth, she moved out and then slid deeper than I ever thought possible. I was sure I could feel her pole under my ribs, but I craved every centimeter.

I focused on the feeling of her skin as it moved along me, the ridges of her cock, the veins and angle as it drove past my soaked and stretched pussy. I bit into the soft flesh of her breasts and reached a hand around her ass to push her deeper.

As another orgasm built inside me, the sensations so strong that I felt like I might pass out, Txaollix began to moan.

I stared into the blue glow of her eyes. It was coming. My pussy stretched further as I felt her orgasm build. Take me. Fill me. I am yours.

I was no longer in control. The goddess, lost in the throes of passion, held my body pinned beneath her weight as she fucked herself toward euphoria.

"Yes, give it to me," I said as my body bounced back and forth underneath her. "Give it to me..."

She leaned her head back and cried out. I felt her cum surge up the enormous length of her member before it gushed inside of me.

I held my breath. The pain disappeared. I could feel myself glow as she filled me. Bolt after bolt of hot liquid gushed inside of me. My insides expanded to hold all she poured inside.

The goddess thrust again and I thought I was going to explode before she pulled out oozed onto my chest and stomach. The cum was the color of the sky, a deep sapphire blue that sparkled with energy.

The room immediately smelled like flowers. I grabbed her cock and opened my mouth.

She leaned forward and splashed the last few drops onto my tongue.

The taste was glorious.
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outstanding & yes more
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vivd, mysterious...erotic!
A grand adventure....with glorious satisfaction....for both sexes!

More please!!

Now...time to take care of some tension.. :-)
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wow, that was quite a story, but you can't stop there, more please
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awesome, need more...