Uncle Charlie, Sam Ellis and the Barn

After my first double solo encounter with Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis, it was not long before I was involved again with them. About a week later, Uncle Charlie asked me to help him again with some repairs to an old barn/cow shed which stood at the top of the marshes where Sam kept his young cattle during the summer months.

We had not been there long when Sam appeared. It was a hot day and he had brought some home made beer by way of refreshment - we went inside the barn, sat on some hay bales and each had a drink. The two of them were discussing the repairs and then suddenly Sam said "Have you had the boy's cock up your arse again, Charlie?". I realised that sex was a subject not far from the surface whenever these two were together.

Uncle Charlie replied by saying no but telling Sam that I was good at nibbling foreskin on Uncle George and sucking his cock and would Sam like to see me performing on him. With that, Uncle Charlie dropped his trousers to reveal his prick which was already semi-hard.

Sam then said "You can save your blow job for later. Let's see what fun we can have with him today - I'm sure we can make him come enough to make his balls ache" and immediately made a grab for me. Between them, they stripped me and while Sam pinned me on the floor, Uncle Charlie started to play with my cock by rubbing it until he got an erection on me which he seemed satisfied with. I was both excited and scared as I had no idea of what "fun" Sam had in mind. Uncle Charlie gestured to me to get up and to sit on one of the bales. He then exposed his rampant prick fully and indicated to me that he wanted me to wank him. I carefully took his cut cock in hand and started to rub him just as he had been doing to me. At least, with us both being cut, we knew exactly how to handle each other's cock to the best effect.

Meanwhile, Sam had also dropped his trousers to expose his rather different cock with its very long foreskin and purple head. He took himself in hand for a few strokes and then moved over to where I was sitting and offered his cock to my mouth. His shiny purple knob was just protruding out of the end of his long foreskin and I exposed it completely before applying my lips around the end and gently teased his manhood with my young tongue. This obviously got him going and he pressed his cock deep into my mouth - it went in so far that I thought that I was going to gag.

Mercifully, this did not last long although I was so dreading that feeling in the back of my throat that I had stopped wanking Uncle Charlie. With no real warning, Sam withdrew from my mouth and went round the back of Uncle Charlie and pressed him to bend over in front of me. Uncle Charlie pressed himself between my legs and started to lick my cock and balls. Meanwhile, Sam was now positioning himself between Uncle Charlie's exposed arse cheeks and I realised that he was intending to fuck him. So far as I could see, he was pushing his cock up against Uncle Charlie's hole and with a sudden thrust, he was obviously inside and slowly started to move backwards and forwards as he proceeded to fuck him. As he did so, Uncle Charlie was getting more and more excited and was sucking me for all he was worth.

I was getting closer and closer to the edge and then suddenly Sam pushed really hard and shouted "you're going to get my spunk, Charlie, get the boy to give me his." With that, Uncle Charlie stopped sucking on my cock and said to me "Finish yourself off over Sam. Spray his face with your spunk". I stood up and did as he instructed. Three or four quick pulls on my cock had me spending my load over Sam's face as he pushed himself deep into Uncle Charlie and buried his load into him.

Both I and Sam were spent and the evidence of my exertions was all over Sam's face. He then said that it was time to relieve Uncle Charlie of his seed but we did not want to waste it because we had a good use for it. He told me to lie on the floor and signalled Uncle Charlie to sit astride my chest. Sam then started to wank Uncle Charlie and as he was getting close to his climax, he said to me "Open your mouth, you're going to take his spunk there but do not swallow it". Suddenly Uncle Charlie started to buck and Sam pointed his cock into my mouth. Before long, I could feel gush upon gush of his spunk filling my mouth and it was all I could do to avoid swallowing.

Once he had drained the last drop, Sam indicated to me to spit out Uncle Charlie's offering into my cupped hands. He then knelt over and told me to use Uncle Charlie's spunk to lubricate his own arsehole. He then told me to fuck him just as I had before at the farm and instructed Uncle Charlie to play with my balls while I was doing it. I pushed into him easily and started a slow rhythmic action making sure as taught to pull it nearly out before plunging it in again. This certainly seemed to get him going and I was enjoying both the tingling sensation on my cock and the attention to my balls and around my arse which Uncle Charlie was providing. Eventually, I came for the second time in the session but this time depositing my seed into Sam. He really seemed to enjoy being fucked as much as he had enjoyed fucking Uncle Charlie.

I then realised that I had come twice and the other two only once each - I did not have to wait long to find out how that matter would be resolved. Sam said "our turn now, boy. Do you want it in your mouth or your arse?". I had never been fucked and given the size of his purple head, I did not want to experience that from him. I therefore said that I would take it in my mouth. "You'll have to do both of us", he said and, with that, gestured to me to sit on a bale and offered his semi-hard cock as he stood in front of me. I started to lick the knob and nibble his foreskin as Uncle George had taught me until he was virtually rock hard. At that point, I began to suck him and took his rampant cock into my mouth.

Uncle Charlie then moved up to me and began to rub his cock along the side of my face. Once he had got it hard, he then tried to put it into my mouth as well as Sam's. He pushed really hard until he got his end in and then started to push in and out in time with Sam until they were almost doing it in tandem. Sam said "let's mouth-fuck him good and hard so we fill his throat with our cum" and with that they both intensified their pushing until I felt that my cheeks were going to burst. Suddenly, I felt a spurt from one of them hit the back of my throat and before long my mouth was full of their combined spunk. I had to swallow some of it to avoid choking and it was some time before they withdrew their cocks and wiped them on my face to get rid of the sticky mess they had created.

But that was not the end of it. Sam said that they would have to reward me for being such a good boy. My balls were aching from my first two orgasms and I did not really want anymore but I thought there would be little point in protesting. They began to stroke me and then Uncle Charlie took me in his mouth. With some expert tonguing and pressure with his lips on the front of my cock, he soon had me hard again. Sam then took over and took me deep into his mouth. Although I was really excited, I just did not seem to be able to get close to coming again and this alternating oral attention was not really enough to make me cum again.

Sam obviously recognised this and signalled to Uncle Charlie to stop. He then took me in hand and started to wank me quite roughly. I was a little worried where this was all heading and how it might end up so with a little effort, I managed to reach a climax and produce a small amount of the white stuff to mark three orgasms within the hour. They both seemed happy about that and it brought the session to an end. Sam said "well we've definitely got a little sex object here. No end to the fun we can have with him. He might just make the mark with my missus as well - I'll have to see whether she is interested in using his sweet little prick". With this they both laughed and got dressed. There was no more reference to Mrs Ellis that day but he had given me a lot to think about and to look forward to for the future. I did not have to wait long.

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10 months ago
You have written from a unique POV. Not many write so well about consensual sexual investigations like this and I'm pleased to have found you. I'm reading the rest now