20 and 52 daughter and mother

true story sorry no names just incase...working at a customers house the other and met the mam on the job the and she was round visiting her mam and she had just left her boyfriend and was a little upset so got talking to her and we really hit it off, she lived about an hour away from where i was working and i said i was going there on the following weekend which i was so it was lucky i guess.

she was telling me that she had 4 k**s and the youngest was 20 and she was popping up to see her nanna later in the week, so the day went on and she was bringing tea through and she talked a bit more but you could tell she was flirting but it was fun, she wasn't a looker but her body was nice and her tits were really big and round and i was looking non stop at them and she knew but she never hid them so why not look. it was time for her to go and she said ring me when you come through and we can have a drink..ok i will.

on the wednesday her daughter came through as she said, but she was not like her mother she was a big girl size 20 i guess.. but very pritty big arse and big but nice legs and the stange thing small tits!!. she was very flirty it must run in the f****y even nanna was flirty but i stop at banging her i would have killed her.the daughter said that her mam liked me cos i was cheaky and flirty..thats ok your mams nice to,,

the following day the grand daughter must have slept over cos she greated me with a cup of tea and a smile, i said you luck nice this morning you of home to your boyfriend,, no i dont have one nobody will have me,, shut up i said your a little stunner this totally broke the ice with her and she opened up to me, she became more talkative and told me a lot of things about her and her mam,,so i said to her to that i was calling in to see her mam when i go to whitby,, thats sound give me a bell and i will also take you out and show you the town and where to drink ,, i will do that.

what to do i thought!! mam or daughter. i rang the daughter first and we met up on the morning and she showed me around the town and we sat and talked we were getting on really well but in my head i was thinking she's young enough to be my daughter im'e 41 and she is 20.but she didn't mind i did tell her,it was getting late and i said i was going back to my hotel to get showered and changed,, can i come with you then we can go to my mams,,ok if you want.

we were in the room and i was getting udressed ready for a shower and i told her to turn her head jokingly as i got down to my shorts,, she laffed and said its ok. i went in to the shower and on coming out she was only naked on my bed, she had a freshly shaven pussy and little tits were sat up all perky ready to be sucked,, are you sure you want to do this!!! yes please i want you to fuck me i like you and i like the older man,, you dont have to ask me twice..

i went down on her so fast she didn't have time to breath, i lifted her legs over her head and i sucked and liked that pussy till the cum was dripping out, she must have never been eaten out like that before cos she was dripping cum, please stick it up me i want you inside me she was so softly spoken it was a real turn on i was like a steel rod it was hurting me it was that hard, i pushed my 7 and a half inch cock up her and she sucked a deep breath in and as i pushed it right up she let it out and said fuck me so i hard i want it now...

i was like a man possesed i fucked her like it was my last ever fuck and she knew it, i was in the zone it was a really good fuck and i asked if i could cum inside her she said please fill me up, once i had cum and we layed there she turned and said thank you,, no thank you it was a pleasure. i will tell you the mam story later of out now going to meet her again....
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got MY attention
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great story !
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very good
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wonderful & hot