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Women bodybuilders doing mainstream adult movies.

Hello to everybody out there its me. James Watson I'm straight out of West Philadelphia. Born and raised I'm proud to be from West Philadelphia. I'm a 28 year old black man. I'm trying to find my way. In this crazy mixed up confused world. Growing up I was a big fan of the hit. TV show American Gladiators I like watching the show. It was one of the best shows on TV. I had a huge crush on all of the. Female gladiators I love them all. My favorites were Zapp, Siren, Ice, Storm, Blaze, Jazz, Skyy, and Diamond. Those were some sexy strong women. Fast forward to now the sport of Women's Bodybuilding. Is getting s bad rap for no reason at all. It it very unfair how the I.F.B.B. handles. The sport its a very sexist organization. Because of the unfair treatment of the sport. Most of the women bodybuilders have. To find other ways to make a living. In the early 2000's they were some professional women bodybuilders. Doing some adult oriented material. Denise Masino was the first to market. Women Bodybuilders outside the sport of bodybuilding. Which raise a lot of eyebrows. Her magazine Muscle Elegance was the hottest magazine. In the country for years and it still is. She has made a good living off of that. In 2002 the now defunct website. Kara Davis.com had two professional women bodybuilders. Make there adult movie debuts. It definitely caught the eye of a lot of shmoe's. Both of those adult movies were best sellers. That website started to blossom because of those two women bodybuilders. Rhonda Lee Quaresma and Yvette Bova got the attention that they wanted. Now a days there are tons of adult websites. That professional women bodybuilders are doing. They are building a big fan base in the adult entertainment industry. They are becoming the next big thing in the adult entertainment world. I'm a huge fan of women bodybuilders. Doing adult movies I think that. Its great to see a sexy strong women. Having wild and crazy sex it makes people wonder. Women bodybuilders have a lot of sexual energy. Even when they are working out. In the gym they get hot and horny. Women bodybuilders are making a name for themselves. The adult entertainment industry is in need. For something brand new and women bodybuilders. Provide a different type of sexual attraction. It is kind of interesting to watch. I'm a big fan of women bodybuilders. Doing adult movies it is the best thing. To happen to adult entertainment and that is the truth.
Posted by jwatson911 2 years ago