My Flashing Adventures By 'Valerie'

It all started in 1972, I was 18 and in my last month of my senior year of high school. One Saturday morning three of my girlfriends and I were bored so we decided to put on our swimsuits and go walk along the lake shore and check out the guys. I decided the very last minute to put on my smallest bikini. The sides were about three inches wide but I had cut off about six inches of the extra long strings that tied behind my neck and put then on the sides of my bottom and bunched the side down to about an inch. All the girls wore bikinis but mine was the smallest.

We had been there about an hour walking along the shore getting looks and whistles, when I seen this cute guy by himself lying on a towel getting some sun. He was nicely tanned compared to all the pale white skin people on the beach. He was wearing a pair of tight cut-off jeans. The girls dared me to walk over and flirt with him, well I did. He had beautiful blue eyes and sun-bleached blond hair. He saw me walking towards him and began to smile. I fell in love with him right there and I hadn't even said the first word to him. He said "Hi" to me and that his name was Darrin and asked if I was from around here. I told him that I was and I could tell from his tan that he wasn't. He said that he was from Florida and had only been on the Air f***e base near by only a few weeks, and didn't know his way around the area yet. I quickly volunteered to show him around if he wanted. He said he did but he said that he had to be at work in an hour if I could meet him somewhere later. I told him I could meet him at the "Pizza Hut" outside the main gate if he wanted. He asked if I could meet him at 8 that night and I said OK. Then as he left, he said, "By the way, I like your bikini."

I couldn't get him out of my mind all afternoon. I keep changing my mind on what to wear. I usually am a bit conservative on a first date, but for some reason I wanted to wear something a little wilder. I finally decided to wear something I normally wore around the house or down to the corner store and back. It was a pair of jean short-shorts and a tight light blue t-shirt. I normally didn't wear a bra back then so I did not to wear one that night. Ever since I started noticing guys noticing my tits, I've enjoyed going braless and letting them see my pointed nipples pushing out of my t-shirts. When I got to "Pizza Hut", Darrin was already there. As I walked across the crowed, air-conditioned restaurant, the cool air caused my nipples to harden. As I said, I like it when guys stare at my tits and there were a lot of stares in there that night. After we had ordered and gotten our pizza, Darrin asked if I was aware of all the guys looking at me. I told him I was and that it didn't bother me and I don't know why, but I also told him that I kind of enjoyed the looks. We talked about many things that night and as he walked me to my car, we stopped and looked at each other and gave each other a small kiss, then a longer kiss, looked at each other then kissed for about two minutes; deep, wet kisses. Then we held each other for a minute before we talked. All I could say was, "WOW". He asked for my phone number, I gave it to him and he said he would call me about 9 am. He did and we talked about an hour. We made plans for him to pick me up about noon, go buy some chicken and go have a picnic. I asked what would he like for me to wear. He said to surprise him.

I decided to really surprise him; I surprised myself too, because I had never worn this outfit out in public. Around the house and yard, yes, but never in public. I wore and old, thin, very worn white t-shirt. Looking in the mirror, I could see my areolas through the shirt. Should I, could I, I decided to give it a go. I also put on a very old pair of cut-off jeans. They were frayed and well worn. A couple of holes had begun to wear through the ass and you could barely see my panties through them. They were also very, very short in back. I had to change into very brief bikini underwear because the pair that I had on could be seen hanging out the bottom. Now all a person could see was the bottom of my bare ass cheeks. Which was to be a first for me, but I was strangely looking forward to showing off my ass.

When Darrin pulled in my driveway, I was a little nervous that he might not like what I had chosen to wear. As I approached the car, I noticed a big grin on his face. "Well" I said, "You told me to surprise you. Will this be OK?" He said, "I like, I like, and if you've got enough guts to wear it in public, I'd be nuts not to like it." At the park, I was very aware of the stares I was getting and for the first time I was beginning to feel a telling wetness between my legs. This shocked me. I've never gotten excited from showing off before but I have also never shown off this much in public in my life. Darrin had commented on how he liked my shorts and t-shirt when I first got in his car but he also made mention later in the afternoon about how hard my nipples seemed to be. I hoped he didn't notice the wet spot in my shorts. When we packed up to leave Darrin kissed me and told me that he could feel my nipples against his chest. I could also fill his hardness too and it felt good knowing I caused it. Darrin was such a gentleman, because he never made an attempt to touch my tits that day, but if he had wanted to I would had let him fondle them right in front of everybody. I told him that a couple weeks later, he said he wanted to but didn't want to scarce me away by coming on too strong. After Darrin dropped me off, I rushed to my bedroom and masturbated for only the third time in my life. I decided that evening, that my showing off could be fun!

We couldn't get together that week because he pulled a 5 day, 24 hr. standby and couldn't leave the base, but we talked everyday. We finally got together Saturday at my house, I wanted him to meet my mom and have lunch with us. After lunch we were sitting around the table talking and I got up to get us some Pepsi. When I stood up I got a wild idea, I was wearing a blue button down work shirt and shorts, as I walked around the table I started to unbutton the shirt. As I got behind my mother I faced Darrin and flashed him my tits. Believe it or not, Darrin was the first man to see my bare tits. I stood there about five seconds with my blouse wide open and a big grin on my face. I turned buttoned up and got the drinks.

That night I wanted to be totally naked with a man for the first time. So after my mom when to work, I stood in front of him, I gave him a kiss and asked him to unbutton and remove my blouse, and to touch and kiss my tits. It felt so good I told him to go ahead and remove my shorts and panties. It felt very strange to be completely naked in front of him, but it was also very exciting. After running his hands all over my body, he kissed me and asked me if I wanted to remove his clothes, I didn't give it a second thought. I quickly removed his t-shirt and got on my knees as I unzipped and unbuttoned his shorts. When his shorts dropped I was surprised to see no underwear, but there was his beautiful cock. I nervously took it into my hands. It felt so warm and firm in my hands, I kept at least one hand on it for at least the next 15 minutes as we hugged and kissed. I loved the fill of his hands on my ass as he pulled me tight to him. Darrin eventually started to rub my pussy. OH! What a filling! I actually came on about the fifth stroke. I couldn't believe I came so fast. He showed me how to jerk him off and when he came all over my hand, I almost bent over to lick it off but he quickly put his handkerchief over my hand and cleaned it off. We kissed a few more times, got dressed and he when back to him barracks. Darrin's birthday was in a couple of weeks, so I decided to give him my cherry for his present. (Yes, we were still both virgins.) It was going to be hard to wait two weeks but I had made up my mind and now I had to come up with a plan. When Darrin called the next day, I asked him why he didn't try to have sex with me. He said that he hadn't ever had sex before and was a bit unprepared. He said he didn't have any condoms with him, and then he asked if I was on the pill. I told him no, because I was still a virgin too, but I had given it a lot of thought last night and that I was going to make a doctors appointment today to get a prescription for some. I told him that I really wasn't ready for sex yet, but that he would be the first to know when I was. I thought to myself, (Yea, I'll be ready in two weeks and I hope you will be ready for me.)

For the next two weeks we got together about a half dozen times. We always ended up doing some heavy petting he even started feeling up my tits in public. I never stopped him, I was always hoping for someone to catch him feeling me up. I liked teasing him and getting him hard. Well the night of his birthday arrived; I definitely worked hard at getting this night just right. I told him that I was treating him to a dinner and a movie. I didn't tell him that I had also rented a motel room, bought some condoms, and told my mother that I could possibly be late coming in because Darrin, me, my girlfriend Flo, her boyfriend were going to party and I didn't know when it would end. I took Darrin to "Red Lobster" for dinner and to an "R" rated movie called the cheerleaders. I dressed up like a cheerleader too, a tight white sweater (braless), a short green flare skirt and a pair of white bikini panties. During the movie, Darrin had his hand under my skirt and in my panties, playing with my pussy. I tried not to moan, but towards the end of the movie I couldn't hold back any longer. This older couple looked over at me moaning as I came, but I just didn't care right then. After the movie I was a little frisky so I started doing cartwheels and jumping up and down in my little short skirt. I know at least a dozen guys seen my panties. I told Darrin to get in the car that I had one more surprise for him. Just before we got there I told him to shut his eyes. You should have seen his face when I shut off the engine and he opened his eyes. When I opened the door to the room and turned around he was still leaning against the car. I lifted my skirt and told him that his big present was between my legs and was hot and ready for him. I got home about 4am and slept till noon and I remember having the sweetest dreams.

We started having sex frequently after that night, many times two or even three times a day. This may sound like a lie but this is TRUE. One afternoon while my mother was watching her soaps, Darrin came over so I took him to my bedroom, I had planned on just teasing him a little before we went out, I was wearing just a big loose shirt. I put him on his back and straddled him. I lifted my shirt and showed him I was naked underneath, he reached down took out his hard dick and told me to get on. Darrin put his hand behind his head and told me to do all the work. I started move up and down his 7in cock. He lasted almost AN HOUR! I ended up having 7 orgasms before I rolled off him. He then put me on my belly before he shoved it in my pussy from behind. After he came, we cleaned up and lay down in my bed. My mother came in later and said she saw us asl**p, my head on his shoulder and my arm across his chest with a grin on my face. If she only knew how satisfied I was.

In those days I use to sew a lot of my on clothes, I made my own wedding dress! My first sexy dress I made for Darrin was a short black dress. It was a choker style halter dress; it was slit in front from the neck to my navel, and was backless to just below my waist. I also made a few sizzler skirts (skirts almost crotch length and the skirt and panty were made out of the same material). My most daring sizzler wasn't really a sizzler skirt. I had found some red material that just happened to match a pair of red bikini underwear I was buying. I managed to fasten the material to the elastic of the panty. The skirt ended up being only 8 to10 inches long; barely covering my ass, and it also rode low on my hips because it was attached to a pair of low-rise bikini panties. Just think, every time I bent over my panties were showing! I usually wore a short shirt with it to show off my mid-riff. I made this skirt just after Darrin and I got married. Darrin loved it when I showed off, and I liked to show off.

A few weeks before we got married, Darrin told me one day over the phone, how sexy he thought women looked when they wore a man's white tank top style undershirt braless. I asked him that if he had any, bring a couple over and I would wear them anytime he wanted. When picked me up the next day, he gave me one after I got in his car. I took off my t-shirt and put on the tank top. I admit it did look good on me. I liked the way it molded to my upper body and my braless tits were quite noticeable. We bought some more and I wore them a lot in the summertime. He was taking me to the air base to a ballgame his squadron was playing in that day. He asked me to wear my new very short jean mini-skirt and now along with his tank top he said I looked real sexy. Darrin was playing right field. I was sitting right behind his bench and whenever Darrin wasn't around the rest of the guy's were flirting with me and checking me out closely. Being in such a short skirt, there was no way of not flashing my underwear when I sat down, so I didn't bother trying not to. It was kind of funny how the guys tried to stand in front of me when we talked and I watched every one of them look up my skirt as we talked. Of course, the attention was getting me excited and my nipples were getting harder by the minute. Everyone noticed them in that tight white tank top and I was eating it up. And Darrin made things even more tense by telling me in front of everybody that my nipples were hard and asked me if I was cold. I didn't know how to answer so I didn't. Then to tease me and everybody else, he said he would warm them up. He reached around me and took both tits in his hands. I instinctively reached for his hands but when I grabbed them I didn't remove them, instead I held them tight. I remember actually having a small orgasm right then. I leaned my head back and kissed him. I didn't want him to move his hands; I wanted everybody to watch me being felt up.

It didn't bother me if someone seen my underwear but I still wasn't comfortable about going pantyless in a short skirt yet. I would wear long dresses or near knee length without underwear for Darrin often. One day Vicki, a wife of a friend of my husbands and I went shopping for a new dress for a night out one night. We both picked the same style but in different colors. They were both short flare skirts a short tops that left ours midriffs bare. Vicki and I decided to not wear bras and had made a silly bet about which husband would make the first comment about us both being braless. Neither husband said a word about no bra so neither of us won, so during dinner I asked Vicki to go to the bathroom with me. In the bathroom we joked about no winner and she made the comment that since we both lost we both should pay up, but she said she didn't have the guts to take off her panties. I said she was right but that if I took mine off would have to take hers off. She finally agreed and we both removed our panties. Like I said, I'm not used to wearing a short dress or skirt without panties, and this skirt was only 16 in. long, one of the shortest I owned, and Vicki said that she had never worn a skirt in public with out underwear. It was kind of dark in the restaurant so we thought we would be safe. When we got back to the table, my husband asked what was up because I had an evil smile on my face. I looked at Vicki giggled and gave Darrin my panties. I don't think Vicki's husband believed what he was looking at. I looked at Vicki and said that it was her turn; her husband looked at her and asked her if she had anything for him, she turned red as she gave him her panties. I told him not to give them back to her until she got home. He said he would. We both finally got use to no underwear that night and we even went dancing. Vicki refused to dance hard or fast but I couldn't help myself. The more I danced the less I cared. Darrin even put his hands on my bare ass during one of the last slow dances. The last dance was with Vicki's husband, it was a fast dance song, and so I decided to do some spins during the dance. My husband said that everyone there could see my entire ass and bush. I felt my pussy getting wet again.

On the way to the car I noticed both our husband dicks were hard and started to tease them both. At the car my husband turn me towards the car and bent me over the hood and flipped up my skirt and positioned himself against me and said that I was a bad girl for showing everyone my ass and needed a good fucking. I told him that he was just the man to do it and that we had better get home so he could. Vicki and her husband (Charlie) were in the back seat and he had her sitting on his lap as he sucked on her tits. I asked Vicki if he was in her, she said not yet but that we had to hurry and get them home or that they just might not wait. When we dropped them off, Vicki's skirt was still around her waist and her top was wide open. Vicki told me later they had sex on the floor just inside the door. Darrin and I didn't make it that far. We got about ¼ mile down the rode and he took me over the hood.

The next weekend we invited Vicki and Charlie over for a Bar-B-Q. They arrived 45min. early. I had just finished sucking Darrin off and he was crawling between my legs, when we heard a knock at the front door. I grabbed one of Darrin's long tank tops to see who it was. I let them in and told them to make themselves comfortable while I put on some more clothes. Charlie asked what was wrong with what I was wearing. I lifted the back and showed him my ass. Vicki said not to worry that it was fine. She then turned and lifted the hem of her sundress. She was also bare-assed. I said fine, I'll stay like this then but told Charlie not to blame me if he has a hard-on all afternoon. I went to get Darrin and told him what had just happen and asked him to do something for me. I asked him wear only his thin white gym shorts to tease Vicki. I returned to the front room and caught Vicki rubbing Charlie crotch. She stopped when she saw me and apologized. I told her that it didn't bother me. I lied. I wanted to watch some more. It was turning me on. Darrin came out a couple minutes later in just his shorts. Vicki's eye went directly to his crotch and his hardening dick. I don't Vicki knew it but her legs were slightly spread and her dress was at her crotch and Darrin was looking at her exposed pussy.

We were able to get the bar-b-que done and had a lot of fun while doing it. I made I a point a couple of times to bend at the waist and give Charlie a good look at my ass and pussy. Vicki caught me and I told her to do the same to Darrin that she just might get him hard. She did and Darrin's dick stuck straight out under those shorts. I teased him as I reached in his shorts and stroked him. I was behind Darrin and asked Vicki if she would like to see it. She said yes and I pulled his shorts to the ground. He bent to pull them up and I put my foot on them. I said he should leave then off a little while that Vicki and I wanted to watch him naked for a while. Vicki said, "Yea, that right." Darrin said that he could do that but he would like to see everybody naked. I said," Fine with me," and removed my tank top. Vicki hesitated a bit them removed her dress. Charlie just stood there with his mouth open. Vicki and I looked at each other, smiled, a then when over to Charlie and undressed him. Vicki gave her husband a big hug and kiss, and I did the same to mine. We remained naked the rest of the afternoon and night. After dinner we went to the front room, I sat in my husbands lap and Vicki was sitting in hers. We were sitting directly across from each other. Everybody was feeling there on mate up, both guys were sporting huge hard-ons. I was the first to turn my back to my husband and lowered myself onto him as they watched. I was slowly riding Darrin when Vicki got in the same position and lowered herself on him as we watched. This was the first time we had been watched, or watched some else, having sex. It was awesome! I didn't want sex with Charlie, I just wanted to be watched have sex. Before they left, I did get a big hug while still naked, that was fun. But that was as far as we ever went.

About 6 months after we got married, Darrin got orders to go to Guam for 6 months. I wasn't happy but what could I do, he was military. I cut way back on my showing off, it wasn't as much fun with Darrin not there. Also it was winter and I didn't like being cold, but sometimes I still felt the need for fun. I remember one day going to the store for just a couple things wearing just underwear under my coat and as I was getting back in my car, a nice looking man about 30 or so was driving past me towards the store. Just before me pasted me, I untied my coat and flashed him. I left the coat open all the way home. Darrin and I talked once a week while he was gone. We always ended up talking nasty which almost always ended with me masturbating, sometimes before I got off the phone. Just before Darrin returned he told me that he had found the prefect bikini for me and that he wouldn't describe it to me but that I would just have to wait until he returned to see it.

Darrin returned in late March. I had planned to wear a very short white gauze dress I found with nothing underneath, but it was cold and rainy so I wore just my raincoat. After our kisses and groping, I told him that I was driving and to get in. I told him to go ahead and pull his pants down as we pulled out. He looked at me for a second then did it. I drove to the backside of the parking lot and parked, took off my raincoat and crawled in his lap. We were both so horny that we only lasted a couple minutes. I climbed back behind the wheel naked and drove home. That was the first time I had driven naked but not my last. After returning home and having sex again, we unpacked his clothes. I seen a small package but he said he would give it to me in the morning, he was tired and needed his rest. The next morning I woke him nicely, (woke him by sucking his cock) I missed the feeling of him growing in my mouth. I then got on top for our first sex of the day, I remember doing it five times that day. I was still naked after breakfast when he gave me my present to put on. It was the smallest bikini bottoms I had ever seen. It had just small stings to tie on each side and the top of my pubic hairs was out the top almost an inch (I could shave, no problem) and the back, over an inch of my crack was out. Darrin said a lot of the girls on Guam were wearing these string bikinis. The top had two very small narrow triangles, it barely my areolas and both sides of my 36C tits were uncovered. I liked it! I felt almost naked in it. Darrin said he had already made arrangement to take a month's leave in May and that we would spend most of it in his hometown of Daytona Beach, Fla.

May finally came and we drove to his parents' house. They both worked so we had the house to ourselves most of the time. Darrin parents lived about 6 blocks from the beach so we spent a lot of our time on the beach and the boardwalk. I was anxious to wear my little bikini on the beach, so about 9 the next morning I put the tiny thing on and we drove to the beach. It was cool to drive a car on the beach. The beach was over a ¼ mile wide and cars were parked everywhere. We found a spot and put out our blanket. I was so excited to be almost naked in public. I never did see another bikini like mine that day, but we were only there a couple of hours. Darrin didn't want me to get sunburned the first day out; parts of me had never seen the sun before. I wanted to get in the ocean for my first time but I could stay, the bottoms were not made for ocean waves. I almost lost them the first wave; I caught them around my knees. After pulling them up and retying the strings we walked along the water. Well actually I strutted along the water, I was getting a lot of stares and a few wolf-whistles. We went back to the car and packed up leave. Darrin had to put on a small show before we left which I didn't mind, he gave me a kiss while putting his hands down the back of my bottoms. Then he pulled one of his hands out and pushed one side if my top aside and got a handful of bare tit. When he released me I just stood there a second wondering what brought that on when I heard the whistles. My tit was still out so I put it in and reached behind me to discover about half my ass was uncovered. After fixing my bottoms I got in the front seat and we drove off. He asked if I was mad at what he had done, I told him that I wasn't but it did surprise me that he exposed me like that.

As we drove along the beach to our off ramp, we came up on a few signs being held up by guys asking girls to show them their tits. I had to laugh at the signs but Darrin dared me (I'm sure he hoped I would) to take off my top and flash them. Well, I did. I took it off sat straight up in the seat and shook my tits at them. I asked Darrin if he wanted me to put my top back on or to leave it off. He told me to do what I wanted but that he wished I would leave it off. Well, I left it off and for the next five minutes or so, till we got off the beach, I flashed every guy that got near our car. I started to put it back on once we got off the beach but Darrin told me to leave it off until we got to the house. Darrin decided to drive the long way home so I could flash more people. I was so turned on that I absentmindedly had put my hand to my pussy and was rubbing it. Darrin reached over and untied my bottoms and told me to do myself. I didn't hesitate at all. Being naked in pubic, I brought myself to orgasm in less than a minute. I remained naked until we got to the house. I leaned over and released Darrin's hard-on and sucked him off in his parent's driveway. I pulled on Darrin's large t-shirt and we went inside. Luckily his parents weren't home because as soon as I was in the door I removed the t-shirt and told him I wanted to take a shower and if he wanted to join me. As I dried my hair after our shower, he told me he would get something out for me to wear.

He wanted to go to Dairy Queen to eat. He put out my new red stretch lace halter-top and my old cut-off jean short-shorts. I didn't see any underwear out so I didn't put any on. These days I rarely wear underwear anymore; I'm just more comfortable without them. Plus it's easier to flash if I have the chance to. Anyhow, once at the DQ, Darrin started putting his fingers in the thread bare spots on the cheeks of my ass, making the holes a little larger and causing bare skin to be easily seen. Making it obvious that I had no underwear on. You could also make out my nipple area through my red stretch lace top. I was beginning to fell like a cheap slut and I liked it! We went to the beach almost everyday while we were there; I got the chance to flash my tits many times. Or I would lie out in the backyard to get some sun. One corner of their backyard was secluded enough that Darrin and I often got nude to soak up the sun and have sex a couple of times.

We had been there a couple of weeks when we saw a sign advertising a wet t-shirt contest that night. Darrin said it would be fun to watch, but then I asked if he would mind if I entered. He said he would enjoy that but we needed to go find the perfect t-shirt. We found a very thin light yellow tank top and I decided to wear my sting bikini bottoms with it. The shirt was so thin a person could already see my nipples thru the dry shirt and when it was wet down, I swear it went totally transparent. I was the next to the last girl to go on stage so I knew what I had to do. After I was wet down, I remember rubbing my tits making them really show thru the shirt. I then slowly lifted my shirt to slowly bare my breast. I danced around on stage twirling my shirt above my head then tossed it to my husband. I remember turning my back to the crowd and bending way over, I then stood and slowly pushed down the back of my bottoms bearing a good deal off my ass. I turned around shaking my tits and pushing down the front of my bottom to show some bush. I was having a lot of fun on stage and was very excited; I almost took the bottoms all the way off but I didn't. I didn't win but I didn't care, I had a blast. Some big titted blonde won. They gave everyone who participated a t-shirt. I dried off and put it on after removing my wet bottoms. The shirt just covered my ass but I would have walked out to find my husband even if it hadn't. I found him and told I was horny and wanted to go. On the way to the door I felt him put his hand under the back of my shirt and rubbed my bare ass. We made it to the car. I lifted my shirt to my waist and bent over the hood of the car and told him to fuck me now. As he was pumping it to me I noticed one the other contestants heading our way. I told Darrin not to stop, let then watch if they wanted but not to stop. They stopped at their car; two cars away and then noticed us. That was the first time anyone watched us screw but not the last and definitely not the most at one time to watch us. That happened back home just before Darrin got out of the military. We were down at a stream near town and had found a secluded spot. We had been skinny-dipping for about an hour or so and had crawled up on the bank for some go old fun. I was on top of him when a boat with six people in it slowly came down the stream towards us. I just about ready to cum so I didn't want to stop. They seen us and had almost stopped. They were about 50ft from us when we finished, I stood up and waved to them, they waved back and left.

The last day before we left I wanted to ride the go-carts again. We had ridden them before, but I had a little tick I wanted to try and I didn't tell Darrin about it just in case it didn't work. I put on my little bikini top that barely held me in and then tied the back string loosely. It was a small oval wooden track about 300ft in length and only had room for 4 cars at a time. Darrin and I drove in separate races, him first them me. All the cars had were lap belts to hold you in. As soon as the race started in felt one of my tits come out, a few seconds later the other. This is what I hoped would happen. I was driving around this little track with my tits bouncing around free and bare for anyone to look at. There were probably 50 to 60 people standing around the track waiting for their turn to drive. When the race ended I stood up, faced the line, then put my tits back in and we left. As we walked back to the car down the boardwalk, I kept having to put back in one tit or the other, maybe my top was a little to loose, but it was fun.

We left early the next morning to go home. I wore a white halter-top and my short jean skirt (no panties). We were in a 1973 Plymouth Duster with one long seat in the front. So it was no problem sitting in the middle next to Darrin. A couple of big trucks blew their horns as we pasted so I asked Darrin why they were doing that. He smiled and looked down at my skirt, it had raised up high enough to see my bush. He said that he though I knew I was showing off and that why he hadn't said anything about it. He asked if I was going to pull my skirt back down and I told him that I thought I would leave it just as it was. A little while later I was getting tired so I decided to lie down on the seat. I used Darrin's leg as a pillow and put my left leg on the floor and my right leg against the back of the seat. As I slid away from Darrin to put my head on his leg, my skirt slid up completely showing my trimmed bush and with my legs spread I know my pussy was in uncovered, because the warm sun was beating directly on it. I did pull my skirt down a little because the skirt had rolled up in a lump under my ass. Just as I was about to dose off, I felt Darrin rubbing my tits. After a couple of minutes, I told him that if he was going to play with my tits, he needed to do it right. I reached up and untied my top and bared my tits for him. He started to rub them again, in a few minutes I fell asl**p. I awoke when I felt the car slow down; we were pulling into a rest area. On the way to the car, we pasted a couple of truckers. They were giving me the once over. Darrin said that they must be a couple of trucker that had seen my tits on the interstate. They were still watch me as I reach the car, so I lifted my skirt and let them see my ass just before I climbed in.

Once we were up to speed again, I put my hand in Darrin lap and started to play with is dick. Since he was wearing a pair of loose gym shorts I had his dick in my hand in only seconds. I got on my knees with my ass to the door window and started to suck him off. I felt him reach back and rum my naked ass, he had pull the skirt up enough to bare my entire ass and pussy to anyone we passed. It didn't take me long to suck him off and as soon as I sucked him dry, I sat back down beside him and slid forward on the seat. I spread my knees wide and started to masturbate, I get so worked up every time I give Darrin a blowjob and I love to swallow his cum. He pushed my hand away and told me he wanted to do it. He didn't even stop when we slowly pasted a big truck. I know he saw because I was looking right at him as we pasted and he looked right down into the car at us. I finally came and leaned back to relax, leaving my legs spread and my skirt around my waist. In a few minute I untied my top and bared my tits again. I remained that way the rest of the afternoon until we reached our motel.

The next morning I told Darrin that all I wanted to wear was a big t-shirt. I took a shower as he loaded the car. When I finished he said the car was all packed and ready to go. I told him to go on out and start the car because all I had left to do was finish brushing my hair. After brushing I grabbed the t-shirt and started to put it on then thought, "What the heck, I won't be wearing it long anyway". So I walked out the door naked, carrying the t-shirt and told Darrin that I was just saving time by not putting it on. I rode naked across 3 states except to get out of the car to go to the bathroom or to pay for gas. I even stayed naked when we went through the drive thru of McDonalds. I asked Darrin wear the same pair of loose gym shorts for me again, he did and I sucked him off a couple times that day. One time as I sucked him off he pulled along side a big truck and let the guy look at my nakedness. I even reached back and fingered myself as the trucked watched. After I swallowed Darrin cum again I told him to find me another truck, I wanted to let someone see me fingering myself to orgasm. He found another trucker in about 15min. I got on my back, feet on the window, spread my legs wide and looked right at that trucker as I fingered myself. Once I came Darrin took off down the rode, found an exit and pulled on side of the rode and told me to get in his lap, I happily complied.

After we got back home, I went through my closet and threw out a lot of my most conservative clothes, others I altered by making them shorter or more revealing. I even used one of my husbands old white handkerchief to make me a see-thru when wet string bikini. One day Darrin and I went to lakeshore where I met him and I wore the little white bikini. A couple of my friends happened to be there and complimented me on my tan. I told them that we had just gotten back from Florida. When my husband and I came out of the water, my friends told me that my swimsuit had gotten see-thru wet. They were shocked when I told them I knew and that I had made it like that on purpose. Darrin told me that he could see everything, even my pussy lips. I wore that bikini about a dozen times before it fell apart. I was wearing it at the cliffs, a place we liked to swim at because of all the cliffs to jump off of, and I had just jumped off a cliff from about 20ft. for the third time. Darrin had jumped in first and was waiting for me. After jumping in the water we swam to shore and Darrin stopped me halfway out and asked where my bottoms were. I had lost them! There were about a dozen friends there so people started to look for my bottoms, they were nowhere to be found. All the guys had drifted near me I guess to see if I would get out bottomless. They all seen and liked my see-thru suit but I guess they wanted more and I decided to let them see all. I asked if anyone wanted my top since I had no bottoms to wear with it anymore. I removed my top and tossed it out in the river and climbed naked from the water. I then raised my arms and slowly turned around to give everybody a good look, I then climbed back to the 20ft cliff and jumped back into the water. I remained naked for the next couple of hours, two of the girls there removed theirs tops but not their bottoms. When we left I been laying on my towel to sun and dry off, so Darrin picked up my towel and I and walked naked to our car.

By this time Darrin and I concluded that I had become an exhibitionist and we both were enjoying it. I hardly ever wore underwear anymore and I hadn't worn a bra since I took off my wedding dress. I was always on the lookout for a sexy top or dress. I was getting a nice collection of sheer blouses and very short skirts and dresses. I was careful by myself but when I was with Darrin I loved to dress slutty and blatantly expose myself. I would always get horny when showing off and the hornier I got, the more I wanted to showoff. I always needed a good fuck afterwards.

After Darrin got out of the military, we moved to the beautiful west coast of Florida north of Tampa. We found a couple nudist resorts within a half-hour of home. We joined one of these and spent many a weekend there. We got us a camper so we could spend a couple days totally naked. We also liked going camping around St. Augustine, Fl. I remember one weekend over in St. Augustine, we were walking along the main historic street section and we got soaked in an afternoon thunderstorm. The interesting thing is that all I had on was sandals and a yellow gauze dress. The dress was very revealing when wet. I just kept walking down the middle of the street as if nothing happened.

That same weekend we had been to the beach and decided to stop at snackbar for lunch near the beach and since my suit was still wet I wore a short top that barely covered the bottom of my breast and my now "junk shorts". My junk shorts were my old cut off short-shorts I wore when I first met Darrin, but the side seams were now ripped all the way up to the waistband, the crotch seam was now only the thick part seam with a few frays, the ass had gapping holes over each cheeks at least 2in. big. I usually wore my bikini bottoms under the shorts but today I felt like wearing the shorts along. I was very obvious that I had nothing under the shorts and I wanted it that way. We went in and found a place to sit; I sat and placed our orders while Darrin went to the bathroom. When he returned he was looking under the table and smiling. He said if I knew that my pussy was open to the world and the lips of my pussy swallowed the seam of my shorts. I reached down and felt nothing but skin. The waitress brought our order I just dropped a paper napkin in my lap and ate. Just as we were finishing up a couple surfer types sat the next table over. The better-looking one sat facing me. I could help myself so I removed the napkin in my lap and spread my legs a little bit. I had a new admirer in about 5 seconds. His eyes about popped out of his head; I smiled at him and put my finger to my lips to silence him. He smiled back so I winked at him and lowed my hand towards my pussy. His eyes followed my hand so I touched myself, then I spread my legs a little more and pulled the seam of my shorts out and inserted my finger for him. I then withdrew my finger and put it to my mouth and sucked on it. I then told my husband that we had to go because I was getting horny.

That was the last time I wore those shorts. When we got to the car, Darrin reached down to play with me and as he pulled the seam out of the way it broke. I didn't give what I did next a second thought. I reached down and unzipped and unsnapped my shorts, dropping them to the ground and kicked them away. There I stood I that snack-bars parking lot bottomless in the middle of the day. Darrin put his finger in my pussy, kissed me, then opened the car's door. I climbed in and we drove back down to the beach. Still moving, I pulled his trunks down as he leaned his seat back. I then lowered myself onto his now very hard cock. I drove down the beach as I slowly fucked myself. We drove almost 5 miles at 10mph before we came. Once back at the campground we removed our suits and wrapped towels around us and walked to the bathhouse and took a co-ed shower. It was only about 3pm and still warm; I put on just a large tank top with large armholes to let my tits hang out and got Darrin to wear only his black bikini underwear around the campsite the rest of the afternoon. He kept playing with my tits or ass whenever some guy walked by and I would grab his crotch when some female walked by. This kept us excited the most of the afternoon.

For supper we when to a little seafood restaurant just down the road that we enjoy. I wore a shear blouse I tied under my breast and a short jean skirt that only had four buttons on it up the side. I had only three buttoned when we arrived but only one buttoned when we left. A nice seabreeze had blown up late in the afternoon and we opted to eat on the deck under the trees. Four guys got there when we did and were seated at the table next to us. These guys kept sneaking looks at me, even my husband noticed and told to have a little fun with them. I kept playing with the bottom button on my skirt for about five minutes before I finally unbuttoned it. I took time out to eat a little then looked right at some guy with deep blue eyes and unbuttoned another button. Then I ate the rest of my dinner before flashing more than the side of my hip. We went back to the campsite had sex and took a small nap. When we awoke it was about 11pm, I told Darrin I felt like a midnight ocean swim. We wrapped towels around us and walked to the beach. I wrapped the towel around my waist, leaving my tits bare. We went for our swim and made out under the stars. We have been to this campground about a dozen times now and we always fine someway to have some naughty fun.

About time I made a short red halter dress I wore out a few times. One day I found an old red flare skirt in one of my closets and put it on to see if it still fit. Darrin just happen to walk in to give me a kiss on his way to work and said that it was a nice color but too long. I agreed, it came to about 4in. above my knee and most skirts I now wore were about halfway up my thigh. I tossed it back in the closet. About an hour later an idea hit me. I got the skirt out, cut off about six inches and put another hem in it. I took the cut off piece and put it around my neck, it just reach my waist. I put the skirt on and marked where I wanted to attach it and removed the elastic from the waistband. I did a little more trimming of the top and hemmed the edges. I double checked the marks and attached it. I the cut the upper back of the skirt from the back edge of the halter on one side to the other side, making a slow curve. I cut down about a 6in. in the middle off the back. After all was done I put it on again, WOW! It was deep "V" in front to my waist. The halter straps didn't meet at the waist, there was about 2in between them. The back was completely bare to top of my ass crack, except around the neck. The skirt was only about 3in. below my crotch. Darrin loved it and insisted that we go out that night. We did and I showed my as a lot that night, literally.

We've been married now almost 30yrs. I don't show-off much anymore except for my tits. I had trouble with my second c***d and had to spend some extra time in the hospital. I was physically unable to exercise like I would have wanted to so I put on some weight; I've lost a lot of it except around my waist. My legs still look pretty good and still enjoy wearing shorts skirts or short-shorts. My tits are beginning to sag a little but I still enjoy showing my 40D's off. I still get enjoyment in seeing some guys' look of surprise when I flash him. I haven't said "no" to my husbands' request to flash in years, weather it is a stranger or a friend of his.

Be sure to check out my picture. That was my first string bikini or at least the bottoms. The one Darrin brought back from Guam. It rode so low in back; you can just make out the top of my ass crack.
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That was one hot and sexy story!!! Loved it :)