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It's out in the open now!

I replied to one friend on here about the progress and thought I should put in down here also. My wife now knows that I would love to see her enjoy a black man. While talking and joking about it again one night, she asked me if interracial sex was really a turn on. Of course, I said yes, again! She smiled and that was it. A couple of days later, in the bedroom, came the shocker. While going down on me she asked me if I wanted to see a black man fuck her while she blew me. Then she started laughing and said that while it is a turn on to think about, saying it out loud just sounded crazy.... Continue»
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Getting closer

I wrote a story about helping me ex go black for the first time several years ago. I wrote in there that my new wife is much more conservative and doesn't talk about sex like me ex did. Well, after awhile of slowly talking and joking with her, she has opened up a bit. She will openly talk with me about how she understands the attraction that white women have to interracial sex. She wouldn't have mentioned anything like that before, but with working with several women that have, or have had, interracial relationships, she is much more open to talk. She loves to come home and tell me about ... Continue»
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[Story] Helping my ex

After some time of marriage, my ex-wife loosened up a bit in the area of sex. I think part of it was a very sexually open friend of hers from work. Anyway, my wife began to like sex more and like to read sex stories while masturbating. That in itself was an improvement as she looked horrified about mastarbating years before. I believe that is where the friend helped out. She began to crave more and more sex and masturbated at least once a day.

She especially liked getting off to stories of interracial sex. At first, she would try to hide what she was reading, but finally admitted t... Continue»
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