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Was always interested in this. Finally got a TENS unit recently, and some pad electrodes. The very first time all that happened is I got very hard, but had too much to absorb in my first session to reach an orgasm. Several subsequent sessions like that happened BUT each time the pleasure itself was better and better, and I found that even finishing off with my Fleshlight was intensified by my estim foreplay. Eventually, I fashioned makeshift cock electrodes using thick solder, found a day when I could devote some real 'me' time alone and undisturbed. I have to say, felling the sensations in the base of my cock and around the corona, set to 'WAVE' while watching some favorite online porn was intensely arousing. AND HOORAY I finally had an HFO! (hands-free-orgasm) Since then I have ordered and am waiting for the adjustable conductive-rubber electrodes to come, and have also made better home-made ones using thick-guage copper, using the connectors from 2 old TENS pads to hook up. I like to have on at the base, one up near the head, each on a separate channel, with a pad in my 'taint' area and another under my balls on completing the circuit. Playing with the intensity of the unit is HOT, and I love how estim allows me to ride the edge for long intense sessions, and I have now started to have HFO's regularly! It IS all about the mindset, as you do have to train your mind and body to accept that you are not going to hurt yourself. Once you find that 'place' you will LOVE IT! I can only say that it really is not anything like you have ever felt, it is safe and completely under your control.
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11 months ago
this afternoon was a great session!
2 years ago
i agree with what you say, i love my tens its a fantastic way to have an explosive orgasm, and the amount of cum i produce is immense..
2 years ago
It just gets better and better!