Dad is boss

I have a strange story. My dad had a high sex drive and I could hear he and mom fuck many times every night. He also fucked her every morning before they got up. My room was next to theirs and I could hear it all. I was the oldest of four k**s. I had two s****rs and a b*****r younger than me. We were all home schooled and seldom left our farm. My mom was a sexy looking woman and dad was very handsome. I could see why they fucked all the time. I walked in the kitchen one time when dad had his hand under moms dress and was fingering her pussy as she stood in front of the sink. When I walked in he did not remove his hand just quit fingering her and waited for me to leave. Ten minutes later they went to their room. We took a vacation and with so many of us I had to share their room and sl**p in the bed next to them. I pretended to be asl**p so I could watch them fuck. Both slept naked and dad loved to eat my mom's pussy and I liked to see mom suck on dad's big cock. One night dad was on his back and mom had a tit in his mouth as she stroked his hard cock as it stuck straight up in the air. It was big and so very long as she stroked him. Then he pushed two fingers in her cunt and began to finger her till he pulled her on top of his cock and fucked her like a wild bull. That night I wished dad would fuck me.

When I was f******n I got that wish. Mom had to go stay with her sick mother and I was to help dad with the other k**s. The second night we had a thunder storm and I ran to dad's bed and jumped in with him and put my arms around him and shivered. He held me and told me not to be afraid. I then realized he was naked. I clung to him and felt his cock against my leg. Then I felt it get hard. I pushed tight to his cock and he then began to rub my back under my gown. I pushed harder against his cock and he rubbed my back lower. I never wore panties to bed and I then felt dad rub my ass. As he rubbed my bare ass I put my leg over his feeling his cock against my pussy. I don't know when it happened but I soon had my gown off and dad was licking my tits. His hand rubbed my ass as he let his cock rub against my pussy. Then he pushed me on my back and his hand went between my legs and he rubbed my pussy and kept licking my tits. I then felt my first climax and it was wonderful. I felt dad flick my clit and then a finger went in my cunt. Now he was sucking my developing tits as he fingered my tight hole. He took my hand and put it on his cock and I knew to stroke it from top to bottom as I felt how big and hard it was.

He then shoved me and spread my legs and was pointing his cock to my cunt. He then pushed the head of his cock inside me and little by little got enough in my hole to fuck me. The pain was bad but he was slow till he had a lot of cock in me and began to fuck me out of control till he filled me with cum. He then began to kiss me tonging my mouth. I was so horny I just wanted to be fucked all night. I grabbed his cock again and it was wet and covered with my cum mixed with his and I started to stroke him and get him hard once more. Dad fucked me twice more that night and I then went to his room every night that mom was gone. When the k**s were gone at friends we sneaked a quick or long fuck in bed. Dad would take me to his room and lock the door and he loved to lick my pussy and suck my clit. I learned to suck his cock and make him cum and could swallow every drop of his cum. He loved to finger me like he did mom every chance he got. Mom was gone for six weeks and dad fucked me at least twice every night and any time we could be alone. I loved stroking his huge cock as he finger fucked me before he pushed his cock in me. He taught me to lay on him and suck his cock with my cunt in his face as he licked and tongue fucked me. One night as I lay on him sucking his cock as he tongued my cunt I was getting almost all that big cock in my mouth I felt his tongue lick my asshole. Then I felt a finger rub my ass and then slip inside me. It felt real good and made me suck his cock harder and he began really finger fucking my asshole as he filled my mouth with cum.

The next night he gave me my first ass fuck. It hurt at first but I soon got used to it and loved his cock in my ass as his fingers fucked my cunt. I came hard and so did he. A week before mom came home the younger k**s went to a slumber party and dad and I had the house to ourselves. We locked all the doors and got naked fucked hard. I sucked his cock as he ate my pussy and then he bent me over a chair and fucked my ass hard. We fucked and sucked all evening and all night and the next morning. My cunt and ass was raw.

Then mom was due to cum home and dad decided he wanted to move out. He and mom separated and I went with dad. I slept in his bed every night and the sex was the best it had ever been. I quit wearing panties so he could finger my cunt and ass any time he wanted and did not have to take them off or put his hand inside them. When I would feel his hand under my dress I would spread my legs and let him finger me till I would cum. He loved to pull my cunt over his face and lick me clean and then make me cum more. After dad's divorce was final we moved to a new city. I had developed nice tits and a nice sexy ass. Dad loved them both and he would sit and suck my tits as he fingered my ass and made me cum.

One Saturday we had our usual morning fuck in bed then again in the kitchen and twice more in the living room. We were both naked and dad took me out to the patio and had me bend over with my hands on the railing of the deck. He then pushed two fingers in my cunt and fucked me right there outdoors till I came. Then he shoved the same two fingers in my ass and fucked me more. It was so erotic to be outside fucking my dad. Then I felt his cock enter my ass and two fingers entered my cunt and I got the hardest longest fuck I had ever had. As he fucked me in both holes he licked my back and neck. I kept cumming hard and fast never wanting him to stop. By the time he quit humping me I had cum running down my legs. He then sat me on the railing of the deck with my legs spread and I was surprised his cock was still rock hard. He put my legs around him and then began to fuck my cunt hard and deep. He kissed and licked my neck as he fucked me hard and shoved every inch of that long cock deep in my hole. He fucked me close to an hour before he was able to fill me with cum again. His cock kept hard all afternoon and till it was dark as he fucked me and I sucked him out on the deck. My ass and cunt were raw and I am sure his cock was too. Then I had found out he had bought pills to keep his cock hard for twelve hours.

We rested on Sunday but on Monday dad did not work in his den and he took more pills and we fucked for another twelve hours. A week later I discovered I was knocked up. Dad was so happy. He wanted to have lots of babies with me. I was six months along when I miscarried and the baby was born dead. My tits were heavy with milk and dad sucked me and drained them morning and night. I went from a C to a DD and dad loved the milk. We could not fuck for a month but the oral sex was amazing. Then we went back to our non stop steady fucking. Dad was hoping to knock me up again but it never happened. I kept milk in my tits for over a year then when I dried up I still had huge jugs. Our life was great and we never saw mom again but I heard she got remarried and had six more c***dren. I guess her sex life was hot too.
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1 year ago
Made me so horny!
1 year ago
Very Erotic, I lovet! Thank you for sharing! :)
1 year ago
I just wish I could have fucked my daughterr like that!!!!!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
very HOT
1 year ago
very sexy story!!
1 year ago
Great story. Thanks.
1 year ago
Very nice,,thanks
1 year ago
Great story thanks for posting it for us