Visiting Aunt Mary

I'm a college student, 23 years old, just finishing my engineering degree. While engineering studies are somewhat masochistic, I've really enjoyed school and learning and have been talked into continuing my education by one of my professors with a masters degree. I've already mentioned that I enjoyed school, but the thing you need to know about engineering schools is that there is a weird mismatch between men and women. I'm not going to speculate why, but will say that they're this song I heard once, I think it's titled, "Men" and one of the lines in it is "so throw your rubbers overboard, there's no one here but men...".

And that described a significant percentage of my college experience...

After I left home, my parents took an overseas assignment and moved away leaving me, admittedly with very reasonable in-state tuition at a good school in the north-central Rocky Mountains, but still, all alone. It usually didn't bother me, because I had lots of friends and could either just stay at school, or sometimes I'd spend holiday's with my Aunt Mary, my fathers youngest s****r.

Mary lives in Phoenix, AZ today, and is a lovely woman. I've honestly always really enjoyed her company, maybe because we're not that different in age, maybe just because we get along really well, or maybe because she's hot! I'm not sure I'm supposed to say that about my aunt, but she is a beautiful woman who always got lots of attention from the opposite sex. Short, curvy, and petite, just the way I like 'em. Truthfully, I'm not sure if that is just my natural inbred preference in women, or if I developed that taste at a very young age by growing up watching my aunt strut her stuff right from the get-go.

I guess she was a bit of a "wild c***d" growing up and, unfortunately, got pregnant early and her first c***d when she was still in high school. She and the father did get married a little later, but broke it off after a few years leaving her and my cousin Jenny to grow up together. In spite of that, she has done well for herself with a good job, and has definitely taken care of herself, and when at my cousin's school activities, often gets mistaken for her s****r.

Spring break was coming up, and I couldn't afford to go to some wild place in the Caribbean, and I really didn't want to spend it alone at school again, and decided to give my aunt a call. She was thrilled to hear from me, and immediately invited me down for the week.

So, I packed my stuff up, jumped in the car, and started the long drive south to Phoenix. I hadn't seen them for a few years, and was looking forward to seeing Mary again. The miles clicked away, and temperatures just got warmer and warmer the closer I got to the Valley of the Sun.

I finally pulled into town and found the street. I pulled in around noon on Sunday afternoon, but when I got there, I didn't find my aunt at home. Apparently, she had to work over, but what I did find was my cousin Jenny.

She ran to the door and gave me a big hug, "Oh John, it's so good to see you!"

Could this possibly be the same girl I'd last seen two years ago? When I left, Jenny was short and skinny with braces, no hint of figure at all, but this girl was smokin' hot. I guess she'd finished off the braces, and blossomed as she was in her senior year of high school. She was 18 and stood about 5'2", was wearing a pair of short short's hugging her curvy hips and showing off a pair of very shapely legs, and a tight camisole showing off a pair of quite ample breasts. I quickly thought back to Aunt Mary and concluded that maybe some things do get passed through the genetics...

"So, long drive?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm so glad to be here. Your mom's not home?"

"Nope, she's working today, and won't be home until after dinner, so I guess it's just you and me until then." When she said this she kind of kind of smiled and stretched her arms up and over her head to emphasize her point. Her breasts rose nicely, and she showed her flat midriff.

God, was I getting hard watching my younger cousin?

I smiled back, realized that I was staring at her chest, and rapidly tried to make conversation.

"So, what can we do until then," I finally asked trying to find something to talk about.

"Well, it's still pretty warm down here, certainly different from Colorado. Would you like to go swimming?" she asked.

Given my strange, current state, I was almost afraid of this suggestion, but accepted anyway. "I would love to catch some rays," I replied. And I grabbed my stuff from the car and ran back to change.

I had to wait a minute or two for my erection to go down, then threw on my trunks and headed to the backyard. Aunt Mary's ex had done pretty well for himself, and the two were now, in combination with Mary's living, doing pretty well for themselves. The pool was beautiful and clean and begging for me to jump in, and it's a good thing I did, because just a minute later Jenny came out wearing one of the smaller bikini's I'd ever seen.

I couldn't believe her mother let her get away with this thing. It wasn't quite a thong, but was a very small, flimsy, white string bikini with just enough triangle in front to cover her puss and small triangles containing her large breasts.

She jumped in the pool, and we started to talk. She was very interested in what I studied, the kind of people I met, what I did on the evenings and weekend, and fished around a little bit regarding girls and my sex life.

"It's not the typical school that you see in movies where people are partying all the time," I explained. It's not that we don't spend our share of time carrying on and having fun, but there really aren't a lot of girls there."

"Hmmm, that's really too bad for you," she said. "I'm sure you wouldn't have too much trouble finding some attention from girls at most schools." And she smiled, "I mean, you're smart and funny, and you're probably going to make a lot of money."

And as she said this, she raised up a little out of the water. I hadn't noticed, but she'd been staying, probably intentionally, below the water level, because as soon as she rose up, I noticed her bikini top had turned all but transparent. I could see her entire aureoles. Her nipples were noticeably hard and pointed.

Oh god, here we go again...

"Mom'll be home pretty quick, we better get dressed," she said suddenly.

And she jumped out of pool heading back inside to get changed. And in that fleeting moment between when the water was pouring off of her and when she wrapped a towel around her to head in, I could see her entire body through that little suit, her large heavy breasts with dark, pointed nipples, and what appeared to be a very nicely trimmed pussy shaved down to just the smallest triangle where her legs met her body.

What was up with this girl? She sure wasn't the little girl I last knew 2 years ago... I wasn't sure what to think, but my cock sure did.

Jenny took a shower to rinse the chlorine out of her hair, and we both got dressed. I certainly smiled when she came back out in that little camisole that showed off her boobs so nicely.

Aunt Mary was home soon after this, and unlike Cousin Jenny and exactly like Cousin Jenny, Mary was everything I remembered. She was the same short, petite, curvy, chesty, funny, full of life, little spark plug I remembered. She was beautifully dressed as well in this sexy little tight cowl neck top hugging her breasts from the bottom, but every time she'd bend over, I could see right down her top and into her bra. We immediately hit it off again, just like before, only this time, it seemed that Jenny joined the party right next to us. The three of us made dinner, cleaned up, and then spent the next few hours catching up. Mary asked a lot of the same types of questions that Jenny had, and talking about school came easily and naturally for me.

It was a wonderful evening, and I really enjoyed talking with both of them, but we eventually realized we needed to go to sl**p. I was tired from the long drive and Mary had to work the next day. So they went to bed, and I crashed on the couch.

It was about 9:00 pm when we all went to bed, but about 11:30 pm I woke up immediately. I'm not sure if it's one of those things of being overtired, or what, but upon waking, I looked out the window toward Aunt Mary's bed room and saw that she had left the shade partially up and that the bedside light was on. I realized after less than a minute that she was masturbating and that I could hear her down the hall.

I walked over the window to get a better look, and almost knocked something over, it was the binoculars the f****y used for bird watching in the backyard. I immediately raised them to my eyes and got the view I'd always dreamed about. She was so beautiful... She'd obviously been rubbing her large breasts with one hand and her muff with the other. Her nipples were worked up into sharp points sticking away from her chest, and she had her vibrator going on her clit. I could zoom right in on her cunt and watch her every move. She started holding her pussy open with one hand and buzzed away on it with the other. I could faintly hear the buzz of her vibrator and her whimpers down the hall until she finally let loose with a powerful orgasm. Panning up and down her body, I saw her get up and put her toy away, then walk across the room to the window and look outside. I got a great view of her body as she spent just a minute looking up into the night sky, then she seemed to look over at me, smiled, closed the blinds, turned out the lights, and went to sl**p.

When I got up the next morning, Mary had already gone off to work. I got a shower and waited for Jenny to get up. It didn't take long, and soon, she was up too, and it wasn't long before we were back in the pool, splashing and playing. It had turned into something of a game of chase in the pool, and sometimes she'd pretend I was hurting her and dive under the water poking her little butt up in the air. Sometime's she'd stand there with her chest out of the water and her dark nipples sticking through her suit for me to admire.

Finally, Jenny, asked me, "So John, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Jenny, you're my cousin."

"That wasn't the question," she said. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Well, yes. If you weren't my cousin, I'd call you hot." I replied.

"Good, I really like you too," she said. "I wore this bikini just for you. You've noticed how when it's wet you can see right through it, haven't you?"

"It's kind of hard to miss..."

She swam over to me.

"You know, Mom's at work all day, and she leaves me here all alone. It's a really private backyard, and I usually spend my day sunbathing nude." And she pulled her top completely off. "See, no tan lines."

Her teen-age boobs were without a doubt free of tan lines and stood out incredibly.

She giggled, "I really like how the nipples tan. They get all dark colored and almost purple," and she pinched her nipples adding emphasis to her already prominent nipples.

"Let's go inside" I said," leading her by the hand and grabbing a towel to dry off with quickly. "I've got to get these shorts off.". We both toweled off and left our suits on the patio.

I kissed her as soon as we were inside and admired her body. "No tan lines below either I see," I pointed out.

"No, but you do need to be careful not to sunburn those private parts, that really hurts," she said toying with me. And she laid back and spread her legs showing me her immaculately shaved teen age cunt. It was so beautiful, when she was standing, her puss was fully inside with just the two lips showing, but when she laid back, her lips opened up, revealing a large, hard clitoris and several folds of pussy skin.

"You like?" she purred.

"What's not to like?" I asked, and got down and started licking my little cousins pussy. She moaned and whimpered and cried while I ran my tongue up and down her little girl slit spending lots of time on her clit until she finally burst out in orgasm.

She laughed, then pushed me back, "your turn!" She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking and jerking me with her hand. It was amazing how she'd kiss up and down the shaft, suck the head, and play with my balls making these little slurping sounds the whole time.

"You like that too?" she asked between slurps.

"Do I really need to answer that?" I said.

"I'm yours all week," she replied. "I'm on the pill, so just fuck me."

And she laid back again and spread her legs, showing me that beautiful bald teen age pussy again. She didn't have to ask twice, and I dove in and started fucking my cousin bareback. I pushed into her balls deep and fucked her hard with long strokes. She whimpered and cried as her beautiful suntanned boobs bounced up and down in rhythm to my thrusts.

"Oh Jen, I'm going to cum..."

"No, wait don't do that." And she pulled off of me, jumped down and started sucking my cock again. I shot a cum wad into her mouth that was positively enormous. She had trouble swallowing it all, and when she finally came up for air after I was finally done sperming in her mouth, a little bit was running down her chin.

I reached up and with my finger wiped her chin off, "I think you missed some." I said.

"Oops," she giggled, then took my finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. "I just love the taste of cum."

She cuddled up on me, and we started to talk.

"Where did you learn that?" I finally asked.

"I've got a couple of boyfriends," she replied. "They let me know what they like, and I try to give it to them."

"A couple?"

"Yeah," she said. "I've done really well in school, so they send me to community college for some classes. The boys there really like me, maybe it's the boobs, I don't know. But I've got great excuses to go out on weeknights, you know, 'study sessions.' It's just that mom doesn't know that I'm studying how to suck dick," she laughed.

"Just older boys? No one at school?" I asked absentmindedly stroking her skin.

"I prefer the college boys" she said and she started to play with my cock again noticing I was getting stiff all over again.

"So Cousin, do you like my stories? Do you like to hear how your little teen-age cousin likes to suck college boys cocks?"

And she started sucking my dick again, "I prefer the college boys, but one of them is my age. He's always hard and fucks me all the time. He's got a girlfriend who tries to make him happy, but he really likes fucking me."

"Oh my god, my little cousin is sucking my dick, learned how to do from college boys, and gets around?"

"That sums up most of it" Jenny said. "He keeps trying to get his girlfriend into the act and see us together."

"And..." I asked.

"It almost happened once," she said as she came up for air while sucking my cock. "I walked in on them having sex, and just watched for a minute. She didn't know I was there until I started squeezing her boobs. He held her down for a few minutes while I started touching her. I kissed her a little, and started to rub her pussy while he fucked her, and we thought she'd given up and was getting into it. Then when we let her loose, she ran away and locked herself in the bathroom."

That must have been a little bit awkward, I replied.

"Maybe a little, but I did get to suck her juices off his cock, then finished him off. She knows now that he fucks me regularly and seems to put up with it, so I'm not going to worry about it.:"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, picked up the pace fucking Jenny's mouth, and shot another huge load of cum down her throat and into her belly...

And so that was how the next few days went. Mary would go to work, I'd wake up Jenny and fuck her like a trashy whore. Then we'd both get a shower, eat some breakfast, skinny dip, fuck again, eat, and then Mary would come home.

As much fun as I was having having sex with my cousin, I still had a roaming eye for her mom, and memories of the first night watching Aunt Mary masturbate were still fresh in my mind and she made it hard to forget. She always seemed to be wearing something showing off her cleavage to its full advantage, and seemed to me to almost invent reasons to bend over and give me an eyeful.

My favorite was everyday just before bedtime when Aunt Mary would come out to check the house one last time and lock the doors. She always wore this little silky nightgown that barely covered her at all. Her breasts would be tumbling out of the top, and from the side there was a view showing the full size and shape. Her nipples would poke through the thin fabric leaving very little to my imagination. Sometimes she'd bend over to pick something off the floor giving me a full view of her boobs and show me her pretty pink nipples.

After awhile, I learned how to leave things strategically on the floor just to have her bend over to pick them up; one location so I could get another boob shot, and another where she'd bend over and show me her ass. She really did have a beautiful little butt, round and covered in these tiny little silky panties. If she bent over just right, I'd get a nice view of the shape of her hips, and sometimes be able to see right up to her silk covered pussy where a touch of dark hair stuck out.

Sometime she'd even sit there and talk to me for a few minutes prior to bed, usually about nothing in particular. I was really starting to think that she was doing this just to tease me and knew the games I was playing with her. Fortunately or unfortunately, I really didn't care because to have the opportunity to stare at her breasts and watch her cross and uncross her legs was a fantasy I'd had since almost before I was too young to have fantasies. I'd go to sl**p fully erect every night, but was afraid to jerk off as I needed to save all my cum for her daughter the next morning.

The next day went very similar to before where I got up, fucked Jenny, cleaned up, ate, skinny dipped, fucked again, and started dinner, but this time when Aunt Mary got home, she needed something from the store.

"Jenny, we don't have any cheese for the pasta. Can you run and get some for me? You know the kind I like, it's at that store a few blocks over," said my Aunt.

"Okay Mom, can I bring John with me," she replied.

"No, leave him here. You two have all day together, why don't you give me a little extra time with him," Mary replied.

"I might be a little while Mom, this is a bad traffic hour."

"That's alright; we'll hold dinner for you."

And Jenny grabbed the car keys and was out the door.

"So John, what do you and Jenny do all day when I'm out?" Mary asked.

"Oh mostly talk and swim, nothing too exciting," I replied while trying to think of something we might have done other than what we really were doing.

"She's a pretty girl, isn't she?" Mary asked somewhat rhetorically.

"Yes, yes, she is." I replied. "and smart too," I added quickly trying to change the subject.

"She is pretty, which swim suit has she been wearing?"

Was the next button on her blouse open? Was that new cleavage I hadn't seen since the first night through the window? And why was she talking like this to me? I furthermore didn't quite know how to respond to her question because she'd only worn one suit which was completely transparent, and other than that, hadn't worn a suit at all.

"I guess it's a little white bikini," I finally admitted not knowing what else to say.

"Hmmmm..." she replied. "Now tell me the truth, are you and Jenny having sex?"

Yes, that was definitely a new button on her blouse open, and she wasn't wearing a bra either so her beautiful nipples were starting to poke through.

"Mary, yes, we are. But why are pushing me like this? Do you really want to know this? It just sort of happened, she's so beautiful, and..."

"And what?" she pushed. "And what?"

I hesitated, then let it go, "And she looks so much like you..."

"Finally we're getting somewhere," Mary said.

She pushed up to me and kissed me hard, immediately pushing her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her hard, and felt her hand at my crotch rubbing my already stiff dick.

"Things just kind of happened, so, yes." But I continued, "Mary, I've always thought you were so beautiful, and you and Jenny have so much in common. I figured you were out of my reach, but with Jenny, I've just been getting closer and closer with her, and I maybe thought it would be almost like being with you. But you've always been the one to me,"

I reached down and grabbed my aunt's breasts.

"These things have been driving me crazy all week." I said.

"I'm glad you noticed, I wasn't sure how much more obvious I could be. We've got to hurry before Jenny get's back" she said as she slipped her dress all the way off revealing that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

I finally got my aunts tits in my mouth. The same ones I'd always looked at and dreamed about. They looked good, they felt good, they smelled good, and wow, did they taste good. The nipples were so hard and puckered up in my mouth.

I hastily stripped naked, and Mary dropped to her knees immediately taking my cock in her mouth. She could really suck a knob, just like her daughter, but better, and what made it even more amazing was knowing that not 3 hours earlier I had been balls-deep in her daughter, and my cock was still covered in Jenny's juices. Mary had to have known that, but didn't pause or hesitate for even a second and just slurped my rod into her mouth.

She started suck up and down, kissing around the head, and deep throating me. Next I felt her mouth went to my nuts. I'd never had a girl do that before; she went down, licking my balls taking one into her mouth and then the other until they were all slippery and wet all the time continuing to pump my cock with her hand. Then the most bizarre thing happened when I felt her continue down the base of nut sack, finally slipping her tongue in my butt.

God, I was so close to cumming in her mouth that I finally had to push her back. She looked so incredible with her large tits out and a little bit of drool running down then from all that cock sucking. I spread her legs open and started fucking my beautiful dream girl, my aunt.

"Oh, so much better than my vibrator," she moaned. "Did you like watching me that first night? I knew you were at the window and saw me playing with myself."

I fucked her even harder. "You mean you knew I was there?"

"I've always dreamed about you watching me while I touch myself. I got to live that little fantasy out Monday. Oh, what a good orgasm..."

She reached down and touched her clit, moaning and crying and whimpering as my cock pounded in and out of her. "so good, so good, just like I always knew. Oh please fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me. Oh god, so good, but you've got to hurry up, Jenny'll be back soon, give me that cum."

Then in a few seconds, she erupted underneath me.

Mary was unfortunately right and Jenny would be back soon. Mary's cunny was so sweet, and I wanted this moment to last forever, but I picked up the pace, and in another minute was unloading my cum into my aunt just like I'd done to her daughter and just like I'd always dreamed.

We laid there for just a second with me still inside her kissing and laughing, then we hastily threw our clothes back on. It wasn't more than 5 minutes later that Jenny came home.

We made dinner, and I spent the rest of the night flirting shamelessly with both women.

As per normal, Jenny went to bed, and Mary and I spent a few minutes talking. But that night we didn't do much talking, and instead did a lot of touching and kissing. She told me to come back to her bedroom in a few hours, after Jenny was sl**ping.

This time, we took it slower, and I tenderly and gently fucked my Aunt Mary. Her pussy was every bit as sweet as her daughters, and she was even more beautiful. In spite of my love and lust for my aunt, it was getting difficult for me cum. After all, I'd been fucking her daughter two or three times a day for almost a week, and finding enough cum to satisfy both of these women was rapidly becoming difficult. I flipped her over, stuck her butt in the air, and did her doggy style while pinching her nipples. She was so beautiful, and her cunt seemed like it had no bottom. She kept whimpering even after having multiple orgasms. I finally came in my aunt's pussy with my finger up her asshole as she had another orgasm around my cock. Her beautiful orgasm helped me sperm my aunt's beautiful little fuck hole one more time.

The next morning, I just crawled into bed with Jenny and tongued her to orgasm, but didn't fuck her. I was all fucked out... It seemed to make her happy, but then she asked me, "didn't want to fuck me again today? Is something wrong?"

"No," I replied truthfully, "I'm just starting to run out of sperm for you, you're too much." Then I kissed her.

"It was Mom last night, wasn't it? Did she finish you off so there wasn't any left for me?"


"You had to know I could hear that. I mean, mom's a real moaner, isn't she. Every time she gets her vibrator out, she'll keep me awake. She sure does seem to enjoy it. Really John, it's okay, I don't really mind. I know the two of you have always had something a little bit special, and I'm glad you could finally come to terms with it." And then she paused for a minute, got up on her arms and looked very seriously at me, "is she better than me?"

"Are you really going to make me answer that?" I said.

"Yes, is she a better lay than I am?"

I hugged her naked body to me, "No, I wouldn't say better, but different."

"Go on..."

I paused for a minute, reflecting and comparing mother and daughter. "Well, you are both definitely related with killer bodies, both your boobs are incredible, and while yours are probably are a little firmer, I really liked the way her nipples puckered up into tight little points while I sucked them. Your ass is a bit firmer and to see you riding my cock from on top hanging those beautiful boobs in my face is amazing. Now your mom, wow can she suck cock. She spent a lot of time sucking my ball sack, I really liked that. She even slipped her tongue up my butt. I will say that both of your pussies are tight and sweet. They even taste alike. I do like the way she moans and carries on while I'm fucking her though. I don't know, you two have a lot in common, but you're still different..."

She smiled and then she kissed me and held me tight.


I headed back to school the next morning. It had been an incredible trip and completely satisfying. I had had a wonderful visit with two of the most beautiful women I'd ever known, one a little older and the other a little younger, my aunt and my cousin, and both were crazy for my cock.

I knew what I was doing for fall break.

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