Schrödinger's Mittens

Nina: Shall I do the introduction, or do you want to do it?

Samantha: Go ahead, little rabbit.

Samantha: And do it well. The hairbrush is waiting.

Nina: I'll be good.

Nina: Hello readers!

Samantha: Yes, hello again.

Nina: It's been months and months and months, now, since Mittens came out.

Samantha: You shouldn't remind them of that.

Nina: Ow

Nina: Sorry, Mistress.

Samantha: Maybe I should explain - so that nobody thinks that this is just a copy-paste of someone's chat session - that what you're reading now follows from "Mittens," available right here at Literotica, and in e-book form too.

Samantha: You don't have to have read Mittens to enjoy Shrodinger's Mittens, but you'll enjoy it much more if you go and read Mittens first.

Samantha: Also, if you read to the end of Mittens, it'll explain why Nina actually types out the word "Ow" when I spank her with this hairbrush.

Nina: Ow!

Nina: Anyway! We're working on the next part of our story, which we're calling "High Voltage Mittens."

Samantha: And it's nearly finished! As we're typing this, we're almost ready for editing.

Nina: :D

Nina: But about halfway through writing it, we were reading through it and we both went "Hey. We're missing a bit!"

Samantha: Missing a lot, really.

Nina: High-Voltage Mittens is set a little while down the line, when we're experimenting with harder stuff. Hence the title.

Samantha: There are a lot of firsts in between "Please kiss me" and "Please energize my nipples."

Nina: The first 69!

Samantha: The first holding of hands!

Nina: The first finger-in-butthole scenario!

Samantha: The first good-morning kiss!

Nina: Our examples are kinda different here Sam

Samantha: I know, love. Wide audience appeal and so forth.

Nina: So we decided to write a mini-sequel, that goes between Mittens and its first proper sequel, High Voltage Mittens, because we couldn't bring ourselves to leave those parts out.

Nina: Kind of like a movie, then an episode of something, then another movie.

Nina: Are you sure we can do that, Sam?

Samantha: I guess we'll find out.

Nina: Well-observed, Mistress.

Samantha: This story begins immediately after Mittens. Have fun, and don't forget to comment, rate and review!

Samantha: Or I'll come and find you with my hairbrush.

Samantha: Happy reading!


Nina woke from a pleasant dream into a beautiful reality.

She lay with her face nestled in Samantha's armpit. Samantha was there, warm and real, dozing in sunlight, her right arm resting against Nina's back.

I would distrust this, thought Nina. It's too beautiful. I'm too happy. I would think this is just another cruel and wonderful dream.

Nina's lips curled into a smile.

Except that when I dream about Sam, she doesn't snore like a rusty tractor.

She snuggled into Samantha's chest and sighed happily, feeling the rise and fall in time with guttural snores that threatened to rattle the windows.

She's so beautiful.

Samantha's eyes flicked back and forth behind the lids.

What is she dreaming about?

Samantha's nipples were erect.


Quantum mechanics?

Either of those could cause a reaction like that.

Nina watched Samantha's chest until it became obvious that she was not going to be able to resist edging closer, opening her mouth, slowly lowering her lips to Samantha's right nipple, feeling its firm point slide wetly underneath her tongue, hearing the snores stop, sucking gently, looking up into Samantha's eyes, grinning, and saying "Hi."

"Um... Hi," said Samantha, sounding confused.

Nina watched Samantha's face as she went through a sort of mental boot-up - first a confused frown, then surprise - that strange, rare, someone is sucking on my nipple kind of surprise - then the same this-is-not-a-dream delight that Nina felt just moments before.

"You're in my bed," said Samantha, eyes wide in unfocused joy, left hand reaching automatically to her nightstand for her glasses, which were on her dresser across the room.

"And I'm naked," giggled Nina, wriggling upwards on top of Samantha to kiss her.

The ferocity of the kiss took Nina by surprise. Samantha's eyes closed as Nina's widened, and she pressed a f***eful, hungry, desperate kiss onto Nina's lips. Nina felt a hand pressing on the back of her head, another tightly squeezing her left buttock. The intensity peaked before Samantha seemed to relax, the loving, needing assault melting into a warm, soft, slow "Good morning" kiss.

Like she just realized that she's not dreaming, thought Nina as Samantha's hands began to slowly stroke up and down her back, her bottom, her thighs. That I'm not going to disappear, or pop like a soap bubble, and so now she can take her time.

She kissed me like we had five seconds to live.

Samantha half-opened her eyes.

"Hi," she said, a low, breathy whisper that started a warm glow in Nina's belly, and sent it downwards.

"Hi," repeated Nina, grinning.

"Now we've both slept on it," murmured Samantha, stroking Nina's right buttock, "I'm just going to come right out and ask it."

Nina nodded. "Go for it."

"You my girlfriend?"

Nina felt her smile spread wider. She looked into Samantha's eyes. "Yes," she said, and was not entirely surprised to find herself giggling. "And your little rabbit, too."

She felt Samantha's grip tighten on her bottom. She squirmed.

"Are you my girlfriend?" she asked, kissing Samantha on the nose.

"Yup," sighed Samantha happily. "Girlfriend, lover, predator, friend and mistress, and anything else you want to throw in there too. Where are my glasses, by the way?"

"Over on the dresser," said Nina, "where you left them, just before that delightful striptease."

"I need them," said Samantha. "I want to look at you. Let me up?"

Nina rolled sideways and sat up. "Sure. I have to pee anyways." She felt soft carpet beneath her feet and stood up, legs a little unsteady. She ran her tongue around her teeth. "And maybe borrow some of your mouthwash. How long were we asl**p?"

Samantha peered close to her bedside clock. "How long were we having sex?"

Nina grinned, her hand on the ensuite's doorknob. "What time did we start?"

"You knocked on my door around two. It's just gone five, now."

"Long enough to make my mouth taste funny, anyway." said Nina, opening the door.

"You can use my toothbrush if you want," called Samantha.

Nina hesitated mid-step.

Why on Earth does that feel like such a big deal, coming from lips that were kissing between my legs an hour ago?

"I will," said Nina, softly, and pulled the door not-quite-closed behind her.


Samantha watched Nina disappear into the bathroom, her eyes drifting down to the spherical blurs of Nina's buttocks.

Without giving it any conscious attention, she pushed her glasses further up her nose before noticing she wasn't wearing them.

Gonna have to put my specs on. Wanna watch that butt.

She sniffed.

My fingers smell funny.

She sniffed some more, feeling a warm glow in her belly.

Of course my fingers smell funny, they were inside Nina.

She licked her fingertips.

I could...

She felt a blush rising. I could order her in here and tell her to lie back and spread her legs and give me another taste.

She grinned. And she'd obey.

Samantha rolled her legs off the bed and stood up. She padded over to her dresser, picked up her glasses, blinked her world into a higher resolution, and laid back down on the bed.

She watched the door. She heard a flush.

Nina is in there.

She felt a warm stirring in her loins.

Nina is naked in there.

Samantha's hand crept down her belly.

Should I...?

She felt freshly-trimmed pubic hair against her fingers, heard water running through the door.

But what if she...

Samantha sighed, low and soft, barely more than a whisper, as her right index fingertip slid over her clitoris and between her still-slick labia.

What if she does come out, while I'm... doing this?

Samantha's left hand found itself cupping the soft warmth of her breast. She stroked a finger across her nipple, feeling it come to life, harden and perk up beneath her touch, as a brushing sound came from the next room.

What if she does? What will she see?

"She'll see me..." whispered Samantha, feeling her labia pulse around her fingers. "She'll..."

She'll see me touching myself, and know that I'm thinking of her, and know that I'm excited because she's watching me...

Samantha swallowed, tugging gently on her left nipple. Since when am I an exhibitionist?

Oh. Since Nina got so hot watching me undress.

That was fast...

Samantha dipped shallowly into her vagina, feeling the ring of hot muscle twitch wetly around her fingertip.

So, thought Samantha, grinning and stroking herself, it looks like I'm masturbating. Funny how that happened.

Will I continue when she comes out?

Will I let her see me doing this?

She slid her index finger into herself, to the third knuckle, and began to slowly curl it upwards and push in little rhythmic squelches.

When she comes out, will I make her stand there and watch me? Will I have her masturbate with me? Will I invite her to touch me?

Samantha felt her ears start to burn.

Should I chicken out, and stop touching myself before she comes out, or will I give her a show? Can I do that?

She heard the water stop.

This is it, Sam. Decision time. You've still got a second or two before that door opens, just pull your fingers out and wipe them quick on the sheet and try to look like you weren't just...

The knob turned, and Samantha's stomach leapt into her mouth, a tingling surge from her clitoris, her nipples suddenly electrified.

Oh. I'm doing this. Oh God, I'm actually doing this...


Nina opened the door. Samantha lay side-on to her on the bed, her right hand between her legs and moving in a rhythmic squelching, her left squeezing at her chest.

Nina swallowed.

Samantha was looking at her with unsuppressed lust.

With her glasses on, thought Nina. So she can watch me watching her.

"Um..." said Nina.

"Aah," moaned Samantha, low and breathy and indulgent.

Well, that's all you really need to say, isn't it?

"Come watch," whispered Samantha. "Come around, little rabbit, so you can see." Nina watched Samantha's fingertips slide over her left nipple. "I give you permission."

Nina felt a blush rise to the tips of her ears. She padded around the bed, bare feet on soft carpet, and stood naked in front of her friend.

Her friend who was openly masturbating right in front of her.

So why am I still looking her in the eye...

"Watch me," breathed Samantha. Her breasts - I'm still surprised they're so ample, so soft against a hard body - shook gently with her ragged breathing, her nipples erect and yearning. Nina followed the curves of her body over her tensing abdominals, the shallow navel that Nina had tasted earlier that day, the hastily-trimmed triangle of dark brown pubic hair...

I didn't see, before. I just touched, and loved.

The index finger of Samantha's right hand was gently massaging a point just above her clitoral hood. Samantha's inner labia protruded, light and wet and shining, slightly textured - at the moment they described a narrow heart shape, tapered towards Samantha's vagina. They moved with her finger, shifting left and right, the heart shape elongating and compressing, petals blooming and closing. As Nina watched, a droplet of Samantha's wetness trickled from her insides and ran between her buttocks.

Nina swallowed.

She's beautiful.

An image came to her - of her lips gently pressed against one of Samantha's labia, her nose compressed in the hot, fragrant fold between her thigh and her crotch, stroking her tongue over however much of Samantha she could suck into her mouth...

"You're beautiful, Sam."

Samantha grinned. "Thank you."

Nina grinned back. "I'm watching, mistress."

Samantha nodded, looking - for a brief moment - a little unsure of herself. Then, her finger descended into the heart's tail, enveloped by her labia, and there was a tiny slick sound. Samantha sighed - happily, lustfully.

Yes, I'm watching. Damn right, I'm watching.

Nina watched Samantha's fingertip disappear into her vagina, all the way up - and then watched it slip out again, a string of pale fluid descending in a glistening arc.

"You're so wet," breathed Nina. It felt indulgent.

"I'm wet because - ah! - because you're watching me," said Samantha.

An impish half-grin spread across Nina's lips. She spoke quietly, innocently. "Watching you what, Sam?"

Samantha's ears turned bright red. She opened her mouth - closed it again - looked at Nina, whispered. "I'm wet because you're watching me masturbate."

"Don't stop," said Nina, smiling. She sat down on the edge of the bed, between Samantha's open legs. "Make yourself come for me."

"Okay..." whispered Samantha, her eyes closing, her other hand descending. Nina watched the way her breasts came together and trembled between her arms, her nipples pointing towards the ceiling, aching to be touched. Samantha slid two fingers of her left hand inside herself, massaging her clitoris with her right hand.

Nina watched the fingers shine in the afternoon sun. Samantha raised her left leg, and rearranged herself so that the fingers of her left hand penetrated her vagina from behind, pushing outwards towards her bellybutton. She let out soft, quiet moans that began to increase in volume and duration.

Nina looked down on her and smiled, and ran her hand along Samantha's inner thighs. "Come for me, Sam. I want to watch."

"Ah," said Samantha, quietly this time, then "Ah!"

She's shaking, thought Nina.

Samantha caught Nina's eye, and slowed down.

Is she shy?

"It's okay, keep going," said Nina. "Don't be shy. I love you. I want to see this."

"It's not that," whispered Samantha.

Nina cocked her head to the side. "What, then?"

Samantha's fingers moved slowly inside her vagina now, a quiet squelching underscoring her words. She blushed. "Well... You know about the observer effect?"

Nina kissed Samantha's knee. "Mmm-hmm?" Is this Sam's idea of sexy talk?

"How if you observe something," moaned Samantha, "you change it?"

Nina nodded. "You've told me about it." At length. The voltage drops when you connect a voltmeter. The pressure in the pipes increases when you put in something to measure the pressure. You observe it, you change it, so nothing's ever quite certain.

Samantha moved her legs - her thighs closed on her right hand. "I love you," she whispered, closing her eyes. Then she turned to her side, hiding her crotch from Nina.

She began to writhe, her hips bucking, one knee raised. Nina watched the curves of her behind shift as Samantha wriggled, her moans replaced with a noisy, heavy breathing.

What's she...

Nina stared. Samantha gripped her fingers with her thighs, swayed her hips against them.


Nina watched Samantha's left hand cup her buttock, her index finger sliding forwards.


Samantha shook, and gave a little high-pitched whine.


Nina watched the middle finger of Samantha's left hand gently press between her buttocks.

Oh my God!

"Ah!" A tiny sound, barely more than a whimper, one finger inside herself, two at her clitoris, one delicately pressing behind.

Nina's breath caught in her throat.

This is how she actually masturbates!

Samantha writhed on the bed, her eyes screwed shut, her lips pressed together, her right hand moving as quickly and furiously as it could between her thighs.

She was putting on a titilating performance, before - now it's not just a show, it's real. She's letting me see how she really does this...

Nina heard a sound as she watched the very tip of Samantha's finger push a millimeter or so into her bottom - she realised that she'd just heard herself gasping.

She's showing me something true...

Samantha's face was reddened, her mouth opening and letting out quiet little squeaks...

She's showing me something intimate, something she'd only show to someone she trusted completely...

Samantha's eyebrows raised, her eyes still closed, and she began to tremble all over...

She's letting me watch, by not letting me watch, and I so badly want to touch her, to say "Come for me," to let her know that I'm loving this, but if I do, then it'll change it and it won't be the truth anymore...

Samantha convulsed. A quick, broken cry left her lips. She shuddered, twice or thrice, and was still.

Nina held her breath.

Samantha opened her eyes, and looked at Nina. She was blushing, her breath ragged. She swallowed, blinked. "Um..."

"Wow," whispered Nina.

"Well, it's like that," murmured Samantha, looking down - "but in my pajamas." She looked towards the ceiling. "Usually."

"That was so..." Nina searched for words. "Real."

Samantha nodded, lowering her thigh, removing wet fingers. "Uh... I've never shown anyone that, before."

Nina's heart pounded. "I feel privileged. Thank you, Sam."

Samantha smiled. It was a shy little smile. "Wanna come collapse my waveform?"


Samantha grinned. "By which I mean c'mere and fuck me."

"Oh, that." Nina laughed, said "Fuck yeah!" and pounced.


Samantha caught Nina with a light, breathy laugh, and pressed her lips to Nina's. She felt her glasses shift around on her nose as Nina's tongue pushed into her mouth, around her teeth, soft and hot and slithering over her own tongue.

Samantha wanted to say a lot of things. Things like "I love you," and "Please fuck me," and "I want you," and "Lick my cunt," and "This is joy," and "How the hell can three monosyllabic words express how I'm feeling right now," but she had to settle for whatever she could express with a mouth full of someone else's tongue, which turned out to be "Mmph."

"Mmm-hmm," replied Nina, tickling vibrations in Sam's mouth.

What would that feel like on my pussy?

Samantha noticed that her hands had automatically found their way to the smooth, soft skin of Nina's bottom. She squeezed, tightly - heard and felt a tiny "Umph!" from Nina - and ran her right hand up behind Nina's head and through her hair.

The hair that smells of love.

Nina pulled back, opened her eyes.


Samantha stroked her left hand over Nina's right buttock - felt its supple resistance. "Yes, love?"

Yes, love. Already, that feels natural.

Nina kissed Samantha's nose. "Can I taste you?"

Samantha felt a warm thrill rush up her spine. Suddenly she looked downwards.

Yes but no but yes I want you to taste me but oh my god what about my bits they're all flappy and weird and Nina's cooch looks like an oil painting oh god oh god oh god

"Sam?" said Nina, her tone changed. "You okay?"

Samantha nodded, looking Nina in the eye. "Yeah."

"You can say no, Sam. Or, like, 'Not yet' or whatever. I won't be offended."

Samantha stroked Nina's hair. "I want you to," she said, quietly.

Nina rubbed her nose against Samantha's. "But?"

"But I have crazy labia," blurted Samantha.

One of Nina's eyebrows raised.

"And no-one has ever made me come like that," continued Samantha, talking a little faster than strictly necessary. "And you know I've only had three boyfriends and when my underwear came off they all did a double-take and thought I didn't notice but I did, Nina, I totally did! And I also noticed that you didn't," she finished, trailing off and frowning to herself.

But did I notice that I noticed that she didn't?

"Sam," said Nina, and all of a sudden her fingers were stroking Samantha's cheek - "So many things."

Oh God.

"First thing, you've had three crappy boyfriends. You've told me all about them. They probably thought that all vulvas look like they do in pornos, because hell, Sam, you told me that two of them were virgins when you met. Shaved Barbie dolls, right?"

Samantha felt a weak grin forming. I do tend to date inside a particular field. "You're neither crappy nor a boyfriend, so there's that."

Nina nodded, grinning. "So there's that. Second, if we were all - I mean, I just think that -" she paused. "Look, I saw your labia for the first time just a minute ago, and fuck, Sam, you're beautiful. Every inch of you, and your pussy especially."

Samantha smiled. Still, she felt uneasiness in her stomach.

"And I know you probably think I'm just saying that," continued Nina. "And I could carry on reassuring you all afternoon and you'd still have a nagging doubt. But I know of a damn good way to prove it, if you'd like me to."

"I would like you to," murmured Samantha.

"Should I?" asked Nina.


"Yes," breathed Samantha, not meeting Nina's eye.

"Will I, Sam? Mistress?"

Samantha's eyes closed, and she laid her head back on the pillow. "Yes. Please."

The mistress thing kinda helps, somehow...

"Lick me, little rabbit," whispered Samantha, blushing. "Make me come."

She felt Nina's weight shift, a kiss beginning on her neck. Breath, hot and damp, raised goosebumps. Touches on her collarbone, a hand gently cupping her left breast. Light, feathery kisses descending in a line - beneath her collarbone, the swell of her right breast, the tip of her nipple; kiss, kiss, kiss, lick. A soft, hot, moving tongue swirling around her right areola, lips pressing to her breast, a gentle suckling as Nina began to knead her left breast.

Samantha gasped, shivered, opened her eyes. Nina took her right breast in hand, squeezed gently, and Samantha felt hard teeth contact her nipple and tease it, followed by the writhing of a soft, wet tongue. Nina's eyes were closed and her eyebrows arched in the center, contentment and joy.

The seal broke with a wet pop, and Nina opened her eyes and looked down at what she'd accomplished. Samantha's left nipple stood erect and wet, a droplet of Nina's saliva rolling down the swell of Samantha's breast.

"I could do that all day," murmured Nina. "Your boobs are gorgeous."

Samantha smiled. "I actually made a mental note to suck on yours for half an hour or so."

Nina grinned. "Are you making a to-do list?"

Oh, right. Lists aren't sexy to other people.

"Not out loud," said Samantha.

"Okay then," said Nina, descending to Samantha's tummy.

Ah! She's heading downstairs! Don't freak out, Sam!

Nina's hands drew softly over Samantha's breasts, her middle fingers stroking over tingling nipples, as her kisses descended past Samantha's navel. Before Samantha had much time to start worrying, Nina's lips were tickling the edges of her pubic hair, her hands slowly catching up, settling on Samantha's hips.

Samantha watched Nina look up at her, as she descended. Saw a grin forming. Heard the words - felt them, hot breath between her legs, sending a shiver up her spine.

"May I, mistress?" asked Nina, slowly, coy.

Samantha opened her mouth, and only a squeak emerged.

Oh God.

She settled for nodding. She watched Nina's eyes close, and her jaw disappeared out of view. The grip on Samantha's hips tightened, and her labia were pushed apart by something soft, warm and squirming.

Samantha cried out, her back arching off the bed. Nina squeezed hard on her hips, pulling her forward - Samantha felt Nina's upper lip press against the naked, sensitive point of her clitoris, Nina's nose brushing her mons, and Nina's mouth opening wider, lips pressing around Samantha's crotch. The tongue between her labia curled in a complicated fashion, the firm tip pushing at the entrance to Samantha's vagina, the softer base sliding against her clitoris.

"Oh God!" cried Samantha, head pushing back into the pillow, taking in the view of the ceiling through widened eyes.

"Mmm," said Nina, a tingling, vibrating frequency that seemed to thrill through Samantha's pelvis and flutter happily in her stomach.

Samantha felt her left labia sucked into Nina's mouth - her lips pressing and releasing in a no-teeth chew.

"How can you think these are crazy, Sam?" came a muffled voice. "Crazy awesome, maybe. Can't do this with mine." Another brief suck on Samantha's labia - she felt her buttocks clench, her hips writhe, not quite voluntarily. "Can't really do this too well either," said Nina, and ran her tongue along the slippery valley between Samantha's inner and outer labia. "Many fun features, see? And this, too..." Samantha felt Nina close her mouth and bury the lower half of her face in Samantha's pussy, shifting around and slithering against her insides, a nose briefly enveloped by her labia. Samantha cried out.

This feels so good.

She looked down at Nina - saw closed eyes, a wet nose.

It must feel so good for her, too, to be so enveloped by my flavor, my scent, my softness, my intimacy...

An image suddenly appeared unbidden in Samantha's head. A fighter pilot, wearing an oxygen mask that covered her face below the eyes - but in coral pink, with a little nubbin at the top.

She began to giggle.

"Whmf?" said Nina, her tongue sliding inside Samantha, pushing through the ring of muscle and into her vagina. Samantha at once cried out in ecstasy, and began to laugh in earnest.

"Hrmph? Whurmiphih?"

Samantha hurriedly cupped a hand to her mouth, her chest heaving, breasts shaking, belly trembling. She felt Nina's hands leave her hips, her mouth leave her pussy.

Oh dear...

She looked down. She was relieved to see Nina smiling.

"What? What did I miss?" asked Nina, grinning. Her hair was dishevelled and her entire face, from cheekbones down, shone with Samantha's wetness.

Samantha's eyes crinkled up. She laughed in quiet hysterics behind her hand, and it was all she could do to shake her head.

"Okay, I'll wait," said Nina.

Samantha fought for control. Long seconds passed. Her sternum began to ache. Finally, she managed to sputter two words.

"F-face hugger," she said, and dissolved into laughter again.

Nina cocked her head to the side. "What?"

"Like - heh - like in Alien!"

Nina shrugged as Samantha giggled. "I'll take laughing at your own crotch over feeling bad about it. That's an improvement."


Samantha's laughter redoubled. Her arms crossed over her abdomen. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

"Sam, you tits jiggle wonderfully when you laugh."

You're not helping, Nina!

Samantha fought for breath. Finally she settled down.

"Nina," she said, breathlessly, "I think I'm the one who needs a ball gag."

Nina's eyes sparkled. "I could put something else in your mouth."

Samantha felt warmth rush to her abdomen. "Are you talking about..." she hesitated. "What I think you're talking about?"

Nina grinned. "Think of a number."

"Seventy-seven," said Samantha, immediately.

Nina frowned. "Not the number I was thinking of..."

"It's like a sixty-nine, but you get eight more!" giggled Samantha.

Nina stared.

"Geddit?" asked Samantha, grinning. "Eight more?"

"I get it," said Nina, shifting and turning around. Samantha watched her butt, pale and squeezable, as it shifted up her torso and close to her face. "Let's just give that gorgeous mouth of yours something to do that isn't dispensing awful math puns, hmm?" Supporting herself on her elbows, she leaned forward, parting her buttocks and exposing herself to Samantha.

Samantha stared.

That's Nina's butthole.

She shivered as she felt Nina kiss up her inner thighs.

My God, it's my best friend's butthole.

Samantha slid her hands up the outside of Nina's thighs, and gently gripped her buttocks.


She raised her head from the pillow.

It's actually cute. Buttholes aren't supposed to be cute! They're supposed to be buttholes!

A droplet of fluid was running in a long, slow descent from Nina's pussy. Samantha tore her eyes from Nina's anus and watched the strand fall, achingly slowly, towards her lips.

It's like a little asterisk. I almost expect to see "Void where prohibited" or "Must be 18" written next to it.

She grinned - and the line broke, a droplet of Nina's juices landing just below Samantha's nose.

Samantha licked her lips, feeling hot breath on her cunt.


Nina's thighs pressed against Samantha's ears, and Samantha pulled downwards gently on Nina's bottom.

"Yes," she breathed, "come here." Nina's hips descended - the glistening line of her pussy filled Samantha's field of vision, pink and puffy and saturated with excitement.

Samantha opened her mouth as Nina opened hers, and the two began to taste. Samantha stuck her tongue out and felt coarse pubic hair, then soft flesh - the tiny bump of Nina's clitoral hood, and the twin lines of her inner labia. She flattened her tongue and ran it in a slow, languorous line upwards between the juicy, fragrant folds of Nina's pussy, pressing deeply when she reached Nina's vagina, where the flavor was darker and the temperature higher.

"God, Sam," whispered Nina, in between planting delicate little kisses on the clefts of Samantha's inner thighs.

"Mmm," said Samantha, pulling her tongue back slowly, swallowing. "I want to just..." she blushed. "Just... rub my face in your pussy."

Nina chuckled. "It's right there. You want me to rub back?"

"Wait..." Samantha suddenly realised how hard she was breathing. She reached up a hand, and pushed her glasses onto her forehead. "Okay."

"All right, Sam," said Nina - "here it comes."

Samantha watched Nina's pussy descend until she could no longer focus - her nose wettened as it dipped into the silken flesh between Nina's labia. She moaned softly as Nina stroked her face, downwards over her lips, leaving a slick trail, welcoming Samantha to a world of Nina's most intimate scent. Samantha opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue - Nina moved with her, guiding Samantha's tongue to her slippery, pulsing opening. Samantha slid her tongue through the twitching threshold and inside Nina's body, feeling her pulse, her heat, tasting her rich, hot flavor. Nina moved her hips upwards, and Samantha's tongue found itself in sweet, soft folds. A gentle bump on the tip of Samantha's nose, and then Nina's cunt was sliding up between her eyes, bumping Samantha's glasses further up her forehead.

"Do you like that?" asked Nina.

"Yes," whispered Samantha, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged, drowning in the heat, the smell, the flavor, the intimacy. She gripped Nina's breasts - soft, pendulous weight in her hands - and closed her thumbs and forefingers around firm, pert nipples. She tugged, gently, hearing a gasp from Nina, feeling the little expulsion of air against her own crotch, followed by an appreciative, fluttering tongue.

God, she's good at this. Samantha's clitoris sparked under Nina's considered ministrations - Samantha felt the beginnings of her orgasm swelling...

Never before. Never before, from someone's tongue.

Samantha buried her face between Nina's legs, rubbing unashamedly, a****listically, marking herself with Nina's scent. She leaned back to take a breath, saw the glistening cleft, cried out as Nina's tongue flickered across her clitoris. Breathing hard, she released Nina's left nipple and brought her finger upwards, sliding it gently between Nina's labia, hunting down her opening, pushing deeply into Nina's vagina. She watched the slick, soft labia fold inwards around her finger, felt Nina clench down and tighten around her, felt slippery and intimate warmth up to her third knuckle, a racing heartbeat.

Nina cried out, muffled between her thighs, and Samantha felt Nina grip her bottom tightly, her pleasure building, approaching a peak.

God. How did I go so long, without knowing what it's like to be inside someone like this?

Nina's asshole twitched, tightening and relaxing.

...would she like it if I...

Samantha slid her finger backwards and out - it felt cold and wet, outside of the happily sighing Nina - and with infinite tenderness and reverence, and a warm thrill of intimate excitement, touched it very gently to the opening of Nina's anus.

Nina moaned.

That's a yes, then.

"My goodness..." breathed Samantha, barely noticing she was doing so, as Nina's hips descended, the soft wetness of her vulva pressing against Samantha's lips.

Should I...

Samantha pressed, just a little. Nina bucked her hips, pressing back against Samantha's fingertip. Samantha, opening her mouth and slithering her tongue greedily through the valley of Nina's pussy, watched the very tip of her finger slide into her best friend's tight, clenching ass.

Nina trembled and cried out, her taste intensifying in Samantha's mouth. Samantha moaned into Nina's pussy, pushing her tongue forward and into Nina's body, feeling her hot, squelching vagina tighten around her tongue, Nina's juices flowing freely into her mouth.

Samantha felt herself rise to a precipice, Nina's tongue flickering and fluttering across her body's most sensitive point, Nina's scent strong and heavy, Nina's asshole tightening around her fingertip - and then the waves broke and crashed down upon her, throwing her about, forcing muffled screams from her mouth, electricity arcing from her clitoris to her toes and nose.

She rode the waves, one after the other, each one brightening the room, as Nina screamed into her pussy, feeling her muscles tighten and release. Their waves bounced off each other, synchronized, bounced again, faded, left them breathless and glowing.

Samantha sighed happily into the hot, sopping cleft of flesh that sat on her face. Slowly, gently, she withdrew her finger, and gave Nina's ass a little pat.

Nina fought for breath between her legs. "Holy balls," she mumbled, and rolled off to the side. She panted on the bed, facing Samantha, her face shining from the nose down.

Shining with my pussy-juice, noted Samantha. She shuffled around so that they were both facing the same way, and pressed her lips to Nina's. They kissed, as f***efully as they had energy for - so a soft, tender affair, followed by an exhausted flop onto the bed.

"Don't fall asl**p again," breathed Samantha.

Nina grinned, her hair ruffled, her cheeks red, her lips wet. "Okay." She flopped an arm around Samantha, chuckling softly under her breath.

The two stared at each other, grinning and with sparkling eyes, for a moment.

Just a moment.

Samantha's stomach growled, loud in the breathy quiet.

Nina looked down and giggled. "You too, huh?"

Samantha kissed Nina gently on the nose. "Starving."

"Pancakes," said Nina, decisively.

A thousand images rushed through Samantha's mind. Hot coffee and maple syrup, the loud chatter of Penny's diner, the conversations they'd had in that place, the laughter. Some of her best memories.

Now, they'd all be different. Now, Nina would hold her hand beneath the table, squeeze her knee, maybe lean over to kiss her. Now, they'd walk into the diner as lovers, not just best friends. A couple.

Now, all those memories would be placed carefully in the "Before we made love" folder.

Things were good, then. Samantha had looked back over those memories and marked many of them as "Perfect."

Now, things would be even better.

Better than perfect.

"Pancakes," agreed Samantha, and pressed her lips to Nina's.

They lay for a moment in each others' warmth.

Outside, birds sang. A car went past. The world continued with its business, unaware of their love.

For now.

Samantha and Nina went out for pancakes.


Samantha: That was a great day.

Samantha: And a very, very short story.

Nina: Well, High-Voltage Mittens is twenty-four thousand words and change, Sam. This is just to let people know there's more coming.

Samantha: How long will our poor readers have to wait, while we throw them these little six-thousand-word scraps from the dinner table?

Nina: Oh, not long now. I'm just writing the butt stuff, and then we're done.

Samantha: So you saved the best for last, then.

Nina: You know it.

Nina: Remember to comment, rate and review, folks!

Nina: 0.6% of people who read Mittens on Literotica rated it, and fewer than one in ten thousand readers commented!

Samantha: To be fair, probably at least half of those people weren't actually people, just indexing robots and so forth.

Samantha: I hope indexing robots like reading about me being all naked and squirmy.

Samantha: *blushes* Hi, robot. What's your name?

Nina: Does he have antennae? And a shiny metal smile?

Samantha: *nodnod*

Nina: ...Sam, do you want me to wrap myself up in tinfoil and ask you to help me find my recharging port?

Samantha: *squees uncharacteristically*

Nina: Do you want me to put a metal pot on my head and say "BEEP BEEP WHAT IS LOVE"

Samantha: omfg yes

Samantha: Finish this bit so we can do that

Nina: Okay

Nina: Even a lot of the people who marked it as a "Favorite" didn't rate it. Help us out here, folks!

Nina: If you liked this story or Mittens, it only takes a second to click five stars!

Nina: And if you hated it, it only takes a second to go fuck yourseOW!

Samantha: NINA!

Nina: What! OW

Samantha: Some people won't like it! That's fine!


Samantha: I'm pretty sure that's, like, top of the list of rules for being an author.


Samantha: Not telling people to go fuck themselves.

Samantha: On a porn story website.

Nina: Sam, I hope that our readers are fucking themselves while reading this story. That's the whole point of this exercise!

Samantha: So... if you liked the story, go fuck yourself?

Nina: No, if you liked the story you were probably already fucking yourself.

Samantha: So... just, like... "Everyone: go fuck yourselves, and have a great time with it?"

Nina: "We mean this in the friendliest possible way."

Samantha: How come that's an insult, anyway. You're suggesting to someone to indulge in self-love. Go on, light a candle or whatever, pamper yourself, you're worth it. You deserve an amazing orgasm or three. You're awesome. Go fuck yourself.

Nina: I think it's time to end.

Nina: See you soon, folks! Go fuck yourselves, one and all! :D

Samantha: See you very soon, gentle readers.

Nina: Not too gentle, I hope.

Samantha: Hey, that's my job. ;)


Samantha: ...

Samantha: Are they gone?

Nina: Yeah, we'll cut it there.

Samantha: Go get the tinfoil. :D
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