So pleased

I wake feeling so pleased with my pet thinking about all the ways he has pampered
and worshiped latley, feeling so wet and horney and never feeling this pleased with a
petbefor im kinda lost on how to reward him.. i think about it as i shower and get
ready for my day off... i completly loose my train of thought when i relise i have
an intire day to tease and torment my pet and decide to get started early.. giving a
lil wistle from my shower then shouting "you better be in here when i get out to help
me towel off." a faint sissy like comment comes from the other side of the shower
curtin "yes mistress, you look beautiful this morning mistress and your coffee is on the
table waiting for you mistress" i laught "why would i doubt you my pet ou hav bin so
good to me latley" and i go rite back to my shower so turned on and happy with my choice
of in home pets i start thinking of other nasty things to do to him as my hand trips down
my body straight to my clit.. knowing my pet still so badly wants to cum it just encourages
me to b noisy really let him know how much im enjoying my shower and now my morning
masterbation and he cant see and is probably thinking he will b denied again today. i
giggle and continue to play with my sweet wet pussy..

i here somthing n it goes away so i ignore i then i here so softly "Mistress? Mistress may
i help you with your sweet wet pussy? Please mistress i want to serve you" i jerk the
curtin open with a mean look on m face i laugh and tell him to hurry the curtin open is makin
it cold.." he hurries in and goes straight to his knees.. i leave him there with no instruction
wanting so badly to c him screw up so i dont have to come up with a good reward.. and there
he sat staring up at me as a played with my pussy toungue out just hoping i guess i laughed
and asked "what are you waiting for i thought you wanted to help" well as soon as i said that
his hands flew from his lap to grab both my ass cheeks and hold me there thightas fis toungue
worked on my clit his hands wildly explored my body i wanted to step back and give him shit but
i had nvr had him with this levil of eagerness befor thinking to myself he must still b trying to
prove himself to me.. i laugh again and back away "if your trying to prove yourself my pet you
will have to do better so keep your toungue and llips to yourself make me cum with your fingers
my pet and only your fingers and if i squirt i have came up with a reward for you i will let
you have my feet and my pussy no rules just dont cum befor i do" withthat my my pet used one hand
to pull me close and ran the other up the inside of my leg, his thumb wirked my clit as he slid
the first finger in my tight wet pussy.. i moaned lightly..sticking to my orders he keeps his
toungue and lips to himself but his free hand wildly explores my body paying particular attention
to my feet legs and ass and acasionaly going up to tease and pinch a nipple as they are so hard im
so excited. my pussy is starting to drip as he slides the second and third finger into my pussy
i maon loudly and start to feel week he wispers "just put a hand on my shoulder if you need to
mistress" i laugh as he slides in a forth finger and my knees start to buckle.. i quickly seet
myself on the back of the tub and i insist he does not stop,, he quickly continues thrusting a lil
harder and deeper now telling me how badly he wants to taste me and kiss my feet and suck my toes
. getting me off is driving him wild so i start to tease his lap with my feet teasing his cock with
my toes moaning uncontrolably i say "dont you dare cum befor i do you wait till you are told" yes
mistress is all i got befor he went back to tellin me how badly he wanted to make me cum squirt
all over him and then rewarding him for a good job.. "i love hering you beg for it my pet make me
cum fist your mistress now" with that all the fingers came out and the hole hand sliped in stretching
my pussy as much as it could posably stretch still talking dirty to me i scream omg ima cum and
as i do i sprey ever where all over my pets face and up his arm and as he slowly slided his hand out
of my very sensitive pussy i explode again then order his toungue into action "lick my pussy clean my
pet or my hole shower will b a waist of time" he dives in fast eagerl lapping up every drop of
cum as his cock twitches out of controle i say "dont cum yet you havnt got permition lets get out
you can towel me off and go start my breakfast" he help me out towels us both off and leaves in a hurry..

i do my hair n put my face on slip on a pair os sheer nylons my heels my pet and i got while shoe
shopping and my silk robe and walk out to great my pet ready to reward him,,,, but my coffee and a
beautiful breakfast already await me at the table as does my pet under the table eagerly awaiting my
toes so i ablige cause who am i to pass up such a good thing. i sit and let my robe fall open n to the
side revealing my ample breasts and nylon incased pussy and legs. causing my pet to sit abruptly
and almost bang his head. he turnes to face me and takes my feet in his hands sslowly he starts to
coress my feet his hands slowly and passionatly,, taking them up to his mouth to softly kiss and lick
my soft smoth nylon incased soles thenthe tops of my feet then my ancles coressing my legs seductivly
as heseduces me with his touch i start to squirmin my seat.. unable to controle my moans as my pussy
starts to get wetter his hands corres a lil farther up my legs, running his finger tips down my inner
thighsback to my feet and so on this continues for a whileas i enjoy my coffee and first well deserved
smoke of the day still secrectly looking as him in astonishment so pleased with how well he performes
as my pet so willing to learn so willing to please so willin to spoil and pamper me.. i moan loudly
as his finger tips lightly trace my nylon incased pussy makin me so get and grind into his hand..

finding it hard to b a bitch while he is makin me feel so good and so wet i decide he needs to be
restrained so i can finish my breakfast with out being side tracked i order him into a chair he looks
pleased to b able to sit with me but the feeling only last a minute as he sees me pull out a long
length of rope and proceed to tie him into his chairjust wr****g the rope around his upper body and
tying it so his handscant get free then hisgets sothey cant b closed and i sit him across from me.
i look him sternly in the face "you decided to distract me so you can sit there shut up and crave for me"
with that i sit and go bk to my coffee and smoke,, as is sit i start to tease him with my feet running them
up and down his bare legs,stopin to press my foot up againsthis cottoncovered balls and watching his cock
twitch under my touch i do this through my hole breakfast and about an hour on the phone with friends.
my pets cock is now twitching uncontrolably as he begs to worship me and promises he will b good and
wants to make me cum untill i can notcum any more.. i rase an eyebrow and smerk at my pet "o you think
you can make me cum so much i cant cum any more do you" he replys " o yes mistress i want you to b
happy and satisfied please mistress please" i reply " ok my pet sit tight" and i walk away phone in
hand now laughing on the phone as my pet has no idea his pleeds where herd by another......

i voice on theother end of the phone laughs loudly and says " you should tie him to the bed and let me
come fuck you infront of the lil sissy pet of yours" i ponder the thought for a moment and reply
"omg that would be so hot" i giggle "but just forplay i want to tease him not make him cry" i lol
the voice on the other end of the phone "im on my way this shoudl be fun" we say good by and i eagerly
await my friend who is so much fun to play with and a lil dom himself and always ver fun when we
play together,, i skip to the dinning room so excited untie my pet and say "were having company you
kno what to do" he just hurries off to clear the table and put his cock ring on and climbes into bed.
i tie him spread eagel and tell himi hav a wonderful surprize for him he smilebut stays quiet getting
lil shivers each time my skin brushis agains his,, i can see the antisapation growing as his cock
starts so ever so lightly twitch as i walk around the room to grad a scarf and walk back over to the
bed lightly run the scarf up his body from his feet to his chest then over his face when i pulled
it away folded it and used it to blind fold him so he couldnt see a thing. he started squirming a
lil trying to losten the scarf im sure but it didnt work,, he continued to squirmas i finished getting
ready,, but as soon a the smellof my vanilla perfume hit him his cock stod straight up and started
to twitch all over again,, so i just quietly crept away for him to rith n twitch in the silence not
knowing what he will feel here or smell next..........

i sit sipping a cold glass of water as i wait for my friend growing eager for the fun we will have
he really likesto take controle of my pussy and tease my slaves with his talent for making me cum
and always leaves me dying to find out what he will do next to blow the mind of my pet, as my thoughts
start to wonder the door bell snaps me out of it. my friend opens the door as he says in a loud basy
voice "honey im here to make you cum all over your pet so comere" i hurry to his side plant a nice fat
kiss on his lips and reply "good im dying to cum good and b satisfied" i take his hand and lead him
to my room where my pet almost jumps as my hair tickles his belly when im pushed bk onto the edge of
the bed.. my friend waist no time on the tease he leaves his pants on and up leanes in kissis me deep
and rames two fingers in my nylon covered pussy instantly soaking my nylons and making my pet think i
was being fuked and he instantly starts his pleeds to watch his mistress cum so my friend pulles off
the blind fold grabes my right leg n throughs it all the way on the bed so i was rite beside and up
against my pet so he had the best most teasing view.. he started squirming out of controle as my friend
continued to play with my nylon incased pussy rubbin my clit and forcing his fingers in with the
resistance of the nylon making me grind into hisss fingers and moan loudly as i had my first orgasim
spraying through the nylons and all over my pets side and arm. but my friend contunues to tease and make
me squirt i few more times befor i get impatientand pull off my own nylons shoving them angerly into
my pets mouth so he will shut up and just watch.. i lay back but this time put the leg that was up
against my pet over my pet with my foot rite beside his face withthe other off the bed.. my friend
drops his pants i look him straight in the face and order him to fuk me good.. he puts his knee up
against my pet throughs my leg from the edge of the bed over his sholder grabs my hip pulls me close
and fuks me hard rite there this goes on for a while teasing my pet his cock twitching like crazzy
as i moan n thrust my body uncontrolably up against my friend.. we both cum si hard thrusting into
each other as he explodes deep inside of me,, he pulls out and our mixed juices drip out of my pussy
as he gets dressed to c himself out i pull my nylons out of my pets mouth and just as he startes to
complain i stradle his face and f***e him to drink the juices from my pussy ordering him to suck me dry
because i want him next then ordering him to lick my ass n go bk to my pussy as i here the door shut
i start to ride my pets toungue tellin to not move i just wanna fuk his toungue i ride it good and
deep then tell him to suk my clit suck it make me cum.. grinding on his toungue thinkin of the nasty
thing i just made him do i explode grinding on his face so hard i can feel my juices everywhere
as i sit up a lil he gasps for a breath and goes rite for my sensitive clit making my unable to hold
myself up but putting me in a parfect place to tease some more so i take advantage and run my toungue
up the shaft of his cock makin lil cyrcles and flicking my toungue over the head of his cock...

i abruply get up and sit between his legs put my hands back behind myself to sit up more comfortably
i place a foot on either side of his chest moving my feet bk n forth up n down and all around his
chest n tummy to tease him rub my big toe against his cheek feeling him lean in hoping for a lick
taste kiss just anything at this point his cock is twitching badlyhe is still begging for my feet
and hot wet pussy.. i tease him with my toes hovering them just out of reach of his mouth, as i quicly
and quietly untie his legs sit up and straddle his waist with a pussy lip on either side of his rock
hard twitching aching cock. i remind him not to cum till told as i untie his arms to free him completly
my tease of his cock has destracted him a lil but not for long as soon as he relised he was free he took
my hips in his hands and pushed me on to my back "your free to take your reward my pet i am so pleased"
and he did holding me backwith a firm grip on my breast he licked my clit a lil fingered my pussy
to losten me up got up on his knees in front of me taking both of my feet in his hands pushed my legs
back and drove his throbing hard cock into my hot wet dripping pussy fucking me hard and deep repeating
how happy he was to serve and please his mistress and how happy he will be when she comes. thoughts of
his words his actions and performance over the last few days drove me wild as he thrusted harder and
deeper begging me to cum i couldnt hold back any longer and just let it go my cum squirted every where
and my pet pulled his cock out of my pussy put itto my feet and came all over them and all i could say
was "oh my pet i am so pleased".....
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lol lets find you a pet so i can come over and fuck you infront of him lol
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great story
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very good
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great story