Aunt Fran

When Dauntless Doug, single-handed, brought the Japs to their knees and waded ashore in Tokyo Bay, the war was over.

Now it was spring 1946. I was discharged from the Army Air Corps and a member in good standing of the 52-20 club, a program that paid vets twenty dollars a week for a year if they couldn't find employment. There were jobs around in our small town of four thousand people but I had the brilliant ideas about writing a novel before I settled down to the old grind.

I got into the habit of walking the five blocks up town to a nice little bar where I inbibed in a few beers, chatted with the lady behind the bar, then came home. I usually went up to the little den I had fixed up in the room behind my bed room. Here I had my books, an old easy chair and a desk to hold my one luxury, a Smith Corona, portable typewriter.

Usually arriving home frustrated, mildly inebriated, and horny, I dropped my pants and settled myself in that old reclining chair with the broad arms to exercize my Mr. Happy until he spurted. Then I went down to supper.

This afternoon, as happened at least twice a week, old Min Trout had stopped by to play Canasta with Aunt. I teased around with old Min for a few minutes, promising to smack her butt on her birthday, next month. Then I went up stairs to play pal to my perky pecker.

Below, I heard the murmur of voices from the women playing cards in the kitchen. Their voices wafted up through the register that looked down on them. I kicked off my shoes, crossed to my chair, shoved down my pants and shorts to free my stiff cock. It stood throbbing and bobbing toward my navel. I sat on the cool leather which caressed my warm ass cheeks. I lay back and hooked one leg over each arm to spread them wide.

Now, there was no hurry. I reached down and found an old copy of Sunshine and Health I had hidden among other magazines and found the full page picture of my favorite naked lady, a thin older woman with a fabulously hairy bush. It amazed me that that little woman could sprout so much foliage down there. My staff throbbed to full attention. Both hands moved to my crotch. The fingers of my left hand cupped and caressed my balls. I shivered and cradled then gently. Sometimes, if I was patient, I could come just from gently manipulating my hairy balls and never stroke the shaft at all.

I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I tuned out what was going on below. While I heard Min's loud voice, I was too involved in my own fantasy and feeling too good manipulating my testicals to listen to what she was saying. I was having a few imaginative thoughts of my own about old Min that had nothing to with the card game going on below.

I fantasised about all the curly hair, probably gray, she hid between those scrawny thighs. I imaginged plain, long drawers down to her knees and pale ass cheeks that had never seen the sun. Old Min Trout was old when I first saw her s*******n years ago. Though her face was lined with wrinkles and she appeared to be skinny as a rail beneath her long, baggy skirts that only disclosed thin ankles hidden beneath cotton stockings. Now, in my mind, there were no clothes, no thin ankles, no wrinkles. I concentrated on a full thatch of crinkly hair I could only imagine. I pictured my hand between old Min's legs and ticking her dripping pussy, perhaps the middle finger pluming her ancient depths.

My excitement grew as I stroked my veined cock rising magestically agains my belly . I was lost in my world of hand fuck, making believe Min was eager to service a young man like me. My hand slid up and down my joint, moving the foreskin up and over the swollen, purplish-red crown,then quickly retracting it. Jerking off is aptly named. Jerking off is the most fun any man or boy can create by himself. I was in my own time zone, my own world of fisting. Finally, I could postpone the crisis no longer. I speeded my stroke. My hand became a blur. I felt it start somewhere behind my clenched ass hole. My legs stiffened, my butt, without volition, rose from the sweaty leather seat and my body arched, straining and suspended, between shoulders and legs on the chair arms. My throbbing cock pointed skyward.

My eyes closed tight for the last few strokes as I imagined old Min begging for more. I squeezed my bursting cock in both hands and pounded my top fist against the lower one. God! It was so good I could barely stand it. My labored breathing rasped faster.

My scrotum tightened. My balls tightened and rose until they almost disappeared up into my body. I tensed, strained, froze.

The first spurt landed high on my chest. The second hit just above my navel. I spurted slick, white stuff until a glistening pool formed on around the top of my encircling fist.

I counted the throbs under my breath. ONE. . . TWO . . . THREE. . . FOUR . . .FIVE. I had reached SIX when I heard a startled gasp. Aunt stood in the doorway, a cupped hand at her open mouth, eyes watching my throbing seven inches spurt my life f***e from the slit in the purplish head.

My legs slipped from the chair arms. I tried to cover my diminishing erection with my hands.

It was a loud whisper, but Aunt spat it out, "Filthy boy!" She turned and left.

Moments later I heard her footsteps descending the stairs.

My heart thundered in my chest. I fought for breath. To my shattering climax was added the shock of being discovered. Aunt would call it self abuse. I cleaned up the mess on my hand and on my belly and pulled up my pants. I sat a while trying to collect my wits.. I had no Idea what Aunt would say when I went downstairs. To my knowledge, she had not seen me naked since I had entered puberty. I had spied on her once when I was nine or ten when she was about to climb into the bathtub. I knew she had a thick patch of light brown hair down there and what, at the time, I thought were tremendously large buttocks and thick, pale white thighs. She would have beaten me to within an inch of my life had she known I had seen her. Aunt was a terrible prude when it came to nudity.

Though I was now an adult, a veteran home from the war, I dreaded going downstairs to face her.

Aunt was busily, too busily, placing food on the table. She wiped at her eyes and did not speak.

"You should not have walked in on me," I said. "I am entitled to my privacy."

"I never realized. . ." Her voice choked. "I didn't think my boy would do such a nasty thing in this house."

"Most people do it."

"The terrible things you learned in the army. They took my innoceent boy and. . ." She set the mashed potatoes on the table and threw up her hands in an effort to say what she could not say.

"It's not something I learned in the army."

"You're like a different person." Her shoulders sagged. "I never thought you would turn out like this."

"I damn sure never learned anything about sex in this house, at least not from you."

"Your supper is getting cold." Aunt sat at the table and I pulled out the chair oposite her. We did not say grace. We never did.

"It happened. It's over," I said.

"I'll never go near that room again, I promise." Aunt's voice quivered.


We ate in silence.

Later I quietly dried while she washed the dishes amid a deafening stillness.

As she passed me, leaving the kitchen, I gave her a smack on her fat butt as I occasionally did to tease her because I knew she did not care for the familiarity. She stopped dead in her tracks, for a moment as though she were going to say something, but she moved on, through the living room and went up the steps to her room though it was barely eight o'clock.

*** There remained a coolness between us. The next few days I kept my pecker in my pants. But there came a day when nature gave me a hard-on that would not go away. I came home from the bar with a few beers under my belt. Went directly to my room and did the dirty deed with dispatch although the image of old Min's hairy crotch filled my fantasy as I throbbed out a self-induced ecstasy.

Downstairs, Aunt and Old Min semed busier gossiping than playing Canasta. Min's raspy voice and Aunt's softer one drifted up through the venilator.

"Now don't be getting yourself in a dither," cautioned Min "He was just doing what comes natural.

"He was doing nasty things to himself," breathed Aunt.

"You caught the boy doodling his dick." hooted Min. "That's all."

"Abusing himself," corrected Aunt. "I never called it what you just said. I said he was was doing nasty things with his member." said Aunt.

"Jack was pulling, his pud," giggled Min. "That's what he was doing."

"It ain't natural," said Aunt. "Not to mention being a dirty, filthy act against nature."

"The boy was just playing a few scales on his meat flute," giggled Min. "Men get them hard feelings and they got to do what comes natural."

"Nasty is what it was," said Aunt.

" Sheeit," cackled Min, "I reckon we've all tickled ours a time or two."

"Well I'm sure I never. . ."

"Of course you never, Hon," soothed Min as she licked her lips.

"I can't help getting upset. Seeing him practically naked, and doing that to himself."

"Jack was a doing what comes natural. A man has got that thang a danging tween his legs, sometimes it gets upity and rambunctious. He's got to take a hand to it ."

"So nasty," said Aunt.

"Now don't be too hard on the boy," cautioned Min, trying to soothe Aunt's feelings. "Jack was just being Jack."

"His thing was so big and angry looking," said Aunt.

"Never found one to look that way," said Min. "I always took a hard one as a compliment."

"Nasty as it was," confessed Aunt, "I swear I couldn't look away. Like I was hypnotized. Does that make me a sinner?"

"Whooee" exhaled Min. "I'd a give anything to have seen what you seen."

"Monsterous is what it was," said Aunt. "Course I never saw but one other and that was my husband's . He was not a big man over all but down there he was too big for me. I hated what he done to me."

"Poor you," sympathized Min. "Now me, I enjoyed every solid inch of old Harm's dong, and he fed it to me on a nightly basis."

"You're talking filthy," accused Aunt."

"Talking truth," said Min.

"You're telling me he put it to you every night," Aunt asked in awe. "How on earth could you stand it?"

"Sometimes I stood, sometimes I got on my knees, sometimes I just laid oback and spread my legs," cackled Min. "Then again, sometimes I just bent over and let him do me from the rear."

"That's terrible," gasped Aunt.

It sounded like Min was licking her lips. "Harm knew how to make my old pussy purr, that's for sure."

"Good God. The nasty things you blurt out."

"Ain't nobody to hear but us horny old bitches," said Min.

"I am not," said Aunt, "a bitch, or as you say horny."

"Then stop acting like one and admit that seeing that boy get his rocks off gave you more than a little twitch in your twat."

"Did not." I thought I detected a slight giggle before Aunt choked it off.

Min grunted. "You said it was all covered with veins that seemed to be throbbing?"

"And that thick stuff spurted out like I couldn't believe."

"Really popped a load," said Min. She cleared her throat. "Well come on. Are we playing cards or not?"

"So go on and deal," said Aunt, "You're holding the deck."

I heard the cards hitting the table as Min dealt rapidly. "So young Jack has got a big one, has he?" giggled Min. "I'd rock naked on my front porch to see that.

I lay back in my chair and slowly stroked my erection. It seemed old Min was as interested in what I carried between my legs as I was about what she hid between hers. I imagined her with her skirts thrown up over her back and her scrawny bare ass pressed against my pubes as I rammed seven inches of solid cock up her hair ringed hole. I came in no time.

*** Occasionally, I sat in for a few hands of Canasta with Aunt and Old Min Trout. This afternoon, I was pretty sure Min was cheatting.

I closed my hand over the old womans bony fingers. "I'm begining to smell something fishy."

"Hope it ain't me," cackled Min. I washed it along with the rest of me, Saturday night."

"Mrs. Trout," gasped Aunt, "You shouldn't talk like that in front of the boy."

"Now Jack's no boy. He a growed man that fought his share in a man's war and I reckon he knows a when an old woman's joshing him." She leaned over and clasped those talon-like fingers on my knee. "Ain't that right, Jack?"

"Just the same..." said Aunt, "it's not fit talk."

"I'm twenty-one," I said.

"And I reckon you been further around the world," said Min., "than us old folks has been around the bed looking for the piss pot."

"Such language," gasped Aunt.

"Heard worse," I said. "I've heard thiings you've never dreamed of."

"I'd doubt that," said Min.

"Well, don't be spouting them around here," said Aunt. "Min. Now hurry up and deal."


Another day I came home early and slipped upstairs. I heard the women talking in the kitchen. I took off my shoes and went in to my little den and went to the gratting where I heard the Min and Aunt in serious conversation.

"Speaking of boners," said Min casually, as she shuffled the Canasta Deck, "you had anymore sightings of Jack's working out the big one?"

"Good Lord!" sighed Aunt. "Once was enought for these tired old eyes."

Min snorted. "Har! Reckon if I saw it once I'd be hankering for another viewing."

"Since Jack come home, I been having nasty thoughts and nasty feelings down there," said Aunt. "I feel so ashamed of myself."

"I reckon you got a thrill or two coming in your life. From my way of thinking, you ain't had many.

Aunt shuddered. "I can't get the sight of him out of my mind. Especially since I told you about it. Sometimes" she confessed, "when that boy teases me by smacking my backside, I get moist down there. In all my born born I never had those feelings so strong."

"Aw Hon, you got to know that's your old pussy weeping for attention."

Min let her hand drop to Aunt's thigh. "Sheeit, Hon, such feelings is normal in a woman. Everbody gits 'em or ought to."

"They happen, sometimes, when we're doing our nasty talking like we are now."

"It's not nasty," insisted Min, "We're doing some straight from the shoulder, honest talk. I got to admit I wouldn't mind having a real, honest -o-god-boner put to me one just more time."

"Good Lord! How you talk," gasped Aunt. "And at your age."

"Age has got nothing to do with it," declared Min. "If I was to get a glimpse of his thang, I'd go after it gums and tongue."

"That's a terrible thing to say!"

"Meant every word. I got to tell you it's been some time since a man had me on my back." Min winked at Aunt. "Now you already admitted that thinking about Jack's thang has give you the weeps down below. I reckon I'd be wanting some if I was to get a glimpse of it."

"..Why. . .Why. . . I raised that boy. He's like a son to me. That would be just terrible."

"A good solid boning would do both us old gals a world of good."

"Disgusting," breathed Aunt."

"Put a little color in your bottom cheeks," declared Min.

Aunt was speechless.

"If it was up to me," declared the old woman, "I'd be giving that boy all the nooky he could handle."

Aunt shook her head. "I'm seventy-two years old. I haven't had relations with a man in nearly twenty years and glad of it."

"About time you got something stiff rammed up your cooze," said Min. "Clean out your pipes. Stoke the fire before it goes out completely."

"Never had much fire," confessed Aunt. "Having a man on top of me never cut it."

"Bet Jack could give you a good poking," teased Min.

"You're getting me all upset," said Aunt. "You're making me feel strange in places that never felt much."

"Har!" said Min, "I've had a moist crack of my own since the subject of the boy's boner came up."

"Comes from unhealthy thinking." declared Aunt.

"Makes for some fine screwing," said Min. "Tones up the system, puts spring in your ass."

"That don't seen natural to me."

"Hon," said Min, "You got to tiddle your wink ever once in a while to keep it in trim."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Min squeezed Aunt's thigh a little harder. "What you got to do is scratch what itches. Rub where it does the most good."

"Are saying I should abuse myself?"

"I talking about tickling that place any way that feels good. You got to exercize yours like your boy exercizes his."

I couldn't," said Aunt."

*** When I got home, I went to the bathroon and washed up and unloaded some of the beer I had consumed earlier. I flushed the toilet and went downstairs.

"I didn't know you were home," said Aunt. "until I heard the toilet flush." She looked a little flushed, herself.

"Just came in."

"Been drinking beer?" asked Min.

I nodded. "You know how it is. Drink one pee two."

"Jack! That's no way to talk before company," said Aunt.

"Hell!" I'm not company," said Min. "I'm a neighbor that just dropped in. If Jack wants to say pee instead of piss I reckon he can spit it out in his own home."

Aunt shook her head at Min.

"I reckon the boy's got the hose for it, when he's got to go." Old Min nodded her head at Aunt. "You and me, we got to squat to drain ours."

"Such talk should not be going on in front of a young man," insisted Aunt.

"Lighting the load is something we all got to do," said Min. She stood and turned to go. "Well, I best git to gitten." She bent to pick up a heavy stack of magazines. "I thank you for the reading material."

"Jack," said Aunt. "Those are too heavy for Mrs. Trout. "Why don't you carry them up the hill for her. Wouldn't take you a minute."

"Be happy to."

"You needn't mind," said Min. "I can handle them."

I took the load from her. "Too heavy for a young lady like you," I said.

"Har, har," roared Min. "They don't come much older than me."

I smacked her small, solid backside that hid under her voluminous skirt. "Move on."

"Jack!" shouted Aunt. "You don't take such liberties with a lady."

"Only on my birthday," tittered Min. "Ain't got spanked on my birthday in many a year."

"When is it," I asked.

"Jack," warned Aunt.

"Oh c'mon," said Min. "Jack's just being Jack. No harm done."

"A boy should respect his elders," said Aunt. "Now stop it."

"Now he'd just funning," said Min. "Jack's just beingJack. He's a grown man."

"He'll always be a boy to me," defended Aunt. "And that's no way to talk in front of him."

"Jack's no boy," said Min. "Jack went off and fought a war to save your ass and mine."

"Just the same," continued Aunt as we went out the front door, "He shouldn't be going around smacking older ladies bottoms."

Min and I went down the steps and turned to go up the hill to the little yellow house on the other side of the street. "Your Aunt Fran gets all upset over nothing," said Min.

"She's prety much of a prude," I agreed.

"She don't understand that a young man likes cop a feel any time he can."

"I'm that obvious."

"What I'm saying is, it's human nature."

The birdlike, old woman set the pace and I took longer strides to keep up with her. "You didn't mind?"

"What's one more hand patting on this old butt. I reckon there's been several over the years."

"Do I have to wait for your birthday for another shot," I asked. "Do I get a smack for each year.

"Sheeeit!" roared Min, "if you was to give me smack for every year, my nether cheeks would be redder than a rosy red apple and tingling like all get out."

"It'd be rosier than that if was on your bare bottom."

"Har de har," cackled Min.

"It would make a lot more noise too," I added.

"You got a point. Min laughed. "But it ain't gonna happen and Ithese are two old cheeks you ain't about see."

I took the plunge. "I'd like a shot at them."

The old woman put her head back and cackled, right out in the middle of the street. She clutched my arm. "Good Gar, young man, You do come out with it, don't you?"

"I'll let you pat mine."


"Why not?"

"Well now, boy. I reckon to some that'd be an offer that's hard to refuse."

We crossed the street and turned into the narrow walk that led to a side door. She fished in her pocket for a key and bent over to fit it into the lock. "I reckon from the position I'm in, I'm lucky you got your hands full."

"Just biding my time."

"Well now, you are an ornery one. I bet you could really handle a woman."

"If she wants to be handled."

Oh ho," laughed Min. "I'm thinking you're a real big boy for sure."

I grinned. "I'm six two."

Min shook her head and cackled. "Now you know that ain't what I was meaning."

She held the opened door for me. "You can set them things on the kitchen table."

She closed the door behind us. I figured she did not expect me to leave right away. I set down my load and turned to her. "Would you like to be handled." She put her hands on her hips and looked up at me. There was a sparkle in her eyes. "Now, young men, there are things a man does not ask a woman. When he feels the time is right, a man does what he has to do."

"He does?" I stepped into her, reached around and cupped both hands on her small, firm buns. I pulled her against me. I knew she could feel my hard-on press her belly through my clothes and multiple layers of hers. I squeezed those small, taut globes of flesh. I separated them and pushed them back into place.

"My oh my," marveled Min. "You do take an old lady at her word."

"Shouldn't I?"

"Reckon you ain't heard no complaints," she grunted.

"You got an awful lot of clothes on," I whispered. My hand roamed over her small, rear projection.

"Now you know I ain't bashful," tittered Min but revealing my skinny butt ain't something I haul off and do just any old day."

"I can tell you've got a nice one," I countered.

"Ain't no man judged that fact in, I'd say, ten years."

My hand roamed over those small flesh mounds. I f***ed two stiff fingers into the wedge where her thighs came together. The went far enough to rub her old pussy.

"You're getting into personal territory, boy. A man should not be fingering a lady that way unless his intentions are strictly dishonerable."

I laughed. "I reckon mine are that."

"Well now. That's an answer I ain't heard in a while."

My fingers pressed deeper. You got too many clothes on, for me to feel anything."

"Well, God knows, I'm feeling it." Min gave no sign of a struggle.

I hugged her hard and whispered in her ear. "Have you got a lot of hair on your twat?"

"You are a bold one."

"Have you?"

Min laughed. "A tolable amount, I'd say."

"I've always pictured you having a really hairy one."

"You've some spent time thinking about this old woman's twat?"

"From the time I was a little boy," I confessed."

"Well now, think of that."

"I thought about your pussy a lot."

"You want a peek at an old l crotch, so you can go home and get off on what you saw?"

"I've done it, imagining what you got down there."

"Now ain't that nice, you didling youself while thinking about an old lady's parsley patch when you got no idea what it's really like."

"I imagined it being real hairy, with thick black curls like in the nudist magazines."

Min nodded. "You got to remember I'm an old woman. I ain't like the girls you're used to."


"You'd best be hurrying home," said Min. "Your aunt Franny's going to be wondering what's taking you so long up here."

"Fuck Aunt Franny."

Min giggled. "Have you ever?"

"Of course not."

"Might be what the old gal needs, though she don't know it," said Min. "It'd do her a world of good, getting a stiff one shoved up her."

I looked at my watch. "Give me a peek, a real quickie?"

"Whoa. Slow down boy. I didn't say nothing about revealing any personal places so you can go home and tend to business."

I know the disappointment showed in my face.

Her hand brushed my fly. Warm, bony fingers closed around my pecker and squeezed it through the cloth. "Ain't held a live one of these in a coon's age."

"You like?"

"I'd say you got a fine one. I figured you would," said Min. "Now you best git on home fore Mrs. Poe comes rushing up the hill, hunting you."

"I'll show you mine if you bare yours."

"You know that wouldn't satisfy neither of us," reasoned Min. If we're going to go at it, we need the time to go at it right." She gave my boner another squeeze. "Now you head home and do what you got to do."

I clutched her well covered ass. I'm going to have to something desperate when I get home," I said, "and I'll be thinking about you all the whole time."

"I wasn't meaning to tease you." Min shrugged as she changed her mind. "Well," she said, "if we're going be baring ass, let's not be wasting time. You can lift my slip and give a tug at my bloomers for a quick viewing of my scrawny butt." Min turned and grasped the seat of a kitchen chair. She elevated her buttocks. "I hope this satisfies you for a while."

I unbuttoned her dress and peeled it off her back and turned the long sleeves wrongside out. I shoved the dress over her hips and let it fall to her ankles. She wore a long heavy slip. I flipped it up and over her back. She wore no underpants. Except her dark cotton stockings, she was naked from waist to ankle. Min's thighs and bottom were firmer than one might expect for one her age. Her butt and legs were a light tan that I figured might come laying naked in the sun. Her hairy sex, from the rear, appeared as a darkness disappearing below the rounded projection of small rounded buttocks and between firm, tapering thighs.

"My God!" I breathed, "you're not skinny, you've still got a great shape."

The old woman wriggled her butt, a bit proudly. "Like what you see boy?"

"Like it a lot," I said, "can I touch?"

Old Min licked her lips, "I reckon you can do that a little."

I ran my hands over the aged skin of her rounded backside. I reached between her legs and ran my fingers through the tangle of dark hair "I knew it was going to be real hairy," Ibreathed in her ear.

Min raised up and turned to reveal a flat belly and more hair down low on her belly than I had dreamt of. "Now, young man," she tugged at my belt, "be showing this old lady what you got?"

I unbuttoned the top button of my pants and lowered my zipper. I pushed and my shorts at the same time. My boner popped out and up beneath my shirttail. Help yourelf."

"Don't mind if I do," said Min. Her fingers clutched the hard, stiff cock and moved the foreskin down off the bulging crown of the purplish head. She leaned over and deposited a brief kiss on the head.

I sucked in mybreath waiting to see if she would continue.

Min stepped back. "I'd say we're out of time. Best you should put that away for now and head for home. Your aunt will be hiking up the hill to stop me from seducing you."

I shook my head. "Let's screw."

"You promised."

I nodded and pulled up my pants. "You know what I'm going to have to do.?"

"Reckon I could be in for a little rubbing on my own," chuckled Min. "I might be keeping your dinkus in mind while I'm cultivating my little fur garden with these bony fingers." She patted me on the back. "Now don't you fret. We ain't seen the last of each other."

I heard her close the door behind me. I headed toward home my hard-on tenting my pants. I kept on hand in my pocket to fondle it and keep it in top shape until I got where I could take care of it.


Aunt stood at the front door when I got home. She watched me walk up the steps. "I was beginning to think you fell in," she said, sarcastically.

"Just stayed a few minutes to tease Mrs. Trout."

I noted the look of disapproval in her face as I moved past. Her expression left little doubt she had seen the bulge in my pants and she knew what I would do as soon as I was safely in my room.

She started to say something but apparently thought better of it and held her tongue. I knew she was bursting to warn me that I should not be indulging in my evil practices. Actually, I felt a tingle of excitement as I passed her in my hardened condition. I found it turned me on to know she knew what I was about to do. I wondered if it turned her on and in spite of her disgust and disapproval. I wondered if it made her dry,old crack just a little juicy.

As I moved to the stairs, she called, "Jack?"

I turned, the bulge fully visable.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I just can't reconsile my Christian feelings to your practices. What you do when you go upstairs. . . I mean when you're alone. . ."

"It doesn't hurt anyone."

She shook her head. "It's not natural."

I smiled and patted her fat backside and let my hand linger a moment on those full rounded globes of soft flesh. "Don't worry, Aunt Franny. I'm not going blind or crazy.

Aunt shook her head and moved away toward the kitchen. "Supper will be ready soon."

Thirty minutes later, she stood at the foot of the stairs and called up. "Jack, if you're finished, supper's ready."

Converation was strained at the supper table. Aunt seemed distracted and I wondered if she were picturing my boner in her mind, what I had done upstairs.

After clearing the table and helping with the dishes, I turned out the kitchen light and followed Aunt from the room. She paused in the doorway from the kitchen to the living room as though waiting for me to smack her bottom. It was something she at least pretended to hate, though it had become almost a ritual since I had returned from the war.

I looked down into her upturned and expectant face.

"Go on. Do it," she whispered. "You know you're itching to."

"Do what?"

"Smack my bottom. You do it all the time, anymore."

I gave her a smart tap an her right buttocks and let my hand linger there to cup a portion of the lower rounded part of one full, plump cheek. I was surprised when she did not move away or act offended as she usually did. "That wasn't hard," she teased. "You can smack harder than that."

"You don't mind?"

"I deserve a smacking for the evil thoughts I've been having." Her lower lip trembled. "Im sorry, I can't help it. I just can't stop having those evil thoughts."

"If that's the way you feel about it, maybe I should lay a few on your bare butt."

"You have no respect." Aunt pulled away. "Don't be impertinent."

"I'd have more respect if you were as honest as old Min."

"What do you know about Mrs. Trout that I don't?"

"I know she calls a spade a spade and an ass an ass."

"And you smacked hers?"

"I'd like to and I don't mean as punishment."

"She's an old woman, like me.

"Maybe you would feel it a lot better if I was to warmyour bare butt for your sins."

"It's your sins I pray for," hissed Aunt. "I don't know what's come over you since you came home. You aren't the boy I raised."

"No. I'm a man now," I said, "I don't have to be putting up with your disapproval."

Aunt clamped her jaw, sat in her rocker and refused to say another word. I picked up a magazine and let her pout.

An hour later, without a word, she got up and went to her room.


Later, I went upstairs intending to spend a little time in my den. As I passed her door, she called out. "Jack?"

I turned and entered the room. Her lamp was out and the low watt bulb in the upper hall cast a dim light. The white lump on the bed I knew was Aunt but she looked strange. I moved nearer. She lay on her stomach, her nightgown raised to midway up her back. Her calves, thighs and those large, pale, mottled buttocks lay starkly bare. My aunt lay before me, virtually naked.

I stood at the edge of the bed looking down on twin mountains of white, rounded flesh. "I was teasing you. I didn't mean for me to do it."

"God forgive me," whispered Aunt.

"Here, move off the sheet. Let me cover you."

"I deserve the shame of you seeing me. I deserve to be spanked."


"Spank me!" begged the old woman who had raised me from the age of seven.

I sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on her back just above the rise of those pale, dimpled cheeks. I was surprised at how warm her flesh felt. "We have to talk."

The white hair moved on the pillow. "I know."

"About sex and how it affects us living in this house together."

"I was never very good at talking about sex. Sex ruined my life," she confessed.

"That's a shame."

"I've been blind and stubborn."

"We all make mistakes."

"Smack my butt," begged Aunt. "Smack the devil and his evil thoughts out of me."

I moved my hand up and down her spine, felt her body's warmth and the rough, aging skin. "I am touching you.

"Lower, you know, where I always said you shouldn't."

I moved my hand onto the rise of the fleshy cheek of her considerable ass. I let my fingers slide down to the rounder lower part where the crease indicated the start of her immense thighs then back to the center crease and then partially into it untill I reached the top. I felt Aunt shiver.

"Are you cold?"



"I never dreamed I'd let you touch me this way."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"I can't help myself."

I let my fingers go down to cup the lower part of one cheek and squeeze the soft flesh then wormed my fingers between the closely closed thighs. I found a trace of soft hair there but not much. There was no moisture.

"Please," moaned Aunt. "Not there."

I withdrew my hand and smacked her smartly on her ass. "Is that what you want?"

The head on the pillow nodded and I smacked her again. The sound of my hand on bare flesh sounded explosively loud in the quiet room. I smacked her again and watched the soft flesh jiggle. Her hips moved and I snacked her again. The hips raised, then fell after the blow. Her legs parted just a bit.

My cock had risen when I first saw her nakednes. Now with each blow it throbbed harder and became uncomfortable. I moved to straighten the boner in my pants. Aunt's head, turned sideways on the pillow, noticed my movement. "Does this make you want to do what you do when it gets big?"

"Didn't you know exposing your butt would make me hard?"

"I wondered if it might," she confessed.

"Well I've got a big hard-on from smacking your butt."

"Your uncle spanked me. " "For play?"

"He said I was frigid and needed a warming up. He spanked me and then took me."

"Took you?"

"Put that ugly thing of his inside me . Then he pounded me till he emptied his seed."

"Married screw. It's part of life. It's supposed to feel good."

"That man hurt me everytime he put his thing in either place."

My hand squeezed one fat buttocks and widened the crack between those huge, soft, flabby cheeks. There, in the dim light, I made out the dark brown, wrinkled rosebud of her crinkled asshole and the darker skin around it. I wet my finger and touched what I knew was a tender and tabu place for her. "He put it in you there too?"

Aunt turned her head away. "I cant look at you when you look at that nasty place. "Answer me," I smacked her again, a bit harder this time. "Did Uncle Joe ram his cock up your ass?"

"Please, Jack, don't talk filthy," she pleaded. "I'm trying to be honest with you. I'm trying to let you know how I feel."

"You want to see my cock again, don't you?"

"Such a nasty thing, looking at my nephews's privates."

"But you want to. You want to see me jerk off."

Aunt shivered and drew her knees toward her chest. "God help me," she breathed.

In the dim light, reflecting on her bulbous buttocks, the lightly fringed fig of her sex pouted below the bulge of her nether cheeks. My finger sought the cleft in the pale, brownish-pink lips and entered her tight, barely fringed, barely moist opening.

Aunt moaned, "So nasty."

"Only if if you think it is.

"Mrs. Trout says I have missed so much."

"You two talk about sex?"

"Sometimes," admitted Aunt.

"Why don't you call her Min? Everyone else does."

"That wouldn't be proper."

What does Min tell you."

"She says I can still know what it's like to enjoy a man inside me."

"You never have?"

"Not with your uncle. There has been no one else."

Only that afternoon, I had said of my aunt to Min, "Fuck her." I shed my shirt, quickly. Now I prepared to do just that.

I quickly unbuckled my belt and opened my zipper. My pants fell to my ankles and I stepped out of them. "Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked.

Aunt moaned as I moved my finger inside her. "Please. Don't use that horrible word to me."

I kicked off my shorts. I stood naked, next to the bed with my cock at full extension. "You wanted to see my cock. Turn around and look at it."

"I shouldn't," whimpered Aunt. But she turned on the bed and raised herself up on one elbow and moved her head in my direction. "So big," marveled Aunt. "So terribly angry looking."

"Touch it," I commanded.

Her fingers ran lightly up and down the pulsing length of my shaft. "I looks so cruel."


"Knowing it can tear at a woman's insides and hurt so much."

"It shouldn't do that," I protested.

"Your uncle's always did and he was nowhere as big as you."

"You want it shoved in you?" I teased her back hole with a miustened finger and f***ed it in to the first knuckle.

"It's going to hurt," whimpered Aunt. "I know it's going to hurt something awful."

"But you want my hard cock in your ass?"

"I need to be punished."

"Need to be hurt?"

"For the nasty thoughts I've been having about you."

"My fucking you is a punishment?"

"If you must call it that, yes."

"Yes what?"

"Your fucking me is my punishment."

"Ask me for it," I demanded as I f***ed my finger another knuckle deeper between those fat cheeks and into her tight rectum.

"In my butt. Put it in my bottom."

I guided her out of bed. Get out of that nightgown. Bend over and stick your fat butt out so I can get at it.. I'll be back in a minute."

"Where are you going?" wailed Aunt.

"To the bathroon. I'll be right back."

Naked, Aunt bent over with her feet on the floor, widely apart. She half lay on the bed with her backside well presented for my assault when I returned. I twisted the cap off a jar of vaseline and stuck my finger into the slick mass for a dab. I parted Aunt's fat cheeks, opened her dark rosette and inserted my greased finger.

Aunt moaned.

I put a second liberal dab at the opening and more about the anal ring. Then I smeared vaseline all over my hard cock especially the head where it would ram into the tight hole.

"I'm frightened," whined Aunt. "So frightened.

"It's too late now," I whispered. "You're going to get it right up the old shit chute."

"Filthy talk," said Aunt. "Such filthy talk for a young man."

"Who is about to screw the hell out of his old Aunt's asshole."

"Oh Yes!" gasped Aunt.

I stood directly behind her, parted the fat cheeks and aimed for the greased opening. "It will go in easier if you relax," I warned. "I can't." moaned Aunt. "How could anyone relax with that thing about to tear her apart?"

"It's not going to be that bad," I chuckled. "You're just getting cornholed."


"When I push in, you make like you're going to crap. Push out and it will make your hole bigger," I instructed. I brought the head of my throbbing cock to the target and pressed forward.

Aunt screamed into her pillow and bit down on it."

"It can't hurt that much," I protested, "It's barely inside."

Aunt quieted down and I figured it was the expected pain rather than the actual entry that triggered the scream. I pressed forward, slowly but steadily with no further protest until my short hairs were within the cavern of her parted buttocks and my pubic bone was pressed against her tight asshole. Aunt Fran had taken all seven of thick, hard cock up her ass with barely a whimper.

I rested a moment, my cock surrounded by the warmth and grasping, clutching tightness of my aunts rectum. I fought to keep from coming, not only from the tightness and heat but also the thought of where I was lodged.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"Only a little," marveled Aunt. "Why in a minute, after I get my breath, I think it could almost feel pleasant."

"You don't say."

"I feel so full back there," said Aunt. "You're so big."

I pulled out about half way then f***ed my way back in. "Ready to get fucked?"

"Isn't that what we've done."

"Only the begining. I put a hand on either plump hip, withdrew then slammed back with a bit more f***e than the first time."

"Oh my," gasped Aunt.

I did it again and paused. "You all right?"

"It takes one's breath away," said Aunt.

I did it again. "But it doesn''t hurt?"

"I've never had the feelings I'm having now," confessed Aunt.

"Now. . . We'll get down to some real fucking." I began see-sawing in and out. I increased speed as Aunt added a few motions of her own. Her big ass began to sway and push back to meet my thrusts.

"Ooooooh," moaned Aunt.

I reached around to find her pussy and located her clit. I pressed it lightly and rubbed it in a small circle.

"Oh my God!" screamed Aunt. "I feel like I'm coming apart."

"Go ahead and come," I urged. I kept slamming into that soft, cushioning mass of flesh as I filled her asshole.

"Something is happening to me," moaned Aunt.

I slammed into her one last time and pressed as much of myself as I could into the warm, tight cavern of her ass and shot wad after wad of the hot, white cum into her bowels. My knees went weak as I fell on top of her and pressed myself into her and fought for breath.

Aunt whimpered and wriggled under me. "Oooh God," she moaned.

I rubbed my belly against the soft, warm, globes of her ass flesh and pressed to keep my cock inside her."

"You like my hard cock up your ass?" I whispered in her ear.

"Oh yes."

"It's nasty getting fucked up the ass."

"So nasty."

"But you like it?"

"Oh I do, I do." Aunt lowered her voice to a whisper. "Do you like doing it in your old aunt's fat bottom?"

"Love it."

Aunt giggled, girlishly. "I'm not sure whether I have to go to the toilet or not."

"Was it like this when Uncle Joe did you?

"He never used vaseline or anything. His thing hurt me even if it wasn't nearly as big as yours. Sometimes I bled."

I smacked her on the bare bottom. "Let's go wash up."


"Why not?"

"Now that we've done it, I suddenly feel shy."

"Done what?" I teased."

"You know. What we did.."

"What was that?"

Aunt turned her head and lowered her voice. She tittered nervously. "We fucked."


"You put it in my ass. . . my asshole."

"Did your asshole like all that was shoved up there?"

Aunt pressed her naked body to mine. "Oh God! I love your cock to death."

"I guided her toward the bathroom.

"I'm not sure I can walk," said Aunt. "I wonder if my poor heart can stand it."

I slapped her lightly on her seventy-two year old bottom. "You're saying you just got ass fucked?"

Aunt shook her head as though she could not believe it. "I've never used such language. I can't believe I'd ever admit that I enjoyed it."

"You said Uncle Joe did you there a back there lot."

"He never used anything to make it go in easier. He made me cry."

"I'll never make you cry," I promised.

Aunt paused in the bathroom door. She looked up at me with glistening eyes. "Only with joy, my dear boy."

I squeezed a handfull of naked ass cheek. I like this big, fat ass of yours. I like playing with it."

Aunt leaned against me. She tittered. "Anything you like, you can do."

"I like fucking it," I whispered in her ear.

"My fat, old ass," giggled Aunt. "Oh God! You've got me talking like a filthy slut."

In the shower, I turned on the hot water. I soaped her good all over and then I turned for for to soap me. We left no parts unlaved. Naturally, with her soapy hands lovingly washing my cock it got hard again..

I worked the suds into the cleft of her ass and inserted a finger as far as I could."

Aunt moaned. "You're making me weak in the knees."

"Turn around and bend over. Brace your hands on the wall."

Aunt presented her ass as I directed.

With lots of soap suds on my cock, I aimed for her little brown hole and entered with one long slow stroke.

"Ooooh My GOD!" marveled Aunt. "I went right in without a bit of hurt."

"No complaints?"

"Not if my knees dont buckle from the pleasure."

I reached around, found her clit, and proceeded to tickle it."

"Your fingers feel good too." Aunt was soon breathing hard.

"On your clitty?"

"That's what Mrs. Trout called it."

"Haven't you ever played with it?"

"Min says I ought to do that more."

"That means mean you did it some."

"Mama said it was a sin to touch myself. When I was a girl, she caught me and she whipped me with a leather strap."

"She caught you?"

" I was thirteen." Aunt moaned.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm gettting weak in the knees, from what you're doing to me," breathed Aunt. "I don't know if I can stand up if you make that happen to me again"

I pulled out and pulled her under the shower. "We better rinse off and finish in bed."

Aunt turned and kissed me on the cheek. "It feels so good, it seems a shame to stop."

I helped her from the tub and wrapped a towel around her shoulders. "Then can we do it some more?"

"Maybe we'll try out your pussy. We'll see if it still works."

Aunt finished drying her big butt and tossed the towel on the rack. "I'm not sure if what you call my pussy ever worked the way it should. Mrs. Trout, Min, say it's a pleasure pot but I never got nothing but bad feelings down there."

I patted her fat butt and urged her toward my bed room. "You've never had my magic wand up there," I teased.

Aunt tittered. "That's where I thought you'd put it when I called you in to spank me."

I followed Aunt onto my bed and turned her away from me. We both lay on our sides as I approached her from the rear "Let me tickle your pussy from the rear and that way you wont have to feel my weight."

"You can put it in my backhole again if you want," purred Aunt.

"Don't want pussy to feel neglected," I murmured. I used my fingers to probe her crack and found a bit of her moisture but probably not enough. I slipped out of bed. and went to her room.

"Where are you going?" Aunt turned to wathch me leave the room.

"Vaseline," I said. You need a little slickening up to make it feel better when I slide into you." "What ever you say," agreed Aunt. "If I'm going to hell. I might as well enjoy it."

Later we went to sl**p, spoon fashion with my softening cock still lodged deep in my old aunt's gooey pussy. *** Next morning, Aunt was gone from my bed. I heard her in the kitcjen, downstairs.

As I showered, I looked down at my simi-hard cock, trying to remember how many times I had come. The last I remembered we were spoon-fashioned with my throbbing cock deep inside her. I must have gone to sl**p that way. I wondered when she got up. Had she spent the night with me inside her? How would Aunt look on our little session of the night before when we had to face each other in the light of day?

I entered the kitchen. Aunt stood at the stove, scrambling eggs, humming happily. Evidently she had heard me in the bathroom and timed things perfectly. She turned as I pulled out a chair. A question flickered briefly in her eyes. "She murmured, "Good morning."

"Good morning." I looked out the window. "Another pretty day."


Maybe I should rake the leaves in the back yard."

"That would be nice." She brought my plate with the eggs, a piece of ham and toast. She poured my tea.

"Aren't you eating?"

Aunt turned away. "I ate already. I always wake up when the sun comes up."

"Oh, so early?"

"Well, I have to get busy. I have things to do in the other room."

That was the bulk of our conversation. Obviously Aunt did not want to talk about what had happened between us. Not yet. But I was sure she had been humming happily when I entered the kitchen.
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4 months ago
great story it puts you right there. love it
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is there a story about Mrs Trout out yet? Like to see that one written.
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7 months ago
well written and very erotic
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Great story Kap, love the filty talk about Auntie's shit hole and how her bowels were flooded with cum.