The New Place (part 1)

I had recently moved to a new place, Not knowing the neighborhood and people made me a bit nervous.I had unpacked my clothes,kitchenware,and misc. boxes. I had not showered for a day or so in the midst of getting everything ready. I had just got undressed and was already hard and horny.My cock was needing some attention as well. I figured I could have some fun after or during the shower. The water was hot and relaxing as it cascaded over my body and bouncing water droplets off my cock. I thought I had heard a noise and thought nothing about it. As I was washing my hair, there was a loud "thud". It caught me of guard and I yelled "hello", there was no answer. Was I hearing things because I was nervous at a new place.I had just stepped out of the shower,opened the door and there was some rather young guys in my place. I had caught them off guard and to there surprise I was standing in front of three guys completely naked and with a major hard on. The guys could only look at me and smile. They didn't seem nervous about being there. They had started to apologize thinking that this was empty and the stuff was left behind. I explained that I was the new Renter. They all introduced themselves to me. the youngest was named Craig, the next one was Chris,and the oldest one was Cody. These guys were all good looking,but the cutest that I really liked was Craig. He had a swimmers body and was well built and from his shorts he looked rather large for his age. All the guys apologized and started to leave. I told them to come by anytime.
Two weeks went by and I hadn't seen any of them. I was just arriving and walking up to my place when Craig had caught me. We exchanged small talk and asked if he wanted to come up. He said "sure". I asked where the other guys were at he just said that they had other things going on. I had just got home and told him I needed to shower. I stripped off my clothes and told him to make himself at home. The water was just right and very relaxing. I heard the T.V. come on and figured he found something to watch. Guess I was wrong about that. The door to the bathroom opened and I heard him come in. He said he needed to p**. I said "sure". I heard nothing but with the shower going it was difficult to tell. I thought he had left and went on showering the next thing I knew that Craig was naked and climbing in. His cock was already coming to life and his body looked great. He had very little body hair and his body sculpted like a Greek God. My cock was standing at attention and he knew what he wanted as well. His hands slowly began to caress my body.
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1 year ago
you stop now????
1 year ago
fuck dude ur a tease......MORE PLEASE!!!!!