last time with a maggot

the last time that i played with maggots i find a medium size maggot to play with on the garbage, i was looking for more to play but i didn't find any other so i run to the bathroom and pull my dick out that it was hard already, so i tuck my dick opener and i penetrate my dick very deep so i started to feel a little pain because the dick opener was hurting me a little bit so i take the maggot that was moving like crazy on my palm and put it on the head of my dick, so i waited to see if the maggot find my opening after some minutes the damn maggot find it and start crawling deep on my dick it's look like my dick opener work's very well after that i let the maggot do his work without stooping him and without touching my dick to feel better the maggot moving deep inside i could feel him moving very close to my balls and when he was just between my balls, i could feel him sliding inside my prostate and making my dick so hard that it's hurt me a little the dick opener so i tuck it away and let my pee hole rest from that pain jeje after that i feel like wanted to make pee so badly that's was because the maggot was trying to enter my bladder but it's look like by erection wasn't helping him to reach his objective so i grab my dick and pull it down to a position were the head of my dick was looking down but still hard as hell so that help a lot the maggot to continue his way in and i felt him sliding inside my bladder entrance and then it disappear inside half an hour latter i felt something moving on my bladder walls it was the maggot trying to find some air to breath that make me cum very hard every load of semen hit the wall of my bathroom making a sound of a water jet, then an hour latter i decide that was the time to release the maggot from me so i grab my dick that was all flaccid by that moment and i make a lot of pee but the maggot didn't came out, so i waited more till my bladder were full of piss again but before i pee again i felt the maggot trying to pass my bladder entrance so he did pass after some failed tries and i barely could feel him moving inside i think it was because was exhaust and was trying to catch some air but i enjoyed every minute were the maggot was moving from the deeper part of my dick to my pee hole when he went out it could barely move so i tuck him off my dick and put him away to let him breath on the next morning i go out again to see if i could find any other maggot but the ones that i found were all turned into brown eggs :/
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3 years ago
Are you fucking kidding me WHAT THE FUCK!!!???
3 years ago
Wtf, interesting, maybe