A Perfect Day of Golf

It was an absolutely perfect day for golf. You seriously could not ask for anything better. Not a cloud in the sky, warm without being hot, and a perfect gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean. Best of all, it was Monday. The weekend crowds had all gone back to work, and we basically had the course to ourselves.

Our group consisted of me, my wife Jackie, and another couple we had been friends with for years -- Alex & Alexis. No, seriously. They were Alex & Alexis. No shit. Believe me; we teased them mercilessly, and so did everyone else. But the cool thing about Alex & Alexis was that they didn't give a crap. They'd heard it all before, and they would just tease back. Truth be told, they were a hell of lot of fun to hang out with. Alex could easily be mistaken for a nerd if you didn't know better. He was a computer tech or programmer or something. I don't know exactly. I do know he worked for some big company for years before he got laid off. Normally, this would suck. But Alex somehow wound up working as a "consultant", whatever that was, for the same company plus a few competitors. He managed to triple his salary and only had to work three or four days a week. He could talk about computers like a nerd-maniac, but he somehow avoided actually being a nerd. With his time off he was a regular here at the golf course and also at the gym. For a guy well into his thirties he was in great shape. He dressed well -- very non-nerd—and best of all, he had a genuine trophy wife.

Alexis worked as a grade school teacher years ago, but gave it up when the consulting money started to roll in. She was gorgeous. A perfect ten. Her father was an American and her mother was Korean. As a result, she received the fabulous cocoa colored skin and smooth, jet-black hair from her mother's side and the long, tall frame of her 6'4" father that the full Koreans normally lacked. The result was, basically, perfection. She was tall, very slim, in great shape from joining Alex at the gym all the time, with soft smooth skin that just begged to be touched. She kept her hair cut just past shoulder length in a straight style that framed her mostly round face exquisitely. It was a perfect choice, because it actually managed, at least sometimes, to draw eyes to her face instead of her chest. A woman as tall as Alexis needed fairly sizable breasts to complement her body. Alexis' did this fabulously. They were big, but not huge. And even without a bra they stood well against the f***es of gravity. The best thing about Alexis, though, wasn't even her looks. Her best trait was her happiness. It was infectious. You simply could not be in a bad mood around Alexis. She was the kind of person who lit up a room as soon as she entered it. Her beauty, her friendliness, and her enjoyment of life made her an absolute pleasure to be around.

We had all been friends for almost a year now, since Alex & first met at the gym. We started hanging out, playing golf together & getting beers together. When our wives met, they got along perfectly as well. This was no surprise really, first of all because everybody got along with Alexis. Second, though, was that they had so much in common. My wife, Jackie, had been a teacher as well. Like Alexis, she decided to give it up when my business landed a few government contracts that basically bought our ticket to easy street. Very quickly Jackie & Alexis became close friends, meeting regularly for lunch, workouts, girls night out parties, you name it.

Alexis wasn't necessarily a trophy wife, but she was damn good looking as well. She was your stereotypical Nordic blonde; very pale skinned, striking blond hair that she kept in a cute-as-hell short bob that framed her face and long, sexy neck. Her chest wasn't nearly as large as Alexis' but was shaped nicely. You couldn't see now under her golf shirt & sports bra, but I happened to know that they had nice, small nipples that could grow quite large and very hard when she was aroused. They were incredibly sensitive. With some effort, she could be coaxed to orgasm without laying a hand on anything other than her nipples. Of the four of us, Jackie was in the best shape. Her abdomen was flat as could be, and her whole body toned like an athlete. She worked hard on her body, and she took great pleasure in enjoying the rewards. She was not shy, and in fact was a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved to flirt & tease in public, and we had a fairly good sized collection of digital pictures we had taken of her in various levels of undress in places like beaches, parks, and some particularly hot shots in parking lots as would leave nightclubs a little d***k.

It was this little habit that brought the four of us to the golf course today. Jackie & Alexis were taking -- as best friends tend to do -- about some photos we'd snapped last week at this golf course. Nothing too risky; just some shots of her lifting her skirt, bending over to pick up her ball, that king of thing. Jackie, by the way, very rarely wears panties when we go out somewhere. Well, apparently Alexis talked her into showing her the pictures, and then the cat was out of the bag. According to Jackie, Alexis got quite turned on, and wanted to see more and more of the pictures we had collected through the years. Jackie -- not shy, remember? -- shared freely, showing her increasingly racy pictures that apparently turned her on more and more.

Alex told me she couldn't stop talking about it. She'd come home that night, he said, and fucked him like they were teenagers again several times through the night. He's come home once a couple days ago and caught her on the computer, masturbating to some public sex pictures. "Much more that simple flashing" is what he'd described them as. Alex didn't seem to have a problem with this at all, and in fact, assured me he was enjoying the substantial boost to his sex life.

The girls got together for lunch a few days ago, made some plans, and next thing you know, here we are at the golf course packing Alex & Alexis' new -- quite nice -- digital camera. I'd become accustomed to Jackie's exhibitionism, so I had no problem with the outing at all. Hundreds of people had seen Jackie naked, or partially naked, so two more was perfectly cool with me. Alexis was obviously eager, and had confided in Jackie that she was now masturbating at least twice a day as she fantasized about what she wanted to do. She was nervous at the same time though, which is why Jackie & I were here. She insisted on having us with her for her first trip into the world of this particular fetish. The only one in our foursome I was a little concerned about was Alex. He'd assured me that everything was cool, but I wasn't entirely convinced. I told him that we would leave, or turn away, or whatever if he got at all uncomfortable. He thanked me, but swore he was fine with the whole arrangement.

We teed off at 10:00. We all played golf fairly regularly, so we moved along quickly. Alex was winning as we completed the second hole. The third hole was significant, I knew, because this was when the course turned out of the view of the clubhouse. Jackie knew this as well, and -- not shy -- she let Alexis know that it was almost show time with a challenge.

"Okay...we'll make a bet. The one with the highest score on this hole loses and has to pose for a topless shot on the green."

Alexis didn't even blink. "Deal."

The hole was short...a par three. Alexis shot first. A perfect 7 iron right onto the green. Jackie followed with a nice enough shot that came about 30 yards short of the green. I smiled to myself because I figured she did it on purpose.

Sure enough, Alexis was the winner by one stroke.

"Okay honey, pay up." I said as I removed the lens cap of our camera.

She simply smiled, gave a quick glance around, and pulled her shirt & sports bra over her head. She tossed them to me and struck a pose with the flagstick.


Alex's eyes were wide. He was staring at Jackie's tits. She noticed, and it was like throwing fuel on a fire. Jackie loved when guys looked at her. She smiled. "Like what you see, Alex?"

He turned away, his face turning red.

"It's Okay. You can look all you want. That's the whole point." She pinched her nipple.


He looked at Alexis, as if to seek permission. She smiled and nodded her approval.

I threw her shirt back, but kept the bra. It went in my golf bag. She gave me playfully scolding look.

"So what's the bet on #4?" Jackie prompted, to keep the game going.

"Um, I don't know." Alexis was eager, but shy.

"OK, how about winner's choice. Winner tells the loser what we all get to see."

Alexis agreed, and we headed to hole number four.

This time Jackie played for real. If Alexis was going to win this time, she would have to earn it. It came down to a three foot putt. If Alexis sunk it, she would win. A miss meant Jackie got to choose her punishment.

She missed. She bit her lower lip and nervously looked at Alex, then Jackie.

"Same as me. Topless. On the green." She ordered.

Alexis looked around, obviously nervous. Jackie reassured her. "It's okay Hon. There are no houses in view, and nobody teed off behind us. It's just us."

She looked around again, then reluctantly stepped toward the hole. Alex took the new camera from his pocket. Jackie was right there at her side, and I stood at a discreet distance. Jackie whispered some more encouragement, and finally Alexis very quickly removed her top and then her bra. Her eyes were darting around wildly for the few seconds it took Alex to snap his picture, and very quickly Alexis was reaching for her clothes. Jackie handed her the shirt, and made a big production out of taking the bra and sticking it in Alex's pocket. Her tit's were only revealed for a few seconds, but that was long enough to see that they were spectacular. They looked great when she was clothed; they looked amazing when they were naked. They were round, almost fake looking, though I knew they were not. The nipples were dark brown and I noticed they were hard.

We got to our carts. "What did you think?" Jackie asked her.

"Oh my God, what a rush! I can't believe I just did that! My heart is pounding!"

Jackie smiled knowingly. She got the same rush every time we did this, which was often. We had always been alone, though. Having another couple was a new twist, and I liked it. I wondered what the rest of the day would have in store.

Jackie once again took the lead. "OK, hole # 5. What's the bet?"

Alexis rode the wave of her adrenaline. "Bottomless!"

"You're on."

Not surprisingly, my game & Alex's game went downhill. We both finished 2 over par & it was the girls' turn to putt. They both finished with a 6. A tie.

"What do we do" Alexis asked.

"Judges?" Jackie answered, looking at me & Alex with a very mischievous smile.

"Well, obviously you both have to go bottomless." I said. Alex quickly concurred. I had to admit, he was taking this very well. I was impressed & pleased.

The adrenaline hadn't worn off. Alexis looked at Jackie & nodded. After a quick check around, Jackie unsnapped, pulled down, and stepped out of her skirt. She wore no panties, as was customary for her on any recreational outing. She was true blond, and her pubic hair was kept trimmed into a thin strip and cut fairly short. It was hard to see, and at first glance most might think she had shaved completely. Her body was toned and incredibly fit, and she now showed it proudly.

Alexis followed. She stepped out of her skirt, and I saw that she had worn panties; probably still too shy and nervous while she got dressed this morning. The panties were sexy; a very thin cut bikini with a lace border. She hesitated before pulling them down, glancing around one more time.

Jackie whispered something, encouraging her, and with a deep breath, she pulled her panties off and tossed them to Alex. Jackie placed an arm around her and smiled.

Click. Click. Click.

She looked amazing. Her legs were so long, and she had a very slender, elegant build. Her pussy was bare; I could see no hair at all. A few inches above where the hair would have been, and a couple inches to the right, was a small tattoo. It looked like a rose of some kind, and it was sexy as hell.

Alexis saw me looking at her pussy. She didn't reach for her clothes as quickly this time. I looked at Alex, to see that he was okay. He was snapping pictures. He was also squeezing his crotch! He had gotten hard, and was squeezing his cock through his slacks.

Alexis was slipping back into her skirt now, but Jackie bent over, picked hers up, and threw it at me. She walked to our cart & sat down, buck naked from the waist down.

As we drove to the next tee, she whispered to me. "David, how far are you willing to go with this?"

I knew what she meant. We had experimented with swinging & swapping before, and had enjoyed it. It never became a regular thing, though, mostly because it was hard to find a couple to swing with. In particular, the guys were usually way too creepy or aggressive for our taste.

"I like Alex & I like Alexis. I'm totally cool with this as far as you want to go."

"Mmmmmmmm. Ok then." She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.

With that, we were at the next hole. Jackie was still naked from the waist down.

"Loser plays the next hole naked." She offered.

Alex looked at Alexis without answering. His cock was forming a tent in his pants.

Alexis looked at him, at his hard cock, and agreed. While Jackie & went to take our shots, she & Alex stayed behind.

Jackie had never put her skirt back on. She got set for her drive.


We returned to the carts. Alexis was rubbing the hard cock in Alex's pants. She looked at us, unsure. Jackie answered the unspoken question by gesturing to her naked pussy. "Do we look like we have a problem with this?"

"OK, good, because we just talked about it, and we're horny as hell." She looked at Alex. "Obviously." She looked at us again. " And we really like you guys."

Jackie slipped back into her skirt as Alex & Alexis teed off. Both had good shots. This would be a competitive hole.

It came down to putting again, and Jackie was the better putt. Alexis lost by one stroke, dooming her to play # 7 stark naked.

At the tee, she wasn't nearly as reluctant to strip. She casually tossed her clothes in the basket on back of their cart & walked, fairly confidently for someone new to this, to the tee. Her body was exquisite, and her little pussy tattoo was really turning me on. The sun was out, lighting her light brown skin beautifully. Even Jackie had to admire her sexy body.

"She's hot as hell." Jackie whispered.

I looked down at the bulge forming in my pants. "Yeah. I suppose I can't disagree believably."

She grabbed my hand & guided it under her skirt. Her pussy was soaking wet. "It's OK baby, I have the same problem." She smiled.

Several pictures were snapped as we played #7. Alexis was smoking hot, and she was a great sport. She managed to play the hole stark naked the whole time. Her score sucked, but it was safe to say none of us gave a shit. Many very sexy pictures were in both of our cameras. Alex & I both had erections straining in our pants & Jackie was at least as worked up as we were.

We had just finished taking pictured of her, naked on the green, and returned to the carts when we heard a cart approaching from #8. She ran for her clothes and had just gotten her top on when the beverage cart came around the trees. A cute young blonde girl smiled and stopped, asking if we needed anything. Alexis was trying to be as discreet as possible as she sat in her cart stepping into her skirt. Alex & I were trying to hide our erections. Jackie calmly stepped toward the cart & asked for 4 vodka-lemonades. The beverage cart girl was oblivious. She hadn't noticed anything & just served our drinks with a smile, wished us luck, and drove on. We all shared a laugh when she was out of site.

Bad news about #8 through #11; They could all be seen from the clubhouse. So we all calmed down, enjoyed our drinks, and played golf for the next half hour. We did manage to discuss the bet for #12, when we once again went out of site of civilization. The girls decided that the bets needed to include the guys. So now it was going to be teams. Each couple's score was to be added together to determine the winner. We also decided to up the "punishment" for the losers.

"So it's agreed? Jackie asked. "Losing wife has to suck her husbands cock, on the green, for 30 seconds?"

"Agreed." Alexis said. "But is that really much of a punishment? I might lose on purpose." She smiled at Alex. We all laughed.

We rounded the path toward #12, which put us out of sight to anyone at the clubhouse. Jackie opened her legs to show me her pussy as she stepped from the cart.


There really was some question as to how to play. Losing on purpose was a temptation. But we kept the spirit of our game alive, and we all played well. Alex made a great second shot to the green, vey close to the hole, though, that was the difference. Jackie & I lost by one stroke. Alex & Alexis ran to the carts to grab both cameras.

Jackie had done this before. Flashing & public sex were not new to her, and I knew how much this was going to turn her on. She was about to cross a line—a point of no return, so to speak. Once she took my cock in her mouth out in sunshine of the golf course, there would be no turning back.

When the cameras were poised and ready, She very calmly & erotically spread her legs and squatted down. I unbuckled & unzipped my pants, and fed my hard cock into her wide open mouth. She licked and sucked me very slowly, and I knew from experience that she was in heaven. She loved to be watched.

Click. Click. Click.

I'm sure more than 30 seconds went by, and she kept sucking me, letting out little moans of pleasure. When she did stop, she didn't stand. Instead, she leaned back, supporting herself with her left hand while she spread her legs wide open and rubbed her pussy with her right hand.

Click. Click. Click

She quit after about 10 seconds with a frustrated groan and stood. I had stuffed my swollen cock back in place. We went to the carts, where Jackie took her seat and continued to masturbate.

"Number 13?" she asked, looking directly at Alexis as she rubbed her pussy.

Alexis had a wild, lustful look in her eyes. She didn't answer. It seemed that she may have just crossed a line, too. Her eyes were squarely focused on Jackie's pussy. Jackie saw this, and spread her legs farther apart, offering Alexis a better view. Still without a word, eyes locked like a laser beam on Jackie's pussy, Alexis stepped toward our cart, stepped her right leg up so she was half straddling Jackie's lap, and reached under her skirt. Her pussy was no more that 12 inches away from Jackie's face as she began to finger it.

Jackie & I had looked around as we played the last 4 holes, within view of the clubhouse. There were no players behind us. The only likely encounter would be with the beverage cart girl.

It was probably a moot point anyway. The girls weren't going anywhere. They stared into each other's eyes now, and both had passed lightly playing with themselves and were into true masturbation. I grabbed for the camera before it was too late. They would both cum soon.

Click. Click.

Their eyes were locked in lust. Alexis had squatted lower and was now bent into the front of the cart, where Jackie's feet would normally go. Both had one foot out of the cart, placing their pussies within a few inches of each other. The site of each other masturbating was quite obviously a huge turn on, as both were oblivious to the world around them. Alex & I didn't exist. The golf course didn't exist. They didn't hear the cameras clicking away. They were completely focused on each other, touching only themselves but fueled by site of the other. There was no teasing; no flirting. This was not foreplay. This was a lustful release of the energy that had built up all morning. Both girls were trying to cum, and trying to do it right now, quickly. When Jackie moaned and quickened her hand signaling her orgasm, Alexis followed immediately, fueled by the connection they held with their eyes. As they came, Alexis pushed her pussy the final few inches to contact Jackie's. Their hands were a blur -- literally—on the pictures Alex & I took as they furiously worked their clits during the long climax. When the intense moment passed, Alexis sat forward and f***efully kissed Jackie on the mouth, sticking her wet fingers in for them both to lick. They stayed lost in this kiss/finger lick for a good minute or more, as the wave of the orgasms began to pass.

They came back to reality over the next minute or so, Alexis still straddling and embracing Jackie in the cart. Alex & I had not spoken a word. We were as transfixed on the encounter just as the girls were. We both, obviously, had uncomfortable bulges in our pants.

Alexis climbed off of Jackie, and they both exited the uncomfortable cart. Jackie was somewhat down from the extreme intensity of the encounter, but still had a wild look; a hunger in her eyes. She was not finished. She locked eyes with Alex now, not even glancing at me. She strode directly to him, dropped to her knees, and grabbed his belt. Alexis looked surprised, but she didn't object. In seconds, Alex's cock was in my wife's mouth. She gave great head, and she was giving it now with a lust like I'd never seen. It was as she were starving and the cock in her mouth was the nourishment she needed to live. She worked her mouth over his cock like she needed his cum.

Alexis took the cue and walked to me. I didn't want a blowjob, though. I had been so turned on earlier by the rose tattoo above her pussy that I wanted to look at while I fucked her. When she got to me, she immediately grabbed by cock, and I began to remove the belt & get out of my pants. When I did, I reached for Alexis shirt and she readily allowed me to remove it.

"Take off your skirt."

She did. I guided her to the front of my cart and leaned her back on the windshield. Her nipples stood hard in the sunlight as I lifted her onto my cock, still leaning her back against the cart. She exhaled a sharp moan as I entered her, pushing my cock all the way in immediately. I leaned back now, supporting her ass with my hands and her back with the cart so I could look at her tattoo and her rock hard nipples.

I heard sounds from Alex & Jackie. He was coming, and Jackie was drinking it dawn. She always did. She claimed to love the taste of cum, and I believed her. She always swallowed what I gave her, and would even gather any that she would miss with a finger and feed it to herself. I never asked for this...it was something that she honestly seemed to enjoy. So I knew she would be working now at gathering every drop she could find on Alex or on herself.

I wasn't even looking, though. My eyes took in the body I was fucking. Her nipples stood proudly in the sun, and her tummy was toned and sexy as could be. But mostly I couldn't stop looking at the smooth, bare pussy and the sexy tattoo that was just above and to the right of where any hair would have been. I saw now that it was a rose entwined on a small black design. It was incredibly erotic. The tattoo, the smoothness of her mound, and the light brown, exotic color of her skin combined was the most intensely erotic thing I had ever seen. The physical sensation was nearly as perfect. Her pussy was very, very wet, and the smoothness from the lack of any hair whatsoever was a new sensation. I felt very different from any pussy I had felt before, and it drove me over the brink almost immediately. I stared at the rose tattoo as I came, emptying myself into her with a strong intensity. She continued to thrust her hips as I continued to fill her. It wasn't until my orgasm was almost over that I even realized that she was cumming again, too. Even more of a surprise was that my wife, Jackie, was now right next to me. She was squatted down, gently guiding me out of Alexis' pussy. As I pulled out of her, Jackie's mouth was immediately around my still hard cock. She wanted more cum. A few licks, and she had taken what she could from my cock, and she turned to Alexis pussy. She opened wide, and with her tongue made a long lick from Alexis's ass up her lips, rewarded with a mouthful of cum from her overflowing pussy. Still not satisfied, she stuck two fingers in, hungrily licking them as they came out. She repeated this motion about a half a dozen times, until she was finally convinced there was no more. She stood, and kissed Alexis with her cum soaked tongue and lips. They enjoyed each other's kiss for a long minute as I got dressed.

The kiss finally broke, and we all exchanged smiles and remarks about how we'd better move along. We'd been lucky; no one had seen out short but intense session. We all dressed, the girls still braless and naked under the skirts and headed around the bend to number 13. It was then, as soon as we got to the tree line, that we saw the beverage cart, pulled off the path and halfway hidden behind the trees! We pulled past it, we couldn't see the driver; the pretty young blonde who had served us earlier. I got a sinking feeling that we had been caught & turned in.

"Oh, shit." I mumbled. "She's got to be calling the clubhouse."

I got out of the cart to look. I found her, behind the beverage cart, on the side opposite the path. Her face was very red, and she was struggling to buckle her pants!
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11 months ago
damn the luck!! I played golf with 3 other old guys this morning!!!
11 months ago
Fucking awesome. Loved it