How it all started (true story)

This is the first of probably a couple stories of some things that happened which I feel have led me to the things that I am interested in today.

Well it started when I was in about 8th grade and I had been stealing some f****y members panties and such so I could wear them because it turned me on so much. There was a guy in my class that everyone said was gay but I never really thought anything of it and one weekend he ended up coming to my house for a sl**p over. While he was there we watched some porn downstairs and nothing happened but the next day he ended up finding the stash of women's clothes i had in my bedroom and kept threatening to tell my i begged him not to so he told me he wouldn't if i came over to his house the next night.

So this guy had a really attractive s****r and when i got to his house the next night we pretty much stayed downstairs and i had noticed that she had a couple of her bikini's hanging in the downstairs bathroom. As the night went on we had a couple movies we watched and a few porn movies too...and as we were watching the porn movies he kept trying to make me do things that i had never done or thought of doing before but after threatening to call my parents i gave in and did what he wanted. First he wanted me to rub his crotch and feel his cock through his pants which at that point was strange and i didnt know how to feel but i didnt not like it either. After a little while he followed me in the bathroom and told me to put on one of his s****rs bathing suits so i did and then made me wear it for a while as we were sitting on the couch with the movie still going. As we were sitting there out of the corner of my eye i saw him starting to touch himself on the outside of his pants. He asked me if the movie was turning me on and i said it was. Then he asked if i liked wearing his s****rs bikini and i couldn't lie, it was nice. Then i saw him undo his pants and slide them down a little and take out his cock which was already half hard and the biggest i had seen. As he started stroking it laying next to where i was sitting i couldnt seem to not try and which he caught me doing and told me to start doing the same to myself. After a few minutes he grabbed my hand and pulled it over to his cock and told me to do it for him. As i grabbed his hard cock it filled my hand and was very warm...I had never touched another guys penis before. It throbbed and pulsated as i slid my hand along it and couldnt believe how big it was. After a few minutes he stood up and pulled his pants off the rest of the way and then got on his knees in front of me and said he wanted to touch and play with me. Being the first time anyone had touched me at all, within a few seconds i was ready to cum and he told me that i better not or i would pay for it. He stopped just as i was about to cum all over his hand and stood up in front of me and stroked his cock some more and before i knew it he was standing on the couch one leg on either side of me with his cock directly in front of my face. I tried to move my face and mouth away but he grabbed my head and held it still and told me that i was going to do whatever he wanted. He told me to open my mouth of which i only did slightly and then he slapped the head of his hard cock on my cheek and put the tip on my lips and started to push until my mouth opened and let in the swollen head. By then there was nothing i could do as he started to use my mouth so i decided to make the best of it and use my one hand to wrap around the base of his dick as i started to use my tongue while he kept thrusting. It was only a couple minutes until he told me he was about to cum, so i tried to pull away from him but he put his hand on my forehead and held me against the back of the couch while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and was stroking it some more and alternated between that and mouth fucking me until he put the head of his cock about an inch away from my face and unloaded his hot cum all over my face and mouth. Then he kept rubbing his dick along my lips until he f***ed me to open my mouth to taste his cum and his now softening penis.

More to cum..
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1 year ago
better be more to cum/come! does his sister catch you with a mouthful of cock?
1 year ago
Nice sexy secrets, Im Gay and my fisrst experience of anything involved my Dad who at my Teens was Alcoholic and had monthly drink until stopped standing etc. He got in to my bed by mistake at 2am and after 30 mins he thought I was his wife and got on me half awake. I knew what the opportunity meant for I always perved spying on his maked bum for years, No regrets as I knew it was my fathers ass and that I wanted tosee and feel it, fact. So I let him be grab my back turned side and moved about in foreplay pace and he put his dick in my ass not too close to enter. So an hour later hes sleeping in middle of my bed. I then have 2hours grope feel as I was only 15 virgin. Then he wakes and in dark he curses and I think he knew he was in my bed and wrapped naked against his son. He must of took all blame maybe even thiks hes buggered his teen son and Im disturbed for life, but my hand as he jumped was holding his butt cheek and a finger on the sweet spot. so he maybe knew I took his sex and had it and hes got a homo son that does molesting. Never spoke of it after , and the only proof he knows is because he hit me in a hard fist attack for 5 hits in his farm shed, no reason fro nowhere and no words, but he got me for he fag gropes he suspected I did. P.S I dont blame him for anything the same as I dont know why I wanted my Dads tight smooth backside. Until I aged 17 then the Public men got the chance to let me butt slut them.
1 year ago
oh yes
1 year ago
more please
1 year ago
i know its going to get better