out of town (true story)

we decided to get away finally on a much needed vacation. between our conflicting schedules we dont get alot of time to spend with eachother so it was nice to get away and have some time to ourselves.

one night we decided to meet up with some friends and hit a club. not really my thing but i know shes been wanting to go so i took her out. after waaay too much to drink and good times we decided it was time to get back.

we got back to the hotel and got ready for bed and she showed me a suprise. before we left she went in and got a brazilian done. which is something totally out of the norm. we slipped into bed and we couldnt keep our hands off eachother. she started rubbing my cock while i played with her 34DDs and i couldnt take it anymore, i needed a closer look at what she had showed me. i started rubbing her pussy feeling how smooth it was. she started to get wet instantly and i knew what she wanted. i moved beside her and started to lick her clit while slipping in 2 fingers. she tasted so sweet and could feel her start to tense up.

i decided to roll over and stradle her top(69 with me on top). i put my cock between her tits and started to grind alittle burying my face in her pussy. soaking my face with her juices i decided to go alittle farther. slid my tounge across her clit, threw the slit, and directly to her smooth asshole.

im a huge fan of eating my girls ass out and she knows it. i think thats why she got the brazilian done in the first place. folding her legs up i dove my tongue into her tight little asshole. laping up her pussy juice that was flowing down. i didnt notice it at first (prolly cause i was all boozed up) but she started to kiss my ass cheeks while i was fucking her tits. ive always wanted her to rim me but never had the guts to ask her.

i kept eating her ass and pussy while i could feel her start to tense up again. she started lightly biting my ass as she got closer to cumming so i went for it. i slid back closer to her face as she was getting closer but still nothing. she started to moan louder, i knew she was gunna cum. i slammed her legs back pinning them with my arms as i drove my tongue deep in her ass again. as i did that it happend.

as she started to cum, without hesitation she buried her face in my ass and drove her tongue into my asshole. i couldnt believe what was happening. it felt amazing. she started licking my asshole, flicking her tongue against it. driving it deep into it. at this point she came and wasnt tense anymore and she kept on it. she was eating my ass like crazy.

i sat up as she turned laying her head over the bed. she demanded id fuck her throat. i walked over and teased her with my cock at her lips. she begged for my cock, pleading with me to shove it down her throat. i slid it in halfway as she grabbed my ass. i stoped, and she pushed me further until she gagged. now at this point i pulled out cause she has a really bad gag reflex and usually ruins this moment lol

she grabbed my dick and told me to not pull it out again until i get it all the way down. so i started again with it halfway in. slowly sliding it further and further down her throat as she started to gag again. but this time i left it. drool started to flow from her mouth and down her face. i went alittle deeper as she arched her back and gagged some more. she grabbed the base of my cock and pulled me out. face covered in drool she just smiled at me. "shove this fat cock down my slut throat. make me your whore." now who can resist that. i put it in again. and with one solid motion i threw my dick all the way in and left it. she arched her back and started to squirm. i pulled out slowly not knowing what was to happen. she grabbed my ass again and thrusted me full f***e back in as i started to fuck her face. driving my cock all the way in on each stroke, drool pooring down her face, tears running her makeup. she was my whore. and she knew it....

to be continued....

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