Blindfold fun..

we went away to London for a weekend and it was just a weekend for us and to get d***k and be like a young couple in love again. we spent the day walking round and looking at the sites having some nice food and planning our night out and where to go.

we went back to the hotel and got showered had some fun playing with each other and was looking forward to a night on the tiles. we went down stairs in to the hotel bar and we got served by Sol a big black lad from London,so we asked him for some advice and where was the best club to go to,he said go to Moonlighting nightclub in Soho.

so we did our rounds of the pubs and ended up in the Moonlighting about 12,we were walking around taking it all in when a voice shouted over,so you made it,,it was Sol. yes we made it its great music in here and we love the vibe in here. i asked Sol if he wanted a drink,so whilst i was at the bar Sol asked me if he could take Wendy for a dance whilst i got the drinks in. yes of course.

as the night went on we sat and talked about ourselves and Sol and where he lived when his mates shouted over to him and asked if he was staying with them or talking to us all night, Sol asked if his mates could join us for a drink and of course we said yes. we asked Sol what age he was and his mates, i am 22 my mates Eddy and Jake are 24. How old are you and Wendy, i am 45 and Wendy is 44.

the drinks were flowing and we were having a good laugh with them and i wanted a piss and Sol said he needed one to,we were stood next to each other and i looked down and i noticed his cock i said Jesus mate what the fuck is that,,he started laughing and said i know its big isn't it i laughed and said i feel so small holding mine. Sol said his mates were even bigger.

i went back to the table and the lads went to the bar and i said Wendy i was stood having a piss and the size of Sol's cock was unreal and he said his mates were bigger than him wow...the lads came back with the drinks and we said this will have to be our last we are going back to the hotel for a few in the club lounge to just wind down it was only 2 o'clock and Sol said he would come back with us and get us free drinks and we can just wind down together and have a laugh his mates asked if they could come back and Sol said it would be fine if he was there as he worked there. we got back to the hotel and we sat chilling and just talking shite mainly football when Wendy said she was going to bed,do you want me to come up,no you stay here and talk.

the lads asked how long we were staying for, i said till Monday. they asked if we were out on Sunday night and would we like to come out with them i said we were going to stop in the hotel and have a nice meal and just sit and chat. after your meal we will pop in to see you if you want, yes you can call in and see us. we continued talking and Eddy said Wendy is really fit for her age, i said you cheeky twat her age, she's only 44. Sol said she had a really fit body as well, cheers lads she keeps herself fit. then out the blue Jake said what's she like in bed. i said she's shit hot mate. Jake said it would be nice to have a go, Sol said Jesus mate you can't say that. i said if she was up for it mate i would let you but she's shy.

we started laughing and i said we should call it a night as the wife will be wondering where i am, see you lads tomorrow if you decide to pop in, i went to bed and Wendy was still up just watching the telly i got undressed and jumped in next to her and started telling her the story what the lads said about her, she said no way they said they thought i was good looking and had a great body, yes love they said that and Jake even said he would like to fuck you, noway he said that i'm old enough to be there Mam. she must have been turned on cos she started to wank me whilst talking about what they said, did they say anything else about me, so i decided to take advantage, yes love they all said they wanted to fuck your pussy and suck your big tits, she started to wank me faster and said fuck me now i want you.

i started to fuck her and was looking in to her eyes and i was saying imagine those boys fucking you now can you see them and feel there big cocks entering your big pussy, Wendy was loving the sex talk and was pulling me right into her she was saying Yes i can feel them fucking me i want you to cum inside me now i want to feel your big black cock fill me, i couldn't hold on i shot my load and collapsed on top of her and said that was awesome we both laid there and said imagine it what would it be like, Wendy said how would you feel i said i don't know. we fell asl**p cuddling.

in the morning we went down for breakfast and Sol was there serving the breakfast, morning mate good night wasn't it, it was for me.. we finished up and we went for a walk in the fresh air to get rid of the hangover as we were talking about last night and the sex we had i said i have always wanted to fuck you tied up and blind folded it would be awesome and you could imagine it to be anyone?? Yes we should try it tonight lets go and get some gear for it, it was great cos we were stopping in Soho and seen as its the sex capital of England we were in luck.

we took our ties back to the room and i hooked them up on the bed and Wendy laid there to try them out i said do it yourself Wendy do your legs first then put your left or right arm in first then put your blind fold on then pull your other hand tight it will self tighten so when i come in you are already for me?? Wendy did that and she laid there all vulnerable, so i put my hand on her tit and she jumped a little i said you like that so i pulled up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her pants and rubbed her lips through her pants she was soaking wet already,,good girl i like this do you want me inside you now or should we save ourselves for tonight,,tonight please.

we got ready and went down stairs for our meal and our last night of our weekend and we just sat drinking some lovely champagne and telling each other how much we love each other and that i trust her with all my heart.ditto she said i trust you to do all the right things. after our meal we sat down in the lounge and just soaked the night in, Sol walked in with his mates and said i said we would pop in to see you before you go, Sol went behind the bar and brought out another bottle of champagne free of course. we sat talking and i could see Jake giving Wendy the eye looking at her big tits i could also see Wendy looking them all up and down. as we sat talking Wendy looked at me said she was feeling tired and wanted to go upstairs to pack away and lay down,OK love you go get ready i will be up soon,she said bye to the lads and said thanks for a good night on Saturday see you again maybe. i stayed for a bit talking and said to Jake so the other night when you said about Wendy did you mean it that you would like to fuck her,YES i would mate she has it all big tits fat arse and good looking. well mate when i send a text to Wendy telling her i'm on my way up she will be tied up and blind folded thinking i am going up to fuck her, would you like to have a go.

Sol said bl**dy hell mate i would like to have a go and then Eddy said he would do her as well,i sent a text up saying 5 minutes i will be up. i said i would walk in first lads and talk to her so she knows its me then i will let you have a go on my wife. Wendy laid there all tied up with a big smile on her face and her big tits out and legs wide open ready for me, i said Wendy are you ready she said yes please do me. Jake stood there i held my finger to my mouth and said slowly to him, Sol and Ed stood with me as Jake stripped naked and climbed on to the bed he held his cock in his hand and he started to play with it whilst poking Wendy's pussy i could see his cock getting bigger and bigger whilst he played with her Sol said to me i told you he was bigger than me, he must have been 11 inches easy Wendy was going to feel the difference straight away as soon as his head went in.

Jake held his shaft and put his head into her lips and started to rub it up and down all of a sudden he entered her, Wendy didn't flinch she just let it go all the way in and then let out a huge groan and a YES FUCK ME HARD with your big black cock, she must have known all along what i was going to do, Wendy was loving it Jake was hitting her pussy hard it was awesome seeing his black cock go in to her big white pussy and her big tits bouncing up and down. cos Wendy was tied she couldn't do anything so i said to Ed and Sol go get her lads but leave the blind fold on and the ties, they stripped naked and let out there big cocks Sol went straight for her mouth he sat on her chest and put his big cock in her mouth,Wendy started to suck him off and Ed had big fat cock in her hand it was funny seeing her try to wank him off in her ties but she was managing.

Jake was ball deep and he was about to cum he asked if he could cum inside her i said yes mate fill her up he pulled out and i could see the cum dripping out of her and before it was hitting the bridge Sol was inside her fucking her pussy and his mates cum, the sound was unreal,Wendy was in heaven i could see the smile on her face just before Ed put his cock in her mouth. Jake came and stood next to me naked and his semi hard cock was just hanging there and God it looked huge i was thinking how did she take that. Sol was hitting her hard and Wendy was telling him to lift her arse up with a pillar so it would go deeper, i walked over and lifter her arse and put a pillar under her. Sol got in the motion again and was ball deep i could see his face change and i know that look he had cum, Wendy said come on Ed get in there before it all drips out i want to feel you fuck the cum out of me, Sol was a 9 and a half 10 but Ed was an easy 10 and a half but he was fatter than the rest it was a really fat cock he slid it in and you could see it stretch her that little bit more, she gasped as he went in so i knew he was bigger.

he started to fuck her and i could see the cum all over his cock it looked great Ed looked at me and said can he do her up the arse as i really like anal, as a rule we do anal cos Wendy doesn't like it but before i could say No she said come on fuck my arse but i want it doggy style she said, i undid the ties but the blind fold stayed on, Ed bent her over and he stood above her he got the cum from her pussy and and rubbed it in to her arse as lube, Wendy said slowly please. Ed put his head in slowly and moved closer to her i watched close up and watched it slide all the way in Wendy said get under me and lick me out whilst he fucks my arse i slid under her and i could see his balls banging her arse and they were on my forehead now, my tongue was on her clit and the cum from the lads was dripping down the lips straight in to my mouth it tasted weird at first but the more i licked her out the more i licked it.

Ed was still in her arse and he pop out and put it back in her pussy and i was now licking his shaft whilst he was in and out of Wendy, Wendy said are you liking that Love his cock on your mouth i mumbled yes Love.Ed took an opportunity and put his head in my mouth and i just sucked it with out question it didn't last long as he went back in her arse and he said he was cumming, Ed pushed his shaft all the way in and filled her fat arse up. he pulled out and stood back watching Wendy sit up and her sit on my face as his cum dripped out over my mouth as i was sucking her pussy and arse hole. Wendy stood up and took her blind fold off and she sat on the bed and said thank you lads this was awesome and thank you Peter for sorting this for us i knew what you were doing i have lived with you for 24 year and i just knew when you said to be tied up and blind folded that you were going to get them to fuck me. the lads stood there naked with there big black cocks hanging and there 20 year old body's fit as fuck and i said if we come back down i will stay here and if Sol is working here we can have some more fun, Sol gave me his number and said please call me if you come back down.. we might be going down for the bank holiday..

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9 months ago
Wondrerful, and told excellently. Enjoyed reding it very much
9 months ago