A wild and crazy night In Las Vegas.

Well I want to tell this story. This story is about a virgin. Who goes to Las Vegas to have some fun. A young man from West Philadelphia. Plans a trip to go to Las Vegas. He saved a lot of money to get a plane ticket. He packs up a few things and he. Heads down to the airport. He definitely makes sure that he has everything. Once he gets to Philadelphia International Airport. He gets in line to show his plane ticket. He got on a first class flight to Las Vegas. He enjoyed flying first class for the first time. In his life it felt good to him. The food was great he also got good drinks. Once he arrived in Las Vegas. He already knew what he had planned. He went straight to the hotel. He was staying at The Palms Hotel and Casino. He loved the scenery it caught his attention. He went to his hotel room and put his luggage down. He went to the bathroom to. Get washed and change his clothes. Once he was finish doing all of that. He went out to check the night clubs in Las Vegas. He saw this one night club. It was Club Rain one of the top night clubs. In Las Vegas once he got up in the club. He could feel that he was going. To get at some pretty hot women. He went to the bar he ask. For a regular drink it was Rum and Red Bull. A sexy full figured black woman. Approached him at the bar he. Was kind of shy at first. He was speechless very timid by this woman. But he gain his confidence and introduce himself. He said his name is James she said. Her name is Brandi she said that. She was from Dallas Texas. She was talking about Dallas and. How she likes being here in Las Vegas. He said that he was from West Philadelphia. Brandi was looking at James brown eyes. She was hooked he definitely got her open. Her girlfriend came to the bar. She introduce herself to James. She said her name is Keisha. She was taking a liking to James. She was captivated by his lay back. Demeanor Keisha looked into those brown eyes of his. She was hypnotized and she was. Getting all riled up. Brandi was ready to dance so. She grabbed James hand and they went to. The dance floor they were dancing. They were both feeling each other. Keisha was watching this at the bar. She was kind of bitter but. She had a trick up her sleeve. So Keisha went to the dance floor. She started shaking her big thick fat ass. He was getting quite horny. His dick was getting hard. She backed her thick fat ass up on him. Brandi jump in and she was shaking her big fat ass. James was feeling quite good about himself. Brandi and Keisha were both getting his attention. He went back to the bar Brandi and Keisha. Followed him back to the bar. He ask Keisha and Brandi what kind of drink. Did they want he was paying for it. They both said Sex On A Beach. So he paid for the drinks. He also got himself a drink to. He got an Incredible Hulk. They were drinking at the bar. When they were drinking they all. Went back to dance floor and. Started dancing James was d***k so was Brandi and Keisha. James was slapping both Brandi and Keisha. Big fat juicy asses they were loving. The way that James was slapping there big fat asses. Brandi and Keisha were feeling quite freaky. James said to both Brandi and Keisha. Do you to want to go back. To my hotel room they both said yes. So he walk Brandi and Keisha to the Palms Hotel And Casino. His room number was 269 get it. When they arrived at the Hotel. Brandi and Keisha went straight. To James bed he was getting very horny. He already had condoms so he was prepared. He had Trogan Condoms they came in a gold. Package Brandi and Keisha started kissing on each other. James started taking off his clothes. Brandi and Keisha were taking off each others clothes. James came towards Brandi and Keisha. Both Brandi and Keisha were kissing James. They both started touching James hard dick. They were rubbing and caressing his hard dick. He was enjoying every minute of it. Brandi started sucking on James dick. Keisha was licking James balls. James knew that he was in for one heck of a night. Keisha and Brandi got on there knees. James was standing up his hard dick. Was staring at the both of them. They were both sucking on his dick. Brandi and Keisha was giving James sloppy toppy. Brandi put her finger in James ass. She even put her face in his ass. Brandi started licking James ass. James like the way it felt. Keisha was sucking James dick and licking his balls. After they were finish doing all of that. Keisha and Brandi both got on all fours. They were face down and there big asses were up. James was smacking both Brandi and Keisha big fat thick juicy asses. They were loving it James even. Smacked there big fat asses with his hard dick. He put his hard dick deep inside. Of Keisha tight big fat ass. Brandi was smacking Keisha's big fat ass. I was pounding away at that fat ass of hers. It felt good to James. He was pulling on her hair. She was screaming out his name James. It was going down up in that hotel room. He pulled his hard dick out of Keisha's big fat ass. He inserted his hard black dick. Inside of Brandi's tight big fat juicy ass. She went insane she couldn't control herself. He was riding that big ass. Like a true gangster cowboy. He was smacking her fat tight ass. He was pulling her hair back. Keisha was yelling out fuck that ass. We were all having fun and enjoying. Wild and crazy sex it was off the hook. James had enjoyed his time in Las Vegas. He will never forget that Wild And Crazy Night In Las Vegas.
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7 months ago
i like your style bruh. Yes we all think like this.
10 months ago
Not bad. Good subject matter. Just remember if you decide to tell a story in the narrative to stay in the narrative and not junk to first person. Hopefully there will be more stories coming. Check out some of mine. Tell me what you think. Great post.
11 months ago
I got very wet reading this, your such a freak!
1 year ago
Good story
2 years ago
great story you hit the nail on the head about what we men want
2 years ago
damn wat a night
2 years ago
This is a story that every man. Wants to read because it talks. What a man's thinks when. He is at a night club trying. To find some kinky and freaky women. To take back to the crib. Definitely send me some comments about this story. Let me know how you feel about this story. You all take care now. Much love to everybody out there.