Nude Beach Adventure

"Oh God, that feels so good." Liz moaned as she rode Gene's slick, thick shaft. She pulled herself up, almost off of him, so she could feel his big cock split her pussy lips, and then slid her wet, hairy pussy down. She felt the ridge of his cockhead slide over her g-spot and bounce against her cervix. "Oh baby! You fill me so full. I love riding your big cock." She f***efully slid down again so her clit mashed against his pubic bone sending waves of ecstasy through her body and making her breasts bounce.

"That's it baby, slide that hairy pussy up and down my big cock; make your tits bounce!" Gene cried out as he reached up to caress her bountiful breasts. Some guys prefer a tight ass, or shapely legs, but although Liz had both of these; Gene had two favorites, and Liz scored high on both: large breasts with nipples that stick out and a nice full, hairy, bushy pussy. He moved one of his hands to the base of his cock so he could play with her pubic hair as she moved while the other hand continued to enjoy her wonderful breasts and pointy nipples.

Liz pulled her bushy cunt off Gene's hard, thick cock. She couldn't resist tasting herself on him and licked the long, rigid shaft like a lollipop. Lifting her head momentarily and looking at Gene with lust in her eyes, she said: "My pussy tastes so good on your big cock." She returned to her oral ministrations, licking the cunt juice off his balls.

Then she turned around and slid back onto him facing his feet. She leaned back with her hands on either side of Gene's torso in a reverse cowgirl position; sliding her eager, moist pussy up and down his slippery pole. Gene pushed his hips up to meet her downward thrusts. In this position she hoped to see his big cock moving in and out of her curly-haired cunt (a lustful, voyeuristic, secret desire of hers) but all she could see was her furry mound moving up and down as she pumped her hips. "Oh that feels good! I can feel you filling me up. You're hitting my g-spot every time you go in. Fuck me with your big, hard cock." She continued to buck up and down like a cowgirl riding a bronco. She couldn't see that big cock splitting her furry lips, but oh did it feel good!

"That's it. Fuck yourself on my hard cock. I want to feel your pussy cum with me inside you." Gene moaned as Liz continued f***efully sliding up and down his engorged, fleshy manhood. Gene was on his back focused on timing his up-thrusts to match her movements. He relished the fact that Liz loved his big cock; as one or two of his previous girlfriends, due to his size, had trouble taking it on a regular basis. He could feel his cockhead slip nearly out; then split her pussy lips as he thrust up. He could last in this position for a long time to ensure she was satisfied before he allowed himself to cum.

"Oh yes," moaned Liz as her g-spot was massaged again and waves of pleasure pulsed from her steaming pussy throughout her body. On top of her full breasts, her nipples now hard and erect, pointed at the ceiling.

"Imagine there is some one between your legs licking your clit as you fuck yourself on my cock." Gene panted trying to hold back his orgasm. "Imagine the wonderful sensations you feel as my hard cock fills your cunt and hits your g-spot while she sucks on your clit and you cum all over both of us."

Liz and Gene had casually discussed a threesome several times but never taken any action to make it happen. They got very aroused whenever they talked about this fantasy, which took place just a little while ago while they lay in bed after waking up, and led to Liz riding Gene's big cock. Gene was really into the idea, especially if the third was a woman, but knew not to push or it would never happen. Liz was intrigued by the possibilities too; but not as enthusiastic as Gene.

Gene licked one of his fingers and reached around to draw circles around her engorged clit; Liz moaned. He changed directions and she moaned again, longer and louder this time, while continuing to slide her hairy pussy on his cock. Gene sensed she was nearly there and began gently stroking her clit from the underside as if his finger were a tongue.

"Feel that baby?" Gene asked, "Can you feel that tongue licking your clit? She's sliding her tongue over your clit to make you cum."

While Gene gently stroked her, Liz closed her eyes and imagined a woman lavishing her clit. The image in her mind had no specific form other than another woman's head between her legs, providing oral pleasure. Liz imagined the woman was fingering herself as she licked Liz. "Yes baby I can feel her licking me." Liz gasped; close to cumming. "She's making long strokes with the tip of her tongue all over my clit and fingering herself as she does it. My clit is engorged and growing. It's starting to come out from behind its hood. Oh God her tongue is on my naked clit and it feels good! She's as hot as we are. She's going to cum with us."

With that, Liz's body started to spasm in pre-orgasmic throes as jolts of sex-fire shot through her body. She increased her pace as Gene sped up stroking her clit and applied more pressure.

"Cum on me baby. Cum all over my big cock. Squirt all over her face." Gene commanded as he thrust his big, hard cock deep in her hairy pussy.

This was too much for both of them. "Oh God, oh fuck!" Liz screamed, "Fuck me hard, lick my clit." Her orgasm sent her temporarily into another world. Gene grunted as cum gushed from his cock and splashed against her cervix. Liz felt the warm wetness fill her and completely let go. Her pussy contracted around Gene as he continued to pump his cum into her; and she began to squirt. He felt her love juice spew from her curly-haired cunt. His hand was covered with her love juice and it trickled down her thighs. She imagined the woman licking her clit was bathed in it.

Liz rolled off Gene leaving a trail of cum and pussy juice on his thigh as she lay next to him still quaking with aftershocks. Gene reached between Liz's legs and scooped up a goodly amount of his cum and her pussy juice on his fingers and licked them. "I want a taste too!" cried Liz. Gene scooped some more and she licked the gooey, tasty combination from his fingers. "Yum", she purred.

She rested her head on his shoulder and they both relaxed in post orgasmic bliss. Liz had one arm on Gene's chest and began to stroke his nipple the way he liked. "Would you really like to do that?" Liz asked quietly.

"You mean have another woman lick you while we make love?" he asked.

"Yes, a threesome. Me, you and another man or woman." responded Liz.

"I think that would be wonderful." Replied Gene, "I would prefer a woman but maybe you would rather have a man."

"No, I think a woman." Liz said pensively, "If there were two men one of you would try to use the other hole and I'm not ready for any sort of double penetration. Plus, I think a woman would know better what to do. More gentle, correct pressure, less f***eful."

"Do you really want to do it?" asked Gene.

"That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had." Said Liz "I only squirt when it's really powerful, and that one was. In my mind I imagined another woman eating my pussy as you fucked me. I'm getting aroused again just thinking about it. Look at my nipples sticking out. Maybe we could find someone at the nude beach this afternoon and really do it."

"Well, I'm game." said Gene trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

"Now that I've imagined what it would be like, and felt how strongly I reacted to the idea, the thought of it makes me really hot." Replied Liz while u*********sly playing with her semen-soaked pubic hair, "If we could find a woman that would play with us, then in addition to her eating me while you fuck me, I could do the same to her and I would get to see what your big cock looks like sliding in and out of her hot, hairy cunt. I've never told you this, but that's been a secret fantasy of mine."

"You want me to fuck another woman?" asked Gene in disbelief.

"Well, I think of it differently. You wouldn't be fucking so much as showing me what that glorious cock of yours looks like going in and out of her furry cunt." Liz stated.

"If you really want to do this, then maybe we can find a willing partner when we get to the nude beach today." Then he turned so he could look her in the eye and asked, "You really want to see my cock in someone else?" to confirm he heard her right the first time and was not dreaming.

"Yes I do! It get's me hot and wet just thinking about it." She said while looking at him. "I've masturbated to this fantasy several times when you were away. And when you're done fucking her, you can fuck me again and she can lick my clit again as I fuck myself on that big, thick juicy cock of yours. What an orgasmic feast that would be!" said Liz.

"So what would she look like?" asked Gene. He didn't really care, but thought if Liz were able to articulate the image in her mind it would be better for both of them and help identify prospects once they got to the beach.

"Let's see – first of all she has a nice hairy bush, maybe even hairy than mine, color doesn't matter. She has nipples that stick out when she's aroused, and nice breasts. She's not overweight; she's not too young or too old. How's that?" asked Liz as she finished her description and Gene realized that other than hair color, Liz had described herself.

"I like it! Enough specifics, but not too many. I'm sure we'll find a few women on the beach that meet those criteria and hopefully one will be horny enough to join us. Would we do it on the beach or back here in the condo?" asked Gene.

"Oh on the beach; it has to be on the beach." Answered Liz quite decisively as her fantasy was always at the beach when she used this image to get herself off. "We'll just have to find a private spot where we won't bother anyone and have fun."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They turned off Federal Highway 307 for Azulik, just south of Tulum. Liz was concentrating on the map and trying to make sense of the Mexican road signs, which were in Spanish. Gene was thinking about the possible threesome. His cock was slowly thickening and expanding down his thigh. "I'm just thinking out loud Liz," Gene broke the silence, "I guess we just casually stroll down the beach, trying find a spot, and surreptitiously check out the single woman for one that best fits our criteria. What do you think?"

She looked up from the map to answer. She noticed the swelling of his nylon shorts and smiled. In addition to reading the map, she too was thinking about the threesome. She looked down at her shorts and could see a wet spot between her legs. "Well I haven't really haven't given that much thought to how we might find someone. But now that you mention it, that's probably the best idea. I mean, we can't walk around with a sign or anything. Yes, I think that will be best, just be casual." Answered Liz. "But don't worry, while we're checking them out, they'll be checking us out too. Especially you as your big cock bounces off your thighs while you're walking."

"Sounds like a plan." Responded Gene, "Here's the parking lot."

They got their stuff out of the car and headed down to the beach. (Note: In Mexico the beaches are not legally clothing optional, but by local convention, there is one stretch of beach at Azulik that is.) The resort where they parked sat next to the nude beach; was topless, and didn't charge to park as long as you bought a beer or ordered something from the restaurant.

They hadn't eaten lunch yet so they found seats on the beachside deck, munched on shrimp salad, watched the waves roll in, and enjoyed Tecates while gazing at the topless and bikini-clad people on the resort's lounges. Gene took notice of several topless women and said to Liz, "You said earlier that when we walk down the beach, people will be checking out my big cock. I think that may be true, but based on what I see on the beach in front of us, you are far better looking than any woman here. You have perfect breasts that undulate sexily as you walk, with beautiful nipples that stand up nicely and call out to be ogled. Add to that your long, luxurious pussy hair and I think that you will get more looks than I do; from the women as well as the men."

"Oh honey. You smooth tongued devil, you. I'll give you 20-minutes to stop talking like that!" Liz said as she giggled and pulled Gene close to give him a kiss while running her hand up under his shorts to caress his balls. "Do you really think that I am better looking than the busty, topless blonde on the lounge down there?"

"Absolutely, in all ways." replied Gene. "I'll bet they're fake, don't jiggle and have non-functioning nipples." They both laughed.

Leaving a tip for the waiter they walked down the steps to the beach and headed to the nude area. When they got 50-yards away from the resort, where they assumed it was safe to get naked, they stopped under some palm trees, took their clothes off and put them in Gene's backpack. Liz took her brush out and fluffed up her bush. Her dark, luxurious pussy hair now sensuously swayed in the gentle ocean breeze. Gene used his fingers to comb out his light colored pubic hair as well.

"Honey while we ate lunch I was thinking of that big cock of yours and you fucking me with someone sucking my clit. It's got me all wet and horny. I don't think I can wait until we find some one. I want to feel you fill my pussy with your magnificent cock right now. Let's stay under these palm trees and you can fuck me a little before we head down the beach, just a quick little poke to satisfy my itch. When we're done, your cock will be all shiny and my cunt hair tipped with moisture from my pussy juice." Said Liz, pulling Gene to her.

Liz leaned over a bent trunk growing horizontally; resting her head on crossed arms and spread her legs. She looked back over her shoulder at Gene with pure lust in her eyes and dampness between her legs. Gene could see the moist tips of her pussy hair peeking out and positioned himself behind her. "Do you want this big cock now baby?" He asked as he bent his knees and rubbed the head of his cock in her wet slit and over her clit to spread her moisture. "Do you want this big cock to fill your hairy pussy? Right here behind the palm trees where anyone might see us? Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes, fuck me from behind. Put your big cock in my hot, wet pussy. I don't care if anyone sees. Just give me that big cock." Liz said huskily. Gene stopped sliding his cock over her clit and entered her moist love canal. As he pulled Liz's hips towards him he thrust his hard cock powerfully, his pelvis banged against Liz's succulent, heart-shaped ass. He could hear, feel, and see, how wet she was; as Liz's well lubed cunt squished with each f***eful stroke.

Gene knew that Liz really liked this position. He did too. Her boobs hung down and swayed back and forth as he alternately pulled her hips to him and then backed out. His cock glistened with Liz's pussy juice. In this position he could feel his long, thick cock spreading her furry lips and driving deep into her juicy cunt.

"Baby, my cock is all shiny and slick with your pussy juice. You like getting your pussy pounded from behind with my big cock, don't you? My cockhead feels so good sliding past your furry cunt lips each time I go in." Said Gene as he continued to pump away and noticed that they were being watched by a slender attractive woman about 50 yards away.

The woman was nude and held one hand above her eyes to shield the sun. Gene couldn't really see her face but he could see that she had a nice bushy beaver and hairy pits. "We have an audience honey." Gene said to Liz. "She looks just like the woman of your three-way fantasy. Can you see her down the beach, ahead of us?"

Liz didn't bother to look; she was too busy enjoying getting fucked in public. In this position, Gene's marvelous cock went really deep; filling her pussy and felt really good. "Just keep fucking me baby, your cock feels so good going so deep. Let her watch if she wants, just keep fucking me." Liz moved one of her hands between her legs and caressed her clit as the pounding continued. "I'm close baby, don't stop!" Liz called out hoarsely and took a deep breath. "God I love your big cock!"

Liz rubbed her clit to give herself a quicker orgasm as he fucked her from behind. He was glad he could pleasure her and that she was making sure she came. He loved feeling her climax while he was still hard and buried in her.

"Cumming! Cumming!" Liz moaned. Gene pushed his hips forward to sink his cock all the way in her pussy and was rewarded as her spasming vaginal muscles contracted around his thick cock. They stayed in that position for a couple of minutes as Liz's orgasmic contractions continued to ripple around his cock. Gene noticed the woman was still watching and smiled at her. She waved and continued on her way.

Gene wanted to save himself for later and pulled out with out cumming. His long, thick cock shimmered in the alternating light and shade from the swaying palm fronds; a large drop of precum lingered on the tip.

Liz turned, put her arms around his neck and said, "Oh honey, that was sooo gooood! Remember when we fantasized about making love on the beach a few weeks ago? I'll remember this forever." As they kissed she could feel he was still hard with precum dangling from the tip of his cock. She bent down and licked it off and they kissed again sharing it.

"I guess we should put some sunscreen on before we get out of the shade of these trees." Liz said as she pulled the bottle out of his backpack. While they "greased" themselves up, Gene's erection partially deflated, at least enough to not upset any of the purist nudists who disdain showing an erection on a nude beach.

Gene casually looked at the women on the beach, acting as if he was looking for a spot, as they slowly walked along the water line. In his peripheral vision he could see Liz's beautiful breasts jiggle seductively with each step. He could feel his cock thickening in response and concentrated on the mission to avoid becoming fully erect.

The beach wasn't crowded, but there were quite a few people there; mostly nude but some women just topless and some men wore swim trunks. They were trying to spot a candidate for a threesome but saw mostly couples. As they continued Gene noticed the men's eyes were fixed on Liz, with her jiggly jugs and the bushy triangle between her legs clearly on display. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Gene's long, thick cock bouncing from the middle of one thigh to the other as they walked. Her pussy tingled as she thought back to a few minutes ago when they fulfilled a fantasy of making love on the beach with the woman watching.

Just a little ahead, Gene spotted three women with no men. He wasn't sure if they were together or not. Two had their towels close to each other and the third was in front of the other two and just fifteen feet from Liz and Gene. Gene squeezed Liz's hand, slowed to a stop and pointed to an open spot just to the left of the women and quietly said to Liz, "Look at those three. I think the one in front is alone and may be what we're looking for. She looks like the woman who was watching us fuck under the palm trees."

Liz turned slightly away from the water so she could see the woman Gene was talking about better. This made it easier for the people on the beach to see his big cock as previously their view was blocked by Liz who was walking next to him on the beach side. Gene casually scanned the scene with his hand over his eyes to provide shade from the sun and look less obvious that he was really checking out the single woman. He was surprised to find her looking right at him, right at his crotch and as she did so, she very subtly spread her legs to give him a better view and smiled at him. Even though she was leaning back on her hands, he couldn't help but notice her nice bushy beaver and the hair sticking out from her armpits. Yep, that was her all right; the woman who watched them having sex under the palm trees.

The woman made no pretense to hide the fact that she was checking Gene out as he scanned the area. It appeared to Gene that she was looking directly at his cock; so he flexed his pubic muscles to waggle his, not hard, but still big, cock at her. She smiled at him again, licked her lips and patted the empty sand next to her.

Unbeknown to Gene and Liz, her name was Kitty and she recently broke up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was too interested in his work and his sex drive didn't match hers. Kitty needed to cum several times a day and he seemed happy with once or twice a week. When she realized that she was getting off more from her vibrator than her boyfriend, she dumped him. Kitty was alone on this vacation to get away from it all but while she was masturbating this morning she fantasized about a threesome with another couple where the man, unlike her former boyfriend, was well endowed. She wondered if her fantasy this morning was a precursor to what was to come this day.

A little bit louder than necessary, while pointing to the open space next to the single woman, Gene said to Liz, "That looks like a good spot. Do you want to set up there?"

She nodded yes and they walked to the open space next to the single woman. Before Gene shucked off his backpack full of their beach supplies, Liz knelt down, leaned over and said to the single woman: "Hey, do you mind if we use this open spot next to you? By the way, my name is Liz."

"Hey, my name is Kitty, and yes, I would really like it if y'all set up here." she replied in a deep southern drawl. Looking between Liz's hanging breasts, at her hairy pussy, Kitty said, "There's plenty of room and I would really like the company as I'm alone. Pardon me for staring at the hair between your legs, but I was afraid I would end up as the only one on the beach that doesn't shave down there. Yours is so nice and furry, pretty and sexy. Now that you're here, I don't feel like a weirdo or something."

"Thanks Kitty, yours is very pretty too. Not only do you have nice long, curly hair but the way your clit sticks out is very sexy." said Liz in reply, as she tried not to stare at the huge clit between the curls. "My boyfriend's name is Gene. Gene meet Kitty, Kitty meet Gene."

"Hey Kitty." said Gene squatting down and moving closer to where Kitty was sitting. "Nice to meet you. Where are y'all from?"

"A_L_A_B_A_M_A ", replied Kitty slowly in her southern drawl, "how about y'all?"

"North Carolina" answered Gene, "it's good to share the beach with a fellow southerner."

Gene and Liz got out their beach towels, water bottles, books and sat down with Gene next to Kitty and Liz on the far side of Gene. Once they were settled, Gene sat leaning back on his hands and said to Kitty, "I hope you won't take offense at this, but you are nearly as beautiful as Liz."

"What a diplomat", Liz yelled, but not too loud. Kitty and Gene both laughed causing Kitty's boobs to wobble seductively and Gene's cock to bob back and forth.

Continuing, Gene said, "Your nipples are so nice and long; and you have a fantastic set of curls between your legs. The way your clit peeks out from them is very erotic."

"Thank you," said Kitty as she gently placed a hand on Gene's thigh to acknowledge the compliment and emphasize what she was about to say. "As I mentioned a moment ago, I was worried that I would be the only one on the beach unshaved. Liz, it's good to see that you're hairy too. I think your pubic hair is very sexy. It's nice and long and looks very yummy. I guess there are worse things in the world than sitting next to a good looking guy with a nice big, thick cock; even if he is taken." As she said that, she looked directly at Gene's cock and brushed against it as her hand returned to her lap.

Liz didn't miss the innuendo in Kitty's comments, or the subtle brush of Kitty's hand against Gene's, now slightly thicker, cock; or the fact that Kitty was now sitting cross-legged to show off her moist, hairy cunt with its big clit poking out from her long, curly pubic hair. Liz began to think maybe Kitty was the extra woman they were looking for and decided to continue the conversation in the same vein. "You're right; there are many worse things than sitting naked on the beach with a good looking guy with a big cock. But even more important than its impressive size is that he knows how to use it. I cum every time he fucks me." Liz said not sure if dropping the F-bomb and using the word CUM would turn this gorgeous, hirsute Alabama southern belle off, but willing to risk it to take the conversation where she wanted.

"Every time?" asked Kitty in disbelief. "I almost never have an orgasm from a guy's cock. Mostly they have to use their fingers or tongue for me to cum."

"As I said, he knows how to use it. And what may be more unbelievable, he really loves to eat pussy. Especially H_A_I_R_Y pussies like yours and mine." Answered Liz emphasizing the word hairy.

Gene was in the middle of these two, hearing them discuss his apportionments and talents as if he were a prize steer at the county fair. He knew where Liz was trying to take this and let her take the lead. He enjoyed hearing Liz brag about his sexual prowess; he just continued to lean back on his hands with his cock thickening and hardening. To spice things up, he contracted his pubic muscles so his cock jerked slightly as they talked; both girls took notice of his love muscle flexing itself.

"If I had a boyfriend that liked to eat pussy and had a cock as big as his, I'd spend all day riding it and letting him lick me." Replied Kitty.

"Believe me we've done that many times." Responded Liz turning slightly to face Kitty more directly and crossing her legs Indian fashion to emphasize her hairy pussy with her slightly smaller, but still noticeable clit exposed in the middle of her bush. "There are days when he gives me a dozen or more orgasms. We just stay naked and fuck all day." She said while u*********sly combing her long cunt hair with her fingers. "It may seem a little kinky, but I like to taste my pussy juice on his cock and when he eats his cum from my pussy and then shares it with me, it gets me going all over again!"

"Oh wow! All day? I'd really like that. You are soooo lucky." Commented Kitty. Her mind flashed back to her fantasy this morning of making it with a couple and getting properly fucked by a big cock; she u*********sly mimicked Liz and twirled her cunt hair around a finger. As Kitty looked at the two of them she wondered if her fantasy could come true and thought they may be the ones she saw doing it under the palm trees a while ago. Liz was beautiful, he was well endowed and loved hairy pussies. Breaking out of her reverie, Kitty continued the conversation, "No guy has ever eaten his cum from my cunt. They just want to suck on my big clit; at least they tell me it tastes good." She giggled and spread her legs to show off her big clit even more, enticing them while hoping she was not being too bold and scare them away.

Gene felt like it was time for him to join in the conversation. Liz was doing a great job, but he wanted to take it a bit further as he sensed Kitty was just what they were looking for. "I'll bet your big clit does taste good." Gene began, "I really like the taste of Liz's clit after she rubs my cock on it to give herself an orgasm and gets my precum smeared all over it. Liz if you scoot over towards me a little so Kitty blocks the view, you can show her how we do it."

Liz liked this idea! She moved so she was sitting between Gene's outstretched legs with her legs over his so her pussy was nuzzled up to the base of his cock. "Watch this Kitty," Liz said, "this is one of my favorite ways to cum."

Kitty's body was blocking the view from the people behind them and there was no one to the side who could see. Liz reached out for Gene's big cock as she tilted her pelvis to better expose her clit. She milked Gene to coax a nice big dollop of precum on his tip and proceeded to rub the head of his cock between the valley of her hairy pussy lips and over her clit. Fucking her clit this way with his long, hard, slippery cock felt wonderful. The fact that Kitty was watching really turned Liz on. Liz, and Gene, could see that Kitty was enjoying it too. Kitty dipped her finger in her moist pussy to get it wet and slowly caressed her over-sized clit as she watched.

Soon Liz shook with a solid, but relatively quiet orgasm. When she was done, Gene leaned over and licked her shiny, precum-covered clit to gather the tasty juice in his mouth and then kissed Liz to share it with her.

"Yum! That was good." Liz exclaimed. She smiled contently while looking at Kitty's clit and saw her fingers moving through her bush. "Your clit is bigger than mine so it would probably hold enough of his tasty, slippery nectar for two people!" Kitty smiled back and subtly moved her finger into her pussy.

"Let's see how good you really taste." Said Gene to Kitty as he pulled her finger covered with pussy juice to his lips. Kitty put up no resistance. Gene slowly and sensuously licked the juice off Kitty's finger as if he were licking her clit while Liz and Kitty watched his erotic show. "They were right." Said Gene when he was done. "Whoever told you that your clit tastes good is correct."

"Me too," cried Liz, "I want a taste."

'Perfect!' thought Gene. This was the telling moment. If Kitty responded positively to Liz's request they were on their way to a three-way with her. If not, no harm done.

Kitty unhurriedly moved her hand back between her legs and inserted her finger between her juicy cunt lips. Drawing it out and extending her finger to Liz she said, "Okay, but I get a taste of yours too."

Liz followed Gene's lead and sucked the proffered finger like it was a little cock while looking Kitty in the eyes. She slid it between her lips, swirled her tongue around it and then did it again to make sure she got all the juice off. "You're right Gene. She does taste good." Said Liz. "Now it's you're turn Kitty."

Liz inserted her middle finger deep inside her hairy pussy and moved it back and forth a few times to get it really wet. Then she offered it to Kitty who like Liz pretended to be sucking a small cock. When she was done, Kitty put her head back, like she was tasting a fine wine, to savor the essence of Liz. After a moment Kitty pronounced her verdict, "Delicious, very tasty and something I hope I get to taste again soon."

Upon hearing this, Liz and Gene knew the deal was sealed! They soon would be enjoying each other and Kitty at the same time.

Gene, ever the practical one, knew they had to seize the moment before it was lost and find a place close-by that was private. When they first walked down the beach he noticed that the far end was strewn with large pieces of limestone and deserted. He hoped there would be a sandy spot where they could have some privacy and continue what had just begun.

"Why don't I go explore over there past all the people where those big rocks are and see if I can find a nice quiet place for us." Gene said to Liz and Kitty.

They both nodded in agreement.

"But I do have one problem I need help with before I stroll down the beach." Gene said hefting his cock with precum liberally dripping off the end.

"Liz do you mind if I do the honors?" asked Kitty.

"Be my guest." responded Liz.

Kitty reached over with her index finger, wiped the precum off Gene's cock, and then licked it off her finger. "He tastes wonderful too." She said to Liz.

"Yes he does. I never tire of it." Answered Liz.

Gene stood up and made his way to the end of the beach to find a spot. As he walked away Liz said to Kitty, "I get really wet when ever I see him walk around naked like that. Look at his big cock bouncing off his thighs as he moves."

While Gene was searching for a secluded place, Liz decided to share their fantasy with Kitty. She told Kitty how they talked that morning about having a three-way with another woman and that Kitty fit the bill perfectly. Liz said she hoped Kitty was game because she really wanted to see Gene's big cock sliding in and out of Kitty's nice hairy pussy. She told Kitty about how much she wanted some one to suck her clit while she fucked herself on Gene and that she planned to return the favor by sucking Kitty's big clit while Kitty rode Gene's big, juicy cock. Kitty admitted that she often masturbated to a similar fantasy of sliding up and down a big, hard cock; with her engorged clit sticking out; and someone sucking on it. She said that particular fantasy gave her great orgasms and she felt the real thing would be much better than a dildo and her fingers. The two of them hugged each other in conspiratorial agreement.

When Gene returned he had good news. The three of them picked up their belongings and walked hand-in-hand to the secluded end of the beach behind the rocks where there was a large patch of soft, white sand. They put their towels down and kneeled for a three-way kiss. It may have been a little cumbersome, none of them ever having done this before, but after a few seconds they overcame any inhibitions and French kissed each other simultaneously.

As their kiss ended, the girls looked down and saw Gene's cock was fully engorged now and dripping precum. "This is one of the good parts." said Liz as she wrapped a hand around his long, thick, hard cock and slowly milked more of his sweet, clear fluid out. She pointed Gene's cock in the direction of Kitty and said, "Why don't you try it. But I'll warn you, it's addictive. I just love his big cock - in my mouth, in my pussy, between my tits .... anywhere he wants to put it."

Kitty placed her small hand on top of Liz's and bent over to take Gene's juicy love muscle in her mouth. She squeezed gently and more clear fluid flowed out. Quickly she stuck her tongue out to lap up Gene's sweet pre-cum like a kitten at a milk bowl. Liz was right. Kitty imagined being addicted to a cock like this – the taste, the size, and the fragrance – everything about it. She went back for more and Liz removed her hand. This time Kitty placed her mouth over the head of Gene's cock and slowly milked another drop out as she swirled her tongue over his glans. Gene groaned showing his appreciation. When she was done she pointed his beautiful big cock in the direction of Liz. Liz bent over and did the same; getting a goodly amount of his tasty, natural lubricant.

Gene bent over and flicked his tongue across one of Kitty's elongated nipples, then turned his head to do the same to Liz. Both girls' nipples were standing out stiffly. Gene put his arms around them and pulled them together so he could lick both of their nipples at once.

Liz felt a bolt of electricity flash to her pussy when Gene first licked her nipple. Then when he pulled them together and she felt Kitty's long, stiff nipple against hers, the flash fired off again. Her already moist pussy was starting to get very wet. Gene continued flicking his tongue on both of their nipples at the same time. His hands moved from behind the two hirsute beauties and gently pulled at the long hair covering each girl's pussy. He knew Liz really liked this and hoped Kitty did too. Gene continued licking both their long, stiff nipples and gently tugging their cunt hair as both the girls moaned in approval.

Gene pulled his head from between their breasts and gently pushed Liz on her back. "You're first sweetheart, time to send you to heaven." Kitty and Gene each kneeled on one side of Liz. They bent over and enjoyed another three-way French kiss with Liz while Gene gently caressed one of Liz's breasts and Kitty the other. Both Gene and Kitty began kissing and licking Liz as they descended from her lips to her nipples. Liz moaned and pushed her chest out to give them better access.

The feeling of having both of her tits suckled at the same time was exquisite! Liz put her hands on the back of each of their heads, pulling them to her breasts and said, "God my tits feel good. Suck my nipples and play with my cunt." She did feel like she was in heaven as both Gene and Kitty sucked her nipples and lightly ran their fingers though her long, abundant pubic hair. This wasn't exactly the way Liz's fantasy went, but it sure felt good. Her nipples were standing up; long and stiff. As Kitty and Gene sucked on them, she could feel stirrings in her pussy and the longing to be fucked and sucked.

The three-way French kiss was unexpected, as was Kitty sucking her nipples. At first Liz felt a bit weird, but also turned on by the naughtiness of it all. She trusted Gene and decided to go with the flow, giving herself over to the moment, not thinking or analyzing, just enjoying the lustiness of what was happening and how wonderful it made her body feel.

Gene and Kitty licked their way over Liz's boobs to the middle of her chest and kissed each other as their lips met in the center with their fingers continuing to wander through the long, bushy hair covering Liz's pussy. Kitty sucked Gene's tongue in her mouth and pretended it was his cock by moving her head back and forth simulating what she planned to do once she got his hard, juicy meat between her lips. She could feel the build-up of moisture in her pussy and knew without looking that her big clit was protruding from its hood with all this excitement.

Liz was getting very turned on by her first intimate encounter with another woman. Her labial lips were engorged and her clit emerged from its hood. Since she was doing this with Gene, she didn't feel it was a lesbian experience. As Gene continued his licking around Liz's boobs and sucking her nipples, Kitty sat back and became the voyeur, drinking in the erotic sights, sounds and smells in front of her. As she watched Gene work his magic tongue over Liz's stiff nipples she cupped a breast and tweaked her own nipple with one hand while her other hand found its way between her legs and began to slowly massage her clit, sticking out from her copious pubic hair like a little cock.

Gene, working Liz over alone now, positioned himself between her legs and slowly licked down her stomach until he reached the beginning of the tangle of hair between her legs. He moved his nose over and through it, inhaling the pungent scent of Liz's arousal, as he moved to suck her engorged pussy lips. He gently pulled them with apart with his lips and inserted a finger in Liz's pussy followed by his tongue sliding up the valley towards Liz's engorged clit. "Your pussy tastes so good. I could eat you all day." Gene said pausing for a moment to look up at Liz.

He massaged her g-spot with his finger as his tongue gently touched the end of her clit. Then he returned to the valley and repeated the process again and again. Liz was now panting and bucked her hips to increase the pressure. "Fuck me with your tongue, baby. Fuck my cunt with your tongue."

Gene placed his hands under Liz's ass cheeks and lifted them to improve the angle so his tongue could penetrate deep into her juicy twat. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could and began to fuck her with it. Liz could feel the warm wetness as he dove into her depths. She moaned while grabbing her tits and pinched her nipples. Gene continued his probing and found that by pushing hard and curling the tip of his tongue, he could just reach the spongy tissue of her g-spot.

"Oh yes, oh yes. That's it baby! Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me!" Liz called out as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm start to well-up within her. "Oh yes, oh yes." She panted again as she bucked her hips in an effort to f***e his tongue deeper and continued to milk her tits.

Kitty had only seen another woman come once before when she was in college and watched from under the covers as her roommate was ravished by a boyfriend in the dorm room they shared. Out in the open like this was much better. She could see and hear everything as she continued to tweak her own engorged nipples and scissor her slippery clit between two fingers.

Liz knew she was close to an orgasm and wanted to come on Gene's cock with Kitty sucking her clit like they fantasized that morning. "I need your cock in me now baby, fuck me with your big, thick, juicy cock."

Gene pulled his face from between her legs and lay down on his back with his cock standing straight up. Kitty saw this and watched as Liz mounted him reverse cowgirl with Liz's hairy pussy facing her. Kitty moved between her legs and was treated to a very erotic sight as she saw Gene's thick cock split Liz's pussy lips, slide up and in. Kitty moved her head closer, extended her tongue and began, tentatively at first, to lick Liz's pussy as Liz slid her furry cunt up and down the long, thick shaft.

"Yes that's it!" Liz cried out, realizing her fantasy was getting fulfilled. "Lick my pussy while I fuck his big, hard cock."

Kitty now began licking in earnest, moving her head up and down to time her licks with Liz's movement. Kitty thought to herself, 'this is so hot' and increased the pressure and speed of her licking. After a few minutes of Liz mumbling unintelligibly while she rode the massive cock, Kitty's timing failed and she accidently licked Liz's clit.

The engorged nub sent shock waves through Liz when Kitty's tongue made contact. Liz screamed out, "Oh God! That feels so good. Suck my clit, I'm close, suck my clit Kitty and make me cum."

Kitty obeyed, clamped her mouth over Liz's furry mound and sucked her clit hard enough to make a seal with her lips. She had never eaten another woman before, but knew how she liked her big clit sucked and started to move her tongue in different patterns over Liz's sensitive bundle of nerve endings knowing that the greatest pleasure would come from varying her tongue patterns. As she did this, she put a hand back between her legs slid two fingers in her own cunt with her thumb on her clit.

"Oh God, oh fuck! Suck me, fuck me!" Liz cried out to Kitty and Gene as her orgasm started to build.

Gene knew what would happen next and said, "That's it baby. Fuck yourself on my hard cock. I want to feel your pussy cum with me inside you. Cum on me baby. Cum all over my big cock. Squirt all over her face."

"Oh God, oh fuck!" Liz screamed again as her orgasm began. "Fuck me hard, suck my clit."

Gene was thrusting and Kitty sucked as hard as she could while running her tongue directly over Liz's clit. That was when the dam broke. Liz let go and surrendered to her orgasm. She thought she felt the earth move. Sexual electricity coursed through her body as her cunt muscles spasmed around Gene's cock. This was such a powerful orgasm that she began to squirt all over Kitty; who relished tasting the cum juice of another woman for the first time.

Kitty knew after such an intense orgasm that Liz's clit would be sensitive and just stared at Liz's beautiful, hairy, squirting, spasming cunt. Kitty's up-close view of Gene's meaty cock sliding in and out, the feel of Liz's cum on her face and the fragrance of Liz's sex sent her over the edge too as her fingers flew in and out of her pussy with her thumb pressing down on her clit. Kitty shuddered as her orgasm overtook her and she too squirted.

Liz lay back quietly on Gene's chest, still impaled on this hard cock, as Kitty slumped in post orgasmic bliss and licked her cum off her fingers. They stayed like that for a few minutes with everyone catching their breath; their minds reeling from the carnal pleasure they had just experienced.

Finally Gene said, "Liz, as you can feel, I am still hard." He jiggled his hips to emphasize the point as his hardness massaged Liz from the inside. "It's time for the second part of your fantasy; to watch my cock slide in and out of Kitty's hairy cunt."

Liz responded, "Yes, I really want to see that big cock of yours slide in and out of her furry pussy." As she got off Gene she hovered her pussy over him to drip her girl cum on him for lubrication, although she doubted Kitty would need much of that by the time Gene slid into her.

Gene rolled to his side, propping himself on one arm. He and Liz smiled at Kitty, who smiled back, more than ready for her "turn".

"How should we begin?" Wondered Gene out loud. "Liz, do you think you and I should return the favor and begin the same way Kitty and I did with you?"

"Let's ask Kitty." Liz replied. "Let's she what she wants. All I know is that we owe her an earth shattering orgasm like I had. Kitty, how do you want to start?"

Kitty didn't need to think about this. When she watched Gene eat Liz out, she imagined it was her being eaten and fucked by his long tongue. "I think I need a good tongue-fucking like you had." She leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs. Her juicy pussy was staring at Gene with her big clit sticking up from the forest of pussy hair begging for attention.

Gene moved between her legs and began licking and kissing the inside of her thighs.

"Mmmmm" purred Kitty, "that's a good way to start."

As Gene licked and kissed his way 'north' he moved his hand so he could comb his fingers through Kitty's substantial bush with this thumb bumping against her clit on every third or so pass through the forest. "Mmmmm" purred Kitty again as she placed her hands on Gene's head and ran her fingers through his hair in the same fashion as he was doing to her. She spread her legs wider and applied a little pressure to encourage him. "That feels so nice. I love to have my pussy hair played with."

Gene continued combing her long pussy hair with his fingers but began to pay more attention to the big clit that stood up before him. He moved forward and with his lips gently pulled the hair covering her pussy lips. Kitty purred again and squirmed causing her legs to spread even more. Gene slowly drew into his mouth one of her succulent, fur covered pussy lips, and then the other and back again. On each repetition he used his tongue to lick the valley of her pussy as he crossed over it.

Kitty was so worked up from eating Liz that she started to move her hips and pull Gene's head closer to her hirsute cunt. "That feels so yummy. I love the way you're eating me. Suck my clit now please."

Liz watched in fascination as Gene complied with Kitty's lusty request having never seen oral sex from this vantage point before. She knew what Kitty was feeling as Gene had done this to her many times. Gene circled his tongue around Kitty's clit eliciting another appeal from Kitty, "Suck me, suck my clit!"

Gene moved his mouth up and engulfed Kitty's clit sucking it completely in. The nerve ending packed appendage was well over an inch long allowing him to tenderly clamp his teeth on the bottom, while his tongue made figure eights, and slowly sc**** his teeth along its length to the end. He did this several times driving Kitty into a frenzy of hip bucking to increase the pressure. Gene knew she was ready and closed his lips around her big clit so he could suck with full f***e while flicking his tongue over and back. Kitty's body tensed as her orgasm began. Gene pulled her hips to him so he could remain locked on her clit. Kitty's hands went to her breast and pulled her extended nipples to increase the sensations as her orgasm reached its crescendo and she moaned in ecstasy.

Liz was mesmerized with the raw sex she observed and moved one hand down to her pussy and kneaded the flesh around her clit. Her other hand continued to stimulate her breasts and nipples. Liz wanted to see him fuck Kitty. She wanted to see his big, juicy cock slide in and out of Kitty's furry love tunnel; all slick and shiny with Kitty's juices.

Kitty stopped bucking and breathed in deeply as her orgasm subsided. Gene sat back on his haunches, his cock standing up hard and thick with precum oozing at the tip.

Liz leaned forward and wrapped her hand around Gene's solid shaft; his length and girth made her hand look small in comparison. She pointed the tip at Kitty's wooly flower and urged him forward. Gene scooted closer until the tip of his manhood was nestled between Kitty's cunt lips. Liz slowly slid Gene's cockhead over Kitty's extended clit, covering it with his precum and worked her clit with his cock like it was a flesh dildo.

Kitty moaned again. Liz's pressure on her clit was just right and with each pass of Gene's cockhead she came closer to another orgasm. She was near the edge and spread her legs wider to encourage Gene to penetrate her. She wanted to feel his big, thick cock stretch her lips. Kitty moaned, "Oh God that feels good, keep fucking my clit with that juicy cock until I cum." Liz continued the slow sliding and applied a little more pressure. Kitty moaned again and began to pull on her long nipples to increase the sensations she was feeling. "That's it," Kitty whimpered as she lifted her hips to increase the pressure, "fuck my clit with his big cock."

Liz bent over and added her tongue to the mix, now alternating strokes on Kitty's big clit with her tongue and Gene's cockhead. Liz moved Gene's cock from side to side and slid her tongue lengthwise down Kitty's erect clit. Kitty felt her clit tingle with the additional stimulation and lifted her head to see where it was coming from. She saw Liz's head between her legs and moaned once more in ecstasy.

Liz was really getting into this. She reached back, between her legs, to scoop some wetness from her pussy and gently applied it to the clit standing up from Kitty's bush. She marveled at how it glistened in the sun and looked so appetizing, just like icing on a cake. Liz scooped some more, "painted" a generous amount on Kitty's clit and bent over to lick the icing off the cake. She managed to get most of Gene's cockhead and Kitty's clit in her mouth, swirled her tongue around both and hummed. Gene and Kitty both moaned as the vibrations moved through the most sensitive portion of their sex organs.

Kitty repositioned herself over Gene, facing his feet and impaled her hairy cunt on his big cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Gene's hands were on Kitty's hips encouraging her ride. Kitty's tits danced in Liz's face and Kitty's fully engorged clit stood out like a small cock while Gene's big cock slid in and out of her curly-haired cunt.

Liz was living her lustful, voyeuristic, secret desire – watching Gene's glorious cock move in and out of a hairy pussy. She marveled at the beautiful sight: the long, curly pubes at the base of Kitty's pussy were soaked with cunt juice and clung to Gene's meaty spear as he split her lips with each stroke. Above Kitty's big clit, her abundant pussy hair was tangled, looking like a delicate bird's nest that needed combing. Fascinated by what she was witnessing, Liz reached a hand out, extended her fingers and combed the bird's nest to straighten out Kitty's pussy hair. As she did so, she could feel the up and down movement as Kitty rode Gene's slippery shaft. This was the most sensual, erotic thing Liz had ever seen. Even though she had recently cum hard and squirted, she could feel moisture begin to well in her cunt.

Liz wondered if this was what her hairy pussy looked like when Gene made love to her in this position and made a mental note to talk him into making a video of them some day.

"Oh God, your cock is so big and thick!" Liz heard Kitty call out, "It's splitting me wide open. My cunt is so full and feels so good. Suck my clit, Liz. Please, suck my clit." Kitty nearly screamed as pleasure jolts shot through her body announcing an impending orgasm. "Suck me, I'm cumming. Oh God, suck my clit!"

Liz sucked Kitty's big clit like it was a little cock; humming and swirling her tongue, moving from the base to the tip as Kitty's hips moved up and down propelled by Gene's thrusts. Liz sucked harder, pulling Kitty's engorged, cock-like clit into her mouth. Liz's nose was buried in Kitty's bush, inhaling the musky aroma wafting up. Liz lifted her head slightly, and slowly let Kitty's stiff clit slide out from between her lips.

Kitty could feel rockets going off. She put one hand on the back of Liz's head to push Liz back to her clit while her other hand, along with Gene's, was pinching her long, stiff nipples.

Liz returned to sucking Kitty's big, tasty clit and put a hand between her legs to pleasure her own wet, curly-haired cunt. Kitty was moaning around Gene's cock as Liz began her final assault. She again sucked hard to bring all of the massive clit into her mouth and inserted a finger into Kitty's cunt along side Gene's cock to massage her G-spot. Liz worked her mouth and finger in harmony with Gene's movements; one sliding up and down, one sliding in and out. Kitty again pushed the back of Liz's head to increase the pressure and began to leak pussy juice which Liz greedily lapped up. Kitty thrashed uncontrollably with her orgasm on Gene's turgid shaft; her pussy gushing forth girl cum and soaking Liz.

When Kitty calmed down, Liz lifted her head from between Kitty's legs and smiled at her. Kitty was lying back on Gene's chest, with Gene's stiff cock in her hairy pussy. She was almost u*********s.

Liz noticed something else she hadn't been aware of while their threesome was taking place ... they had an audience!

A short way down the beach was a woman with pendulous breasts sitting on a man's lap and slowly moving her hips back and forth. She lifted one of her enormous tits to her mouth to suck her extended nipple and then rubbed her clit. She must have been watching for a while as Liz could see that her fingers, and the cock she was riding on, were shiny with pussy juice. While Liz continued to watch, the other woman stiffened as an orgasm roiled through her body, making her bountiful breasts wobble and the man shift his hips up.

Liz decided to give them a good finish to the show they had seen so far. She pulled Gene's stiff cock out of Kitty's hairy cunt and began to suck on it. The taste of Kitty's cum and pussy juice was different than her own, but still wonderful. She swirled her tongue around the head of Gene's cock as she gently played with his cum-filled balls. "Oh God baby that feels good." moaned Gene. "Fuck your mouth on my cock. I want to come all over you."

Hearing this Liz changed her technique and pumped Gene's slick, long, thick shaft with two hands while bobbing her head up and down on his cockhead. She knew Gene wouldn't last long in her mouth after just fucking her and Kitty. "Cumming baby, cumming baby." Gene mumbled between moans. Liz could feel his cock thicken in her mouth and pulled off. She aimed his cock at her wide open mouth and continued to stroke his manhood. She glanced at the other couple and saw they were watching.

It didn't take long. Gene's first gush was like a fountain and landed on her face. She continued pumping, and improved her aim, so most of the rest of his spurts landed in her mouth.

Liz rocked back with cum running down her cheeks and dribbling out her mouth. She looked directly at the other couple, wiped the cum from her cheek, and hungrily licked her fingers clean. She smiled and waved at them.

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11 months ago
Wow....excellent story......I want to suck on Kitty's meaty twat too.....and I would eat my cum from them both!!!!!:)
11 months ago
great story I love it