Charlie and his mate

This is another story about my Uncle Charlie. He occasionally did some fencing work for his friend Sam Ellis who owned a small farm in the next village. I was visiting the farm one day with Uncle Charlie to help him with some repairs to the fencing around the paddock where the farm horses were kept. After we had completed the work, we were leaning on a fence rail and the horse that was standing in front of us started to make his cock get bigger and longer. I watched amazed (I had never seen a horse's cock that close up before). It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and it just grew longer and thicker and hung down more than a foot.

My Uncle laughed and asked me if I'd like a cock that big. I did not know what to say as I was so excited. My cock was hard just watching the horse as it started to piss. My Uncle who I had shared some sexual encounters with before then, pulled his own cock out of his pants and, in plain view, said he had to piss too. He showed his cock to me - it was pretty big and he had a really long foreskin that he pulled back as a stream of piss came out.

I was really excited and he said "lets see you piss". I was too scared to do anything but he took my hand and held it against his cock as he shook the last piss from it. His cock was getting harder and he squeezed my fingers around his cock. He unbuttoned my fly and suddenly he was rubbing my cock and I was rubbing his. He indicated to me to go with him over to the barn. Once we were in there, he told me to drop my trousers and pants and then to turn round. He pulled me tight to him and put his cock between my arse cheeks. In no time, he was shooting his spunk over my back and bum. Meanwhile, he had hold of my cock and then I came as he rubbed me with his rough hand. He said he had to go back to finish off another piece of work and left the barn.

As he went out of the back of the barn, Mr. Ellis came in the front and pulled close the large door. He said that he had watched me with Uncle Charlie and knew that I liked sex with older men. He got out his cock and showed me that it was already hard. He said it had got like that while he was watching us and that he needed to relieve himself by playing with me. I guess that he was a man of about sixty although he had a very lean body and a long thin cock to go with it.

He pulled me into the corner and down on some hay. He pinned me on my back and sat astride my chest. He started to wank his cock and pulled his long foreskin down across a purple head. When he was satisfied that it was hard, he leaned forward and offered it to my mouth. He then put his cock in my mouth. My pants were down and the hay was sticking into me but I was enjoying it although was scared as well. He had a dark tan all over and was very hairy around his cock and balls. He pushed his cock in and out of my mouth with increasing speed and eventually let forth a torrent of sticky spunk into my mouth and over my face.

Once he had drained his balls, he pulled off my pants and played with my cock. He then knelt over, put some of his spunk from my face on his arsehole and told me to push my cock into him. It went in very easily and he was obviously used to taking cock up his arse. He told me to push hard into him and that he wanted me to fill him up with my young spunk.

I soon came and squirted my spunk into him. I liked that part and realised that I had now managed to fuck both Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis. It was a nice feeling. I also realised that I had been set up by Uncle Charlie for all of this and wondered what else Sam and him had in mind for me.

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9 months ago
great story
10 months ago
A great experience.
10 months ago
Thanks for all the comments.More stories to follow. J
10 months ago
A very good way for as boy to, learn.
10 months ago
hope we find out what else happens
10 months ago
such a hot story. i can imagine the whole thing happening and how sexy it was. i wish i could have joined in. please more of you and uncle charlie