Part Two: Her husband pissed her off, so she fucke

Cristy our receptionist was on all fours in the supply closet, getting revenge against her cheating husband by taking my cock in her pussy and letting two other guys switch off in her mouth.

She had just told us she wouldn't do it in the butt when our boss, Anne, walked in on us, smirked at my co-workers' dicks, looked greedily at mine, and stripped off her dress, revealing a strapless bra and knee-high boots. She was about 5'8", with reddish brown hair styled short, an aerobicized ass and pubic hair trimmed in a triangle. Her tits were perfectly shaped C-cups, fake but very expensive, defying gravity but still soft. I guess being the head dick has benefits, even if you're a cunt.

Cristy took a dick out of her mouth, looked at Anne and said, "Hey, this is my show."

"Yeah, and I thought I'd give it a review," Anne said, putting one boot up on a box. She grabbed Cristy's hair and pulled until Cristy's face was in her pussy.

"Um, I've never--" Cristy started, before she got a mouthful of twat.

"Figure it out," Anne said, closing her eyes. One hand went to one of her own nipples, and the other she put on my shoulder to steady herself.

The other guys, Dom and Nate, stroked their cocks.

I went back to fucking Cristy's pussy. The stark pink of it stood out against her white ass, and every so often she would toss her hair, cascading it down her back and just below her waist. Her pussy was waxed around the vagina, with a trimmed patch above her clit.

I fucked her for a few minutes, gripping either side of her ass, which was bigger than I usually like but still smooth and firm. I let one thumb linger on her asshole, and pushed.

Cristy turned around from Anne's pussy and said, "I told you I don't do it in the butt."

I pulled my thumb back, but Anne said, "Oh really?" then pushed Cristy away, got down on all fours, pushed me back and stuck her tongue in Cristy's ass.

"Oh fuck," Cristy said. "Jesus Jesus Jesus."

Without looking up, Anne grabbed me by the dick and pulled me to her. She took her tongue from Cristy's asshole, stuck two fingers into it, and started sucking my cock.

"Oh Christ almighty Jesus," Cristy said. "Fffuuuuuuuuuuccccckk ... "

A minute later Anne had four fingers in Cristy's ass.

"Oh you fucking bitch that feels good," Cristy gasped. "Oh it hurts you fucking cocksucker it feels good it hurts fuck you!"

"See how you like this then," Anne said, directing my dick into Cristy's ass. She grunted a little as it went in, but didn't scream. I started gently, but warmed up as her ass loosened. She was surprisingly easy for a first-timer.

With each thrust, Cristy would grunt or curse, usually directed at Anne.


After a minute Anne pulled my dick out of Cristy's ass and sucked on it. When she put it back in, Nate moved up, flopping his dick at Anne's face. She flicked him hard in the balls with one finger. He let out a yelp and moved back.

"If I wanted to mess with a four-inch cock I'd fuck the district manager again," Anne said.

Nate stepped back to try again for Cristy's mouth, which had been alternately filled with Dom's dong and spitting out curses as I fucked her ass.

I pulled out of Cristy's ass, leaving a little ooze of precum squeezing out, which Anne promptly licked up. The sight was too much for Dom, who grabbed the hair on either side of Cristy's head and came in her mouth.

Anne watched the cum leak from Cristy's lips.

"Swallow all that," she told her. "When Jay cums I intend to share it with you, and I don't want to taste any of that minute-man." Hearing that about made me cum right then.

Cristy swallowed, licked her lips, swallowed again and said, still with me in her ass, "Can I have something in my pussy?"

"Sure, sweetie," Anne answered. She reached into a box and pulled out a plastic tube that goes to a breathing device our medical supply company sells. It was about four inches across, twelve inches long, and not tapered in any way. "You can have this or you can have Nate's dick. What'll it be?"

Cristy looked scared of the tube. "I think ... the dick?"

I pulled out and Anne took the opportunity to suck on me once more while Nate scurried down onto the floor underneath Cristy. She lowered her pussy onto him and almost sighed in relief. She bent low over him so I would have access to her ass, which was by now not gaping but certainly more welcoming. When I was about to mount up, Anne pulled my dick downward, into Cristy's pussy with Dom.

"OH!!!" Cristy yelled. "God damn it! Fuck why are you so mean?!"

Up to that point my dick had always been alone in whatever pussy I was fucking, and I have to say I don't think sharing is for me. But Anne kept her hand down between us, with a finger on either side of my dick as I rammed it home, and she kept my attention.

A minute later Nate said, "I think I'm gonna cum in a second!"

Anne grabbed a fistful of Cristy's hair and arched her back up toward me, clearing a space between Cristy and Nate.

"Pull out!" Anne ordered Nate, grabbing him and pulling him out of Cristy's pussy. "I don't want your cum on Jay's dick."

"But ... now I don't think I can cum," Nate said.

"Christ," Anne said. "Here." She put one hand on her own tit and the other on Nate's cock, and he came a few seconds later. She pointed it at a box of hand sanitizer, and then shoved him away.

Then Anne spread herself out in front of Cristy, and pulled the girl's face back to her pussy. I always said Anne got off on ordering people around, and I guess I was literally right. She came in just a few moments, spurting all over Cristy's face. That put me over the top.

"Fuck!" I yelled, pulling out of Cristy's pussy. Anne sprang forward like she was starved for jizz, and took my cum all over her lips and into her mouth, yanking Cristy along by her long brown hair. I have Anne four good spurts and then she pushed Cristy in to lick what was oozing out, as she used her tongue to collect what was on her face.

Anne pulled Cristy over to her and spit everything she had into her face. Cristy winced, then Anne started cleaning the cum and spit off Cristy's face with her tongue. She french-kissed half the load into Cristy's mouth, and then they swallowed together.

Dom and Nate stood in the corner, holding their half-hard dicks.

Cristy collapsed onto a pile of unfolded cardboard boxes, and Anne sat next to her as they both wiped the remnants of my cum from their lips.

"Full disclosure," Anne said. "That cunt from sales is not the only person from work who let your husband fuck her. In fact I went down on him in the men's room while you and that girl from accounting were doing the end-of-year reports. He had such a nice body, I assumed he would have a good dick too.

"Anyway, even though his dick was disappointing, I decided to give him another shot. We fucked in the back of his Jeep, which was also disappointing. When I told him I was done, he gave me this."

She turned to show a welt on her hip, a little smaller than a dime.

"Cigarette," Anne said, pulling on her dress. "I don't know how he treated you physically, but if you really want to get back at him, I have some ideas. See ya." She ran a finger down my dick as she walked out the door.

Nate, Dom and I started pulling on clothes. Cristy lay there, still breathing hard, silent.

She looked up at me. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

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2 years ago
part 2 please.
2 years ago
Great story. A woman out on revenge is the best fuck.
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
very good . part 2??
4 years ago
AWSOME! loved it man good stuff!