a true story

i went to blackpool with the lads on a day trip and we were all going on the piss, we went down in a 42 seater coach, so we set off early to get a good start and get a good parking spot so that we never had to far to walk back on the night, we started off in the pub near the tower and worked our way to the top end nearer to the night club.
the day dragged a little cos it was drinking none stop but the banter was great, we were trying to get into anything with a pulse but with no success until this girl looked over and was staring none stop at us i was thinking have we done or said something to offend her, but she still kept looking over, so i ask her if everything was ok, yes she said i was just looking and laughing at you's, you's are so funny the things you's were doing and saying it was making us all laugh, her name was maria and she was with her s****r and friends, would you like a drink yes please we will have a bottle of wine, you cheeky cow but ok.

the night was going well i hung around with maria and her friends and we ended up in the club,we were all pretty d***k but not out of our minds, the dancing was going on till late but as im'e not a dancer i was sat talking to maria's s****r tracy, she was sound, maria was a skinny little thing but tracy was quite chubby and didn't like to dance to so we were the odd ones out,we were really getting on and finding out a lot about each other, but it was maria who wanted me she kept coming over and sticking the lips on me saying i want you to dance come on, in the end i got up and danced with her but felt sorry for tracy so i dragged her up and we had some fun all together.

it came to the end of the night and i walked them back to there bus, it was near ours so that was pretty lucky, maria grabbed me and started to snog me just as they were getting on the bus so i grabbed her and took her to the side and really went for it, i was snogging her face and felling her tits she pulled my cock out and started to wank me off i said can i fuck you but i knew this was not on cos we were in the middle of a car park, maria dragged me to the back of the bus and she took her leggins down and bent over and said quick fuck me now, i was like a rat up a drain pipe, the best thing was my mates were looking on and her s****r and mates were looking out the window but i kept going and spunked so quick it was over in 5mins but a fucks a fuck right.

we agreed to meet up, i took her phone number but it was back when we all never had mobiles. she lived in birmingham and me sunderland, so i rang her and said i would go down and see her, maria said she could not see me cos she was married but if i wanted i could go down and stop with her s****r tracy and that way it looks like i am with tracy but really i would be with her. i was confused i said so really i would be stopping with her but i would be fucking you, yes thats right i will pop round as if i am staying at my s****rs and we can fuck. ok i will come down.

i got to birmingham by train met tracy and maria there and they took me to there mams for dinner and to meet the f****y, i was a white young lad and tracy and maria were black girls and the whole f****y were to, it was so strange i had only just really met them and i was having dinner with the whole f****y, they were asking how long i had been seeing tracy and where did we meet i was clueless i just said it was a telephone relationship after we met in blackpool and i thought i would call down to see her. eventually we got to tracys flat it was in a tower block and this was a first for me.

maria said lets go for a quick fuck before i have to go home she grabbed my hand and took me to tracys bedroom she pushed me on the bed and started to undo my jeans she was gagging for it, i could hardly move she had my jeans off and was now pulling my t'shirt off and at the same time her knickers were round her feet and she was straddling me, maria grabbed my cock cos with all the fuss and the thought of me fucking her i was already hard, she slid it into her black pussy and rode me like a cowboy i was not in control maria was doing what she wanted and i was her sex slave she bucked me and was grinding away on my cock, i had no say at this point i was there for her satisfaction i ended up shooting my load inside her and maria got off and said she had to go and will pop back later.

tracy asked if i would like a cuppa as i layed there on her bed naked, cheers tracy i would love one. i didn't bother changing i just put my shorts on and sat on the bed, tracy came in a sat with me told me that maria was married 2 k**s and just really liked me but thats it, thats ok i didn't think we would marry i just came down to see her and thought i would get a shag. tracy said the plans were we would go out tonight round the town with her and her husband, if thats ok with you,thats fine by me. i asked her if it was ok if i had a kip before we went out and would you wake me up in time to get ready.

tracy ran the bath and was getting in it before she woke me up but i heard the water going and i was awake, i needed a piss as it was a flat only one toilet and i was desperate, tracy i need the loo can you get out and i will be quick promise, just come in you are ok, no its ok i will hold on, don't be shy dave just get in here, so i did. i never looked well i did really with the magic side glance she had a lovely plump body big tits and large mound of black and i mean jet black pubes, WOW i was thinking. sit on the toilet and talk to me she said what could i say no, so i sat and talked to her, tracy told me that she to really liked me and that in blackpool it was her who first said i like him and maria took over.

sorry about that i said i wish it was you in away cos this arrangement is pretty shit, me being here and having to lie, out of the blue tracy said get in and share the bath i can't afford to waste water, are you sure, yes its big enough, i got in with her it was quite funny really us trying wash so we washed each other and we never battered an eye lid about it, we got out went to the bed room and were drying off when tracy came on to she dropped her towel and grabbed mine took my cock in her hand and then went to her knees and started to suck i was heaven ,2 s****rs in one day. tracy was the best cock sucker i have ever had even to this day, she really knew how to work a cock, i lifted her up by her hair and started to kiss her and play with her lovely large pussy i slid a finger in and she took a breath of air inwards and i knew she was ready i layed her on the bed and opened her pink lips her pussy was gleaming in the light with cum i went down on her for at least 10mins and she loved it, tracy could take no more just fuck me please fuck me she asked.

i pulled her up and bent her over i wanted to see her tits swinging to and fro as i fucked her from behind this sent tracy into a frenzy as i was fucking her i was wanking her clit off and then poking my thumb in her arse hole the cum was flowing freely and i was about to burst with the excitement myself, i told tracy i was going to fill her up but she asked if i would cum in her mouth as she loved the taste and the feeling of it filling her mouth up, this was unreal she totally sucked me dry and there was not a drop left, so we now had to get ready to go out, maria rang and said tell dave not to even mention blackpool unless jon askes then tell him you have been planning this for ages right.

the night went by ok not a wrong word was said and me and jon got on quite well, tracy said she was tired and didn't feel well, maria said to jon she was worried that there was something wrong with her and that she should take her home, jon we will get the taxi you go and get the k**s from the neighbour and will be home later on, ok darl you look after her and then get yourself home. this must have been the plan to get maria back to the flat cos as soon as we got through the door maria's nicker were in her hand and she was on the way to the bedroom, hurry up we've got an hour at the most so come on fuck me, i looked at tracy she said you might aswell its there for you, i said please join in, i can't its my s****r its not right, ok. so i went in to the bedroom she was naked on the bed maria was lovely her body was slim perky puffy nipples and a trimmed bush i went straight down on her but i could taste something witch was salty, it was jon's cum he had fucked her in toilets before we came home, maria said it was a quicky to keep him happy, i still continued munching away and this turned me on, my cock was solid ready to fuck her brains out i dragged her towards me turned her on her side and shoved my cock so deep it hurt me i was knacker deep on this skinny little black slut cos thats what she was and she knew it, i was telling her this and she was agreeing, yes i am a slut now fuck me like one i want it up my arse, this was my first ever anal and the thought of it had my cock dripping with cum,i turn her over and pulled her arse up to me then i pushed it in to her skinny little arse hole and she never flinched, to be honest i lasted 3/4 mins only, then i filled her arse hole with so much cum it was all over tracys floor and bed, maria turned kissed me and said thanks this will be the last time we do this so sorry but thanks and bye.

tracy was in the front room and what could i say to her, she looked and said lets go to bed, ok. we went straight off and in the morning i had morning glory tracy said to me its like a steel rod it's always hard, i know its a man thing i always wake up with a hard on, without asking or anything she went down on me, her s****rs juices were still on my cock and she was sucking me off, she must have been able to taste them, cos thats all i could think about and i shot my load into her mouth again, i thanked her for looking after me and that was the last time i ever seen them.
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