a dream

they picked me up from the airport in a black sedan (i was wearing the outfit they instructed me to wear, a black pencil skirt, red blouse, fishnets and 4 inch black pumps), there was one driver and a man wearing a Butler's uniform. i was told to take my suitcases in the back seat of the car and sit beside them. Before we left the terminal the butler put tape over my eyes and then a blindfold....i couldn't see anything and my sense of time was also skewed. We drove for a while....i would say it was between 20 to 40 minutes (give or take).....and then we stopped. i was ushered out of the car and both my suitcases were handed to me (they were so heavy and i was not allowed to roll them even though they had wheels on them, i had to carry them for whatever distance we had to walk), i was still wearing the blindfold. From behind, both men were leading me and telling me just to walk and they would steer me in the right direction.....it felt like a gravel road beneath me, making the walking on heels exceptionally difficult, especially blinded like i was AND carrying those suitcases.....it was hard not to fall over, but taking short steps i managed to keep a semblance of control. They noticed this and sped up their stride and still i managed through pain and slight awkwardness to keep pace. Finally we reached a set of stairs and i was told just to keep lifting my feet high until they stopped, i felt silly doing it, but after 5 steps we came to an abrupt stop. i heard a door chime out of the 1800's, very old-fashioned and within seconds the door flew open and the Butler announced to the person in the door that the new slave is here for processing and commencement of service. i was then ushered into the front foyer and my blindfold was taken off and the tape ripped cruelly from my eyes, in front of me was a desk and on this desk was a quill, a scalpel and what seemed like a manuscript length contract for me to sign in my own bl**d. Taken aback, i asked if i could read the document before signing it or have someone else read it for me to make sure that i would not be agreeing to anything outrageous. Indignation and anger crossed the face of the Butler who told me that i had better just sign and get it over with because i had no rights left when i decided to get into the car. i used the scalpel and pricked each finger of my left hand and with the quill i dipped into my bl**d and had just enough to sign the document before it was torn out of my hands.

i am then taken into a basement and then a sub-basement and then even lower than that, deep underground.....i have no time to look around on the trip down, because we are practically running down stairs and stairs and then a ramp into a great Hall....massive with columns of marble against pitch black walls and candles filling the space but providing almost no light.....i am f***ed to stand in the middle of a circle of men, all of them with stern looks on their face, The Master is the most fearsome of all, a permanent scowl etching his regal looks, i can't help but feel a shiver of fear creep down my spine. He tells me, "we know why you are here slave, but you will find no learning, you will find no truths, you will find only pain and suffering and heartbreak. Your feeding days are over, as of right now, this is our ritual room, we will bind you here and after we have energetically bound you, you will feed us daily in this room as well, your bl**d and your energy will help sustain us. Weak and pathetic you will be f***ed to work and earn your keep here. What was yours before, business, house, life and freedom is now OURS, you have nothing, you are nothing, from this moment forward your name will be known as slave and nothing else. If you try to run, we will catch you and punish you. your servitude will last as long as we see fit."

After this impassioned speech, my clothes are torn from my body, i am only allowed to keep my shoes, and this is my work uniform, naked save for this pair of shoes. i have no idea where my suitcases are and i am never shown a room that i will be staying in. i am given house chores, cleaning, scrubbing, doing laundry, but once a day i am f***ed into the Ritual room where i take the scalpel to my skin and allow them (12 of them) to feed on me. i am pale and sickly and this goes on for what seems like months, i don't actually remember getting to sl**p in this dream....very strange......but this morning i woke, feeling like months have past and exhausted.....i am not sure i want this........it felt so real.
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very interesting please continue
3 years ago
i need to service that body and mark it