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My x wife and I had been wanting to explore our sexual boundries after our encounter with her friend camille! I said I tell you what, since camille was here last week I will call wess and we can both fuck your pussy tonite you know what I want daddy? I said what baby? she said well you know you are his idol and he will do anything you ask him to rt?I said I guess she said I want you to fuck his mouth and then fuck his ass while he fucks me,I said put on ur school girl skirt and top and get ready for us! She said I'm gonna turn on the cameras in here yes I said do that I told her when he gets here gimme just ten minutes and come in. There. Ready to fuck! As I thought wess shows up promptly and we sat down in the living room and lit a joint.I said what do you think about sarah? Your wife? Yes I said he sAid well I think she's nice I said no I mean we want you to have sex with us OH! He said I said do you want to stick your cock inside of my wife? Yes he said. 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Yes daddy he said on your knees behind her I said, he moved into position behind her and started eating her cunt I walked around behind him and started rubbing lube all over his asshole and my cock sarah said let me switch and she rolled over on her back she spred ger legs wide inviting wess into her wet little pussy hole I moved to the side so I could play with sarahs twat and help wess put his cock in and I was really into jacking and rubbing his thick cock up and down her dripping wet cunt I pulled the head of his cock down into her hole and he thrust into her. Goddamn! He said that is a tight little pussy hole I said you like that you fucking slut? I smacked his ass and said fuck that little cunt you fucking slut I moved behind. Him and started again to rub the head of my cock all around his asshole I started pushing my cock and the head slipped right in his ass was hot and wet and very tight. He pushed back on my cock and I slipped balls deep into his ass! 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I moved him right beside her on the bed he laid on his back and I slid into him again I pumped my cock several times in and out of hisew little. Asshole there was still cum coming out the head of his impressive cock I pulled my dick out of him and stuck my penis in her cunt it was very hot and full of his man juice I I leaned my head over and took his dick in my mouth I. Could feel the cum rise up inside his cock and spew into my mouth his cock became hard very quickly so I said get behind me and fuck my slutty little ass I felt him put the head of his cock inside me and thrust his bulging manhood deep into my ass hole as he pumped my booty hole I could feel the cum starting to rise in my cock as I fucked sarahs cum filled pussy hole she began to grind her twat and move her hips it was three people all getting ready to cum all together wess sAid I'm cumming mommy where do you want it? Shoot your hot load in my ass bitcH! Cum.for daddy I said aaaahhhhh he groaned I could feel his massive cock pumping jizz inside my asshole I'm cumming I moaned I thrust my penis deep inside her she started to moan my cock exploded inside of her oh my god she said I felt you blow off inside of me I pulled my cocck out of her and mounted 69 style she said I'm going to suck the cum outta your ass while you two eat my pussy!I dropped my head down to her snatch push! I said to her I cold see the cum starting to come out so we both licked and sucked her little pussyhole until she came again. Needless to say we have "game night" at least once a week now
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I Loved the story line