Nurse Me

I hadn't seen my friend Patty for several years when I finally got with her to visit. She now had six c***dren and I had a hard time adjusting to the changes in her. She had enormous tits. Then she confessed to me that she had loved nursing her c***dren. They now ranged in age from four to sixteen. I asked her why and she told me she loved the intimacy of feeling them suck on her huge milk filled tits. When they got too old to nurse she begged Jim to find men to nurse her. She did have huge tits which I imagined were full of milk. Even as a young girl she had huge tits which made her very popular with the guys. Patty was quite wild as a teenager. She loved sex and was very open about it. Most of her dates were spent in the back seat of a car. It was rumored more than once that she would have threesomes and foursomes. She was very popular with the high school boys and even the local college guys. She told me how one of her dates with three guys was so fun. She had one on each tit sucking and another eating her pussy. Then they would trade places and before they went home each guy fucked her hard. She loved to be naked in the back seat fucking madly as another guy drove her around town. When she was just s*******n she got knocked up and at three months lost the baby but her tits had already produced milk and that was when she found out how nursing these boys was such a turn on.

She met her husband at a dance and he instantly wanted her. That same night they went to his car and she got naked and fucked this man three times. He sucked her tits so hard that he actually bruised them. That night she called her parents and told them she was spending the night with a friend and she spent the night with him. He was older and had his own house and he fucked her in every position he could that night. He nursed her tits as he finger fucked her wet cunt. Her tits were covered with bruises from his intense sucking. She spent a lot of time at his house over the next two months and fucked him and a couple of his friends. He loved showing off her naked body to his buddies as much as he liked watching his friends eat her pussy and fuck her. She never fucked another guy unless she was with Jim her husband to be. She was very popular with his friends. One night he had her sitting on his lap with her back to him as he fucked her ass while his best friend was tongue fucking her cunt. Jim was squeezing her big tits as he watched his friend fuck her wet cunt. Then Jim told the friend to stick his cock in her cunt so they could fuck both holes deep and hard. As the guy shoved his cock in her cunt and began fucking Patty she started cumming hard and fast and the two men fucked her and squeezed on her big jugs. They filled both holes with cum and as soon as they could recover they fucked both holes again and did this thru the night. Patty loved the double penetration from the men.

Patty lived with Jim for two years with the wild sexual times and loved it a lot as much as Jim did before they got married. One night Jim had a poker party with five of his friends and had bought Patty and new outfit to wear for the guys. It was completely see thru and skin tight. She looked sexy and amazing. It was low cut and crotchless. The men could not take their eyes off her and they knew they would all be fucking her before the night was over. After the third hand Jim told her to come stand by him. As she stood there he shoved two fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her as the men watched. He had her covering his fingers with cum then he licked them. He then shared her with each of the guys and watched as she went from one to another as they fingered her cunt keeping her wet with cum. When she got back to him he pulled her top down and released her tits from the sheer fabric and began to suck on them. Then he pulled his cock out of his pants and had her across his lap straddling his cock as he fucked her right there at the poker table. As he fucked her he sucked on her huge tits and after he filled her with cum pushed her to the guy beside him. That guy then pulled his cock out and she straddled him as he fucked her hard and sucked each tit.

Patty went to each guy as Jim watched with his cock harder with each fuck. When she got back to Jim he bent her over the table and shoved his cock in her ass and fucked her hard spanking her thick ass with every plunge of his cock. Card playing was now done and Patty was the entertainment. As Jim fucked her ass he then sat down pulling her on his lap and told one of the guys to fuck her cunt showing how she loved to be double fucked. Three more guys also took a turn and Jim was thrilled to see Patty used like a slut. She was ravaged by the men till almost four in the morning with constant fucking. The guys also sucked on her huge nipples as some one was fucking either her ass or cunt. Jim was so proud of his sexy woman. She had the body of a goddess and fucked like a two bit whore. Even thought she fucked like a slut Jim had a lot of love for her. The sex was just his kinky way he liked to use her and share her with his friends.

It all changed when one day they were in the car and he asked her to get naked. She undressed and sat there naked as he looked at her and knew how lucky he was to have her and use her any way he wanted. He then saw a young man hitchhiking and he pulled over and let the man in the back seat. The man could not take his eyes off the naked Patty. Then Jim told Patty to get in the back with him and as she climbed over the seat she grabbed his hands and put one on her tit and one between her legs. By the time they drove five miles down the road the guy was eating her cunt and fucking Patty hard. This really turned Jim on and he loved seeing her having sex with a stranger they picked up on the road. Previously she had only fucked his friends. This gave Jim a great idea to satisfy his freaky sex drive. He put an add on the sex site to fuck his wife. When the guys saw her picture and huge tits he had many responses. He picked a few then arranged for them to come over and as they fucked Patty he watched so turned on that he about came right there. Then he would arrange for two to four to fuck her as he watched but he now needed more thrills. He began to get different races for his enjoyment. He got black guys, Asian guys, Hispanic, and Indian guys. He loved watching the black cock fuck her and then he had two or three black guys to be with her. He loved the big black cocks against her white skin. After he watched them fuck her and they finally left he spanked her ass then fucked her as rough as he had ever been as he was so turned on.

Jim wanted to see more of the sex with Patty. She had never sucked any cock but Jim's but now he was going to change that rule. He had three big black cocks one night and he watched as two double penetrated her as the third shoved his cock in her mouth and Jim watched her suck the big cock and see him fill her with cum. That night she sucked each one of them as Jim jerked his cock and watched. One night as he had her with three black guys and they had all three holes filled fucking her hard and rough Jim was jerking his cock and then he squirted cum all over her huge tits. From then on he liked seeing the cum cover her. He let the guys cum all over her body and in her holes. Jim used Patty for his sexual satisfaction and she loved every minute of it. She loved fucking the strange men because she knew Jim loved watching. It was a huge turn on for her.

Then it all changed as Patty got pregnant. Now Jim looked for guys to fuck Patty in the ass and men seemed to love ass fucking a pregnant woman. She had six babies and each time her tits got bigger. Jim loved sucking the milk filled jugs and loved watching strange men suck the milk from her. He had changed his ad on the sex site to fucking his big milk filled pregnant wife. Men wanted the breast milk and between pregnancies he went back to letting them just fuck her any way they wanted as he watched. Patty and Jim did not know who fathered her c***dren but Jim treated them as his own. Two had very dark skin so they were surely not Jim's. They were conceived the week she was fucking only the black men and Jim every night. Jim was a freak for seeing the big black cocks fuck his sexy wanton wife. He loved seeing the black cocks between her huge tits as she tit fucked them. Her big melons would completely wrap around those big cocks making them cum fast and hard.

After six c***dren Patty got her tubes tied so no more babies. They still played their wild sex games for several more years. Jim fixed their basement into the sex lounge because of the c***dren. Sex was plenty and fun for the couple. Jim loved sex with Patty after he watched her fuck all the strange men. It kept him turned on and hard for hours.
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