thoughts of you

everything is so fukd rite now i dont know what to think our how to feel or if im
even feeling anything life can b so fuckd up some times so confusing so chaiotic so
jumbled..the thoughs are crippeling the feelings are numbing the moods are crushing
and maddening... then im pulled away to more distracting thoughts....

your carress warms me your passion drives me and your love keeps me afloat... hopes
of being tucked away safe in your arms.. your eyes keep me focused as you stair deep
into my aged soul.... your healing touch soothes my dischiveled mind and eases my
worries and warms my thoughts....

thoughts of us bodys intwined juices flowing where our hands and lips have not yet
touched.. i kiss u deeply hands carresing widly you pull me close running ur hadns
down my back as you grab my ass and pull me on to your cock i bite your lip as i
stradle and take your cock deep in my pussy... your hands still exploring my body
grabbing and smacking my breast violently as i bounce on ur cock takin it beep and
hard in my dripping wet pussy... you pinch and hold my nipples so they are pulled
hard and rough as i bounce and grind on ur cock.. i reach a hand behind me making
you pull harder on my hard nipples as i lean bk a lil farther so i can reach your
balls to tease them as i grind in harder... getting closer to a hard squirting
orgasim my pussy strats twitching and gripping your cock tighter as i grind in
deep and hard taking ur hole cock as my cum eruptes all over ur cock and squirts
up between use as i lean in to kiss u hard bitting your lip as i pull away cumming
again leaving a pool of my cum on your tummy as u start pounding back into me with
each bounce i make you fuck me harder i feel you twitch the thought of you cumming
inside of my drives me nuts i start bucking wildly u grab me tightforcing your cock
deeper inside my pussy as you explode deep in my pussy your body quives as we relax
into each others arms eagerly awaiting our next adventure....

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3 years ago
Great love story thanks
3 years ago
wow!!! im nice and hard right now lets do exactly how you wrote your story
3 years ago
WOW... PLEASE squirt all over me ...
3 years ago
the story is great my cock is hard thx ; )
3 years ago
very nice story