Her husband pissed her off, so she blew me

Cristy had worked at our office for about six months. She had wavy dark hair, a bit of a tummy and occasional bad breath, which we all ignored because she had a spectacular pair of D-cup tits that she would sometimes brush against you. She had fair skin, stood about 5'3" and often wore low-cut tops. So you got it both ways: If you went to her desk, you got a cleavage shot, and if she came to yours, she might lean over your shoulder, and gently and "accidentally" rub her breasts against you.

She got married after she had worked with us a couple months. A few of us attended, met the groom, Kirk, and generally socialized. He was tan and had blondish hair, and looked like he was proud of how he looked. I did notice that Kirk spent a little too much time checking out one of the girls I worked with, Tabitha, who was tall and slender with perky tits and black hair. Our business is medical supplies, and she was in sales, so she is obviously hot and slutty.

Cut to a couple of months later: One afternoon at the office, it's empty except for a handful of us in the shipping department and Cristy up front. She walks back from her reception desk and plops down several laser-printed photos. They're mostly of Tabitha, naked and fucking Kirk. My cock jumps in my jeans and I can tell Dom and Nate, the other two guys there at the time, are paying attention too.

"That fucking whore," Cristy says. "I just hacked my douchebag husband's e-mail. These are old. They started fucking the week we got back from our honeymoon!"

She goes on for a while, as the three of us make understanding noises, ignore what she's saying and look at the pictures.

"At least he's got a little dick," Nate says.

"How is that good for me? I'm the one who's been getting it for the last year and a half!"

At that time Anne, our supervisor, came in, and Cristy went off to talk with her.

Cut to two days later: It's 8 p.m., all the administrative staff, front-office and sales people are gone, it's just us in the shipping department checking in a few packages.

Cristy walks by, I assumed on her way out, in a frilly miniskirt and a scoop-neck T-shirt.

She says to Dom, Nate and I, "My shitty husband has cheated on me with at least half a dozen girls. I'm gonna be giving blow jobs in the supply closet. You can come one at a time, or I can handle all three of you at once if you're into that."

She turns around as she's heading out the door of our office. "In case you need any incentive," she says, and pulls up her shirt and bra, revealing milk-white tits with excruciatingly pink nipples. If it's possible for breasts to be both pendulous and perky, these were.

"And you can come wherever you want," she says.

I lean out into the hall to watch her walk, and before she goes into the supply closet, she steps out of her panties, leaving her heels on, then sniffs the panties and walks inside.

I look back at the other two. Dom looks tentative. "I don't know, man," Nate says.

I don't waste any more time with them. I hit the supply closet with my dick about to bust my zipper. Cristy is kneeling on the carpet in nothing but high heels.

"Just you?" she says. "I hope it's enough. If you make my pussy wet, I might do more than just blow you."

She reaches for my belt, but I have my cock whipped out before she can touch.

"Ooohh!" she says when she sees my thick 7 inches. Then I stuff my prick in her mouth. She starts making slurping noises, and I can feel her spit dripping down on my balls. I thrust into her mouth for a few minutes and I'm about to come when the door opens and Dom and Nate walk in.

"Yay," Cristy says. "More cocks."

They whip out their dicks -- smaller than mine, thanks -- and she goes after one with her mouth, the other with one hand, as her other hand cradles my nuts. We're in a semi-circle around her.

"Hey," I say after she's switched between us a few times, "why don't you turn around and we can really get this going?"

She looks a little apprehensive. "Let's go," I say, smacking her in the face with my cock. She gives me a sly smile and turns around, to where Dom is waiting, sitting on a folding chair. Cristy goes onto all four and starts sucking him, as I slip down a line up a shot into her twat.

"Dibs on her ass," Nate says, standing there with his dick in his hand.

"Fuck you," I say. "You're too pussy to step up in the first place, I've got first on everything."

Cristy pulls off Dom's dick to say, "I don't take it in the ass."

"Shut up," I say, as I slide my dick into her pussy.

"Oh my fucking god that feels good," she says, as Dom pulls her head back down.

I fuck her for a while, and she pops between Dom's and Nate's mouths. Again, I'm about to come, when the door opens and Anne, our boss, looks in.

"You went through with it," Anne says to Cristy, who smiles and licks her lips.

"Well," Anne says, "if we're gonna do it, let's do it." And she steps in, closes the door, and unzips the front of her minidress, letting it fall and leaving her in nothing but a strapless bra and knee-high boots. Her eyes go to my crotch.

Cristy's ass would have to wait.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
You're company hiring? Don't know much about medical supplies, but I know how to fuck horny bitches in closets! Fuck Kirk!
4 years ago
4 years ago
oh damn thats awsome! tell us the next part!
4 years ago
I sure hope like baylyn that there is more.Just when it really gets good he drops us.Pounder good jv7
4 years ago
love those sales girls!
4 years ago
I hope there is more, it' good