Fantasy for Hubby!

The notion of getting married had never crossed my mind before I knew Alex; after all, I was just 18-year-old when I met him; besides, my mind was actually preoccupied mostly with two things, traveling and painting. I was dreaming of visiting Paris, London, and others of those magnificent places. That was probably the reason I became infatuated with Alex, because he was interested also in traveling.

On the other hand, it occurred to me--due to what I saw from my b*****rs, friends, and my older s****r husband--that men aren't really interested in woman as a person. They're more interested in their pals, sports, drinking, and showing off their prowess with girls.

The only time I danced with a boy, he was interested in showing off and winking to his friends more than looking to me.

When I was about to marry Alex I was keen to get more information about men; nonetheless, all the information I could get from my rather conservative mother was that man will love the woman who cooks something he likes and wouldn't object to go to bed whenever he wants. Moreover, what I learned from my married s****r was that sex is going to be painful in the first time, but I'll get used to it; I just have to follow my instinct.

On my wedding night I didn't understand the urgency in what Alex wanted to do. When I felt he had difficulty entering me, I was so naive that I suggested we wait to the next day; nevertheless, he persisted politely, and eventually we did it the same night.

Alex, in fact, was different than what my mother told me about men. He wanted a responsive woman, and he was sure that I have such sensitive feelings that could be channeled and directed towards sensuality. Actually, t turned out that he had a plan to stimulate my sexual desire.

One day he led me to stand facing my full size dresser mirror, embraced me from behind, and asked me how much I regard my body. I told him I looked to my full nakedness only once in my adult life, and that was few months ago when I agreed to marry him. Simply, I wasn't impressed by my rather slim young body, compared to my s****rs.

"You've a nice body! You should be aware of that!" Alex said, "It's ripe, has the right proportions, and it's ready to blossom and blow out."

I was sure he was flattering.

He kept doing that on intervals, while denoting the changes in my body--which was amusing to me.

After few months of marriage, my body's transformation was noticeable, and Alex developed a kind of body stimulation rituals.

He would hold me from behind, facing the mirror, cups my tits in his hands and tells me how they're just the right size and perfect shape; then he would move his hands on my belly and admires its flatness and softness; then he would tighten his grip on my waist and points out how the fingers of both hands can touch each other.

He would move his hands carefully along the curves on the sides of my body--starting from my armpit going down--pressing on my waist, then he moves his hands on my hips and shake it vigorously in opposite directions, right hand up, left hand down, or right hand forward, left hand backward, and diagonally, sending ripples of loose flesh around my bottom.

Or, he would roll me over on my belly, face down, on the bed, stark naked of course, and lie next to me---propping his head with his hand and positioning his face so he would be looking closely at my butt. Then he moves his palm gently and very slowly on my butt, tracing the rise and fall of its roundness, with intervals of sniffing or kissing just the softness of my butt cheeks.

I liked the feeling of his warm hands on my body and butt, but in the beginning I found it funny.

One day I couldn't hold my giggling, "You look like someone peering into a crystal ball? Can you tell my fortune from my butt?"

"Yes, I see a long red fleshy road ahead of you, and it ends with a circle and a fountain spurting white hot water," He said, "You know, your butt is so milk white and silk smooth that when it is sweaty I could see the reflection of my face on it."

I ought to say that his plan was very successful. It became a habit to me to look at my body in the mirror to see that my tits are still in shape; my waist stays as slim as it used to be; and I turn around to see that my butt is getting round, fleshy, soft, and as white as possible. It also made every part of my body--particularly my butt--very sensitive to the slightest touch.


We had been married for less than a year when Alex quit his job and went into the import-export business with one of his friends called Andre. Andre was a rich man who lived abroad, and for some reasons he didn't want to be visible in the company's contract; so he assigned his younger b*****r, Joe, to represent him on papers and in the management.

Joe was a handsome young man, and he was about my age.

The new business required Alex to travel a lot. He used to take three to seven days trip a couple of times every month, and in the beginning I used to travel with him, to take care of his secretarial chores. After a while, we decided that I should complete my university study; so I got enrolled in the college again and stopped traveling with him.

Consequently, our sex encounters--which became a very important part of my life--were getting sparser, and a nagging question kept buzzing in my head, "What Alex's doing about sex while he's traveling?"

My thought was if I can stay without sex for seven days, Alex wouldn't stand one day without sex.

That doesn't mean I could stay for seven days without thinking about Alex, or the touch of his hot dick, or how he hugs me, kiss's me, undress's me, caress's me, or enters me. Unfortunately, all I could do was to try to immerse my mind in my study, or go to sl**p, or sit and cry.

One day I visited my married s****r, and our conversation drifted to what I'm doing while Alex is traveling and if I miss him.

"Oh s****r, I miss Alex very...very much." I said, "You can't imagine what I feel. I feel gripping in my stomach every time I think about him."

"I know...I know...Oh my poor c***d, you're in dangerous condition!" She laughed with sympathy, "and what are you doing about that?"

"Nothing, what can I do? I sit and cry!" I said, "I never thought my emotions will be so messed up, or I could have such burning feelings, particularly in my lower half!"

"My god! something with your...I mean do you play with yourself down there?" She stammered, "I mean do you masturbate?"

"No, I never thought about that." I said, "I may have grabbed myself down there to stop that aching feeling, or that what I thought I could do, but that's all!"

"Oh...Nadia...I don't know how all of that happened so fast!" She said, "The way you were thinking and conducting your life didn't look like you'll ever get married. I couldn't imagine you'll marry one day, then suddenly you are married and sunk in love up to your ears!"

"I didn't either!" My voice chocked. "I never cared to know about men, or sex, or even look to my body!"

"Well, you will soon find out that masturbation is the closest thing to sex. There is no harm in playing with yourself to quench the fire you could feel in your heart, or actually what you feel below your heart...huh," she said, "but don't get carried away and make the mistake a lot of women make."

"What mistake?" I asked.

"Dear, Masturbation sometimes leads to insertion. I mean you may find it tempting to simulate your Alex's thing by inserting a similar object inside your vagina."

"Similar to Alex's thing?" I giggled, "What's that thing that'll be similar to my Alex's thing?"

"I don't know...ha...about your Alex's thing...ha...ha...but it could be a cucumber, or banana, or it could be a little worm...who knows? ha ha ha..." She giggled too.

Then my s****r wore the mask of seriousness, "Okay, want to give you a serious advice." she said, "Insertion will not substitute the real thing, particularly after you tasted the real thing, and that'll fill you with a kind of frustration; besides, Inserting big objects could hurt the vagina and weakens its capability for contraction. You know the vaginal contraction...don't you?"

"Yes...yes...I know!" I said.

"Regardless, there is no shyness in using good advice I got from someone." She said, "It'll be a good exercise for your vagina muscles if you try to squeeze it to hold a tiny straw. It'll also make your vagina more sensitive, and it'll help keeping it tight. That--you might know--makes the man very excited!"

I made by her advice, and I found it invaluable advice.


One day, Alex and I were lying on the bed, after having a thrashing sex, and Alex was doing his "ass monologue antics" on my butt.

I turned my head around to look to him and asked, "being in the army and lived on your own for a while, have you ever slept with another woman?"

"I know you! I know that one day you're going to ask me this question, but...but if the answer was yes, are you going to feel offended?" Alex was hesitant.

"No!" I said, "providing that you'll not lie to me."

He thought for a while then said, "Well, I'm going to tell you the truth, only because I believe you are mature and because I love you. Okay, yes...I had a couple of encounters with do you feel now?"

I didn't know why I felt angry, although I sort of expected his answer.

Alex noticed my quietness, "Now you're upset! Aren't you?"

"No..." I was defiant, but my eyes blurred with tears, "Have you ever thought of asking me such a question?"

"Oh my god! Why should I? I'm sure you never had any sexual experience with another man." He laughed, and after a pause he said, "You might have experience with another girl!"

"Shut up!" I was surprised, and I countered, "Did you have such experience with another man?"

His eyebrows shot up and his jaw dropped; then, with a kind of parental sympathy he said, "Honey, you don't know what you are talking about, this is not the kind of question you ask your husband. My answer's I'm not gay! Okay!"

"Why are you upset? Why shouldn't I ask you about the same thing you're implying?" I said.

"I'm not upset. Honey, I didn't mean exactly what I said!" He said, smiling wearily, "However, sweetheart, woman with woman is like adding a shell of candy on top of a sweet cake."

"Well, the reason I asked you this question is because my b*****r once told us about how a boy was hitting on him, and how he turned him down tactfully." I said, "There was nothing wrong with that."

That made Alex laughs loudly.

Then I asked him if he's having sex while traveling, but he didn't give me a satisfying answer, saying, "If I find a woman as pretty as you are, which will remind me of you, I may do that."

"Oh yeah...come...on...there are scores of pretty girls out there!" I said, "Anyway, if you have to have sex, just be careful about the STD."

That made him laughs his lungs out saying, "I'll remember that!"

After a period of silence, I said, with defiance, "All right, I also want to...I wish I can sl**p with another man!"

" must be out of your mind to say such a thing!" Alex looked to me with obvious disbelief, "Darling, I understand you're upset because I showed I had something you didn't have." he was thoughtful, "On the other hand, you showed pure female instinct when you gave me head the first time. I know you had no prior experience whatsoever, and you had acted impulsively. I appreciate that."

After a pause, he hugged me with ostentatious affection, "Nevertheless, darling, why don't you make up a sexual fantasy about another man. I know you have a great imaginative mind. Whatever your fantasy's going to be my love to you will never change."

I knew he was buying my favor with the c***dren drawing book.

We made love again, but, for the first time, it was painful--probably because I didn't get properly wet. I couldn't really focus my mind on what we were doing.

When we were ready to hit the shower, he held me from behind, gave me a long kiss on my neck, and said, "Okay, so when I come back from my next trip, you'll tell me your fantasy, and I'll grade your success on how much it'll arouse me. It's another way for you to learn how to turn me on."

I felt he was treating me as a c***d.


When Alex left for his business trip, and I was sitting alone, the idea to make up a fantasy floated to my mind. I thought, "How can I fantasize sex with another man? Which man? What kind of fantasy could get Alex excited? What did he say? To learn how to turn him on!"

Then the idea became interesting. I know how to get Alex excited. One of those things I learned from him was how to be perceptive, how to listen and feel his emotions and reaction to every sensual move, and how to mentally register the key arousing spots and moves.

It occurred to me that what could make Alex excited is to make my fantasy look real. So, the main character in my fantasy should be a real character. He should be someone Alex and I both know.

I wondered who could be that man on whom I can build my fantasy. Joe, Alex's partner, popped up in my mind. Of course, he is handsome, tall, young, and, above all, Alex knows him. That would make my fantasy very realistic in many ways, to me and to Alex.

Unfortunately, Joe was dating my younger s****r. Zap...Joe was disqualified.

My mind went in search for a man to male friends? none, my b*****rs friends? may be, my s****r's husband?

I figured out, also, such man has to be attractive. Then I thought, attractive to who? to me or to Alex? I should have asked him!

One morning, while I was doing some housekeeping chores, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find a man, about Alex's age, well dressed, and beaming on me with a cordial smile. He asked me about Alex, and I told him he's in a business trip.

He said he is a friend of Alex and apologized for showing up unexpectedly.

He looked credible, and I found it appropriate--since he was a friend of my husband--to ask him to come in. With little hesitation he accepted my invitation. I ushered him into our living room and asked him if he cares for a cup of coffee or tea--because I was going to take a coffee break anyway. He agreed on a cup of coffee while introducing himself as Maurice, and said that he knew Alex since high school.

I went to make the coffee, and when I came back he stood up to take the cup from my hand, which looked to me like army manners.

He told me that he and Alex have served together in the army, and he lost contact with him since they were discharged from the service. He told me also that he was passing by the city, so he decided to look up Alex because he doesn't have his phone number, and he went on to tell me more details about his friendship with Alex and how army fuses men together.

I found him friendly, and he had some sense of humor.

With the last sip of coffee he was on his feet ready to go, and at the door he gave me his business card and expressed his wish that Alex may call him sometime.

After he left I thought about him for a while.

He sounded sincere and good natured person, one of those people who'll spill out their guts without invitation.

"What else in his character?" I asked myself, "He was polite. I saw that in his behavior when he hesitated to come in the apartment, and when he stood up to take the coffee. He is also little heavier than Alex, and his skin is darker."

"On the other hand, he was also impetuous, for come straight to our home without calling--when the man's most probably at work and only the wife could be at home," I countered, "and he has the guts to step into the house while the woman is alone!"

"Alone! And a bell rang in my head. That's the man who can fit in one of the scenarios I fantasized." I thought loudly, "All what I need is to tweak up the beginning of the scenario."

"What could happen in the twenty minutes or so he stayed with me that can spark in him a sexual arousal?" my imagination took over, "What if he followed me to the kitchen? Na...That'll be too fast. What if he says that I reminded him of his wife?" I remembered he mentioned his wife, but only in the past tense. Then, I realized that there's a lot I need to know about him. However, a story was concocting in my mind.

Nonetheless, just arranging the thoughts and visualizing the scenes--not to mention imagining the impression of my fantasy on Alex--made me very hot.


When Alex came back from his business trip, I couldn't wait to tell him about my fantasy. However, I waited until he took all the time he needed to unwind and discharge most of his sperm tanks (Alex used to take a couple of days off after coming back from a business trip).

After a day of running around naked and fucking everywhere, Alex and I were cuddled up on the couch. He had his head propped with a pillow on the couch arm, and I positioned myself between his parted legs, leaning on his chest, and trapping his hot and softly swollen dick with my belly.

I said, "A friend of yours paid us a visit few days ago."

"Yeah...Who was that?" He asked.

"He said that he came to see you because he didn't have your phone number." I evaded mentioning the name.

"And what did he want to see me for? Was it business?" Alex inquired.

"He said that he is an old friend from high school." I said.

"So you had a little chitchat with him?" Alex said, mocking, "all of that at the entrance?"

"No, he happened to ask me for a glass of water, so I let him in," and I went on to narrate my fantasy, "He mistook me for the housemaid. I realized that when he asked me about 'the lady of the house.' I was in my cleaning outfit, you know, my mini denim skirt, my hair wrapped up in a cap, and my blouse was knotted under my bra-less breasts."

"I'm not surprised. When you wrap your hair in a hat or scarf you look like 3 years younger than your age." Alex said.

"Anyway, I found it funny, so I decided to play along and see how long it'll take him to find out his mistake." I continued.

"I told him the lady usually has a busy morning schedule." I went on, "Then I caught him peeking through my loose blouse."

I paused to take note of Alex's dick stirring in my side, "I ushered him inside the apartment and went to get the water."

"When I came back with the glass of water, he was looking at the pictures on the bookshelf." I said.

"He must have slapped himself on the face when he saw your picture?" Alex was disappointed. His dick went limp.

"Imagine! He couldn't recognize me in the picture he was looking at, probably because my face was too small in that picture." I lied.

"Oh yeah...then what happened?" Alex said, mocking.

"I had to do something, and quickly, so I loosened up my blouse knot, went very close behind him, and made some noise by shuffling my feet on the rug."

"Then?" Alex said, impatiently.

"He was startled, turned around suddenly, and knocked off the glass of water from my hand." I said, "I made sure that most of the water spilled on his shirt and pants, and some of it spilled on my shirt also, before I let the glass crash on the floor."

At that moment I felt Alex's dick swelled and expanded in my side.

"I had to distract his attention from the picture." I said.

"The're!" Alex Said.

"He was embarrassed and angry, so I pretended I wanted to correct my mistake by helping him dry up." I said, "I led him to the bathroom and asked him to take off his wet clothes, and I told him I bring him a towel to dry up." I went on, "Then I left him in the bathroom and ran to hide the my pictures in the living room."

"You don't miss anything...aren't you?" Alex winked.

"I grabbed a towel from the closet and decided to act sloppy and dump." I went on, "I went back to the bathroom, and without knocking I opened the door and dashed inside."

"I found him standing naked trying to find a place to hang his shirt and pants." I continued, "He turned around and said, 'You don't knock on doors? One time you're going to give me a heart attack!' I stammered, 'sorry...' and looked down at his nakedness."

Alex was holding his breath. I could feel his dick getting firmer and hotter, heating and poking hard in my side.

"He held my shoulders and kissed me." I said.

"Kissed you how?" Alex mocked, "on the mouth?"

"Yes..." I said, "I giggled, slipped from his grip, and handed him the towel. I then asked him to go to the living room and wait until I hang his wet clothes to dry."

"After I hung his clothes on the laundry line, I went to the living room, and I found him sitting on the couch; he was sitting on half of the towel and covering his lap with the other half. I told him I know there's beer in the refrigerator and offered to bring him a bottle of beer. He accepted my offer with a wide smile."

"And you brought him a bottle of beer!" Alex said.

I went on, "He took the bottle, but his eyes were on my wet and partly exposed breasts; then he patted on the couch beside him and asked me to sit down. When I came closer, he indicated that I shouldn't keep my wet blouse on and offered to help me with it. He put the bottle on the side-table and raised himself up from the couch a little bit; then in one motion, he pulled the blouse behind my back and pulled me down on his naked lap."

Alex's dick became very hot.

"He expressed his admiration to my body and breasts and asked me how old I am. I threw my arm around his neck and said, 'I'm 18-year-old.'" I went on, "He, then, pointed out that my skirt is wet too and offered to help me with it. He pulled the zipper down and pretended he intended to remove the skirt only, but he hooked the skirt waist band and the elastic waist band of my panties with his fingers and yanked them down my knees."

At this point I felt Alex's dick hardening and pushing me away, and a gush of hot liquid hit my side.

I pulled away from Alex to see what is happening to his dick. Bursts of cum were coming out of its head, so I jumped across Alex's leg and went down on my knees on the floor to look closely to his dick. The scene of the thick white fluid oozing from the purple congested head and flowing down its veiny shaft was fascinating.

I kissed the hot head then started licking--what looked to me a precious stuff--off his red hot shaft and its balls. Then I couldn't resist the warmth of life radiating from the dick; so I started rubbing my nose and cheeks onto it, sniffing the pubic hair, and smearing my face with the hot cum.

Then I raised my head to look to Alex. His face was turned upwards, but his eyes were closed tight with expression of pain.

"Hey...I scored...right?" I said triumphantly, "even before I got into the real stuff!"

"OH...MY GOD...I couldn't hold on any more!" exhaled Alex.

I was like the c***d who succeeded in assembling a toy and found it able to move.

I could tell that Alex started to relax. I looked again to his dick. Cum was still oozing out, but it was deflating. It was nodding and leaning slowly to one side.

That was another fascinating scene; so I positioned my elbow between Alex's parted legs, propped my head with my palm, and kept watching the groggy dick. Even in its deflation it was very red, and I was able to see Alex's face behind his dick.

I looked to Alex and our eyes met. He was looking at me with popped out eyes and pursed lips, and to my amazement his dick started to pop up and got upright again.

"Wow, you're still excited!" I exclaimed.

"Do you expect to look to me with those blue dreamy eyes of yours from behind my dick and I don't get excited?!" said Alex.

"But, are you ready for the real stuff?" I was impatient.

"Well, let us have a drink first. I need to recharge the batteries." Alex said, and headed to the refrigerator.

I also felt that I need to loosen up my tongue for the next part of my story, so I went to get myself a glass of wine.

He fetched a bottle of beer and came back to take his place on the couch.

Alex took a gulp and looked to me, prompting me to continue.

"Well, I was very excited by that time, so I decided it's time to stop playing naive and dump, and take charge. So I turned around, straddled his lap, placed my arms around his neck, and gave him a long kiss." I said that and straddled Alex's lap and gave him a long hot kiss. I felt, right away, he got a firm erection.

"I raised myself on my knees, pulled his head onto my bosom, and pressed my tits onto his face." I said that while doing the same thing with Alex.

"He reciprocated with tightening his hold on my waist, burying his face and rubbing his nose between my tits." I said, "He moved his hands up behind my back and pressed on my shoulders to lower me onto his stiff dick."

I said that and lowered myself onto Alex's dick.

I was so wet that I slid easily on Alex's dick, but my thighs hit his thighs before the lips of my pussy could reach the base of his dick.

I closed my eyes and tried to go on talking, but I couldn't focus on what I wanted to say. I was lost. I couldn't think about anything other than our hot bodies grinding against each other and his dick radiating heat inside my belly.

My face was buried in Alex's neck, but my vision was clouded with his face fading in and out of Maurice image.

My knees were stuck at the back of the couch; so I arched my back and pushed my pussy as much as I could onto the hot rod; then I got the help I needed when Alex slid his back down on the couch and pushed his hips up, and I felt his dick poking onto my womb.

A tide of unsurpassed sensation started ebbing through my whole body and heating it up when I felt his pubic hair touching my clitoris.

At that point, I thought my mind and all my senses shut down. All what I wanted was to keep the friction on my clitoris. I was writhing, squirming, wriggling to keep the friction. I was going out of my mind.

My gyration on Alex's lap--or was it Maurice--accelerated and my body was arching and rocking back and forth in uncontrollable frenzy.

Then, I felt it coming up: surges of contractions inside my pussy. My bottom muscles clenched, and a loud cry escaped me when I came to a convulsive orgasm.

I knew Alex wanted to come too, because his hands were working nervously on my back and buttocks, so I kept rocking my bottom back and forth on his lap, trying to master all my skills to tighten my vagina's muscles on his dick and keep it poking onto my womb.

Soon his groaning grew louder; then his arms tightened around my back, and I felt bursts of the hot liquid filling my belly with incredible sensation.

We kept gasping for air and panting heavily on each other neck and shoulder for a while.

My body racked with pain from a couple of intermittent convulsions; then I couldn't hold myself from bursting in a hysterical sob.

Alex kept patting and rubbing my back until my sobbing abated, then he pushed my shoulders away to look to my face and said, "My god, I have never seen you so excited like today."

We were startled by the ringing of the door bell. We looked to each other inquiringly. When the bell rang again we ran frantically to the bathroom.

"Who is that? What is the time now?" Alex said.

"I don't know!" I said.

Alex grabbed his bathrobe and went to see who was that, and I stood in the bathroom trying to listen from behind the door.

I became apprehensive when I heard Alex calling me. I threw my bathrobe over my body, stuffed some tissue in my pussy, and walked out of the bathroom cautiously.

Alex was standing at the entrance with an old woman.

"This is my wife! We are both all right!" he beckoned to me, "Our neighbor was worried about the noise we were making."

"I'm sorry, but I thought I heard screaming and someone crying!" said the woman, "I see you were taking a shower. I'm sorry again!"

And she turned back to go to her apartment.

"You were really wild! What happened?" whispered Alex, "but that was fantastic! I feel that your desire has grown ten folds."

Alex fetched two glasses of wine and led me back to sit on the couch.

"So, fancying another man can turn you so wild, right?" asked Alex.

"It looks like it turns you on too!" I said.

"Does this guy have a name?" Alex sounded like a teacher revising his student's presentation.

"Oh yes...His name was Maurice." I said.

Alex pulled back, sat upright, and his eyebrows shot upward, "Maurice? Why Maurice?! Maurice...who?" Alex exclaimed.

"Maurice...he said he is your friend..." my voice trailed with apprehension.

"Was Maurice really here?" Alex exclaimed in obvious disbelief.

"Yes..." still not understanding the reason for his disturbance.

"Nadia...was this a fantasy or it really happened that Maurice was here?" Alex winked with a grimace.

"What do you think?" I teased.

"Of course it's a fantasy!" Alex was coming back to his senses and assuming the expertise tone.

"What makes you so sure?" I challenged.

"Come on...Nadia...don't underestimate my intelligence," Alex said, "You avoided telling me a lot of details you obviously don't know about Maurice."

"Like what?" I said.

"Like how he behaved in certain situations. Did he smoke a cigarette after he was done with sex?" Alex retorted, "You failed to say something about his body, or his dick, like how big it was?"

"You got me!" I said. "But...would you know the difference if I made up any description? How would you know, for instance, how big was Maurice's dick?"

" the army we see each other naked every day." said Alex.

Alex was thoughtful before he said, "I forgot completely about Maurice. I didn't see him since I left the army."

"But I still don't understand why you were disturbed when I told you that it was Maurice?" I said, "Does it make any difference if he was somebody else?"

"Well, dear...Maurice's not that kind of man I could imagine you sl**ping with." Alex said, "not for a particular reason...he was a good friend and everything, but he's that kind of man that could take you for granted."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He's not that discreet or tactful when it comes to other people reputation. I mean that when he gets d***k, he could say that he sl**ps around with Alex's wife, or something like that."

"Is that true?" I said, "So...what kind of man you could imagine sl**ping with me?"

" should be a kind and caring man." Alex said, laughing, "one who would respect you...and me..."

"Like who? Joe?" I was teasing.

"My're getting really crazy!" Alex said, "don't get carried away so much!"
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3 years ago
Excellent story and a really interesting sory/fantasy line. Please write more.
4 years ago
BRAVO kabeer69 BRAVO. Finally a story I can identify with. Hope there may be more. Thanks.
4 years ago
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