Introduction to all male activities

My Uncle George was the youngest of my mother's step b*****rs and he lived at home for some time after returning from doing his national service. He was always a little bit on the strange side but his great passion was cycle racing and he had a little shed in my grandfather's business yard where he stored his racing bikes and all the bits that went with them. We occasionally would go to see him at the shed and he would show us how to mend punctures, tighten chains, adjust the gears etc.

On one particular occasion, I went to see him about a problem with my bike. He sorted it out for me and then said that he wanted to show me something in the shed. We went inside and he closed the door. He then asked me if I wanked and had I ever watched anyone else wanking. I was very young at the time and I wasn't really sure what he was talking about but it all sounded very exciting and mysterious. When I said no, he said he would show me what he meant.

He then dropped his trousers and told me to take my trousers down and sit up on his workbench. He then grabbed my cock and started to rub it up and down. It quickly grew hard and he said that this was what he meant. I noticed that his cock had also grown hard and was standing to attention although it wasn't that long. However, it did have a large purple head poking out of his tight foreskin. He then stopped rubbing me and transferred his attention to his own cock which he started to work up and down until the knob was well out of the foreskin. He got more and more excited and, before long, was pumping what seemed loads of sticky white stuff onto the bench in front of him.

Once he had finished, he scooped some of it up, smeared it onto his fingers and then started rubbing me again using it to lubricate the movements. Despite his best efforts, I did not produce anything but did feel this wonderful warm feeling down below which was followed by my cock losing its hardness. This was the first of many pleasurable encounters with Uncle George which even continued to include his wife Dorothy when he eventually married.

It was Uncle George who introduced me to real sex between two men. As I mention above, Uncle George's bike shed was put to other uses than just repairing and maintaining his bikes. When I was about 16, I had taken up cycle racing and used to go with him to club sessions and meetings. I therefore used to spend a lot of time at the shed looking after my bike. I occasionally used to have mutual wanking sessions with Uncle George where we would either jerk off in front of each other or wank each other until we both came.

One day, I went to the shed and found the door locked. I had a key so I let myself in and then heard noises from the back room which Uncle George had turned into a bit of a den. I recognised the other voice as belonging to Uncle Charlie who often got it off with my b*****r. I moved quietly to the door which was slightly ajar and looked through the crack at the door edge. Both of my uncles were stark naked and playing with each other's cocks. Uncle Charlie's was much bigger than Uncle George and it looked as if he had been circumcised like me. They were playing with each other for a while just wanking away and Uncle Charlie was pulling back Uncle George's foreskin and playing with his balls.

After a bit Uncle Charlie said "I want this your cock up my arse and my cock in your mouth." I was amazed by this and did not really know what he meant although I had a good idea. Uncle Charlie then sat down on one of the easy chairs and Uncle George knelt down in front of him and proceeded to start sucking on his cock. I was really excited by this and soon had a real hard on.

The sucking went on for some time and I could tell that Uncle Charlie was getting really excited. He put his hands behind Uncle George's head and pulled him further into his groin. Suddenly, he started to moan and I realised that he was coming in his mouth. Uncle Charlie when recovered told Uncle George to keep the spunk he had produced as they would need it for the next stage. I noticed that Uncle George's small cock was very hard. Uncle Charlie got up and then knelt down on all fours with his head in the chair. Uncle George then took the spunk he had had in his mouth and parted Uncle Charlie's legs and started to rub the spunk around his exposed arsehole. Eventually, he inserted a finger in his arse and started work it up and down. You could tell that this was getting both of them very excited and this lubrication allowed Uncle George to mount Uncle Charlie doggie style and push his cock into Uncle Charlie's arse. He pushed slowly at first but then speeded up his thrusts. As usual with Uncle George, it didn't take him very long before he came.

He pulled out of Uncle Charlie and came towards the workshop to get a towel. I had nowhere to hide and he soon discovered me. He asked me what I had seen and I said nothing although the obvious bulge in my shorts rather gave the game away. He called out to Uncle Charlie and told him that I had been watching them. Uncle Charlie called out to bring me through to the other room so that they could have some fun with me given that I liked spying on other people having sexy fun. Uncle George pushed me though there and Uncle Charlie was sitting on the chair and was playing with his semi-hard cock. I had of course seen it before when I caught him and my b*****r enjoying themselves.

Uncle George hugged me and gave a big kiss on the lips. That was the first time I had been kissed by a man, I was a bit shocked but it was really quiet pleasant. It also f***ed my cock to quick attention. Uncle George dropped my shorts to expose my equipment and led me over to Uncle Charlie. He reached out for my cock and started to wank me. It was all I could do stop coming on the spot - I was so excited by all of this.

Uncle Charlie asked me if I enjoyed watching Uncle George fuck him. I said yes and then he said "well, you can fuck me now as I am still nice and wet from Georgie's spunk. He bent over the chair again and with Uncle George's help, I positioned my cock head against Uncle Charlie's rim and gently pushed forward. Suddenly, I was inside him and the pressure of his tight rim on my cock felt incredible. I thrust into him and in no time was emptying my balls deep inside him. It felt like heaven and I just seemed to keep coming for ages.

Once I had finished and withdrew, Uncle Charlie turned over and sat in the chair again. He then said "now you can return the favour" and told me to suck him just like Uncle George had done. I knelt between his legs and took the end of his big cock in my mouth. He pushed it further in and I felt as if I was going to choke. He slowly fucked my mouth and before long, I felt a warm sticky torrent hit the roof of my mouth as he came for the second time. I then noticed that Uncle George was wanking himself furiously and before I could stop him, he moved over to us, took out Uncle Charlie's cock from my mouth and inserted his own. He kept wanking and soon he was also pumping his seed into my mouth.

When I had entered the shed less than an hour earlier, I had only ever been wanked off by another man. Within the space of that hour, I had fucked a man for the first time, given a man a blow job for the first time and had two different lots of spunk pumped into my mouth by two of my uncles.
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1 month ago
Damn hot, thanks for sharing!
7 months ago
hot story
10 months ago
what a difference a day happyness
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Busy day!!!
11 months ago
this is such a hot story i love your uncles
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Boyhood heaven !
1 year ago
this is the best kind of school the school of sex or known has sex 101