For My Pet

for my pet

You watch me from your seat at the edge of my bed as i try things on put
them back unsure of what i should ware out for my girls nite.. I am unhappy
with what i am finding and just put on my bra n my nylons and go to do my
make up..

I call you in the bathroom order you to your knees i bend over the counter and
offer you my sxxxy nylon coverd ass and order you to make me cum befor i get
dressed.. i feel you hot breath and the tip of your toungue as you start to
tease my ass both your hands running up n down my sxxxy nylon covered legs
i remind you to not touch my pussy untill you are told and your hands
quickly stay below my knees just to b sure they dont touch im sure..i
put my arm behind me so i can feel the back of your head n push it into
my ass .... you move in closer to me and i feel o what is this i feel a
hard cock up against the back of my legs.. i will hav nun of that i push
you away and order you to calm down and go find my shoes so it is easier
for me to find an outfit.. I finish my makeup as i here you rumiging through
the shoe closet...

I come out a few minutes later to finnd you in your glory with all my shoes on
the floor and my sxxxy high heel black knee high boots in your hands a huge
smile on your face and a raging hard on in your pants.... I look at you with
a flirty smile and ask and now what would i ware those with?.. your other hand
comes from behind your back and you are holding my short black leather skirt
and a sheer blouse... i laugh and remind you that everone else will see me in
them and you wont be there to keep me out of trouble.. you tell me you cant
wait to here all about it then remind me of your task to make me cum before
i leave..

I sit back on the edge of my bed extend my legs and give you my toes to worship
and tell you you can start there as i lay back to enjoy your attention.. You start
with your hands massaging my toes and feet, your hands carressing my calves as you
start to massage the soles of my feet with your tongue i satrt to maone as your
touch moves up my leg.. i remind you you are to make me cum you are not aloud to
cum.. you continue your way to my pussy the dampness is already seeping through
my nylons you hungerly lick n suck on my nylon coverd pussy your hole face pushed
tight agains my nylons i grab the back of your head holding you in there tight as
i squirt all over ur face grinding it in tight so you feel every lil squirt..

I push you away telling you i will get to you later and i go rite back to getting
ready for my night out.... Make up all done hair done clothes on n ready to go i
re-enter the bedroom site in the sied of the bed an wait for your help into my boots
you get me all set and send me on my way knowing all eyes will b on my sexy legs all
nite.I kiss your cheek and leave you with your thoughts..

As always i had a wild and wicked nite out and brought you home a nice wildly wet pussy
and the details of my night. My girl friends and i all played pool in our way to short skirts
sexy nylons and nice heels teasing all the menand drinking for free lol. We then moved
to the dance floor and dirty danced withall the boys but this time it was a female friend
who got carried away teasing my sexy nylons goin a lil to high every once in a while
she teased me and made me cum in my nylons rite on the dance floor,,,as im telling you
this you are moving from my feet witch you started to rub after taking of my boots and
sitting to here my story you move quickly up my leg towards my dripping wet pussy teasing
me through my nylons..

Licking through my nylons fingering my through my nylons i lay back as you get excited and tare
open my nylons and take my pussy with your mouth i push you back and ask do you want me to cum on
your cock? you say yes and ask what would you like in returne mistress? i tell you that after i
squirt on your cock i want you to pull out and cum all over my toes? you just node as you slide
your cock in deep and hard i mone and grind into you wantingyou deeper as my pussy gets tighter and
starts to frex you fuk me faster pushin in deeper when my pussy flexes i moan loudly you pull your
cock out and my cum squirts everywhere ... i emediatly start rubbin my clit hard and order you to cum
on my toes as my fingers move faster and i start to cum again you cum all over my toes and i spray
you with my cum.. now fuk me my pet KiSSiS

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your pet loves it msitress kay