Her Little Sister Watched

This is short, to the point and real. It still makes me hot to think about it. Nothing has been added, it's simply what happened. It's my first attempt at story telling, I hope you like it.


Her Little s****r Watched - A Short Story

I had a girlfriend in High School for several months. She was the new pastor’s daughter at our church and the first time I saw her I knew I wanted to take her out. So I walked up and asked her. To my great surprise she said yes and I took her to the movies on Saturday night. It was a typical first date of sophomores in high School. Nervous, tentative, getting to know each other. By the end of the night we were holding hands and talking easily and when I took her home, she kissed me goodnight; not too sexy, but enough to know she didn’t hate me and she said, “You can ask me out again if you want.” Then she went inside and closed the door.

I walked back to my car, but I don’t remember my feet touching the ground.

I did ask her out again, and again and again and we were very quickly accepted around town and school as a couple. We dated regularly and as with most high school romances, ours became more and more intimate.

We progressed from goodnight kisses, to making out, to fondling breasts to hand jobs and fingered pussy, to sucking dick and licking clit until one night we finally went all the way in the back seat of my dad’s ’68 Impala.

Lauren was sixteen and her younger s****r Lisa was f******n. They were as close as s****rs could be and they shared everything with each other. There were no secrets between them and the night we finally “did it” Lisa came to the door as we were kissing passionately goodnight and Lauren told her everything, right there in front of me.

“Lisa, guess what?” she said as soon as she saw who it was.

“What?” Lisa said expectantly.

“We just did it for the first time!” Lauren gushed.

“What? Don’t tell her that…” I started to protest

“Did what?” Lisa said, puzzled.

“You know, IT.” Lauren said.

“You mean…?” Lisa asked with a nod of her head and a look at her s****r’s crotch.

“Yes!” Lauren confirmed.

“Really?” Lisa squealed and she threw her arms around her big s****r and hugged her.

They were so excited, they were hugging and jumping up and down as girls do at some kind of good news while I stood by, half embarrassed and half turned on by the idea of Lisa knowing all the steamy details. And Lauren told her everything in complete detail. It was like listening to a porn novel being read aloud.

After a flurry of talk between them Lisa said “Oh, god Lauren I want to watch!”

“What!” I said, stunned.

Lauren laughed and Lisa said “Really! You guys just HAVE to let me watch you do it!” and she put her hands between her legs, bent her knees and squeezed her thighs together. “Please?”

I just stood there looking dumb and Lauren raised her eyebrows, obviously as shocked as I was.

I don’t know how, but in the end, Lisa convinced us both and we planned an evening at the movies for the three of us. Lisa picked out a movie that she had wanted to see, I told their parents that I would be fine taking her along and agreed that I would have both girls back home by eleven o’clock.

We left early on the pretense of going out to dinner first but we bought fast food burgers, ate them in the car and went to the early show. After the movie I drove the two of them up into the hills and parked behind a dense growth of trees and shrubs where Lauren and I had done it the first time.

I turned off the motor and looked over at the girls. Lauren was sitting in the middle between me and Lisa. We looked at each other, then at Lisa who had a definite look of eagerness on her face.

It was, in a word, awkward.

Finally, I pulled Lauren close to me and kissed her. She loosened up then and kissed me eagerly back. Soon we were in full-on make out mode, kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths necks and ears.

I pulled Lauren’s blouse out of her shorts and slid my hand up under it, pushing her bra out of the way and cupped her breast in my left hand. She moaned louder so I lightly pinched her nipple which grew pebble hard instantly and she moaned again.

She reached down into my pants and grabbed my already hard dick and when she found that it was too tight a fit, she unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans, slid the zipper down and fished me out of my boxers.

Lisa was leaning forward trying to look around Lauren’s shoulder at what was going on with eyes as wide as teacups.

Lauren pulled away from me, let go of my dick and climbed eager into the back seat. I followed immediately and lay down on top of her, and began to dry hump her, now stretched out on the seat, and she spread her legs and returned my thrusts.

She pulled my shirt off over my head and I unbuttoned her blouse. She shrugged out of it and I reached behind and unsnapped her bra, tossing it on the floor.

She reached between us and grabbed my dick with both hands and stroked it with one while lightly squeezing my balls with the other. I let her push my jeans and boxers down my legs and I helped by kicking them off, leaving me fully naked, and her with her shorts and sandals still on.

I kissed my way down her neck, across her breasts, sucking lightly on each nipple in turn, then down the soft under-curve to her flat stomach and down to the snap on her shorts. When I unsnapped them I heard a low groan from the front seat and remembered that Lisa was with us. I looked up and saw just her head, chin resting on the back of the seat, eyes still wide, watching every move in fascinated detail.

It startled me a little but Lauren grabbed my cheeks in both hands, turned my face back towards her stomach and I finished the three or four buttons of her shorts and pulled them down her thighs along with her silk panties. She kicked of her sandals, then her shorts and panties and we were both now naked before Lisa, still peering over the seat at us in wonder.

I lowered my face between Lauren’s legs and lightly kissed around her tuft of soft downy hair. I love that warm, moist skin between the legs and the labia and I kissed her there on both sides before moving to the middle and pressing my tongue down into her smooth slit.

She jumped when I found her clit and raised her hips to meet me. I licked her from bottom to top and back again then pushed my tongue as deep as I could get it into her quickly moistening opening. She moaned loudly and Lisa responded in the front seat. I looked up into Lauren’s face and I could see that as she was undulating her hips in my face and moaning unashamed she was looking directly into her little s****r’s eyes.

I looked over at Lisa who was returning the stare, and was breathing heavily. Her head was bobbing up and down, ever so slightly and I surmised that she was working on herself behind the seat back which hid her entire body from the two of us in back.

I returned my full attention to Lauren and inserted two fingers into her vagina, hooking them up to her G-spot while I licked her clit with eager concentration. After a few minutes of this, Lauren bucked up high into my face, tensed all over and came hard with a scream and several loud grunts.

At the same time Lisa said “Oh, my god that was hot!” and gave several small shudders before she sunk down into the front seat.

Lauren pushed me away, and rolled me onto my back. She knelt on the floor and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked the end, massaged my balls with one hand and stroked the shaft with the other. She was making slurping noises and breathing loudly through her nose. Lisa poked her head back over the seat back and her eyes opened wide once again when she saw what Lauren was doing.

When she moved to reposition herself in the seat, her shoulders came above the back of the seat for a moment and I was surprised to see that they were bare. She had been wearing a pink and green tank top and I couldn’t tell if the straps were just down over her shoulders or if it was missing all together. She quickly got back down to where her chin was resting on the seat back and she was once again watching Lauren with rapt attention, so the question went unanswered for the time being.

It was erotic thinking that perhaps she was nude or seminude in the front seat and I couldn’t see any of it. That, and the attention I was getting from Lauren soon sent me over the edge and although Lauren had swallowed many times before, I think, just for Lisa’s sake she backed off and finished me with her hands so that when I tensed up and came hard, several streams of warm white fluid squirted high in the air and landed on Laurens arms and hands and on my stomach.

She then bent and licked me clean, sucking and stroking and insuring that I remained hard enough that when she climbed up on the seat facing away from me, Lisa had a perfect view of her very wet pussy sliding down on it.

The moment she lifted it to her entrance and lowered herself down its length, Lisa moaned again and when I looked at her she had her eyes closed and her mouth open, licking her upper teeth with a little pink tongue and jerking back and forth again. Then she looked back over the seat and licked her teeth again, this time staring intently at my eyes as she did so.

She continued to breathe hard and fast and jerk up and down. It was now very obvious that she was fingering herself quite intensely as she watched us.

After a few moments, Lauren lifted herself off of me and turned around. She lowered herself back down, putting one hand flat on my chest and the other over the seat and began caressing Lisa’s neck and hair.

Lisa immediately began to move faster and breathe harder and a few moments later she jerked in the seat, turned beet red in the face, held her breath for a moment then let it out in a long slow moan that make it very clear she had just had a satisfactory orgasm.

Lauren continued to move up and down on me and soon, she too tensed up and jerked violently as I felt her vagina clamp down on my dick and pulsed several times until she relaxed and collapsed down on my chest.

I rolled Lauren over on her back and climbed between her legs. She wrapped them around my waist and I lowered myself down and into her still pulsing pussy.

She put one arm around my neck and reached up with the other and towards Lisa. Lisa reached over the seat and they held hands as I pumped in and out, kissing Laurens neck, cheeks, nose, eyes and mouth.

We weren’t using any form of birth control yet so our method was withdrawal. When at last I began to feel the pressure building up once again, I told Lauren, “Here it comes!” and I pulled out of her and let her finish me with her hand.

At that moment of release all the bl**d has been re-routed from your brain and it took until I had squirted several times again to realize that Lisa was leaning over the back of the seat with her arm outstretched and helping Lauren milk the last of my juices out between us.

Just as I looked up at her she shuddered again, her other hand obviously buried between her legs and she let go of my deflating dick and tentatively tasted the sticky goo on her hand. She made a non-committal look on her face and slipped down behind the seat back once again.

I lifted my head to look at the dash clock. Ten forty and their house was thirty minutes away. “Crap” I shouted and quickly jumped up and gathered my clothes. I pulled on my boxers and jeans and jumped over the seat and started the car. When I did, Lisa screamed and jumped back against the passenger door. She was holding only her white panties in front of her and it was obvious that she had been wiping her semen covered hand on them.

It was also obvious that my fantasy had been real and she was as completely naked as Lauren and I had been. I looked at her and said, “No time to be modest now, get your clothes back on, we’re going to be late. She relented, lowered her legs and pulled her panties on over them and up to her waist.

In that moment, I got a good look at her pink, wet opening, dewdrops of moisture clinging to a small nest of curly hair and perfectly shaped A-cup breasts topped with quarter sized areolas and hard erect nipples.

She calmly pulled on her shorts, bra and blouse, in that order, all the while staring at my eyes as I ran mine up and down her young body.

Just as she was pulling her tank top down over her breasts, Lauren climbed over the seat, all her clothes back in place, but with her sandals in hand. She handed me my shirt as she bounced down on the seat between us and I pulled it on over my head.

She smiled and gave me a wet kiss filled with tongue and lust and I dropped the transmission into reverse and spun tires in the loose dirt before switching to drive and squealing out onto the blacktop at the end of the road.

I drove too fast and didn’t make complete stops at a couple of stop signs but luckily the police were busy elsewhere and I rounded the corner in front of their house with barely a minute to spare.

Lauren gave me another wet kiss before she got out, then Lisa leaned back in over the seat and gave me a rather more chaste kiss on the lips and said “Thank you! That was completely amazingly hot!” Then she crawled back out of the car. Lauren leaned over and gave me a little wave and blew me a kiss and they skipped arm in arm up the walk to their front porch where the pastor opened the door, greeted them with a hug each and a little goodbye wave to me.

I pulled away from the curb, made a U-turn in the cul-de-sac, drove slowly by their house and saw them all standing in the kitchen, apparently telling their dad a hopefully sanitized version of our evening together.

I drove home happy and satisfied.

Lauren and I dated until mid-summer that year and had some great sex, just the two of us. We broke up that summer, I don’t even remember why or how, we just drifted on to other people.

Lisa never joined us again. I don’t really know why. I fantasized about her actually joining in for a threesome, although she was still only f******n so it’s probably just as well. I’ve spent many solo sessions since then, fantasizing about that evening with Lisa, naked, peering over the seat at us and having her own little orgasms.

I’ve kept the memory of that particular night above all the other nights as one of the fondest memories of my teenage years.
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I Love being watched while I'm having Sex, especially by a younger Sister that's Naked as well and rubbing her puffy mounded Pussy. This story made my Cock Hard as I envisioned each word and every sentence, while Jerking myself Off & Ooozing sticky Cum:
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