Oh Nurse! (What are you doing to me?)

After five years as Garden City Elementary School nurse, Leslie Bien (pronounced Bee-N like the French word for good) had her morning routine down pat. She was at her desk with a coffee checking immunization records when the phone rang. It wasn’t a ring, more of a warbling chirp.
The display read “D. Renniks”.

A call from the Principal first thing in the morning was quite unusual.

“Morning Les,” he greeted; “we’ve got a student from out of state and we haven’t been able to get his medical records released.”

“So you want me to make some calls to—“

“No... no it’s in the works it’s just taking longer than we thought. The thing is the boy’s mother is getting upset because I can’t enroll him without them,” Dave Renniks explained.

“I called Sheila over at the board office and she said if we got an up to date physical then we could let him attend classes on a temporary basis... just until the records get here.” the Principal related the solution he’d uncovered.

Leslie listened and deduced what was coming next.

“I need you to give him a physical this morning... Is that going to upset your agenda?”

Leslie’s first thought was: ‘What does it matter Dave? You’re the boss, and if that’s what you want... then that’s what I’ll do.’

Her second thought was: ‘When was the last time I did a full physical? It has to be at least two or three years.’

“No I’ve just got a routine day planned... it doesn’t take that long any way,” the forty year old Nurse Practitioner confided.

“Good,” Principal Renniks sighed. “His mother is bring him over about ten. His name is Tyler... Tyler Banks.”

When she hung up the phone the NP started mentally reviewing her examination procedures for pubescent boys. She tried to deny it, but there was a sensation between her legs when she made her mental checklist for the genital examination process.


“Come in,” Leslie responded to the rap in her door.

The door opened and there stood the new thirteen year old student looking like he was at the Spanish Inquisition; behind him stood Dave Renniks with a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Miz Bien, this is Tyler... he’s all yours.”

The boy stepped through the door aided by a small push from the Principal, who closed the door behind him.

“Good morning Tyler,” the nurse greeted the shaky looking student. “You know why you’re here?”

“My mom said I have to have an examination before I can start school.”

Leslie felt the boy’s eyes scan her up and down. She was only three or four inches taller than the new student. Her white coat hung open providing a view of her modest length blue pencil skirt and white cotton blouse. She didn’t find it in the least unusual for the boy’s eyes to linger on her substantial bust.

‘Men...’ she was thinking, ‘as soon as they reach puberty they’re fascinated by tits.’

Used to it or not, she felt her nipples tighten and knew that they were pressing on her thin nylon bra and would make their condition evident through her blouse. She pulled the coat closed to hide the reaction. The friction of the stiff material had the undesired effect of rubbing the sensitive pegs, sending a tiny but noticeable pleasure pulse to her womanhood.

“You’ve had physicals by your doctor before, right?” Leslie queried the boy’s familiarity with the process.

The strained look on his face as he shook his head in the negative was natural fear of the unknown.

“It’s quite simple really and doesn’t take very long,” the nurse explained hoping to belie the trepidation.

“I’m just going to look at your eyes, ears and throat... then I’ll listen to your heart and lungs and finally I need to poke around on your tummy a little bit.”

Leslie was pleased that the incomplete and innocuous sounding description released some of the tension in the thirteen year old’s face.

“Step in here for me,” she suggested, opening the door to the examination room that adjoined her office.

The boy passed her entering the little room. She could see his nervousness returning as he took in the examination table and antiseptic smell. Leslie was well aware of what her next words would do to him.

“I need you to take your clothes off... you can leave your under shorts on for now... okay?”

The expression on the new student’s face said that it was very much not okay! The nurse thought she heard a small gasp. Her patient had just turned a lovely shade of rosy red. His eyes went wide and his mouth opened in shock.

Tyler stood trying to absorb what the very attractive red haired nurse had just said to him.

‘Take my clothes off!’ his brain echoed the words, and his stomach went into a knot.

Something seemed to be stuck in his throat and he realized that he had the urge to cry.

‘What a baby!’ he chided himself and swallowed the lump. ‘Did she say leave your underwear on FOR NOW?’

The feeling in his throat wasn’t the biggest problem. Suddenly his bowels were burning and his rectum clenched. He was a quivering mass of panic when the pretty lady gave him her most reassuring smile and said,

“When you’re done take a seat up on the table and give me a shout,” and then she closed the door.


“I... I’m ready,” he called out when he completed following the instructions. Even as he said it he knew nothing could be further from the truth.

Leslie opened the door and thought the teenager looked smaller somehow sitting on the paper covered table in just his dark blue jockeys. Her heart went out to the terrified looking boy. She’d never have chosen this profession if it hadn’t been for her compassion and desire to help people. She could empathize with her patient’s anxiety thinking about her own annual appointments that inevitably involved a pelvic exam and PAP smear.

The image of her on the table so spread and exposed flashed in her mind just for an instant but it was long enough to send a tremor to her pussy.

Picking up the otoscope from the side counter she said,

“Okay... let me take a look at you.”

During the eyes, ears and throat examination Leslie was pleased that Tyler seemed to settle down a bit. When she initially had him turn his head to look in his ear she could feel him vibrating like a tuning fork through the scope. By the time she put the visual aid back on the counter and discarded the tip his shaking was down to a light shiver.

She moved the stethoscope over the pubescent chest noting that his nipples were as tight and hard as pebbles. She did wonder if it was for the same reason that hers were hard.

And speaking of hard, she was quite sure the next step in the exam was going to present the boy with all the challenge he could handle.

“I need you to lay back for me now,” she requested, pushing gently on his bare shoulders to illustrate what she meant. “Just stretch out on the table and relax.”

Tyler was very conscious of the bulge his penis created in his under shorts now that he was in the supine position. Up until now he’d been sitting on the edge of the table while this beautiful woman had been touching him all over his upper body; but at least his crotch had been more or less out of sight. Now she was getting the full frontal view with only the meager covering of the blue jockeys between him and nakedness.

“I’m going to poke around your tummy... let me know if anything hurts you... okay?”

Tyler was thinking there was no possibility of relaxing. He felt like a guitar string stretched to its breaking point. The nurse began poking and prodding just below his ribs and was gradually working her way down his belly. He intended to look up at the ceiling but when he looked up he found himself staring at the underside of the school nurse’s breasts. His cock jumped in response to the sight and he closed his eyes tight to shut off the visual stimulation.

Leslie glanced at her patient’s face regularly looking for signs of discomfort as she palpated his abdomen. She saw him wince when she wasn’t even pressing and caught the movement under the jockeys out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, I need you to pull these down to your knees for me now,” she clarified her meaning by giving a little tug on the waistband of the boy’s shorts.

The strained expression on his face turned to pure terror.

Nurse Bien turned toward the counter top and opened the drawer containing the box of exam gloves. She was fussing unnecessarily with the scrunched up latex so her back was to the boy on the table. The nurse thought it might be easier for him to drop his drawers if she weren’t looking right at him.

Tyler’s head was spinning and his gut was churning. What he wanted to do most was to run.

Very few people had seen him with his pants off and absolutely none of them were gorgeous women. As if to make the challenge even greater he could still feel his member trying to twitch, pressing against the confines of his briefs. He prayed that it would settle down and willed it to be soft, but he knew that he had about as much control over his dick as he did the weather.

Seeing no way out he finally summoned the courage to comply with the nurse’s instruction. He dug his heels into the crunchy paper and raised his hips. Flexing his stomach muscles he pushed his underpants down to his knees and then collapsed back on the thinly padded table top exhausted. He had never felt so exposed in his life.

Leslie detected the boy’s movements without looking. She recognized the sound of him returning to the prone position as she snapped the second examination glove into place. She couldn’t completely ignore the tingling in her pussy when she turned back toward the table.

The distress on the teenager’s face was heart wrenching.

“It’s okay sweetheart... just relax, I know this is pretty embarrassing but it won’t take too long, I promise,” she consoled her mortified patient resting one of her gloved hands on his shoulder.

Her eyes swept down the naked boy’s body until she reached the target of this part of the exam. She could tell that his uncircumcised penis was not completely flaccid. The smallish boyhood hovered over the juncture of his thighs and twitched occasionally. Tyler had his legs tightly pressed together.

Putting her hand on the thigh closest to her she said,

“I need you to spread your legs for me.”

While she applied outward pressure on the boy’s skinny thigh the teen opened his legs just slightly.

“A little wider honey,” she encouraged using both hands to push his legs apart.

They reached the point where the jockeys were stretched tight just above the boy’s knees. Leslie decided she needed more room.

“Tyler, honey... it might be easier if we took these right off,” she recommended touching the stretched briefs and looking at the teenager’s dazed expression.

“Would that be okay,” the nurse asked permission but she was already at the foot of the table tugging on the briefs.

At this point the boy on the table wasn’t capable of making any sort of decision. All he could think about was trying to keep his cock from rising any more.

When Leslie concluded that her patient wasn’t protesting she pulled the underpants down and over his feet. She tossed the shorts onto the chair in the corner that already held his other clothes. It wasn’t as if the blue cotton had been of any use in preserving his modesty but Tyler still felt as though a line had been crossed now that he was completely naked.

The process of removing the jockeys had resulted in his legs getting closer together again, so when the nurse returned to the side of the table she pressed firmly outward on each of the boy’s knees. There was some resistance.

“It’s okay Tyler open nice and wide for me.”

Leslie saw the little penis jerk as the boy’s scrotum came into view.

“Tyler... do your friends call your Ty?” she said slipping her hand under her patient’s sack.

Tyler heard her words but the meaning was washed out of them by the latex clad hand cradling his f****y jewels. He managed and unintelligible grunt that was as much a groan from the sensations his examiner was creating as a response to her question.

Rolling the firm little orbs over her fingers comparing the size of the left versus the right was creating a persistent throb in the nurse’s mons.

“Are you anxious to get back to school?” Leslie asked glancing up at the boy’s face just as she began to squeeze very gently on his left testicle.

Again the teenager knew the words were directed at him but the sensations swamping his nervous system made him unable to decipher the meaning. He groaned as if to respond.

Tyler had been masturbating for almost two years now and had never paid much attention to his nuts during his self-pleasuring. The steady stream of erotic stimulation from Nurse Bien’s gentle touch gave him a whole new appreciation of his balls. He felt his member jerk and twitch and he knew that he was fully erect now but he was past caring. He couldn’t control it—couldn’t stop it—so he let himself wallow in the delight.

Leslie’s nipples were tingling and her pussy felt like the bass drum in a marching band.

“Do you have any problem fully retracting your foreskin when you pee?” she asked watching his boyhood doing its little dance.

“N...no—“ Tyler stammered with the embarrassment returning now that the attention was focused on his dick.

“I just need to check that it moves freely,” the nurse advised. “And I need to take a quick peek at the head... okay?”

When the boy raised his head and looked down over his scrawny chest Leslie saw the renewed terror in his eyes.

“Take some nice deep breaths for me,” she suggested.

She took the immature tool between the thumb and two fingers of her free hand while she continued to gently massage his testicles with the other.

The erection had already exposed the tip of his glans. Nurse Bien marveled at how hard the developing manhood felt as she began to pull down. Her vagina responded with a spasm.

What was left of the puckers in the excess skin of the boy’s prepuce quickly stretched out as it expanded to allow the ever widening bulb of the pinkish purple head to emerge. The skin moved quite freely back until it reached the critical point—the largest part of the head—and then it snapped into its retracted position. The glans was completely exposed and the nurse was not surprised to see the droplet of fluid emerge from her patient’s urethra.

The latex covered fingers pulling his foreskin back made his balls feel really hot and tight. Tyler felt the pressure building up and a whole new problem made him squeeze his eyes shut.

‘Oh my God she’s going to make me cum,’ he stressed and employed his meager self-control trying to prevent it from happening.

“Is your new house bigger than your old one?” Leslie asked trying to divert his attention from what she was doing.

She pulled the skin further down the rigid shaft until the excess was piled at the base. The foreskin was now completely inside out and the nurse observed the health capillary veins and the corona.

Her patient uttered another unintelligible grunt in response to her question and she glanced up to see the strain in his scrunched up face.

“Deep breaths sweetie,” she recommended. “I’m almost done here.”

The nurse gently removed her hand from the teenager’s scrotum.

While she continued to pull back on the boy’s prepuce with her left hand, she used two fingers of her now free right hand to open the cleft in the head of his penis exposing the urethra. Another, larger drop of fluid appeared in the bright red crease and she probed the gulf with her finger.

Tyler felt the nurse pulling the head of his dick open. When she pushed into his pee hole with her finger a new thrill shot into his balls. Just for a second her thought he’d lost it but then she took her hands away and Ty wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or relieved.

“Okay... we’re almost done,” Nurse Bien comforted.

“I need you to roll over on your side facing the wall and pull your knees up to your chest.”

Tyler felt a sense of relief at having his hard-on out of the beautiful woman’s view. He had no idea what was coming next.

While her patient was assuming the position Leslie applied a generous glob of lubricating gel to the longest two fingers of her right hand. She was glad that the throbbing between her legs had diminished a bit now that she was no longer holding the boy’s penis.

Tyler felt the coolness of the rubber glove on his butt.

“I’m sorry… this will be a little cold at first,” the nurse warned as she pulled on the round firmness of the boy’s top cheek.

He felt his butt cheeks separating and barely had time to wonder what was going on before the reason for the nurse’s warning become evident. He felt the cool gooiness of the gloved fingers right behind his sack. Whatever it was on her hand was being smeared up over his pooper.

Leslie did a quick visual inspection between the boy’s cheeks noting no abnormalities or evidence of hemorrhoids before she proceeded. She thought she saw the crinkled brown sphincter wink just before she coated it with the gel. The hot textured flesh of her patient’s anus felt so nice under her finger tips.

“Aaahhh,” the boy groaned at the unusual sensation.

“Just relax and take nice deep breaths for me,” Nurse Bien told her patient as she wiggled her finger to locate the center of her target.

Tyler felt the finger intruding into his bum hole and gasped.

“Okay honey, you’re going to feel some pressure now,” she cautioned pressing her finger, with her palm down, past the restrictive muscle.

The first knuckle slipped inside and the intensity of the heat seemed to flow up the nurse’s arm and almost instantly lodge in her pussy. The heat she was feeling was nothing compared to the burning sensation that overwhelmed the naked teenager on her examination table.

Initially Ty felt a warm glow as the nurse’s finger entered him, but it got continually hotter and spread. He bit his lip to keep from crying out. It was hot everywhere now, his balls, his legs, his belly. Like nothing he’d ever felt before.

Leslie rotated her hand as she pushed all the way in and her finger tip engaged the firm sponginess of the boy’s prostate.

‘Oh God... oh my God what’s she pressing on...’ the boy’s head went spinning and his balls cramped.

It was too intense... he had to escape.

His hips reflexively moved forward trying to get away from the probing finger.

Leslie was almost done but she lost contact with the gland when her patient pulled away. In an effort to complete the examination she put her right hand in front of his pelvis to keep it from moving any further.

She didn’t intend it, but it happened nevertheless. Her hand came in contact with her patient’s rock hard cock. Instinctively she gripped it.

When Tyler first felt the nurse’s hand on his dick he was still intent on relieving the hot pressure from his backside, so he thrust forward. The movement of his hips pushed his penis through the woman’s gripping fist, retracting his foreskin exposing the penile glans. The exposure of his dick-head made him retract, with the quite unintended result of fully impaling himself on the latex covered finger again. Automatically he thrust forward to escape the penetration.

Nurse Bien was frozen. She maintained her position as her patient’s hips bucked back and forth. She realized that, quite unintentionally and through no doing of hers, she was finger fucking the boy’s ass and simultaneously jerking him off. Her pussy spasmed violently and she knew this wouldn’t last.

His hips pumped five—maybe six times—before Tyler felt his balls clench. He knew what was coming.

Leslie saw the first spurt of ejaculate shoot two feet across the three foot gap between the table and the wall before succumbing to the f***e of gravity and splattering near the baseboard.

The hoarse wail was almost a scream. Ty felt like his balls were in a vise.

The second, third and forth blasts of ejaculate were progressively less powerful and each one landed a little closer to the exam table. Nurse Bien felt her vagina clench in sympathy before she pulled her finger out of the teenager’s rectum.

She took a wad of paper towel and wiped up the semen as best she could, knowing that she’d have to do a more thorough job later. After depositing them in the bio-hazardous waste container she took out the container of sterile wipes and put it on the counter. Returning to her patient she said,

“I put some wipers there so you can clean yourself up,” she put her hand on the boy’s shoulder but he never moved from the fetal position he was in.

“As soon as you feel up to it you can get dressed and come out… your mom’s waiting for you in the main office.”

She closed the exam room door behind her, crossed her office and stood beside her desk doing relaxation breathing. She could have stressed over the unethical occurrence in the examination room but she hadn’t done anything wrong—had she—at least not on purpose. She hoped the new student wouldn’t take too long.

Worrying about what had just happened would have to wait because she had an urgent appointment with the pocket-rocket that she kept in the zippered side pocket inside her purse.

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11 months ago
Hot! Got me going!
1 year ago
My god that was fantastic. Perfectly written and the fantasy of every teen age boy. Straight into my fave stories.
3 years ago
I need an appointment with the nurse
3 years ago
Well written and sensual in the telling
3 years ago
Absolutely amazing story. My kind of thing. xxx
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
this is a great story. i had a similar experience at 14.
4 years ago
ill have to make an appointment
4 years ago
great story. why it never happen to me before?
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that story is just incredable !
4 years ago
very hot my family doc as a teen was about 70 & male
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WOW , would love having a lady doc or nurse give me a prostate exam like that
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dam good