Illicit Affairs: Tales of the Heart

Illicit Affairs:
Tales of the Heart

This is a tale, a tale of a woman's illicit affair that nearly brought her the brink of insanity but more importantly, true heights of sexual ecstasy. This isn't a tale for the closed minded nor for the faint of hearts. Question remains: can you handle it?

Her name, well we'll call her Amanda. Amanda was your typical all American mid Western girl; blonde, petite and as sweet as can be. Inside her though lurked a dark, ferocious and insatiable woman with a sexual appetite that could put the professional addict to shame. Amanda came from a good Christian home. Her parents instilled in her all what good Christian parents should: 'Love thy neighbor' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. People loved her. Men loved her. Men had always been a weakness for her. She was young and inexperienced and hadn't had many in the way of lovers. Truth be told, she hadn't had ANY lovers. Her friends would be like, "Mandy, when the fuck are you going to pop that thing? What, you’re going to remain a virgin forever? Mr. Perfect doesn't exist you know!"
How could he not exist? You just don't randomly give your one virtue away so easily, do you? He has to exist, right?

I guess that part is yet to be written audience. You'll have to wait and see...

Quentin was your ideal playboy; young, rich, incredibly handsome, and very successful. He lived in a way many would see as opulent or gluttonous; houses, boats, cars...women. He was the envy of most who wanted to model themselves after this sexually caviler man. His lust for life mirrored how he lusted in the bedroom. Quentin tried to stay with one woman. They all wanted the same thing ultimately. He never thought he could ever provide any emotional support, only sex. Just by a smile and uttering the words "hello", he could make women swoon and drop their panties in an instant.

He was there in that mid Western town on business, finalizing some property that the new company was to be branching out on in the small, but seemingly growing town. The economy was expanding, so it seemed like a good idea for Quentin and his team of eight to cease and to capitalize on that before anything could go wrong. It was a miserable flight so as soon as he could drop his bags, he asked the man at the front desk for a good bar in town. "Well" says the man, "there's a pub down the road, maybe a mile or two and they have the best homemade brew and wings you sure did ever taste!" Quentin smiled and says "Alright sir, I'll let you know just how good your advice is when I get back." The man smiled and went to answer the phone chiming away on the cradle.

Amanda with her girlfriends in tow had desperately needed a night out. They had all been so consumed with work and her, with school. “Wow, I haven’t been to this place since my mom took me here on my 17th birthday” Jackie commented, looking at some of the hockey memorabilia and diagonally placed green jersey’s on the wall. Amanda laughed and cocked her head to one side and said in a sardonic tone, “You were once 17?” Jackie crinkled her nose and slightly stuck her tongue out at her teasingly. “I’m ready for round two. You guys want me to go and get this ‘round?” A gaggle of ‘yeah could you(s)’ had permeated through the clamor of the crowd. She smiled and went on her way to meet her destiny. Only she was completely unaware of how this was going to change her, them. Forever.

While walking up to the bar assessing the crowd and commanding the attention of her feminine magnetism, Amanda stopped suddenly. She gasped. ‘Holy shit, who the HELL is that?’ her amorous inner goddess pounced. There before her was this Adonis; tall, dark and devastatingly handsome. He was sitting there on that barstool, studying the color and froth of the rich ambered ale in hand. Her pupils dilated and sex with him had invaded her dirty mind instantly. Without any decorum or hesitation, she bumped into him on purpose. “Oh my god, excuse me, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?!” He was completely caught off guard. Not by the intentional ‘accident’, but by this absolutely stunning woman that stood before him. “I’m fine”, Quentin said in a coyly manner. “Can I buy you a drink or several?” Amanda busted out laughing. “Shouldn’t I be the one to ask YOU that? Hi, I’m Mandy, Amanda”. She extended her's to shake the hand of this beautiful stranger. When she meets his palm, she brushed her knuckle to make their formal introduction that much more intimate.
“I’m Quentin, very nice to meet you Mandy. So, you going to take me up on that drink offer or are you going to make me drink alone?” Her pulse quickened. ‘How about we screw the drinks and get right to the screwing?’ her inner voice piped up. With a toss of her long blonde locks, she looked at him. Licking her lips, she uttered words she normally would have never been caught dead saying, out loud anyway. This man had captivated her instantly. If she did not cease this opportunity, Mr. Perfect was going to slip right by.
“Let me ask you a question. If I were to say I’d love to fuck you right here right now, what would you say?” Quentin’s eyes had stopped momentarily from assessing her beautiful feminine shape and looked into her eyes. “Why Amanda, you read my mind. I was thinking the same exact thing. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He slid off the barstool and took her hand in his. Not even giving her girlfriends a wayward glance, she exited the bar walking hand in hand with her present and her possible future.

He opens the car door for her. The rental is a big Buick Escalade, the only one they had in stock. “Wow, this thing’s huge! Are you the only one driving this Quentin?” ‘That’s not the only thing that’s huge in this vehicle, Amanda’, Quentin’s mind raced to that naughty place. “No, my business partners and I caravanned here from the airport to the hotel this afternoon. We needed something, large.” His eyes seductively looked at her as if she knew of his double entendre. “Well, it’s a very good thing you have this very large vehicle then, isn’t it?” Biting her lower lip, she eases back into the spacious seat and adjusts her tight pink cotton t-shirt. ‘Her breasts are magnificent’, Quentin thought. ‘I can’t wait to fuck the god damn shit out of her’.
It was like she read had his mind. Without any unwarranted action, she kissed him. In that moment, his Alpha male came out. He took her and eased her out of her seat and proceeded to place her on his expanding lap. She could feel his growing arousal for her. It turned her on so much that she started to startle him. “Oh Amanda, I’m going to fuck you so good you dirty girl you”. They continued to kiss so passionately, like both of their lives depended on it.

With panting and lots of heavy breathing, he was able to get that tight pink cotton t-shirt off of her and free her from her prison of clothes. The bra got ditched just as easily. He had never seen anything like her ever before. Her skin was soft, supple. Her breasts, perfect. He took one in his mouth to taste. It was like heaven. Quentin had had many women in his life, but never such as one as this. He lifts her skirt up slightly to feel the sumptuous softness of her exquisite female anatomy. He pushes her panties to the side and slowly inserts a finger in her. A low, soft yelp escapes from her throat. ‘I wonder what else I can make come out of that throat. Or make go in’, he thought again. “Hmm, you’re so wet Amanda. You’re also so fucking tight. You don’t do this type of thing often, do you now”? She shakes her head languidly, still biting that lip of hers. He proceeds to insert another finger. He feels how she is taking him, contracting her muscle, knowing it’s driving him wild. So, she decides to position herself off of him and to return the favor.

She starts to unbuckle his jeans and his very impressive manhood is still standing at immediate attention for her, only her. She starts to lick her lips in anticipation. She takes both hands and holds him, stroking him up and down. She tastes the tip. It’s so surreal that she has a briefing with her conscious. ‘Is this really happening? Can I go all the way to the end of the idea of this beautiful stranger?’ ‘Not now Mandy!’ her inner sex goddess proclaims. ‘Take him, posses him. FUCK HIM!!’ She closes her eyes. She starts to lick up to the tip and works her way down to the base. A soft moan emanates from his throat. It was enough for her to know and she was more than happy to oblige.

She started to make sucking sounds with her mouth. The most sensual and hottest sounds he had ever heard. He still was manipulating her, teasing her with his expert fingers. Amanda was moaning and Quentin was lying back, fingering this hottest piece of ass he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. Drawing a sharp breath suddenly, he says “I am going to fuck you so good. You ready for me Mandy?” She nodded her head slowly. The foreplay had gotten them both so turned on, they went back to making out like two, impassioned lovers.

She broke the kiss abruptly though. She smiled, continuing to maintain eye contact with him. “No Quentin, I’m going to fuck YOU so good. Question is, are you ready for ME?” Her lips purse and her eyebrows arch. For once in her life, she’s able to exhibit her feminine prowess, a sexual aficionado. “Now that’s a question I haven’t been asked in a really, really long time Amanda. I’m just so glad that you were the one to ask it”. She laughs inwardly and starts to tug down his pants over his ass. He then ditches her skirt and panties to the back of the Escalade. She once again startles him and takes his girth into the palm of her hand. ‘Shit, this is going to hurt’, her conscious yet again sidebars with her. ‘Stop over analyzing god dammit! FUCK HIM!!’ so, she guides him into her.
The tip meets her opening so softly, she almost forgets everything. The glistening wetness off his cock from where her mouth had just recently visited was such a fucking turn-on. Panting then ensues from both willing participants. Quentin is so hard, he’s ready to cum before he’s even inside her. “God, you’re so big. Can you even fit inside me?” she inquires. He goes to revisit where his fingers had just come from and feels her slickness. He then puts his fingers in her mouth. “Suck.” She does as she’s told. "You taste and feel how wet you are? I don't think you'll have any problems letting me punish that little pussy of your with this nice big cock of mine. Does that ease your mind at all, baby?” “You dirty boy you. That was all the confirmation I needed”, she retorts in a breathy manner.

He slams her down on his raging hard manhood as she cries out in a pleasurable but painful way. He goes slowly at first then she develops a rhythm. “God damn Mandy, you’re so fucking tight. I’m going to fuck you so good, you sexy girl you.” She throws her head back with having her neck exposed. He starts to lick and suck at her, nipping at the tender flesh. She starts to ride him. Gyrating her hips, she is now the one in control. “I want to you to empty yourself into me when I say so, okay?” Her shallowed breathing is once again overlooked by just how hot this night is. Who would’ve thought that she would lose herself, her virtue to this man? “Ah, fuck. Oh god, here I come baby. You want it inside you, right Amanda?” She slams herself into him repeatedly, so that his sac is touching her exposed backside. “Oh fucking yeah, yeah. Oh god, you sexy fucking girl you!!” they release together but before his release, she thinks he might’ve uttered words. A woman like her could get used to words like that; ‘I love you’.

In their post coital afterglow, he takes her womanly body and holds her. Imagine if that man at the front desk didn’t suggest that pub with the ‘best brew and wings you sure did ever taste!’ Remind me to thank that man and tell him I had also met my present and my future in that pub, too.

I hope I was to entertain you audience. You’ve been great ;)

90% (7/1)
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1 year ago
lol Buick Escalade?
2 years ago
but how were the wings?
2 years ago
Loved it! Brings back nice memories of fucking in cars and popping cherries~! Keep them coming!