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nigger dick

Many people here have been offended by my user name. I could care less... Its what im into...many other men and women are too. If you arent, click back.
This is why nigger dick rules....
Most black guys arent any bigger than white guys. Those guys are black cocks. Every now and then you find a black guy with a cock so big and powerful and dominationg that it fucks you into oblivion. Leaving you a stupified shaking mess.... the was they fuck can only be described as a****listic. The dicks are nigger dicks. Nigger dicks are what I love.. they are the pinnacle of male sexual potential... Continue»
Posted by niggerdickrules 1 year ago

Calling All Hard Cocks In the GTA/Durham Region Ar

Hey studs,
I am looking for some local hard cocks that would be interested in gang banging me!
You can't be camera shy if you want to play with me!
Who is 'up' for it?


Posted by nadiastevens 13 days ago

[Story] The Powerful Black man

When it has began to take over small rural community's such as mine, It will only be a matter of time before Black men become knowingly as powerful as they are.

a few years ago, we never really knew the cultural of African Americans, only what we have learned in schools, or taught by our peers.
but now in 2010, many of our top rated corporations are being managed, and run by black men.
they have become some of the wealthiest in town, and the neighboring towns, making many of our fathers/mothers working longer, and filling most of the good paying jobs with other blacks they have mov... Continue»
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[Story] No stopping the African from Impregnating her

She was just a small white girl only a few days past her 18th Birthday.
her 1st trip to the new college she was about to attend, she was introduced to a older senior upperclassmen, he was large and shaped well, what many would call a black bull!
He was the one to show her the new gym, and he did it during the slowest time, too early in the year for most to show up, yet late afternoon when most have gone.
he took her right there in the shower room,
she kneeled down and began to suck on his cock, as it grew large in her mouth, much larger then she had intended, when it went in it was too... Continue»
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The Interracial Babysitter

Once my fingers found my pussy lips, there was no stopping me rubbing my clit and getting my fingers sticky from creamin up my pussy, and soon after many in my neighborhood called me the team cum bucket.

When Mr. Johnson asked me to come over to baby sit, he made me watch the video i made of me shooting coconut milk inside my pussy from a rubber dildo, then squirting it out my pussy all over me.
i was startled at first seeing him watch me, and finding out how public it was, then slightly embarrassed, but he explained to me how i was to do my job.
I was not there to babysit, but to take... Continue»
Posted by Jen12 6 months ago

Sucking bbc

I met a new guy last night at the bar and wow what a big beautiful big black cock he had. We came back to my house and got high and had a wonderful night of fucking and sucking and what a load of cum he gave me across my face. Of coarse anyone who knows me knows I like it that way. He has promised to bring two friends over tonight and let them all have their way with me. I haven't done a group thing with anyone since last summer at a pool party with me and my girlfriend and five black studs that lasted all weekend and left me sooooo sore.I want to add the video we made last night here but I do... Continue»
Posted by momsaslut 8 months ago

Men should have the right...

To get handjobs if they wish. I just had a mental fantasy I was shopping at a grocery store and a random guy cam up to me and introduced himself.. This is how the conversation would have went

Guy: Hello there. How are you?

Tsimp74: I'm fine, how are you today?

Guy: Not too bad. I noticed you down the aisle and I had to speak.

Tsimp74: Well, I'm glad you did. Its always nice to meet a nice guy like yourself.

Guy: I hope I'm not being too forward, but may I ask you a question?

Tsimp74: Sure.

Guy: If I pulled my cock out, would you do me the honor of stroking it for a cou... Continue»
Posted by tsimp74 29 days ago

Guys: What do you prefer...white girls or black gi

What do you guys prefer? and why?
Posted by rockaroundtheclock 8 months ago

Why are some people scared to have a black man fuc

I recently meet a couple that was interested in Rachey, we meet here on Xhamster. We meet and everything was going good, I told him he could fuck her on her terms and she was open to everthing. Rachey told him she would like to watch me fuck his wife and he got angry he said he can't cone to watch a black cock fuck his wife. Are most men like this?
Posted by mrsnarfbubbles 1 month ago

I have a question for white ladies about black mal

Bear with me please.

Forget everything you have done or have not done in your life.
Please imagine the following statements represent your situation.
- You are young enough for fun.
- You are without attachments.
- You meet a black man you find attractive. The thing which attracts you does not matter.
- The black man comes on to you for what will be a one time no emotional attachment bedroom athletics.t

Do you return his advances and take the black man?
Posted by andrea0817 2 months ago

I have a question for black men

I'm kind of new to the black thing. Well, about 2 years. I love my black man, we've married, had one c***d and are actively working on number two. While I'm no angel, I would not label myself a player, hotwife or queen of spades. My husband is also far from an angel. We hard swap/swing with close friends from time to time. My lifetime experience with black men, asides from the casual swap/swing is three guys. My husband, a guy from college and one swap/swing friend, a very close lovable older gentlemen where it is more than casual.

Over the past year I've seen:
A girlfriend become... Continue»
Posted by andrea0817 2 months ago

Who's ass is this?

Plz plz help!

Posted by isis_love345 1 month ago

went to my first BBC party on Sat night! had a bla

went to my first BBC party on Sat night! had a blast !
Posted by terrytee3 8 months ago

Question for the Men...

Where was the most daring place you ever pulled your cock out?
If you had the chance to do it again, would you?
Posted by tsimp74 1 month ago

[Story] Slutty White Wife Goes Black

Emily's hands were shaking as she fumbled for her keys to the front door in the porch light. "I can't believe I'm doing this." she thought. She opened the door and glanced back at the well dressed, dark skinned man standing a few steps behind her. She smiled and motioned for him to come inside. As Marvell stepped across the threshold, she quickly closed the door. Emily motioned for him to sit on the couch.

"Would you like a glass of wine?" She asked as she walked to the kitchen. She noticed her knees were still somewhat wobbly from what had just happened in the car outside. Marvell answere... Continue»
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Duties of a White Slut

1. Worship BBC, denouce all others
2. Panties will not be permitted in the presence of BBC
3. Mouth, ass, pussy will be forfeited to BBC
4. Honor all BBCs
5. If married, hubby is not allowed to cum in your pussy
6. Available to BBC (anytime, any place)
7.You must swallow. BBC cum should never touch the floor, leak or be wiped.
8. BBC must be cleaned with mouth first, then with a warm towel.
9. Your Master will reserve the right to offer you to other BBCs
10. Obligated to encourage other white women to BBC
Posted by blackbullxxx 1 year ago

My Love of Black Men

I have been seeing my black lover quite a bit this year, several times, in fact. And over the last several months I have been asked a lot (seemingly most by white men) why I like fucking black men so much. I guess I should explain my thoughts on that a little more.

Let me get this important point out there:


Love them, I have a major affinity for well hung guys, ok.

And in case you have lived your sex life under a rock, you probably know that black men, on average, have bigger cocks than other men.

My experience has shown this to be true, but I have had a coup... Continue»
Posted by hottstuff1982 1 year ago

Welcome To The Black Cock Society

Location : Slut ville, home to all the craving women who desire the flesh of BBC ( Big Black Cock ) and fans of Interracial Sex. My name to the ladies is Daddy and I'm your dark host in this world we call the Black Cock Society. Indulge in your desires of the taboo which makes it all the more tantalizing. For 10 years we have been in this lifestyle and no one knows better than I that there is no turning back from depositing Black semen inside fertile cunts, more so white cunts. Did i dare say that? In the years I've seen the lust for black cock openly spread like wild fire, world wide and it... Continue»
Posted by milf4bbcstretch 3 months ago

Black Men Tell me what you would like to do to me.

I would love to hear from big cocked black men as to what you would like to do to me. Please be descriptive. I adore black cocks. Once you are in me you will find that I am helpless & without the willpower to stop you from having your pleasure.
Posted by shaunariley 11 months ago

[Story] BBC-SLUT 19 Laws of Conduct

1) No Black Man can ever be denied sex. He should NEVER have to

2) Black Men NEVER wear condoms unless He requests it.

3) Always defer to the intelligence and desires of Black Men. Seek
their advice on all matters first.

4) Black Women always have first rights to Black Men.

5) In the presence of Black Woman, a white woman must first ask their
permission to serve Black Men.

6) If a Black man consents, a Black Women may request the service of
white woman at anytime. No denial can be given.

7) In sexual meetings always present yourself to a Black Man on a
... Continue»
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So as the title said I just got this invite from this wack racist bitch.Who I guess thought I was mesmerized by her age(BECUZ YOU KNOW AHAHA LOVE THE OLDER LADIES),white skin,and blue eyes and thin ass lips that thought just because she is black dick loving whore im just suppose to accept the invite....Naw bitch!!!!!

I went thru the page she referring to black people as niggers and people who love black people as nigger lovers and then on top of that you got these 2 black muthafuckas one who I've seen on another racist page showing his teeth grinning smiling and shit and giving her the ok t... Continue»
Posted by ahaha 1 month ago

Cocks Out Law Part II

I've gotten such a great response to my cocks out law that now its getting harder for me to look at men and not wonder what their cock would look like with it out. I'm finding myself glancing at random men's cocks in passing and fantasize what it would look like.

Holiday shopping was the perfect time to see so many men out buying presents. While out shopping, I like the look of men's crotches when they wear various pants. No offense, but I have found white guys to be the sexiest in blue jeans. The jeans outlines a man's cock very well and gives a little preview of what it would look like. ... Continue»
Posted by tsimp74 2 months ago

We need a "cocks out" law

Say what you want, but I firmly believe it should not be against the law for a man to have his cock out. I mean, if you truly think about it what's the harm? Most men who pull their cocks out in public only want the admiration and respect he deserves. The problem is our society creates an unnecessary stigma on men who wish to flash. Excuse my language but that is total bullshit!

Look around, everywhere you go, you can see titties, ass, and pussy virtually anywhere!
Let a man pull his dick out, he's almost threatened with jail time. I hate this double standard.

To be honest, yes Its tr... Continue»
Posted by tsimp74 2 months ago

what I love about sucking dicks

I love sucking dick because it is one of the best ways to show a man how much you’re into him. I love sucking dick because there is nothing more beautiful than a man’s hard and hairy cock. The moment a guy unzips his pants, lowers the front band of his briefs, and pulls out his dick (soft or hard) is such a sight to behold. There is literally nothing better than this. The way a man holds his dick in his hand and presents it to me is one of the best gifts I could ever receive. I love watching a man move his hips back and forth while I jerk and suck him off. The look of his pubic hair in my face... Continue»
Posted by tsimp74 4 months ago

I have a new found respect for men

I have come to respect men who flash their cocks more and more. There have been times when I have went out with men who were very shy, or unwilling to allow me see his body.

In my 41 years, the best men out there I have come to know are the ones who are comfortable with their bodies and genuinely don’t have a problem taking out their cocks.

As of last week I have made a decision to only hang with guys who are open minded sexually and show off their cocks. I accept being a sexually liberated woman and will not conform to societal standards of how people think a woman should act.

I e... Continue»
Posted by tsimp74 3 months ago

Ready to stroke some dicks!

They weather has been nice lately - even though winter is approaching I'm still wanting to stroke some cocks. I know a lot of you guys in my area have been contacting me to meet up, so I'm making a point to reach out to some of you to make this happen (i.e dblair23, dfrisella, and others)

Guys who are willing to pull their cock outside and don't mind me stroking them I'm looking for YOU!
Let's make a vid and put on Xhamster (no face..)

Posted by tsimp74 3 months ago

Snowbunny Trouble: NFL STAR Steals Teammates Wife

so Brennan Clay was a freshman running back at oklahoma in 2010 and his mentor was senior running back demarco murray. 4 years later clay has just married fine white bitch Gina d'agostini. you know she hotm cause shes a fitness trainer in dallas.

now clay just tweeted this weekend he found out his bitch is being fucked by his old friend demarco. he's mad. he found an old phone of his wifes and he found that they were sexting each other and sent sexy pics to each other.

also, gina, she has a bangin bod, but apparently she already has two k**s by another black guy. plus, dearco has a k** w... Continue»
Posted by InterracialConfessio 2 months ago

Why do black man like white pussy

I would like to know why black man love to fuck white girls with out condoms
Posted by pornnut10 11 months ago

What's a better fuck a black girl or a white

Black or white
Posted by pornnut10 11 months ago

Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer friend from the gym

It's been a while since I've updated the blog thanks to a very very busy time at work :/ Nothing too exciting happened during the first 2 months since my last entry. I actually had to scale back down on the sex sessions because of how busy I was with work and f****y. But the last two months, I started talking to this new personal trainer, Curtis, at our gym who will only be working there for about a year and then will move on back to his own personal training business.

Curtis is 42, black, and has a very huge and very muscular body. I even thought he may have been a professional bodybuilde... Continue»
Posted by marriedcawifey 4 months ago