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So I'm licking the goo out of her snatch and she tells me she wants me to fuck her bisexual. Cousin. I said I will do it but you are fucking him too! She agreed we set a plan in motion to seduce the young man and she said fuck just tell him we want to fuck! As suspected he arrived. Promptly and came inside he was a tall 20 year old with longer brown hair and brown skin he came in and I met him at the door he jumped on my back and I piggy backed him into the bedroom and dropped him on. The bed. I grabbed his shoes and pulled them off sarah was unbuttoning. His pants. And I pulled them off he had atone body with a small but not too small beautifully shaped cock he looked at sarah and said I have jerked my dick si many times to this scenario I can't believe it! I said believe it you fine little piece of ass! I pulled sarah down to his cock. And I slid b bhis beautiful cock in my mouth I started sucing and jacking his dick I reached beside thebed and handed sarah her strap on.hell yes shane said put that fuckking cock on baby! Sarah strapped her bbc on and moved behind me on the bed she started sucking and fingering my little hole mean while shane was on his knees in front of me grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. My cock got even harder when I felt sarah slip the length of her big black cock deep in my ass. She began to thrust her cock inside my ass and I fel the sudden urge to cum so I pulled him up in front of me and started to tongue his young ass hole he moaned in pleasure- sarah pulled her cock out of my ass and moved under shane and said gimme that young cock. I pulled my cock up his ass and rested the head on his hole he began pushing his ass back trying to f***e my cock into him fuck me now dammit! I pushed my cock deep into his tight little ass. It felt so good. And he was. Grinding his ass on me. While hour shoved his cock in and out of my wife I. Raised up and grabbed his hips. And started pumping his tight little fuck hole my thrusts got deeper and longer I felft his asshole tightening around my throbbing cock. Oh fuck yeaah he moaned fuck my little hole like the bad boy I am. I said. Cum in. Her mouth baby then she come over here and spit your cum in my mouth he pulled his dick out of saras pussy while she worked her way to his waiting dong. Shove it deep in there you little whore! Aaaaahhh he exclaimed while shooting hi spunk into my wifes eager mouth oh god he said the way you fuck me I have never came so hard in my wife sarah raised up with a mouthfull of jizzm I pulled her to me and stuck my tongue in her mouthfull of spunk and wr started swallowing his youthful load I want you to cum in my mouth now daddy muy cock had reached its climax and I shot a little pre cum on sarahs face. Shane rolled to his back as my throbbing cock slid out of his juicy little fuck hole I stuck my cock in his mouth and began to unload. I stopped half way and pulled sarah down to collect the last of my spunk she sucked and swallowed it down and began to jack my cock she said you aint leavin this bed without fucking my pussy. She smiled and kept on sucking
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