thoughts of you part 2

waking slightly to relise i was still in bed with him a tear rolls down my cheek
trying my hardest to return to thoughts of you i fall back to sl**p my thought traling
back and forth from sex to our sweet lil f****y home i often have thoughts of use
sharing. waking up in your arms having a morning coffee together, kissing you good bye
befor you leave for work every morning random quickies through the day when you have
time to sneek home.thoughts of beautiful home cooked dinners ust the two of use.

my thoughts quickly turn into the dreams i will enjoy untill we can be together
flooding thoughts of just being held in your arms as i fall asl**p.i awake in my dream
your arms are w****daround me holding me tight in your sweet embrase, my bum nessled
against your cock i cuddle in closer as i feel you kiss my sholder. you nibble lightly
as your hand runs down my belly down my leg to my knee and you run ur hand up the back
of my leg over my ass all the way to my sholder. you roll me back towards you and kiss me
passionatly as u grab the back of my neck and pull me closer kissing me harder you
run ur hand down my neck across my chest and start to massage my breasts making me moan
deeply as i roll into you running my hands down your chest. i grab your throbbing cock
getting so wet at the thought that i make you so hard and horny.....

i stroke your cock for a couple of minutes making it harder then iv ever seen it befor..
i kiss you hard moving my hand from your cock to your hip pulling you into me close so you
can just fell the wet of my lips on the tip of your cock, i grind my pussy into your cock
parting my lips slightly feeling ur cock twitch up against my wet swollen clit.i kiss you
again as my hands start to run up your back i grind in again and run my fingernails down
your back hard as i moan loudly and the head of your cock is ust teasing the entrance to my
pussy. you push me all the way back to ware i started facing away from you i feel your rough
muscular hands grab my hips fermly as you gide my to my knees your hands run up my back and
around me pullin me on to your cock as u enter me from behind. you grab my breast tightly as
you move both hands to my nipples tweeking them hard as i grind back into your cock. your hands
slide down around my waist you hold me close and tight as you ram me down on your cock and
lift me a little and ram me back down on it again over and over harder and faster one hand
runs down between my legs your fingers race to rub my clit fastyou pull me closerand rub it
faster i feel you getting close i can feel you inside of me your cock is pulsing fast now my
pussy starts to twitch and spasim on your cock ,,,, pulling us both closer to orgasim you push
me down on the bed roll me over on my bk you put my knees over your sholder driving ur cock
deep and hard into my pussy i scream from excitment watching your face while you fuk me i
moan loudly as you fuck me my body startes to tramble as you fuk me harder, i scream im cumming
as my pussy explodes and squirts up between us i feel your cock twitch eratically as i feel
you unload a huge load of cum deep in my pussy makin me cum again harder this time..

such a good dream it wakes me wet and throbbing for your cock i sneek to the bathroom sit on
the side of the tub and start to rub my clit i am already so hot and wet from my dream i can
easily slide two fingers deep inside my pussy fuking myself hard with one hand i use the other
to fondle my breast then i start rubbing my clit hardand fast as i finger fuk my pussy thinking
of your big hard cock and how it feels rubbing my clit faster fukin my self faster i try to
stifel my moans but let out a loud garp and deep maon as my cum squirts across the room so fast
and hard i keep rubbing and cum again my uices flowin over my ass hole all i can think of is you
fucking me hard i run a finger down to my ass hole start fucking it lightly i feel another orgasim
building i drive my fingers bk into my pussy hard thinking of you fuckin me hard from behind i
rub my clit faster and cum one last time.. all ready to to visit you in my dreams agin i go bk to
sl**p with only thoughs of you... k6969

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3 years ago
fantastic story thanks
3 years ago
You get me soooooo hard..
3 years ago
bravo outstanding story
3 years ago
Really great I love women written stuff far more sexy!
3 years ago
awesome story!!!!