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New blog post. Plus new & updated comments on the previous parts of my series, "The Harassment of Female xHamster Users Must Stop". After reading, please comment however you like. I encourage as many P.O.V's and as much debate as possible. It's the only way we can reach a consensus on a solution.


An extraordinary and unquenchable desire for shapely body parts falls short of encompassing the gamut & spectrum of myself or my predilections, but it's a good start. The female breast, for example, endlessly entrances me.

But I've lost a great deal in my life, much of it taken from me by others due to deceit, deception & selfishness. Because of this, I've come to believe that honesty isn't the best policy, it's the ONLY policy. This goes for oneself, as well as for others. So, you may or may not like what I have to say or type, or my choice of expression, but I humbly request you respect it, because I always attempt to convey the truth, while respecting yours.

If you choose to be hypocritical and/or play games, please engage with someone else. I prefer not to indulge in the negative manipulation of people's thoughts or emotions, because in those situations, everyone's not on an equal playing field. It's too easy for people to get hurt, or intentions to be misunderstood. And to me, sexual adventures, in all forms, ARE NOT competitions nor supposed to be. They're experiences - experiments in pleasure - to be shared, enjoyed & savored by all those involved.

That's why one of my favorite types of porn is Amateur - the intimacy between participants can be amazing. The sounds & noises made, the words shared can add not only to the physical sensations of those involved, but also to the experience of those watching. Other genres, like Gonzo & POV, also share some of these qualities in how reckless & spontaneous they can appear, yet can still feel intimate.

In fact, that can be the problem with the later work of many adult performers - their scenes can become monotonous, even mechanical at times, lacking passion, depth & enthusiasm. And that's when the faking, the degradation and the humiliation begin...just like in all kinds of real-life relationships, especially marriages.

I believe that is why one of my all-time favorite performers is Ms. Gianna Michaels. She incorporates & radiates many of the mentioned qualities from every part of her body, thereby illustrating how much she LOVES sex and everything involved with it. Because she doesn't give performances as much as have experiences when she's in front of a camera, choosing to share that side of herself with all of us.

So, please leave comments, positive/negative/etc., to let me know what you think, because sharing is always welcome, & if you have any requests or would like me to read & critique your story, feel free to pass them along too.

(Last updated: 10/04/2013)
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4 months ago
You are most welcome. Thank you for accepting.
4 months ago
thank you for the invite ^_^
6 months ago
Thanks for your nice messages
with good wishes.
11 months ago
This is the link to my page so you can visit me when ever you feel the need for some mature/granny comforts…………Enjoy x x x http://xhamster.com/user/happyme_ac
1 year ago
no its not a repost ,didnt know he allready posted it , we got it from the same site ( ssp ) the writer is from europe and she got arrested and is in prison now ( dont know why )
1 year ago
Because it's not in Xh's interests to invest time & effort in a process which would reduce its audience size.
1 year ago
Good question...wish I could find out...
1 year ago
If there is a person who consistently exhibits this type of behavior why can't the mods block their IP address?
1 year ago
just pm you let me know
1 year ago
Yeah, but I was referring to the PM I sent him to fuck-off & leave you alone or else, right before I de-friended him, blocked him and reported him to the admins.

I like to be thorough. ;)
1 year ago
Of course he won't bother me, I blocked his gangrene ass:

1 year ago
1 year ago
Not your type then, huh? That neanderthal type doesn't do it for ya?
1 year ago
Kick him in the Gonads
1 year ago
Thank you for comments.Glad you understand my reasons for doing this , you sound just as pissed off ,as I got,so feel free to use my idea or something similar, viewing figures may go down,but hopefully the deletes will as well.Sent an invite hope you accept.
1 year ago
Thanks for you comments...and as always, good sharing the ups and downs of life with you...
1 year ago
Thanks for your message with good wishes.

The problem is not new to me and keeps popping up once for a long time.

Organic everything o.k. with gut, pancreas and liver - the pain may be possibly caused by the worn hip joints. The pain is then to locate in the lower abdominal area. Funny, but real.
To clarify this, I had been a few days in the hospital. The pain is still present.

A conversation with a friend whom I know personally for decades, was more revealing than this with my doctor. When worn, the pain is not localized the joints, but in the under belly area. (His wife had artificial joints implanted, so the knowledge). In addition, an examination of the kidneys and ureters in particular was appropriate to exclude this as a possible cause.

Greetings from Bavaria!
1 year ago
De nada!;D
1 year ago
Thanks for the add! =]
1 year ago
glad u took that chance, u might be thankful one day
1 year ago
I'm good good good thank you. How are you?
1 year ago
Tks man!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thanks so much for the comments on my story...very much appreciated and I will take your advice to heart..
1 year ago
Welcome on my profile!
'Come in and find out.'
1 year ago
Thanks for comment
1 year ago
Thanks for the comments dude - pretty accurate!
1 year ago
You are welcome!
1 year ago
thanks mate! love ur profile!
1 year ago
thank you for the invite. nice to meet you!

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