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Hello everybody this is kaju1kg@yahoo.com. here. I am a working guy from Pondicherry. Basically, I am from North India but I am working in a south Indian company, so placed here only. This is an encounter happened to me when I was 27 yrs, 5ft 7 inches male with a good look and all common hobbies. My job requires lot of travelling in south Indian cities. So during a short period of time, I came to know about many cities of South India.

But I never had any experience before this incident, which I am going to state here. This is a real true story which happened with me during last year’s summer time while travelling by train. I had never imagined that there are so unsatisfied ladies & girls in the world. I had to go to my place in north India on some very urgent short notice. I tried for reservation in AC classes in train, but able to manage only a sl**per class ticket.

The train was scheduled to start from Chennai in morning 6 o clock. I came to station & tried to confirm ticket from chart, pasted on coaches. . 6 persons are reserved in a coup of sl**per classes. I found that, I got a lower birth and 2 more passengers are also boarding from Chennai, on the upper seats. Both were male in the age group of 35. Rest 3 seats were allotted to a single ticket holder. I was really happy to see that 3 ladies of age 18, 27 & 52 were there. They are supposed to board from some station away from Chennai.

The train started & as it was early morning all were feeling sl**py, so other 2 passengers went up on their respective seats. I also lay down on my lower berth for a nap. After about 2 hours, the train reached at one station & we heard some sound & I got awake. I sat near the window. Then the f****y boarded the train there. Number of f****y members were more than what I expected & found from the chart.

There was one lady of about 27 years, with her k** of about 4 yrs, her younger s****r, mother & aunt. It was really big f****y with only 3 seats in hand. By the time they kept their luggage, train started moving. Her son asked me for window seat. I moved little bit inside & gave him the seat. As other passengers were still on upper berths, there was not any problem in sitting. But to my surprise, though enough place was available on opposite berth, the lady tried to get sit on my berth.

She requested me with a smile and I happily moved little bit to give her space to sit. She sat inclined towards me as not much space was in between. Her outer thighs were in so close touch with me. I was feeling the whole side way contact with her. After few minutes, I asked about there destination. She turned her face & told with smile, that they are going up to Nagpur, which comes after midnight. Her mother asked about my destination.

I told that I am going to Delhi. She again turned & smiled. I found a real attraction & a special invitation in her eyes. She was still sitting close to mine side only. I was also feeling the closeness of a charming lady.

Let me explain about her. She was a nice lady, gorgeous, pretty, inviting , though married with a k**. I noticed that as & when she gets opportunity to talk, she looks towards me with a real attractive, inviting smile & same time pressure with the side body, as we were sitting still close. Her s****r of 17 years was taking care of all requirements of her k**. After some time, all wanted

To take rest, so we raised the middle berth too. Still some berths were vacant in the neighboring coup. Her mother & aunt went there to sl**p. I lied again on lower berth. The lady, sapana, her name changed, went to middle one, above me. I was pretending to sl**p. Few minutes later, I found she took out some magazine from her bag & started reading. It was saras salil, a very common f****y magazines at Rly stations.

I was feeling little sl**py as it was about 9 in the morning. After few minutes, she come out of the berth, looking on me from up only & asked me, if I am interested in reading magazines. I said, “sure”. Then she given me. I took it and again lied down. I tried to glance at the magazine. Then I came out of my lower berth as I was not feeling comfortable reading while sl**ping without any support of pillow, etc. I found that she was also awake. She again smiled in a nice way. I really appreciate her moves, as she was with her f****y members.

After some time, almost all passengers including her f****y members were sl**ping as everybody was tired due to catching of early morning train. Train was moving very fast. I came out of my lower berth & sat on the side lower berth to relax only. I found she was pretending to be busy in magazine, but frequently looking from side of the magazine. Then I asked her, if she wish, to bring down the middle berth, so that we can sit comfortably.

She agreed happily. Then we sat & started talking. She said that they came to some relatives place & doing some puja with some baba with her mother & going back to MP. They will change the train at Nagpur. She said she is away from her husband for about a month now. By saying these, she smiled differently.

Then she asked about me. I told her that I am single & going to my parents place. She said she is very happy to get a decent co passenger. I really felt so happy to get this sweet lady besides me. Still she used to continue look deep in my eyes occasionally, while talking. Then she asked that if I had finished the magazine. I told her that I was just busy in glance thru. She smiled again. Then she told that not to be hurry for magazine.

The train reached to Vijayawada after 1 o clock in the afternoon. The train was suppose to stop there for quite long time. Everybody was busy in buying something, etc. She went towards the door to buy something. I saw her standing on the door of coach looking outside for some vendor. I thought this as a good opportunity to feel / touch her. I also moved went to door & intentionally tried to look at the platform there and intentionally placed my hand on her while holding the rod of the door.

Slowly she turned her face towards me with a sweet smile , talking with eyes, without telling a single word. Again without moving her hand she started to look outside towards platform. I was holding her hand from top for 2-3 minute with squeezing slowly and continued pretending to be looking outside. My body was close to her . I was feeling the heat inside. Then we got down together & bought some food items for ourselves.

The train started again and it was summer afternoon and everybody had some lunch at Vijayawada. Within one hour, everybody were on their berths again for afternoon nap. I was sitting on the lower berth with her k** sl**ping on the same. She tried to lie down on the other lower berth opposite to mine. We continued to look at each other with smile. I was really feeling warm to see that really nice sweet companion.

She closed her eyes pretending to be sl**ping. I also stretched my legs on the edge of her berth to relax. Few minutes later, accidently my feet touched her leg. I got awake, but she did not noticed. After this, I thought to take advantage and slowly stretched my legs, just enough to touch her leg. She slowly moved her to keep a distance. Then I waited & stretched further to touch her legs again. This time she did not tried to do anything.

Now my feet was touching her heel portion. I was feeling hot inside. I continued the light pressure on her feet with mine. Now, she started responding with slight pressure, without opening her eyes. Now, I got the green signal. I started rubbing her lower leg slowly with mine. I felt that she is also trying to reciprocate with soft pressures. I was really feeling bulge in me by this time.

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