A Star Is Born--Naked

My dream was finally coming true, only now it seemed more like a nightmare.

For years I labored trying to get a break in the theater. I worked dinner theater, summer stock in godforsaken places, small community theatres and even off-off-off Broadway. I eked out a living doing the usual waitressing and temp jobs. Sharing a rat-hole apartment in New York with three other struggling actors, I was the guest at more pity-on-me dinner parties than I could count. My small circle of friends tried to make sure I wouldn't starve. One thing helped me maintain my sanity—my ability to talk with my best friend, Max.

My plight began when my excuse of an agent called about a major role in a real off-Broadway production. It was a new play by a Tony award-winning playwright. The producer was a top Hollywood star who, according to him, wanted to assure the world or herself that she was a true talent. This same woman would be playing the lead. My agent was sketchy on details, I think his feeble mind stopped working when he heard about the director and producer/star— and that he might actually make some money off me. He told me to show up at the theater at 10 for an initial read.

I asked him if this was going to be a cattle call. He laughed and said, "No, sweetie, the part is yours if the read goes well."

I screamed and just about wet my panties. I was going to be on Broadway—well, Ok, off-Broadway—but still freakin' good. I was also going to get Equity pay and I might actually be able to buy something to wear and have food in the cupboard. God, if the play had a good run, I might get out of the hellhole I lived in.

"Slow down," I told myself, "this is only a reading. You probably will screw it up and not get anything."

I pressed my agent on what the storyline was, but he just mumbled something about a love triangle. "You'll be great, sweetie. You'll kill 'em."

I asked how they chose me.

"Not sure, sweetie," he said and I knew he was puffing on his ever present stinky, cheap cigar. "The production manager called and said Miss Big Fucking Star wanted you. Maybe she caught you in one of your summer stock things."

I should have realized that my so-called agent wouldn't have busted his ass trying get me work. I recall reading that the producer/star lived in Connecticut and I did do a couple shows there last summer, so...

I didn't sl**p a wink and the next day was showered and dressed in my best clothes, which I and everyone else knew were crap, and headed to the subway for the ride to mid-town. Arriving at the theater over an hour ahead of time I splurged my last ten dollars on a latte and a scone at Starbucks. "If I get this role, I can have this every day."

I entered the open lobby door and made my way down to the stage where a small group was casually standing and talking.

As I neared, I saw her, Abbie Evans. She looked so small and normal. Next to her was Rice Peters the writer. He looked like a playwright, with a black turtleneck, black pants, black-rimmed glasses and his trademarked shaved head. A couple others were there.

Abbie Evans turned and saw me, breaking into her universally recognized smile.

"Chloe, come here and meet your team."

I tried not to trip down the aisle and reached out to accept Abbie's extended hand. She introduced me to Rice, the director, the stage manager and production manager, all of whose names I immediately forgot. I was still stuck on "Abbie Evans knows my name."

Abbie then looked over my shoulder and smiled again.

"Ah, our leading man arriveth."

I turned to see Joe Quinn, the current star of one of TV's top cop shows, making his way to us. I felt weak in the knees. These were all A-listers and I felt like the skunk that wandered into the garden party. What the hell was I doing here?

Joe shook my hand and Abbie urged us onto the stage. We sat around a long rectangular table and the stage manager passed out scripts.

"So, Chloe, what do you know about 'The Pose'?"

I should have said something that might cover my total ignorance, but my mind was a blank.

"Not a frigging thing," I gushed.

They all laughed.

"Ok," Abbie said, "here's the Reader's Digest version. Joe is major artist. He's had mega shows at all the top galleries and his work hangs in all the right penthouses in Manhattan, plus some decent museums. His last show was, however, less than spectacular and the critics were getting their claws out and speculating he may have lost his edge. I am his wife, a bit older, obviously, and long-suffering, of course. I used to be his muse, but after we married the muse part slipped away and my ability to earn a paycheck as a successful art agent took its place. When I stopped modeling, he also began his slow spiral. So, he finds an ingénue, the lovely Chloe, who will be his model, his muse and the centerpiece of his new exhibition."

Abbie paused for effect. She knew how to hold an audience.

"So, I am jealous of you and pissed at Joe. I come to his atelier and find that you are not some succubus, but an innocent, engaging and beautiful young woman. I am drawn to you--your personality and your appearance. Joe, as men are want to do, also has desires on you. The rest is a tug-of-war to see who will win you, if Joe can complete his work and regain his status, if he and I will reconcile. And, if you will remain the unsullied maiden. All very 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff meets A Star is Born' between Joe and me with a bit of sex to juice things up."

I nodded all through her recitation. And smiled when she smiled. In my mind I'm thinking, "Holy Shit, this is a three person play and I'm going to be sharing most of the audience time with two of the biggest stars in the business. I see my own Obie waiting for me in the wings."

My bubble burst with Abbie's next statement.

"I'm so glad you don't have a problem with the nudity or the love scene. You're a brave girl."

The Obie just fell off the table and smashed into a million pieces.

"Nudity? Love scene?" I couldn't even make a sentence.

"You mean your agent didn't tell you?"

I shook my head.

"Oh, Chloe, sorry. I would have told you differently if I had known. But, you must know that you play Joe's model and will be totally nude for a good part of your time on stage. And, you will have a rather explicit love scene at the end of act one."

Now, I am not a prude, well, Ok, I am a bit of a prude. Shit, make that a major prude. But, I recognize that actors sometimes have to make sacrifices for their craft, and to get a role. I thought about standing naked in front of theater full of people and my insides started to turn to Jell-o. I imagined my parents in the audience. Yikes! I thought about my favorite teacher being there, Sr. Mary Ann, who encouraged my acting and tried to see every play I was in. Double yikes!

I nodded slowly, pretending that I was comprehending what I had to do.

"So, you can do this, Chloe? You can handle the nudity?"

I again nodded, but didn't think it was my most convincing performance.

I said, "Sure." I giggled and said trying to be as lighthearted as possible, "But, I don't know about the love scene with Joe. That could be a challenge."

Abbie laughed. "Oh, don't worry about that. You don't have a love scene with Joe."

She paused and I looked confused.

Smiling she continued, "You have it with me."

I am not sure if there is really such a thing as a brain meltdown, but I think I had one at that moment.

"And, Chloe, just to ease your mind about being nude, I will be nude, too."

Yep, total meltdown. I thought I felt my brains oozing out of my ears and fought the temptation to stick my fingers there to prevent them from dripping onto the table.

The rest of the meeting occurred in a blur. We did a read-through, I think. Breaking around four we agreed to meet again in the morning for a discussion about the staging and another read-through. The director asked us to go through the play and make notes and questions.

Abbie walked me out of the theatre.

"Chloe, don't worry, you're going to be great. I saw you last summer and you've got the chops to carry this off. I'll be right here with you all the way. Call me if you want to talk." She handed me a card with her name and cell phone number.

I thanked her and wandered in the general direction of the subway stop as she stepped into the back of her huge Mercedes with a liveried driver holding the door.

My head was reeling. I needed to talk to someone. I had to see Max. I knew by the time I navigated rush hour and got to his place, he'd be home.

Max and I grew up in the same town in New Hampshire. He's years older than I am, and we had a low-key connection from being in the theater group in high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman. We both worked at the same ice cream place in the summers. That's when we hit it off and found we could easily talk with each other.

Now being in the city at the same time, we reconnected and became friends. We still had the ability to just talk. He really listened, a quality I was finding rare in the guys I met in the city and especially among fellow actors. Most of the actors were totally psychotic and wanted only to talk about themselves, the roles they had, the roles they almost had and mostly about the roles they should have had.

Max was doing pretty well, working for the public radio station as head of fundraising. He had a small, but decent, apartment on the West side. The doorman knew me and let me go up to Max's, saying he'd call up to let him know I was on my way.

He answered and welcomed me in. I rushed past him, flew to his fridge and pulled out a beer.

"I am totally fucked," I announced as I downed half the can.

"Well, nice to see you, too, Chloe."

I smiled and went to give him a hug.

"Sorry, I'm a bit worked up."

"So, I noticed. Want to share?"

"Share! God, you need to get out of non-profit and into the real world."

"Oh, acting is the real world? Interesting concept."

"Whatever," I shrugged. "Yeah, I need to 'Share', but first I need to pee."

I finished my beer and asked if Max would get me another and made my way to his bathroom. I rushed in and plopped down on the toilet. As I relieved myself, I looked around and almost shit instead. On the floor was a girl's bra and panties in a pile, next to a pair of girl's shoes. Now I noticed the bathroom smelled of a recent shower and the scent of a woman.

I finished and bolted out. Picking up my coat, I headed for the door.

"Hey, what's up?" Max called. "Where're you going?"

"Max, sorry. I gotta' go. I didn't mean to barge in like this. I shoulda' called. I hope I didn't mess anything up."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I know you have a girl here. I saw her things in the bathroom. Sorry."

Max took my arm and led me back to the kitchen.

"Chloe, I opened a beer for you, and I definitely do not want to waste it. Besides, we haven't shared yet."

"But the girl..."

"Oh yeah, the girl. Well, I'd better go get her. I hope she's dressed by now."

I didn't know what to do, so I froze where I was and sipped the beer.

In a minute I heard a scream from Max's room. "Oh, Oh, this could be trouble," I thought.

The door flew open and out charged a tiny, beautiful blond, wearing a flimsy tank top and bikini panties. She rushed toward me, screamed and jumped in my arms.

"Sydney, what the hell are you doing here?" I yelled.

Sydney hugged me and then stood. "Just visiting my big b*****r and getting a taste of city life."

Syd is four years younger than I. She and I were close friends, despite the gap in our ages. I met her when Max and I got to know each other. The three of us hung together for most of our summers. Syd and I enjoyed the same music, movies and a taste for fried clams.

Another thing we had in common was we both looked up to Max. He was the best big b*****r in the world for her and for me, well, he was half big b*****r and half secret love. I knew he was never interested in me sexually, and just saw me as another little s****r. I didn't care. I carried a big thing for him for a long time.

Even now as adults, I still had a well-buried crush on him, but had been able to overcome it and forge a really good friendship.

Max fetched beers for Syd and himself and led us into the small and neat living room. He furnished it in early IKEA, but it was comfortable. I sat in the oversized arm chair and the other two settled on the leather couch.

He suggested that Syd might want to get dressed. She looked at him as if he was from Mars. "Like the three of us never hung out at the lake in our bathing suits. I've got the good parts covered, so chill, Big b*****r."

Laughing, he looked at me and asked, "So, what is the crisis de jour?"

I knew he was teasing and trying to relax me. I admit I tend to get over-dramatic. Actually, that's not a bad quality for an actress.

I told them about getting offered the part in the play and who the main actors were as well as the superstar writer.

They congratulated me and said they knew I was going to make it.

"Wow," exclaimed Max in mock amazement, "I'm going to be able to say I knew you when. Maybe you can take me out to dinner for a change."

"Don't pay attention to the asshole," said Syd. "This is fantastic. But, what has you freaked out? You must know you have the acting ability to be on the stage with those two."

I snorted, choking on my beer. "I am not so sure. I mean she is a freakin' two-time Oscar winner and he won an Emmy. The playwright has two Pulitzers. But the real reason I'm in full panic mode is simple."

Max and Syd hung on my next sentence.

"I have to be nude for almost the whole damn play."

Both my friends stared in silence.

Before they could even comment, I added, "And, I have to do a freakin' nude love scene with freakin' Abbie Evans. A love scene! Jesus, I am totally flipped on this."

Max and Syd sat in silence for a bit.

Finally Max softly said, "Wow."

I got up and grabbed another beer. I didn't think there was enough alcohol in the entire west side to help me relax.

"What am I doing to do? How can I have my parents come to see me? Screw that, how can I parade my sorry naked ass around a stage every night in front of hundreds of people? I have to turn this down."

"Are you out of your mind," asked Syd?

"This is the chance of a lifetime. So, if you have to shake your booty. Every critic on the East coast will be flocking to see this play. They will want to see the fabulous Abbie Evans in the nude and making out with a woman. You could not get better exposure."

"Exposure seems to be the right word," I said.

Syd and Max tried to reassure me. I listened but was not convinced. I tried to explain my anxiety.

"Ok, here's the thing. I am shy. I mean really shy. I hated gym class. I was always the last one out so I didn't have to change in front of the other girls. I don't have much of a love life. No, let's make that truthful. I have no love life these days. My last boyfriend never really saw me nude, I always insisted on the lights off, did the deed and then pulled on a t-shirt. And, I can't believe I am even talking about my love life in front of you guys."

Max grabbed his chest. "My god, you're not a virgin? What is this world coming to?"

I flipped him the bird and continued.

"So, I think you understand that being nude will be a big deal, a really big deal. And, despite this being the age of blended sexual identities, I have never done anything with a girl. Hell, I just about understand my own anatomy, let alone finding my way around another woman. I don't think I'm that good an actor to be realistic in a love scene. Fuck, a love scene with Abbie Fucking Evans! I am so not going to be able to do this."

Syd said, "Chloe, you cannot pass this up. All you need is to rehearse and get used to it."

"How am I going to rehearse, Syd? I can't ask Abbie for private make-out lessons."

Syd blushed a little and said, "You don't have to ask Abbie."

"Then who," I whined.

"Me," she said in a soft voice.

The silence in the room was deafening.

"You?" I said.

"Yeah. Look I am a normal, healthy, well-balanced college girl. In other words, I've had my share of walking on the other side. You know, playing for the other team. Vacationing on the island of Lesbos. Enjoying Sapphic delights. Getting the picture."

"So, you and I will..."

"Rehearse, Chloe, just rehearse. I can give you a couple tips and mostly just let you get over your fears. It's no big deal. We're best pals and it probably will be a lot of laughs."

I thought about it. It seemed so bizarre thinking about doing anything sexual with Syd. I mean she is really cute. She has a trim and fit figure, so it's not like she's repulsive. But, actually kissing her, touching her, that's plain weird.

"I don't know, Syd."

"Chloe, where else will you get any practice. This will be the least threatening way to break through."

I looked at Max, who had a bemused expression. "What do you think?"

He laughed. "No way are you getting me to weigh in on this. I am still processing that my s*s is into girls."

"Not exclusively, b*o. I still dig guys a lot. But, I do like a pretty girl now and then."

He nodded and added, "Well, besides my s****r's sexual openness, I am not going to comment on the two of you practice having sex."

He smiled at me, and continued.

"The only thing I'll say, is that if you really want this part, Chloe, then maybe Syd has a point. You guys can practice, or whatever you want to call it, here during the day."

Syd grinned and asked, "You don't want to watch?"

He stared her down and said, "Behave, Syd."

While Syd and I discussed the logistics of how to move forward, Max ordered out for Chinese. When the order arrived, we put aside the thoughts of naked bodies, girls kissing girls and total humiliation to enjoy our friendship along with sesame chicken.

The next day at the theater, we did a couple read throughs and found a number of spots where the dialogue didn't seem to work. Rice took the comments well and adjusted some things on the spot and promised us new dialogue for tomorrow. Abbie started a discussion and then we all agreed that there was a big plot problem toward the end of the first act and the ending was too abrupt. Rice admitted he struggled with both. We all tossed ideas around and they even liked one of my suggestions. Rice said he'd work on the problems.

We broke around 1:30 and had lunch that was brought in. Afterwards, the production manager said I should meet with wardrobe.

I chuckled to myself thinking this could be the shortest wardrobe session in history.

The wardrobe mistress, Marge, was a Broadway veteran, probably in her 50's. She acknowledged that there were not a lot of costume changes. She explained she needed my sizes, including underwear. I did have to undress on stage in the first act. She said she needed to get about 10 of everything. Marge said she would get front closing bras.

"I don't want you fumbling for a couple minutes trying to get your bra off. I think we'll just go with bikini panties, nothing too sexy like a thong. Actually, I might even go with some granny-panties. I like the contrast between modest undies and your naked body. Jeans, a cotton pullover and flip-flops will complete the ensemble. Very easy to deal with. I'll pick up a bunch of short robes that you will wear at times. Also, you can put one on during, if you don't mind the pun, 'dress rehearsals' so you don't have to be showing everything all the time."

"Marge, do you think I'm crazy doing this?"

"Honey, I've been doing this most of my life. I've come to understand nothing in the theater is crazy. I think the play is powerful. I listened to the read through and you have one hell of a juicy part. My advice, forget your tits are hanging out and act the shit out of this role."

Her reassurance made me relax, at least a tad.

We wrapped at three and I was at Max's apartment at three-thirty, knocking on the door.

Syd opened it. She was wearing a t-shirt of Max's and it appeared nothing else.

I entered and dumped my purse on the kitchen table, opened the fridge and grabbed a beer.

"You're looking a bit casual," I said to Syd.

"Chloe, we very well can't practice being in the nude without being in the nude."

The beer in my stomach almost started coming back up. "Am I really going to do this?" I thought.

"Syd, I have to admit I am still freaked about this."

"Yeah, I know you are. But, listen, we can do it. We are like best friends, almost s****rs, actually."

"Great, so now you're adding i****t to this ordeal?"

Syd laughed and took a sip of my beer. "You are way too wound up. Go take a shower and relax. I'll put one of Max's big denim shirts in the bath. When you're through, just put that on. That will be one step. Then we will just read through the love scene part a bunch of times, Ok."

I nodded and we moved on. I was letting the hot water soak into my muscles when the bathroom door opened and I heard Syd call out.

"The shirt is on the back of the door. Hey, you look great naked, Chloe." She giggled and slammed the door.

I realized the clear shower curtain probably left little to the imagination. I finished, dried and pulled on the shirt. I desperately wanted to pull on my panties, but finally decided against it. I was brushing back my damp air when I noticed the faint, but distinct, scent of Max wafting from his shirt. The image of me standing naked with his shirt wrapped around me made my thingie tingle.

Syd was reading through the script, sitting on the couch. She smiled as I approached.

"This is great stuff, Chloe," she said. "I think it will be a super hit."

"Well, it's going against the trend of musicals and comedies," I offered. "Everyone bemoans the lack of serious drama on Broadway, but the crowds turn out for the big productions, special effects and catchy tunes. If this didn't have Abbie in it, I doubt it would even get a try-out."

"Abbie and the fabulous, beautiful, talented and naked, Chloe, might I add," Syd put in.

"I was loving it up to the naked part," I moaned.

"Well, speaking of which, hon. You will never get over being afraid of going naked if you are wearing clothes. So, let's get naked."

She stood and peeled her shirt over her head. I think I actually gasped.

Syd is about 5'3". She has short blond hair, with some henna streaks, giving her a pixie look with a bit of punk thrown in. The punk also comes from her nose piercing, multiple ear studs and rings, and, to my surprise, her left nipple piercing.

Her face is cute with a slightly upturned nose and great smile. She is slight of build, but her breasts are larger than I imagined, not that I really ever imagined them. They looked about the same size as mine, although she is three inches shorter. Syd is fair-skinned and her breasts are white, which makes a striking contrast to her dark areolas and nipples, which are about the same shade. The pierced nipple looked erect and hard.

Syd sported a belly-button ring. She had narrow hips and thin legs. I was slightly shocked that her pubic area was clear and smooth.

"Ok, your turn," she said with a wide grin.

I gulped and slowly unbutton the shirt. With a strength I did not think I had, I let the shirt slip off and drop to the floor. I mightily resisted covering my parts with my hands.

Syd looked me up and down, pausing at all the strategic spots.

"You're very pretty, Chloe. The audience will dig you. Although you might want to clean out Sherwood Forest a bit."

I looked down at my untrimmed and wild blond bush. I never even considered doing anything with it.

"Nice tits, by the way. I like them a lot," said Syd.

I blushed deeply and tried to smile.

"Don't freak out. I am being objective. It's not like I'm drooling over them, but they are very, very attractive. They look to be around the same size as mine, but they have more of an attitude. They like stand up and call for attention. And don't like faint, but your nipples are super erect and that is super hot. You look like this on stage and you could read the fucking phone book and get a standing ovation."

Syd asked me to turn around and I slowly complied.

"Great ass, babe. Your legs are long, which is what all the guys love. All in all an awesome package."

I faced her and moved for my shirt. Syd put her foot on it and shook her head.

"Part of what we are doing is getting you used to going bare-assed. So, leave the shirt off and let's read the part about your love scene."

I relented and we stood next to each other with the script on the kitchen table and read. The scene called for Abbie, or Helen in the play, to come upon me alone in Joe's, or his character's, Alex, studio. I am wearing my robe. She confronts me about having an affair with Alex. She attacks me verbally and then rushes me and pulls off my robe. I stand naked facing her, she has her back to the audience. We stare at each other for a time and then she moves to me, pulls me toward her and kisses me. I resist and then slowly respond and we embrace. She then steps back and starts to strip. Neither of us has spoken a word since our kiss. She sheds her clothes, exposing her naked rear to the audience. We embrace and kiss again. The stage directions indicate we are to passionately touch each other and go to the couch, where we have sex.

Rice is still working on how to close this scene and end act one.

"Well," said Syd, "not a hell of a lot to go on here. Let me be explicit for a second. In the sex on the couch part, what are they expecting? Is one of you supposed to go down on the other? God, that would be something. Shit, I am getting all wet thinking about eating Abbie Evan's goddamn pussy."

"Syd, you are not putting me at ease."

"Sorry, but do you think that's what they're looking for?"

"I don't know. We never talked details, but I don't think so. I am supposing it's mostly going to be kissing."

Syd thought about it. "Kissing, like kissing boobs?"

"Oh God, I don't know," I moaned.

"Well, until we hear differently, let's assume you will kiss each other on the lips, probably run your hands up and down each other, getting a handful of butt, and most likely feel each others' boobs. If you find out more, we can practice more. Listen, Chloe, it will be fine. I know you're acting. So, let's try it out."

"Now?" My heart sank below my knees.

"As good a time as any. Besides we have about an hour before Max plans to be home. Let's make the most of it."

We faced each other and Syd stepped up to me. She was shorter than Abbie, but I figured that made no difference. I was about to kiss my first girl.

She smiled and gently rubbed my upper arms. I relaxed a tad.

Syd pulled me into her arms and hugged me gently. I appreciated her gesture. We had hugged hundreds of times before. I admit I had never felt her hard nipples press into me on those occasions.

She stepped back and said, "Kiss me."

I closed my eyes and moved my face forward. I ended up kissing her nose.

We both laughed.

"Close, but not what they're looking for," Syd said.

"Keep your eyes open. Come on, you can do it."

This time I moved my face toward hers, looking into her eyes. She tilted her head and I let my lips come to hers.

I was not prepared for the sensation. Her lips were soft, warm and, I must admit, erotic. Kissing her was nothing like kissing the guys I had dated. She broke the kiss, slid her hand to my cheek and then kissed me. With just a tiny bit more pressure, she pressed her mouth to mine. She then covered my lips and chin with soft caresses. I closed my eyes and to my shock began to enjoy the sensation.

Syd stopped and I opened my eyes.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "I'm not a good kisser, am I?"

"No, it's just you're a little stiff. Try to loosen up."

"What do you mean?"

"Your neck seems to have a steel rod in it. Your shoulders are like a wound spring. Let it go, Chloe. This is going fine."

I rolled my head, shrugged my shoulders and tried to relax.

Syd came to me and kissed me once more. Again, the sensation was sweet and enticing.

"Chloe, touch my cheek. Run your fingers through my hair. Do something besides stand there like a freaking statue."

She kissed me and I slipped my hand onto her cheek. She put her hand behind my neck. All the while, she was placing soft kisses on my lips. I put my other hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her short-cropped hair.

I kissed her back and felt her take in breath. She slipped her hand around my waist and pulled me tight against her. I felt our breasts press into each other and our thighs touch. She kissed me and I kissed back more urgently. She next kissed my cheek and neck, pulling me tight to her. She returned to my mouth and I willingly, no eagerly, accepted her lips to mine. We kissed for several minutes.

Syd let go of me and we parted. I was breathing hard.

Syd smiled and took my hand.

"Chloe, that was much better. I almost felt for a second you were enjoying it. Remember the audience has to believe you are really, really enjoying it."

"Thanks, Syd. I have to admit I did relax more. It's just I am such a klutz at sex. Really, I know I suck at it. Figuratively speaking, that is."

We both laughed and used the moment to get a couple beers. For a brief second, I forgot I was naked.

"Chloe, you are overplaying your lack of sexuality. You are extremely sexual, bordering on hot. You are beautiful, have a knock-out bod, and move like a dancer. Just let all of this natural allure carry you. They will love you."

We finished our beers and practiced kissing some more. After that session, I was aggressively, well, mildly aggressively, kissing Syd. After our last embrace, she stood back.

"Whoa. Chloe that was hot. You could turn me on like that."

"Right," I laughed.

Just then we heard the lock turning. We both screamed and scrambled for our meager clothing. Syd shouted out to wait, "one freaking minute" and we dashed into Max's bedroom.

We looked at each other and fell on his bed laughing our asses off. Syd dressed and got my clothes from the bathroom. When we both were decent, we headed to the living room.

"Well, I guess you two were, what's the term, method acting."

"Don't be such a dweeb, big b*****r. We were making out like crazy," said Syd.

The look on Max's face was worth the embarrassment I felt.

He took us out for sushi and I left for my rat-hole after dinner.

The next day at the theater, Rice passed out new pages for the end of act one. We went through them, making notes and comments.

As we broke for lunch, Abbie pulled me aside.

"So, how's it going, Chloe?" she asked.

"Fine for me. I should ask you, how am I doing?"

I knew that no one had actually confirmed that I had the role.

"You're doing great, Chloe," she said, flashing her million, or multi-million dollar smile. "Everyone loves your reading, your ideas, your enthusiasm. The part is yours if you want it."

Instinctively I hugged her and shouted, "Yes. Thank you."

Abbie laughed and said, "The only concern we have is how you will do with the nudity and our love scene."

I nodded and told her I was confident I could do both. I confided that I was working on them.

"Really? How so."

I explained about my friend Syd. She nodded and agreed it was one way to prepare.

She suggested we take a little walk outside. The afternoon was bright and we strolled down the street.

"Chloe, I remember the first time I had to do a nude scene. I was younger than you, eighteen actually. Since I had been a c***d actor and grew up on screen, I knew it would be a shock to many that I was now a woman and would be doing adult parts, including nudity. We rehearsed the scene clothed and then the day came to shoot it. Mind you it was, and I've clocked it over and over again, thirty-three seconds long, but it took over a day to shoot it.

"My co-star was older, you know Billy Gormley. He had really bad breath." We both giggled at that admission.

The scene called for me to seduce him.

He is in bed and I come into his room, strip and climb in with him. We kiss, he plays with my boobs and the camera pans away to let imaginations take over.

So, Billy's in bed. He is wearing shorts since he will be shot from the waist up. I am dressed in a blouse, short skirt and underwear."

We stopped waiting for the cross light. Abbie asked me if I'd ever been on a movie set. I answered no.

"Well, there are like dozens of people around. The director cleared everyone not involved in the shot, like the craft people, caterers, hangers-on, personal assistants, and on and on. Nevertheless, there are the lighting people, sound people, assistant directors, the co-producer, wardrobe, make-up, hell, a lot of people.

"So, we're ready for my big scene. As you can guess, we have to shoot multiple takes and multiple angles and then hope we have it right for the editor to make sense of it. I go in say my lines and start stripping. I do the whole thing, buck naked, with the camera shooting me from behind. I have to do the strip ten times from that angle. In between takes, make-up is dusting my ass to remove a glare, the focus-puller is putting a tape on my ass to measure the distance from the lens. And, I'm standing there nude. Then, we change angles and I strip facing the camera. I have to admit I thought I would throw up. But I did it. Again, multiple takes and multiple dusting my boobs with make-up, adjusting my hair, etc.

Abbie slipped her arm through mine and leaned in to talk softly.

"Here I was, the golden c***d of cinema. Winner of an Academy Award at f******n, darling of the big screen, standing nude in front of a bunch of people I hardly knew. A little secret, I was still a virgin and had virtually no experience with men or sex. I think one person, outside my mother and doctor, had ever seen me without clothes. Yeah, I was weirded out."

Abbie explained that they have something like a modesty shield that they can put over your most private parts.

"They tried one with me, but I had to make a move to get into bed and it kept showing. The director asked if I minded if they could get rid of it. So, I had to show my sweet, innocent pussy to the mob.

"Anyway, we do the strip scene from the front. Then we shoot the part of me getting in the bed a dozen times. It's was like, 'Abbie, don't pull the covers down so far, we can see his underwear and he's supposed to be naked.' Or, 'Abbie, turn your butt more toward the camera.' 'Abbie, don't spread your legs, what we can see will get us an NC-17.' God, Chloe, it was stressful and humiliating.

"By the end of the first day, I hadn't even gotten into the damn bed. I was drained physically and emotionally. I had convinced myself that I was making the biggest mistake of my life."

Abbie pulled me into a small Italian bakery and bought a couple pastries and two cappuccinos. We sat at a small round table in the window.

"So, the next day we pick up where I'm now in bed with Billy. I could wear panties, since just my top was going to show. The director had gone over the scene with us dozens of times, blocking every move. It was, "Abbie, kiss Billy like this." "Billy, rub your hand up and down her back." Abbie, roll over on your back and Billy you kiss her breast. Lick her nipple and then cover it with your hand."

Abbie finished her pastry and wiped the crumbs from her lips. She smiled recollecting that scene.

"Chloe, that was the first guy who ever kissed my boob. Strange, no? Anyway, we run through the scene and the first thing I notice is how bad his breath is. I mean I wanted to pull away and retch. But, we are paid to act, so act I did. We shot that kissing part so many times from so many angles, that I thought I would never get the smell off me. We did the playing with the boob thing. And finally, I get on top of him, he kisses my boob once more and I start moving like we are having sex, after the director told me what to do. I had no clue how to make people believe we were having sex. The camera pans down our bodies and the scene is over."

Abbie ran her fingers through her luxurious ginger hair and smiled at me.

"The really worst part, Chloe, was dear old Billy had a monster hard-on. I mean it was huge and I had to rub up against it. God, that was so difficult. He loved every goddamn minute of it. He even had the balls to ask for extra takes because he didn't think he was looking in the right direction. A major fucking pig, excuse my French."

She reached across the table and took my hand. Looking me directly in the eye, she said, "So, was it worth it?"

After a short pause, she continued, "Well, I did get a nomination for my role. Did manage to get a few more films, another Oscar, and now I produce and direct. So, yeah, I think it helped me prove I was more than that adorable c***d star. I was grown up and I was a f***e. I did a couple more nude roles. It never gets easy, but it does get easier."

She squeezed my hand and I returned the gesture.

"Thanks, Abbie. I still have a bunch of butterflies every time I think of it, but you have helped me enormously."

We stood and left the bakery. On the street, Abbie pulled me to her and kissed my cheek. "You will be great, Chloe. And, I will do everything I can to help you through this."

Back at Max's that afternoon, Syd had us undress in front of each other. Her reasoning was that I had to do it on stage, so get used to it. I relayed about what Abbie told me earlier. She said maybe we should take her up on her offer.

"What are you talking about?"

"Maybe you two should rehearse before you have to do it in front of the crew."

"Right," I laughed sarcastically, "why don't I call her up and say, 'Abbie, how about we get together, get naked and have sex. Sound like a good idea?' I think not, Syd."

"Just a suggestion," Syd replied. "So, I guess you'll have to do it with me. I think today we should work on tits."

We did. She instructed me how to rub her boobs and not look like I was afraid my hand would fall off. She demonstrated by fondling mine. As with our kisses, I first was scared, but soon began to enjoy the sensations. I was shocking myself to find dampness seeping between my legs.

"Chloe, you really have fantastic tits," said Syd. She was running her hands over my breasts and teasing my nipples, which were now rock hard. She leaned in and kissed me as she tantalizing pinched my nipples. I moaned and kissed back.

We broke looking at each other.

"Is this what you do with the women you're with," I asked?

"Usually," Syd replied brushing the backs of her fingers over my super-sensitized nipples. "And, a lot more."

She smiled and turned to go and get us beers.

"Like what," I said to her naked back.

She came to me carrying the beers and guided me to the couch. She set the beers on the coffee table and shifted her body to face me.

"Like this," she whispered.

Syd bent and took a nipple between her lips. Holding my breast with one hand, she licked it until it was stiff and dark. She then sucked it into her mouth, eliciting a guttural sound from me. She sucked and licked and squeezed. Finally, she had most of my breast in her mouth.

I was in a semi-daze, but found the strength to ease her off me.

"That, would be one thing I do with another woman," she said.

"Holy cow," was all I could say.

We sat on the couch, silently sipping beers.

"Syd, what's it like to kiss a girl down there?"

Syd laughed and asked, "Are you asking out of curiosity or asking if I will do that to you?"

"Curiosity," I murmured, but inwardly wondering if that were the truth.

"Well, has a guy ever kissed you there?" she asked.

"Once, but it didn't feel that good."

"Probably didn't know jack shit about pussies," she said.

"Well, it really is a powerful feeling," Syd continued. "Done right, you can make a women beg for relief and have ultimate control over her. I love that part and I also love the sensation. A woman's most intimate and secret part opening before you is intoxicating. Putting your second most intimate organ, your tongue, on her is mind-blowing. The scent, the taste, the moisture and the heat blend together to create the most erotic combination possible. I love it, Chloe. And, I love when a talented woman or man does it to me."

"Do you think Abbie and I will have to do that?"

"Can't say, Chloe, but I kinda' doubt it. It's one thing for you two to be naked, to kiss and even play with each other's tits. But, I still think straight America gets freaked out if they think that the two women are eating each other. Kissing and tits are fine, but the other is crossing some unwritten line."

I nodded and surprised myself by almost regretting that I wouldn't be doing what Syd just described.

The next couple days of rehearsal went well. Rice kept doctoring the script and we all felt much more comfortable with it. We still did not resolve the ending.

I had a couple wardrobe fittings with Marge. She had me take my top off and inspect how the bras fit. I was a little shy, but tried not to show it. She cupped my boobs in the bra and felt all around.

"I think I'm going to try just a size bigger," she announced. "These fit you, but they squish your boobs too much. And, you end up with really deep lines. You have very nice boobs and we want them looking as good as possible. Now, slip off your bottoms and try on these panties."

I couldn't believe she asked that, but again I complied. I pulled off my jeans and bikini briefs. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Chloe, seriously, you have to trim that mess. God, have you never done anything with it."

I shook my head.

"I discussed it with our fearless director..."

"You talked about my pubic hair with him?"

"Not exactly, I asked him what he was looking for. You know, bald as an eagle or something else."

My mouth hung open in wonder.

"He said bald would be too much. People might be too shocked by it and it would not show up under the lights. He suggested a nice landing strip. It will certainly affirm that you are a real blond. Believe me, honey, they all wonder about it. I can give you the name of a cosmetician who can help, or you can do it yourself or have a friend lend a hand."

I said I thought I knew someone who could assist.

That afternoon I broke the news to Syd.

"Cool, I love grooming pussies," she cooed with mock enthusiasm.

"Seriously, Syd, if it's too gross, let me know."

"Nah, nothing to it. My last girlfriend and I did it all the time."

Sitting on a towel on the couch, I spread my legs, the first time I was ever so exposed before a woman. Syd snipped away at my tangle and then used a disposable razor to clean up and make nice straight lines on each side and the top.

Wiping the excess cream away with a towel she looked up and said, "Want to find out what it's like to have it licked by a girl?"

I felt a rush of bl**d surge to the area in question, and experienced a blossoming dampness. I stroked Syd's hair as her face hovered mere inches from my wide open sex.

Before I could say anything, Syd leaned in and kissed my pussy. She put her lips on my sex lips and gently ran her tongue up and down my slit, ending with a tongue lashing of my clit. I was shocked and turned on more than I ever had been in my life.

She next softly placed her fingers on my damp slit and held them there for a few seconds, before sliding one finger inside me. I jerked with surprise and took her wrist to guide her finger back out.

Sighing, pulled her hand away, cleaned me up and we practiced lines and the make-out session for a while. This time I took her breasts in my mouth for the first time. I marveled at the feel of her nipple between my lips and the texture of it against my tongue. I think I was doing something right because of the reactions from Syd.

"Shit, Chloe, you are turning me on. Anytime you want to stop play-acting let me know. Damn, I need a cold shower."

She trotted off and I slipped my hand between my legs, sampling the wetness and rubbing my clit. "God, I am so turned on. What is going on?" I f***ed my hand away and went into Max's room to dress.

The next week at the theater we spent on run throughs and blocking. We were still reading our lines and the director would position us here and there until he felt it worked.

He would call out directions like, "Chloe gets undressed now, facing down stage."

Thankfully, I was able to do all this clothed.

We got to the part where Abbie and I have our big scene. The director called out and now Abbie and Chloe kiss, make-out, get naked and have sex, yada, yada, yada.

Again, thank God it was just yada, yada, yada.

At the end of the week, the director said that next week we will work on the love scene and block it out. He said Joe was going to be out on a location shoot for his TV show, anyway.

Rice said he had redone the ending. Instead of Joe's character just watching me and Abbie lying on the couch together and then turning away to leave. Abbie and I get up, undress Joe and take him to the couch to be with both of us. The three of us start to make love. The stage goes black. The audience will think that we three will stay together, but still wonder if Abbie will eventually mess everything up.

As the rehearsal was breaking up, I asked if I could speak with Abbie.

"Abbie, I don't know how to ask you something," I stammered.

"Honey, just ask me," she smiled and patted my arm.

"Well, how will we, you know, well, how far do we have to go in our scene? I guess we'll be kissing or something, but like do we, uh, touch or what?"

Abbie smiled again. "I'm not sure. We've sort of talked about it, but I think we will work some of that out next week. I can say for sure that we will both be naked, will kiss and will probably touch each other. Will we kiss other parts than lips or where we will touch each other, let's just say we'll work it out together. Chloe, you will do fine. I am so impressed with your interpretation. Everyone is raving about you."

I blushed and thanked her.

I filled in Syd that night.

"Well, that sounds cool, Chloe. She seems so supportive."

"She is," I replied.

Syd looked away and then back at me, "Chloe, I've been thinking about our rehearsals. There's a problem."

"What? I thought we were doing great."

"That's just it. You and I are doing great. You seem really relaxed being naked around me and you have totally loosened up with the sex part."

I blushed remembering her mouth on my pussy. I pushed that thought away and said, "So, the problem is..."

"So, the problem is you and I are cool. Chloe, you will be naked in front of the whole crew whom you've come to know and then in front of thousands of other people. I think we need to prepare you for that."

"How? What are you talking about?"

Syd put her arms around my neck and touched her forehead to mine. "I mean we need to have an audience for you to rehearse in front of."

"You're shitting me."

"No. Think about it. How long did it take you to relax with just me? Do you really think you can go from here to doing it in front of all those others and not flip out? I say get it over with now."

I hoped I was not hearing Syd correctly. But, in the back of my mind there was a growing thought that she was right. I had become almost comfortable walking around nude in Max's apartment. But, would that comfort transfer to the stage? My insides were turning jell-o again.

"What do you suggest," I asked?

"Simple, you have three roommates and I have Max. We invite them over for a run through. I'll play Abbie's part."

"You want me to get naked in front of my roommates. Fuck that, you want me to get naked in front of Max. No way."

"Hey, rockhead, do you think that your roommates or Max are not going to see the show? Duh, like they wouldn't miss it for the world. Not because you'll be nude, but because they love you and support you. And, okay, because you and Abbie will be nude. But, anyway, do it now, Chloe, believe me it's the right thing."

"But, Max. He's like my, well, my b*****r. And, well, I just couldn't."

Syd laughed and pulled me tight for a hug. "Chloe, it's ok. I know you've had a crush on Max. God, it's so obvious. But, you gotta' do this."

"You know I had a crush?"

"You may be a fabulous actor, Chloe, but you suck at hiding your true emotions."

I broke free from her and sank into the couch. What a jerk I am. I couldn't believe I was that obvious.

"Does Max know that I..."

"I think he suspected you did a while ago. But, now I think you and he are just best buds. He loves you, Chloe, he really does. But, it's sort of how he loves me."

"Ah, fuck," was all I could muster.

That night in my smelly mattress on the floor in my dark, shared room, I thought about what Syd suggested. Logically it made sense. Emotionally it made my insides turn to liquid.

In the morning, before I headed out to the theater, I asked my roomies if they were willing to be my mock audience. I think they all reacted the same way—wanting to help, but not wanting to be appear to be too anxious to see me nude.

I have two guys and one girl as roomies. I know Annie was gay or at least bi-. She made some casual passes at me when we first started sharing the room, but I politely let her know I was not interested. She usually never wore clothes in our room and even sometimes where the guys could see her. I wasn't sure if she were trying to entice me. As for the guys, they were normal horny young men and I'm sure had mentally undressed me more than once.

They agreed to come over to Max's that evening. I then called Syd and broke the news. She squealed with delight and said she'd break the news to Max.

"Shit," I thought, "What have I got myself into now?"

That day I was distracted with the anticipation of the evening. I missed a couple cues and the director chewed my ass off. At the end of our run-through, Abbie pulled me aside and asked what was up.

I tried to brush her off, but she was too perceptive. I told her about performing in front of people, including my best friend, Max.

"Chloe, I think you're being both brave and smart. I was a little worried how it might be when we get to, shall I say, "dress" rehearsals. This way you might work out some of the butterflies. Good idea."

Her little pep talk helped take some of the edge off and I impulsively hugged her

She responded and hugged back, patting my back reassuringly.

She then whispered in my ear, "Let me know how it goes and maybe you and I should do our own run through before next week. As a matter of fact, I think there is no way around it."

I was not sure I just heard one of the biggest stars in Hollywood offer to do a practice nude scene with me. God, this thing is getting way too weird.

I made my way to Max's in a fog. I could not even remember getting on or off the subway. Syd greeted me with a hug. She said my roomies called and said they would be there around 6 and would bring pizza. Max would pick up the beer and be here around the same time.

"Pizza and beer?" I said. "This is not a freaking football game."

Syd smiled and said, "No, it's going to be more like nude wrestling."

"Shit," was all I could respond.

Syd suggested I dress in a robe similar to what I would wear on stage and she would wear a skirt and blouse. We had done the scene so many times, that we both knew our lines.

Max and my roomies arrived and started in on the beer and pizza. Syd and I had pushed the furniture back in the living room to give us some space. We set up a chair for a prop.

Syd and I got ready in Max's bedroom and with a high five entered the living room.

The mini-audience broke into applause. I was grateful for the noise because it probably masked the sound of my knees knocking together. I was overcome with stage fright at the thought of stripping before these people I knew so well.

Syd saved the day by plunging right into the dialogue. The verbal cues brought me around and I began playing my role. It was soon the moment that Abbie attacks me and rips off my robe.

Syd moved so quickly I was knocked off balance. She grabbed the belt of my robe and pulled it. The robe opened and I was exposed to Max and my roomies. They were totally silent.

Syd slid the robe off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. For the first time in my life I was standing naked in front of more than one person. My biggest surprise was that I was not throwing up. My second biggest surprise was how hard my nipples were. I wondered if my audience noticed.

Syd crossed and pulled me to her arms. She kissed me and ran her hand down my back, cupping my ass. I kissed back and wound my arms around her.

Breaking our embrace, Syd quickly stripped. We then held each other and kissed passionately. Our hands found each other's breasts and Syd pushed me back onto the chair, knelt in front of me, and kissed my breasts. I moaned, not really acting, and finally pulled her face to mine for a long kiss. This was the end of act one and we broke apart, with Syd sitting back on her heels.

The silence surrounded us. Syd and I looked at each other and smiled. The four people watching us started clapping and then shouted their approval. Syd and I stood, clasped hands and took a deep bow. I did not even have the faintest urge to cover my naked parts. We kissed and still holding hands sauntered back to Max's room. Inside, we squealed and hugged.

Syd told me to stay and still naked ran back into the living room to retrieve our clothes. I pulled on the robe and Syd put on her panties and bra and we joined the adoring crowd in the living room.

All four said it was a great performance. Annie said she totally believed we were getting it on. "Too fuckin' hot," was how she put it.

The guys were a little more reserved by agreed it was sexy. They both admitted to getting excited.

Syd asked if that meant boners?

I turned crimson at her bluntness. Dave laughed and said "Oh yeah!"

Zack shyly nodded in agreement.

We broke into laughter and then finished the pizza and beer. My roomies left to go to a party down in the village and Syd and I got dressed.

Syd, Max and I sat together on the couch. The silence got a little heavy. Syd broke it by asking, "Max, did you get excited?"

I was so taken aback I could hardly breath.

Was Max going to be completely offended? Would he think Syd and I are tramps? Would he never want to speak to me again?

"Ladies, I was hard as a rock. There will not be a straight guy in the audience who is not turned on."

"Or, a gay gal," added Syd. "And those two categories cover most of Manhattan."

We laughed, breaking the ice.

We chatted for a bit longer and I then headed home.

The next day Abbie asked how it went and I gave her a big thumbs up.

The director had to cut rehearsal short due to some problems with the theater that needed to be addressed.

Abbie asked if I had plans for the afternoon. I was free and she invited me to join her at her spa.

"Chloe, let me treat you to a first class session. It will make you feel great and give us some time to talk."

We took her car and the driver expertly wove in and out of traffic until he pulled up in front of a brownstone. Abbie led us into the lobby which was subtly decorated. The receptionist warmly greeted Abbie and welcomed me.

She used the phone and in a minute a tall black woman emerged from a door. She was dressed in a light blue outfit in a soft material that accented her striking figure.

She led us back into a changing area with individual cubicles. Abbie said we should get undressed and wrap a towel around and put the robe the spa provided on top of the towel.

I followed her instructions trying to imagine what lie ahead.

Abbie knocked and asked if I was ready. I joined her in the common space. The black woman, whose name I learned is Jamie, lead us to a room that contained two comfortable chairs. After we were seated, two women came in and began to do a facial, while another started on a mani-pedi. An hour later, Jamie returned and brought us to a massage room with two tables. She was joined by another woman, a blond with a Swedish accent. Jamie asked us to remove our robes and lie facedown on a table. The blond moved to Abbie and Jamie stood next to me.

"Can you loosen your towel, Chloe?"

I reached underneath and undid the soft terry and Jamie adjusted it so it d****d over my body.

With warm oil and strong fingers she began to work my legs. She folded the towel up so my legs were exposed. She kneaded and rubbed away some aches and a lot of tension. I turned my head and looked over to Abbie's table. The blond was on the far side also working on her legs. The difference was Abbie's towel was gone. I gasped looking at her small, taut butt and her naked back.

She opened her eyes and just smiled at me. The blond moved her hands to Abbie's butt and began massaging it deeply.

Jamie finished my legs and softly asked if she could work on my derriere. I nodded and Jamie slid the towel off me. Abbie let her eyes move over my naked back and smiled encouragingly.

Jamie moved between the tables and obscured my view of Abbie. She had me turn on my back. Abbie's masseuse told her to do the same. I imagined how it must look having the both of us totally exposed to these women working on our bodies.

Soon, Jamie erased all thought from my mind save the pleasure of tension melting away. When she had finished working every square inch of my body, she covered me with the towel. The two masseuses left the room.

"So, good?" asked Abbie.

"Fab," I replied.

"Let's go for the final step," said Abbie as she sat up and fixed her towel around her.

I did the same and followed her out and down a corridor to a wooden door. She opened it and we stepped into a sauna. The dry heat immediately opened my pores and the sweat started rolling.

Abbie faced me and said, "Chloe, we have to get naked with each other at some point. I figured this would seem more natural than doing it on stage."

Smiling broadly, she undid her towel and dropped it to the floor.

I did the same and we regarded each other. Abbie was glistening with perspiration and her body shone. Her breasts were smaller than mine, but were firm and tight. She had a narrow waist, wide hips and a closely trimmed auburn patch between her legs. She grinned and spun around so I could see her dimpled cheeks, almost boy-like in appearance.

She looked me over and I provided a view of my backside.

"You are quite beautiful, Chloe," she said and held her hand out for mine. I took it and felt her reassurance flowing from her firm grip.

"Give me a hug," she said softly.

I stepped forward and for the second time in my life embraced a naked woman. Our breast mashed together, our thighs touched and we lay our heads together, feeling the moisture on our cheeks and temples.

Abbie ran her hands up and down my back, brushing my butt and finally encircling my waist, pulling me tight.

I wondered if this were a rehearsal or if she were putting a move on me. I had heard all the rumors about Abbie being in the closet.

She loosened her grip, kissed my cheek and stood back.

"Let's sit here a while and enjoy the heat," she said as she stooped to retrieve both of our towels.

We each took a bench facing each other with our towels under our butts and our backs resting against a wall.

"Chloe, do you think I'm hitting on you?"

I panicked thinking that my expression must have betrayed my thoughts.

I stumbled for an answer.

"It's Ok. Let me give you the quick back story of Abbie Evans and then you can decide."

I began to protest, but she cut me off.

"Chloe, I know all about the rumors, the gossip the celebrity websites. I know people think I am a raging lesbo trying desperately to remain in the closet. Just let the heat relax you and listen for a bit."

I nodded.

"You know my story, at least the part the publicists push. c***d star at eleven, workaholic, producer, Hollywood legend, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, a lot of it is true, but it's far from the complete picture.

"After my big hit when I was just a k**, my parents tried their best to protect me. They had taken control of my earnings, hired a business manager, gotten a respectable agent and worked hard to let me be a k**. And, for the most part it worked out. I got other great roles. My business manager was a wiz who invested my money well. My parents were supportive but not pushy stage parents. They let my agent do all the negotiating. My mom would come on set with me to be sure I was not overworked and got my school assignments done.

"I made three major pictures before I was eighteen. I wanted to go to college and was accepted at Stanford. I only acted during the summer and made it through college mostly unscarred. Did the usual stupid college k**s stuff, but managed not to get arrested or to land on the front pages.

"And, yes, I experimented a bit with d**gs and drinking. Being an Academy Award winner, I figured the rules did not apply to me. I got wasted a few too many times, but, again, never ended up in a scandal.

"In senior year, I got an apartment off campus with a couple other k**s. The movie where I did my first nude role had been out for over a year and now I was feeling quite grown up. I told you I was a virgin for that movie, but now I had my aim on fixing that.

"My first lover was a guy I met in Creative Writing class. He was totally fucked up, but I saw him as romantic. We did it in my apartment on a Wednesday afternoon. He was not particularly good, as I later realized. We did it a couple more times until I found out he was writing about it and intending to try to sell a screen play about our little affair. So, lesson learned about people wanting to fuck stars.

"I was totally bummed on guys and next hooked up with my roommate. She was already out and when I opened the door a crack, she rushed in. Sex was good, better than my writer pal. I enjoyed being on the wild side of things. She also loved d**gs and drinking hard. Many a night we ended up wasted and having sex in all kinds of weird and public places. I knew I was tempting fate, but I was telling myself I needed to be my own person. Whatever the hell that meant.

"Her b*****r came for a visit and the next thing I know he and I are screwing our brains out. Katie, my roomie, didn't mind since she was fuckin' our other roomie. She thought it was cool that I was doing both her and her b*****r. When her b*****r went home, Katie sort of maneuvered me into a three way with our other roomie, Allie. So, sex and d**gs were taking over a good part of my life.

"All that changed when Katie got busted for trying to sell coke to an undercover narc. She dropped out and skipped bail. I got scared and dumped the apartment and moved into a hotel for the last couple months of college. After graduation, I came to New York to start acting full time. I wanted to get out of Hollywood.

"I had a great loft in SoHo. Soon, I was making new friends and slipping back into old habits. Coke was flowing like snow flakes and I had lots of people eager to hang out with me. I had a bunch of flings with both guys and girls. I was quite the metro-sexual living the good life in NYC.

"Then, one morning I woke up in my loft. I was naked and in bed with a guy I did not know and a girl who was a barista down the block. My mouth tasted like sex and my lips were cracked at the corners. Both my pussy and ass felt like the Russian army had been there. I stumbled out of bed to find two other guys on the floor in my bedroom. One guy had the biggest prick I had ever seen and I wondered if that was the cause of my sore mouth, pussy or ass. There was also another girl, someone I had never seen before, and she was passed out, but still wearing a huge strap on. I could not see one condom around any of the guys.

"I freaked. I didn't know how many of those people I fucked and if they had any diseases. I called my agent to come get me. He arrived to find all the others still passed out and me, naked, curled into a ball in the living room. He stuffed a bag with a few clothes, made me pull on something to wear and took me to his co-op.

"I stayed in his guest room for days. He had a doctor come to check me out. I obviously had a lot of regular and anal sex. I could not say if I was ****d or did it willingly. I couldn't remember a thing. I was detoxing and the doctor strongly suggested I check into a facility. My agent found one in Vermont that was ultra-private. I stayed there for two months and got myself straight. I also was tested for all the scary diseases and thank God came up clean.

"Chloe, I was scared shitless and vowed never to be out of control again. I had my agent dump the loft, get rid of all the furniture, clothing, everything. I wanted no part of that life to touch me again.

"I moved to Connecticut and got serious about my career. I don't do any d**gs and am only a social drinker. I am driven to excel and think I have done well with my movies and other projects. I am excited about this play.

"Chloe, my sex life is still very private. I know you aren't asking, but I want you to know. I did have a long term relationship with another woman. She was soft, introspective, kind and thoughtful. She offset my worst qualities and brought out my best. We parted ways two years ago for lots of reasons. Who can say why couples break up? Part of it was her, part was me. Anyway, I miss her, but have moved on. Today, I would say I am not interested in another relationship with a woman. I've had two men lovers since then. I enjoy being with a man and think that if I found the right one, I could settle down, marry and have a f****y.

"So, Chloe, when you and I are having our love scene, it will be acting. I just wanted you to know."

I felt the tears welling in my eyes. Abbie had just ripped open her heart and soul to me. She did not need to do this and I was overwhelmed with her honesty. I crawled off my bench and climbed next to her. She opened her arms and I let her embrace me.

"Thank you, Abbie. I will never tell anyone about this."

"I know you won't, Chloe. I could tell you are a decent person and someone with a grasp on life. I hope we can become friends."

"Me, too," I breathed as she held me.

As Abbie and I were showering, she said we should have dinner and talk about an idea of hers.

She had her driver take us to an address in the 80s. The doorman welcomed Abbie and she asked him to order us some dinner from Alfredo's. He smiled and assured her it would be here in an hour.

We took the elevator to the seventh floor and exited into a lobby with just one door.

"Where are we," I asked?

"My little hide-a-way," she said.

She opened the door into a comfortably furnished apartment. Although it must fill the entire floor, it had a cozy feeling. She opened the curtains and put on a couple lights.

I followed her to the kitchen where she fixed us each a glass of Chardonnay and assembled a plate of cheese, fruit and crackers. We sat in front of the gas fireplace and enjoyed the snack.

"I thought you live in Connecticut," I said.

"I do, but I keep this place in the city. It's great when I am working late, or want to spend a weekend here. Let me give you the tour."

The apartment had two master suites and one guest bedroom. There was a small dining area, the large living room and compact kitchen.

We returned to the living room just as the doorman knocked and announced the food was here. Abbie set up small tables and we ate in the living room.

"So," she said between bites of veal marsala, "want to hear my crazy idea?"


"Well, I do think that you and I need to work out our love scene. We want it to look good but also not be pornographic. I suggest we can rehearse here."

I almost choked on the succulent morsel of sautéed veal.

Abbie laughed at my reaction. "And, to maybe make it less threatening, I suggest your friend Syd be here, too. She sounds like she could give us good advice and make it a bit easier on you."

"Ok," I managed to say.

"Good, now here's the other part."

"Other part?"

"Yeah. With the new ending, you and I end up with Joe in bed. We have to undress him, take him between us and pretend we're doing the ol' ménage."

I nodded and drained my wine glass.

"Well, Joe is out for another week. I think we need to block out that whole scene. The secret is to make it look good, but not show too much to the audience."

I snorted and said, "Easy for you, Abbie. All you show is your ass. The rest of the time you have a blanket in front of you. Me, I am pussy and tits forward."

"Wow, I never really thought about it. Ok, I'll drop the blanket and give them all a first class beaver shot."

"Abbie, no way. I didn't mean..."

"You are right, Chloe. Now, I see this will work much better. But, we still have to choreograph the love scene with Joe. So, I suggest we have your friend, Max, stand in for Joe so we can work it out. Then, when Joe returns, we will show him how we figured it out."

"You mean, like Max will be naked, too?"

"Yes. Is that a problem? I thought you said he already saw you and Syd rehearsing."

"He did, but he was dressed. I'm not sure he'll go for this."

"Let me worry about that, Chloe. I can be very convincing. And, Syd can be our audience. She can let us know if anything is showing that shouldn't be."


"Chloe, it's the double standard. Women can get naked and show everything. We even applaud the courage of stars like Cate Winslet who appear in full frontal nudity. But, let just a peak of a guy's business show up and people start freaking. Plus, there never, ever, ever can be a shot of an erection. Now, we are supposed to be three people passionately making love. The man desires both of us. So, will he have a limp weenie or be hard as a rock. If we want the audience to believe us, he should be erect. If we show an erection, we will be trashed. Plus, if we were commit to full male frontal, then dear Joe would have to get it up every night.

"Now, you and I are obviously beautiful specimens, but after twenty, thirty or a hundred shows do you think Joe will be just as excited? So, we will have to block it so maybe there is a peek in the beginning, but after that it's just ass to the audience."

My head was swimming. I never thought through the love scenes as Abbie had. Added to that was the concept that Max would ever agree to do a nude love scene with me.

Did I even want him to? God, for years I fantasized what it would be like to make love to him, to see him naked. Now, it was a possibility and I was flipping out.

Abbie said she would drive me home. I tried to dissuade her because I did not want her to see where I lived. She insisted and called for her car. Of course, when she said she'd drive me, she meant her driver would be behind the wheel.

I gave him the address. He looked at Abbie in the rear view, probably doubting the wisdom of taking a $100,000+ Mercedes into that neighborhood.

We arrived about twenty minutes later. The usual dope dealers, hookers and really scary-looking people were making my block look like a set for a Sorcese film.

Abbie insisted on walking me to my apartment. I assured her I did it every night and would be fine. She opened the door and pushed me out and followed me. Her driver slid down the window and said maybe he should go too.

"Hank, you stay here and make sure we still have a car."

I waved to the regulars and climbed the stone steps of my stoop.

"I can get it from here, Abbie. You go on home."

"I am seeing you to your room, Chloe. So, lead on."

We climbed the four flights, past pails of trash, piles of newspapers, smells of stale cooking and recent urine, until we arrived at my door. I couldn't help but compare this image with that of the pristine hallway outside of Abbie's apartment.

I desperately wanted her to leave, but she was determined to see me in. I fumbled with the keys and undid the five locks.

I pushed open the door, cringing at the dingy mess waiting within.

My male roomies were watching TV and doing a j. They were dressed in their usual t-shirt and boxers.

Annie was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and dressed solely in a pair of black panties. Actually, for Annie this might even be over-dressed. She was, to put it delicately, rather casual about clothing. Usually she was totally nude and oblivious to that fact. The guys quickly accommodated her habits, after realizing that she was not the least bit interested in what they wore under their boxers.

"Hi, guys, I think you know Abbie Evans. She's dropping me off."

The silence was broken by Annie as she crossed the room, her tiny boobs bouncing in rhythm with her steps. She extended her hand and mumbled, "Nice to meet you" as a dribble of white toothpaste escaped her lips, with one drop landing on her rock hard nipple. She made no attempt to wipe away the white gob on her dark protuberance.

Abbie, ever gracious, shook her hand and said it was nice meeting her and the guys.

I turned to Abbie and thanked her again. She looked once more around the shit-hole I called home, pecked my cheek and said good-night.

My roomies fell all over me with a hundred questions. Zack said she looked hotter in person than on the screen. Annie said she was probably overcome with lust seeing him in his pitted-out t-shirt and Elmo boxers.

"Yeah, well I'm sure she loved the glob of paste on what passes for your tit," he rejoined.

Annie looked down and laughed at the sight. She rubbed her nipple clean and then vamped for the rest of us, "Ooh, that feels so good. I should have let Abbie do that for me."

"In your dreams," snorted Dave.

I excused myself and went into my depressing bedroom to get ready for bed.

"God," I thought, "can I even be on the same planet? Abbie lives in such a different world. She must think I am a pathetic loser."

I drifted off to sl**p with memories of Abbie's classy apartment and the sounds of Annie's nightly masturbation marathon.

On Saturday, I took the train up to Abbie's apartment. We had decided to do our first rehearsal of our love scene.

Abbie suggested I go to the spare bedroom and get undressed. She left a robe for me.

I came back to the living room as she was slipping on a skirt.

She smiled at me and asked, "Ready?"

I nodded and we began the scene. We both knew our lines and quickly got to the part where Abbie rips my robe off. I am standing naked in front of her and she strips.

Keeping in character, she approaches me, and f***es my head to her and kisses me. I struggle for a moment and then relent. Soon, her hands are all over my body and I am reacting. To tell the truth, I am not sure if it was acting or I was really being turned on by her touches and kisses.

I touch her and we fall on the couch, her leg pressed between my thighs. As her lips encircled my aroused nipple, I moan out loud. She then breaks and calls, "Curtain". We both sit back, surprised at how much we are perspiring and how out of breath we are.

"Wow," she says.

"Oh, yeah, wow indeed," I offer.

We look at each other and then simultaneously burst out laughing.

We ran that scene a dozen more times accompanied by phrases like,
"Grab my boob, now. "
"Yeah, that's good put both hands on my ass."
"Ok, open your legs wider so I can get my leg in there. No, that's too wide. You're shooting a great open beaver to stage right."

After a couple hours we were satisfied with the blocking.

"God, I feel like we just had a fuck-a-thon," said Abbie.

"Not sure what one of those feels like, but that was more sex than I've had in years."

We laughed at the sight of us sitting naked on her couch. She held my hand and told me that this was going to work. I began to believe her.

Around three on Sunday, Max called me.

"Well, I must say that your friend, Abbie, is quite a person."

"She called you?"

"Oh, even better. We had lunch together."

"No shit!"

"Ah, shit, indeed. And, what an interesting proposition she had. Can I suppose that you were behind it?"

My cheeks burned. Remembering that Syd said that she was sure that Max knew I used to have a crush on him, I figured he must think that this was some bizarre way of putting a move on him.

"No, honest. I had nothing to do with it."

"Really, I figured it was your way of getting even for doing the nude scene in front of me."

I felt a weight lifted off me. He didn't think I was chasing him, he thought I was getting back.

"No, the whole idea was Abbie's. I told her you'd never go for it, though."

"Why'd you say that?"

"Huh, well, like I didn't think that there'd be any way that you would, you know, be like... Well, I figured you would not want to show your...I mean, do like a nude scene."

"Don't you think I have a good enough body?" he asked.

"Hell, yes," I blurted and immediately wished I could retract my words.

Max laughed and I knew he was teasing me.

"So..." I asked?

"Chloe, I don't know. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable."

"Max, it's just going to be me and Abbie..."

"And, my s****r," he added.

"Oh yeah, well, it'll just be us, no audience."

"I don't know," he said again.

"Max, what is it. You've already seen me nude. And if, God I don't know how to put this, well, if you like get aroused, we'll understand. Honest, it will be Ok."

"It's not that, Chloe."

"What is it then?"

"It's kinda' embarrassing."

"More embarrassing than having to make out with your s****r in front of you?"

"It's sorta' personal."

"Max, what are you talking about?"

There was a long pause before Max said quietly, "I've always been a little embarrassed about my size."

I didn't understand at first what he meant. "Jeez, Max, you aren't fat. You're in great shape and, yeah, you're tall, but not like a freak. So..."

"Not that size, dummy. My other size."

"Other?" I repeated. Then it hit me.

"Shit, you mean your, ah, your..."

"Yes, Chloe, I mean my dick. And, my balls, too."

I turned scarlet. Thank God we were on the phone.

I tried to cover by talking rapidly. "Hey, no problem. None of us are perfect. Hell, I think my tits are too small. Abbie's tits aren't that big, and Syd's, well, like there just not huge. So, don't give it a thought. We are not going to be judging you. Really, we just want to work out how we will do it on stage. So, it's no big thing. Oh, I didn't mean to say that. So what if it's not big. Hey, I hear that whole bigger is better is just a myth. I could care less and I'm sure Abbie won't either."

Max tried to interrupt my nervous stream of conscious blathering.

"Chloe, you don't get it..."

"Sure, I do. You are a little ashamed of your, well, penis and that it's not like some giant throbbing organ, you know, like in those Romance novels. Shit, I bet you don't read Romance novels. But, you know what I'm saying. We won't even notice how small, I mean how big it is."

"Chloe, listen..."

"No, not another word. The size of your penis has no bearing. Just say you'll help us out."

Max chuckled.

"Well, you and Abbie are certainly persuasive."


"And, if you and think it would really be helpful, I guess I can do it."

"Well, fuck me," was the best response I could give.

"I do want to explain about what I just said, though," added Max.

"Nope, not another word," I insisted.

"Well then, I guess we're on for tonight at her place," Max said.

"What, I didn't hear from her."

"Well, maybe you should answer your phone more often. This is the fifth time I've called in the last half-hour."

I cursed myself for leaving my phone on vibrate and then hanging out in the living room watching TV while the phone stayed in my bedroom. I checked and saw four voice messages.

"Gotta' go, Max. I'll check the messages now. And, Max, thanks. I really think it will help."

There were two messages from Abbie confirming what Max just told me and asking me to talk with him since he had not agreed to do it until he and I spoke. There was one from Max asking me to call him and one from Syd. She was screaming that she could not believe the whole thing and couldn't wait to join us tonight. I assumed that Max must have discussed it with her and, as usual, Syd jumped to a conclusion.

I returned Abbie's call to let her know that Max and I had spoken. I explained Max's hesitation.

"Poor guy," she said. "God, the pressure we put on people to fit some stereotype of a perfect body. Chloe, I don't care if he has the tiniest weenie in the world."

"Yeah, I kinda' said that, but not with those words. In the end he agreed."

"Good job, Sweety. So, I'll see you later, Ok?"

We hung up and I showered and got ready. Abbie was planning dinner at 6 and we could rehearse after that. She also said she was sending her car down to pick me up at 5:30. My protests fell on deaf ears.

I was drying in my bedroom when Annie came in. Although she and my other roomies saw me naked at the rehearsal, I was still a bit shy about nudity. Annie gazed at my naked frame, she was nude as well.

"Hey, Chloe, you ought to do a bit of clean up around the puss."

I looked down at the stubble growing back. I didn't keep up with it since Syd had shaved me.

"God, I hate this," I whined. "It was so much easier just to let it grow."

"Happy to lend a hand," offered Annie. "And, while I'm down there I'd be even happier to make you happy."

I turned scarlet from head to toe and thanked her, but said I'd do it myself. I ran back to the bathroom and cleaned it all up.

That night after a dinner of take out from the hottest new restaurant in town, the four of us moved into Abbie's living room.

Abbie took control and explained the scene. She then had Max, me and her walk through it a dozen times, while still clothed.

Syd was quite helpful with suggestions.

Abbie said it was time for a real run-through. She and I excused ourselves to head to a bedroom.

Abbie sensed my apprehension.

As she was undressing, she said, "Chloe, it's going to be fine. Yeah, it might be a bit awkward at first. But, after a while we all will forget we are naked and just work on the blocking. And, let's make a promise to each other not to be shocked at his little member."

I agreed with her, but was thinking with my limited experience with male members I was not sure I would be able to tell if he was above or below average.

I marveled as her body became exposed to me. She was stunningly beautiful. As I slowly peeled my clothes off, I silently hoped she was right that things would go all right. Little did I know what was in store for us.

Abbie and I wore robes back to the living room.

Syd and Max had arranged the furniture so there was a "stage" and an "audience" section.

Abbie directed Max to take off his shoes and socks. In the play, Joe's character always wears sandals and she thought this would be a good way to work tonight.

"Ok, so, Max, Chloe and I are naked in bed—which will be the couch. You barge in and catch us. You start to yell, but we get up and come to you. We undress you, lead you to the bed, and we start making love. The stage then goes dark and the curtain falls for the end of the play. The final line, "This is perfect.", is heard in the dark and the audience is not quite sure who is speaking. It's the final ambiguity in the play.

Abbie explained to Max, that the theme of perfection ran through the play. My character is a bit of a Pollyanna, who thinks life can be perfect. Abbie's character is a skeptic, who always seems to work to destroy anything that could be perfect. Joe's character is striving for perfection in his art and his relationships, but can never hold it together long enough to find it. So, is the final line from Chloe's character and meaning the three of us will go on as one? Or, is it from Abbie and meaning she will work to ruin this relationship?

After summing up, Abbie said, "So, let's do it."

Abbie and I walked to the couch and dropped our robes. I heard Syd gasp as she gazed at Abbie's torso. At least, I think it was Abbie she was gasping at, since she'd seen me buck naked a lot.

Abbie and I lay on the couch and began making out, as we had talked about.

After a minute or two, Abbie sat up and said, "Ok, Max."

He grinned foolishly. I imagine he was caught up in the sight of the two of us making out.

He walks toward us and we resume our caressing.

"What the fuck!"

We sit up at his line.

"What are you two doing?"

"Making love, Babe," says Abbie in character. "And, we have room for one more."

Slowly, Abbie and I rise and cross over to Max. In the play this will be the first time the audience sees Abbie fully frontal naked.

Max playing the part starts to speak but Abbie kisses him silent. He looks at me and I raise my head to kiss him. I know I'm acting, but I am about to kiss Max, not some actor.

His lips are warm, mine are hot.

Together Abbie and I unbutton his shirt and peel it off. She drops to her knees and undoes his belt, opens his jeans, and unzips him. I have moved behind him and drop to my knees. In unison we begin to ease off his jeans and underwear in one motion. Max's ass comes into view and then his pants are at his ankles. I hear breath escape from Abbie, but can't see her.

Max steps out of his clothes and I rise to rejoin Abbie in front. I move next to her and then look down.

Now, I am a professional actor and pride myself on always staying in character. Even if a prop fails, or the scenery malfunctions or a fellow actor drops a line, I forge ahead.

I took one look at Max's manhood and exclaimed, "Holy shit."

Syd jumped up and raced around to see what I was staring at.

"Whoa," she screamed. "Max, you are like packing heavy artillery."

We three women gawked at the huge male organ hanging before our eyes.

Never did I imagine that Max was hung like a race horse. His dick must be at least seven or eight inches long and as thick around as my wrist. He had enormous balls that hung low.

Abbie said, "Max, you should have given us some warning."

"I tried to tell Chloe."

"But when you said your were embarrassed, I thought you meant because it was tiny," I pleaded.

He replied, "But, that's not what I said. I tried to explain, but you wouldn't shut up. I guess I should have blurted out, I've got a big dick. What was I supposed to say?"

"Shit, b*o," said Syd. "You could have worn a button like "Atomic Weapon Onboard"

"Thanks, Syd," he said. "I feel a lot better having my s****r comment on my manhood."

"Ok," said Abbie. "The shock is over. Let's work through the rest of the scene. We can take from the part after Max steps out of his pants. But, can I just say once more, that is a fuckin' beautiful sight."

Abbie and I take our places kneeling, me behind and her in front.

She looked at the thing before her eyes and said, "This is awesome. Sorry, everyone, but I just had to get that out. I know I said I was not going to mention it again, but shit. Max, this is the most beautiful prick I have ever seen."

"Amen," I put in.

"Hallelujah," added Syd.

"Enough already," said Max.

We regained our composure and e****ted Max to the couch. We had worked out that Abbie would lie on top of him, essentially covering his privates from the audience, and I would lie next to him and kiss, while he let his hands roam over both our bodies.

We played our parts. Max's hands caressed my breasts and Abbie's ass. Our moans and groans sure sounded authentic. Finally. Syd called, lights, curtain. I delivered the final line.

I sat back and expected Abbie to do the same, but she remained on top of Max.

I looked at her and shrugged.

"Ah..., equipment problem," she said.

"Ah, fuck it, Abbie," said Max, "staying there won't help. Just get up."

She rolled off and we saw the problem.

Max was at full staff. He sat on the couch and his erection pointed straight at the ceiling. The head was enormous and a vein throbbed along the length of his shaft.

The three of us just stared. Max looked at each of us and said, "What do you expect? You two are so hot, so beautiful and so rubbing up against me. It's a natural male reaction. And, it will take care of itself in a minute or two."

"I understand, Max. Actually, Chloe and I might have been offended if there was no reaction. It's just that, well, it's so beautiful."

With that she reached out, sliding her hand onto his erection.

I was shocked at her assertiveness.

She could barely close her fingers around the shaft. She softly moved up and down while her other hand fondled his large balls.

"Uh, Abbie," he said, "not that doesn't feel good, 'cause it does. But, I don't think this is in the script."

Abbie gave him her innocent look, perfected through many movies, and said, "But, Max, every good actor has to know how to improvise.

She slowly moved her mouth toward him and kissed the tip of his erection.

She locked her eyes on mine and I figured what the hell. This was probably the opportunity of a life time.

I took hold of the erection of the man I'd known most of my life and who was the object of many a daydream. I marveled at the strength of the erection and the smoothness of the skin. His balls felt heavy in my hand. I circled the tip with my finger, lingering for a second at the slitted opening.

"Hey, I ain't missing out on this," cried Syd. "b*****r or no b*****r, I have to feel something that big."

"No," he protested, "this getting out of hand."

Syd giggled and said, "Actually it's getting quite in hand. Nice rocket, b*o."

The three of us caressed his shaft and balls with our hands. Each of us took delight in the sensations of touch and the reactions of pleasure that Max exhibited, in spite of his protests.

Abbie leaned in and kissed Max on the lips. Emboldened, I joined her and I kissed him for the first time in my life with unhidden passion. No longer was he big b*****r; he was a sexy man with an awesome dick.

Syd softly stroked him, but soon pulled her hand away. I think she realized that doing it with three of us was much different from touching her b*****r by herself.

The room was silent save for the heavy breathing and occasional kissing sounds. After a few moments, Abbie moved her face back to Max's erection. Syd and I found ourselves sitting back and watching in silence.

Syd held my hand. As she squeezed tightly, she turned her face to mine. My mind was racing and my juices were flowing. She kissed me. In a second our tongues were exploring each other. Syd slipped her hand over and pinched my nipple. I felt the moisture running down my leg.

Our kiss was broken as we saw Abbie lick up the shaft and once again take Max's tip in her mouth. She was slowly engulfing more of the erection.

Max groaned and lifted his hips. Abbie responded by taking more in her mouth.

Syd moved her hand between my legs, her body pressed against me. I felt her nipples press into my breasts.

I shifted my weight and opened my legs. Syd plunged in. I was quickly loosing any sense of both boundary and propriety.

Syd rotated her finger and found the special bundle of nerves hidden in my vagina. Her other hand now worked my clit.

Abbie intensified her sucking aided by aggressive stroking. Kneeling on the couch, she had her legs spread apart and I could see the dampness welling at her swollen lips.

Syd noticed Abbie's position. She pulled away from me and softly petted the other woman's pussy. Abbie reacted by pushing against her hand. Syd slipped a finger inside and Abbie pushed hard against it.

From behind, Syd moved her face to Abbie's open sex and began to caress her with her tongue. Abbie moaned while still sucking on Max.

Max muttered that he was getting close.

Abbie stood up and Syd moved away. Abbie straddled him and positioned her lips over his tip.

Looking over her shoulder, she breathlessly said, "Help me, Chloe."

I took hold of the hard shaft and positioned it at her opening.

Max called out, "No."

We all stopped.

"This is too much. I can't let it go on. Abbie you have me over the edge, but I can't make love to you with Chloe and my s****r watching. I just can't."

The four of us just sat quietly, Max's erection commanding our attention. Our desires had not subsided but we were chastened by Max's words.

Abbie stood and said we had enough rehearsal for the night.

She pulled Max's hand until he could stand next to her.

"Girls, you can share the other master or whatever. Max and I will be in my master. I'll put a call into our dear director tonight to tell him that Chloe and I will be working at home and to not expect us until 1 tomorrow. I just pray I have a condom that will fit. Good night."

I'll say one thing for Abbie, she sure knows how to make an exit as she took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

I looked at them and said, "Love you, Max."

He smiled and said, "Love you, Chloe. You, too, Syd."

Abbie and Max disappeared into her bedroom.

"Separate bedrooms," I asked Syd?

"Are you fucking nuts?" she replied and pulled me to the other master.

I soon found out what Syd had meant about a woman's tongue on a woman's sex. Honestly, I lost track of my orgasms that night. As turned on as I was, I could not bring myself to perform oral on Syd. I kissed her there a couple times, but just couldn't continue. I guess I am really a hetero. She told me not to worry.

"Hell, I ate Abbie's pussy. Imagine, Abbie Evans' pussy. Awesome." She seemed satisfied.

Well, the actual stage rehearsals went great from that point on. Standing in front of the cast and crew naked for the first time was stressful, but our practice sessions helped enormously.

I admit that Abbie and I had to stifle serious giggles the first time we did a full run-through with Joe. To say that he was modestly endowed would be putting it mildly. And, we didn't have to worry about his erection being accidently seen by the audience. He did manage a semi the first time we rehearsed, but it frankly did not look any bigger than the tiny little bump that was there when he was soft.

We later came to find out, a secret about Joe. Well, we did not have to do much detective work, since a handsome young man came backstage to congratulate us on our final dress rehearsal. Joe was standing naked in Abbie's dressing room, where the three of us scooted to after the rehearsal. The young man kissed Joe and they embraced. Abbie and I felt honored that he even got that one little boner.

Opening night was a test and a triumph. I threw up three times before the play began. I literally was shaking with nerves. Abbie stopped by my dressing room and hugged me and told me I was going to knock 'em dead.

On stage, I thought my fingers would never get the buttons undone on my shirt. Finally I managed to strip nude. I heard a gasp from the audience as I walked to my spot and turned to begin to pose. I thought, "Hey, I've got this audience. They are with me." After that, it became easier. Not easy, just easier.

The play—thank God—was a smash. For our curtain calls, we all pulled on short robes and took our bows. I got three curtain calls.

The critics loved it, the audiences gave standing ovations every night, the house was sold out for months in advance. We even made the front page of the Times, talking about the barriers being broken in the modern theater, the bravery of an Oscar winner to take on such an edgy (read totally naked) role and, hurrah, great plaudits for yours truly as the breakout actor of the year.

Abbie insisted on having me move into the extra master suite in her city apartment. She seemed to be spending more and more time with Max at her place in Connecticut or his. She confided after that first night of intimacy, that she thought she might never be able to walk normally again. She seems to have adapted quite nicely, however, and now walks with a spring in her step. I do believe love is in the air. Abbie even offered that Max might be "the one."

As for me, well I'm not sure I did find true love. Syd and I never repeated our one night together. To be honest, I still wonder what it would be like to make love to Max. Abbie has hinted once or twice that maybe the three of us—her, Max and me--should get away. We have tons of fun together in the apartment. Max and I flirt a lot, but each night he's behind closed doors with Abbie. I'm almost at the point where I can almost tune out the shouts and shrieks—almost—when they spend the night in the apartment.

I think about what it would be like to make love to Max, but maybe screwing one member of the f****y is enough—for now.

But, then again, I learned you have to jump on every opportunity that comes your way.
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