cum in my arse....

went swimming the other day and met up with an old school friend,she was there with her k**s and i was there doing my daily swim, not seen you for years donna hows tricks, see you have 3 little brats (joking) donna laughed and agreed. and you dave you got k**s-wife, no not me been working away so not had chance to settle down.donna asked if i would like a coffee to catch up.

after the swim we met for a coffee and the k**s were on the amusements donna said it must 10 years since we seen each other, yes it will be around that long, do you remember i fancied you said donna, did you i cant remember that, yes. you were always going out with the popular girls and i was really quiet so i never got noticed, i noticed you we were good friends, yes. friends thats all. if you had said i would have gone out with you as i fancied you to. at this point her mobile went off it was her husband asking if she was ready cos his was out side waiting, must go here's my mobile call me, come on k**s dads outside.

a week had gone by and i had not seen donna at the baths so i thought i would call her to see if she wants a coffee and to talk about the old days and see if she keeps in touch with anybody else as i had been away for so was thursday morning and i called donna to see if she wants to catch up, yes. call round to my house the k**s are at school and the hubby has gone off shore for 3 weeks, ok i will. donna text the address over and i made my way there it was only 5 mins away so as i pulled up her friend was there tracy, hi dave come in this is tracy do you remember her from school, sorry i dont. i phoned her to say you were calling in for a catch up and she asked could she come to, sure thats fine by me.

as we sat and talked tracy said i went out with you in the 2nd year at school and you were the first person to poke me, i never knew what to say donna said bl**dy hell tracy where did that come from, it's cos dave said he didn't recognize and wanted to freshen up his memory, and it i could remember it was in the car park under the polytechnic, thats right we were only on our 2nd date and you fingerd me, and i wanked you off, bl**dy hell donna said you never told me this before tracy, and we've been best mates for years, i know i never said cos i knew how much you liked dave at school so i kept it to myself.

i was in shock that this brought up and mostly ashamed that i never recognized tracy, i could only apologize. donna said to me so you are not going out with anybody, no, i have really only just got back from working abroad about 2 months iv'e been home, so what you been doing, swimming-gym-football the usual, tracy is single you know why not take her out,but as she said it i could see in her face that she didn't want me to, i think she said this out of politeness for tracy. tracy said if you want friday we can go out and paint the town red, ok lets do it.

friday came it was 7,o,clock and i had arranged to pick tracy up in the taxi, as she opend the door tracy looked so diffrent again all dolled up,she was stunning.we hit the town and we were really getting on and starting to get pissed, tracy said donna really loved you at school she never shut up about you and that you never noticed her it made her fancy you more, i said i don't know why, becouse you were a bit of a player at school and had all the girl after you this made her want you more, and you never noticed this cos your were just friends.the night had passed by but it was only 11,o clock and tracy was now really pissed and could hardly stand i had been buying bubbly all night spoiling her,i had to take her home so in the taxi tracy said are you coming in for a coffee and you know what, becouse she was so d***k i thought long and hard about it and said not tonight, come on in please you can fuck me,tracy next time when your not d***k i promise, ok.

my mobile phone went off and it was donna asking if we were getting on, i told the story of the night telling her she was on bubbly all night and was totally pissed and asked if i would fuck her,in a flash donna said you haven't have you, no. i am stood outside her house with her key in my hand putting her through the front door, ring me back when you have got her in and settled.i left tracy on the settee with a cover and a drink of water gave her a kiss and said i would call.

i rang donna straight back told her tracy was ok she was just pissed but asl**p on the settee, call round mine if you want the k**s are in bed and its only early, are you sure. yes we can crack a bottle open, not for me donna get a black coffee ready i'll be 10mins at least,taxi.

i got to donnas and she was in her silk gymjams white and they were see through, i could see her dark nipples and her unshaven mound it was a large black bulge and she was looking fantastic, her hair was down and it was long nearly to her arse her tits must have been 38d at least and they were swinging to and fro as she walked back and forth to get my coffee and her wine, donna must have had a half the bottle already she was tipsy i could tell as she was flirting a little. so were you tempted to fuck tracy i said yes but not when she was d***k as this may look like i was taking advantage so will you fuck her, i said donna stop talking like this it's not you, how do you know it's not me you know nothing about me, she was angry at me, so i told her what tracy said about school and i said like before if i knew you liked me i would have gone out with you but we were friends.well why don't you fuck me now, i said shut the fuck up your k**s are upstairs for one and your married, yes but i get no sex of him and the k**s are totally out for the count,donna took her gymjams off and stood naked in front off me and said do you fancy me, yes but, kiss me please just kiss me, i stood up to walk out donna grabbed me and kissed me i never pulled away i kissed back i then slid my hand on to her mound of black pubes and stroked it, poke me like you poked tracy i want you to finger me, i slipped 1 finger into her lips slowly and rubbed her clit donna pulled me closer and i f***ed 3 fingers inside her she was now wet,i pulled my fingers out and made her suck them dry she loved the taste of her own cum, let me suck your cock,

i undid my jeans and my cock was on a semi it is a decent sized cock 9inches and quite fat donna took it in her hand and placed it in her mouth she was going to town on it deep throating me and rolling my balls she was looking into my eyes all the time i could see she really wanted me, i was now rock hard and i said get on the kitchen table i am going to fuck the shit out off you,donna was there legs wide open the black bush was soaking wet with cum i parted the lips with my bell end and slid my length deep into her soaking wet pussy donna must not have had sex for a while cos it was really tight for a lady who's had 3 k**s, donna was trying not to be noisy cos the k**s were in bed so i was having to hold her mouth shut with a tea towel as a muffler,i pulled out and went down on her to taste the juices donna tasted lovely it was unreal the taste her cum was so sweet,i licked her out till she totally climaxed in my mouth,donna said her fella never goes down any more and that she was loving it and thanked me.i pulled her of the table and bent her over it, talk dirty to me. doggy style now you dirty little slut im'e going to fuck you like theres no tomorrow, do me hard please. i was pumping her all the way in up to my balls, donnas cum was dripping on my feet i was in full flow then she asked me to take her up the arse, i slowly pulled out and i licked the cum from her arse cheeks then licked the arse hole placing my finger into stretch it a little before i rammed my cock into it. i slowly slipped my head in and donna was pushing back wanting me to ram it in, so i shoved it in hard, she yelped a little then she was begging me to fuck her harder i was really going for it there was cum everywhere now, the floor was soaking my legs were soaking the noise was unreal, i was ready cum donna wanted it in her arse so i filled her arse with cum, i pulled out and it was flowing out everywhere donna cupped her hand and filled it then slowly dripped it into her mouth swallowed it then she kissed me and thanked me.this was the first and last time i fucked her alone, i am now fucking tracy i will tell you how and when this happened and there's more???????

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