The Cat Burglar

It had been almost a week since Karl had been home. While Taiwan is a nice place, he was ready to get back to his comfortable and quiet apartment. After dragging his luggage out of the Taxi he was greeted by Steve, the doorman. Karl loaded in the elevator and felt his body grow heavy by the time they got to the 7th floor. It was late and the hall was quiet, but to him it was still day time. Jet lag is a bitch. Karl made his way into the flat and determined that he would go straight to bed. After laying there for half an hour, he started flipping channels. There isn't much on at 1:00 AM, but the adult channel is always there to comfort him. At some point Karl finally fell asl**p.

Karl squinted his eyes as the sun spilled into his bedroom. Rolling over, he looked at the clock. 1:00 PM. Karl can't say he was surprised since he didn't set an alarm. Karl figured he would get to the office whenever he got there, but he was awake now. He stumbled into the bathroom and started up the shower. Karl probably stood in there for twenty minutes hoping the hot water would soothe his aching muscles and wake him up. Karl stepped out, dried off and hung his towel on the rack. As he stepped from the bathroom into the bedroom to dress he saw something out of the corner of his eye. His brain was still functioning in slow motion, but it looked like a person. Karl turned his head only to see his perception confirmed.

There, on the other side of his bedroom was a figure dressed all in black. They seemed surprised to see him there as well, but before Karl could fully process what was going on, they pulled a gun out.

"You're not supposed to be here", a female voice said from behind the black nylon mask. It was at that point Karl realized that it was obvious he wasn't dealing with a man. She was about 5'5" and very slim. Her black spandex suit was tight and fitted her small curves well. The black nylon mask only allowed him to see the outline of her face but he could still make out her dark brown eyes.

"This is my house", Karl answered back holding his hands out defensively, "What do you mean I'm not supposed to be here?"

"I've cased you almost every Thursday for two months and you're never here @ 1:00", she answered.

"I've been out of town", Karl tried to explain, "Now will you please put that down?"

"No can do baby", she said, "but it doesn't look like I'm carrying the biggest gun in the room." She looked down at his body. Karl had completely forgotten that he was naked.

Now he felt even more uncomfortable standing there like that. "What do you want?", he asked.

"Whatever I want, is what I want", she said, "and whatever I want is what I get. Now, lay down on the bed." She gestured with her weapon, while using the other hand to remove some nylon rope from a hip bag.

He laid down on the bed still completely naked. "Can I put some clothes on?", Karl asked.

"Nope", she answered quickly as she wrapped the rope around one of his feet, "You'll be less likely to run out and yell for help if you exposed. Besides, I like you like this.", she continued in a mischievous voice.

She somehow managed to tie each of his feet using only one hand, while keep the gun fixed on him. "Now I'm gonna tie your hands", she said, "No funny business." She then proceeded to press the cold, steel gun against his cock to assure that he didn't try anything. In moments she was done.

"Alright", she said sounding relaxed, "I'm gonna steal some stuff now." She stepped into the bedroom closet and Karl could hear her rummaging around.

He began to test the lines holding his arms and legs, but she had somehow tied them very tight. They wouldn't budge and the rope was clearly too strong for him to break.

"Boring closet", she said as she walked through toward the bathroom. She stopped and held her fingers up in a square like a picture frame. "This is quite the sight", she said and then moved on.

"Hey", she spoke from the bathroom, "At least you've got some good jewellery for a dude. Nice Rolex."

It was a nice Rolex, Karl had paid over £13000 for it. She moved back through the room and paused again.

"O, don't look so sad, I'm sure you're well insured.", then she proceeded to thump the tip of his cock.

It hurt a little. For the next thirty minutes Karl could hear her going through the apartment, opening drawers and cabinets. He was trying to process what had happened while she was going through his stuff. How had she gotten in? Karl knew the door was locked and chained. Surely he would've heard her. That's when he realized the window in his bedroom was open. A rope was dangling from the outside in. She had somehow, climbed or repelled and entered through the window. Now wonder her knots were so good, she was a climber. It also added up as her frame looked like one of a gymnast. Karl wasn't dealing with a typical thief, she was some kind of pro.

She came back into the room with a small black bag full of what he could only assume were his things. "Ok, so you've got some good stuff", she said, "but for a place like this, I'm a little disappointed. Karl should have hit 312B, but I'm done with this building now.", she set the bag on the floor close to the open window and moved towards me. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take something else to make this worth my while", she was moving closer. "See, there was one asset that Karl hadn't seen before today and like she said, 'what she wanted, she got."

She proceeded to climb onto the bed next to him. She actually did move much like a cat on all fours now. She pushed the spandex down between her fingers "I want this", she said wrapping her left hand around his cock.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Was she really going to try to do this? Then he realized that his cock was plumping in her hand. "No", Karl thought, trying to command it to subside, but then she slid up her the bottom of her nylon black mask revealing only her chin and the red lips of her mouth and proceeded to lick her fingers. A small tuft of blonde hair fell out of the back of her mask. Then she began to circle the tip of his cock with her wet fingers while still holding him firmly with her other hand.

"C'mon", she said as if speaking to his cock, "let's see how much of an asset you really are."

He was shocked by what was taking place. This woman had broken into his house, tied him up naked, robbed him and now was holding his cock in her hand.

"Just take the stuff and go", Karl said as she fondled him.

"O baby", she responded, "you know you want it. It's quite obvious."

She was referring to the fact that his cock was firming slightly in her hand. Karl was being betrayed by his own member.

"I don't want it", Karl answered while trying to shift his body away from her.

"Now seriously, you are hardening right in front of my eyes. Your body clearly wants it.", she continued, "so just sit back and shut up or I'll have to discipline you", she added while thumping his tip again. That time it hurt as Karl was becoming much more sensitive. "Just enjoy a hot, mysterious chick caressing your naked body like a good boy".

He had to admit, she was hot and her little hands were working his cock over. She was slim and clearly fit as her black suit was skin tight. You could tell her arms were toned. She couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds an had what appeared to be small, firm breasts wrapped tightly by her suit. Karl could feel himself hardening even more as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft and stroked down.

"Hello there", she said apparently speaking to his cock, "I thought you looked good before".

She moved over, positioning herself between his restrained legs. She then proceeded to grab his balls firmly with one hand while stroking his semi-erect cock with the other.

"You're balls are huge too. I think those are the biggest balls I've ever seen", she commented while continuing her hand actions.

Now Karl was rock hard as she fondled, touched and stroked him. The desire to resist was replaced by the feeling of pleasure as she clearly knew how to use her hands. Next, the burglar leaned over and wrapped her mouth around his tip. Karl was surprised by her action and extremely aroused by the feeling of her warm mouth around him.

"Damn", she said pulling away and looking at his face, "I thought you were done, but you've still got more don't you?"

Now hewas reaching his full potential and she wrapped her lips around him again, taking me deep into her mouth. Pleasure was overwhelming his body, but Karl was reminded of his circumstances when he couldn't move any arms or legs that were strapped away from his body. Karl wanted to touch that firm little body.

"Ok baby", she pulled away again, "you've got the biggest cock I've ever seen too".

The black clad figure stood up on his bed and proceeded to undo a zip from the base of her crutch, the zip pulled a complete circle came away and dropped to the floow. There she stood covered in the spandex material but for an immaculately shaved pussy, and her mouth exposed from under her mask.

"You might even like this more than Iwill", she said as she straddled him and began lowering down on him. "I gotta see what this is like".

He felt her warm, wet pussy hit his tip and he was electrified. Her pussy was tight and as she slid down over him she paused.

"Shit, baby", she exclaimed, "You are a load aren't you?"

She then slowly took him all the way into her. Her pussy was so tight, Karl could feel every movement as she rolled her hips, pushing him deep inside of her. She felt amazing, and the glimmer of the outside lights on her suit and her red lips being bitten by her out of sure pleasure was a vision to behold.

"Hell yea", she said and then began bouncing on his rock hard cock. "Hell yea", she said again, but louder this time as she continued to bounce harder and higher.

He could feel himself so deep inside of her as she came down harder and harder and he realized that he was about to blow his load.

"That's it!", she proclaimed, "Hell yea, that's it!", and Karl felt her pussy constricting on him. Her juices began to flow and Karl couldn't contain himself anymore. He blew a massive load into a pussy that had no room for it. He could feel juices from each of them oozing down his hips as he came. "God, yes!", she raised her voice as she continued to bounce on his pulsating cock. Karl could've filled her little pussy 10 times over.

Finally he felt her head hit his chest, then she lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "Now that's the biggest haul I've had in a long time, baby", she said with a smile on her face.

His captor stood up slipped a finger inside herself and then sucked them clean of his cum. She reached down picked up the disc of Spandex and zipped that puffy cunt back up. Karl could feel the cool air blowing through the window on his wet cock. She came over to him and messed with the knot tying his left hand to the bed.

"It'll take you a little while, but you'll be able to wiggle free in time", she explained while gathering her things, and mine, then moved to the window. She showed cat-like agility as she slipped out the window allowing her rope to take her weight.

"If you'd like more, just leave your window unlocked. Maybe I'll pay you a midnight visit", she said and then she vanished out the window.

The only decision left to make was whether to lock his window that night or not.

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Excellent story, love the way it all played out..
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