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[Story] Crush on Lizzy... again?

I hope you remember my last story. This is a sequel to Me, My Girlfriend and a Friend Please read it before this. Again, fake story.

The summer ended quickly. It seemed like any other summer, except for the house guest, Lizzy. It was a very quiet summer still. Lizzy, Katherine and I were all having a great time. Work never got bad, other than the hot summer days. I never really had a bad day at work. Everyone was nice and laid back.
Even with just three of us, fun had its way of getting to us. We played cards, went to a few baseball games, few concerts etc. Katherine and I did ... Continue»
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[Story] Me, my girlfriend and a friend

This story is purely fictional. In fact Im single.

My girlfriend, Kathrine is 21 and I'm 22. We live in a small house in a small town. We both have good enough jobs to pay for the place. We love each other to death. I honestly don't care about sex, but we do it every night. I love it when we do it. Kathrine's pussy is so tight and gets more wet than Niagara Falls. Her tits are beyond nice too. Some nights were more hardcore than others. One night, we managed to have sex in every room. We don't do anal though. We both find it kind of repulsive.
Anyway, one time in the late morning... Continue»
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