Moving in

it was a warm, cloudless summers morning when it all began, i had been out in the garden smoking a joint when i noticed the moving truck pull up next door along with a silver ford focus. A man in his early thirties got out and opened the passenger door for who i assumed was his beautiful wife, 'wow what a sight' i thought to myself, she was five foot six tall with long black hair that came down past her shoulders, with her fringe dyed blonde which almost glowed in the daylight but what really caught my attention were her 32dd tits that seemed to be attempting to escape her skintight white tank top. 'hi there' she shouted across the fence at me, i dont know what happened to me i was dumb struck, lost in her beauty and i just couldn't figure out how her mini skirt was just about stopping her beautiful pear shaped ass from revealing itself to the whole world. 'Cat got your tongue' she giggled at me, 'no sorry its just ive never seen a woman as beautiful around here before' i replied as i walked over to them, 'this must be your husband?' i asked her as i glanced at the guy who just seemed to stare at me. 'Nope hes my big b*****r Mark, and do those cheesy lines ever actually get you anywhere with women?' she asked me throwing a seductive smile my way. 'haha not usually' i replied as i mocked my feelings being hurt 'my names John, would you like some help moving in?'. 'Oh yes help my b*****r if you wouldn't mind, my name is Emily, im sure i can find some way to repay you when im all settled in'. she said, 'there is no need to pay me it would be my pleasure' i replied with a wink as i garbed one end of the sofa from the moving van only to catch her b*****r scowling at her, ' hey b*****r dearest grab the other end of this thing before the wind changes and leaves your face that way' i laughed at him.

Three long hours of following her orders moving furniture while all i could thing about was burying my face between her long smooth legs. 'Glass of vodka and coke?' Emily asked me as she shut the front door on her older b*****r, ' yes please, i didn't expect him to leave me here alone with you' i replied with a cheeky smile on my face. she spun around and looked at me with that seductive smile again, with her head tiled to one side she softly spoke to me asking me how she could repay me as she walked up so close to me i could smell the shampoo she used that morning. 'Like this' i said as i lifted her white tanktop over her head, my mouth found her perfect left nipple while my hands dropped below her mini skirt grabbing her beautiful tight ass and to make things better i found out she wasn't wearing any panties, so i did the only thing that seemed right, i put my right hand between her legs an slid my finger teasingly along her dripping wet warm slit, gently grazing over her clit for a minute or two while i kept sucking and tenderly biting down on her nipples, but i just couldn't resist so i slid two fingers deep into her juicy wet pussy making her moan loudly while my thumb massaged her clit slowly picking up speed, ' i want it rough and hard' she moaned loudly into my ear, ' happily' i said as i shoved her down on her knees she had my belt buckle undone in seconds with my jeans open letting my hard 8 inch cock jump free with a small thud as it slapped against her chin but before i knew it she had it in her mouth making me moan as she swalloed it right down to the hilt choking as she tried sticking her tongue out so i could feel it prod my full balls, 'oh babe suck that cock' i moaned as i grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her mouth hard and fast choking her a little bit, i look down at her as she swallows up my hard cock repeatedly as her mascarrae runs down her face, i notice her hand is between her legs fingering herself fast and furiously. 'Time for some real fun' i say to her. ' your right about that' she seductively said to me as she pushes me onto my back, climbing on top of me she grabs my hard throbbing cock with her left hand and guides it to her awaiting cunt she slides the head against her slit a couple times before she slams her pussy down hard making my cock disappear deep inside her she moans as she starts working my cock hard and fast with her squatting over me she has all the room she needs to keep her pussy slamming up and down my cock i grab her hips and start fucking her matching her speed as best i can, its so good but i wasn't done just yet. 'Turn around bitch i still have one more use for you' i said as i turned her around, i pull her amazing sun kissed ass cheeks open i spit on her astoundingly tight beautiful hole and push my cock against it which is still slippery from her pussy juice, i start gently but just as my cock is about to slip inside her tight asshole she rams herself backwards on my cock taking me by surprise i fall forward, 'come on fuck my ass baby' she almost pleads at me. I don't need to be asked twice, so i bite her neck and grab a handful of her hair as i start fucking her with everything ive got shes fucking back onto my cock just as hard moaning and screaming in Ecstasy i feel my balls tighten as they slam against her tight pussy and with every stroke the head of my cock throbs harder and harder, 'fill my tight ass up baby' she screams. with that i grab her hips and explode deep within her ass, i fall to the floor beside her panting i light up a joint ' that was pretty good' i laugh exhaling deep lungfuls of marijuana smoke. 'That was nothing get yourself ready for round two, she giggles to me as she swipes the joint out of my loose grip.
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3 years ago
I think this is a really good beginning to a story. I wanted to know more details; like, what color her nipples are, the texture of her skin, what makes her ass perfect. But, I think you have the makings of a really good story :)